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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  May 10, 2019 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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he takes the stage here in san francisco. >> we are speaking exclusively tonight. >> u.c. berkeley students are coming up with innovative ways to fix local problems. >> i'm in san jose standing in an adc, that's short for accessory housing unit. how this is growing across the bay area. >> steph curry with an epic effort as the warriors advance in the playoffs. bay aam c a three. better steph curry from downtown. >> from big worry to big win,
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warriors fans endure a nerve racking game tonight. >> in the end, steph curry went from zero to hero. our sports director joins us. what a game. >> the warriors won three championships under steve kerr but few wins as good and as big as this one. steph is missing in action in the first half in houston. he was terrible. maybe underestimated. maybe needing one win and he's in immediate foul trouble. couldn't make a shot. scoreless at the half and then the two-time mvp came out and scorched the rockets for 33 in the second half. he's draining deep threes. he's driving to the cup in a 118-113 -- look at him go -- series clencher. >> this stage in terms of how this game was, it was huge. i've had games like this. maybe not as
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things aren't going your way and you start to figure it out. i'm glad it happened. >> i told his mom and dad after the game, i said if that game didn't personify steph curry i don't know what did. >> the warriors advance to game one of the conference finals which will be at oracle against denver or portland and kevin durant maybe back sometime during that series. >> excellent, fun. >> gets more entertaining every round. >> it really does. thanks, larry. see you >> check out these fans. we caught up with fans in berkeley watching the game. they can breathe now as we wait to see who the warriors face next. >> there was a lot of excitement in the bay area for two democratic presidential candidates. they're neck and neck in the polls. >> we also sat down with senator
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kamala harris for an exclusive interview and we have team coverage tonight. let's start with you. >> all right. excitement certainly building around pete tonight. a fund-raiser in san francisco sold out. >> please help me and welcome the next president of the united states. >> he brought his husband to the stage in san francisco. he told the sold out crowd the democrats need a good campaign sew l slogan. i get it. the other side has their thing. lock her up, build a wall, we have freedom, security, and democracy and that's a pretty good bumper sticker. >> what's your message to voters? >> it's time for a in generation of leadership to step forward. >> he supports reproductive rights for women and believes climate change is real. he was a rising star in the
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democratic party. the mayor of south bend indiana and veteran and harvard grad. so far he's been successful in fund-raising across the state. >> it's about raising money and also profile and we have seen this guy rocket from a nobody to somebody who is getting noticed around the country. >> mainly he is a gay married man. >> being a gay veteran also. that's one of the things, probably the biggest thing that is drawing me to mayor pete. >> leann in a brought her son eli. >> i think he's a good role model for my children and gives me a lot of hope for the future. >> he channelled harvey milk when thanking his supporters. >> i'm mindful that i'm in the city where a certain path breaking leader said you have to give them hope. >> now he laughed off president trump's new nickname for him but admitted it's not very
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presidential of him. he hopes to meet with a new fan of his soon. governor gavin newsome. is harris worried about his popularity here? >> i asked her about his enthusiasm. she said she wasn't concerned. she likes the guy but like all the candidates in the race she has a challenging road ahead. something we spoke about in our exclusive interview tonight. >> fresh off the campaign trail we met up exclusively with senator kamala harris at a law firm in san francisco. how would you grade your performance so far? >> i think i'm doing great. i am really enjoying this process. i'm not sure what that says about my campaigns you meet the angels walking among us. >> she raised more than $12 million so far. 20,000 people showed up to her campaign launch in oakland but according to her poll she has
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just 8% support among democratic voters. >> what differentiates her from everyone else? >> at the end of this process voters are going to want someone that has a proven track record of leadership, which i do. >> in recent weeks her prosecutor chops have been on full display. >> you did not question or look at the underlying evidence that supports the conclusion in the report. >> but her record on criminal justice reform has come under scrutiny. we asked her if her proposal to increase salaries and funding is a way to appease her critics. >> they're part of a life and career of what we need to do to reform the criminal justice system and i frankly believe that when you have known the system from the outside which i have you talk about what is necessary and implemented what is necessary for reform. >> a criticism of harris in a field of 21, she's too cautious. we asked her three times if she agrees with chris hughes's
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proposal to break up facebook over mark zuckerberg's power and she wouldn't say. >> i think we need to regulate technology. >> on a lighter note she talked with us about being called momma love. she said that role has given her a greater understanding that the world is bigger than ourselves. it's the lenses through which she says she would govern if president. >> thank you. as that list of candidates grows, currently at 22 and counting, you can keep up with who is officially running by going to our website abc 7 >> meanwhile, developing news tonight, a top house democrat is issuing subpoenas for president trump's tax returns dating back six years. treasury secretary steven munuchin and the irs commissioner were told to deliver them by next friday. >> transit officials tell us around 6:30 an unknown object
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hit the engineer after being thrown through the window of the train. the engineer was taken to the hospital but has since been released. >> new information on the story we showed you last night. city leaders responded to tenants complaints about moldy apparents and a land lord that has done nothing about it. he has lived in this apartment for three years. he says he and his neighbors complained to the lord. management about mold, water leaks, roaches and no heating. >> a lot of us lived here because we didn't have any other options. >> it went in my nose and and
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>> tonight we're talking housing and scoring a growing trend that's putting housing units in bay area backyards. >> the 538 square foot aduaduadu january. it's growing in popularity across the bay area. >> never been a trend setter until now. >> we took with the city of san jose. i took just 16 applications to build them in 2017. so in 2018 the number of applications skyrocketed. they decided to build the one bedroom unit to keep their daughter and son-in-law close. >> in other places, they would probably be well enough off that they could afford to buy a house. well, they can't here in the valley. >> a recent report ranks the san
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jose metro as the most expensive area to buy a home. >> keeping the families together piece of it seems to be a really big part of this. >> all part of what he says is one answer to the bay area's housing crisis. >> well, providing housing for those probably wouldn't have an opportunity to live in the bay area. >> he and his wife live in the main house. their daughter and son-in-law in the adu until grandchildren force the switch. parents in my backyard will be the next trend he'll take on. >> it's still my daughter in the backyard at this point but yes that might happen. >> in san jose, abc 7 news. >> homelessness, housing and health care are all problems students say they have a solution for. we'll tell you what up next. >> and you thought starbucks was expensive?
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why people were paying $75 for a cup of coffee in san francisco. >> it's not going to cost you a dime to enjoy a beautiful forecast this mother's day weekend. i'll have the details coming up. >> first here's a look at what's coming up on jimmy kimmel live. >> watch this it's the last thing you do. we're going to put them on in a ping-pong ball hopper and we'll pick somebody to be your new it's your time... .lf... . own it...
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it's no ordinary day at denny's it's crepe day. a family tradition we started about twenty-two minutes ago. and from the looks of it, this tradition is going to last awhile. denny's has new crepes! see you at denny's.
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an update to a story about a san francisco teacher with cancer getting national attention. a go fund me page for her was back up. abc 7 news first brought you this story on tuesday of this
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week. a teacher is required by state law to pay for her own substitute while out on medical leave. since the story, many viewers contacted abc 7 news to offer money and help. she's been in touch to let them know about the offers. they had earlier closed the go fund me after it reached the original goal. tonight though the go fund me site is open again and raised almost $14,000. we posted a link on our website. abc 7 >> building a better bay area takes all of us. in the east bay college students are tackling some of our biggest problems and coming up with interesting solutions. it's part of our innovative course offered at uc berkeley and listen to their ideas. >> fresh eyes and fresh perspectives. >> since we're not connected to everything, we can see something big. >> it's a new u.c. berkeley course with innovative solutions
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to local problems. >> over the course of 11 weeks, 18 students worked on solutions to problems like homelessness, housing and health care. >> what did you see? >> what i saw was a gap with an opportunity to really bridge connections. >> he fielded a podcast to tell the stories of the homeless community in oakland with a call to action. >> that can include signing petition. include donating money directly to organizations that are already doing work with these issues. >> he wants to create an app where oakland residents would be notified before a new development project is killed. >> trying to address that issue is not going to help. he wants people to feel comfortable in health care spaces. >> we wanted a series of workshops in which people would identify problems they would have. >> the brain behind this operation a former berkeley student and now an instructor.
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>> the young students have the passion and energy to make change. they are living among these problems every day and they're big dreamers. >> it takes dreamers to change the world. in berkeley, abc 7 news. >> it's not surprising the most expensive cup of coffee in the world is sold right here in the bay area. abc 7 news was in san francisco at klatch coffee where customers say sip on it for $75 a cup. that's because unique coffee from panama cost $800 a pound. they own ten of the 100 pounds auctioned off to buyers around the world. the only ten pounds available in the u.s. customers say it has a smooth fruity taste that packs a punch to the taste buds and the wallet. what do you think? would you try it? >> no thanks, unless someone else is s talkbo the weekend
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forecast. >> that's right. >> it's going to be absolutely fantastic this weekend. let's take a look at the time lapse. fog rolling in. the golden gate bridge somewhere under that marine layer this afternoon. this evening, this is pretty typical as you know but it's almost cruel to watch this time lapse as the fog comes in. take a look at live doppler 7, it pushed all the way into the north bay. it started to make some progress but some parts of the bay area aren't seeing any cloud cover right now. tomorrow morning, take the dog out for a walk. it's going to be nice walking weather. let me show you the hour by hour temperatures first thing tomorrow morning. starting off on the cool side with some clouds. temperatures in the 50s as we head toward the afternoon. those numbers will be rising coming up into the low 70s. even an afternoon walk with the dog will be nice. some low clouds over themevill .
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mainly sunny and mild for mother's day weekend and a cooler pattern develops next week. let's get to the mother's day forecast. make sure a jacket in the morning. temperatures in the 50s with low clouds and fog. clearing trend in the noontime hour. it will be cool with lingering clouds. mild inland. something for every mom and then by evening those temperatures will fall. speaking of falling, tomorrow morning, mid 40s to the mid 50s. areas of fog around and tomorrow afternoon it's a nice day in the south bay. 80 in morgan hill. 76 sunnyville on the pennsylvania. mid 70s from mountainview to redwood city. lingering fog there and also in daly city 61. northbound bay temperatures in the low 70s. 77 santa rosa and the east bay. sunshine by afternoon, low 70s heyward to oakland, 72 castro valley.
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79 in concord. 78 livermore. there's a couple of games going on this weekend. the giants hosting the reds at oracle park. 58 degrees in the evening. a little breezy. there wil to the mid 50s. as are going to be hosting the indians and the weather should be nice and mild tomorrow afternoon, 65 degrees coming up to about 71 degrees. you'll need the sunscreen tomorrow. fog and sunshine. nice weather for mother's day. cooling as we head toward next week. and wednesday into thursday bringing in a chance of showers but no showers other than sunshine for meeother's day weekend. >> well, warriors star steph curry has
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>> take a look at the curry 6 international boulevard color way shoes. steph says when he was starting out with the warriors he would take international boulevard instead of 880 when heading to oracle. the colors are street art on that road. >> those are good-looking shoes. >> some thought they had no chance tonight. it's a gam
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was score addreless at the half the warriors send the rockets home for the summer. emilia clarke, queen of dragons on the sidelines. bend the knee or face the consequences. warriors are hanging in this thing. clay thompson was incredible in the first half. he kept the warriors alive by himself and the bench contributing. he barely played the past two months. clay 21 points in the first half and we were tied at 57. meanwhile, steph scoreless and could not make a single shot. chris paul, he had 27. rockets up by as many as 7 and starting to pull away but fourth quarter here comes the mvp. it's steph, oh he's from way out. once he gets hot, look out.
11:30 pm
launching, knockdown, reinjuries his dislocated finger. no pain, no gain. 90 seconds left. curry with 33 in the second half. one more from clay that got a little excited here after this jumper. yeah. give him his max deal and the warriors pull off a shocker, 118-113. they take the series on to the western conference finals. >> guys were talking to me in the locker room to keep ahead and stay aggressive. it was amazing. we played amazing defense and took shots we knew we could make. it's been a big time win for us. >> it's one of the most satisfying victories we've had during this run. we've been blessed to have all of this talent and competitiveness and these guys are just amazing so they won a lot of big games
11:31 pm
of the most satisfying that we've had. >> unbelievable. >> as and indians guys got a calendar on this hat. sends everybody home. good night, game over, drive home safely. the first walk off. wins it 4-3 as and the giants lost 7-0 to the
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thank you for watching on jimmy kimmel live tonight emilia clarke.
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>> enjoy and happy mother's day. >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- from "game of thrones," emilia clarke, dennis quaid, snoop dogg and music from p!nk, and now, most of all, jimmy kimmel! [cheers and applause] ♪ >> jimmy: very nice. thank you. very kind. i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show. thank you for coming. i'm glad you're here. [cheers and applause] i'm glad i didn't have to subpoena anyone to get you here. it's very nice. i welcome you.


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