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tv   ABC 7 News at 5  ABC  June 23, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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now from abc7 live breaking news. >> breaking news from the east bay where a fire tore through a lumber company in pittsburg pumping thick black smoke near highway 4. >> sky 7 is live over the scene as we speak, and we are just getting some word that flames spread to other buildings, also a field. so right away let's get to the scene of the fire for the very latest. >> liz is live in pittsburg. what have you learned, liz? >> reportr: hi. within the past hour there was a huge plume of smoke here behind me at a three-alarm fire at a lumberyard in pittsburg. we are told that that fire is now contained. you can see these fire crews here behind me mopping it up. that is the good news. now, the bad news is that we are told that one firefighter has been injured. we do not know the condition of that firefighter at this time. of course, that is something that we will continue to stay
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on. but we do want to show you pictures and what we do know about this fire. around 2:39 firefighters got multiple calls about the fire off highway 4 here near loveridge road at a lumberyard. it's a very industrial area. you can see from video from sky 7 as well as several people posting about it on twitter just this huge cloud of smoke covering the area. as we said, it's right next to the highway. so very dramatic for people driving by. this is largely an industrial area, but there is a walmart and a strip mall right behind it. about 100 firefighters and personnel responded to the cause here. as we said, one of those firefighters was injured. take a listen to what contra costa had to say. >> we transported a firefighter to the hospital. that's all i have at this point. >> reporter: now, the fire department says the weather did cause some problems in fighting this fire. specifically, the wind here.
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it led the fire to spread. there were a few spot fires in the area because of it. but again it is all now contained so that issed good news. as far as how this fire was caused, investigators are trying to determine that. they do not know if it started at the lumberyard and was a grass fire and because of those winds spread to the lumberyard. we will continue to stay here talking to contra costa fire how it started and the condition of that firefighter. live in pittsburg, liz kroit. a live look from our walnut creek camera. you can see a little bit of that smoke from the fire. it was unusually hot today in pittsburg. we want to get the latest from abc7 meteorologist drew tuma. >> those firefighters are containing that blaze in pittsburg. it was ht and breezy. the current conditions right now 93 in pittsburg with that wind gusting to 11 miles per hour at times. winds across the region, it is breezy today, but not
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excessively windy. winds generally about 10 to 15 miles per hour. but again it is a very warm afternoon. 94 the current temperature in concord, 86 san jose, 91 the temperature in san rafael. and it will be a cooler day tomorrow. we are actually tracking a cooling trend. we will have the details in the full accuweather forecast in a few minutes. >> thank you. a story only on abc7 news. a south bay homeowner captured some remarkable video of a standoff between a mountain lion and two kawhis. >> kai /* coyotes. >> abc7 news reporter cornell bernard with the story. >> it reminds me of my youth watching animal kingdom. >> reporter: she wasn't just watching it. she was living it friday morning when she heard strange sounds coming from her backyard in the foothills of los gatos. >> i heard growling with the yipping of the coyotes. >> reporter: this is what she saw. two coyotes caught in a tense
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standoff with a mountain lion. monica caught the encounter with her cell phone from her back door. watching as the coyotes appear to work together to corral the big cat and stop it from moving forward. >> i was pretty calm about it because i didn't feel threatened. i was just intrigued about who was happening. it was obvious that the coyotes were trying protect something. >> reporter: the scene lasted about a minute. monica stopped recording as the big cat was ready to pounce. >> as soon as it started to pounce, that's when i panicked and shut the door. i ended up shaking for five, ten minutes. >> reporter: the mountain lion and coyotes retreated into open space. the next morning the security camera captured this image, possibly the same mountain lion returning. >> still around. >> reporter: mountain lion sightings are rare but not unusual in the foothills. earlier this month there was a sighting of a big cat in monica's neighborhood. >> this is their country. we just happen to be here, stewards for him. >> reporter: she doubts she will capture an encounter like this
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again, but she will be ready just in case. two people died in a crash this morning in san francisco. two cars collided at the intersection of 3rd street and paul avenue in the bayview district. the victims are a man and woman. one of the cars was pushed on to the muni metro tracks almost hitting a t-line train leaving the platform. a neighbor who heard the crash and saw the wreckage says she saw alcohol bottles in one of the cars. people will pay tribute to fallen sacramento police officer tara o'sullivan. they will hold a vigil at 8:00 p.m. for her. the 26-year-old officer was shot and killed while responding to a domestic violence call last sunday. she was a recent graduate of sacramento's police academy. her funeral is set for thursday in roseville. the suspecting the scheduled to be in court tomorrow. a small plane crash in
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hawaii killed 11 people. family members have identified two williams. casey williamson grew up in oklahoma and worked in oahu as a skydiving instructor. mark martin was also a skydiving instructor who moved to hawaii from florida. it crashed while taking off on friday. reporter meredith wood has a look at how the victims are being remembered. >> you see something like this happen, flowers is the smallest sign of respect. >> reporter: mourning the lives lost to tragedy. 11 people were killed when their skydiving plane crashed in hawaii. >> these people loved what they did and believed in what they did. they were happy doing exactly what they were doing. >> reporter: family, friends, and complete strangers paid tribute at a makeshift memorial near the crash site. >> it's loss of life. it's never a good thing. you know, people should respect their life. you never know when it's going to end. you are here today. you're gone tomorrow.
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>> reporter: officials first said nine people were on board the plane when it crashed. police revised the passenger count on saturday and the death toll ticked up to 11. the ntsb is leading the investigation into what caused the crash. witnesses said they saw the plane take a nosedive. >> honestly, it looked like they were coming in so low and so fast. it's not normal. >> reporter: people near the scene immediately rushed to help, only to find the plane engulfed in flames. >> i just can't believe it. i'm so sorry for -- there is nothing we could have done. there was nothing. there wasn't a sign of anybody in that plane. >> reporter: meredith wood, abc7 news. kaiser permanente facing criticism from a union for the cost to brand the area around chase center as thrive city. the national union of health care workers blasted kaiser after the chronicle reported the 20-year deal's price tag.
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$295 million. union leaders believe kaiser could spend the money on patient care rather than sponsoring the warriors' new home. they claim some patients wait weeks, even months, for mental health points. kaiser has not responded to abc7's request to comment on this story. new details about pg&e's plans to shut off electricity across california to reduce the risk of wildfires. their new public safety power shutoff program is dealing with what many call california's, quote, new normal. teams monitor weather and other conditions statewide around the clock. our media partner the mercury news reports pg&e could even turn off power for people in low-fire risk areas because their electricity might travel along lines that pass through high-risk areas. the power could be off for up to 30 hours this week in part of benicia. an outage of is planned for the middle school in the lower
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southampton neighborhood so pg&e crews can do unspecified work. power is set to be out this tuesday, but the fire department says it could be delayed. they have sent notification to the customers who will be affected. muni drivers say a vote tomorrow could help improve staffing levels. that's coming up. another bay area city is considering an e-cigarette ban and new regulation for stores that sell tobacco. a rough landing for a hot
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may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit, to learn more. in the east bay the sale of e-cigarettes could be band in livermore. tomorrow city council is set to consider ban on e-cigarettes and
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tobacco products. it includes requiring stores that sell tobacco to have a tobacco retail license. it would limit tobacco sales in certain areas. dublin already has a licensing requirement for tobacco retailers while san francisco is one vote away from banning the sale of e-cigarettes. tomorrow muni will likely vote to make a new labor contract with its drivers official. the sfmta and board of director will take up the contract that offers delivers an 11% raise over three years. muni drivers approved the tentative deal last month. drivers say the contract will help recruit and retain workers. muni has about 4,000 vacancies for transit operators. an update on our breaking news. that fire at a lumberyard in east bay is ahead. a slice of americana with four doors and a v-8 under the hood. a bay area event that gets car enthusiasts into high gear. a sunny and warm evening out there. we are tracking cooler weath
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a celebration took a frightening turn in the midwest when a hot air balloon made a hard landing in a crowd. we are about to show you video you may find hard to watch. >> oh, my god! >> this was in hannibal, missouri. people were scattering to avoid the balloon. a little girl suffered minor injuries after she was hit by the balloon's basket. another woman cut her hand. des wh despite what happened, they reported the celebration continued as planned. people took 6,000 steps closer to a cure in a yurn any today that honored fighters and survivors of brain tumors. a 25th annual bay area brain tumor walk was held at chrissy feld. many walked in teams named in honor of friends and relatives. the 5k walk started with remembrance ceremony for those who passed away. as of right now, that walk is
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just short of its $430,000 fundraising goal. car enthusiasts enjoyed a walk down memory lane. abc7 news was in pinole where tail fins and big block engines took center stage. it attracted vintage car owners from across the bay area and beyond. and a live band serenaded generations of folks who made new memories and perhaps new friends today. if i was tim allen, oh, but i'm not. >> that was a very good impress >> thank you very much. you say big block engine, that wakes me right up. >> wow. >> the weather wakes drew up. what do you got, pal? >> it was a nice first summer weekend around here. a little on the warm side, but plenty of sunshine out there. from here on out we are going to see the numbers start to dip over the next couple of days. live doppler 7 giving you the sweep. it is a calm one. a gorgeous look from the tower camera right now.
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sun soaked over the bay. you see the beautiful city of san francisco. around the east bay hills in the background. bay blue skies. it's warm, 94 concord, 70 in the city. we are at 88, update to 89 in fremont. 84 santa rosa and san ramon at 90 degrees. live doppler 7 along with vitam satellite, here is the story. cloud cover along the coast, it really has been minimal the past 12 hours. the reason why, we are under the influence of that ridge of high pressure currently. however, this is going to slowly move out of here over the next 24 hours. what we're waiting in the wings for, there is an area of low pressure in the gulf of alaska that's going to dip into the west coast, bring us cooler air starting on tuesday, and by wednesday and thursday numbers some 10 to 15 degrees below where we should be this time of the year. so certainly today is the warmest day we do have over the next seven. overnight tonight we see a little bit of fog developing back along the coastline. not enough to bring widespread cloud cover. temperatures mid-to-upper 50s
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overnight tonight. the 12-hour day planner, let's break down your monday. we start out with sun and clouds early on in the 50s. we ton see that cloud cover along the coast midday. that's going to slow the warming process. so in the afternoon it's not as hot as we are today. around the bay shoreline upper 70s to low 80s. inland upper 80s to lower 90s. in the south bay tomorrow lots of sunshine, 86 san jose, which is a few degrees cooler than we are right now. 85 santa clara. 83 sunnydale. 79 redwood city, 81 mountain view, 62 half moon bay. we start out with cloud cover in san francisco tomorrow, afternoon sunshine, 65 for the city tomorrow. 70 for south san francisco. north bay, a mix of sun and clouds. 84 santa rosa. 83 petaluma. 8 is in sonoma. 79 vallejo. east bay a lot of sunshine after morning clouds, 73 berkeley, 74 oakland, 80 free don't, amont u
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low 90s, 87 walnut creek, 90 brentwood, 87 livermore. the next seven days, cooling trend begins tomorrow and then those numbers really dive on tuesday with morning fog to sun. 70s and 80s. by wednesday and thursday it is breezy, it is very cool for june. you can see it's refreshing inland. only in the mid-70s there. and then we'll slightly warm friday into saturday. fog to sunshine, but no intense heat. we will take a big dip midweek. >> i think we should do the newscast from the roof. >> yeah, a little breezy. >> okay. we'll see about that? we a the giants just ahead, trying do something they haven't done all season. sweep a three-game series. and martin truex jr. is nascar's road warrior.
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now sports from abc7 news. >> nascar drivers were making left turns and right turns on the track today. the cup series hitting wine country for the toyota 350. the first road course race of the season. for the third year in a row, local boy kyle larson had the pole. once again could not hang on. this time he lost the lead on the second turn of the race. he finished tenth. this was a pretty clean race except when paul menard gets bumped and spun around by michael mcdowell. martin truex jr., who won last year, would hang on to take the checkered flag again. he led 59 of the 90 laps for his
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fourth win of the season and third career victory at this track. >> we don't get a lot of practice. so you really just, you put together years as you go in this deal. you know, the rules change and cars change, especially this year. we had the carousel added back. a totally different track. it's still the same old sonoma. you have to look for the same peels feels and same things in the race car. hopefully, we can keep it rolling here. the giants were looking to break out the brooms in the arizona desert. the orange and black going for their first three-game series sweep of the season. giants fans repping in the valley of the sun. shaun anderson getting the start. he pitched well for six innings. in the third, this one out of the infield. 1-0 d'backs. now, the giants tied it in the top half of the forth. in the bottom half of the inning walker a rbi double. the giants get even in the
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seventh. kevin pilar with his tenth home run of the season. that's a solo shot. knotted at 2-2. the game went into extra innings. bottom ten, bases loaded. la castro ends with a walk-off single. the diamondacks avoid the sweep. 3-2 the final. santa claus on vacation, taking in the a's and race. josh phegley with a grounder. adamas showing off his wild side. travis d'arnaud can't come up with the scoop. mar canis scores. 1-0 a's. dor know mak a two-run homer off anderson. he adds an rbi single in the fourth to make it 5-1 rays. that ended anderson's game, giving up seven runs in three innings. brian schaliter called up from triple-a making his oakland debut. he gives up a bases-loaded double. everyone is coming home and the rays go on to win. your final 8-2.
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more bad news for the a's. closer blake treinen has been placed on the ten-day injured list with a strained right shoulder. in the span of three days they lost their ace pitcher and now their closer for ten days. >> how is your slider? >> not very good. i don't think the majors need a guy who can throw 40 miles an hour as a fastball. >> ooh! >> actually, maybe 55. >> okay. thanks a lot. a goat takes a wrong turn in oakland and fire
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all right. now to an update on that breaking news we mentioned at the top of the newscast. we continue keeping a close eye on that smoky fire that burned near highway 4 in pittsburg. >> it tore through a lumberyard and injured a firefighter. the fire burned about 90 minutes before it was contained. embers ignited nearby small spot fires in the grass around there. we'll have a live report for you on abc7 news at 6. finally now, oakland firefighters rescued a four-legged friend that fell down a drainage pipe. >> but it wasn't a dog that disappeared into the abyss. it was a goat. and a working goat at that. the goat fell into the 40 feet diep near the leona canyon open space preserve. it was one of many that had been brought in to clear vegetation to clear the wildfire risk. firefighters worked two hours to free the goat. we mean goat, not greatest of all time. >> those firefighters ar
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right? >> we will see you r tonight, the severe weather alerts as we come on the air. dangerous storms from texas to pennsylvania. five reported tornadoes in four states. at least two deaths blamed on the storms, including a woman drowning crossing a flooded road. the system moving east to start the week. witnessing the horror. >> there was nothing we could have done. >> news tonight about that deadly plane crash killing 11 in hawaii. some family members watching as the plane went down. the ntsb now on the scene. iran's fury. members of parliament chanting "death to america." this as abc news confirms the u.s. launched a cyber attack on iran. and president trump saying he's ready to impose new sanctions tomorrow. the race for 2020. mayor pete buttigieg grilled


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