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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  April 26, 2019 7:00am-8:59am PDT

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discovered, yes. >> everyone else, though, is. >> you can't spell awesome without me. good morning, america. a state of emergency in the south with a deadly storm on the move. right now the northeast bracing for possible tornadoes after the south gets hit hard overnight. >> that's a tornado. >> rain and violent twisters kill at least five people destroying homes, hitting this college campus, and now millions from d.c. to philly on alert. interstate inferno. a semi blasting past drivers then slamming into cars and trucks sparking massive flames killing multiple people. we're live on the scene this morning. battle for the white house. joe biden on the trail overnight as president trump launches an attack. and what the former vice president is now saying about anita hill. the race to quarantine at d to measles as the outbreak spreads coast to coast.
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lots of surprises at the nfl draft. robin right there with the number one pick, and the baby who stole the h play e america's favorite superheroes flying into theaters right now for what may be the biggest box office opening ever. >> we got to finish this. the massive crowds and how you can still get a ticket. ♪ and our exclusive with taylor swift as she drops that smash new hit single overnight already topping the charts breaking the internet. now she's taking us behind the scenes only on "gma." >> hey, it's me, taylor swift. good morning, america. ♪ only one of me hey, it's us. good morning, america. hope you're doing well this frid taylor swift already killing it. >> it's a good friday when you've got taylor swift saying good morning to you guys. you know how popular this video
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is that just dropped at midnight? take a listen to this. it already has more than 23 million views. it's only been up for a few n'w ahead. >> that is coming up. we want to start with that deadly storm system moving east right now. it tore through the south, louisiana in a state of emergency and now the east coast, carolinas to d.c. and philly bracing for possible tornadoes. rob marciano starts us off. good morning, rob. >> good morning, george. this storm is picking up speed and strengthening as well and energy going from the south to the northern part of the storm. you see that classic comma shape and looking for rain, heavy at times across the northeast. pulses of it and pulses of strong thunderstorms that could be become severe especially later on in the day, especially for north carolina, parts of virginia and the delmarva including the chance for tornadoes in places like washington, d.c., baltimore and philadelphia and, of course, this system has had a two-day history of doing significant damage especially in louisiana and that's where we find our marcus moore who is live for us in ruston. good morning, marcus. >> reporter: hey, rob, good morning. as you know, seven tornadoes
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touched down here in louisiana. one of them a powerful ef-3 twister with devastating winds. you can see from our second camera what it did to this hotel when it hit in the middle of the night. room after room here is destroyed and there is damage like this spread throughout this town. this morning, parts of the south lie in ruins. a violent storm spinning up powerful twisters -- >> that's a tornado! >> reporter: cutting a path of destruction in louisiana stretching for 150 miles. the town of ruston, home of louisiana tech university, taking a direct hit. >> it first was really heartbreaking, kind of shocking because you see it on movies but never think it can happen to you. >> reporter: students enduring the storm and winds upwards of 140 miles per hour behind the dorm room walls. outside debris is spread across the campus. this field torn apart. >> this place has just been decimated. >> reporter: off campus a woman and her young son killed when a tree fell on their home. the punishing storm charging
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across the town with devastating intensity. the twister came from that direction and roared this way in the middle of the night and hit this hotel. as you can see, the second floor is gone. some of the city's most prominent residents jumping in to help. jalen ferguson, an football star and nfl prospect helping storm survivors. >> dropping off water and pizza for people who need food right now. >> reporter: 11 tornados hit touched down in four separate states. back in ruston they say it is absolutely a miracle that no one at this hotel was hurt. cecilia. >> wow, that destruction is just incredible. okay, marcus, thank you. we turn to that deadly pileup in denver turning an interstate into an inferno. a semi blasting past drivers slamming into cars and trucks killing at least one person, inju clayton sandell is there on the scene with the latest. good morning, clayton. >> reporter: good morning, cecilia. you can see behind me here there is no traffic flowing on this
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major interestrriag major interstate this morning. i-70 is completely shut down except for emergency vehicles and authorities say overnight that multiple people were killed in this crash but they still don't know how many or why this happened. >> there is a complete fire. things are exploding. >> reporter: rush hour interstate inferno. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: explosions and raging fire in the middle of the thursday evening commute after police say an out-of-control tractor-trailer slammed into commuters stopped in a traffic jam. >> you can see a car, outline of a car right there. >> reporter: that speeding semi captured on josh mccutcheon's live stream camera. >> oh, my god! >> i've never seen that many cars and that much destruction and fire, and it was just complete chaos. >> reporter: the chain reaction disaster engulfing at least 12 cars and three semis on interstate 70 near denver. six people rushed to hospitals. so much carnage, police don't know how many people are dead.
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>> we are still -- still working on identifying those people that were killed and we're also still trying to account for everybody involved in the crash. >> reporter: investigators now reviewing this video. they're eager to talk to the driver of that semi who survived. police want to know why the truck was going so fast and why it did not stop. one of the major problems here is that the extreme heat from the fire not only damaged highway pavement, it also may have compromised the safety of the overpass here behind me. they're worried it could come down so there's a lot of work that needs to be done here before the interstate re-opens. george. >> that was amazing. okay, clayton, thanks very much. we move to the race for the white house. for now joe biden, the democratic front-runner, after attending his first fund-raiser overnight taking his first shot from president trump and getting a taste of the challenges ahead from anita hill. our senior national
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correspondent terry moran is at the white house with the latest. good morning, terry. >> reporter: good morning. president trump has a busy day. he will address the nra in indianapolis and have the japanese prime minister here but he's got his eye on politics and even after just one day joe biden right in the thick of the fight in this campaign. joe biden closed out his first day as a presidential candidate with a fund-raiser in philadelphia. >> we really have to restore -- we have to start choosing truth over lies, hope over fear. [ applause ] >> reporter: and while he didn't mention president trump by name, he made his focus clear. >> i'm hoping that in a couple of years we'll look back and say whether it's me or anybody else replacing him that this is an aberration in american history. >> reporter: overnight in an interview with fox news the president took aim at biden. >> he's not the brightest lightbulb in the group, i don't think, but he has a name that they know. >> reptek. >> he welcohenite
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>> reporter: the biden campaign is facing another hurdle, his long track record in the senate. the campaign revealed thursday that biden spoke with anita hill expressing regret for what she endured. as senate judiciary committee chairman, a 48-year-old biden ran the confirmation hearings for then supreme court nominee clarence thomas. >> can you tell the committee what was the most embarrassing of all the incidences that you have alleged? >> reporter: anita hill famously testified that thomas had harassed her. in turn, many feel she was eviscerated by lawmakers. hill tells "the new york times" that after that conversation with biden which happened earlier this month, she is not convinced that he accepts the harm she says he caused her. i cannot be satisfied by simply saying i'm sorry for what happened to you. i will be satisfied when i know
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there is real change and real accountability and real purpose. the biden campaign responds gently saying over the decades joe biden has tried to change bringing women onto the judiciary committee and sponsoring the violence against women act. but this is one example that biden is going to face with that long track record in the senate. george? >> that's one example. we also heard from president obama. lots of praise for his former vice president but he's not ready to put his thumb on the scale in this democratic primary race. >> reporter: he's not. no endorsement from president obama. that is kind of a presidential tradition. they keep above the fight in order to save their political capital for the general election but at the end of the day joe biden has said that he asked president obama not to endorse him and that he wants to win this on the merits, george. >> okay, terry moran. thanks very much. joe biden will be live on "the view" today. then robin has an exclusive interview with biden and his wife, dr. jill biden, that will air on "gma" on tuesday. janai? >> now to the measles emergency leading to massive quarantines at two universities in los
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angeles. hundreds of students and faculty at ucla and cal state told to stay in and avoid contact with others after fears they were exposed to measles. abc's chief national correspondent matt gutman is on the ucla campus with more this morning. matt, good morning. >> reporter: hey, good morning, janai. this is possibly one of the biggest exposures we've seen since this national outbreak began and what is so troubling to public health officials is that that first contagious person went to some very public places, the los angeles airport, one of the busiest in the world, and cal state and ucla with their tens of thousands of students. >> one person with a confirmed measles case can expose thousands of people. >> reporter: with hundreds of faculty and students now in quarantine, ucla and cal state taking that drastic step to fight one of the world's most contagious viruses. the measles once believed to have been eliminated from the u.s. now spreading across the country and hitting los angeles.
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>> you have five cases, four of which are linked as an outbreak. thatveler quickly spreading the virus to others. one of those contagious people then went to ucla's psychology school on three occasions leaving students like jay mcveigh exposed and eventually quarantined. >> they were basically like, nope, you're getting quarantined right now. if you don't comply, then you'll be in trouble with like los angeles department of public health or some similar organization. >> reporter: the virus is very hearty and can live on surfaces for several hours after exposure and can even stay in the air for up to two hours after a sick person coughs or sneezes, making it very difficult to stop. now, the cdc says roughly 700 measles cases have been reported across the u.s. now, quarantine is not jail, cecilia, and students and staff who can provide medical records showing they've been immunized can get out quickly.
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those who can't find those records might have to stay in quarantine for another ten days. cecelia? >> wow, okay, matt, thank you. we turn to that health emergency north of chicago. a leaking tanker setting off a toxic cloud that sent dozens to the hospital, some still in critical condition this morning. abc's alex perez is in beach park, illinois and the ntsb is now heading to the scene? >> reporter: hey, good morning, cecilia. that's right. that team will investigate what exactly triggered all of this. now, it made for some tense moments of panic here. take a look. this was the scene after a tractor transporting trailers filled with anhydrous ammonia somehow started leaking. that leak quickly created a cloud of toxic fumes that blanketed the area. those powerful fumes sending 37 people, including several first responders, to the hospital. authorities issued a shelter in place for residents. it took officials about six hours to finally give the all clear.
7:13 am
now, investigators were also examining if that chemical was being legally transported. cecelia? >> okay, alex perez, thank you. we turn to new developments in that terror attack in sri lanka. authorities now say the leader of the attack, an extremist preacher, died in one of the hotel bombings on easter and the death toll has now been revised. at least 250 people were killed in those attacks. the targeted six hotels and churches, the country remains on high alert this morning. george? >> dangerous situation there. we go on to washington. it's sentencing day for maria buti butina, the russian agent who cultivated political contacts during the 2016 campaign is now facing up to 18 months in prison. abc's kyra phillips is outside the federal courthouse in d.c. where butina will be later this morning. good morning, keira. >> reporter: good morning, george. well, maria butina has cooperated with the feds. she's pleaded guilty to conspiring to act as a foreign agent. now prosecutors want her to serve nine more months in prison.
7:14 am
she was arrested last july and charged with attempting to develop a covert influence operation trying to gain access to the trump administration and build back channels to the kremlin. her lawyers argue that she was simply trying to strengthen the relationship between the u.s. and russia and should be sentenced to time served. before the judge makes a decision today, butina will have a chance to speak to the court and ultimately she'll likely be deported. george, i have visited her several times in jail. she says she's looking forward to going home, no longer being a gun activist, and staying out of the limelight. >> the only question is when, keira, thanks very much. janai? now to the nfl draft. it was a huge night for the top college football players in the country. 32 became pros starting with quarterback kyler murray, the reigning heisman award winner. robin was there in nashville hosting, and paula faris has all the highlights this morning. hey, paula. >> reporter: hey there, janai. good morning, everyone.
7:15 am
you know, there is nothing quite like the nfl draft. the fans show up just dressed in the most insane outfits and then there's those beautiful emotional exchanges between the families and the players. these streets were jammed last night. it didn't matter that it was pouring rain. we saw a couple of firsts, a whole lot of tears, and then there was just a really awkward exchange with the nfl commissioner. >> i have never seen anything like this. >> reporter: it was an evening of high hopes, big emotions and dreams fulfilled. the nfl draft kicking off with a bang. >> arizona has found their murray. >> reporter: the heisman trophy winning quarterback, kyler murray, a popular choice with the arizona faithful. the two-sport athlete already has a major league baseball deal, but it looks like this fall he'll be wearing football cleats. >> the number one pick, the number one pick. >> reporter: the opening night hosted by our own robin roberts
7:16 am
as players and their families basked in the spotlight. >> what you been doing the last couple of hours as the number one pick? >> trying to soak it all in. >> to see his dream become a reality is just -- it's just unbelievable. >> reporter: for the bosa clan it was also a family affair. >> the san francisco 49ers select nick bosa. >> reporter: the ohio state defensive lineman picked second overall. both his father and older brother were also drafted in the first round. it's the only time this has ever happened in the nfl. the number three pick, quinnen williams, selected by the new york jets. williams leaving an empty seat for the devoted mother he lost when he was just 12. there were ups and downs for both fans and players and this moment with the commissioner. and then there was the night's smallest scene stealer, new jacksonville jaguar josh allen sharing the spotlight with his baby wesley.
7:17 am
even if that new cap didn't quite fit his little head. but there was another showstopper. taylor swift, the mega watt pop star using the big stage to announce her new song which dropped midnight. ♪ i promise that you'll never find another like me ♪ >> you've been teasing us about the big reveal. so what is it going to be? >> it's going to be a new song and music video. the song is called "me." i'm here tonight and i see people who worked their whole lives to achieve their dreams in this city. you gave me a shot when i was 14 years old, interviewed me when no one else was watching, and now i'm getting to play in the stadium down the road. >> reporter: oh, i love it. coming up we'll have much more about taylor swift's new song, "me" and she gives us a tour of her beloved nashville. round one in the books. we'll see rounds two and three tonight on abc and espn, it's going to be a busy weekend ahead. >> sure is. >> looking forward to it.
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>> a little more coming up right here. next on "gma" a verdict came in for that woman who posed as a wealthy heiress and stole hundreds of thousands of dollars. and the most highly anticipated film of the year is finally here, "avengers: endgame" hitting theaters and already breaking records. will it be the biggest box office opening ever? but first our own in-house superhero. over to him, rob marciano. >> you don't have to say that. winter storm watch out for parts of milwaukee back through rochester, could see four to eight inches of snow across this sliver and maybe wet snow accumulating in chicago tomorrow in through tomorrow night in through chicago as well. sunday as well. weekend get away brought to you by adp. away brought to you by adp.
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welcome to friday. i'm abc 7 news meteorologist mike nicco. cooler weather today. with more clouds and fog tonight, the tapering of the temperatures will continue through the weekend. today still warm in our inland neighborhoods. low to mid 80s there. low to mid 60s along the coast into san francisco. tonight we'll fall down into the upper 40s to mid 50s. here is my accuweather seven-day forecast. we lose a degree or two every day through tuesday. taylor swift, james bond, paul rudd. a whole lot coming up here. be right back. p here. be right back. whole lot coming up here. be right back. sharon says step on it. the meeting's started. ok, write her back 'dear sharon, don't mess with my discount!' faster mommy, i gotta go to the bathroom. i do too honey, but we're gonna hold it for mommy's discount.
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good morning. i'm jessica castro. an oakland police officer is recovering from surgery after being stabbed. the officer had just finished his shift and was entering the parking lot when officers say a suspect came up to him, stabbed him multiple times. he was dressed in plainclothes, not wearing a uniform. our media partner at the east bay times says the officer was stabbed in the next. the suspect was arrested immediately and the weapon was found. we've got a new problem in the south bay, northbound 101 right around ellis street. a crash blocking one lane. that's causing a significant backup on the 101 and on westbound 237. plan on delays there. about 10 to 15 minutes there on either side. as usual, we have our typical delay that has westbound 580,
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good morning. let's start with our current conditions. dress for temperatures in the upper 40s to mid 50s. you can see the cloud cover. it's getting thicker as you head to the west along the san mateo bridge. reduced visibility around schools and bus stops this morning. temperatures still warmer than average with silkts at the coast, 70s around the bay and 80s inland. notice we lose about a degree or two every day through tuesday. when we get to tuesday, those temperatures are actually where we should be for this time of the year. have a great weekend. jessica? >> mike, thank you. coming up on gma, an abcpens up ability the new direction in her new music including the new single she just dropped overnight. overnight. we'll have another abc 7 news
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we're in the end game now. >> the end game is just the beginning. a day millions have been waiting for. "avengers: endgame" finally here, hit the box office overnight, already breaking records, selling out theaters. the first fan reviews ahead. also, antman himself, paul rudd, will be here. >> who is not as tiny in person, not miniature just to clarify. but that is coming up. first the top headlines beginning with the northeast bracing for possible tornadoes and torrential rain as that deadly storm moves east. heavy rain and violent twisters killed at least five people across the south and the state of emergency declared in louisiana. take a look at that massive pileup there in lakewood, colorado, a semi slamming into cars and trucks killing at least one person, injuring many more. officials are now calling this one of the worst accidents they have ever seen. and guess who has done it
7:31 am
i wish we had the "jeopardy" music cued. professional gambler james holzhauer extending his winning streak on "jeopardy" to 16 days. so incredible, winning 90,000 more dollars. now his total winnings top 1.2 million bucks. he revealed one of the ways he prepared was by doing research in the children's section of the library. he said that the books -- they're perfect, short with a lot of pictures so he could memorize all of this information. >> helped him get to half of ken jennings' winnings. >> not done yet. a lot coming up but we begin with a guilty verdict for that new york woman who pretended to be an heiress and stole hundreds of thousands to fund her luxury lifestyle and whit johnson here with details. >> reporter: the drama played out late into the evening. at one point the jury appeared deadlocked. the defense asking for a mistrial but then the verdict. jurors agreeing with the prosecution that anna sorokin built her fairy tale life on a foundation of theft and lies. overnight a new york city jury
7:32 am
finding socialite anna sorokin the co-called soho grifter guilty on grand larceny, attempted grand larceny and theft of services. prosecutors arguing the 28-year-old stole $250,000 from banks, hotels and friends to fund a lavish lifestyle. >> the jurors obviously believed our point of view and followed our logic and acquitted her of the top charge. i'm saddened she was convicted of some of the other charges. >> reporter: prosecutors say the russian born sorokin was pretending to be a high-flying german heiress living a life of glamour among manhattan's elite and authorities say she even forged financial documents hoping to get a $22 million loan to open a private club in the big apple. while she was turned down, she did convince one bank to loan her $100,000 which she never paid back. her lawyers saying she meant to but had gotten in over her head and was just buying time. but it was all a lie, they say. a fake story convincing people
7:33 am
she was the daughter of a diplomat or an oil baron, an it girl who claimed to have more than $60 million to her name confidently tipping hotel workers with $100 bills. sorokin's case even capturing hollywood's attention. "grey anatomy's" creator shonda riems behind an up coming article based on this new york magazine article, and her designer glasses and snakeprint dresses has a fan account. her defense team confirming to abc news they hired a professional stylist to dress sorokin for her trial in the spotlight. >> clothes are an important part of a defendant's appearance particularly in a trial of this nature. >> reporter: sorokin was acquitted of two charges including the most serious, attempting to steal more than $1 million from citi national bank. she now faces deportation and up to5 arinrin. >> a stylist for t trial? >> amazing. the attorney said that it was
7:34 am
important for her to continue to show, you know, who she was and her personality but in the end she was still convicted. >> wild story. all right, whit, thank you. we turn to what could be the biggest box office opening ever, 4,600 theaters across the country overnight and people have been lining up all night long to see it. they've been in line for hours and the movie is already breaking records and t.j. holmes is at a theater here in new york city, so, t.j., did you get to see it yet? >> reporter: i have seen it, cecilia, and let me tell you what happens at the end. this is really come. no, of course, i can't reveal that but the reason it has a chance to break all these records is because this is not just one movie with a few characters. fans have been along this journey since 2008, 11 years ago, and now this is the 22nd movie in the marvel universe so people are finally getting to see how this entire story ends.
7:35 am
fans were left devastated last year. the world's mightiest heroes vanished right before our eyes. >> we're in the end game now. >> reporter: but today the suspense is finally over and the avengers are set to snap box office records into dust. 8,000 show times of the movie have already sold out. theater chains are even adding more just to keep up with demand. >> we will. >> reporter: and some lucky fans got the opportunity to see the biggest cinematic event. [ applause ] >> do you trust me? >> i do. >> reporter: the film is already setting records overseas and raising the possibility that it could become the highest grossing movie ever, topping "avatar" and "star wars: the force awakens." marvel studios setting its sights on a $2 billion worldwide take. the hype so huge some sat for hours to catch up on all 22 marvel films. >> we've been camping out for three days straight.
7:36 am
we haven't left the theater whatsoever. >> reporter: but today that wait is finally over. >> my head is going to explode off of my shoulders. i've been waiting my whole life for this movie. >> reporter: and for millions worldwide who have yet to see the movie, the message is clear. >> please, do not spoil "endgame." >> reporter: okay, this is a big deal, folks. people have been waiting 22 movies and 11 years to see how this ends. the directors actually put out a letter to fans pleading with them, do not spoil this movie, and there's a hashtag going around don't spoil "endgame" so a couple folks seeing a 6:30, 7:00 showing. they're the first to see it and begging everybody not spoil it. >> i take it you won't spoil it, t.j.? >> reporter: you know what, george, i'll send you an email. >> text us. thanks, t.j. we've been talking about it all morning, one of the avengers, antman, paul rudd will be here live in our next hour. coming up, exclusive with
7:37 am
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♪ feels so good ♪ feels so good target run and done. ♪ another like me >> taylor swift right there. new song dropped last night already topping the itunes charts and paula faris is in nashville. taylor surprised some fans and appeared on stage with robin. good morning, paula.
7:41 am
>> reporter: you got to admit it's a catchy song, don't you think? >> it is. >> reporter: do you like it? george. well, taylor swift putting out her first new music since 2017 and fans rewarded her, as george just mentioned, already topping the charts but what a treat we got at "gma." taylor swift getting behind the wheel and giving us a tour of her beloved nashville, a city that just absolutely adores her. ♪ i'll promise you'll never find another like me ♪ >> reporter: at the stroke of midnight taylor swift setting off an earthquake in swifty nation, releasing her new song "me" featuring panic at the disco's brendon urie. ♪ me ♪ i'm the only one of me >> reporter: optimistic and awash in pretty pastels, the new music video is a departure from the darker themes of her last megahit album "reputation." in the last two weeks the singer/songwriter has been sending clues about the new
7:42 am
music to her fans. launching a countdown clock on her website and dropping cryptic hints across her social media platforms. overnight fans reacting to the midnight release losing sleep and their minds over the new song. >> aaaghh! yes. >> reporter: and earlier this week taylor took abc on a tour of her beloved nashville telling us about the special places and music city that helped her get to where she is today. ♪ >> all right, so here we find ourselves in nashville, tennessee. i'm your host, taylor. i've lived here for longer than i can remember. i'm going to be taking you around to some spots that are really significant to my life. all very me, me, me but that's what we're doing today. i'm going to take you to one of our best streets. you hate to play favorites but i really prefer the place where the music is made, and so
7:43 am
turning onto what we call music row. i was 11 when i first took a trip to nashville with my parents and i was like, it's spring break, mom and dad. can i please go to nashville and try to become a singer? look that way, look that way, look that way, we're safe. i actually walked into that building right there. that's curb records, i went there first because leann rimes was signed there and i was like, you got to start there. the receptionists were all really nice to me because i was a fifth grader. so where we're going now is we're going to sony atv publishing where i got my publishing deal to write when i was 14. we have just pulled into my high school parking lot so this is crazy nostalgia happening right now. this is where i met my best friend. i would go to school here and a lot of times be in my classrooms writing ideas on the sides of my notes and then my mom would
7:44 am
drive me downtown to have the songwriting appointments. double life. the o.g. hannah montana. i had a really good time at this school. so thank you, hendersonville high school. next stop on our tour of nashville is going to be the country music hall of fame. so come on. this is where you can come and check out the entire history of country music. then there's this part that focuses on the present and the future and it's called, coincidentally, the taylor swift education center. you can come here, you can learn about the craft of songwriting and it's really amazing that the country music hall of fame has done this to make sure that the current generation and the next generations will be educated about any kind of music and how to create it if they would want to do that. so we're going to head to bluebird cafe. bluebird cafe is one of my favorite places in nashville/the universe really. there are a lot of places you can perform as an artist but
7:45 am
this is just for the writers. >> i'm taylor and i just moved here about six months ago and this is my first time playing at the bluebird. >> when i played a show here i actually ended up getting my record deal out of it. people love to throw around the term was discovered here. it's pretty accurate though. ♪ i can't believe you did it again, walked by and took my heart with you ♪ >> this is the place where i like performed and ended up getting signed. >> thank you. >> it's a sacred spot in musicdom. i hope it stays this way forever. >> reporter: and she has had such an amazing journey. kind of mind blowing to think when she played at the bluebird cafe which she just showed us in that path right there there she was playing for 40 or 50 people and last summer she sold out the nissan stadium which is just in front of me, a capacity crowd, setting all kinds of records but coming up at 8:00 more on the clues she dropped for her fans and the moment that she surprised them at that mural in nashville. she loves this city and this
7:46 am
city loves her right back. >> that city is having a big weekend. >> uh-huh. >> the nfl draft and now new taylor swift music. >> a lot going on. >> thanks, paula. coming up, our "play of the day." stay with us. behr presents: tough as walls. ♪ that's some great paint. ♪ that's some great paint. ♪ that's some great paint. behr ultra, a top-rated interior and exterior paint. paint, prime, protect - all in one. now that's some great paint! find it exclusively at the home depot. so kim, you going for our big drive safe & save discount? yup! using the app. i've been quite vigilant. ahh! easy, easy! but you're in labour... don't mess with my discount! (clearing throat) get a discount up to 30% with drive safe & save.
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7:50 am
daughters wear costumes instead of pajamas to bed. >> lucy wanted to wear a costume to bed instead of jammies so she picked out elsa because it's like jammies and comfortable. nora wanted a costume too. >> cutest thing ever. that is 2 1/2-year-old nora. >> never saw the hot dog. >> people are relishing this adorable moment. she is so cute. she sees nothing wrong with it. it has more than 200,000 views on our twitter account alone. nora's official title is princess hot dog, according to her dad micah. he says her grandmother gave her the hot dog costume to her for halloween. >> it does look comfortable. >> it's like a big sleeping bag essentially. >> thanks, janai. coming up, the new recommendations about kids and screen time. just how little is too much? also "avengers" star paul rudd right here live. also avengers star paul rudd
7:51 am
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hi there. good morning. i'm jessica castro. here is meteorologist mike nicco with our forecast. >> hi, everybody. if you're going to be out and about today, you aisle need the sunglasses eventually. the clouds will go away. even at the coast we'll have sunshine and breezy, especially around the golden gate bridge and angel island and alcatraz. it's a little cooler than yesterday. the cooling trend continues through the weekend. good morning. we have one new problem in the north bay. highway 12 part hare lane. a couple of vehicles are actually stuck together and that is blocking both directions. it's one lane there on each side. traffic very heavy on ether side there, eastbound and westbound. the westbound side of 580, richmond side of the richmond san rafael bridge, still major delays due to the emergency road repair. goming up on gma, the
7:57 am
alarming new report about screen time and your kids. how much is too much? dr. ashton is on gma live with dr. ashton is on gma live with the answers. [phone ringing] remember the way we used to do things? hey man... like connect with friends? dig it! or get in shape? or sell a house and pay a real estate agent a big commission. [crash] at redfin, we charge you a 1% listing fee. and because is america's #1 brokerage site our agents get more eyes on your home so you sell for thousands more than the one next door. don't get stuck in the past. sell with a redfin agent. than the one next door. this spring, it's out with the old and in with the awesome. as in, in with the fastest, most reliable internet from xfinity xfi. so you can be in with brilliantly connected devices in every room. and in with findinall favoresv and streaming apps with just your voice. this spring it's out with the old, and in with simple, easy, awesome. during the xfinity spring sale,
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good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. state of emergency. the deadly storm moving east after 11 tornadoes tear across four states. severe thunderstorms are about to slam the east from the carolinas to the mid-atlantic. the northeast about to get drenched. battle for the white house. the president on the attack after joe biden launches his campaign and why anita hill is hitting the former vp saying his apology for the past is not enough. measles outbreak. hundreds of students and staff are quarantined at two american universities over fears they've been exposed. what you need to know to protect yourself and your family. dr. ashton here with the latest. you know her as mother of dragons. what happens when emilia clarke goes undercover and all over new york dressed up as john snow. >> imagine how much fun we'll have together. >> how you could watch the finale and talk dragons with
8:01 am
khaleesi. are you ready for it, "me" is here and we were there. robin talking to taylor overnight in prime time. >> you gave me a shot when i was 14 years old. thank you so much for everything. >> look at her now. she's all grown up. the moment swift's super fans converged on the star in nashville after deciphering all the clues in her brand-new video. our cameras right there. and "avengers: endgame" is here. paul rudd joins us live on "gma" this morning. and he's saying -- >> good morning, america. [ cheers and applause ] great to have paul rudd here this friday morning. hope you're doing well. good morning, america. >> always so much fun to have here. we have a huge show. paul rudd, taylor swift, including a "gma" exclusive with bond, james bond. we sat down with the cast of the daelrannot waito to start f,
8:02 am
share that with you. >> it will be exciting. first we want to check in on the severe storms moving east. millions of americans bracing for possible tornados, a lot of rain. louisiana in a state of emergency and rob marciano is here tracking it all. good morning, rob. >> good morning, george. unfortunately this system has a history of doing damage, 11 tornadoes across 4 state, the worst in louisiana. ef-3 over ruston. that motel, significant damage there across gas stations. louisiana tech heavily damaged as well. the student taking this video, look at that. winds up to 160 miles an hour blowing that rain sideways and debris sideways as well. this storm at one point a thousand yards wide. here is the storm itself. some of the energy up to the north. the northern part is strengthening and we saw showers and storms across florida but the heaviest rain will be from the ohio valley and pulses, an all day event but the severe weather threat includes north carolina and delmarva, strong os inhe b cities
8:03 am
philadelphia and baltimore so we'll watch this throughout the day. back over to you. >> thanks, rob. you're going to be busy this weekend. we turn to the latest on the race for the white house. overnight former vice president joe biden attending his first fund-raising event as president trump took aim in a new interview and anita hill is weighing in too now saying the vice president's apology for what happened in the past is not enough. let's go back to our senior washington correspondent terry moran over at the white house. good morning, terry. >> reporter: good morning, cecilia. in joe biden president trump senses a genuine rival, a man of similar age with a similar appeal to blue collar voters. they're already taking shots at each other but biden will have to get through the strong crowded democratic field and deal with his own long track record. joe biden closed out his first day as a presidential candidate with a fund-raiser in philadelphia. >> we really have to restore. we have to start choosing truth over lies. hope over fear. [ applause ] >> reporter: and while he didn't mention president trump by name, he made his focus clear.
8:04 am
>> i'm hoping that in a couple of years we'll look back and say whether it's me or anybody else replacing him that this is an aberration in american history. this four years, because it's not who we are. >> reporter: overnight in an interview with fox news, the president took aim at biden. >> he's not the brightest lightbulb in the group, i don't think, but he has a name that they know. >> reporter: the biden campaign is facing another hurdle. his long track record in the senate. the campaign revealed thursday that biden spoke with anita hill expressing regret for what she endured. as senate judiciary committee chairman a 48-year-old ran the confirmation hearings for supreme court nominee clarence thomas. >> can you tell the committee what was the most embarrassing of all the incidences that you have alleged? >> reporter: anita hill famously testified that thomas had
8:05 am
harassed her. in turn many feel she was eviscerated by lawmakers. anita hill tells "the new york times" that that conversation with biden which happened earlier this month left her feeling unsatisfied that he has genuinely accepted responsibility for what she says is the harm he caused her. she says it is not enough just to say i'm sorry. she wants to see real change in him, george. >> she'll watch for more. terry moran, thanks very much. we turn to that measles emergency. it's led to two massive quarantines at two universities in los angeles. cdc says 700 measles cases have been reported across the u.s. and we want to bring in our chief medical correspondent dr. jen ashton for more on this. pretty scary stuff the way it is spreading. if people had the vaccine years and years ago, do they have to be worried? do they have to get tested? >> they really don't have to be tested. that's not what the blood test was designed for. if you think you've been vaccinated you do not need to think about getting that blood test. it's expensive and oftentimes the results can put us in a gray
8:06 am
zone where another vaccine is recommended. >> how about booster shots? >> no booster shot necessary for measles. if you are vaccinated you're considered to have lifelong immunity. >> we should not sugar coat this. measles is dangerous. >> i mean, this is something that we have to put in context historically and medically. most health care providers have never seen a case of measles since it was considered eradicated in the u.s. back in 2000. now we're likely going to see the highest numbers in 25 years. it absolutely can be deadly. there is about one in two out of a thousand cases can be deadly especially for children. and, remember, in terms of the symptoms, which most people have never seen, we're talking about things that can look like the common cold only worse, cough, red eyes, runny nose, a rash that appears three to five days after the symptoms start, very high fever. the tragic thing with this, george, and we can't emphasize this, this outbreak is avoidable and it is preventable. >> you can be infectious before the rash shows up? >> exactly. >> okay, dr. jen ashton, thanks very much. i know you'll stick around.
8:07 am
you have some new guidelines for scene time with kids coming up. harry and kate all smiles amid rumors of the rift, the royal rift. the latest on that as we also wait for the royal baby. plus, get excited, "avengers" fans, antman himself paul rudd is here. plus, we have a great audience and we'll be right back. reat audience and we'll be right back. [ applause ] hey! (mixed chatter) look what we got! so fluffy! mmmm! you want that one? i do too. ♪ oh baby you ♪ you got what i need ♪ you got everything i need ♪ your love will never go away ♪ 'cause you ♪ oh you got what i need amazon's got everything you need and free shipping for all. welcome, everyone. from new love. ♪ to life long friends. ♪ moments together call for america's family favorite.
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progressive can't protect you from becoming your parents. but we can protect your home and auto. progressive can't protect you from becoming your parents. our three contestants are all at the big ikea table. contestant #1, impressive knife skills. but contestant #2 fights back by using fresh parsley. make room for the judge! live together. lounge differently. ikea. (dad) this i(mom)eam cake needs a freezefreezer's full. (vo) only frigidaire's custom flex temp drawer can switch from fridge to freezer. (son) nice save! (vo) that's using your frigidaire. [ applause ] welcome back to "gma." welcome to our great audience here this friday morning. great audience here but next week we got some great guests, ryan reynolds, hugh jackman both t dorr guys, for ma."
8:12 am
>> paul rudd is here so that's really, really, really good news. hi, everybody. how are you? time for "pop news" or what i like to say is the time you get to miss lara so -- like a lot. let's start with -- get ready for your spice girls quotes. do you have them all? the spice up your life tour, right? it's the spice world tour. or as i like to say, here's the story from a to z, you want to get with me you got to listen carefully. [ laughter ] spice girls are releasing images for their big show. there's mel b., emma bunton, geri halliwell -- can you name them all? scary, baby, ginger. i'm missing one. who is the other one? sporty. sporty. i know the audience had it, all right. here's the ladies having fun. baby spice with a big grin and
8:13 am
geri, looks like she's ready to go, practicing moves with dancers. the girls can't wait to hit the road and ready to make new memories. the spice world 2019 tour kicks off in dublin, ireland on may 24th. >> i thought you were going to tell us what you want. >> what i really, really want. very good, cecilia. [ applause ] very, very -- what i really, really want is a spice girls world tour. so maybe that can happen. exclusive "game of thrones" for you fans. winter is not only here but, guys, we're almost done with winter. there's only four more episodes left before the series comes to an end. i know, can you believe it? no. and if you want to have the ultimate watch party because all your friends are having a watch party, how about if you had emilia clarke, aka mother of dragons, at your watch party. [ applause ] once you know her, you can call her khaleesi.
8:14 am
she teamed up with you get to have it w of thrones" character which is a nice twist and when you see who she's dressed as if you're a fan of the show, you'll really think it's even better. take a look. >> jon snow loves new york. oh, yeah. oh, yeah, i was just wondering which way to the wall. >> what? >> the wall, that's right, just anywhere north, i like it. north. [ applause ] >> well, as we know, new yorkers in times square ain't nobody going to bend a knee. nobody in this town is going to bend a knee either to jon snow or khaleesi. we should also say that that turns out it is a fund-raising campaign, and all proceeds will to clarke's charity that helps adults recover from brain injuries.
8:15 am
wasoing yomashhe sso it wae a ry he>>if you w emilia. i'm technically challenged. i'm not sure i can get it. but do it right now, everybody. do it right now. [ applause ] finally, if you will, let's wake you up with a laptop drum roll. mason ramsey, you know him as the 12-year-old walmart yodel kid. he won our hearts. you can stop. i don't want any bruising. with his incredible voice in the aisle of walmart he was here on the show as well. do you remember that, the yodeling kid from walmart? so now he's amazing us again. crowd surfing in an inflatable horse, he's 12 years old. i thinking this is the safe and probably germ-free way to crowd surf, right? right? i mean, you -- >> nervous. >> as a matter of fact, george,
8:16 am
so, gary, can we bring in my abaiow unicorn? all right. so mason made it big and it's a big yee ha, so i worked this out. you look -- but i've worked it out with the crowd. are you guys ready? so i'm going to get in and then -- i'm not doing that. i would not do that. but -- cecilia. >> you were going to do it. the first time he's been discreet. >> while holding a unicorn. >> while holding an inflatable sparkle unicorn. >> wow. >> thank you, sam. >> thank you, guys. [ applause ] to our cover story, prince ches tryg to put rumors of a royal rift to rest. they appeared together in public. you see them there and eva pilgrim is in london where the baby could be coming any day. hey, eva.
8:17 am
>> reporter: hey, george. the wait is on. any day this baby is expected and every move is now being watched as people look for a hint as to when this baby could arrive. meanwhile, harry putting to bed a family tension appearing pretty chummy with sister-in-law kate. kate and harry clearly united thursday as they arrive for a service at westminster abbey. this royal duo keeping each other company while prince william carries out an official visit in new zealand and mom-to-be meghan stays home, baby sussex due any time now. >> you'd often see the two on engagements laughing and joking so yesterday's appearance was a reminder of how close that relationship is and how it remained throughout the years. >> reporter: since last year's wedding, rumors of a fight between the sussexs and cambridges have been swirling.
8:18 am
several uk newspapers claiming the so-called fab four were on rocky terms. at first it was that kate and meghan didn't get along, that the two duchesses clashed during the wedding preparations. the move to frogmore and the announcement that harry and meghan were splitting from the kensington palace household apparent proof of royal discord. >> it was inevitable that william and harry would go their separate ways. both men in their 30s with different priorities but sources say that the two of them are actually closer than they have been in a long time. it's the rumors of tensions between royal family members that will continue to drive sales of newspapers and tabloids here in the uk. >> reporter: each time the four have been seen together, their body language picked apart for signs of tension. the latest speculation, a bust-up between the brothers fueled by the fact that harry didn't walk to the easter service with will and kate. >> after sunday's easter service william and kate paid a surprise visit to meghan at frogmore cottage. it was the first time visiting the new home but, of course, meghan wasn't at the service so it was also an opportunity for them to see how she's doing, check up on her.
8:19 am
>> reporter: and just this morning, the sussex royal instagram posting calling for unity around the world. now, as for if there's any truth to these rumors, it's really hard to know what goes on behind palace walls. what we do know is that nothing unifies a family like a baby. >> thanks very much. to cecilia. we turn to a "gma" parenting alert. the world health organization is out with new guidelines about screen time for children. our chief medical correspondent dr. jennifer ashton is back with more on this. >> good morning. >> tell us about these new recommendations. >> the world health organization falling in line with other professional organizations because every person who has a little person in their life is dealing with screen time now so let's break it down. there are new recommendations basically in keeping with other guidelines but they're saying zero to two years no screen time, zero. from 2 to 5, one-hour maximum in a 24-hour period and i should
8:20 am
also add this isn't just about screen time but making recommendatio aut sleep saying 0 to 5-year-olds should get 10 to 14 hours and activity, up to three hours of physical activity a day, and most of the time if you're looking at a screen you can't be sleeping or physical active. >> what defines screen time, a question a lot of parents have. is it tv, computer, the tablet? >> they're hoping they have one device that's out of the picture. literally anything with a screen, tvs, smartphones, tablets, anything with a screen qualifies and i think the other important thing here, we don't have decades of long-term data about the effects on a very young brain of all this screen time which is now part of our life. so there can be pros and cons. there can be educational devices clearly. it's not all bad or all good. but in this very vulnerable time period when brains are actively and aggressively developing, we really want to err on the side of caution and don't know the long-term effects yet. >> you know every parent out there who struggles with this is going there are some
8:21 am
pros. we have to talk about the realities of parenting and caregiving, sometimes you need these devices. you need a break? >> oh, yeah, so i will say i was very impressed that the world health organization was sensitive to this guilt factor. they understand the reality and the logistics of caring for a small baby or a toddler when you have to do something else. true story, cecilia, i watched a friend's baby during a hockey game. that baby started to cry, i whipped out my phone so quickly, so we have all been there. but i think that -- >> doctor's orders. >> been there, done that. i think the key here, if you are in doubt, talk or walk it out. go old school. read, play, engage in games where there's human-human interaction, that's always safer. >> always good stuff. dr. ashton, thanks. over to rob. >> all right, cecilia, well, we had all the kids here yesterday, bring your kids to work day. i think after that they're all passed out backstage potentially on sam's floaty unicorn or fighting over it for sure. we've had babies and cats. for the first time on "gma" this is a parrot riding a roomba.
8:22 am
that's right. this is petra the parrot out of liberty, missouri, vacuuming the hallway, doing a fantastic job, by the way. doing a little bit of a roomba dance. apparently this parrot has over 300 words in the arsenal. we don't have audio to support it but will take their word for welcome to friday. i'm abc 7 news meteorologist mike nicco. cooler weather today. with more clouds and fog tonight, the tapering of the temperatures will continue through the weekend. today still warm in our inland neighborhoods. low to mid 80s there. low to mid 60s along the coast into san francisco. tonight we'll fall down into the upper 40s to mid 50s. here is my accuweather seven-day forecast. we lose a degree or two every day through tuesday. ♪ the new bond film being
8:23 am
called bond 25. we saw rami malek yesterday. that was just moments after the announcement he's the new villain. this morning we will hear from cary fukunaga, moneypenny naomie harris and bond himself, daniel craig. take a look. it's official. bond -- >> james bond. >> -- is back. >> good evening. >> daniel craig, 007 for the fifth and final time. >> i just want to have as good a time as possible because if this is my last movie, i want to go out with a bang. >> they say it's your last film every time. >> yeah, they say every time i do it. they said after "casino," maybe. >> you're not my type. >> smart? >> single. >> reporter: the cast is about to start shooting in jamaica where ian fleming created bond more than 65 years ago. it's also where we'll find bond at the start of the new film. >> it's such a stunning location and it's also in my roots. my family are part jamaican so
8:24 am
it means a great deal for me to be here. >> reporter: it's been 13 years since craig became the most famous spy in "casino royale." >> coming on to something like this changes your life in ways that you could just never guess. most of it for the better. i mean for sure. >> i knew it was too early to promote you. >> well, i understand 00s have a very short life expectancy. >> i have always watched bond movies when i was a kid so i knew what was going on but when i took it on, i read every book, i watched every movie and took everything i could and just tried to absorb as much as i could. >> james bond. >> realizing i didn't want to repeat what had gone before and i thought i know how to act and i'll do it and the feel for it will come through. i mean, i didn't kind of have a grand plan. >> reporter: and it worked. craig brought emotional depth, humanity to the character and under his reign the legendary franchise has become a box office juggernaut. >> what took you so long? >> the emotional complexity and
8:25 am
the vulnerability through the last four films, there's a humanity there that i think is a lot different than previous iterations of the character. >> i love being part of this franchise. it's unlike any other. ultimately it's a family. >> are you ready to get back to work? >> with pleasure. >> it's really generously massively exciting. there's been a good break and i needed a break and it feels like it's the right time to come back and do it. >> okay. give me something. >> i'm kind of nervous but in a really good way. >> you know it's going to be great. >> so good. >> really good. >> bond 25 slated to hit theaters next year. coming up here, "avengers" star paul rudd, he is here live. "avengers" star paul rudd, he is here live. [ applause ] okay, joe biden, you just announced you're running for president so where's the first place you'll be heard? on "the view." this morning, presidential candidate joe biden. then tuesday, joe and jill biden
8:26 am
together, exclusive with robin roberts, right before their first public campaign stop. what will they reveal? on "gma." will they reveal? on "gma."
8:27 am
good morning. it's 8:27. happy friday. i'm reggie aqui from abc 7 mornings. the army veteran accused of intentionally running down people in sunnyvale is scheduled to make his first court appearance. 45-year-old isaiah peoples wu heading to bible study when police say he mowed down eight people. officers say peoples has not shown any remorse. the motive remains unclear. alexis, how does friday traffic look? >> not so friday light in some areas. in martinez a solo vehicle collision westbound 4. that's blocking one lane. definitely seeing a bit of delay on that approach. a quick check of drive times. no blocking incidents here. seven minutes across golden gate, 13 across the bay bridge and 24-minute drive westbound 92
8:28 am
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in an easy-to-use, non-greasy collar. seresto, seresto, seresto. ohh no, jake. seresto. 8-month. seresto, seresto, seresto. breathe alert is back. fog thickest around livermore, half moon bay. that's your biggest issue commuting this morning. also delays at sfo. here is a look at my accuweather seven-day forecast, temperatures continuing to cool through trz. another abc 7 news update in about 30 minutes. you can find us on our news app at the news continues right now with gma.
8:30 am
♪ use the stones again. >> we've been going in shorthanded. >> he's still got the stone. >> so let's get him. use them to bring everybody back. >> just like that? >> yeah, just like that. >> even if there's a small chance that we can undo this, i mean we owe it to everyone who is not in this room to try. >> if we do this, how do we know it's going to end any differently than it did before? >> because before you didn't have me. [ applause ] >> there you go. i know you've been waiting for so long. "avengers: endgame" came out last night. already breaking records officially in theaters today. >> should we get to it and bring out one of the "avengers" right now? his tiny character plays a big role in the new movie. the man of the hour, antman, paul rudd. [ cheers and applause ] ♪
8:31 am
>> good morning. >> thank you. [ applause ] >> do you like to be called tiny all the time? >> what's that? >> do you like to be called tiny all the time? >> tiny all the time. i get that a lot. it's true. >> it's finally out. you got to see it for the first time at the premiere on monday. >> yeah, that's right. >> give us your big review. >> it was -- i thought it was great. [ laughter ] i mean, you know, i'm a little biased but, you know, i think taking the most objective stance i could -- i thought it was fantastic. >> well, it's out and open now. you guys have to keep secrets for a very long time. >> right. >> do they now say, okay, you can go talk about it? we could ask what the ending is and officially you could tell us or no, not yet? >> nobody has said anything to
8:32 am
me so until they do i'm just going to keep my mouth shut and i still, you know, i play it really safe and don't even talk about "the sixth sense" and that's been out for years. [ laughter ] so even more important review, your kids. what did they think? >> they loved it. yeah. they're really into the mcu and all of the films so we all went to the premiere together and they were blown away. >> forget about press tour. you can keep a secret on a press tour. how do you keep the secret at home? >> you just -- i think they've learned at this point to just stop asking. [ laughter ] my 9-year-old daughter has -- although she will still say, you can tell me. i'm not going to tell anybody. [ laughter ] and i just say, i don't know. i really don't know. >> makes it easier. >> that's the way to keep it. >> yeah, that's probably the safest bet. >> you play antman. have you thought about if you could play any other avenger, which one you would be? >> i haven't given that too much thought because i'm not so sure they'd cast me as any other avenger.
8:33 am
except maybe thor just because hemsworth and i are -- we're just so physically similar. [ laughter ] >> there is that. >> so i could see -- they wouldn't have to adjust the costume too much. so i guess thor. >> we had jeremy renner on the other day. he said you made him laugh so hard he's got a six pack. >> well, if that's true, the same applies, that guy cracks me up. he's the best. he's the best guy. he really -- no joke. i mean, you know, i've known him for awhile and it was really fun to do all the kind of -- all press with him and actually i did some with scarlett johansson and chris hemsworth and they were all incredible and a lot of fun. jeremy is a good guy and great actor. >> do you spend more time together on the tour than actually filming? >> probably. yeah, because we're going to these different places every
8:34 am
day, and we're kind of sitting in a hotel room behind a plant and a poster and -- >> why do they do that? they always do that. >> by the way, i always wondered until i got into this business, why do so many actors sit in black, dark rooms next to a fern. [ laughter ] and, oh, that's how that works. and every five minutes somebody else comes in and, you know -- >> so you're hosting "snl" for the fourth time. this is going to be the -- [ applause ] >> yeah. >> in may. >> yeah. >> but you already have your work cut out for you apparently because your co-star, "avenger"" co-star scarlett johansson says she'll mess with you when you're on so are you ready? did you hear that and are you ready? >> just heard this. [ laughter ] >> just in. >> it's already. if it messes me up they'll edit it out and then they'll fix it for when it's on tv. >> what are the possibilities if scarlett johansson is going to mess with you, what is the first thing that runs through your mind?
8:35 am
>> well, by the way, it's the most nerve-racking thing in the world. i've done it a couple of times and each time i think why do people put themselves through this? it's terrifying, and if scarlett were to do something, yeah, oh, god. >> you change things right up to the last minute. >> yeah, yeah, they'll change it in between -- kind of do a run through for dress and change it for the show. that's always -- i thought that was so funny when bill hader would do stefon, sometimes he's reading those cue cards for the first time live on tv and he would start laughing because john mulaney would have written something he's never seen specifically to throw him off so maybe if scarlett does something like that, i'll just go like hader does. >> you seem like you all get along and it's a fun group. >> it is. it's a really fun group. i mean, i'm pretty new to it. but it's been an incredible experience and i'm really lucky to be surrounded by such great actors and such nice people.
8:36 am
>> and you're going to be breaking all kinds of records this weekend. congratulations for that. >> wow. well, i have very little to do with that but thank you. >> "avengers: endgame" in theaters right now and coming up, more of our taylor swift exclusive. she drops her new song. ♪ se ] yoooh, hello yellow! at ross and you find... yes! that's yes for less. spring forward with the latest brand-name styles at 20 to 60 percent off department store prices. at ross. yes for less.
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8:39 am
all right, everybody excited about this one. back with more of our taylor swift exclusive dropping a brand-new music overnight. >> that song by the way shooting to number one after thousands of her fans rushed in to see it at the gulch in nashville. you saw the whole thing happen. let's go back to paula faris in nashville with more. hey, paula. >> reporter: good morning to you from nashville. you know that song as you just mentioned already topping the charts. i may or may not have listened to it 15 times. it certainly is catchy. she's been dropping hints to her fans about her work and her location. yesterday they found her here in nashville and, wow, did she ever reward them. ♪ i'm the only one of me, i'm the only one of me, that's the fun of me ♪ >> reporter: taylor swift delighting fans overnight with the release of "me" sending them into a complete frenzy online. ♪ me >> reporter: telling our own robin roberts that "me" is for everyone looking for a
8:40 am
pick-me-up. >> tell us a little more about "me." >> "me" is a song about embracing your individuality and celebrating it and owning it and, you know, i think that with a pop song we have the ability to get a melody stuck in people's heads and i want it to be one that makes them feel better about themselves. >> who has helped you feel better about yourself over time? >> the fans are amazing. i cannot believe how dedicated they are. how thoughtful. i can't believe how much they care so it makes it more fun for me to create music to create music videos knowing that they'll care about little easter eggs or clues or hints. you have no idea how much fun that is to make stuff for people who care about it so much, so it's the fans. >> reporter: swift surprising hundreds of lucky fans in person yesterday. showing up to a mural that she commissioned in nashville after posting these instagram stories right before her appearance.
8:41 am
>> it's kind of a morphing filter. >> reporter: what happened was complete mayhem. fans screaming, lining up for selfies. and autographs. >> this is the gulch, by the way. if you want to stop by this mural, it's pretty great. thank you so much for being with us. >> reporter: for the past several weeks it's all been leading to this, photo after photo of dreamy pastel hues and quirky details. taylor even gracing the cover of "time's" 100 most influential people in the same color palette and showing up on brand in this flowy dress to the "time" party. >> you're amazing to figure it out. no one knew we were coming. no one knew it was part of the campaign so you figured out the clue. you're the best. i love you so much. >> reporter: if you look closely, you'll see 13 hearts gracing the mural. that's a nod to her favorite number. cats, a reference to her beloved olivia and meredith popping up in a couple of spots and many of
8:42 am
the images and pastel colors showing up on her instagram feed including the giant butterfly were on display. all those clues coming to life in the newly released "me" video. ♪ me ooh >> reporter: it seems all that mystery led to a happy ending for them. the pop princess' adoring fans. ♪ and i promise nobody's gonna love you like me ♪ >> reporter: i love what she told robin. it's about embracing your individuality and celebrating it and owning it and it really does make you feel better about yourself. this song, i can't help myself, cecilia, i find myself dancing a little bit. it's catchy. i think it might be song of the summer material but got to give a little credit to taylor swift. she spent so much time with her fans yesterday. again, they love her and she loves them right back. it's a really beautiful relationship.
8:43 am
>> she is amazing and, paula, i got to say we saw you dancing while the package was on because you're on a giant monitor. >> is that what i was doing? >> yeah, yeah. >> you got that action on camera? >> apparently you had the beyonce thing with the wind in your hair. >> it's not windy. i actually have fans, part of my contract. >> thank you, paula. over to rob. >> it's also pretty chilly so nice job out there, paula. want to go where it's warm go out west, santa cruz, a time lapse. we want to prove to you all day long it was sunny. i think i see sam champion. oh, no, that's south beach. sam's place. you have to go out west to get the heat. that's where it will be again today. temperatures in the mid 90s. palm spring, 101, phoenix could hit 100 for the first time this season but there is still a huge snowpack at yosemite, a mountain pass there, nearly twice as much snow as they typically get. it looks like may gray or
8:44 am
june gloom outside. i'm abc 7 news meteorologist mike nicco. above average temperatures away from the coast. nice and comfy, no wind, room temperature here in the studio. over to you guys. >> we're now going to take a look behind the scenes of one of the biggest bands of the century, queen, and how they found their new lead singer, adam lambert. he sang with them for the "american idol" finale and the rest is history. you got to take a closer look rat a documentary. >> the rest is history. it's been more than four decades since we first heard queen on the radio. their songs still hitting the charts and along with adam lambert they're still rocking the stage. ♪ we are the champions my friend ♪ >> reporter: they're one of the greatest rock bands of all time once bed lie the uncomparable freddie mercury. in a new documentary airing
8:45 am
monday night, queen's surviving band members open up about how the show almost didn't go on after mercury's death in 1991. >> freddie mercury died last night of aids. tributes to his talent and courage from friends and from fans. >> he only admitted publicly he had aids the day before he died. >> the idea that queen could have continued without freddie mercury, no way. and yet here we are. >> it wasn't until this young man appeared, a gift from god, adam. we didn't ask for him. we didn't look for him. he just turned up and he could do everything. ♪ >> reporter: with the help of singer adam lambert queen is alive and bigger than ever. an unexpected revival that began on the 2009 "american idol" finale stage. >> the "american idol" people asked us to come in and play on the final competition night so it was between adam and this other guy. >> just meeting for the first time it was so surreal. i don't think i realized the
8:46 am
weight of that moment until after the fact. ♪ because we are the champions of the world ♪ >> they both are really good singers but there's some kind of chemistry already between us and adam. it was just instant. >> when adam was on stage he was not announced as the winner. i was sitting in the front row and he looked me in the eye and he said, i really wanted to win and i mouthed to him, you did. >> the "20/20" special "the show must go on: the queen and adam lambert story" airs monday at 9:00 and roger taylor will join us live and a special tribute to queen on "american idol" on sunday night featuring adam lambert as a celebrity guest. a lot to look forward to. >> i love adam lambert in that role. >> fantastic. >> thanks, janai. coming up, rob thomas performs live.
8:47 am
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>> announcer: okay, joe biden, you just announced you're running f >> announcer: okay, joe biden, you just announced you're running for president so where is the very first place you're going to be heard? on "the view." this morning, presidential candidate joe biden. then tuesday, joe and jill biden together, exclusive with robin roberts right before their first public campaign stop. what will they reveal on "gma"? [ applause ] it's the good stuff worth waiting for. we're here now with grammy singer, award winning singer and songwriter rob thomas whose new album "chip tooth smile" is here. >> and this morning he's here performing his new single. this is "one less day." [ applause ] ♪ i'm not afraid of getting older ♪ ♪ i'm one less day from dying young ♪ ♪ i see the light go past my shoulder ♪
8:50 am
♪ i'm one less day from dying young ♪ ♪ i see my life like a train on a one way track ♪ ♪ i've made mistakes and i couldn't take 'em back ♪ ♪ and i've been running round in circles till i'm dizzy, i can't lie ♪ ♪ but every night i go to sleep's a day that i survived ♪ ♪ i'm not afraid of getting older ♪ ♪ i'm one less day from dying young ♪ ♪ i see the light go past my shoulder ♪ ♪ i'm one less day from dying young ♪ ♪ and i've seen my friends fall away before their time ♪ ♪ and i've been afraid that i may follow in their light ♪ ♪ so i drink and love and whisper all the things i know are right ♪ ♪ 'cause someday i will leave this world but maybe not tonight ♪ ♪ i'm not afraid of getting
8:51 am
older ♪ ♪ i'm one less day from dying young ♪ ♪ i see the light go past my shoulder ♪ ♪ i'm one less day from dying young ♪ ♪ i'm one less day from dying young ♪ ♪ all my life i have been wondering ♪ ♪ burning up my candle like my time just won't end ♪ ♪ and i'll keep burning till there's nothing left ♪ ♪ praying that tomorrow i can do it all again ♪ ♪ and if i get tomorrow i will do it all again ♪ ♪ 'cause i'm not afraid of getting older ♪ ♪ i'm one less day from dying young ♪ ♪ i see the light go past my shoulder ♪ ♪ i'm one less day from dying young ♪ ♪ i'm not afraid of getting older ♪
8:52 am
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"good morning america" is sponsored by progressive. making it easy to bundle your home and car insurance. our huge thanks to rob thomas. your amazing band. you guys are so wonderful. just want to thank our friend sam champion for coming. have a great weekend, everybody. friend sam champion for coming. have a great weekend, everybody.
8:56 am
8:57 am
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good morning. it's 8:59 and friday. i'm reggie aqui. here is mike nicco with a look at the forecast. it came back yesterday, today spread out a little more. that will drop our temperatures a little more. if you're at the coast, you'll have a little sunshine. everywhere else, we're not going to have much in the way of cloud cover after the next hour or so. temperatures today, 60s at the coast, 70s around the bay and 80s inland. >> all right. a big issue with mass transit. muni, it sounds like overhead wires that overheated that are causing the system-wide delay. so muni is providing shuttles between castro and embarcadero stations. b.a.r.t. is accepting muni fares to help get you through that and likely will last through the rest of the morning commute. time now for live with kelly and ryan. we'll see you at 11:00 a.m. for
9:00 am
>> announcer: it's "live with kelly and ryan!" today, academy award winner viola davis. and from the new series "no good nick," sean astin. plus, healthy skin tips as we wrap up our spring has sprung a leak. all next on "live!" and now, here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest! [cheers and applause] ♪


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