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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  February 18, 2019 4:30am-5:00am PST

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involved. no one else was in the car. there are no witnesses in this very remote, rural area. the sheriff's department says no one will be commenting this morning. but that is the latest information that they have released to us. we'll be staying on the story to see what other information we can gather. reporting live from napa county, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. amy, thank you. sausalito is plan to go hold a meeting to declare a local emergency today this. comes after a mudslide caused all this damage on thursday. one woman had to be rescued from the debris and four nearby homes red tagged. the emergency declaration will allow them to receive funds for the cleanup. a local state of emergency. abc 7 news was in san anselmo where crews spent sunday clearing damage from a landslide there. this was at the intersection of francis avenue and summit road. >> flooded westbound lanes of ji. engineers spent the weekend
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analyzing the levee breach near the highway on friday. the floodwater needs to resed to san pablo bay before any potential fix can be determined. walmart shoppers hoping to get groceries in the north bay will have to find another store. video shows several empty shelves inside the walmart on lincoln avenue in napa. signs posted in the store say their delivery trucks have been delayed due to bad weather. >> that's very unusual. it's 4:31. time to check in with mike nicco again. >> let's take a look at what it feels like outside. this is how you -- what you should dress for. 30 in livermore. 27 at danville. feels like 30 in santa rosa and ukiah. a little mieder in san francisco. feels like 42 degrees right now. here's a look at the stars and the sky from the exploratorium at pier 15. it's a cold one this morning. temperatures in the low to
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mid-30s at 7:00 for our inland and bay neighborhoods. a little milder at the coast. 40. everybody around 50 to 52 with sunshine at noon. it will be mostly sunny this afternoon. grab the sunglasses, you'll need them. if you're headed out this evening, temperatures drop into the mid to upper 40s already by 7:00. in fact, we've got frosty nights ahead in my accuweather seven-day forecast. here's alexis again. we have another crash in the east bay to talk about. up to eight vehicles involved in this one. i believe three initially and then several more came along and unfortunately, became involved as well. this is westbound 80. we have two far outside lanes blocked. as you come off the highway 4 interchange in the hercules area into san pablo, that's where there's a couple lanes down. they're sending emergency crews, including an ambulance to scene. i'll keep an eye on that one. a quick check of drive time. holiday light. tracy to dublin, 24 minutes.
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southbound 680, dublin to mission boulevard in the green at 14 and northbound 85, 101 to kupcupertino looking good at 16 minutes. a santa rosa family wants to find the driver who hit a 7-year-old kbirl agirl and took. video caught it all. luckily the girl is okay. kate larsen spoke to her family. a warning here, the surveillance video you're about to see may be disturbing. >> those are the screams of hazel crying out in pain and calling the man who hit her and drove off a murderer. here she is with her mother and running around her santa rosa neighborhood sunday night. clearly, nobody murdered hazel. but to a 7-year-old girl, the hit and run crime is deadly serious. >> my daughter wants this man in jail. >> the surveillance video of the incident that we've slowed down. you can see two kids running across the street saturday evening around 5:00.
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the boy in front is hazel's brother. a black sedan comes into view and hits her launching her about 10 feet into the area. she lands in the street, screams and runs away with her friend and brother. >> i felt i was about to pass out. >> because you were scared. >> after the hit and run, damian ran to his family for help. he has a message for the driver. >> next time you should think and look before you drive. >> hazel is physically okay. she was checked out at a hospital and has some bumps and bruises. emotionally, she's, well, upset. >> no! >> every black car today. >> if you would have stayed there, we could have worked this out. >> santa rosa police dan hackett says the driver made their situation a lot worse by running. >> it could take a simple, there's going to be no enforcement action and it could turn into a felony by leaving.
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>> there's a $2500 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the driver. kate larsen, abc 7 news. a bombshell admission from ousted acting fbi director andrew mccabe is sparking an investigation. mccabe claims justice department officials discussed plans to remove president trump from office using the 25th amendment. here's mona kosar abdi. >> good morning. the discussion centered around whether president trump is fit to serve or should be removed from office. >> this morning, calls for a congressional investigation after former acting fbi director andrew mccabe admitted publicly there were high-level discussion toss remove president trump from office. >> discussion of the 25th amendment was simply rod raised the issue and discussed it with me in the context of thinking about how many other cabinet officials might support such an effort. >> in a 60 minutes interview,
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mccabe says rod rosenstein raised the issue in may of 2017 after the firing of then fbi director james comey. >> the deputy attorney general was definitely very concerned about the president, about his capacity and about his intent. >> rosenstein denies the discussions took place. but senate judiciary committee chairman lindsey graham says his panel will investigate to determine who is telling the truth. president trump firing back on twitter saying mccabe, quote, is a disgrace to the fbi and our country. >> mccabe has down played his words. a spokesperson saying he never had extended discussions but rather, participated in a conversation that included a comment from rosenstein about the 25th amendment. mona kosar abdi, abc news washington. a senior adviser to president trump is hinting that the president might be willing to use his veto power if congress votes to disapprove of his national emergency declaration. steven miller says the president
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is going to protect his declaration, quote, guaranteed. democrats are planning to introduce a resolution disapproving of that decision. it's likely to pass congress with several republican senators saying they would vote against the president. contingency plans in the works to help families impacted by the possible oakland teachers strike set to begin on thursday. 15 recreation centers will be open from 8:00 to 3:00 monday through friday. the teachers union will provide volunteers at the centers. meals will be provided for students. all public libraries will be open during regular business hours. the city is asking that children 7 and younger be with a parent or care-giver. ac transit says it may reduce service to schools, detour routes and temporarily close some bus stops during the strike. the oakland teachers union announced this weekend. it's going to be this upcoming thursday. teachers want smaller class sizes and 12% increase over
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three years. it can only afford a 5% raise over three years. it will hold classes with substitute teachers and school administrators teaching as well. you're never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. there's a sneak peek at our next chance of rain coming in wednesday night into thursday. we'll talk more about that coming up. first, i want to show you the temperatures up to 14 degrees cooler. even 60 in palo alto than we were this time yesterday. we'll go into the east bay valleys where there's fog in the san ramon valley. the temperature is below freezing. we could have freezing fog, which means black ice. there's plenty of frost in this area. that shower that rolled through yesterday evening as the sun was setting and dropped that snow and hail on places like san ramon where they haven't seen it in decades. that's the leftover moisture that's freezing. low 30s there with 40s out around the highway 4 corridor. upper 30s to low 40s everywhere else.
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except for san francisco at 44 and santa rosa and napa at 34. it's going to be pretty quiet other than the chance of black ice. mass transit and the bay, it's going to be chilly today. east bay valleys, 39 by 8:00. at 10:00, we'll be around 47. we'll be in the low to mid-50s in the afternoon hours. quickly dropping into the 40s in the evening. 37 in the south bay at 8:00. still in the 40s at 10:00. low to mid-50s from noon to 4:00. mid to upper 40s this evening. the last stop will be the peninsula. 55 at 4:00. back down to 47. a lot of sunshine in today's forecast. hopefully that makes people happy. hopefully we'll have holiday light. >> in most areas we do. those i minutes. right now, i want to show you where it is. the holiday light. golden gate bridge, southbound 101. a couple vehicles coming our way. does not look like the zipper trucks have been out yet. no delays in either direction of
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101 for the golden gate bridge commute. we have changes with mass transit agencies due to the holiday. b.a.r.t. is operate og an a saturday schedule. ace on a sunday schedule. ace 3 and 5 are operating today. muni on a saturday schedule. that's due to the presidents' day holiday. we'll talk about a crash in san francisco coming up next. thank you, alexis. former president barack obama and singer john legend will join steph curry in oakland this week. >> this is the first national gathering of the obama foundation's my brother's keeper alliance. the alliance supports boys and young men of color. the mbk rising event begins today with a day of service. that isn't open to the public, but we'll bring you updates on a shift in the investigation. why police are trying to do a follow-up interview with "empire "star jussie smollett.
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ask your healthcare provider if ozempic® is right for you. saah. social media was on fire yesterday about 6:00 with the stormy just talked about. here's what it did in concord and walnut creek and san ramon. pea-sized hail. i was driving through the area. i had half melted snowflakes in
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the window. the thermometer said 37 degrees. it was pretty crazy. the sky, because of the sun angle at that time, it went from like orange, like on golden pond to dark purple. it was amazing. >> low to mid-50s today. look at the sunshine. around the state, 61 in los angeles for the warm spot. 36 in yosemite. snow showers in tahoe today. look at the average high. 44. tomorrow's 33. saturday and sunday 34 and 36. those are the only days above freezing. thank you, mike. chicago police are trying do a follow-up interview with empire star jussie smollett after a twist in the investigation of after that reported attack. abc news learned from law enforcement forces two brothers arrested and released say smollett paid them to stage it. at least one of the men appeared as an extra on "empire." police have not verified that information. smollett's attorney released a statement saying he's been
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further victimized by claims attributed by the alleged perpetrators that jussie played a role in his own attack. nothing is further from the truth and anyone claiming otherwise is lying. los angeles-based project doesn't buy it. they're calling for the actor's arrest. >> for smollett who said he was a victim of racism and hate crime and we believe that it's a lie, certainly it's an injustice to those true victims of racism and hate crimes. >> who the [ bleep ] makes something like this up or adds something to it or whatever it may be? >> the actor has claimed the two men beat him, tied a noose to his neck and yelled racial slurs at him three weeks ago in chicago. he's from santa rosa. now to a story only on abc 7. an adopted woman in oregon made the trip of a lifetime to san francisco. she got to meet a relative from livermore who she never knew
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exist existed. abc 7 news anchor dion lim was there for the moment. >> as the plane touched down at san francisco international airport. >> there it is. >> patricia culp is awaiting a special arrival nearly two decades in the making. >> i have a relative i never knew i had. she's arriving today. >> this story really begins in oregon with a woman named jackie who had been searching for her biological family for 17 years. >> i got a surprise one day on my e-mail that somebody thought they were related to me because they did a dna test. >> countless e-mails and phone calls over the past 12 months leads us to this day. >> this leads us to our first meeting face to face. wain the mally rnity of arrives. >> i never thought i would see this. >> today, jackie is not just her niece. >> we look alike. >> but part of a family. she never knew was hers.
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>> my only blood relative was my son and i had to make him. you know -- okay, i don't want to start crying. >> jackie and patricia plan to spend not only a long weekend but the lest of their lives making more memories together. >> it's opening doors. >> opening a lot of doors. definitely. >> going down roads that i don't think either one of us -- >> these women prove it's never too late to make up for lost time. dion lim, abc 7 news. the two women share similarities including the same health histories, almost the same birthday and even work in the same industry. they have spent the past few days laughing, going through the pictures and enjoying their time together, whichow. th incredible. they do the same thing for a living? >> i guess so. >> they seema like, too.
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>> yeah. >> 17 years. what a moment. >> absolutely. >> we had a couple of moments over the last few weeks. those will be memories as we move forward. time to get the sunshine now and erase the memories. some of them fun, some were headaches trying to get through all this. the biggest headache this morning, scraping that thick ice off your car if you live in the inland neighborhoods. san jose -- mostly sunny today, put the umbrella away. just snknow you have to wear th winter clothe. we'll be cooler than average. especially at night. we'll be frosty in the inland neighborhoods. a chance of light showers for wednesday. otherwise, a dry pattern. here's a look at yesterday's storm. it's now sliding to the south and away from us. this is what it leaves behind. temperatures from 53 in half moon bay to 54 in san francisco. most of us around 55 to 57 degrees. with a little bit of a light breeze.
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it will feel a little cooler than that. especially in the shade. tonight, we're talking to some of our co-workers upstairs. do i need to cover my plants? great idea. if you live inland and still producing fruit, yep, cover them if you can. we've got freezing cold temperatures there. each mid-30s at fremont. 32 at redwood city. 40 in san francisco and half moon bay. the warm spots tonight. here's a look at the accuweather seven-day forecast. what you're seeing are pretty much mid-50s. below average today through oscars sunday. we've got a chance of wet weather wednesday. i'm going to show you that coming up next. here's alexis to show you the commute. >> all right. good morning, mike. we have had a couple issues on the board already overall, volumes are quite a bit lighter because of the presidents' day holiday. we got the all clear from chp. southbound 101 before cesar chavez. we had a strange incident where a lot of folks called in to say there was a motorcycle down in the middle of the roadway. there was no rider in sight. i'm not sure if they have
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located that rider. hopefully that person is okay. lanes should be open now. i'm still seeing a backup to about the 80 split. i'll watch that carefully. that should be thing out soon. we have a multicar crash, westbound 80 near appen way. turned into as many as eight vehicles. let me double-check here. a few moments ago, they were diverting all traffic to appen n way. couple pretty significant issues. i'll have another update in a few minutes. thanks, alexis. a new headache for facebook. a new report from britain's articlement says the c after breaking privacy and competition laws. >> in techbytes, facebook being called digital gangsters. >> that's in pay new report from british lawmakers who say facebook violates privacy and competition laws. it's open to, quote, meaningful
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regulation. samsung is done with blu-ray. >> the company will no longer produce blu-ray players, at least in the u.s. the move is seen as the company's reaction to a growing number of viewers using streaming services like netflix and hulu. finally a blast from the digital past. >> a man found his apple 2e and the computer asked if he wanted to restore a saved game. he also found a letter from his late father on a floppy disk. that model was released by apple in 1983. >> those are your techbytes. have a great day. wow. do you remember floppy disks? >> i remember that computer. i think that's the first computer i worked on at school. not in this business. i'm not that old. still ahead on abc 7 mornings, the nba all-star game. we'll hear from kevin durant. plus, a community comes together to support a high school football player diagnosed with cancer. the team's optim
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all right. let's take a look at what's going to happen wednesday. here's a look at 9:00 in the morning. there's a few showers up along the sonoma county coast. maybe even some snow in lake county and the higher parts of mendocino county. that's pretty much where it stays, up in the north bay, through the lunch-hour. we get a chance over the east bay hills and the east bay by 5:00. as we head into the evening commute, a little bit of wet
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weather there. by 9:00, it moves away. a few more showers along the north bay coast and over the coast heading to the overnight hours and into thursday morning. here's a look at the rainfall totals. just not a lot. if you get caught under these, a couple hundredths of an inch. taking a look at fairly light volumes today. so far, a lot of green on the traffic maps. i want to take you to novato. the sig-alert, westbound route 87 close in atherton. the eastbound side is open but down to one lane. not seeing any backups right now. for now, you're diverted off at atherton to get rerouted to 101. don't think you will need a detour. take a reroute at this earl hour. if there's a backup, i'll list the alternates in a few. bay bridge toll plaza. we'll see if we have to turn the metering lights on. alexis thank you. a football player diagnosed with cancer -- this was for ramon
4:56 am
sanders. he broke his leg during practice in november. that's when he was told it wasn't just a break but cancer that had spread to his lungs. since then, he's had one round of chemotherapy and one surgery. he won't give up he says. >> opened my eyes bigger. opened my eyes and changed my mind-set with some things and it let -- it's time to get this out of me. i'm not going to let it defeat me. >> ramon wants to go back to school and get back to playing football after chemo. he hopes to one day play in the nfl. the nba a gith steph curry's homecoming -- i should say was his homecoming. kevin durant was the one who ti. giannis. talar mvp f secon
4:57 am
both teams combined for 168 three-point attempts. but they were spectacular dunks, dimes and drives. curry and durant talked with abc 7 sports director, larry beil after the game. >> it was a blessing to be representing the warriors and actually go out there and accomplish a goal of getting the mvp and bringing it back to the bay area. i'm excited about that. >> we had the opportunity to play against each other. he had fun with it. k.d. winning mvp was great and he gets to bring that home. we had some good moments out there. >> the warriors are back in action thursday night at oracle arena against the sacramento kings. i was this many years old when i found out what a kime is in basketball. next at 5:00 a.m., serious flower power. a first look at the design on stage at the oscars this sunday. new video of a a hot air balloon landing in a remote spot. we'll explain what happened. in the sierra, the warning for drivers this morning and the
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other problem off the roads.
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>> announcer: good morning north bay. let's get up and get going. >> announcer: this is abc 7 mornings. hello to you. it is monday, february 18th at 5:00. >> thanks for joining us. you're never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. meteorologist mike nicco has a look at the day ahead. good morning. i think a lot of people like to see this. a completely dry live doppler 7. however, all that moisture in the ground seeped out in


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