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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  April 4, 2019 6:00pm-6:59pm PDT

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gun pointed at him and going after the youthful carjacker who police later identified as being only 14 years old. 72-year-old hector estrada, a retired plumber and long time little league coach was unloading sodas from the back of his car when a teenager confronted hip, demanding the keys. >> i said no way. i'm not going to give you. he showed me his gun and stuff like that. i said i don't care if you have a gun. i'm not going give you my keys. so he reach and grabbed them. >> home security video shows what happened next. >> he jumped in the car and i reached in and tried to pull him back. but he punched me and broke my glasses. and that's how i got all these cuts right here. and then i couldn't -- i started bleeding, so i couldn't see anymore. i just went around the car. i said you're on camera, and i pointed up there at the camera, and he says i don't care. and then he says i got a gun. and i said i don't care. so grabbed.
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>> estrada says he is not sure why he was so brave, but said he would do it again. police a shoe away after he ran a red light and crashed into another vehicle. police said he was only 14. he was taken to juvenile hall. >> i just hate to see him because he is under 18 or whatever, let him go with a spanking or something like that. he might do it again. >> the estradas and other neighbors bought their homes 46 years ago and always felt safe until recently when cars were stolen and strangers appear to be casing their street. now they're feeling vulnerable and putting up security cameras. >> how can a young boy be so like that, so aggressive, so mean to an elder person, you know? >> you did see that mr. estrada suffered some minor injuries to his face. he did not require any stitches. he even said he refused to go to the hospital for treatment. the 14-year-old suspect has been booked for assault with a deadly weapon, carjacking, robbery, and elder abuse. in san jose, david louie, abc7 news.
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>> all right, thank you, david. >>that infuriating to watch. tonight the abc7 news i-team digs into the backgrounds of the new bosses at pg&e one day after the utility announced a new ceo and ten new directors for its board. >> i-team reporter dan noyes is here with the latest. dan? >> ama and dan, pg&e declined my request to interview the incoming ceo bill johnson today, or to reveal how much he'll make in his new job. but we've been combing the archives and talking industry experts what to expect. >> long time grateful dead listener. >> life has been good for bill johnson, the man nominated to lead pg&e out of bankruptcy. he raked in $8.1 million last year of ceo of the tennessee valley authority, a federally owned electricity corporation, making johnson the highest paid federal employee. in an interview with boston consulting group, he described his management style as laid back with keen focus. >> so i'm not going get too excited with good news. i'm not going get too down with
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bad news. i'm going to be pretty laid back. >> just last year johnson called for his resignation after pg&e bought a pair of $10 million corporate jets and a $7 million luxury helicopter once owned by dallas cowboys owner jerry jones for executives to use. in the announcement yesterday naming johnson as ceo, pg&e said he is the right leader as we work to strengthen our safety culture and navigate a complex and challenging period in our company's history. not an opinion shared by everyone in the industry. >> it's a very important job, and it seems like there are better candidates out to do it. >> nuclear safety advocate tells me when johnson took over at north carolina's progress energy, its five reactors were top rated by the nuclear regulatory commission. within a year of johnson arriving, the safety ratings fell. when he left, the ratings got better, and reactor safety decline after he arrived at his new job, the tennessee valley authority. >> so it seems like the opposite of the midas touch under his
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tutelage react safety performance drops. >> he says one big issue was slashing the maintenance program for the reactors. clean energy advocate adam browning is concerned under johnson, the tva relied heavily on coal and very little on wind and solar. >> he doesn't have a good record on renewable energy. >> it's california state law that we move to 100% renewable energy by the year 2045. >> what we've seen at his previous stops is really just an old school utility really heavily dependent on coal and fracked gas. we're trying to build the utility of the future. he's got a resume very much rooted in the past. >> whatever they propose is not a done deal, and pg&e should expect some real scrutiny about their picks. >> former cpu member katherine sandoval echoes concerns about johnson and the new board members proposed by pg&e. half of the ten nominees come from east coast investment firms. >> we need to see a commitment not just to pg&e's financial bottom line, but to the bottom
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line of the safety of californians. >> shareholders will get to vote on the new board and the ceo at the annual meeting coming up on may 21st. pg&e tells me johnson's pay will be covered by shareholders and not rate payer, and that half of his incentive compensation will be tied to safety performance. clearly a very important issue as wildfire season comes up. >> definitely. all right. thank you, dan. abc7 news is committed to building a better bay area. we don't shy away from the tough topics, and we look for solutions for you. alameda residents are about to decide on a proposed homeless center that some say just doesn't belong. it would be the biggest in the east bay, and the vote takes place this tuesday. let's go to abc7 news reporter leslie brinkley who is there live with more on the story. leslie? >> hi there, dan. i'm standing in one of 11 buildings here on this piece of property in alameda. it used to be a housing for the merchant marines, then the u.s. government, the u.s. department of agriculture used it as a test
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lab. and now the federal government's given their okay to alameda to turn all of this into senior homeless housing, specifically for medically frail seniors, including those who are coming off things like dialysis and chemo. >> this space would be housing for homeless seniors. wonder we divide it up into three units. it would have a bed, a small kitchenette and a bathroom. >> assisted living for the homeless in hospice care across from crab cove visitor center in this popular beach in alameda. >> we are afraid that the homeless facility would be up concerned about the safety and the crime. >> we have to protect our hood. >> this woman
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it, that she dressed up like a crab to promote measure b. friends of crab cove hope a yes vote will declare the land open space and block development. also on the ballot in tuesday's special election, a yes on measure a, which would okay the homeless wellness center. >> the fear is that it will attract homeless encampments nearby. how do you address this? >> there is always a difference between the fear and the facts. and we've got a lot of data to show that folks that are being discharged from medical respite don't stay in the community. they go back to their communities of origin. >> to me it's an issue of values. do we take care of our most vulnerable. >> the city councilman and the mayor weighed in. >> every community in our state bar none has a problem with homelessness, and we all have to do something about it. we can't keep saying can't we just send them to oakland? >> there are signs up as you drive around alameda everywhere saying vote yes for measure a or
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vote yes for measure b. we have yet to see this is going to become rezoned as open space, ofuture all of these buildings that already exist are converted into being a homeless wellness center. we'll find out what happens on tuesday. in alameda, i'm leslie brinkley, abc7 news. >> it's going to be very interesting, leslie. thank you. we invite you to share your ideas and see what your neighbors think by joining our better bay area facebook group. the small east bay city of piedmont may soon be without any gas stations. the shell at wildwood and grand is up for sell, and the valero station on grand avenue is closing this month. more from eric thomas who is live in piedmont. eric? >> and ama, those of us who work in san francisco already complain about how hard it is to find a gas station open in downtown san francisco. well, you see this valero behind me? the garage doors are closed. for today it's the end of the business day. but soon they could be closed permanently.
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>> there are so few services in piedmont and that is an essential one. >> simon ho has built a close relationship with customer over the ten years he owned this station. >> pretty steady and loyal. >> but that loyalty can't overcome the economic realities that are forcing him to shut down by the end of april. first problem, monthly rent that he says is about to more than double. >> went up from 8,000 to almost $18,000. and that's 110%. there is no way i can be able to afford it. >> we tried to reach simon's landlord but haven't received a call back. simon says he was told a higher figure is more in tune with market rates. still, the profit margin of selling gas is slkeepgsafloat. third, business is down 10% because of the advent of hybrid and electric go green, which is nice, i don't have any problem with that. >> the only other station in piedmont is this shell, that
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owner jeff hansen is considering selling, both because of high mi mileage cars and the state requires him to dig up his underground tanks and replace them by 2025. >> people who have gotten it down have paid between $500,000 and $600,000. >> gas stations close quickly because of the economy. alameda county had an estimated 338 stations in 2010. that dropped to 310 in 2014 and clawed back to 378 by 2017. contrast that with san francisco with 103 stations in 2010, 79 by 2014, and 93 by 2017. what those figures don't show is the loyalty a good mechanic can generate. even the piedmont police take their cars here and plan on following simon when he moves. in fact, captain crismon han told me that all 12 police vehicles and two trailers get serviced right across the street there at valero.
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they're less than a block apart, but later this month, simon is going to move to 14th and macarthur in oakland, and that's where they're going to have to go to get their cars serviced. in piedmont, eric thomas, abc7 news. >> thank you. it's been almost 18 months since the north bay wildfires, some of the most destructive fires in our state history. >> 44 people died. hundreds of others narrowly escape aid live, including residents of a senior living facility. tonight for the first time, a care provider at that facility talks with the abc7 news i-team. i'm meteorologist sandhya patel. we've had a few showers today. and on mount tam cam, we're starting to see it again. we'll let you know when the widespread rain arrives. hour-by-hour timeline coming up. san francisco still has no plan to deaonge inhe downt michael finney s michael finney s a ride r
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with practically just your signature, you can get a 2019 volkswagen jetta for zero down, zero deposit, zero first month's payment, and zero due at signing. is ride share realities week on abc7 because we are committed to building a better bay area. >> we're spending a lot of time looking at the impact of companies like uber and lyft, and it is getting noticed. >> san francisco supervisor aaron peskin quote d californiaa puc has been an abject failure at managing the rideshare industry just like their management of pg&e. >> and he included a link to for a story we aired yesterday where we dug into the rules for rideshare drivers and passengers. under california law, cities and counties regulate taxis, but the
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state regulates rideshare companies. >> on public streets and around public venue, plans on how to handle rideshae are a hot topic. >> michael finney continue ours week-long look at rideshare realities with that story tonight. >> the cultural disruption of uber and lyft is well documented. you guys have been talking about it all week, night after night. so we wondered what will be done to the stem any disruption to traffic that may be caused by those two services. months before the chase center will be open as the new home of the golden state warriors, in weeks before the salesforce transit center is tentatively reschedu scheduled to reopen, this what traffic is already like in one of the busiest areas of the city with plenty of uber and lyft cars streaming by. what will happen when commutes return to the transit center, and sellout crowds descend on chase? while only one mile away, giants fans rock oracle.
6:16 pm
paul rose is with the san francisco metropolitan transportation authority. >> we do know that a lot of people are going to be traveling around the areas of the transit center and chase center. around the transit center, in the downtown area we know there is a lot of congestion. >> knowing is one thing. finding a solution takes time. >> we should have plan developed by the end of this year, early next year. >> that will mean no plan is in place before the transit center's anticipate red opening june. in cities worldwide, ride hailing services have gotten ahead of cities. susan shaheen is with the institute of transportation studies at uc berkeley. >> in responding to it, cities are getting better and better at responding to it. but in terms of planning for it, i don't think they were planning for it. >> to get a taste of what to expect, i caught a lyft and got in at about 6:50. and then headed towards the chase center. we allowed ourselves 40 minutes to go two and a half miles for what theoretically would be a
6:17 pm
7:30 warrior game. it took ten minutes to go the first 8/10 of a mile. it didn't get much quicker after that. by the time we hit the lefty o'doul bridge, the chase center is nearing our sights. it's now 15 minutes before the game. now remember, we're just in normal commute time traffic. there is no giants game or any other major event in the area. the driver picks up speed. we finally arrive, ten minutes before tip-off. well, the ride was comfortable, and the driver certainly knew what he was doing. he drove safely. but that two and a half miles, it wasn't quick. it took 31 minutes. >> a new metro stop is being built in front of the chase center. muni plans to have multiple rail cars on the platform, waiting for fans to leave the arena. the city is also working with the warriors to develop a transit plan. the warriors tell us it agrees with the city that limited curb space should be used as
6:18 pm
efficiently as possible. one city report calls for an offsite parking lot for ridesharing services to stage. but no plan is finalized at this time. the plan for the transit center is part of a citywide plan to better manage curbside space. while there, we saw one ride-hailing driver use a crosswalk to pick up passengers. >> we can't build more curb space, but we can use it better and we can use it in a more safe man sorry that things like tncs can operate safely on the streets. >> tnc is another name for ride hailing service. at levi's stadium, the 49ers restrict pickups and drop-offs to parking lot 7 a mile away. the team believes the ride share program works best when they are located on the outskirts of the stadium to minimize the impact on traffic. shaheen of uc berkeley points to paris as a model. in that city she says you can only pick up an uber or lyft in a designated spot.
6:19 pm
>> so if people are able to walk to a pickup location, that could aid in terms of efficiency with respect to pickup and drop-off. >>that would lighten traffic, but it would also mean less convenience for passengers. at san francisco international airport, ground transportation vehicles make up more than four out of ten cars. out of that, 80% are uber and lyft vehicles. for the first time, uberx and lyft customers can get picked up from the airport on the roof of the domestic garage. in a few months, the airport says traffic around the terminals has been reduced by more than 20%. >> our goal really is to be able to divert about a third of all pickup activity into the garage. >> architects are also trying to do their part. this 750,000-square-foot, $650 million project in burlingame, which facebook will lease, includes specific drop-off
6:20 pm
locations in the center for ride-hailing services. another project by gensler in los angeles has room for ride hailing services to pull into the building on the ground floor. the same area can be repurposed into office space should the needs of the tenants change or the use of cars decrease as some ae predicting. this same concept is likely to be adapted for buildings in the bay area as well. >> so we have larger lobbies, larger spaces in front of the building in places where cars can pull over and get out of traffic so that they can pick up d opin pasnger tics also something the city is trying. ride hailing services are currently prohibited from picking up and dropping off passengers in areas designated for taxis only, including certain areas of market street. ultimately, the answer may be to get people out of their private cars. >> the best way to alleviate congestion in san francisco is to put more people on transit.
6:21 pm
and the only way to do that is to make transit more attractive for people who need it. >> now i'll stay on top of this and let you know when the city releases its new traffic plan for uber and lyft that is going to lodge some conversations. >> it sure is. great report there. thank you. >> we are covering the rideshare industry from all angles. it's all on our website, we're also taking your questions. scroll down to find the form. spring storms are not done yet. here is a live look outside from the roof
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rain, rain, here to stay it seems like. >> or maybe not. sandhya patel is here with the latest. >> let's take a look at live doppler 7 right now. hang on to the umbrellas, because we're just not completely done yet. live doppler 7 is tracking a few showers, as we get you into street level radar here. on the peninsula seeing light rain moody lane, mountain view. sunnyvale, palo alto. also seeing some showers in the east bay from fremont across 880, mill creek road. this is street level radar, mission road. we've had under .2 of rain so far across areas where we've seen the scattered showers today. i'm going to show you a wider perspective because we are tracking a storm that is going to come in tomorrow, and that is going to make for a wet and windy friday. so what about the big giants
6:25 pm
home opener tomorrow? take a look at the forecast. there will be widespread rain before that game takes place against the tampa bay rays. but as the game gets under way, we're going to start to see the rain switch over to showers. temperatures will be in the upper 50s at 11:00 a.m. when those gates open. make sure you have your ponchos. you will notice still some showers at the 59 degrees at 1:00 p.m. and we'll go with sun showers, clouds mix for the rest of the day. so there could be some rain delays. but right now the timing looks like it will be out of here as far as the widespread moderate rainfall before the game really gets under way. here is a beautiful view from oracle park in san francisco. now wouldn't bit nice if it was dry like that tomorrow? temperatures in the 50s. 60s right now. here is live picture from our san jose camera, looking at the sun shining. take advantage of those short break that we're having now. tonight, tomorrow, we have a light level 1 system. spotty showers tonight, turning to moderate rain tomorrow and gusty winds 30 to 40 miles per hour. 10:00 p.m. tonight you will see a few showers around.
6:26 pm
same thing for your 5:00 a.m. commute time. it's going to be a lot like today in the morning hours. 7:30, some wet roadways you will notice. so as you're getting ready to head off to work or take your kids off to school, be prepared for slow going traffic. heavy to moderate rain in the north bay. it's widespread at noon tomorrow before we start to see it switching over to scattered showers 3:00 p.m. in the afternoon. and not as widespread for the evening commute going into friday night. in terms of rainfall totals, here's what you're looking at, from .05 to half an inch. morning temp, 40s, 50s. afternoon will be scattered showers, 50, 60s in the accuweather seven-day forecast will feature light level 1 system through saturday. dry sunday and warmer. >> not bad. thanks, sandhya, very much. coming up next, an abc7 news i-team choose. you'll hear from a care provider who was at a santa rosa senior care facility the night the north bay wildfires sparked. about what she says it took to
6:27 pm
escape those deadly flames. >> i'm luz pena in san francisco where an undocumented mother talks about the painful journey her 1-year-old
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live where you live, this is abc7 news. >> two months ago, this mother and baby reunited at sfo after being separated because of immigration issues. tonight we follow up to see how they're doing. that mother and baby from honduras, and the family claimed asylum at the u.s. border. they were separated for one month. >> abc7 reporter luz pena sat down with them today on a story you'll see only on abc7. >> this is the new reality of cindy flores. her every move is being tracked by i.c.e. she says being rejected by her 1-year-old daughter is worse. she was reunited on january 29th after a month-long separation at the u.s./mexico border. they fled honduras after she says gang members threatened her family. >> translator: for more than three weeks after i got her, she wouldn't sleep at night.
6:31 pm
she didn't want anyone to approach her. it was difficult. >> she was kept in a shelter in texas for a month. her mother is taking her to therapy once a week. >> translator: ever since she was given back to me, i haven't been able to change her diaper without grechel screaming. she didn't used to do this. >> cindy is struggling to find a place to live and can't work without a legal permit. this therapist says many migrant parents like cindy also face trauma. more than 200 migrant families receive mental help at this center every year. >> when you do experience trauma, you technically can't say after this length of period of time, they are now okay. >> u.s. immigration and cusenfo speak specifics about thisase and added i.c.e.ooks every case individually on its own merits, and it makes decisions based on the factors on that specific case. when i first interviewed cindy two months ago, she said crossing the border and being
6:32 pm
separated from grechel wasn't worth it. so we asked her again. >> translator: i don't know that i can answer that question now. >> next tuesday, she is scheduled to meet with an immigration judge to speak about the next steps of her case. in san francisco, luz pena, abc7 news. for the first time tonight, we are hearing from a care provider who is working at an assisted living facility that burned down during the tubbs fire nearly 18 months ago. >> one of several plaintiffs who have filed a lawsuit against oakmont senior living in santa rosa. this is a story abc7 news i-team reporter melanie woodrow broke and has covered since the very beginning. >> she is live in the newsroom with the latest. melanie? >> ama and dan, unlike other lawsuit against oakmont senior livi ofesiden anlymembers, what's several of the plaintiffs are staff members who were working at oakmont senior living the night of the fire. they say they were thrown under the bus, and that they did the best they could in the
6:33 pm
situation. almost a year and a half after the tubbs fire, rebuilding continues at oakmont senior living, where villa capri burned to the ground as elderly residents, some in wheelchairs and with dementia narrowly escaped. >> crazy. >> for the first time we're hearing from one of the care providers working that night. she was 8 1/2 months pregnant. >> i risked myself and my baby's life for them to -- >> family member kathy allen previously told abc7 news staff left, and that she and other family members rescued nearly all of the residents that night. holding her little girl, she is speaking out now because she is one of the plaintiffs filed against oaont sio livi, awsuitn employees and residents alleges oakmont senior living conspired to obstruct justice by covering up their failures and intentionally and wrongfully publicly blaming and shaming plaintiffs and other staff for failing to properly evacuate and abandoning the residents of the
6:34 pm
villa capri and varenna facilities during the tubbs fire. >> it's the employees who got thrown under the bus, unfortunately, who were really the heroes that night, but they were the invisible heroes because there were so few of them, and they were doing all that they can. >> the lawsuit also alleges prior to the tubbs fire, oakmont senior living failed to establish a written disaster and mass casualty plan of action, and viable evacuation plan. >> my coworkers, we were a team that night. we did our best. >> the department of social services determied that oakmont failed to protect the health and safety of residents at varenna and villa capri. as part of a settlement allowing oakmont senior living to continue operating, varenna and villa capri will be on a two-year probation. they admit staff left residents behind. riva says staff were scapegoats for senior management. >> we could have died. imagine if the wrong people were there? they really could have died. everybody would have died. and we were there. >> the general counsel for oakmont sioing would not comment on the lawsuit, but in
6:35 pm
emails senior living's owner's wife sent to families after the fire, she commended the staff writing, quote, because of the phenomenal efforts and heroism of staff, residents and their families and first spoernds, all of our residents are safe. varenna maintenance workers are also plaintiffs in the lawsuit. >> we were going as quick as we could with the help that we had. >> we did the best that we could with no training and they threw us under the bus. >> blakley says he rescued at least one resident from varenna, driving her to safety. blakley was still working at oakmont senior living, but late this afternoon the attorney who filed the lawsuit says oakmont senior living's attorney called him and offered to put blakley on paid administrative leave. blakley's attorney says the reason given was vague, but they've accepted the offer. revis and rodriguez say they both quit. in the newsroom, melanie woodrow, abc7 news. >> thank you, melanie. the united states government
6:36 pm
versus tesla. both sides went to court today, but the judge says they need to fiure this one out on their own. and you may have seen the picture. a line of nurses at the same ho
6:37 pm
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6:39 pm
prosecutors in los angeles have filed murder and attempted murder charges against the man accused of killing rapper nipsey hussle and injuring two other men. eric holder was in court today. he pleaded not guilty and is being held on $5 million bail. police say holder and hussle had an altercation outside of hussle's store on sunday, and holder came back with a gun. he left the scene in a car driven by a woman. she talked to police and said she didn't know about the shooting. community activists want her arrested. >> that woman is lying through her teeth. she is the getaway driver in the murder of nipsey hussle. >> now holder is being represented by chris darden. he is the richmond native and san jose state graduate who was part of the o.j. simpson team in o.j. simpson's 1995 murder trial. officials had asked smollett to reimburse them $135,000 for the cost of police overtime spent on his investigation. smollett says he was the victim
6:40 pm
of a racist and homophobic attack, but police say he staged it. smollett denies the allegation and prosecutors dropped felony disorderly conduct charges against him after he forfeited his bail money and performed community service. tesla ceo elon musk appeared in court today to go head to head with the feds. a federal judge heard arguments about whether musk should be punished for contempt. the securities and exchange commission says musk violated a settlement with them when he tweeted about tesla's vehicle production in february without a lawyer's approval. musk says the s.e.c. is trying to stifle free speech. the judge told both sides to, quote, put your reasonableness pants on and settle the issue without the court's input. they have two weeks to meet. if they cannot come to a solution, the judge willcourt, . >> therere fews focus on this n part. also some sun. >> stay posi
6:41 pm
sandhya will guide you on
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is the number one company with the best reputation. that's according to the reputation institute of management services firm which has ranked companies since 2007. it says netflix increased its brand globally, an innovative content creator and exhibits corporate responsibility. in june, target is raising its hourly starting wage from $12 to $13. it's the latest in a series of raises. the end goal will be starting hourly wage of $15 that will happen by the end of 2020. amazon starts workers at $15 per hour. walmart raised its starting pay to $11 per hour last year. [ closing bell ] the calendar says thursday, but it feels like friday. for one bay area company, lyft stock returned to its ipo of $72 per share. the san francisco ride sharing company went public last friday. stock went up at first and then dropped. the dow was up more than 160
6:45 pm
points today. the nasdaq was down slightly. it's not just a baby bump. a baby boom is what it is. more than a dozen nurses at one hospital were all pregnant at the same time. some just gave birth in the last few months. reporter daniela pardo has the story from sacramento. >> my name is audrey eden. >> megan gordon and my due date was march 29th. >> not one or two or three, but ten nurses at sutter medical center in sacramento are pregnant. four of them already had their babies this year. >> every year has been like that. so we've had babies oh my goodness, 16, 17, now 2019, we have babies every year. it's been over ten every year. >> i'm so grateful for it. it's just a great sense of community. and then we all are friends outside of work as well. >> after seeing the viral photo of the nine nurses in maine pregnant at the same time, they thought -- >> that's nothing. we have so many more babies, and
6:46 pm
it's nice because we get to hang out with everyone and we have playdates. we're all really good friends, which helps. we get to see each other outside of work with our babies. >> three of the nurses even have the same due date. >> patients that come, they do make comments like oh, my gosh, my last nurse was pregnant, or, you know, i feel like all of you guys are pregnant. >> what's in the water here? >> i don't know. and i used to say that i was not going drink the water, because like i was telling you earlier, i just had my son 18 months ago and did not plan to get pregnant so early on. but i drank the water. >> i think when you work in labor and delivery, you really like babies. >> daniela pardo,ws aice or >> really n. let's updatedhsit that. >> let's take a look at live doppler 7. there are some showers to talk about as we get you into street level radar. mountain view, california street, los altos, palo alto area, waverley street, you are seeing some wet conditions.
6:47 pm
keep the umbrellas handy. sewage, 680 mission road heading into pleasant, we're seeing a tew showers. the showers are going to increase in coverage going into tomorrow. sierra seeing snow showers where a winter weather advisory is up above 6,000 feet. the wet know will amount to 48 inches higher on the peak. so if you're traveling, make sure you have your chains. 50s, 60 foss your highs for friday. there will be scattered showers around, and a look at the accuweather seven-day forecast, it's a level 1 for tomorrow. widespread rain, gusty winds turning to showers. isolated thunder can't be ruled out for the afternoon. more showers for saturday. very light stuff. and then saturday evening through sunday is dry before we have another opportunity for some wet weather monday night. and that is a level 1 system. there will be some dry spots in between and some sunshine. hang in there if you don't like the rain. ama and dan? >> thank you. on to sports and talking warriors. >> we have anthony fre tonight. >> when the calendar first came out, this is one of the games
6:48 pm
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you might or joints.hing for your heart... but do you take something for your brain. with an ingredient originally discovered in jellyfish, prevagen has been shown in clinical trials to improve short-term memory. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. now sports from abc7 news. >> what a home stand for the a's. the green and gold got big taki four from the defending world
6:51 pm
series champs. and what a beautiful afternoon to be at the ballpark. these kids enjoying the a's and red sox. a's down 3-0 in the third, and stephen piscotty with a straight away shot to center. that's a three-one shot. we are knotted at three. piscotty up again with two on the fourth. in a lazy fly ball. look what happens. i got it; you got it, uh-oh, oops, my bad. bounces over the world for a ground-rule double. in the ninth now, another jam from ramon liriano. the flare to center. he comes up throwing. a perfect strike to get mookie betts out third. the a's win 7-3. they go 6-2 in their season opening home stand. >> winning four-gym sets are tough. we did that twice. feel really good about that home stand. ready to hit the road. i got a couple lucky breaks, but that's baseball. and sometimes they bounce your way. sometimes they don't. >> i feel like we're playing
6:52 pm
good baseball since we got back from japan. kind of put that one behind us and get become to how we normally play with the good starting pitching and hit some home runs and timely hitting and played good defense. >> the giants are gearing up for tomorrow's home opener, weather permitting. listen up, giants fans, even if it rains, they're planning on playing at some pint on friday against the tampa bay rays. it will be the first official game at oracle park since it was renamed from at&t. the orange and black could really use some home cooking. they are 2-5 after opening the season on the road. warriors and lakers was a marquee matchup at christmastime. aker down for theood, it's lag l rest of the seaso because ayffing l ehtgh trips to the nba finals. he hasn't missed the play-offs since the 2005 season.
6:53 pm
as for the warriors, they're in the driver's seed to lock down the number one seed in the western conference. the dubs say it's going to be a little strange not seeing king james chasing a championship in the postseason. >> yeah, it's strange. but it's strange seeing him in a laker jersey at all. we got so used to playing him in cleveland. and i want everybody to be healthy every year. it's better for the league. it's better for all the people involved. luke is one of my best friends, and it's been a tough season to try to navigate. >> well, the president and coo of the warriors is going back to school. rick wells will be the featured graduation speaker at the university of washington in june. weltz is a uw alum. he oversees all business operations for the warriors, including the development of the chase center. the sharks only two games abray the start of the nhl
6:54 pm
play-offs. tonight they're in edmonton. saturday against colorado.teamer last ten, but still have the second best record in the western conference. as for how san jose will fare in the play-offs, head coach peter deboer knows how the story will be told. >> if we go on a role, you're going say it doesn't matter. and if we lose you're going to say it does matter. i've had teams, you know, going to the play-offs both ways. my personal opinion is i think the body out work matters, and our body of work is pretty good. >> only matters if you win. that's what everyone will remember. right now the sharks 2-1. getting become to the giants, giants fans, pack a poncho and play to your patience. because if it rains, the tarps will be out, and they will play because tampa's only trip to san francisco is this weekend. so they don't want to have them have to come back.
6:55 pm
>> they're going to try as best as they possibly can. so i would imagine that everyone just may not start on time. >> could they do a double header? that. >> could do a doubleheader, but they want all the festivities in one day and the game or it may be delayed. they're going to get some baseball in on friday i would imagine. >> do you hear that, sandhya? >> absolutely. >> weather person. >> here the deal. between 9:00 a.m. and noon, we're expecting the most widespread rain. so the timing is actually working out in their favor. by the time that game gets under way, the widespread rain will switch to showers and breezy. there may be rain delays but perhaps no cancellations. >> in the evening not so much rain. >> no. it will be scattered showers. >> maybe it will work. scienttsyes. sw s eating atofy night. and coming up on abc7 news at 11, building a better bay area. ride share realities. making a livable salary while driving for uber and lift, it is
6:56 pm
not easy. tonight expert tips on how to rev up your earnings. >> part of our week-long focus on rideshare realities. coming up, at 8:00 it's "grey's anatomy." at 9:00 "station 19" followed by "for the people." that's at 10:00. and we'll be with you again for abc7 news at 11:00. >> and at 11:35, it's jimmy kimmel live. vegas week continues. for the first time ever he taped shows in las vegas inside planet hollywood. tonight's guests include seth rogen. >>that is this edition of abc7 news. lock for breaking news whenever you like on the abc7 news news app. we appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm ama daetz. for sandhya patel, anthony flores, all of us here on the abc7 news team, have a good evening.
6:57 pm
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