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tv   ABC World News Tonight with David Muir  ABC  April 6, 2019 5:30pm-5:59pm PDT

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tonight, the tornado threat and the severe weather watch. the ominous skies right now over texas. the storm zone on the move, stretching all the way to kentucky. 40 million people in the path. also tonight, president trump doubling down. his harsh message to migrants. even mocking asylum seekers, saying, quote, our country is full. live wire collapse. the stunning scene and mystery behind it. two people trapped inside tangled live wires. downed power lines, damaged for a mile. church arsonist? the historic african-american churches destroyed by fire. three in ten days in the middle of the night. officials calling them very suspicious. actor road rage arrest. the tv star in miami seen punching a driver, then leaving the scene. that victim unconscious.
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days later, passing away. paris explosion. the fire and then the blast. in an apartment building, evacu. and refusing to surrender. the wild police chase that became a demolition derby. how the driver in that stolen pickup truck got away. and good evening. thanks for joining us on this saturday. i'm tom llamas. we begin with the severe storms moving across parts of the south tonight and the tornado threat all weekend long. dark skies moving across that state. you see it right there. this massive supercell seen near the city of calvert. rain and strong winds at the leading edge of the storm, and there is more severe weather on the way. 40 million people in the zone stretching all the way up to kentucky. abc's senior meteorologist rob marciano is here, and that threat is out right now. >> reporter: it is. as a matter of fact, this is the second of the ves of severe weather, tom, and there is a tornado with it.
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for today, we mostly had big hail and big wind, and also a flooding rain, and a flash flood watch just north of austin. nearly 5 inches of rain falling and you have the severe weather threat, and parts of southern arkansas. 4:00 p.m. in houston, we're looking at thunderstorms that could not only be severe, but bring isolated flooding and the damaging winds goes all the way up through louisville through tomorrow afternoon. getting through tomorrow night, tom. >> you'll be tracking this tornado threat all week. rob, thank you. let's turn to politics now. president trump is on a swing through the west. today speaking to a welcoming crowd at the republican jewish coalition in las vegas. the president recapping his recent visit to the border and his harsh message tonight for refugees trying to come into this country. abc's tara palmeri is at the white house. lln't come in.ent i'm sorry. ing the syst.e. >> the alu
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some of the roughest people that you have ever seen, people that look like they should be fighting for the ufc. >> reporter: the president in las vegas, speaking to the republican jewish coalition, pretending to be an asylum seeker receiving guidance from an attorney. >> i am very worried that i will be accosted. if i'm sent back home no, no, he will do the accosting. asylum, oh, give him asylum, he's afraid. he's afraid. >> reporter: friday the president was at the u.s./mexico >>t's great wall, anit i tnks a new wall, but rather a long planned replacement of 14-foot fencing. thatcoming just one week after he threatened to close the southern border completely amid
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a surge of migrant crossings. 76,000 migrants stopped at the border in february, 40,000 of those families. and federal officials estimate the figures from march will be even higher, with an estimated 95,000 migrants apprehended. >> i have to say, i said i was going to close the border. it's gotten so bad, we are closing the border. as soon as i said that and i really thank the president of mexico because they stepped up. >> reporter: the president praising mexico for stepping up at their own border. but a mexican official says the country's policy has not changed. >> tara palmeri is at the white house for us tonight. and tara, the president though is still threatening to close the border with mexico. >> reporter: tom, the president said he'll give mexico one year to stop the flow of migrants. he said he would rather use car tariffs as what way to put pressure on the country and this as he tries to seal a new trade deal with mexico that would replace nafta. he told fox news he is willing to include the car tariffs in
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the trade deal if the migration problems don't end. tom? >> tara palmeri at the white house. thank you. be sure to watch "this week" tomorrow morning. will congress get a look at the president's tax returns? george will go one-on-one with trump legal team member jay sekulow and host the powerhouse round table. we have new reporting tonight on how the hunt for a 15-year-old missing louisiana girl came to an end. she is believed to have run off with a 47-year-old man who became a family friend. it was a tip to the fbi that located them more than a thousand miles away and tonight he's in custody. here's abc's marci gonzalez. >> reporter: tonight, this 15-year-old girl will soon be reunited with her family. rescued, according to the fbi, more than a week after disappearing with her 47-year-old neighbor. >> i do believe he did brainwash her. she probably has her believing she's safe with him, th madly i. >> reporter: domeanna spell and corey shane disotel finally found in colorado more than a thousand miles from the louisiana school bus stop where they were last seen. the archuleta county sheriff's office alerted by the fbi friday
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after they say disotel's cell phone pinged nearby. deputies spotting his car and following it to the parking lot of a grocery store and confronting spell and disotel. >> we want, like, her to know that, you know, we're on her side. >> reporter: spell's family says before the pair ran away together, they alerted police about the alleged relationship between the girl and her parents' friend, finding concerning text messages from the divorced father of three. >> he told her that he loved her and stuff like that. >> reporter: now relieved, he is behind bars. disotel is being held in colorado on a warrant for contributing to the delinquency of a minor. police say the investigation is s coulfar from over, and more >> mci, thank you. ne tighte rae re thazen power of live wires and trapping two people in the shattered car. abc's maggie rulli on the dangerous rescue, and now the
5:37 pm
investigation to why those poles came down. >> reporter: tonight, investigators want to know what caused this utility pole to come crashing down onto this car, pinning two people inside. and triggering a terrifying domino effect. >> it was so surreal and then it was one after another after another. >> all i heard was this loud boom crashing and power lines are falling. >> reporter: the first calls coming in around just before 4:00 friday afternoon. >> wires down, about 15 poles down. >> reporter: more than a dozen utility poles, and downed wires, blocking a mile-long stretch on this busy seattle roadway. wiping out power for more than 1,600 customers. the passengers ty ve wires. theth non-lifehreateninge >> follow me. stay in front of the bridge. >> reporter: stunned families and children at a nearby museum evacuating through a dangerous maze of fallen wires. >> we're very lucky that we didn't have more serious injuries too with the number of cars on the road. >> reporter: tom, officials say
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the power is now restored and the road will be reopened this evening. many of the poles on this stretch of road were checked and replaced within the past five years. they're supposed to last more than 50. tom? >> and the cause still under investigation. all right, maggie. thank you. next to the string of fires in african-american churches in st. landry parish, louisiana. officials are calling them very suspicious. the fbi has now joined the investigation into the cause and the motive, but local pastors there say there are similarities among all three fires. here's abc's zachary kiesch. >> reporter: tonight, a church fires in just ten days all in the same louisiana parish. the fires being investigated as authorities responding after the easant baptist church. the flames tearing through the 100-year-old house of worship. tonight, the state's fire marshal telling abc news that they are classifying the
5:39 pm
st. landry parish fires as suspicious. >> there are absolutely suspicious elements that have led us to believe that this is a crime. >> reporter: officials saying they've discovered several common patterns with two other church fires. after seeing st. mary's baptist burned to the ground, remains rooted in the support of faith and family. >> what's done in the dark will. >> reporter: police have added extra security and patrols to protect the parish's churches. tonight, the sheriff issuing a stern warning. >> to the person that is doing this to these churches, i will say get ready. we're going to put the cuffs on you. >> reporter: in light of these churches are investing in encouraging other potential nd targets to do the same. tom? >> three churches in ten days. all right, zachary, thank you. next to the deadly road rage caught on surveillance video. a tv star on his way to the miami airport delivering a single punch to the driver of another car, and then leaving the scene.
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the 63-year-old victim never regained consciousness. four days later, passing away. abc's diane macedo with the video, and we want to warn you some of these images are disturbing. >> reporter: tonight, this surveillance video showing the moment police say a road rage incident involving a mexican soap opera star ultimately turned deadly. miami police say 32-year-old actor pablo lyle was in the passenger seat of this red suv last weekend when the vehicle appears to cut off a blue car driven by 63-year-old juan ricardo hernandez. stopped at a red light, you can see hernandez get out of his car and approach the suv's driver, who also getout of his vehicle. the two exchange words until the driver realizes the suv, full of family members, is rolling away. as the driver runs back to the suv, witnesses told police they saw the actor get out of the passenger side, run toward hernandez and punch him, knocking him to the ground with one hit. lyle then gets back in the suv, which makes a u-turn leaving the
5:41 pm
scene with hernandez still lying in the street. several days later, hernandez died at the hospital. watching the video, hernandez's step-daughter says he had his back turned to get into his car and didn't deserve to get punched, but court documents show lyle told police he exited the vehicle and confronted the victim to protect his family. hernandez's step-daughter is now calling for lyle to receive maximum prison time. lyle has pleaded not guilty to a battery charge, but police say more charges could be coming. a hearing in the case is set for monday. tom? >> diane, thank you. and an update tonight on a story we have been following all week. there is some encouraging news tonight in the effort to free an american tourist taken hostage by a gunman in a national park in uganda. negotiations are under way, but they are reportedly at a very sensitive stage. abc's ian pannell with the latest tonight. >> reporter: tonight, u.s. officials tell abc news fbi negotiators are now actively involved in negotiating with
5:42 pm
the release of an american tourist and her driver, kidnapped in uganda. sources now saying there is progress in the negotiations to free them. kimberly sue endicott seen here documenting her ugandan safari, and her tour guide were both abducted tuesday at gunpoint by four men dressed in military uniform in queen elizabeth national park demanding $500,000 ransom. today we went to the very area where both were abducted. it's located on a vast savanna, one of the theories is the pair was smuggled across the border. look how close it is. that is the democratic republic of congo. this is uganda. for now, the focus of the investigation is on this side of the riverbank. a military helicopter scouring the site along with police trying to find the pair. this as endicott's cousin pleads for the u.s. government to do more, telling "the associated
5:43 pm
press," i heard our secretary of state get on there and say, we don't pay ransom. okay, fine. then get the navy s.e.a.l.s. get them on a plane and go save her. the minister of tourism now trying to reassure the families of the missing as well as tourists still here. >> i want to assure you, we will not leave any stone unturned until this situation is corrected. >> reporter: after five anxious days, this is now a critical juncture, but if they aren't released soon, there will be serious questions about the current negotiating strategy to get them out. tom? >> ian pannell reporting from uganda tonight for us. ian, thank you. there is much more ahead on "world news tonight" this saturday. refusing to surrender, the wild chase. police in hot pursuit, slammed from all sides and how that dangerous driver actually got away. breaking overseas, the massive blast rocking central paris, tearing through the boulevard and moving fast. and two rescues from the sky. a woman tumbling into a deep canyon trapped and the moments
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adding bayer aspirin can further reduce the risk of another heart attack. because my second chance matters. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. ba now back now with the wild chase through the streets of cleveland, ohio. police dash cams capturing the reckless ride. a stolen pickup truck slamming into police cruisers. that driver evading officers with dangerous maneuvers and tonight, a manhunt is under way. here's abc's stephanie ramos. >> reporter: tonight, ohio police releasing dash cam video of the harrowing high speed chase. the suspect allegedly stealing a dodge ram pickup truck, then trying to avoid capture with three squad cars in pursuit. >> get him, right there, right there, right there. >> reporter: the three teams of officers tried to spin out the driver by hitting him from all sides, and pinning him in. the officers get out of their vehicles -- >> get on the ground! >> reporter: one briefly draws his weapon, ready to make an arrest.
5:47 pm
but they jump back in their cars and ram into the truck trying to stop it. the driver of the stolen truck then does a 360 turn, kicking up dirt. eventually losing the officers, forcing them to call off the chase. the suspect is still on the run and could face multiple charges. ohio state highway patrol says no one was seriously injured in the crashes. troopers later found the stolen truck abandoned in the area, and are asking anyone to step forward if they can help m? >> stephanie, thank you. when we co alarming new e. coli outbreak. its source still a mystery tonight, even as it spreads across several states. and one soldier's surprise homecoming that made this little girl's lunch one she will never forget. the video when we come back. i've always been amazed by what's next. and still going for my best, even though i live with a higher risk of stroke
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5:51 pm
working to put out the fast-moving blaze. authorities are investigating what sparked that violent fire. and back here at home in ohio, a search and rescue for the 21st century drone footage capturing the moment police were able to spot a 90-year-old woman with dementia who had gone missing. she had wandered off to an open field and got tangled and couldn't move. that bird's eye view tracking her down and officers moving in to help her. another incredible rescue aided by a drone outside denver, colorado. a woman who was off trail hiking in clear creek canyon, falling nearly 30 feet off a steep, rocky ravine. fire and rescue teams finding her with a drone. no place to land a helicopter, pulling her out of that treacherous canyon with ropes. that painstaking work taking hours to complete, shutting down the highway there, and that hiker though was taken to the hospital. an alarming new outbreak of people sickened across five states from georgia up to ohio. patients as young as babies up to 74 now falling ill.
5:52 pm
most concerning about this, the dangerous flare-up and its source. whether it's a specific food or grocery store chain, this is still a mystery tonight. state and federal authorities are investigating. and a very special surprise for one little girl in toledo. lunchtime in her school cafeteria, but there was more than one treat in store. all of a sudden, her father walks in, finally coming home from his ten-month deployment in the middle east. that heartwarming hug in matching camouflage nearly a year in the making. dad says he wanted to repay his daughter for all of her sacrifice and we want to thank him for his service as well. when we come back, two strangers finding a familiar face and a reunion decades in the making. two sisters who never knew the other one existed and the moment they finally meet. hi, i'm bob harper, and i recently had a heart attack. it changed my life. but i'm a survivor. after my heart attack, my doctor prescribed brilinta. it's for people who have been hospitalized for a heart attack. brilinta is taken with a low-dose aspirin.
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nall finally tonight, two long lost sisters and the moment they will never forget. >> i have no idea what she looks like. >> reporter: with anticipation building -- >> i'm really nervous. >> reporter: -- looking for the sister she thought she would never meet, about to come down an escalator. 4yes ago, mmother
5:57 pm
me that if a lady ever came to the front door knocking on it and saying, i might be your half-sister, i should believe her because prior to she and my dad getting together, he had had a child. >> i can't believe i finally got here. >> reporter: but this is a meeting she was never expecting. she was adopted at birth, but never knew who her biological family was until she got a match through a dna website. >> well, i was shocked. i mean, i had no idea that i had a sister out there, and i was very pleased at the same time. i mean, i always had wanted a sister. >> and i went, oh my goodness. i bet this is the person my mother talked about 45 years ago. and lo and behold, it's exactly who it was. >> reporter: the two instantly connecting. first writing to each other, then talking on the phone realizing they both grew up in the same state, new york, just
5:58 pm
120 miles from one another. >> well, from day one we had been very comfortable with each other. not finding out we have a lot of similarities. >> reporter: then they decided to meet each other face to face. >> we have got a lot of people that want to meet you. >> reporter: the two already planning a summer vacation in south carolina together, and eventually a cruise, something they both love to do. >> this is my big sister. now what do i do with big sisters? >> what do i do with a little sister? >> and tonight we thank both those sisters for sharing their story. thanks so much for watching. i'm tom llamas in new york. "gma" and "this week" in the morning. i'll see you tomorrow. he morning. i'll see you tomorrow. ac that i >> tonight on abc 7 news at 6:00, hear from the man who survived a close call when a car
5:59 pm
came barreling into a gym as he was on a treadmill. >> a story of snivl in the north bay. how a badly injured passenger survived when a car went over a cliff. >> how the airlines bargain service to hawaii is already impacting price. abc7 news at 6:00 starts now. >> live where you live. this is abc7 news. >> the dogs all three of them were whenning on her and the baby trying to pull the baby away from her. >> a dog attack in vallejo is being called one of the worst things a neighbor has ever seen. i'm eric thomas. we're learning new details about a mother anson who were mauled by three dogs. abc7 news reporter cornell bernard just spoke with neighbors who witnesses the attack. sounds just horrible. >> reporter: eric, it is. those quick thinking neighbors may have saved the lives of that
6:00 pm
mother anson from that terrible attack. the details of this case are graphic. >> that was the worst thing i've ever seen in my life. >> reporter: doris hutcherson and husband steve were the first to hear screams coming from next door. >> i saw her laying on the ground screaming and just fighting trying to keep the baby away from them. they were yanking on the baby. she was pulling the baby. the hutchersons say these three pitbulls were attacking a mother and her 3-year-old son. >> her right ear was partially missing. > steve grabbed his golf clubs to try and distrt


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