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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  April 11, 2019 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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george: nespresso, what else? . what does uber's ip filing . mean for drivers. and legal advice, how it led to pari paritioners with nowhere to workmanship. >> and a shocking announcement from b.a.r.t. this morning. abc news starts right now. live where you live. this is abc7 news. uber has filed an initial public offering or ipo with the securities and exchange commission and shaping up as one of the biggest tech offerings every. we are live from the newsroom to gournd -- to go under the hood and explain who will benefit most and who won't. >> uber's saying that there's
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been some missteps but they stand to make millions and dliefrs nowhere close to that. >> to say uber drivers feel their getting the short end of the ipo deal, would be an understatement. >> i would love to give more money since they are going to go public and they are going to make a lot of money. they depend on us. >> uber plans to pay $300 million in driver appreciation poe news. more than drivers with a thousand trips or more will get 100 to $10,000. >> they offer me $500. >> the drivers is have long been asking to be employees instead of krcontractors. many have gone to arbitration because of it. uber recalls a huge customer backlash in 2017. >> it mentions the delete uber movement that happened a couple of years ago and it lost
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hundreds of thousands of passengers. >> reporter: still, uber is looking for a valuation of up to $120 billion. meaning that top invest ers and other shareholders will make a lot of money. realtors expect many will spend their money here in an fran. >> the $5 million in over range will be fairly hot. there's been very little inventory in that range. >> reporter: and the others will likely go for condos in the two million dollars range. those impacted when it happens, people wanting to buy in the same price range and don't have the cash or collateral to put down. >> thank you so much, lyft, uber's rival went public first. today, they picked up a dollar and closed at $61.01. last week, we focused on the
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issues facing ride share industries. you can find our report it is by going to abc7 and sfrping for ride share realities. >> the biggest computer rail service had has four management jobs to fill after general manager grace's surprise announce. that she is retiring. it comes week after the b.a.r.t. police chief said that he is exiting as well. eric tom a -- >> eric thomas has announcement. >> there's other managers that have left, the assistant manager and the police chief and today, grace krunican. >> i'm announcing my plans to retire from b.a.r.t.
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>> reporter: she has run the agency for eight years and b.a.r.t. has been criticized for having dirty stations, and crimes like last year's murder at the macarthur station. but the directors credit her with coming up with measure rr, a voter approved $3.5 million bond issue to improve infrastructure. >> we desperately needed that money to replace infrastructure. to keep b.a.r.t. running. >> she wanted them to think of the longevity of the system. she did not say why she chose to retire at this point. less than two weeks rojas announced he was retiring. it's an agency in great dysfunction and chaos. whether it's security and safety issues or cleanliness issues.
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>> again, she did not announce why she was retiring at this point. but there's been talk about her and clashes with the board of directors about how much law enforcement should be used to keep quality of life crimes down and guard b.a.r.t. stations. she will leave her office in july and chief carlos rojas will leave his in may. live at the b.a.r.t. station, eric thomas, abc7 news. >> much appreciated. eric, thank you. more than 20,000 people said goodbye to rapper nipsey hustle in his public memorial. they had a star studded lineup of entertainers like hustle's close friend and collaborator snoop dog. they hope that people are appalled by lives being ended by gun violence. >> i'm complete.
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i am strong. and i can feel this way, so can you. >> barack obama wrote a letter that was read at the memory more yal. >> we are hearing from for the first time from the deputy who shot and killed andy lopez. he got a hold of the internal records on the shooting and it provides insight in to how the investigation was carried out. lopez had been carrying an air soft gun that looked like an assault rifle. he is now a sgt. and told the newspaper that he feels better communication needed to be in place. an attorney for a man entered a plea to a murder
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charge today. he is accused of shooting newman police officer the day after christmas last year. they say mendoza was in the country illegally and was trying to flee to mexico after being arrested two days after the shooting. >> prosecutors and families of murders syringes are asking to reverse the suspension on executions. a reprevious for 700 death row inmates was given. and others are pushing to restore the death penalty. of betraying the voters. >> california has more death row inmates than any state. >> we want to share an update with you on a viewer who reached out to help a man badly hurt
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after being assaulted. he lost three teeth after being punched defending a denny's waiter. you are looking at video by the doctor that chose to help. and worked to row place his lost teeth. the pair of hikers lost in a mountain range for five days were located and are rescued. the two were on a day hike on mount baldy, northeast of los angeles last saturday when they lost the trail. rescuers released this video of the held cicopter take ing to safety. a light at the end of the tunnel, when the work will begin on the sales force center and the potential google village in downtown san jose is potential,
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but there's enough pressure to push people out. including paritioners at this church, that story next. kevin durant hits the red carpet in san francisco, and the movie he helped produce. >> it is still gusty across some parts of the bay area. find out when the winds will relax and the temperatures will will rise. first, here is a look at what is coming up on jimmy kimmel live. >> tonight, we have cameras and put on a show. will you be interested in this, dave, honestly, you and i kind of drive around for the day and spend a million dollars. what do you think? >> i would love to
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building a better bay area does not come without growing pains. a decades old church in the heart of downtown san jose decided to sell to google. feari ining eminent domain, the turned to the city to find a new home. we are live with details. amanda. >> the potential alone for the massive multi-million dollar google village project was enough to push church leaders to sell. their attorney told city leaders it was the church's way of getting out of the way. >> pastor would you ask your congregation to rise. >> they came out in the dozens at this week's city council meeting. the church sits across from the station, the area eyed for the potential google megacampus. >> we sold our building because
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of the opportunity for the city to have a large employer. with over 25,000 jobs coming to the city. >> the pastor told council the church's lawyer advised he sell church land fearing the city would eventually invoke emnint domain and the city said they would never do so. the request for relocation pointed to possible poor advice from the legal expert. >> i don't doubt any of that was the case. >> mentioning public misconception on the google project. as it stands the city has not approved anything beyond selling acres of its own land. still some are calling it displacement. >> we need to start putting community and community values and submittpiritual values abov all-mighty dollar. >> council allowed the church to
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move to trade zone boulevard. >> the pastor said he was advised byhis lawyer to to comment. we have reached on out to that lawyer several times and have not heard back. >> thank you, we do want to hear your ideas about building a better bay area. you can share them by joining our better bay area group on facebook. >> we are learning more about when san francisco's sales force train center will open. only one month after it opened. the board overseaing the center revealed today, work to install a permanent fix will start on april 17th and repairs could be finished by june, but a reopening day has not been sent. >> disney is taking on netflix with their own streaming service. it will cost $6.99. in addition to disney films and tv shows. the service will feature programming from the marvel
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super hero universe. disney is the parent company of abc7. all right, so we want to turn to our weather. we are always looking toward the weekend. >> yeah, is it going to be a windy oner, rainy one? sandy has the answers. >> how about a beautiful one. you like that answer? >> sounds good. >> okay, good, let's take a look at live doppler 7, we have a few clouds pa s passing through, the harmless. and cooled us off and kicked up the winds. look at the winds now. they have dropped off in many areas and gusting still to 23 in oakland and 24 in half moon bay and we have seen stronger winds than that earlier this afternoon. now, if you are going to the giants game tomorrow night. it's going to be perfect ball game weather. and just ideal condition cs. breezy and dropping to 57 degrees. right now, the breeze deferently
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has held the temperatures up. the winds are starting to come down and so are the numbers in the 40 and is 50s. that will be changing as we go to tomorrow morning. it will be on the chilly side. i want to show you what is ahead. in case you are wondering hey, when can i wash my car, go ahead, do it. you have a few days to actually have a nice clean karks here is a look at the hourly temperatures around the bay. tomorrow morning, starting out had in the 50s and climbig to the upper 60s to low 70s. in case you want to hold off on washing the car. mother nature will do it for you. on monday, you have a 60% chance of seeing showers. it's shaky still at the higher elevations. gusty, looking at the port of oakland, is that beautiful or with what? another lovely view looking at the shark tank. gust and i cool overnight, warming trend over the next two days and dry this weekend with a
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chance of showers. tomorrow afternoon, warmer day. not as windy as it was today. 66 in san francisco, and 74? santa rose skpar-- and 72 in sa jose, good place to go tomorrow. this is a look at the boardwalk. let's show you the beach forecast for tomorrow. 70 in santa cruz, bright and milder. uv index high much. 63 in ocean beach. now, here is a preview of monday. hopefully not too taxing. april 15th, we are going to see the spring showers coming in to the picture. and you know what april showers bring. may flowers. certainly the possibility of more snow in the sierra nevada, ac krumpt weather day forecast. friday, saturday, mid to upper 70s, i will call it beach
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weather and then, sunday it's cooler for those of you who like the cooler, cloudy weather. a light level one system comes in on the storm impact scale and brings us spring showers. clouds tuesday and the temperatures come bounce back up wednesday, thursday, i want to point your attention to thursday. low 80s. well above average for this time of year by good ten, 12 degrees by thursday. so, let's get ready for the seasaw in the temperatures. that is the way it goes. >> hey, we are on a good seesaw right now. thanks. so, if the basketball thing doesn't work out. there's always the movies. the big premier tonight for kevin durant. >> and tomorrow, on good morning measurement jennifer garn will be on to talk about her new organic baby food
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warriors star kevin durant was on the red carpet tonight at the san francisco film festival for the premier of a film he produced called cue ball, it documents the san quinton basketball program, and a paroled player who has aims to do play in the nba. >> we want to show who they were, and they have a lot of tremendous programs. including the basketball team that are integral in helping them understand that. >> if you were not able to make the premier, keep an eye out for it on your streaming services. >> i want to check it out. >> looks like a good movie and he is getting on the court saturday for playoff basketball. >> we will start talking baseball. still to come. one swing of the bat powers the giants passed the rockies at oracle skpa oracle park and in the hunt at
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the masters ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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. football has the heisman trophy and hoc has the stanley cup. in golf, it's the green jacket. jason day finished in red figures at 2 under par. tiger woods had a solid round. he missed a few makeable put s early, here a 14, four shots off the lead. lefty had it going. par 3-16. mickelson staring it down.
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watch this. it rolls in almost for a hole in one. he would birdie. he is at 5 under, one shot behind the leaders. on 17, bryson at 6 under and so is brooks koepka. this is the only tweeting that is allowed. tweet, tweet, yeah, that was a birdie. they are tied for the lead at 6 under and koepka won two majors last year. the a's, feasting on a power lunch in baltimore, fourth inning. oakland down chris davis if i hagives the a' lead and phegley, made it 4-1 oakland and wait, there's more,
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davis goes yard in the sixth. second of the game and fourth in the last two days and ninth of the year. 5-1 oakland. and morales follows up with his first homer as an a, that made it 6-h1 a's, he was the winning run at the plate and strikes out. he is hitless in his last 61 at bats and the a's take 3 of 4 from the os and win it 8-5. samardzija, he did his part. a tough night for sandoval, second inning, hits a line drive and robbed by tapia, great catch. and then in the fifth, with brandon belt on third and one out. pablo hits it back to the pitcher. and the rockies get out of the inning. pablo hanging his head. runners on first and second with two out and john gray gets a ground out to second to end the inning. the giants get run support for
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the shark in the seventh. and pillar continues to be red hot, he drives this one up and out of the yard. the giants shut out the rockies. your final, 1-0. this sports report is sponsored by riverrock casino. warriors and clippers on saturday. coverage at 5:
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[commentator] and now [ plcomes the decisive shot.] [ pleasant orchestral music ] looks good, looks good. [crowd gasps ] do you believe it? what can you say? [ crowd cheering ] [ pleasant orchestral music ] tom watson has taken the lead of the u.s. open.
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thursday evening. have a great night. we will see you in the morning. >> well, we won't. >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, from marvel's "avengers: endgame," don cheadle, from "chilling adventures of sabrina," kiernan shipka, 300 million dollar powerball winner dave johnson, and music from hozier. and now, step aside, jimmy kimmel! [cheers and applause] ♪ >> jimmy: very nice. thank you. hi, everyone. welcome, welcome. thank you. [cheers and applause] hi, i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thank you for coming. thank you for visiting us here


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