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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  February 24, 2019 7:00am-8:00am PST

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k your doctor about jardiance today. good morning, america. deadly and powerful storm. >> oh my goodness. there it is. >> reported tornadoes tearing through the south, carving a path of destruction. >> all units take cover. all units take cover. >> tearing down buildings and trees, flooding neighborhoods with blizzard conditions in the midwest causing highway pileups. our team storm coverage this morning. amazon cargo plane crash. the jet with three people on board suddenly slamming into a texas bay. the 767's rapid dive into the water. >> looking for lost aircraft. >> the mystery surrounding the crash and the investigation into what went wrong. behind bars. r. kelly waking up in jail this morning. the singer trying to raise the money for his million dollar bond.
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the prosecutors' graphic descriptions involving kelly's alleged sexual assaults on minors as his lawyer speaks out on these charges. and oscar night. >> and the oscar goes to -- >> and the oscar goes to -- >> just hours away from hollywood's main event, we're behind the scenes with the stars. the opening performance -- ♪ we will, we will rock you >> the fashions and the pooch that stole the show at the spirit awards overnight. odybha you with us on this sunday. the oscars just a few hours away, and we have all the final preparations, a preview of what stars will be wearing on the red carpet and highlights from another awards show that might be able to predict tonight's winners. dangerous storms striking much
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of the country. the storm bringing blizzard conditions, dangerously high winds and tornados. >> more than 150 million americans feeling this storm. sam champion is standing by with your forecast, but let's start here with abc's marcus moore who is right there on the ground in hard-hit columbus, mississippi. marcus, good morning. >> reporter: dan, good morning. it's an astonishing scene here in columbus. those violent winds when they blew through on saturday, leveled this buildings and look at this. left just a couple of walls barely standing. >> oh my goodness, there it is. >> reporter: overnight, severe weather pounding the south. one possible tornado turning deadly in mississippi. a driver capturing this funnel cloud forming and spinning near columbus where that suspected tornado touched down. >> all units take cover. all units take cover. a tornado funnel reported. >> reporter: residents running into this store where they watched the strong winds and t. the lights suddenly going dark. >> we were just crouching down and just praying.
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>> reporter: abc news confirming this morning at least one person was killed here. the damage devastating. homes and businesses crumbled. debris everywhere. trees and power lines knocked over. more than 4,000 now without power. a massive tree falling right onto this vehicle. >> god is good. i'm glad to be alive. >> reporter: and over 100 miles away, another possible twister spotted bringing a lightning show with it. in tennessee, neighborhoods under water. a month's worth of rain in one day in knoxville. the torrential downpours prompting dozens of rescues. and in the midwest, the storm bringing blizzard conditions creating dangerous roadways. highways paralyzed, drivers stranded in nebraska. the roadway turning into a crash course with several cars piling up. and back here in mississippi, there were four people inside this building when it collapsed including a 41-year-old woman who sadly passed away from her injuries and the storm that did this was on the ground for a couple of miles at least
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according to authorities here and you see it knocked down this brick wall here, and as the sun comes up, crews with the national weather service will work to figure out the scale of the damage here, not only in columbus, but across this region, guys. >> that's really sad. marcus moore, thank you very much. let's get the forecast now as promised. sam champion is in for rob. sam, is the worst of this thing now over? >> the worst part, dan, when we look at, like, tornados and blizzards conditions, we're moving that out during the day today, but there is another component that comes in behind this storm that's going to be tough and that's the wind. let's talk about these records because that tornado you just saw was one of four reported yesterday. we had the blizzard warnings on the board at the same time. des moines comes in with the snowiest february ever because of this storm. knoxville and nashville come in with their wettest february ever because of this storm. now here's what's left on the board today. winter weather advisories, blizzard warnings still out, high wind alerts. we don't have time to go through all of them. watch this storm make its move. it takes snow to the great lakes
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and canada, the rain all along the east coast today. here's the tough part of the next 48 hours. it's the wind tonight around the great lakes and today up to 50, 60 miles per hour and tomorrow we move that wind into the east coast as well. so wind, because everything is saturated, guys, trees are going to go down, and we'll lose a lot of power. eva. >> thanks, sam. now the a tragedy in texas. an amazon cargo plane crashes just minutes away from its destination. >> officials say the plane disintegrated on impact and it's unlikely there were any survivors. abc's senior transportation correspondent david kerley is near the crash site where the debris field stretches three-quarters of a mile. david, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, whit. you can see the staging area behind me and beyond it, the bay where this large aircraft, the wide body 767 crashed. with light now, the investigation and search will resume, and at this point the fbi is involved in this investigation. the last moments of the wide body jet's flight caught by surveillance cameras.
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a dive into trinity bay with no mayday. a crash leaving wreckage scattered on the water. >> looking for lost aircraft. it's a heavy boeing 767. >> reporter: in a somewhat unusual but not unprecedented move, the fbi has joined the investigation into the why this 767 flying for amazon went down 30 miles short of the houston airport. the large jet had flown from miami and was descending from 34,000 feet, a routine radio call halfway down. but once reaching 6,000 feet, the jetliner starts a rapid dive slamming into the water of the bay. >> the aircraft was in what i would characterize as a normal descent and at around 6,300 feet, it began what i will characterize as a very, very rapid descent. >> reporter: small pieces of debris of the 26-year-old jet, nothing longer than 50 feet found on the water's surface. atlas air, one of two contractors flying for amazon, says there were three crew members on board.
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>> knowing what i saw, i don't believe anybody could survive it. >> reporter: overnight, amazon releasing a statement, our thoughts and prayers are with the flight crew, their families and friends along with the entire team at atlas air during this terrible tragedy. >> no mention of a mayday. 767 is a very reliable airplane. at this hour, it's a mystery as to why this airplane continued its descent all the way into this bay southeast of houston. >> reporter: witnesses tell authorities that the jet hit the water nose first. >> out of the corner of our eye, we seen the plane coming down at a 45-degree angle. >> reporter: this morning, the key question remaining as to why the aircraft plummeted. officials will now look to navigate the muddy marshland for answers. the big question this morning is why did this jetliner dive from 6,000 feet into the water in the bay you see behind me. of course, in these investigations the black boxes, the cockpit voice recorder and the flight data recorder will be very important. the good news here is that the water is fairly shallow and they
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should be able to get those boxes. guys? >> a lot of questions. david kerley, thank you. politics now and we are heading into a big week for president donald trump. another one. this morning, the north korean to vietnam for his second nuclear disarmament summit with president trump flanked by an honor guard as you can see here. kim left pyongyang, the capital city, by train for the two-day journey. later a similar train was spotted crossing a bridge into china. the two men are scheduled to meet on wednesday and thursday in hanoi. and, adding to the drama here, while the president is overseas on this high-stakes diplomatic mission, his former fixer, michael cohen, will be testifying publicly before congress on wednesday. as we head into what promises to be another colorful week in the era of trump, let's bring in our chief anchor, george stephanopoulos. >> colorful is one word for it. >> yes, yes. i'm trying to keep it generic. let's start with michael cohen. how much of a threat, if any, does he pose to the president with his public testimony? >> well, what do we know about michael cohen? we know that for many years michael cohen did donald trump's
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dirty deeds. he has at admitted that. we know he's going to jail for committing campaign finance felonies that he says he was directed to do by donald trump. if he says that in public on wednesday, that's a big deal. we also know he was working on that trump tower in moscow during the campaign and that he gave false testimony to congress about that, and he says he did that to align himself with the stories of president trump. those are two potentially damaging stories politically for the president. perhaps even more damaging is what could be happening behind the scenes. michael cohen is also testifying in private to the house and senate intelligence committees, perhaps giving over more information about what he did with president trump and we know as well that he is cooperating again with the southern district prosecutors in the southern district of new york on things having to do with the trump organization, including possible irregularities in insurance claims. all of that potential trouble for president trump. >> that is a separate probe. the southern district of new
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york, federal prosecutors, that's different from the mueller probe, but there is news overnight, and it has to do with another trump associate, his former campaign chairman, paul manafort. team mueller put out a sentencing memo overnight in which they are preparing the judge to sentence robert mueller -- sorry, paul manafort who they prosecuted on a series of charges and in this memo, they refer to manafort as a hardened criminal who repeatedly and brazenly flouted the law. are there implications here for donald trump? >> we don't know because even though this was an 800-page sentencing memo, perhaps most interesting is what isn't in the memo. it's heavily redacted and they left out all and any information that had to do with ongoing investigations or individuals who haven't yet been charged. they left out any information about why paul manafort told these lies, what he was doing with russians during the campaign. it's hard to know what that means yet for president trump. >> let's talk about "this week" again because there is going to be this incredible split screen moment. you've got cohen testifying in washington and the president is
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in vietnam meeting with the leader of north korea. as he goes into this second summit with kim jong-un, what are the stakes for the president? >> the big question is what can be achieved in the second summit. he came out of the first summit saying the nuclear threat is over, that they've agreed to do away with the nuclear weapons and we now know that that hasn't happened. in fact, his top intelligence officials say north korea has no intention of getting rid of its nuclear weapons but can they make progress short of that? continued moratorium on testing, and there is some concern that president trump may be looking for a quick victory here and may concede too much. his aides are a bit concerned about that, but the real -- i think the real import of this is the meeting itself, the fact that we're continuing to have some sort of dialogue with north korea, the idea that we'll get north korea getting rid of its nuclear weapons any time soon is fanciful. >> we've come a long way from fire and fury though.
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are you going to be able to fill your show this morning? >> i think so. >> let me tell everybody what's coming up. he's going to be speaking with the house intel committee chair adam schiff and andrew mccabe who is out with a new tell-all book. that's coming up on "this week" later this morning here on abc. george, thank you again. appreciate it. >> thanks, guys. now to the deepening crisis in venezuela. opposition leader juan guaido says he will meet with vice president pence and other regional diplomats on monday. >> guaido says he'll ask the community to keep all options open to oust opposition president nicolas maduro. abc's julia macfarlane has more. >> reporter: violence breaking out along venezuela's borders this weekend as protesters desperate for international aid clashed with blockades. tensions spilling over saturday when u.s.-backed opposition leader juan guaido's deadline to move stockpiles of food and medicine on the border expired. people injured on the colombian border as activists raced to save eight trucks that have been set on fire. look how it's burning, this woman said. the national guard firing tear
7:13 am
gas on protesters. only three out of eight trucks making it across. two of them incinerated. the brazilian government stationing troops along its border where clashes between brazilian and venezuelan soldiers left at least one person dead. demonstrators throwing projectiles at a venezuelan arymy base after two trucks were blocked. overnight, guaido announcing he will meet with vice president mike pence on monday, telling the venezuelan armed forces they owed no loyalty to a government who had food burned in front of starving people. the number of military defectors growing. on saturday colombian officials announcing 60 venezuelan troops crossed the border seeking refuge in colombia but most of the military still loyal to the government. this while massive crowds gathered in the capital in support of maduro saturday night surrounded by posters bearing the demands written in english, trump, hands off venezuela. i will never submit. i will never surrender, he said. meanwhile, secretary of state mike pompeo condemned the
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violence by maduro's thugs and said the u.s. was prepared to take action. president trump saying he had not ruled out on armed response. guys? >> julia macfarlane in london. now to robert kraft making his first public appearance since being charged with solicitation of prostitution. >> the patriots owner seen at a pre-oscar party in hollywood as we learn of more high-profile names in that florida sting operation. abc's zachary kiesch reports. >> mr. kraft, do you have a message to your fans? >> reporter: this morning, new pictures of new england patriots owner robert kraft leaving a pre-oscar party in california. tmz capturing the billionaire nfl owner ahead of a looming arrest warrant expected from authorities in florida. just a day earlier investigators saying they caught kraft on camera soliciting prostitution on two occasions at this day spa in jupiter. >> does the video contain mr. kraft inside receiving the alleged acts?
7:15 am
the answer to that is yes. >> reporter: police say they caught more than 300 men in the sting including billionaire equity owner john childs, and john delprete, the reported boyfriend of lpga star, jessica korda and former city agent john havens. the six-month investigation alleges owners of the spa brought women from china and sex workers. >> our concern in this investigation centers around our -- the possibility of victims of human trafficking. >> reporter: kraft saying through a spokesperson, we categorically deny that mr. kraft engaged in any illegal activity. the nfl says they are monitoring the situation and kraft faces possible punishment from the league even if he is found innocent. part of that personal conduct ryucry ksch,ha y. great to see you on a saturday morning. the oscars are almost here, and the focus is now firmly on the dolby theatr as the stars get ready to hit the red carpet for the 91st
7:16 am
academy awards ceremony. >> kayna whitworth is already there and joins us with a preview of the big night. good morning, kayna. >> reporter: eva and dan, good morning. so the hollywood stage is set. take a look at this red carpet. there is more than 16,000 square feet of red carpet. it took some 900 hours to install. so the stars will be making their way down this red carpet and they'll head up the stairs into the dolby theatre there for an academy awards this year that is just dripping in anticipation and curiosity. >> and the oscar goes to -- >> and the oscar goes to -- >> and the oscar goes to -- >> reporter: with just hours to go stars like serena williams, samuel l. jackson and brie larson as well as kacey musgraves taking the stage for rehearsal where they will be presenting tonight. but before those awards are handed out, the oscars will open with queen. ♪ so you think you can stop me and spit in my eye ♪ in the spotlight after the success of "bohemian rhapsody."
7:17 am
♪ we will, we will rock you but the show will be hostless for the first time in 30 years since rob lowe and snow white performed this opening number. ♪ keep the cameras rolling >> it's going to be fun to watch and we get to honor all these folks in the 24 categories. >> reporter: questions about the show's emcee sprouted after comedian kevin hart stepped down from the gig following backlash over old homophobic tweets that resurfaced late last year. >> the offer was made. it was received. i was excited. things happened. it didn't work out the way that it should have. >> reporter: the category for best picture remains wide open. potential firsts loom for the nominated films with netflix landing their first best picture nomination with "roma." it could be the first foreign language film to take home best picture and its star could be the first ever indigenous mexican woman to win best
7:18 am
actress in a leading role, a newbie to the hollywood scene. >> is this your king, huh? >> reporter: "black panther" already a big winner at the sag awards could be the first superhero film to win the title, and it's the seventh nomination for glenn close who could win her first oscar in her role in "the wife." >> if you are trolling for nuggets and bitterness, you'll find none here. ♪ and in the bad times >> reporter: and one of the most anticipated categories of the night, original song nominees lady gaga and bradley cooper will perform their hit "shallow" from "a star is born." ♪ tell me something, boy >> reporter: so it's amazing. this really is a year lady gaga who you just heard there could be the first to ever win best actress and best original song oscar in the same year. spike lee could be the first african-american to win the oscar for best director, and alfonso cuaron could be the first to win for best director
7:19 am
and best cinematography. that's for "roma," you guys. it's amazing that at the 91st academy awards, we could see so many firsts. >> it's still incredible every year. thank you so much, kayna. are you guys going to be watching tonight? >> i am. i'm looking forward to the musical performances. this year is a little bit different than others. >> you are watching, right? >> i look forward to being in sweatpants with pizza crumbs all over myself. >> exactly. >> we wouldn't let you wear sweatpants this morning. >> you almost started the newscast yesterday with that same outfit. let people know. >> i didn't mean for that to go public. did i use my outside voice for that? by the way, you can catch the action leading up to the big show on our oscars countdown live from the red carpet starting at 1:00 p.m. eastern. abc's t.j. holmes, janai norman and chris connelly will have interviews with the nominees, a look at what the stars were doing before they got famous, and a deep dive into the history of "a star is born." and you can watch the oscars live at 8:00 eastern right here on abc. time now for the weather.
7:20 am
let's get it back to the wonderfully dressed sam champion. no sweatpants for that guy. >> whit took my line. that's the way you were yesterday and this morning. sweatpants and pizza crumbs. let's get to the boards. we have a lot the talk about. we'll show you pictures out of rochester quickly because it's not often that you have blizzard warnings and tornado warnings on the board on the same day. this is what it looked like in rochester, about 10 inches of snow, and 45-mile-per-hour winds and we're pulling those blizzard warnings out, the moisture is going out as well. what comes in behind it is a whole different ball game for the next couple of days. let's look at the lake-effect snow and the strong winds. 50 to 70 mile-per-hour winds in the great lakes and into the new england area. that takes over tonight. watch the storm move and when those winds come in, the windchill goes down as well. monday morning windchill, 17 degree good sunday morning. i'm lisa argen waking up to clouds, but a dry day in the bay area, slightly milder. we'll look for the rain to arri much in the north bay all day to
7:21 am
late. then we're looking at a rainy monday night into tuesday. highs today underneath the clouds in the low to mid-50s from san francisco to the north bay. 57 in san jo and the accuweather fo featuring the rain beginning north on monday and then heavier rain midweek. next weather, we concentrate on the west coast. something. >> in dan's against, he had tapered leg sweatpants on yesterday. >> in his defense? >> they were kind of stylish. >> you'll be hearing from my attorneys. >> move along before pete gets really mad at us. >> our control rooms are saying, hurry up. prince harry and the duchess of sussex got a royal welcome in morocco's capital as they enjoyed their last scheduled international trip before she gives birth to their first child. this after meghan made that surprise trip to new york for the baby shower. she is due in april, and the two plan to return to britain on tuesday. all right. coming up here on "gma," singer r. kelly being held on $1 million bond.
7:22 am
what the embattled r&b star's attorney is saying about the sex abuse charges kelly is facing. and more on the academy awards. the stars gathering overnight for the annual independent spirit awards. the night's winners and what it could mean for tonight's oscars. also focusing on oscars fashion. celebrity stylist joe zee clues us in on the trends we can expect to see on the red carpet and the biggest stars to watch. we'll be right back. >> i'll be doing that segment, right? "good morning america" is sponsored by ancestry. unlock your past. inspire your future. inspire your future. dear great-great-grandfather, you turned a family recipe into a brewing empire before prohibition took it all away. i promised our family i'd find your lost recipe. by tracing our history on ancestry, i found the one person who still had it. now, i'm brewing our legacy back to life. i'm david thieme, and this is my ancestry story. now with 100 million family trees, find your story. get started for free at
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linkedin was the matchmaker. working in communications services, i can be a voice for those who want to push past their limits. i'm in it to connect people. good morning, everyone. i'm chris nguyen. negotiations to end the teachers strike in oakland will begin today. teachers began striking on thursday, demanding higher pay and smaller class sizes. they're asking for a 12% pay hike. the district is offering 8.5%. another issue being brought up
7:28 am
in the talks is school closures. the union is preparing for the strike to last through the week. let's get a check of the weather now with meteorologist lisa argen. hi, lisa. hi, chris! waking up to clouds and milder temperatures. the view of the golden gate bridge. 48 degrees in the city, 40 at morgan hill and looking at santa cruz, nice shot here, 46 for you, and also looking at numbers in the upper 40s in concord. so, we're going to see highs today in the mid-50s in fremont, 57 in san jose. rain arrives tonight and it could be heavy through wednesday. >> thanks so much for joining us. the news continues right now with "good morning america." we'll see you in about 30 minutes.
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and welcome back to "gma." parts of the american south waking up to a weather disaster this morning. deadly storms sweeping through including four reported tornadoes. one of which hit the commercial district in columbus, mississippi. >> and this video. one by one, eight university of mississippi basketball players kneeled during the national anthem before their victory over georgia. their act of protest was in response to a pro-confederacy demonstration that took just a few hundred feet from the ole miss arena. and the countdown is on for the 91st academy awards in los angeles. it's a host-free event this time around with celebs like charlize theron, daniel craig and serena williams sharing the presentation duties. the black and white art
7:31 am
film "roma" is a critics' favorite for best picture, but there seem to be no clear front runnerth sam has been making a lot of predictions but nothing clear as far as the critics. >> predicting without having watched any. >> he's going with "ralph breaks the internet". >> that's not going to win? >> never know. >> i watched that movie with my son. it's a good one. >> i did too. >> much more coming up, but we have to get serious as we start this half hour with r. kelly spending the night behind bars. the judge setting the r&b singer's bond at a million dollars in his sex abuse case and abc's linsey davis was in chicago for the hearing and she is with us now here in studio this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, dan. currently unable to come up with the $100,000 to get out of jail, r. kelly is waking up in a jail cell again this morning, removed from the general population for his own protection. r. kelly behind bars this morning. a chicago judge calling the allegations against the once
7:32 am
acclaimed r&b singer disturbing, setting bond at $1 million. r. kelly's attorney telling the judge that kelly's finances are a mess and he currently has no income. friday night, kelly emerged from his recording studio in chicago to turn himself in, hounded by a mob of reporters. >> what do you want to say to your fans? >> reporter: kelly seen here in handcuffs charged with ten counts of aggravated criminal sexual assault involving four victims, three of whom authorities say were between the ages of 13 and 17. the alleged incidents occurring between 1998 and 2010. cook county prosecutor kim foxx described r. kelly's interactions with each alleged victim in graphic detail. >> the victim told robert kelly how old she was and he invited her to his house. allegaorter: r. kelly'ercely rue reason to believe these allegations are credible and we'll start fighting the charges. >> reporter: kelly appearing before a judge expressionless as
7:33 am
of an incriminating sex tape that allegedly features the singer along with dna evidence in another case. kelly now forced to surrender his passport and not have any contact with the alleged victims or anyone 18 years old or younger. inside the courtroom, kelly's two current girlfriends who their parents both describe as being controlled by kelly. azriel's parents sat just feet away from their daughter unable to get her to acknowledge them. >> any reaction from the clarys as far as seeing their daughter in the courtroom today and attempting to contact her? >> it's an emotional moment for them. they brought those young ladies here today for the cameras. they brought them here in an effort to send the message that all is well with robert kelly and there is nothing untoward about his conduct. >> reporter: and just to put this all in perspective, r. kelly has sold more than 60 million albums and written songs for the likes of michael jackson and whitney houston. while he has made millions, he
7:34 am
has allegedly spent millions not only on lavish living but in legal fees and paying multiple settlements. he had lost his chicago home to foreclosure, and was evicted from two atlanta homes and currently owes more than $160,000 in back child support. >> it seems like there could be more to come with this, right? >> more to come because multiple agents agencies are investigating him. >> you're heading back to chicago tonight? >> back to chicago tonight. >> thanks. >> appreciate it. let's turn to weather. it's been a wild weather weekend with sam champion. it's crazy. is it over? has it calmed down? >> we're working itself out on the east coast and strong winds behind it for the next 24, 48 hours, but let's get to the west coast because we have a lot to show you. i want to show you how fun a little snow can be in joshua tree because why not? in my mind there's a pick-up truck towing him but it might be a sports suv. i don't know what that is. this has been such a wet month, so a month ago 92% of the state of california was in drought. now we're at about 33%.
7:35 am
that's how many storms have moved through, and over the next couple of days we've got at least three that move across the coastline, but these are smaller storms. they give less moisture, and now strong winds. we're going to deliver some snow. look at the snow and the rain that comes in. so locally we have 3 to 6 inches of rain around san francisco and good sunday morning. i'm lisa argen. with the cloud cover, we are milder this morning. along the coast low 40s, mid-40s around the bay. and looking at more 40s inland. the accuweather seven-day forecast, rain tomorrow. and all that weather was brought to you by target or tarjay. >> tarjay. and all that weather was brought to you by target or tarjay. >> tarjay. >> tarjay. >> there is nothing like a friday night in target. >> that's where i get my sweatpants. >> the tapered ones. >> which you are now proudly rocking before every show. >> i have a real suit on this morning. that's because i was forced to. >> no drawstring this morning. coming up here on "good morning america," honoring
7:36 am
independent films at the spirit awards. the big winners overnight and what this could mean for the oscars. and the awards no one wants to win. we're talking about the razzies. who took home the dishonors? that's coming up in "pop news" with adrienne bankert. >> i always like these movies. why is that? why is that? why is that? ♪ all the ways, all the ways ♪ ♪ tell me all the ways ♪ and he said ♪ ♪ girl, you take care of me ♪ ♪ you are my thera♪y ♪ the better half of me ♪ say it again ♪ ♪ if you love me, love me, love me ♪ like you say ♪ ♪ darling tell me all the ways ♪ tell me all the ways ♪ now, we're bringing you all the ways to get what you need. target run & done. [birds chirping]
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7:40 am
and welcome back to "gma." compared to the oscars, the atmosphere at the indie spirit awards is you could say, a bit more laid back. >> yes, yes, but the competition is still pretty fierce and some results may foretell who will take home the statues tonight. abc's chris connelly is in los angeles. chris, good morning. you look great with that staircase behind you. >> reporter: good morning, guys. yes. i feel great too, and that staircase is about to look like a freeway rush hour filled with glitz and glamor. in fact, diamonds will be worn on this red carpet that are worth more than the budgets of some of the movies honored at the film independent spirit awards on saturday. it's often seen as a harbinger of the oscars. if that's true, we might have a big surprise coming in best supporting actor. on a beach in santa monica, 45 minutes away from oscar's dolby theater, the vibe is different
7:41 am
at the independent spirit awards, often a predictor for what's to come oscar night. >> what's fun about this one? >> i'm here with my dog. that's fun. >> do you want me to die in here? >> reporter: no overlap with the spirits best feature nominations and oscars, but the difference? in best director, the oscars went for five guys. not here. >> three women directors are being recognized. >> reporter: such directors as "private life's" jenkins got spirit nominated work from thomason mckenzie. >> we didn't need to be rescued. >> it was her idea for me not use my phone and kind of cut off social media. >> reporter: and the show itself, "parks and >> the network's first choice to host was no one, but they are already booked for tomorrow. >> reporter: despite all the academy jokes, three of four awards went to actors currently nominated for oscars. a sign of things to come? >> the independent spirit awards
7:42 am
goes to richard e. grant. >> reporter: regina king from "if beale street could talk" still on a winner's roll. >> i am up here representing us. "if beale street could talk," this beautiful piece of art. >> reporter: the film winning best feature and best director for barry jenkins. >> women make up 4% of studio directors and yet 44% of competition at sundance. i cannot make a movie about women without women's voices at the forefront. >> reporter: and for best female lead in "the wife." >> don't you dare. >> glenn close. [ applause ] >> reporter: with pippy on stage with her and stealing the show. >> what's better that that? >> reporter: best male lead went to ethan hawke and that's nominated for a screen nomination here tonight. guys? >> love the dog. >> that's all they could focus >> running across the stage. >> i was looking at her lovely pink suit as well. it was sparkly.
7:43 am
>> if she can accept an award with a dog, why can't i wear sweatpants? >> here we go. >> you could have totally done it. >> a bigger discussion than this few seconds that we have. >> fair enough. >> yeah. >> i'll let it go. coming up on "good morning america," fashion forward at the oscars and we're not talking tapered sweatpants. a look at who could rule the red carpet. a look at who could rule the red carpet. tapered sweatpants. a look at who could rule the red carp. y body of proof. woman 1: proof of less joint pain... woman 2: ...and clearer skin. woman 3: this is my body of proof. man 2: proof that i can fight psoriatic arthritis... woman 4: ...with humira. woman 5: humira targets and blocks a specific source of inflammation that contributes to bt d skin symptoms. it's proven to help relieve pain, stop further irreversible joint damage, and clear skin in many adults. humira is the #1 prescribed biologic for psoriatic arthritis. avo: humira can lower your ability to fight infections. serious and sometimes fatal infections, including tuberculosis,
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7:47 am
attention on the red carpet. joining us with what to expect tonight is celebrity stylist joe zee. thank you for being with us. let's get right to it. what do you expect to see on the red carpet this year? >> i think we're going to see lady gaga. she's in a class of her own and she has been changing the game on the red carpet in terms of what she has been wearing and raising the stakes. we'll see in terms of trends, we'll see a lot of volume. it's what we have seen on the runways lately. we'll see that again, and we have seen it at the previous awards show, and even embellishment. the oscars are really about the final a-game. it's the super bowl of fashion when it comes to red carpet gowns. >> when you talk about trends, what trends should we expect? these trends sort of set how all the rest of us dress at fancy events for the year. >> that's true. it's true. we saw a lot of volume. it's been fashion week happening right now. it's still going on in paris, and a lot of volume. a lot more fuller looks. we have seen gaga wearing it,
7:48 am
but even ladies like thandie newton wearing it and of course, embellishment. you will see that a lot this season, and we'll see it in gold and silver and multiple crystals. >> you mentioned lady gaga. who are some of the other stars we should keep our eyes on as they come down the red carpet? >> reporter: regina king has been a favorite to win, but she's also been a favorite for us fashion folks. she has looked dynamite on every single carpet. i feel like she's one to watch for sure. i love the ladies from "the favorite." olivia colman, emma stone and nicole kidman is a style icon. she never really does anything wrong. >> joe zee. thank you so much for all of that information. coming up on "good morning america," the pricey gifts in the swag bag for those oscar nominees. that's ahead. adrienne has it for us in "pop news." news." ws." i'm a close talker. so i was excited about all-new colgate total. its breakthrough formula does more... wonderful. sensitivity, strengthens teeth...
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visit to volunteer in your community. time now for the oscars' edition of "pop news." adrienne, take it away because i want to eat the popcorn. >> i love we have popcorn for "pop news," but again, everybody is checking out the oscars. >> mm-hmm. >> no matter they win or lose, the nominees will be bringing home some of this inside of their amazing swag bag. distinctive assets which is an independent company not affiliated by the academy provided these to the top talent in addition to health and beauty products. they have these amazing candles candles that we have been sniffing on. so yummy. tasty food, chocolates over here, vacations to california, greece along with personal training sessions, spa experiences. each gift bag is valued at more than six figures. pcorn. >> spilling all over himself. a preview of what he'll be doing with his sweatpants. >> he'll be watching the oscars with his lovely wife in sweat pants.
7:54 am
>> this morning is not going well. >> speaking of fashion when it comes to the oscar looks, it may not be who you wear, but what color. the fashion brand accessorize analyzed over 40 years of styles the best actress nominees wore to the oscars. it turns out the luckiest is gold, which emma stone wore when she won for "la la land." 43% of best actress nominees who wore gold took home the oscar. the unluckiest color is green like kate winslet wore in 1998. again, that was 1998. she won an oscar ten years later wearing silver. apparently metallic is a good thing. everything shiny. >> that movie "the favorite" was really good and emma stone is really great in it. is she nominated? i can't even remember. go, emma. >> without the oscars, you wouldn't have the razzies, which honors less spectacular -- >> whit's favorite movies. >> exactly. >> watch. >> binge watch classics. >> the movie "holmes & watson" is the big winner if you want to call it that. taking home prizes for worst
7:55 am
picture, worst -- >> i have not seen this one, but i mean, come on. >> worst supporting actor for john c. reilly, and melissa mccarthy was named worst actress for "life of the party," and "the happy time murders," which she's also nominated for best actress at the oscars for "can you ever forgive me." she is on both end of the spectrum. >> showing range. >> we all do. we all have some range. finally. everyone wants to do their own cover of "shallow" from "a star is born." yesterday it was nick jonas, and today it's kate hudson belting out the song while doing pilates. ♪ watch as i dive in >> who knew? >> she sounds amazing. >> she does. >> keep your tail down. >> i'm pulling my hamstring just watching this. >> and she's doing it. focus, honey. concentrate. you have to have the right form here. >> i never knew what pilates was. that looks like torture.
7:56 am
>> it's the reformer, right? one reminder, you know, we have got a lot of action for you, right? >> you can catch the big oscar countdown show live from the red carpet starting at 1:00 eastern. >> and you can watch the show itself live at 8:00 eastern. thank you for watching this morning. have a great sunday. >> enjoy. bye. bye. watching this morning. have a great sunday. >> enjoy. bye. good morning, everyone. i'm chris nguyen. the city of san francisco wants to help neighbors who live near music venues by soundproofing them. according to "the examiner," a new program called the music venue sound mitigation assistance program would offer grants of up to $25,000. the money would go to bars, restaurants, and concert halls to soundproof their
7:57 am
establishments. the program is scheduled to start later this year with an initial $150,000 to hand out. happening today, dresses worn by iconic actresses at the oscars will be on display at a theater in contra costa county. the orinda theater is holding an oscar party this afternoon. costumes and personal wardrobe items belonging to elizabeth taylor, audrey hepburn, marilyn monroe and grace kelly will be on display. the party starts at 4:00 and tickets are still available at $50 a person. you can only watch the oscars here on abc7. our coverage on the red carpet begins at 1:30. turning to weather now and the bay area forecast with meteorologist lisa argen. hi, lisa. hi, chris. good morning to you. we've got a dry day today and san francisco cloudy skies. 45 in mountain view, 46 in san jose and we're looking at another cloudy view with a few peeks of sun in the south bay. 44 by the delta, 43 in santa reza. certainly milder this morning with the cloud cover. nine degre with six degrees warmer this
7:58 am
morning in san jose. so, underneath a mostly cloudy sky today, look for 53 in san francisco, 55 in richmond, upper 50s san jose, 58 in morgan hill. then the rain arrives early tomorrow in the north bay. the accuweather seven-day forecast keeps the rain in the north bay for the bulk of the day on monday. then it shifts south overnight. the rain and wind increase to flash flood watches for marin, sonoma, and napa tuesday and wednesday. we have a two on our storm impact scale. and still looking at scattered showers into ♪ [baby crib musical mobile]
7:59 am
millions are still exposed to the dangers of secondhand smoke. and some of them can't do anything about it. but you can. protect your family. visit i went on linkedin, i connected with someone, and they introduced me to my boss. there are people that are willing to help, and once you connect with those people, you can write your own narrative.
8:00 am
and once you connect with those people, >> announcer: "this week" with george stephanopoulos starts right now. countdown to cohen. >> michael cohen's testimony? >> no, no. >> president trump's former fixer set to pull back the curtain on his time with trump before three committees in congress. cohen says he'll tell the truth about trump after years of lies. he's cooperating again with prosecutors in new york. will this new testimony pose a threat to president trump even after robert mueller completes his investigation? that and more with house intelligence chair adam schiff, our legal experts dan abrams and alan dershowitz and andrew mccabe whose new tell all is drawing fire from trump. and -- >> there has been no nuclear testing, no missiles, no rockets. >> a second summit with north korea just days away, but no signs yet that north korea is ready to give up its nuclear arsenal.
8:01 am
will a second meeting with kim jong-un bring real progres


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