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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  July 16, 2019 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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crash. what we are learning about the instructor killed in that accident. we appreciate you being up with us. you are never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. we have lisa argen with us. live doppler 7 picking up on the fog pushing from the peninsula to the east bay, mist and drizzle in the north bay. with the fog, it's 60 in oakland. temperatures are cooler this morning by about three and four degrees. looking at the clouds pulling back throughout the morning hours, and at 10:00 in the 70s in the east bay, and 67 in hayward and sunny. 77 up in novato and we are looking at a sunny day at the coast although temperatures will be cooler today, two to three degrees cooler and there is a look at our full moon and the reason you didn't sleep, alexis. >> you, too, my friend. i guess we will blame it on that. we are looking at traffic
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maps and a quiet start today. few incidents on the board, and one we did have turned out to be nothing, somebody called chp saying there was a crash in the area of 680 and they didn't find anything. if you are coming in from the central valley, we have a couple normal issues here, just those volumes increasing, westbound 580 tracy to dublin, 44 minutes to you. dublin to mission boulevard looking good in the green at 15, and highway 101 to cupertino looking good. one person was taken away by ambulance. officers were seen going door to door talk to neighbors, and one
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neighbor says she heard multiple gunshots when she was in bed. we will bring you more information as soon as we get it. and then the ntsb is expected to launch its investigation into a crash that killed a flight instructor and seriously killed a student. >> reporter: the ntsb is set to begin their investigation in a few hours and the student pilot is in critical condition. it happened around the executive runway. the airport manager says they don't have many details but that something went wrong and the chopper crashed landing upsidedown. the instructor died at the hospital. the airport officials don't know the cause of the crash but say the robson r44 helicopter is
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considered a popular model for training. >> the robinson phauplgmodels me gold standard, and they are used all over the country and all over the world. >> reporter: as popular as these robinson r44 helicopter are, they don't have a black box recorder. reporting live, abc7 news. new developments. pg&e saying power line inspections revealed 10,000 problems with its equipment. the problems were discovered etween november and may during inspections in areas with high fire danger. in documents posted to the website yesterday, the company said most of the dangerous issues have been fixed. pg&e ramped up inspection work
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and repairs to prevent the power lines from being the cause of any more wilir. pres backlash because of comments on twitter. >> good morning. the president's racist tweets seem to have unified the democratic party to rally behind these four congress women of color but the president continues to attack them, and it's the republican party that remains split over to condemn or condone the president's behavior. the lawmakers have been the target of racist tweets, and doubling down on his remarks telling all four women of color to, quote, go back and help fix the totally broken and crime-infested places in which they came, but the four born in new york, mission and ohio. >> does it concern you many
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people thought that as racist? >> it doesn't concern me because many people agree with me. >> only ilhan omar was borne out side of the u.s. in somalia. >> i encourage the american people and all of us in this room and beyond to not take the bait. >> the republican party remaining largely silent, only a handful coming forward to denounce the president's tweets. >> now house democrats plan to vote on a resolution that strongly condemns president trump for his tweets. abc news, washington. it's 5:05. novato police want to find the man that robbed a 45-year-old woman at gunpoint and police released these surveillance images. the robbery happened around 11:00 at first street and grand view when a woman said a man
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pointed at gun at her and demanded money and credit cards. that woman was not hurt, but once again, take a look at the surveillance images, and please contact police if you recognize. house something an issue abc7 news is focusing on to build a better bay area. there's a new proposal to give people in san francisco who live out of their cars a safe place to park. the lot will be on geneva avenue and has space for almost three dozen vehicles. it would have 24-hour security and bathrooms. there will be onsite services to help people transition to permanent housing. >> we just got our most recent homeless count, and actually thunhoused in their
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vehicles -- >> before the plan moves forward there needs to be a planning code change and approval from the board of supervisors. the idea of safe parking sites for dwellers is not specific to just san francisco. we certainly want to hear your ideas about building a better bay area. you can share them by joining our better bay area group on facebook. good morning to you. i am in for mike. you will notice the fog, more pronounced here from the san mateo coast, it's clear in santa rosa but you have the fog patchy around redwood city and it's all because of the system making inroads in the pacific northwest. slightly cooler today, and 58 in milpitas right now. it's 55 downtown with 58 in lafayette. the weather impacting your commute probably this morning
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due to the mist and drizzle and the patchy low clouds and fog, but by the afternoon we have snshine, and we will be breezy at the beach inside and outside the bay with a small craft advisory. in the south bay, we're starting out with clouds and the numbers climbing through the 60s by 9:00. low to mid-80s again today around sunnyvale, cupertino and san jose. the rest of the bay will be a few degrees cooler in our east bay. 82 in san rafael with 74 in oakland. partial clearing, san francisco and about four degrees cooler there. tonight the low clouds and fog bring us all down into the 50s. yeah, i would imagine that fog will slow some folks down as well as the drizzle this morning. yeah, it definitely could. right now we are looking at the volumes that are so light it's not having too much of an impact. as we get further into the morning we will see delays. traffic in s fncisco looking good. we have a collision reported
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around the harrison exit. not seeing any slowdowns on this camera, however. we don't have any information as far as any lanes being blocked. waiting for an update from chp, but overall we are still looking pretty good for the bay bridge commute. westbound 80, first time this has changed from the green to the yellow for the bay bridge drive time. that's coming in at 12. 101, san francisco to sfo, 31 minutes. and then a hiker is expected to be released from the hospital soon. the 60-year-old powell disappeared friday, she walked away with her dog to use the rest room and that's when she says she saw a man with a knife coming towards her. she ended up running deep into the woods. this all happened within seconds. >> my dad went down the hill did a five-point turn and came back up the hill so they could unload the vehicle, and when he came
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back they were gone without a trace. >> powell said she survived by traveling at night to avoid dehydration and eating cactus. >> amazing story. so glad she's okay. major moves in the push for a nationwide $15 an hour minimum wage. how soon that could become a reality coming this
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it's 5:13. the fog and low clouds made their way back to the san mateo coast, the marin county coast so there's mist and drizzle and you may need your wipers early. the sfo commission is set to take action today to increase security at the sfo bart station because it has become a magnet to homeless people looking for a warm and safe shelter. and then investigating the cause of a deadly helicopter crash. a flight instructor died and a student is seriously injured. and then taking the stand in the ghost ship fire trial today. number five, san francisco supervisors are expected to vote today on weather to increase the price of checkout bags. the ord
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will cost 25 cents instead of 10. and then tuesday morning commute, no issues to talk about but pretty dense fog, and in fact a dense fog advisory in effect for golden gate bridge. that is issued by chp and you will probably have to use the wipers this morning, too. number seven, 50 years ago today the apollo 11 moon mission blasted into space, and four days later, you could see the moment an astronaut landed on the moon. the $15 minimum wage wage ww expected to pass. the current national minimum is $7.25 an hour. recent research finds raising the hourly wage does not cost jobs. in some parts of the bay area the minimum wage is on its way up to 15 bucks, already at 15.59 in san francisco and burgly, and
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16.30 in emeryville. crocks' stock is going up thanks to teens. >> the company is seeing solid traffic during the summer season as students are getting ready to go back to school. most recently the products from the collaboration from vera bradley sold out on both company's websites. shares went up by more than 6%. teens say they know it's ugly but they like them. they are comfortable. they are, like, ugly/cute. reggie, you bought a pair of tennis shoes recently you probably would not have bought a couple years ago, but you -- go to his instagram if you have not seen them. >> natasha said they look like orthopedics. >> they do. i have not seen one since catholic school, like the nuns, they used to wear it and they
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look great on reggie. >> this is the shadiest moment we ever had on the show. >> they look great. fog along the san mateo coast, and not a whole lot in the marin county coast, but it's a switch from yesterday, bright and beautiful. high pressure has been in control, and it's sliding to the east and low pressure to the north and west allowing for that fog to redevelop each and every day. the mist and the drizzle and the stronger sea breeze. right now it's 59 in hayward and 69 in san leandro. berkeley, 58 degrees. 61 in mountain view and 55 downtown. a look at the golden gate bridge. it's very foggy there. the highlights there, the mist and drizzle mainly at the coast, a little in the city. we will look at temperatures a little bit below average by the end of the week. so as the fog sweeps away from the shoreline today, we haven, n bay, and partly clearing, san
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francisco, and the same deal tomorrow with more changes coming in by thursday and friday. 74 in oakland, and 78 in palo alto. the accuweather 7-day forecast, featuring warmth today and tomorrow with breezy winds in the afternoon, and then the first part of the weekend cooler and then rebounding to the end of the weekend. we are looking at green on our traffic maps so far today. we will zoom in and take you to one of the only slow spots, a stretch of red getting out of tracy. 15 miles per hour to 580. nothing blocking along that stretch, just the usual volumes starting to build. eastbound, looks like 205, we have roadwork. lanes will be blocked until 7:00 this morning. he's richmond lenses blurry because of the mist.
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southbound 680 walnut creek to dublin, 13 minutes. northbound 17, 22 minutes to los gatos. ross perot will be laid to rest. the texas billionaire was known for his two campaigns for president. he founded an electronic corporation in 1962. his memorial service today will be live streamed on his website, today marks 20 years since john f kennedy junior and his wife were killed in a plane crash off of martha's vineyard. >> we are looking back at his life and legacy. >> in this morning's "gma" first look, john f. kennedy junior, with his movie star looks and charm he married a publicist and a style icon. the powerhouse couple was
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married for three years but exactly 20 years ago today, the unthinkable. >> we are updating you now on the breaking news -- >> while piloting a small plane to his cousin's his wife lost their lives in a plane crash. ro rosemarie was his chief of staff. would he have run for office had his life not been cut short? this all coming up at seven 7:0. singer r. kelly was arrested in chicago last week. the 13-count federal indictment includes child pornography. kelly is accused of persuading people to conceal inappropriate contact with underaged tkpwurld.
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kelly has long denied accusations of sexual misconduct. the amenities you will find at equinox. >> and what the diaper maker, huggies, is putting on its box for the first time. a live look outside. what is it, halloween? >> just a full moon. >> lisa argen said this is why we are acting up today. >> is that why i was insulting your shoes? i really like them, just to be clear. >> just to be clear, we're going to break. this is a 7 on your side quick tip. you no doubt know you can save more money, but there's an alternative, you can work longer and not that much longer. if you are 56 years old and looking into the future and think i will need more money, you can save an additional 1% of your salary for the next ten years or you can cover that cash by working an additional six weeks. that's right, just six weeks.
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good tuesday morning. some breaks in the overcast to show you the full moon out there, so in san francisco we are now totally cloudy and looking for more sun this afternoon. here's what we can expect on the peninsula, patchy clouds and 76 today today. if you are spending time today in the north bay, not as hot. we were well in the 90s
5:24 am
yesterday. in the 80s in santa rosa. huggies doing something it never has done before. the company is putting dads on their diaper boxes. huggies tweeted out a new video featuring different fathers holding babies, and it's a big move for the company that was accused of showing dads disconnected from the role. some people say it's refreshing to see a dad on the packaging. >> seems like about time, right? >> absolutely. now the first equinox hotel opened up in new york city. it's amenities keep health and fitness in mind. the guest can also take cycle classes and work out on the equinox club onsite. they plan to open more hotels.
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the maker is rolling out a new line with vanilla greek yogurt. the nut butter market is said to be worth about $4 billion in the u.s. extra protein. i like it. you can get breakfast for less than a dollar today at ihop. the chain opened 61 years ago in 1958. a short stack usually costs about 6 bucks. the deal is dine-in only while supplies last, running from 7:00 this morning until 7:00 tonight. while supplies last? are they going to run out of pancake batter. >> i think they are good. they have one job there and they usually get it done. changes are coming to the sfo bart station to help with the homelessness issue here. i am jobina fortson life at sfo
5:26 am
with what you need to know. >> questions about how a driver was allowed behind the wheel after getting busted for seven prior duis. coming up at 5:26, here's a live look as the sun is coming up this morning. we'll be right back. itit's crepe for our family at denny's. a family tradition we started about 22 minutes ago and now we can continue that tradition at home with denny's delivery. see you at denny's or
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news to build a better bay area. this is abc7 phoefrpblmornings.i
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sfo. how much you can make under a plan the supervisors are considering today. there's another day of deals, the aps that can help you find the best prices on this second day of amazon's prime day sale. >> take more of my money. >> resist. resist. >> yeah, i know. >> you are never more than seven minutes away from the accuweather forecast. i need a weighted blanket and gel pens. >> yeah, the good weighted blanket to make you feel secure. >> of course. yesterday without the fog it was kind of a treat but this morning it's back and, in fact, it's low creating mist and drizzle. at the coast and the golden gate bridge, be advised of the drizzle. temperatures in the 50s and 60s, so we will see partly cloudy skies today in the city. 70s by noontime around the bay.
5:30 am
upper 70s inland. we will come down three to four degrees today around the bay and inland. a nice afternoon on the way. cooling trend will be gradual for the next few days. alexis, how about that traffic right now? >> still doing okay, although we are getting busier here. we officially have the bay bridge metering lights on, a normal time for you. carpool lanes are open, but fast track users and cash you will have the delay. we have a new crash, one vehicle off on the shoulder and the other blocking lane number 2 westbound 80 at georgia street. working on more info, but that's causing a delay. homeowners cleaning up this morning after a car crashed into a home after 1:30 this morning on brock way. you can see part of a tire from the car leading up to the home. no injuries were reported and not clear so far on what caused
5:31 am
that driver to crash. we are covering stories to help build a better bay area, and homelessness and challenges on bart have come to a head. >> the airport is ready to make changes due to a spike of homeless people arriving on trains and sleeping at the terminals. >> reporter: good morning. i want you all to walk with me quickly so you can check this out. there are some officers right here at the sfo bart station for the same reason we are, they are looking out for some people that are homeless, that are taking that last train through and looking for a place to sleep here. also fare evaders, airport officials are saying security threat at the train station as well. later on today we should see a potential solution as well.
5:32 am
the airport commission is set to increase security at the sfo bart station, adding a police officer and sharing tv footage and giving bart access to airport communications and installing new barriers at the bart station are all part of the deal. we have been covering the homelessness issue here at the airport as part of our building a better bay area series in may, and the chief told us anywhere from 40 to 50 homeless people get off the last train at the airport and those trains are met with officers here as well. >> we provide those persons with resources and where they can go and get shelter, food, and we give them bus tokens in order to get there. >> reporter: bart is working with sfo and homeless advocates to make a task force an outreach plan and it's possible that otreach plan could expand to
5:33 am
other transit agencies as well because bart is not the only one dealing news. in the east bay the ntsb will be in hayward to investigate the cause of a deadly helicopter crash. >> a flight died and a student seriously injured at the hayward executive airport. airport officials identified the instructor as wane prodger. he and a student were doing training flights at the time of the crush. he was a long-time instructor at the flight school in hayward. meanwhile, officials investigating another death on smart train tracks, the fifth death in less than 20 days. it happened just after 4:00 yesterday afternoon north of the highway 101 overpass. the sheriff's office said the death is a possible suicide. >> we can assume it was a that could have jumped in front
5:34 am
of the train. >> three of the last five deaths involving smart trains have been ruled suicides. a dui driver in the bay area arrested convicted and arrested yet again and facing charges for the eighth time. the 43-year-old was pulled over yesterday in south san francisco and he was drunk and driving more th60 miles per hour in a 40-mile-per-hour zone. >> his blood alcohol was .27. if something doesn't change he will harm or kill somebody. >> the bay area chapter of mother's against drunk driving are working on a bill for ignition lock an ordinance could raise the
5:35 am
bag fee to 25 cents per bag and require produce bags for recyclable. today's vote is before the full board of supervisors. the oakland city council will vote on banning facial recognition technology. oakland would e the second major city in the country to ban that technology, and in may san francisco became the first. berkeley is considering a similar ban. final witnesses are expected to take the stand in the ghost ship fire trial today. amenna claimed to call 911 when the fire broke out, but a former police officer said he doesn't recognize almena's voice on any of the 911 recordings, and also said almena did not run to get a fire extinguisher like he testified but instead he ran to
5:36 am
get a cell phone. to find out when a verdict is reached in the case, download our app and we will send out a push alert when news breaks. and take a look at your screen. surveillance images show two men around yesterday morning. these men assaulted a victim, stole his backpack and shoes. if you recognize them, contact the san jose state police department. a milestone in paradise as the butte county town slowly recovered from the fire. this house is actually larger and has more amenities than the home that burn you had down in november. the camp fire destroyed more than 11,000 homes just in the town of paradise. the town has issued 84 building permits so far. a restaurant owner in the south bay is targeted because of her religion. how she's now turning hate into something positive.
5:37 am
why san francisco neighbors are so upset about a food truck that wants to operate on their street. >> we have been talking about this story this morning. you have to see it. meanwhile, a beautiful live look outside, peachy and pink tones outside, and lisa, that's the fog making up for lost time yesterday, i think. >> absolutely. yesterday with the sunny start it got hot out there, and today warm again inland but not as warm. here's doppler 7 and you can see the fog from the san mateo coast to the marine county coast and pushing the fog across the bay there in hayward. it's all due to the upper level system, and then here's another look down from mount tam, and you can see parts of the city there. 55 downtown, and at the airport you can see it's pretty compressed here, that marine layer. 61 by the delta. it's 57 in santa rosa. cooler this morning for some of you. four degrees cooler in novato.
5:38 am
we are looking at your commute. no problems except for the problem that visibility at the shoreline could slow you down and then the breeze in and outside the bay today. as we are looking at san jose for the next several days, today at 82. temperatures will be just a few degrees warmer tomorrow before we get into the more significant cooling trend by the end of the week. elsewhere around the bay, 84 in napa and mid-70s on the peninsula. looking like another nice day, slightly cooler, two to three degrees cooler, and then tonight once again we will get that push of low clouds and fog bringing everybody back in the 50s. better sleeping weather and i am saying this each and every day with the warmest days behind us, we will look for temperatures to come on down just a few degrees. really have not talked about a messy commute, although we have the mist out there. >> we do, yeah. could be messy. we had a nice green smear going
5:39 am
this morning with whatever dust was on it from the last time we got a list mist, quite a bit has built-up. looking at green on the traffic maps today. taking you back to the vallejo area, and chp is downgrading this issue, westbound 80 at georgia street moving closer to 780. not sure if it was a collision. i think it may be a disabled vehicle that they are working on getting off to the shoulder. a little backup from state route 37 to 780, but it's something i am keeping an eye on. here's our soupy commute we are seeing on the bay bridge this morning. you will not see the skyline as you come into the city. so far not slowing do you down too much. we have a fog advisory for golden gate, but have not gotten one for the bay bridge or other areas yet. tracy into dublin in the yellow. antioch to concord, in the green at 18. foggy along
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this is abc7 mornings. >> good tuesday morning to you. i am lisa argen in for mike nicco. we will get partial clearing from the fog, and 66 in monterey and look forr upper 90s. los angeles will see sunshine and 85 today.
5:43 am
when pg&e cuts power in the east bay to prevent wildfires water service could be also limited. east bay mud relies on pg&e for electricity. during a power outage, the district must depend on 29 emergency backup generators. east bay mud officials are telling customers they should conserve and restrict water use during power outages. abc is focusing on issues that affect all of us in an effort to build a better bay area. a restaurant owner said she was harassed because of her religion is taking that bad experience to do good. the owner says last week a stranger harassed her during a business lunch at a different restaurant in silicon valley. >> he approached me and said where are you from? i said pakistan. he said, are you muslim? i said, yes. after that he turned around and
5:44 am
spread terrorists, terrorists to me a couple times. she said she has vowed to use her restaurants to help immigrants who she said is suffering far worse harassment than what she faced and she is vowing to donate $5,000 for the next few years to the aclu. and then bart is trying to solve a challenge. they are adding straps to all of the bike areas on their old cars. bart has been testing them to see how well they help hold bikes in place. bicyclists like them so much bart is adding them to all cars including the new trains. it's going to take out the bike racks built into the new cars. the rubber racks are designed to hold three bikes by their wheels some some say they can only fit two bikes there. >> i want to know how much they
5:45 am
cost to install.f commitment to building a better bay area, you can see the stories on our website. it's day two of prime day. shopping experts say if you are looking for the best deals, use a website called camel camel camel. it tracks the price history of any prime amazon item, and keep an eye out on competitive sites like target, walmart and best buy, and they may try to undercut especially during these two days. >> i am putting up a complete resistance to this. >> you bought nothing? >> never bought anything on prime day or whatever it's called, prime days selling time. >> i for my dog. >> what? >> yeah, i bought the booties for my dog. >> please, save us from this. >>ly sa
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>> lisa, it was a moment of weakness. i was tired. >> i have a dog and he doesn't have booties. >> i will send you the link. >> fair enough. the low clouds and fog priming the atmosphere, how is that, and we have the onshore breeze that will kick up in the afternoon. here's a look at the sutro tower, and it's 60 in oakland, and 55 half moon bay. emeryville, a little gray and sun in the afternoon with mid-70s on the way. 62 in concord. for your afternoon today, we will get the gradual clearing at the coast and it will be slightly cooler. instead of the low to mid-90s inland, about 90 in the south 78, palo alto. san francisco down about four degrees, 66 today in the bay. 83 sonoma in the east bay, we talked about
5:47 am
they. heading inland, san mon, 82. 86 pleasanton. looking like a pretty nice afternoon if you thought it was hot yesterday. we are still looking good fr the tuesday morning commute. no major problems. we do have new reports of minor issues southbound 680 past sunol boulevard. i don't think we have lanes blocked and hopefully they won't have to take any away for emergency crews. they are calling for an ambulance so we may have injuries. hearing about a disabled vehicle in one of the cash track lanes at the toll plaza, and they may have to bring a bridge crew out for that one. no delays for carpool lanes and normal delays for everybody else. 36 bart trains, no delays. ace one and three out on time today. no delays for the san francisco
5:48 am
ferry. the banking committee will hold a hearing on facebook's plan to roll out its own currency. lawmakers have concerns over privacy protections and the potential use for illegal activity. yesterday treasury secretary steven mnuchin said the house will hold a hearing on libra tomorrow. and then a controversial scenery moved from 13 reasons why. many people have debated whether the scene contributed to copycat suicides. netflix released a statement yesterday saying we have been mindful about the ongoing debate around the show. it consulted medical experts as well as the producers and creator of the show befmovi sce.
5:49 am
the national center of education statistics surveyed in the 207 text message. that's a 3% bump from the previous year. the report did not address why online bullying has increased. fp >> not a move in the right direction. twitter, the biggest change is the navigation bar moving from the top of the screen to the left of the screen, and users with multiple accounts have to switch in and out without having to log out. the update is designed to make it easier to navigate. >> i thought we all use tweet deck? people go to the twitter website? >> oh, reggie. >> i don't know. new at 6:00, pick up your trash. the warning going out for people
5:50 am
at burning man this year. the new version of the classic candy with no sugar added. l
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5:52 am
look what is back. yes, the low clouds and the fog and mist and drizzle. this is a live look from mount tam. we do have a couple holes in the stratus there but nonetheless the winds from the upper elevations aren't quite breezy. oakland, el cerrito, al l l
5:53 am
immediatmedia, we're in the low 70s to mid-70s. a nice afternoon, not quite as warm as yesterday. here's a look at belmont, redwood city and san mateo, starting out with patchy clouds, mid and upper 60s. through the upper 70s around ae and quiet today. no major incidents. hopefully we can keep it that way. i have been showing you foggy traffic cameras. not too bad here in the south bay. here's san jose, state route 87, south of the san jose airport. volumes looking good, too. a quick check of drive times, 14 minutes southbound 101 to petaluma, and we're just going to stick with 14 and in the green for all three. northbound 101 looking neighbors in san francisco's cal hollow district are banning together to petition against a food truck from operating on
5:54 am
their streets. according to permits, officials say more than 80 people have filed petitions against that permit. the owner of the street meat truck says he is there's a food will engage them to linger and stay and be outside because that's a food truck's customers, standing outside. >> we will put our garbage can outside, and have our security. >> it says a lot about me, if a taco truck decided to open in front of my house, i would be, like, hey. but the public permit will happen in the coming months. here's an excuse to eat more chocolate with less guilt. a recipe for kit kats with no added sugar. they are using a new technique, using leftover material from the
5:55 am
coco plant as a natural sweeter. nestle will begin selling the new kit-kats in japan. japan doesn't need it. we need it. >> yeah, they have every kind of kit-kats. banana. >> send it where it's needed. a study in the journal frontiers in psychology says spending just 20 to 30 minutes in nature every day reduces levels of the hormone that reduces stretch. simple things like strolling or sitting outdoors are great for mental health, but stay off your phone. researchers hope it will encourage cities to create more green spaces. one place you will not be able to go is the famous daffodil hill. people have been flocking to the
5:56 am
town of volcano for decades to see the flowers. the owners said thousands of people showed up for opening weekend this year and they were not prepared and jammed roads for hours. officials say the traffic is too much and it has become a safety concern. should schools start later? tell us what you think at new at six the bay area district trying to stop a new state mandate. the ntsb is set to begin their investigation into the hayward chopper crash. we will explain one of the obstacles it may face. president trump is standing by histames in a tweet leaveou with a live look with our mount tam cam this morning. it looks pretty. fog is returning to the area. >> it's nice when you are above it. >> yeah, we'll be right back.
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♪ try my $4.99 barbeque bacon double cheeseburger combo. news to build a better bay area. this is abc 7 mornings. >> now at 6:00, a deadly helicopter crash in the east bay. what we are learning about the pilot as that investigation resumes this morning. building a better bay area by helping people without a home. how a parking lot near san francisco's bart station will help people who sleep in their cars. good morning. 6:00 a.m. on this tuesday. july 16th. >> so glad you are with us. don't know if you saw the full moon or drizzle or fog, but we
6:00 am
have it all. >> natasha, you are right. good morning, reggie. one more thing we have, a little sun too in our inland valleys as we wake up with a more substantial fog footprint. we are looking at not only the clouds clearing to the coast but the temperatures coming down a little bit. they are climbing in the 70s, 80s and 90s inland. mid and upper 70s around the bay. that's cooler than yesterday inland by three or four degrees. at the coast it will take a while to clear. the sun is up and looking at a mild to warm afternoon with more clouds and fog. the gradual cooling trend taking us through the workweek today getting a little more substantial throughout the workweek. not too much showing up on the visibility layer and not too much to worry about this morni


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