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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  February 10, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PST

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sunday february 10th anothei'm nguyen. here is lisa argen tracking the weather. >> system still overhead bringing down cold showers. wintry mix. it is a one on the storm impact scale. in the hills we're seeing snow. a breezy, raw day. winter weather advisory for the local hills. anywhere from 2-4 inches above 1500 feet. look at the rain slicing across the bay area. live doppler 7 going in closer and onto the peninsula, the hills west of woodside there. the valley looking at some snow for mount hamilton where the temperature 28. 26 on mount diablo. into the east bay. highway 24, tunnel road. a little bit of snow mixed with rain and sleet perhaps. not north bay things are looking
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quieter. 30s to the north. freezing in napa. 33 in hayward and looking at the wet weather to last through the morning hours. mixed with snow and drier skies throughout the afternoon but not warming up much. with the recent streak of rain we wanted to know how folks held up under the skies. we hit the streets to find out whether people were dancing in the rain or longing for summer. >> reporter: we met two groups of people. the one who loved the rain and want more. >> it kpleecleans the environme. good for the plant and for the drought. >> a day trip. rain or shine we're going to go and we did anyways. >> reporter: sorry you didn't get the shine. >> it's all right. >> with the cabin fever you braveheer out and do what you can with it. >> reporter: the second group they can't wait for the rain to be over. >> i check every day considering how bad its been.
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and my mother gave me this umbrella. so thank you. other than that just staying dry. >> reporter: opinions were scattered. kind of like the showers. >> this is the worst thick in the snow. new snow and water on top just ruins it. so it is terrible. >> reporter: these employees tell us people have been coming non stop to rent skis. >> the mountain. >> how are you going to ski? show me? i think you are right. >> we have an annual trip with friends. >> with the weather conditions many are planning to go up to tahoe next thursday when things begin to clear up and hopefully avoid some traffic. meanwhile snow lovers in the city are wishing the rain would turn into powder for obvious reason. do you wish snow would fall here? >> yeah. >> reporter: that would be crazy.
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>> we could also cancel school. it was a mixed bag across the bay area yesterday. cob mountain it was snowing there. and the a this rainbow you can see peeking through trees and behind the store fronts. live doppler 7 is one of our most popular features right now on the website. as well as the news app. click the blue live bar and track the rain. time now is 6:03. and we have new details this morning on a plane that crashed into the side of mount diablo. the plane, seen in this new video, was discovered yesterday afternoon just hours aft crashed. officials with the faa will arrive some time today to investigate. abc7 has more from danville. >> reporter: this was the scene saturday afternoon. investigators combing through thick brush trying to reach this plane that crashed into the side
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of mount diablo. >> the only reason we were able to find it today at the time we found it was the clouds had lifted high enough so you could see it from the paved road skbl . >> reporter: in an e-mail the faa claims they took off from here friday night but park rangers only learned of the crash saturday afternoon. >> it is unusual to have planes crash at mount diablo. it is a remote area. the park closes at sunset. >> reporter: you can see how how dense and thick the fog, which is making this investigation so difficult. along with the poor weather conditions, they aren't ruling out possible mechanical failure. investigators haven't identified the pilot but believe he was the only one on board. the crash site is blocked off with the pilot's dead body still inside the plane.
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park rangers have been ordered not remove the body until they conduct their investigations. >> they just thought it was unusual that it went down and they want it to be treated as a crime scene until take make their own findings. gunfire yesterday afternoon sending people running for cover. a red suv was peppered by bullets at the strip mall off interstate 880 just before 5:00 yesterday. thankfully known was hurt. police respond fwud shooter was able to get away. investigators did not release a motive for the shooting. the ntsb continues to investigate last week's natural gas pipeline explosion triggering a massive fire. yesterday investigators met with the heavy equipment operators who are believed to have rupp cheddar the pipeline. federal safety investigators say
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they also visited pg&e's center in ramon. >> in the 1981 accident the ntsb investigated it took pg&e 9 hours and 10 minutes to shut off the pipeline. in 2008 it was 2 hours and 47 minutes. in 2010 in san bruno it was 95 minutes. >> the ntsb says it took about two hours in the most recent case. a preliminary report is expected in the nest 10-14 days. ntsb officials also say they will be looking into the credentialing, background and qualifications of the excavation crew. san francisco bay's killford
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engineering was operating an excavator when the rupture happened. they released a statement extending their sympathies. and also said killford continues to support all authorities in the investigation and will actively contribute to it in the search for answers and in the interest of improving safety. caltrans says there should be no more closures today. they sent out video of the repairs crews did yesterday morning. replaced a metal plate on the upper deck with a bigger one for a little more protection on the roadway. work on a permanent repair will start tomorrow as long as the weather cooperates. concrete fell on thursday striking at least one car and shutting down the bridge for hours. happening now. maintenance on the cal ko tunnel in oakland. the east west tunnel connects contrakosta and alameda
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counties. crews are scheduled to wrap up around if you rely on bart. starting tomorrow they run one hour later because of overnight seismic retrofitting work inside the tube. bus wills stop at selected stations to get riders across the bay. and search "bart." tune in to see what it is like to ride now and what track the transit system will take next because that safer bart means a better bay area for all of us. time now is 6:08. two passengers were killed when a suspected wrongway driver crashed on highway 1. second one in less than a week. cornell berd has the story. >> reporter: there is little
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left of this silver toyota prius reduced to twisted chunk of metal. the chp says its driver was going to wrong way on highway 1 traveling south in northbound lanes when it crashed head on with a chevy pickup near clarden road around 2:50 a.m. >> the driver was the prius was transferred to the hospital. >> the driver of the pickup and his passenger were injured and taken to the hospital. it is unknown where exactly the prius driver got on the highway. but the chp says he may have been driving the wrong way for miles. >> we do believe it was closer to 280/highway 1 interchange. >> that is the sign. you caely s at night. l up. >> reporter: she isn't surprised someone may have accidentally got on the wrong way. >> they are not lit. the do not enter. people don't really understand and if you are not from this area it could be bad.
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>> reporter: just last week a driver to be the a life of a father a of seven from concord. he was an uber driver, his passengers were injured. the wrongway driver was also killed. >> reporter: chp says two people riding in the car were not wearing a seat belt. authorities don't know if drugs or alcohol played a part. the investigation is still under way. police are looking for the man accused of stealing from an alameda restaurant. alameda police released this surveillance video. the video shows the suspect entering the offices around 3:00 in thee was taken but do say the suspect is want forward grant theft. burma superstar is a popular an san francisco. time now 6:10 on this sunday morning and we're certainly off
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to a wet start with the slick roads out there. >> and cold. temperatures ranging from freezing to about the low 40s around hayward and oakland. a raw, cold day but the rain does just take up the first part of your sunday. so the second half is dry. couple of dry days for the week ahead. my accuweather seven day forecast is coming up. >> lisa thank you. also ahead. helping campfire victims get back to work. we'll show you the home depot shopping spree for contractors. and the rain wasn't enough to dampen giants
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6:14 and live doppler 7 showing the rain and rainfall across the bay area. moving into the san joaquin valley and mer sed. we'll get a check it have the full forecast in a bit but first residents from paradise and beauty county came together to remember those who died in last year's campfire. the memorial took place at the paradise performing arts center. one of the few buildings left standing after the wild fire. representatives honored each of the 85 who lost their lives. the campfire destroyed almost 14,000 homes and more than 500 businesses over two and a half
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weeks. some 30 contracts are who lost tools in the campfire took part in a replacement giveaway at home depot. organizers say it is a step in the right direction for the contractors who are trying to get back to work. carl smith is looking for one piece of equipment to get his graphics shot up and running. >> table saw that cuts the wood. not a low end, or super high end but right in the middle. >> fine signs for straight lines. >> a $55 thousand grant for north valley and 30,000 went to gift cards. >> thanks to the gem initiative who partnered with paradise, adopt a family and north valley community foundation. each family was given anywhere from 700 to 1800 dollars base order their trade. ringing in the new year of the pig at san jose dynasty restaurant later tonight. san jose assembly member evan
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lowe will also be at the event. the lunar new year celebration runs between 5:30 and 7:30 tonight. a little rain wasn't enough to dampen fan fest. gabe mendosa gives us only sights and sounds. >> reporter: baseball season is aupon us. we love the giants, and i got to get the little one involved. >> excitement here at the park. always makes it feel good. getting back into the baseball season. >> this is a great time of year. the energy and excitement all the fans. all the players getting together for the first time as a group. and it is incredible. >> i came out with the family. we didn't really care about the weather though. more experiencing the ball field early before spring. >> let's go giants. >> we came out here today because we're lifelong giants fans. get a feel of the park, you know. you see the players and you get that excitement going. and you realize, okay. this is getting real right now.
6:17 am
>> craziest thing i ever signed? nothing super crazy but i always find it amusing people want you do sign their phones. not the case but the actually phones. >> good time to get together right before we head to scottsdale, just really have a buzz before going into the season. >> giants pitchers and catchers report on tuesday. the rest of the team must report by next sunday and opening day is mohr march 28th in san dieg n good morning to you. live doppler 7 checking out the rain and snow. winter weather advisory through 10:00 in the bay area for local hills and we're seeing the snow from mount diablo to mount hamilton where the temperatures are below freezing. look at 580, the hills boy is it slick out there. maybe stay in bed and give it some time. because this is just the first half of the day.
6:18 am
by the afternoon we're going to be dry. we're going to see sun, but right now it is raining on the peninsula. highway 1, half moon bay and you can see the snowy conditions from highway 35 through bolder creek and certainly treacherous around highway 17. snow around mount tam. it's ended in the north bay but more showers along the coast. we'll see snow continue to pile up in the sierra nevada with a winter storm warning through tomorrow. 18 at tahoe valley airport and snowing heavily. still looking at the snow adding u in the mountains. so if you are thinking of coming home today, not likely with a another half foot to seven inches in kirkwood. couple in incline and back home. beat, snow, cold. enz in the south bay about 12:30, 1:00. a few showers left over but a cold but dry afternoon. unsettled weather pattern continues into the week ahead. so by 7:30 you are still looking at some areas of snow from lake
6:19 am
county to mount tam to mount diablo and mount hamilton and another impulse of wet weather from about 10:00. this pushes through bay by noontime over san francisco. and you can see the rest of the day featuring that cold air cumulus, the clouds. rainfall amounts not too impressive. but still looking anywhere from a couple of hundredths in concord to less than a quarter inch in san francisco. but wow, it's been a lot like last week. certainly impressive. highs today just in the low 50s. leftover showers early afternoon. but a chilly one out there. 53 in freemont. overnight in the 30s. partly cloudy skies so the rain will be over but our cold this morning will be into monday morning and as more clouds we'll modify those morning temperatures. but that comes with a price. we're looking at more rain for the week ahead. monday we're dry to start out. looking like a few showers over
6:20 am
the afternoon, perhaps in the far north bay. into tuesday another break. cloud cover. 9:00 tuesday morning, north of cloverdale a few showers but by about 7:00 the rain line still around the north bay. and then it pushes through the bay area. so we're looking at evening rain, overnight. your wednesday morning if you are thinking that far in advance will be wet. here is the accuweather seven day forecast. a one today. morning showers and wintry mix. the higher hills slick with the snow. east bay, south and north bay through 10:00, a dry start to your monday morning commute. north bay showers. tuesday, evening rain and download the accuweather app. could see heavier rain on wednesday and by the end of the week a milder system. so little hard to pinpoint right now but with that app it certainly helps you out. you can see how it is color coded with the pics and the purple and the white.
6:21 am
definitely letting you know it is slick for your sunday morning. >> now would be a good time to locate that abc's new -- sharing information. meet one of the first female brew masters known as the mother of beer. >> i'm carol stout, i'm known as the mother of craft beer. >> i'm michael. carol's lead brewer here. >> she's been in the game longer than you have been alive. >> been brewing here 30 years. >> 31 years. >> 31. leading the pack. >> started may of 1987. first microbrewery in pennsylvania. >> the first one led by a woman. >> in the united states. >> i started serving here. slowly worked my way up. >> what do you say to the young people thinking back to starting their microbreweries.
6:22 am
>> you should work at brew pubs. all different size, small, medium and large. get a feel for bottling. get a feel for kegging, for cleaning. you have to know everything. >> what do you say to guys hey, beer this is our domain. when you are a boss like her? >> it is --. there is -- for everything. everyone.
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joined from new york to tell us what's coming up at 7:00 on good morning america. >> virginia leadership ensnared in controversy. governor norfolk making his first public appearance in a week after denying being in a racist yearbook photo. and calls for a lieutenant governor's resignation and how he's now responding. plus the nationwide man hunt for disbarred lawyer accused of killing his mother before flee fleeing in her vehicle. and finally, music's main event. all the parties ahead of tonight's graemmmys and what to expect from tonight's biggest night. san francisco mayor london reed and police chief william
6:26 am
scott took part in a black history month celebration yesterday. there was plenty of talent to entertain the crowd. police officers took to the stage to showcase their skills. >> here is the first event of the san francisco police department having to celebrate black history month. how amazing is that? >> the men and women of the san francisco police department want to be part of this community and work together to make things better. >> the san francisco human rights excision and the golden state warriors were among the partners who teamed up with the police department for the celebration. still to come on "abc7 mornings" ma senator elizabeth warren official adds her name to the g growing list of 2020 presidential hopefuls. also the investigation under way after an aspiring musician ♪
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throughout the morning hours with brief heavy down powepours. >> the north bay mountains we're look at east bay hills and santa cruz mountains with respect the snow accumulating since last night in mount hamilton where the temperature is 27 degrees. diablo at 26. a look at the peninsula, higher hills there looking at snow. raining in union city and freemont. and the rain/snow mix from the hills. through 880 and middle harbor road taking you over into san francisco where it is wet sre.of mount saint active morning with 43 in hayward. 30 in napa. a chilly afternoon.
6:31 am
the bulk of the afternoon will be dry but we'll track your morning rain in a few minutes. chris? >> lisa, thank you. as the snow hits the sierra, chp shut down interstate 80 due to zero visibility. these images were taken within the hour. roads covered with ice and snow. there will be multiple spin outs. the chp is also encouraging people to use chains and to drive safely. the field of democratic 2020 presidential hopefuls continues to get more crowded. today minnesota senator amy klobuchar will announce if she intends to run. joining a growing list of democratic contenders. here is en palmieri with the details. >> reporter: making her big announcement in the bitter cold. >> this is the fight of lives.
6:32 am
>> reporter: to a raucous crowd of more than 3,000 supporters in lawrence, massachusetts. the two-term senator taking direct aim at the president saying he's made the system more rigged. >> we all know the trump administration is the most corrupt in living memory. we need to take power in washington away from the wealthy and well connected. >> hours before the trump campaign releasing a terse statement saying elizabeth warren has been exposed as a fraud by the native americans she impersonated and disrespected to advance her professional career. just last week warren's 1986 texas bar registration card surfaced. she called herself american indian. she was forced to apologize. >> it was based on my understanding from my family's stories. but family stories are not the same as tribal citizenship.
6:33 am
>> warren says there's no evidence the claim advanced her career but gave fuel to her well known fight with the president. >> poke hont, pocahontas, pocahontas elizabeth warren. >> pledging to protect the worker from big money interests in washington. vowing to turn down contributions from political action communities. >> the rich and powerful use fear to divide zblus tara palmieri, abc news the white house. we have a complete list of democratic candidates online who are running in to 2020. nashville, tennessee is in mourning after the killing an spiring mutation. he was shot and killed in an alley behind his home. a group of five minor, two boys and three girls held him up at gunpoint demanding his wallet and keys. when he refused, one of the suspects shot him. the suspects range in age from 12-16 said police. >> a shame. i know kids that age.
6:34 am
i have nephews and nieces. >> makes you wond we're's going wrong in the house. >> i wonder if their parents even knew where they were. >> the suspects were arrested with two stolen loaded pistols on them. he was the lead singer and song writer for a pop funk band called carverton who's first album was supposed to be released next month. more people have come forward claiming the owners of the tabloid tried blackmailing them too. after bomb shell allegations by ceo jeff bezos that the tabloid tried to extort him. actor terry crews and ronin farrow now make the claims. >> it is in that threat to publish the photographs that i think the federal prosecutors are going to be very interested in when they examine whether there's been a violation of the non prosecution agreement.
6:35 am
>> this morning you can watch the attorney representing david pecker, the ceo of ami right here on abc7. he's speaking exclusively about bezos' accusations with george stefanopolis on this week. you can watch ath 8:00 a.m. tax season off to a slower start this year. the irs saying the average refund is down about 3% so far. averaging $1,186 for early filers. $376 less than the 2017 tax year. the number of returns received by the irs in the first week of the season dipped to 16 million from 18 million last year. police in southern california have uncovered an underground shooting range at the home of a known gang member. the under ground range was accessed through a manhole inside the home. police in fontana say along with the ammunition they seized a 100
6:36 am
round drum for an ar-15 rifle. those are illegal in california. several suspects were arrested during a raid of the home. caught on camera a car crashes through the front doors of a police department lobby. in san pedro just before 5:00 a.m., a woman was driving with her baby when she smashed through the glass doors of the station and into the lobby. an officer begins talking to her but then she back out. police believe she may have been driving under the influence. prince phillip is giving up his driver's license voluntary. after the british royal was involved in a car crash near his estate in norfolk. his land rover landed on its side after a collision with a kia. two days later he was spotted driving without a seat belt. norfolk police confirmed he surrendered his license
6:37 am
yesterday. the accident is under investigation. time 6:36 and still ahead on abc7 mornings. good news from the north bay to share. the barers of that good news? salmon. we'll explain. a live look from san mateo bridge. lisa argen will have the fall next a few minutes. 368 shshow me homecoming.
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. a live look at santa cruz this morning. we'll check with lisa coming up with a full forecast. new this morning. hundreds in the pacific northwest took advantage of a snowmageddon there with a snowball fight. as you can see plenty of people made use of all the fresh powder in tacoma washington. the event was put together by a woman just a day before hoping to see a large scale snowball fight. more than 3,000 people showed interest on facebook. young and old showed up and all seemed to have a good time. myadlly wasd >>th r>>ka>>a this morning. we're seeing snow up there. that's unusual for them. and we're seeing rain here. so just a crazy, you know, past week in terms of the weather on
6:41 am
the west coast. >> is and the national weather service added a winter werth advisory yesterday that expires at 10:00 watch rain snow mix in the local hills and including mount tam where temperatures 31 degrees over 2,000 feet. the rain will be with us in san francisco throughout the morning and the rain/snow mix. a bit of a break for the second half of your day. and when the rain returns? this week. >> and hockey
6:42 am
6:43 am
6:44 am
another live look outside this morning. east bay hills camera. lisa's been talking about the rain all morning. when can we skppt a break? it's all ahead in the accuweather forecast. in sport, dwayne wade his final appearance here. listed on the concussion patrol after hitting his head on the court friday night in sacramento. the sharks are now just one point behind calgary. last night san jose state statee edmonton. >> the sharks playing some of their best hockey of the season right now. spoiling hockey day in canada. they were the only american team
6:45 am
playing north of the border yesterday. taking on the edmonton oilers. first period, joe thornton who had two assists feeding kevin bank. still counts. off the leg. take that. evander kane lighting the lamp. 8 goals his last 8 games. 2-0 after one. second period, sharks' power play. la bank still open. wristing it top shelf. 3-0. then in the third thornton with his 1049th assist tying gordie howe for 9th all time. sharks win their fifth in a row 5-2 the final score. phil mickelson's won the pebble beach national pro am four times. paul casey, he's only playing in this event for the fourth time. they will be paired together in the final round. bill murray stopping to enjoy
6:46 am
critters during round three. finishing strong with a nice putt on 18. missed the cut but did find a nice new moisturizer. sand, is gritty but great for the skin. nfl larry fitzgerald, cardinals wide receivers, defending champ. chipping in but didn't make the cut. phil mickelson, just swapped out his driver. his second shot on 14th. 2 under 70. three back of the leader paul casey. he's in front at 15 under giants fans braved the conditions at oracle park for fan fest. theres after twitter rumor that bryce harper might sign with the giants yesterday. it did not happen. it is twitter, people. fans dressed nor the weather and the dodgers. the giants really didn't make any significant auditions in the
6:47 am
anaphase but th off season but they have a healthy buster posey. planning on being ready for opening day. still the reflexes catching a microphone here. >> see, hand are good. hands with good. it is hard to answer that question definitively until i get into the spring and kind of get more of that game activity. but i'm optimistic that i'll be able to play and have the -- you know, the same workload that i have had. >> let's hope. so the giants desperately need him. enjoy the rest of your weekend, i'm larry biel. >> now your accuweather forecast. >> good morning to you. its been a frosty one out there. the winter weather advisory. several more hours for our local hills and some snowy scenes to show you as we check out the view here. this is what it looks like in the city with the clouds. but we also have looking at pretty nice v show you tha in j
6:48 am
moment. but we are looking at more rains in the days ahead. we have a little bit of a break for the afternoon hours and then into your monday. but look what happens into tuesday. we've got a 10% chance. and that takes us there thank you overnight hours. because late tuesday into wednesday, the rain is going to come back. so we have still the rain and snow to talk about this morning. and from lake tahoe to the winter storm warning through tomorrow morning and we're look at not only the cold weather t wintry mix and is it snow mount diablo and mount tam. as we go in close you can sere the white and the purple. it's been accumulating for hours now and the slick roadways to boot. be careful out there. as we get up closer to oakland a bit of a break but back through alameda and central avenue it is wet. through south. santa cruz mountains.
6:49 am
bolder creek. summit. highway 17. watch out because we have slick roadways and then thunderstorms off shore here and the heavy snow 18 degrees the tahoe valley airport. continues through tomorrow. several feet of snow and about a half of a foot is left through the overnight hours. maybe a little more than that. certainly not only the bay area but we're sharing in the snow. check it out. this is mount tam how cool is that? how often do you see snow top of mount tam. the live camera a nice view and that wintry scene. that is certainly neat. i don't think you can get the skis out or the snowboard. somebody will. but very pretty picture there. a frosty neb morning for you here in the bay area. 42 in san francisco, oakland. 37 in san jose and 43 in half moon bay. east bay hills. snow there too from mount diablo. getting your pictures. send them in.
6:50 am
tweet them out. it is somewhat after a rare seen around here and we're not going to warm up too much today. rain and snow mix back home. winter weather advisory through 10:00. cold but drier this afternoon and unsettled throughout the week ahead. by about 8:00 we still have the active weather in the north bay, it pushes to the south. another wave by about 11:00. i should say a little energy continues to push through so we're not dry. but we'll see peeks of by about 1:00. the bay area will be of sunshine --. maybe .2 san francisco for rainfall totals today. highs in the low 50s, 52 in san francisco. 53 in san jose. breezy. winds up to 25 miles an hour along the peninsula and the north bay. and even with that little bit of
6:51 am
sunshine it is not going to warm up us tonight. overnight lois in the 30s. partly cloudy skies. numbers in the 20s. but the moisture will be over with. still could see a little black ice forming and as we go through your monday morning commute and you are dry, the afternoon could feature a few showers far north. and as we get into tuesday we're looking at cloudy skies. it is late tuesday in the north bay to the evening hours when we're looking at a line of rain that wants to push south through the overnight hours bringing us a rainy wednesday. the accuweather seven day forecast. we've got our wintry mix this morning and we're dry on monday. you download an accuweather app and it keeps track of the rain, sleet, snow. even thunder last night and our two on storm impact on wednesday will be noting. as we get into the rest of the week after watching the snow levels into the sierra nevada. getting rain on top of the snow certainly tricky but they have so much snow that it is just incredible.
6:52 am
so good for them. and bundle up out there. >> that picture from mount tam was really cool. really paints the picture. lisa thank you. in marin county the numbers are in and quite impressive for the coho salmon returning to the >> fishermen like to say rivers and streams run two ways. the sediment goes down and when salmon run against the waters they bring nutrients back up. it makes this a special place and even more so this year. >> we nshe days. district. 350 pairs of coho dug nests and mated this year. that is 700 fish. the best return in more than a decade said aquatic ecologists. >> we got down to about 50 or 60 individual fish back in 2008.
6:53 am
so the population's been rebounding ever since. >> reporter: but that is no guarantee this year's fish will survive, which explains these relative calm and friendly waters downstream at the turtle island restlation network. you might compare this to a fast-moving freeway and this section to a ouff ramp and stop where the fish can take refuge. >> duplicating a lost floodplain where coho and steelhead can survive winter storms. preston brown helped design it. >> could be dozens, could be hundreds. >> how do you find them? >> you have to be lucky. they are buried deep down in the wood and they only really come out at night. >> the odds of any single hatchling returning no better than 1 or 2%. and that is a good number. especially during an even better winter. >> something is going right. >> so there is your good news
6:54 am
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featuring items in her homemade collection. custom made goods, cook ware, bake ware and even gardening tips. scurry a chef and a "new york times" best selling author. i'm sure focus will be excited for that. >> the snow on mount tam. a beautiful sight this morning. winter weather advisory until about 10:00 this morning for the hills of the north bay, the east bay, the santa cruz mountains. a is 1 on the impact scale. dry this afternoon. cold, wednesday could be interesting with heavier rain and xttekso it cold and wintry start to your sunday. >> lisa, thank you. and thanks to you for joining us on "abc7 mornings." chris nguyen, alongside lisa argen. .8
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voya. helping you to and through retirement. refusing to resign. virginia's governor standing firm in the fallout over that blackface scandal as the state's lieutenant governor calls for an fbi investigation into two sexual assault allegations made against him. >> we'll have our say and i'm confident in the truth. >> will impeachment proceedings start as soon as tomorrow? nationwide search. the new picture of a disbarred attorney on the run accused of killing his own mother, considered armed and dangerous. the fears from his former clients. west coast whiteout. heavy snow turning roads into obstacle courses. cars skidding and overturning. some even buried with two more fierce storms on the way. new here this morning. meghan's heartbreak. the bombshell letter the duchess reportedly


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