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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  February 22, 2019 5:00am-6:00am PST

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good mnin friday, february 22nd. >> you're never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. let's check on the weekend. hi mike. >> hi reggie and jessica. it's clear and dry on live doppler 7. another morning without dealing with rain and our last completely sunny day this week. clouds on the increase tomorrow. rain rolls in monday. waking up in the 30s in many areas by 7:00. noon, look at that. 51 for everybody. couldn't be more homogenized. 52 to 55 degrees at 4:00. if you're head out this evening, 44 to 49 degrees. take a little bit of a jacket. let's take a look at traffic. back to you. >> we have an accident to report in tracy.
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this is on westbound 580 on grant line. it just cleared. but there is a backup you can see. it's in the red where the accident happened. it's only going at 16 miles per hour. heads up if your commute takes you in that direction. here's a look from the emermetraf sing t fill i >> delopin ns iea bay. teachers in oakland getting ready to strike again. in just about an hour and a half at 6:30 this morning, they're going to raise their picket signs. negotiations are expected to resume later this morning. teachers are demanding a higher salary. smaller class sizes and more support. we were at the elementary school where the district superintendent faced an angry crowd. parents were shouting. so the frustrated superintendent just walked out of the meeting. today's strike involved 3,000 teacher. schools are open again today. administrators hired substitutes. happening today, several east
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bay businesses are offering free admission to oakland schoolchildren impacted by teacher strikes. each paying adult with an oakland i.d. can bring up to two kids for free. the oakland museum of california is also offering free admission. >> developing right now, airline customers around the country reporting problems with southwest airlines. here's a live look at sfo right now. we have checked in with airport officials there. they say only one flight has been canceled at w aunthentry s d canceled flight. if you have a flight out today, this is something to keep an eye on.hwest acknowledged an issue telling customers if it's aware of the problem. >> a local college student accused of high tech drug dealing will be in front of a judge today. >> police say the uc santa cruz student created a phone app he
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disguised as a game. he was actually selling illegal drugs. matt keller is live in santa cruz for us. matt? >> reporter: reggie, i'm here in san jose where the suspect was released after his court appearance earlier this week. but he is scheduled to be back in court today. federal court for a bail review hearing. here's a booking photo of the suspect. if convicted on all charges, collin howard of sunnyvale could face decades in prisons and millions of dollars in fines. it's the diggs bus with intent to distribute meth and one count involving cocaine. howard was arrested on federal charges february 15th. prosecutors say howard created an app bald banana plug. it used snapchat to communicate with customers. the app is a play on the university's mascot, banana plug. it's used as a slang term for someone dealing drugs, plug is.
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>> police discovered it after posters were put up advertising the app. howard pleaded not guilty and is scheduled to be in court at 12:30 today. reporting live in san jose, matt keller, abc news. uc berkeley -- they're searching for a man who punched a conservative activist on campus. kate larsen spoke with the victim who said the attack was unprovoked. >> this cell phone video shows two men fighting on the uc berkeley campus. a man in all black wearing a backpack seen and heard yelling at williams. fighting on campus by turning point usa to recruit members for the conservative organization. after calling him a racist, the man in black punched williams in the face while he was looking down at his phone. williams appeared on the kennedy show on fox news thursday night. >> students took offense to our sign that we had that said hate crime hoaxes hurt real victims. >> williams said he feared for
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his safety when his attacker and another man approached the tables they were at on tuesday afternoon. >> this person claiming we were promoting violence on campus and proceeded to take his aggression out on us. >> that's when he and others took out their cell phones. abc 7 news obtained these photos of the alleged attackers. william is a student at uc berkeley and he's the president of -- >> the individual the perpetrator said you're promoting violence, which is ironic considering he's the one who assaulted my friend and threatened to shoot him. >> let's be absolutely clear. this university utterly condemns violence and harassment no matter who the perpetrators or victims are. it's intolerable and has no place on this campus. >> kate larsen, abc 7 news. a man opened fire on a napa county sheriff's deputy sunday night and now we've learned he was in the country illegally. we want to warn
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following video is very graphic. >> shots fired. shots fired. depply riley jarecki returned fire killing suspect javier hernandez morales. immigration and customs enforcement says he was undocumented from mexico and has a long criminal history. he was deported in 2007 and 2010. i.c.e. had issued detainers to napa and sonoma county jails four times since 2014. all were denied. napa county officials defended the policies currently in place. >> we need to make sure we have all the facts and the policies that reflects the safety of our community. >> county supervisors say they will investigate the policies. they also say napa welcomes immigrants. new this morning, a new sign that berkeley's tax on sodas and sugary drinks is working. according to a uc berkeley study, there's a 21% drop in people drinking soda and sugary
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drinks a year after it went into effect. in 2017, it dropped by 52%. the study compared rates to those in oakland and san francisco between 2014 and 2017. berkeley adds a penny per ounce on sugar and sweetened drinks. it's in the american journal of public health. they're considering action to deal with sky high medical bills from patients who receive emergency services at san francisco general hospital. 94% of those who visit sf general are uninsured. for the rest, they're stuck with bills amounting to thousands of dollars since sf general oftentimes is out of network. in fact, it's out of network for everyone. they don't accept any insurance. they want to limit the bills relative to the patients' income. they're considering expanding charity programs to help with bills. never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. look what the breezes are doing in the east bay.
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danville, it's breezy. 42. same thing in blackhawk. pleasanton 41. places like lafayette, no breeze and 32 degrees right now. pleasant hill, 34. 38 in walnut creek and concord. some of the coldest temperatures right there. you can see the breezes relaxing in the north bay as temperatures are falling like a rock. that's going to happen in the next couple of hours. even places like san carlos that were in the 40s a few minutes ago, down to 39. san jose at 38. if you step outside, it's calm in your neighborhood. know that it's going to get cooler over the next couple of hours. here's a look at the roof camera. speaking of san francisco. you can see the wind on the ferry building. if you're going to the beaches, our last day of total sunshine, sure it's in the mid to upper 50s. might be decent. exercising, it's going to be bright and dry today. on the bay, no worries. a lot of sunshine and a light
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breeze. >> let's go to the 12-hour planner. 41 at 8:00. total sunshine. 49 at 10:00. hang out around 55 degrees at 4:00. down to 48 at 8:00. all right. for the north bay, we're at 35 in the morning. 46 at 10:00. low to mid-50s in the afternoon hours. 43 at 8:00. we'll go from 48 in san francisco at 10:00 to 53 in the afternoon hours to 48 again at 10:00. want to get a check of the morning commute to see if there's friday light out there. >> there is a crash in tracy on westbound 580 on grant line road. that's not what we're looking at. i was looking at the wrong thing. >> it's light out there right now. >> i'm really good at traffic. no incidents there. there is a high-wind advisory. make sure you're holding on to that steering wheel. drive times are all in the green. yea. a state lawmaker wants to stop the high-speed rail project. >> republican senator jeff jones from temecula is proposing
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regulation to stop state funding for the project. they say it's a boondoggle and think most californians agree. >> it's a waste of money. spending much more than we probably sure. close to $100 billion. it's going to take another five or ten years to get it built. the cost of riding will be out of the realm of most californians. last week, governor newsom vowed to steal back the project. because it's overbudget. the trump administration mans to cancel a grant of almost $1 billion and take back $2.5 billion in federal funds that have been spent on the project already. in the east bay, a hayward woman has her beloved dog back. two residents of her own neighborhood are in jail accused of stealing the yorkie and holding it for ransom. >> let me hold him. > what a reunion. this was on valentine's day being reunited with her beloved cocoa. >> a few days ago she was
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targeted by burglars who ransacked her home. if that wasn't enough, they took her dog and then demanded $20,000 for cocoa's return. she called police who tracked down the suspect and the dog. >> he was malnourished. he wasn't being fed properly. the cage smelled. so he wasn't being taken care of. >> police arrested a man who lived in the same neighborhood. 41-year-old antonio todd and this woman, 43-year-old carla archuleta for the burglary and the dog napping. todd knew how attached she was to her dog and still did it. >> wow. glad to see they're back together. what a relief. oscars happening sunday. one movie getting a lot of buzz. bohemian rhapsody. we'll look at the mystery man behind his voice. banned from tinder. the reason? she says it's because of this photo. a look outside at 5:11 this
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it's the final days to save 50% on the sleep number 360 limited edition smart bed. plus, 24-month financing on all smart beds. ends sunday. sleep number. proven, quality sleep. today we have total sunshine. increasing clouds over the weekend. boom, look at monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday. impressive potential rain days. we'll take a look at that coming up in the accuweather seven-day
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forecast. >> thank you, mike. speaking of the forecast, look at this. february storms soak california with 18 trillion gallons of water. this is a positive story on our website we're seeing the difference that the storms have made. newly released drought maps show that in just the past week, the amount of california rain and the amount of california that's not in the drought has almost doubled. you can see the difference on the two maps. almost 70% of the state right now is drought-free. >> this is a grim story. a dead dog found in the contra costa canal and investigators are asking for help. the dog was discovered wednesday night. it was floating in a canal and tethered to a crate. here's a photo of the crate. the dog was a small brown terrier weighing about 15 pound. animal services is looking for the owner. they're asking anyone with information to contact them. >> that's the crate? >> i'm confused.
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i don't know what it is we're looking at there. it looks like a container with some kind of -- >> sticker on it or logo. >> we'll try to figure out what that is. a san francisco police officer pleaded guilty to two bank robberies. rain dougherty was arrested for robbing an east-west bank in san francisco. at the time he was suspended without pay from the police department and facing elder abuse charges in san mateo county and for allegedly bilking a man with dementia out of $13,000. stealing money from that man. daugherty was one of the officers named in the racist text scandal that rocked the department in 2015. again, he has now pleaded guilty to two bank robberies. millions of americans use dating websites and apps like tinder. >> a woman was banned from the platform for this profile photo, which included a dead deer which she hunted for food. that raises a question.
5:17 am
should images like this one be banned from dating apps? we want you to weigh in going to you can do it right now on your phone. you don't need to register. we don't track you or anything like that. it's just a vote. abc 7 news anchor dion lim spoke with the woman behind the profile. >> i opened up tinder and then within a few hours, i was banned from the platform. >> on the dating app tinder, users swipe left to pass on potential matches and swipe right when they like what they see. one tinder user identifying by her first name, nicole suddenly couldn't swipe any direction while on vacation in san francisco from vermont. >> they said i violated their terms of service and guidelines. >> photos may have offended some tinder users in the bay area. for nicole, hunting is a family affair. these were the two images on the profile. >> i cropped it with no weapons.
5:18 am
we're not trophy hunters. we hunt for food. we respect the animals. >> not only permanently banned from the app, a user from san francisco took his complaint one step further. >> an individual e-mailed my employer with screen shots of my profile and -- >> we found plenty of images of men posing with hunted animals, making provocative gestures and more. it appears none of them have been rorped for violating tinder standards. >> it's about this double standards. >> a spokesperson sent us a statement saying in part, we have a team dedicated to investigating each report. nicole's account had been reported multiple times. the matter has been resolved and they can now use tinder. as for if she wants to jump back in the dating app pool? >> i'm not sure. i'll decide that at a later time. >> what nicole really wants -- >> i would like to seee somanht
5:19 am
to see equality. that's what it's about. >> dion lim, abc 7 news. i guess so. we've been wondering what you think about this. as you vote -- >> no. >> they voted for me. >> they voted for you. >> we do want you to vote on our website, >> me too. >> on what you think and our producer was saying 35% yes. >> you don't like it. you think she should be able to keep the photos. >> you're not confused on who she is or what she does or likes. >> expert from a dating service he here. i'm not going to comment on the pictures. that's up to her. the dating service says it's not the kind of pho you wa d. professionally, if you can, photos with your head featured. >> a nice simple photo of your
5:20 am
face. >> tip of the day. >> no animals in it. >> we can learn that you like to hunt later. >> in conversation. that's a better place for it. >> i got you. >> what do i know? hi, mike. >> it's 5:20. it's friday and it's going to be a lot of sunshine today. here's a look at walnut creek. it's about 34 degrees and getting colder as we calmer tonight and cold. and a three-day rain event begins on monday. look at this. 54 to 57 degrees our temperatures today. there's one spot little cooler. that's 53 up in clear lake and also lakeport. that area. let's jump into the lows tonight. most of us will be a little cooler than this morning. say, places like san rafael, richmond, oakland, san mateo, half moon bay and san francisco. low to mid-40s. a few high clouds mixed in. we're close in
5:21 am
morgan hill. definitely freezing in part of the north bay valleys. cover the tender plants or the windshield if you don't want to scrape frost in the morning. tomorrow, we celebrate the chinese new year with a parade in san francisco. 5:15 is the start time. 54 degrees. it will feel nice with a little bit of sunshine and clouds. without the sunshine, 50. going to feel pretty chilly. here's a look at the accuwether seven-day forecast. temperatures about the same tomorrow with increasing clouds. the clouds are a sign of some warmer weather. sunday doesn't feature much sunshine. but we try to hit the 60-degree mark. a 2 moderate for monday and tuesday. scattered showers and a 1 for wednesday. let's get a check of that commute. mike, thank you. let's flip it to traffic if we can. i think we have a live look at the bay bridge. there it is. the metering lights look like they are on. there's no official word yet. but considering the stack-up there of all the cars, we do assume that the metering lights
5:22 am
are on. it's friday light across the bay area. here's a look at our drive times. one thing that we're seeing is westbound 580, tracy to dublin, 46 minutes right now. just pushed up to 47. otherwise in the green. in gma first look, with the oscars just two days away, we're learning more about the mystery man behind freddie mercury's voice in bohemian rhapsody. >> janae norman has the details. >> in the gma first look, ram i malik belted as front-runnerrrrr queen front manfred i mercury. how did mr. robot manage to sound like one of the best selling artists in the history of music? >> goodbye everybody. i've got to go ♪ >> well, look no further than
5:23 am
this man. mark marquel. ak canadian who started singing christian music until his bass player remarked on a similar vocal style as another artist. >> coming up at 7:00 a.m., we'll tell you what makes him stand apart with your gma first look, i'm janae norman, abc news, new york. >> he's so good. >> just to be clear, the voice behind freddie mercury's voice is freddie mercury. >> the voice behind malek is that unknown man. >> correct. many people making predictions ahead of the show on sunday. you can print it out and join in on the good times. dion lim will be in hollywood today ahead of the oscars. she's going to cover the preparations leading up to the show. abc 7, the only place to watch the oscars sunday at 5:00 p.m. our coverage starts at 1:30.
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an "unjection™". number one, the teachers strike. oakland getting ready to -- the teepers on strike for another day. it's over classroom conditions. they'll be picketing outside several schools. jussie smollett has reportedly told fellow cast and crew overnight that he is innocent. smollett is out on bail after appearing before a judge thursday on accusations of making a false police report. police say he orchestrated the attack in chicago. number 3, a u.s. santa cruz student will appear in federal court on charges he created a smartphone app to sell illegal drugs. collin howard of sunnyvale could face decades in prison and millions of dollars in fines ifrmt. number 4, a powerful 7.5 magnitude earthquake hit eastern
5:27 am
ecuador this morning. no word on any injuries on the extent of damage. number 5, enjoy the weather this weekend. look at monday, disturbingly large totals of rain for the north bay. number 6, a live look at the golden gate bridge where we were definitely friday light this morning. we generally are across the bay area. you should have a nice commute. number 7, starting today. stockton street in san francisco will be open to traffic. we haven't seen that for seven years. the street was blocked during the construction of the central subway project. finally going to be open. people can zoom between chinatown and the bay. google's upcoming policy change in response to an employee walkout. ason consumer reports can no e longer recommend the vehicle. a live look outside.
5:28 am
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no sign of the teachers strike ending in oakland as tensions grow between parents and the district superintendent. >> jussie smollett out on bail. what police are now saying about the "empire" actor accused of staging his own hate crime. and the disgraced founder of sar knows. there are talks of a book deal and a documentary. good morning on a friday, february 22nd. >> you've made it. while it's going to be dry today. man, the forecast is kind of crazy, mike. >> yeah, it is. full of a lot of darkness because of the rain that will be
5:31 am
coming down heavily. live doppler 7 is dry for now. let me show you the breezes. for most of us, they're coming quickly. still a little bit of a gust over the bay water. sfo at 13 and napa at 10. as we get colder, we're not dealing with a windchill. my 12-hour planner is full of sunshine today. 30 to 42 degrees at 7:00. so some freezing cold temperatures inland. all of us at 51 with sunshine at noon. 52 to 55 at 4:00. that's cooler than average and dress for 44 to 49 if you're heading out this friday evening. back to you guys. mike, thank you. let's take a look at traffic right now. here's a live look from the bay bridge camera. the commute is looking pretty nice there across the baytartint reports that there's a stalled car in the left lane on westbound 80 right past treasure island. you can't see it here in this shot. traffic does seem to be flowing
5:32 am
nicely despite that report. let's show you our drive times. they're in the green except for our slow spot, which is tracy to dublin. that's in the yellow with westbound 580 at 49 minutes right now. mass transit, no delays except service change on ac transit because of the oakland teachers strike. if that affects you, check ahead this morning. speaking of that, it's day two of the strike in oakland. negotiations expected to resume later this morning. amy hollyfield is live with more for us. >> reporter: good morning. there was a tense moment last night between the superintendent and parents at a meeting. so this strike is getting emotional in oakland. today will be the second day of the picket lines. 3,000 teachers are on strike here in oakland. they're fighting for higher salaries and smaller class sizes. the two sides are due back at the negotiating table at 9:00 this morning. but the union president says what he really
5:33 am
another strong turnout on the picket lines today. >> strikes are won in the streets, not at the bargaining table. so we need strong lines like we had today. >> the reality is, we are in a tight financial situation. we don't have a lot of money. we made a good offer. we came up last night from -- came up yesterday from 5% to 8.5%. >> now to last night's tense moment. the superintendent got frustrated when parents started shouting at a meet. so she walked out without saying a word. she got in her car and she drove away. parents were shisrov interested in what parents have to say. there was a lot of disbelief last night had she left. the picket line is set to begin at 6:30. schools will b open. they'll be staffed with substitute teachers and employees from the central office. reporting live in oakland, amy
5:34 am
hollyfield, abc 7 news. thank you, amy. the first day of the oakland teachers strike left some parents struggling to find child care while teachers were walking the picket line. many dropped them off at recreation centers and churches. the facilities have set up special curriculums. keep up on the strike by downloading the app and enabling push alerts. we'll let you know when an agreement is reached. we have resources for parents. actor jussie smollett is gearing up to fight the charges. the "empire" actor is out on bond. >> he returned to the set of his show where he reportedly apologized and denied the allegations. kenneth moton has the story. >> he's dealing with a growing legal and media firestorm. ignoring the crush of cam raus outside of a chicago courthouse.
5:35 am
he's forcefully denying any wrongdoing in the hate crime attack. >> as smollett made his first appearance in court, the chicago police superintendent had blistering words for the actor. he detailed what they call an elaborate lie that started weeks ago. >> smollett attempted to gain attention by sending a false letter that relied on racial, homophobic and political langua language. when that didn't work, he paid $3500 to stage this attack and drag chicago's reputation thu the mud in the process. >> two brothers at the center of the case. they were seen in grainy surveillance video. the star paid the brothers $3500. >> we have the check that he used to pay them. >> for weeks, the actor insisted he was the victim. >> why would anyone, especially a african american man, use the symbolism of a noose to make false accusations? >> overnight, smollett's legal
5:36 am
team criticized chicago police, writing today we witnessed a law enforcement spectacle that has no place in the american legal system. the presumption of innocence, a bedrock in the search of justice was trampled upon at the expense of mr. smollett. fiercely and solemnly maintains his innocence and feels betrayed by a system that wants to proceed directly to sentencing. >> variety magazine reports that fox hasn't made a decision whether to keep him on empire. studio and network executives are considering their options. kenneth moton, abc news, new york. a timeline of the events is online at breaking news out of south america. a 7.5 magnitude earthquake truck ecuador near the country's border with peru. the usgs says the powerful quake hit near the town of
5:37 am
voe. it was felt in many -- at least 6.0. still waiting for any information on possible injuries for damage. >> happening today, the survivors network of those abused by priests also known as snap will release the names of 135 accused priests with ties to the oakland diocese. these names were compiled by snap. this week, the oakland diocese released the names of 45 priests accused of abusing at least 174 underage boys and girls. snap has been critical of the diocese's handling of the scandal. challenging the notion that religious confessions will be confidential especially in cases of suspected child abuse. jerry hill of san mateo introduced legislation that requires clergy of all faith report suspected cases of abuse regardless of how they learn about it. that includes confession. under current law, clergy are exempt from reporting what they learn through confession.
5:38 am
hill says he expects opposition from faith leaders on this bill. the bill will be up for discussion in committee next month. let's take a look at what's happening this morning compared to yesterday morning. you can see most of us are just a little cooler. places like san francisco, napa. fairfield. brentwood. just a little warmer. where does that put us? we're freezing cold in ukiah, sebastopol at 30. petaluma at 30. close in santa rosa at 33. also in novato at 34. everybody else, pretty far enough away may not see frost. 41 and 43. >> 41 in sebastopol. low to mid-40s along the shore. san jose at 38. 32 in lafayette. you're freezing cold right now. a look at 101 and 880. it's dry. a dry ending to the week. next week starts pretty wet. enjoy the commute today. cold to cool today if you're
5:39 am
taking mass transit and calmer breezes out on the bay. >> east bay valleys at -- 53 to 56 this afternoon. down to 46 we go from stars to sunshine to stars today. same thing on the peninsula. 40 at 8:00. still around 49 at noon. but you'll hit the low 50s from 2:00 to 4:00. grab the coat. we're stuck in the upper 0s in the south bay until 8:00. 46 at 10:00. look at all that sunshine and low to mid-50s this afternoon. about 55 at 4:00. then we'll drop down to 45 at 8:00. when we come back, we'll talk about how this is going to stop happening. warmer weather before the rain arrives monday. i'll be back in a minute with that. let's get some traffic. >> first to petaluma. there's roadwork being done by cal trans. so they have to shift around some of the lanes on southbound 101. right now, that is not impacting traffic. just so you know, that is happening. it's going to be or should be in the next 20 minutes, wrapped up.
5:40 am
hopefully that doesn't cause too many problems. san jose right now, it's friday light so far. if you have to be on the roads, you are clear. drive times in the green this morning. doing pretty good for a friday. starting today, stockton street back open to traffic. it's been seven years since we've seen that. >> it was blocked during the construction of the central subway project. from ellis to geary streets triggered detours which should hurt retailers. stores closed because of the construction. the north central subway will link south of market to union square and chinatown by end of the year with 65,000 riders a day. why consumer reports dropped tesla's model 3 as recommended vehicles. who could return to the
5:41 am
5:42 am
5:43 am
here's what it looked like. the snow in southern california. drivers on i-5 going through the grapevine hit a snag yesterday afternoon. at one point snow and ice closed theeeway. snowplows came in to clear the roads and cal trans opened
5:44 am
everythiheroes. the chp escorted drivers at a very safe 25 miles per hour. oh, man. i wish i was flying down to san diego or l.a. i'd love to see it: black ice at this 28 degrees by the time you get there. everything should be fine. increasing clouds. we'll have mid-50s everywhere else until you get to southern california. 43 in yosemite. if you're traveling to the sierra. a few flurries sunday and heavy snow coming monday. so getting up there. great but monday, tuesday and wednesday, oh, my goodness, it's going to be quite white up there. >> no shortage of snow across the state. mike, thank you. google says it will no longer require employees to settle company complaints in private. the announcement comes months after thousands of google
5:45 am
employees including those at the mountain view headquarters stage a global walkout by company executives and one of their demands was for google to end the forced arbitration policy. the change goes into effect for current and future employees as of march 21st. google said it will not reopen settled claims. current employees can litigate past claims after that date. >> consumer reports is no longer recommending the tesla model 3. the new report says tesla can be sloppy in the way it handles returns and refunds and leaving some customers stressed and others stranded without a car. >> consumer reports says the new recommendation is based in part on the reviews of thousands of vehicle owners. it raises questions about the reliant of the electric car. that set shares of the company down more than 3%. the "wall street journal" is reporting that pinterest has confidentially filed to go public. the report says the brandon
5:46 am
street company may launch its ipo around june, evaluation of 12 billion. lyft and uber planning ipos also. disgraced has been -- holmes is exploring a book deal. she considers herself the vic m victim. the sanford university dronout faces 20 years in prison. the concept centered around cheap blood tests but the technology did not work. holmes is accused of hiding that from customers as well as investors. the oscars will be handed out sunday on abc 7 and two pixar animators have been nominated for an academy award in the category of animated short. one is named trevor jiminez. he's the director of the movie weekends. he's been an employee at pixar for eight years.
5:47 am
the movie is a personal journey about his childhood growing up with divorced parents. this is not a pixar film. he made this himself. it's a subdued film. there's no dialog. he communicates it through -- it's the emotional journey of having separated parents. >> i never wanted it to be sad. it's an opportunity to make each parent better. there are sad elements, too and weird elements and scary ones. that's how it felt for me. >> his project began eight years ago when he started doing charcoal drawings at his kitchen table. pixar, of course, is owned by disney, the parent company of abc 7. the as course are on sunday. starting today dion lim will be reporting live from hollywood. coverage begins at 1:30 on sunday. the other pixar movie that is being nominated, that pixar is fully behind that it produced and it was directed by someone who works at pixar. that one is called bow.
5:48 am
it's about empty nest syndrome from the chinese mom and she then takes care of this dumpling that comes to life. it has a twist at the end. it's a wonderful short. you should check it out. the director and the person who imagined the story and created it do mi shi. she's working there for quite some time. she's from canada. good luck to them as well. >> can't wait to see. disney raking in a lot with that and black panther. it will be nice for the company. by the way, they onus. let's look at what's going on. never more than 7 minutes away. here's the next storm. it's going to hurl clouds at us from over the ocean the next couple of days before it comes ashore with rain monday. lok how clean the air is and run-oun sunshine all day today. temperatures below average again. we'll be dry this ekd. aen wed
5:49 am
rain. for the kids heading out the door this morning, 36 inland. 38 around the bay. 42 at the coast. it's a chilly start. we'll be around 50 by 11:00. at 3:00, 52 to 55 degrees under total sunshine. in fact, that will be the range. 54 to 57 around 1:00 to 2:00. that's usually when the highs are this time of year. tonight, colder. 20s in lakeport and cloverdale. a lot of low 30s there. we'll have low to mid-30s in livermore and morgan hill. san rafael, oakland, half moon bay and san francisco. here's a look at the accuweather seven-day forecast. temperatures tomorrow about the same as today. the clouds will dim the sunshine a little bit. the thicker clouds coming in sunday will bring warmer weather as we try to reach the 60-degree mark for the first time in forever. monday and tuesday, because those storms have so much rain, they have slightly warmer
5:50 am
weather with them. it will be rainy and breezy monday. wet and windy tuesday. the stronger of the two storms. wednesday the storm starts to taper. back down to a 1, light. may be a few sprinkles thursday. look at the temperatures, low to mid-60s. almost spring-like. mike, thank you. let's get a check of your traffic. the bay bridge toll plaza has the metering lights flipped on. we've got the word officially flipped on at 5:29 this morning. there's a high-wind advisory issued for the bay bridge. earlier we had a stalled vehicle on the left lane that's pushed off to harrison. traffic is backed up to 880 over crossing and traffic is just really slow right there. the metering lights and drive times, though, across the bay area here, southbound 101. westbound 580 and northbound 101 in the green right now. new at 6:00, where to live if you want to live longer. the states with the highest life expectancy. plus, a treasured item left
5:51 am
behind and authorities need your help to find the yes! for presidents day you get that so i can save up to 40% on appliances? and 10% with your sears card plus $100 cashback in points! yes! shop sears where we love to say yes to you! ♪
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noisy in the streets of san francisco tomorrow evening as we celebrate the chinese new year with the parade. the annual parade. 54 at 4:00. everybody starts lining up. 5:15 the start time. drop down to 50 degrees. than that. have fun. golden state warriors forward draymond green will be at the oakland ymca today. he'll see a refurbished
5:54 am
basketball court named in his honor. it's newly redone. the warriors and pg&e and tidings foundation all contributed. it features new backboards and hoops. it sports a new color scheme with the city of oakland skyline as well as the tree logo. the wait is almost over. california pacific medical center will move into the new $2 billion hospital in about a week. doing so will require transferring some 250 patients by ambulance. abc 7 news was at the old hospital on california street as they were practicing the move. cpmc spent years preparing for this moment. about 200 medical personnel will transfer patients to the new van ness campus. that includes nurses, emts and therapists. >> every single detail we've thought of from how we handle patients' individual needs, do they need an interpreter, a
5:55 am
wheelchair. >> the real transfer happens on march 2nd. no roads will be closed but police will help with traffic flowing along california street. take a look at drive time traffic for thu morning. as you can see, we're doing well along most maps, including southbound 101 at petaluma boulevard. it's friday light for some of you. >> we also -- we're getting word of this. a two-car collision in tracy. westbound 580 right before grant line. you see the backup there in the red at 13 miles per hour. so head up in that area as well. all right. let's take a look at what's going to happen monday. wake up at 4:00 in the morning. a few sprinkles in the north bay. the rain will be heaviest in the north bay throughout the day dipping into rest of our neighborhoods as we head into the afternoon and evening hours. then it bumps back up into the north bay and heavier monday night into tuesday morning. that yellow signifying moderate
5:56 am
rain. while the rest of us have light rain tuesday, more moderate rain is coming in tuesday night into the north bay. then we transition to scattered showers for wednesday. what's got me concerned is the wide discrepancy in the rainfall, which means this system doesn't know exactly where it's going because it's been fluctuating. if it does hit the north bay with this amount of rain, we're going to have flooding issues. >> mike, thank you. you are most likely to live longer in hawaii and california. life expectancy in the united states has been increasing over the last two years. new data shows a baby 2016 can pekt to live 78.6 years. the online research group, 24/7 wall street found hawaii topped the list. their life expectancy is 81.3 years. california at 80.9 years. >> santa cruz county sheriff's office needs your help to find the owner of a treasured item.
5:57 am
>> it's a photo album full of black and white pictures of u.s. navy service members. deputies found it in the area of new brighton road and mcgregor drive in november. they believe it was stolen and thoughtlessly tossed aside. the unique cover has images of mt. fuji and a colorful peacock. southwest airlines while you were sleeping, an impact we're feeling in the bay area. >> jussie smollett returns to the set. the message he had for co-workers hours after he was arrested for allegedly
5:58 am
but me and crunchy here make a great team. we even finish each other's... babybel: (to crunchy)you're supposed to say sentences... crunchy: ---sentences. babybel: well not now. delicious new babybel cheese and crackers. babybel: saved it!
5:59 am
you made it to friday. it's coming up on 6:00 a.m. on the 22nd of february. >> woo-hoo. let's check out the weekend forecast, mike. >> it's going to be a dry one
6:00 am
also. clear conditions on live doppler 7. we're going to let it stand down for a couple of days before the rain returns monday. today is our last day of total sunshine. you can feel the clear air and the calmer conditions out there cooling us down into the mid and upper 30s at 7:00. 51 at noon. 52 to 55. definitely need the sun glasses this afternoon. have a great friday evening. grab a coat. 44 to 49 degrees. take a greater look at the weekend and the rain on the way coming up in the next half hour. let's get back to you for traffic. >> the only incident right now is a two-car collision in tracy. this is westbound 580 before grant line. definitely not helping traffic move through the area. it's only 13 miles an hour. be warned if you're headed in that direction. otherwise, drive times are all in the green. this morning, the "empire" actor accused of staging his own hate crime is


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