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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  July 17, 2019 6:00am-6:59am PDT

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good morning on this wednesday, july 17. glad you're there. >> you're never more than seven minutes away from my accuweather forecast. that is still true at 6:00 in the morning. here is mike. >> thank you very much, guys. let's talk about what's going on. first, we'll take a look at live doppler 7. there's mist along the coast. thicker clouds and broken clouds scattered across as you can see here, it looks pretty sunny in san francisco. if you go to the east bay shoreline clouds are thicker. we've got that going. temperatures in the mid 50s to upper 50s. sunshine pretty quickly today, 60 at the coast, 70 around the bay. 80 inland by noon. we go 80 to 90 for bay and inland. warm to hot this afternoon. here is alexis. looking at this box truck collision westbound 80 at the fremont exit. flares up on either side. chp says they're not taking any lanes away, just the media blocght delay
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as you get out of the tunnel. better news in the east bay, concord crash southbound 242 near willow pass, that has cleared from the two left lanes as we zoom out a bit, residual delays definiely remain both on southbound 242 and westbound highway 4. people are still talking about the double dose of shaking that struck the east bay yesterday. there were two small quakes but felt hundreds of miles away. sky map 7 showing the epicenter of each of these quakes close to blackhawk. the first a 3.2 magnitude followed by a 3.5 magnitude. >> abc 7's anser hassan live in blackhawk where people definitely felt them. >> reporter: good morning guys. thankfully no reports of injuries. in fact, the san ramon valley fire say they didn't get one 911 call. people did feel it especially here in blackhawk which is close to the epicenter..
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sky map 7 technology shows wher 1:00 p.m. it was a 4.3. the second was a 3.5 later downgraded to a 3.2. according to the usgs the greenville fault is the least understood of all the faults in the bay area. over at uc berkeley, one result of yesterday's earthquakes is the size molts say it set off the early earthquake warning system, a sign that the system is working. >> here at the berkeley lab we received four seconds of warning before the shaking hit us. here we got alerts on our cell phones, four seconds later, we felt very light shaking. it was a great test of the system. >> reporter: seismologists credit the early warning system forgiving the bay area an eight-second heads-up before the 2004 6.0 quake that hit napa.
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live in blackhawk, anser hassan, abc 7 news. >> founder lez beth holmes is gu in fes ral court. >> facing fraud and conspiracy charges for misleading investors in her blood testing startup. abc 7 reporter jobina fortson is here with more on that. >> good morning. prosecutors say elizabeth holmes claim theranos technology claimed it only needed a few drops of blood for existing lab tests. it's not just holmes. her former second in command, the former chief executive and former president is also facing charges in the criminal fraud trial. their hearing is scheduled today in san jose. holmes is accused of engaging in a multimillion dollar scheme to
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defraud investors, plus a separate scheme to defraud patients and doctors according to the indictment. she could face 20 years in prison and a fine of $250,000 for each count of wire fraud and for each count of conspiracy if she is convicted. both holmes and mulwani pleaded not guilty. live in the studio this morning, jobina fortson, abc 7 news. a medical student who spent the last several weeks at a stanford summer program says she was terrified after finding a noose near her dorm. cheron perkins shared video of the noose hanging from a tree. she and fellow program members found that symbol of hate friday night. it scared her. the new orleans native also got angry over what she said was the university's dismissive response. >> it just didn't sit well with me. i felt very uncomfortable about the whole situation. once we talked to the police and they were like, oh, well, we took it down. no, there needs to be more donathan just taking it down. >> stanford's department of
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public safety is investigating the incident as a suspicious circumstance as a hate crime if new evidence is uncovered. it's 6:04. only on abc 7, a 5-year-old boy walked away from a summer camp and no one knew he was gone until his mom came to pick him up. this happened in menlo park on elder avenue. strangers found the boy a few blocks away. the mom tells abc 7 news she went to the school on june 24th to pick up her son from camp galileo. she waited and waited, but her son never came out. the people who found him actually ended up calling the father to let him know that the boy was found and safe. >> in the moment, he was lost, found before we even knew or they knew he was lo situation i completely unacceptable from where we stand. the staffer didn't notice the ficial s ty've start at's not
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manning the exits,reasing roll happening today, billionaire political activist tom steyer is making his first campaign stop in san francisco since announcing he would be running for the democratic presidential nomination. he's goings to have a sit-down conversation at manny's in the mission district at 6:30 tonight. steyer has previously focused on impeaching president trump. "the new york times" reports that he's pledged to spend $100 million of his own money on his campaign. a car safety warning. millions of you have a tool like this one to break out of a car window. why it may not work when you need it most. marriott is getting sued over the resort fees. now the ceo is responding and promising to fight to keep the charges that can increase your hotel bill as much as $100. look at this picture from the exploratorium camera at pier 15. the peninsula is close to average, everybody else two to
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let's head to the south bay neighborhoods where it's mostly sunny and temperatures just mid to upper 50s. other neighborhoods, pretty much mid to upper 50s. 61 in brentwood, that's the warm spot. 52 in novato is the cool spot. thinking about doing hiking this morning before heading to work or school, or if you have the
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day off, thanks for joining us early. 60 degrees right now. cool to hot today if you're exercising. calmer at the beaches, more sunshine than yesterday. not as choppy out on the bay. let's take a look at what's going on as far as the north bay. 56 at 7:00, 63 at 9:00. we keep climbing. 83 at 1:00. mid 80s during the afternoon hours. east bay we'll hang out at 58 from 7:00 to the near 80 degree temperature. san francisco mid to upper 60s today with clouds and sunshine. let's get back to alexis. good morning, mike. we unfortunately have a new major problem in the east bay. looking at the richmond side of the richmond-san rafael bridge, very standard on the westbound side. the eastbound side traffic is flowing coming off the bridge. however, there's a full highway closure east bay 580 at cutting boulevard. weaver just getting information that a pedestrian was hit and killed in the roadway. this is a sig alert. we have a full highway closure
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eastbound 580 at cutting. you can see just a little bit of red starting to fill in. we're sending sky 7 to the scene. i'm waiting for more information from chp as well. obviously we will continue to follow this coming up in just a few minutes. if you ever find yourself submerged in water in your vehicle, you will definitely want to know how to get out. aaa released a new report advising people to check their this. the study says they're not as effective on newer vehicles, many of which have laminated glass instead of tempered glass. >> not saying you're not going to be able to get out of your car, but it will definitely increase the amount of time it takes to get out of your vehicle. >> you can check on what kind of glass you have on your vehicle by looking for a label on the bottom corner of the side window. if it's not there, you can contact your vehicle
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manufacturer. if you don't have one of those escape tools, another way to get out of a submerged vehicle is to move to the back of the car where there's more air, and once all that air has left the vehicle, the pressure should equalize, allowing you to open a door and get out that way. equally horrifying, if you have to wait that long that all the air is out of the vehicle. you want to be prepared, that's the bottom line. you want to know what kind of glass your vehicle has. >> know the glass, know where the tool is and remember alexis' voice. >> if we can save a life, certainly worth it. have a plan in place. still ahead, feeling stressed? that jus
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we even finish each other's... babybel: (to crunchy)you're supposed to say sentences... crunchy: ---sentences. babybel: well not now. delicious new babybel cheese and crackers. babybel: saved it! it's 6:15. we have new details. the marriott ceo says the hotel chain will fight a lawsuit over its practice of charging those resort fees. in an interview, arne sorenson compared the hotel fee to baggage fees in the airline industry. he says none of us consumers love it. he says marriott has tried to be clear about disclosing the fees. washington, d.c.'s attorney general filed a lawsuit claiming the mandatory resort fees are misleading because they'reot online rates. san francisco mayor london
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breed and supervisor aaron pes kin introduced a proposal to increase the number of electric charging stations at parking structures in the city. they say it would help reduce emissions from the transportation sector. she says it also encourages more of us to bialek trick vehicles. have you ever wondered why when you're looking at google street view there are some cars and some homes that are blurred but others aren't? google tells sf gate it will blur images on street view when people click on the three dots on the top left corner of the address and report a problem. you can see here some buildings in san francisco are blurred. once google plurs an image, the of next is permanent. privacy advocates raised concerns about google street view. so if you don't want your house to be seen by everybody else, then you know how to
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they're usually happy to see you. >> reggie says he has a shady dog. that's the backstory there. for most people dogs love them and now a new study finds our pets can also take away our worries. researchers from washington state university say spending just ten minutes petting your dog or cat can do much more than improve your mood. it tangibly lowers your stress levels. they say spending time with furry friends insight that physiological response including a reduction in cortisol, a stress level. >> i know buttercup and oreo love you, too. >> i hope so. they love their mom, that's for sure. >> do they have preferences? it seems they do. >> i'm the only game in town for my dog. he either loves me or he has no
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one. >> they may love the other person more, but they still love us which i guess means something. let's talk about what's going on. we want to get to the weather. a beautiful shot from sutro tower where it's about 56 degrees in that part of san francisco. we're going to be mostly sunny with about a 30-degree summer spread. slight cooling starts tomorrow. by the time we get to sunday, we start to warm back up above average. today's temperatures down in the south bay. 73 in santa cruz. then you go into the valleys, san jose 84, gilroy 87 for the warm spot. 80s around redwood city, palo alto, and mid 70s from millbrae and also for san mateo. we'll have mid 60s along the coast. check it out. 70 in downtown, south san francisco 72. mid to upper 80s for most of the north bay. we have sonoma and vallejo at 82. along the east bay shore, around 76 in oakland and berkeley to 79
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in union city. into the east bay valleys it is a toasty one once again withan pleasanton. tonight, cloud cover a little more impressive. drizzle stronger along the coast. mist this morning. temperatures mid 50s to mid 60s. we have this cold front right here. it's not necessarily going to come into the bay area. it will stall in the north bay but induce a cooler and deeper sea breeze. look what's to our temperatures? down into the mid 80s, closer to average, friday and saturday for our inland neighborhoods. by the time we get to sunday, monday and tuesday, back above average in most neighborhoods like today. alexis? a major problem in the east by. this is in richmond. unfortunately a deadly collision involving a pedestrian and several vehicles it sounds like eastbound 580 at cutting boulevard. sig alert in affect. we have a full highway closure eastbound 580.
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you're being forced to exit at cutting just before this collision scene and that investigation that is just starting. we haven't gotten a lot of information. no idea why that person was in the roadway, but we are sending sky 7 to the scene. so that should give us a better perspective on what the backup is looking like including those surface streets that everybody is being forced onto. it is the countercommute direction. that's just the little bit of good news. definitely seeing delays form in the area. we also still have this problem on the bay bridge, westbound 80 at the fremont exit. a box truck hit the barrier there. not sure if they were trying to take the exit or stay on the mainline into the city. we have that blocked but just in the median. the tow truck is getting into position and they've taken away the right lane. definitely heavy from halfway across the bay bridge. westbound 580 tracy to dublin 52 minutes. westbound 4 recovering from an earlier crash in concord. that will take 27 minutes from
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concord. "good morning america" coming up at 7:00. >> ginger zee is live in new york city with a look at what's ahead. hey, ginger. >> hey, great to be with both of you. coming up on gma on wednesday morning, we were just outside through much of the show. i'm telling you right now it's the air you can wear. if you're traveling anywhere east, be careful. tonight we're going to have flash flooding and severe storm threat but also the heat wave. anybody from dallas to shreveport up to chicago and yes, philadelphia, new york city talking about days and days of feeling like in the 90s or 100s. it's going to be significant, especially for the folks that don't have air. the 2-year-old girl who went missing on a camping trip, surviving overnight. we'll hear from her father. have you seen the face app challenge so many people are trying. it ages your face or makes you young. questions are growing about the russian company behind it.
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so what kind of access are you really giving? i was reading this tease this morning, i was like, great, just downloaded it yesterday. awesome. weave got that plus a double dose of deals and steals, products to beat the heat, all coming up on gma. >> i just noticed the example we were showing on screen was some model who still looks hot no matter if it was younger, current or future. >> did you see ginger's old? ginger's old was -- you're a very handsome woman as a very old lady. >> thank you. it's funny you say that. i look just like my father, exactly like my dad. >> that's great. >> a tribute to him. >> ginger, hopefully it was worth all the privilege see concerns. we're hoping for the best. a health alert this morning about your cloholesterol. doctors say it should be a wake-up call for young people. wake-up call for young people. privacy concerns a
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♪ here is a look at the big weather story today. we start at the coast pretty cool. temperatures 64 to mild 70 in san francisco and 76 in oakland.
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then you get into the east bay and it gets hot with low to mid 90s. >> thanks so much, mike. now to this health alert being called a wake-up call of sorts for young adults. a new study says high cholesterol and high blood pressure before the age of 40 can dramatically increase your risk of heart disease later in light. abc's jennifer ashton is talking about this on "good morning america." >> 36,000 people, followed them for an average of 17 years. they found if you have an ldl, a bad cholesterol greater than 100, that's the cutoff, and a blood pressure greater than 130/80, you can have as high as a 64% increase in heart disease. cholesterol is very easy to check with a simple blood test. >> dr. ashton says it's important for young adults to ask for these tests to be done when you go for your annual checkup. that whole idea of, like, oh, i'll eat better or start
6:27 am
exercising later in life. no, you have to do it from the get-go. >> that sounds fun. next at 6:30, the reason students are expected to protest outside uc regents office this afternoon. details on the vote that just passed allowing more e-scooters in san francisco. we have another crash unfortunately involving a fatality this morning. this is in the richmond area. sky 7 on the way to the scene right now. eastbound 580 is shut down at cutting boulevard. i have more
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right now at 6:30, e-scooters are here to stay. san francisco says the pilot program is working and soon you'll see even more scooters on our streets. an overnight shooting in the east bay. police searching for clues and what's being revealed this morning. concerns about facial recognition technology in oakland. the action the city just took to protect your privacy. beyonce drops a new video as we count down to "the lion king." good morning on this wednesday, july 17th. >> flowy dresses, golden lights. what more can you want? >> you're never more than seven minutes away from my accuweather forecast. hi, mike. >> i loved inspiration for this album that she dropped. >> the surprise album. >> we'll talk more about it. i was impressed with what she tried to put into that song. >> tried and succeeded.
6:31 am
>> i hadn't listened to it so i didn't know. i'll take your word for it. >> when it comes to beyonce, you can speak in future tense. she tried and succeeded. >> okay. you can see the breeze not nearly as stout as it was yesterday. broken decks of clouds all over the place. let's talk about what's going to happen. the computer jumped ahead right there. let me run back and show you what's going on with -- now we've got five seconds. putting pressure on me. boom. your day planner. warm once again away from the coast. alexis -- >> we have a major traffic alert this morning. we've got a deadly collision involving a pedestrian in richmond. this is the eastbound side of 580. folks from marin county getting over into the east bay. all lanes are blocked. a pedestrian was hit and killed about 20 minutes ago. sky 7 was trying to get to the scene.
6:32 am
they had a low cloud deck, so they're not able to go and get visuals for us of that backup. i'm going to try and check some surface street volumes and see how bad that's getting once you're forced off eastbound 580. another problem, westbound 580 at the bay bridge, one lane blocked. that's a crash involving a box truck at the fremont exit. the backup had a chance to thin out into the city. we'll keep an eye on that as well. new this morning, police in the east bay investigating a shooting that happened late last night on 18th street and chancellor avenue in richmond. video just into our news room shows almost a dozen police evidence markers in the middle of the street. we have reached out to richmond police for details on the victim and what may have led up to the gunfire. prepare to see more e-scooters on san francisco sit difficult streets. the vote went through to make the temporary pilot program permanent. >> now the question is will it wls be expanding. abc 7 news reporter jobina fortson joins us live with the details. good morning. >> good morning,
6:33 am
reggie. the idea for electric scooters in san francisco has some going yea, and huhs, uh, not so much. the original pilot program only allowed two companies, skip and scoot. this time around there could be many others which will be taking on much stricter requirements. this is being reported by the san francisco examiner. with this vote, the sfmta will be able to draw the map of where the scooter companies can operate. previously companies drew their own maps which led to scooters being concentrated in wealthier downtown areas. the sfmta is hoping the put a greater focus on lower income communities. the stricter requirements will include a locking mechanism to lock the scooters to bike racks. the new fee to pay for the increased bike rack installation and 24/7 call center for complaints and intensified safety reporting as well. you can expect to see those features very soon. live in the studio, jobina fortson, abc 7 news.
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in the east bay today management at pacheco mini storage will discover their units and property gone. flames ignited near the junction of highway 4 and interstate 680 yesterday afternoon. the fire raced through 50 units in a matter of minutes after starting near a homeless encampment. people living there have been questioned by investigators. the fire jumped from near highway 4 to the storage units and across the freeway toward 680 south. witnesses called it a wall of flames. >> all across the skrie was all smoke everywhere. it was definitely a pretty good fire. i know it was hot. then they asked me to clear the area and i had to leave. >> firefighters are still at the scene to make sure no hot spots reignite. new at 6:00 a.m., california senator kamala harris has come from behind to take the lead in the race for president. a brand new quinnipiac poll out this morning shows that 23% of california democrats now back
6:35 am
harris. that's up from 17% in april when she was in third place. former vice president joe biden is now in second place with 21%. he was in the lead prior. senator bernie sanders and senator elizabeth warren round out the top four. no other candidate breaks into double digits. president trump is on the campaign trail holding a rally in north carolina. the political divide is growing amid party lines. the house passed a resolution yesterday to rebuke the president's attack on four democratic congresswomen. he told the women of color to go back to the countries they came from. house speaker nancy pelosi called on democrats and republicans to condemn the racist tweets. >> to do anything less would be a shocking rejection of our values and a shameful abdication of our oath of office to protect the american people. >> most vial accusations and insults against ourrebly routin.
6:36 am
>> many republicans including senate majority leader mitch mcconnell objected to pelosi's use of the word racist. only four house republicans voted for the measure. oakland police and other city departments will be banned from using facial recognition technology. the city council unanimously used the policy last night. critics fear using the software may violate privacy rights. the council will take a second required vote on the ordinance in september. new details in the helicopter crash that killed a flight instructor in the east bay. investigators say it happened as the chopper hovers over a runway at the hayward executive airport on monday. the instructor and a student were in contact with air traffic control. there was noess call. the xpects to release a replim nair report in two weeks. happening today, a student
6:37 am
uc board of regents meeting in san francisco. they plan to urge university administrators to publicly support a bill that would require public university to offer non-surgical abortion by 2023. so far uc officials have remained neutral on the abortion pill legislation today's demonstration is 9:30 at the ucsf mission bay conference center. san francisco is one step closer to raising the price for one-time use paper bags. it's part of a plastic bag ban 2.0. the first hearing unanimously passed. that legislation would ban plastic produce bags and raise the price for one-time use paper bags to 25 cents. we talked to a supervisor who has concerns. >> i'm concerned that we're falling back on this raise-the-fee approach that is not necessarily proven and will have the greatest impact on people who are low income. >> the next step is for a second
6:38 am
hearing in front of the board of supervisors. if t approved, businesses will get a 90-day notice to make changes. a heads up for sprint customers. hackers may have hair hands on your personal information. live at the big board at the new york stock exchange. we're down as we get the day started. plus the warning this morning about the viral challenge seen all over instagram and facebook called face app. the concerns about how much access users are giving to a russian company behind this cool app that ages you, makes you young, does all the things. >> if you're a model like in that picture, it makes you look good no matter what age you are. first you'rem my accuweather forecast. temperatures 56 to 57 degrees. that's it. let's look at our other neighborhoods, mid to upper 50s rule. pittsburg is the exception.
6:39 am
if you look west, there are clouds out there, thicker along the east bay shoreline and the peninsula and also up in the napa valley. a little mist at the coast. that's my only concern for driving. mass transit may be cool everywhere. hot inland. on the bay, slower breezes, no small craft advisory. we jump to the 80s by noon. down to 84 degrees at 7:00. still toasty. in the 60s in the peninsula through 9:00. mid to upper 60s 11:00 through 7:00. let's see. we've got a mixture of clouds this morning in the south bay and sunshine and 60s through 9:00. we'll see a little more sunshine this afternoon, push us into the mid 80s. followa pretty serious 7now.'l n situation. a deadly collision
6:40 am
unfortunately in the east bay. a pedestrian was hit and killed about 30 minutes ago eastbound 580 at cutting boulevard. all lanes are currently blocked. everyone is being forced to exit at cutting and onto surface streets. it's the countercommute direction. we're seeing delays in the area, but not nearly as bad as it would be westbound. this is going to be a long-term problem. obviously ha is a sig alert. if you're coming from marin county into the east bay, it might be better to take the bay bridge at this point this morning. also, live to sky 7, this is a long-term crash we've had at the very end of the bay bridge. westbound 80 at the fremont exit. we've been talking about this box truck that hit the barrier. sky 7 flu over this a moment ago. able to get better visuals of this. we have the fremont off-ramp closed. you can see it looks like the truck hit the barrier at a high rate of speed. there's a lot of debris in the roadway. we have not gotten word on injuries, but that far right
6:41 am
lane of the mainline is blocked along with a full closure of the fremont exit. you'll need to take harrison instead. as sky 7 pans back, you can see we've got delays westbound 80 on the bridge coming into san francisco. the backup thinned out for a few. now that they've taken those lanes and the off-ramp away, it is definitely starting to backup as you come out of yerba buena island
6:42 am
6:43 am
6:44 am
haven't had to worry about air quality just about at all this summer. good news, we don't have to for the next four days. upper 60s along the coast from eureka to monterey. 30 degrees warmer with mid to upper 90s through the central valley. 108 palm springs. 81 with afternoon sunshine in l.a. low to mid 80s around the sierra this afternoon. a breeze friday in tahoe, 81 to 82 with increasing sunshine as we head through the weekend. reggie? >> people this morning talking about the double dose of shaking that struft the east bay yesterday. >> it was a good taste of a warning system developed at uc berkeley. abc 7 news reporter anser hassan is live in blackhawk this morning. >> reporter: good morning. thankfully no reports of injuries, but people all around the bay area saying they felt both of those earthquakes,
6:45 am
especially here at blackhawk which is close to the epicenter. sky 7's sky map 7 technology talked about where the earthquakes originated. the first quick measured about 4.3. the second was a 3.5, later downgraded to a 3.2. seismologists at uc berkeley say the quakes set off the warning system which is a good sign system is working. they likely happened on the greenville fault. they say despite there being no damage, it shook things up. >> it happened all of a sudden, didn't last very long. it was disorienting because it shook everything right away. it was really big and it stopped. >> reporter: again, no reports of any injuries. scientists say it's almost impossible to predict an earthquake, but this greenville fault is the least understood fault of all the ones we have
6:46 am
here in the bay area. reporting live, anser hassan, abc 7 news. >> abc 7 news can help you get prepared for an earthquake or any natural disaster. go to to get valuable tips. the san francisco planning commission will consider making the site of a former flower nursery a historical landmark. the old greenhouses at the garibaldi neighborhood. obviously they haven't been used in many years, 25 years actually. neighbors say they're not ready to see them torn down. a developer bought the site in 2017 for $7.5 million. it has plans for a 63-unit development. >> our plan is to do housing which is much needed. 20% affordable and lot ttntopub >> it's delph a david and goliath battle. no question. developers with a lot of money versus ahood.
6:47 am
we're very blue collar. we're not rich down here. abc 7 news is committed to building a better bay area. one ash you we're focusing on is th the. >> anthony myint is trying to fight climate change through his restaurant. a surcharge going toward sustainable farming projects. >> applying compost instead of using fertilizer, cover cropping, rotating crops, plowing less. >> an international panel of judges voted to recognize myint for his efforts. the vast culinary world prize comes with 100,000 euros. we want to hear your ideas about building a better bay area on
6:48 am
facebook. privacy questions about the very popular aging tool so many are trying called face app. you've probably seen this all over your instagram and facebook feeds in the last couple days. a small team from russia is already the one that developed this app that allows you to see what you would look like when you're younger or more popularly, what you look like with wrinkles and older. it uses artificial intelligence to transform your face with just one task. take a look, there's obama. critics caution this app may collect much more than just the pictures you upload. according to the policy, the face app, quote, cannot ensure the security of any information you transmit to face app or guarantee that information on the service may not be accessed, disclosed, altered or destroyed. you can learn much more about the concerns coming up on gma. i don't think either of us have done it yet. >> i'm in the going to do it. not interested. your morning money report. security breach at sprint. >> the carrier says personal
6:49 am
information was compromised last month. sprint has reset security codes on the affected accounts. no word on how many people were affected. >> if you have an android phone made by lg, there's a new way to pay. they're rolling out a new payment system called -- real creative here -- lg pay. it allows you to pay -- tesla is slashing the price of the model 3 sedan by $1,000. tesla is also raising the price of the model s and xed and discontinuing the base versions of those cars. taking a live look at the new york stock exchange as treading gets under way this morning. we're slightly down about 27 points. los gatos-based netflix set to report earnings today after the closing bell. we're getting into the live action remake hits theaters worldwide. >> beyonce released a new music
6:50 am
video for a song in the movie. ♪ >> amazing. did you catch the cameo? that's beyonce's daughter blue ivy making an appearance, look fierce in this video for "spirit." beyonce posted this video on youtube just yesterday. it's now the number one trending video. disney is the parent company of abc 7 news. reggie and i have been looking at facts all morning long. when did she shoot this, reggie? >> so, in reading this article, it says she shot some of it last week, but i don't see how that can possibly be true. i'm reading something else that says she got a permit to do the waterfall on june 10th. it was all done pretty recently. >> that's incredible. this was shot in the grand canyon. >> yes. she had to get special permission to shoot the video there. they granted it.
6:51 am
>> of course, it's been you say. they granted it. going to tell her no? let's take a look at what's going on weatherwise. more on that coming up in the next several weeks when the movie starts to come out. here is a look from mt. tam. 60 degrees. gorgeous sunrise. it will be mostly sunny just about everywhere. average conditions at the coast, above average inland. more clouds and coastal drizzle that will lead to a cooling trend. here is a look at the could cover. it will get thicker through about 8:00, quickly pulling back to the coast where even there it's going to open up especially from the north bay and eventually along the peninsula for some sunshine. notice at 7:00, see the wall of clouds coming in, that's the big cooling trend or at least the beginning of the cooling trend. 80 to about 87 in the south bay. in between you have san jose at 84, cupertino at 83. mid 70s in santa cruz.
6:52 am
l 72 in south san francisco, 70 in sausalito. we start at 82 in sonoma and vallejo. low to mid 90s north of that. 80 in hercules and fremont. top and bottom, our hot spots. in between, 76 to 79 along the east bay shore. if you're in the east bay valleys this afternoon, hope the air conditioner works. upper 80s to mid 90s. five-game winning streak on the line as the a's take on the mariners. day game, 70 degrees to 75. have fun. here is a look at my skoouft. you can see we drop a couple degrees tomorrow, a couple more friday and saturday, below average. we jump up above average friday and saturday. back to our sig al left. this is in the richmond area. westbound 580 at cutting boulevard. we're actually looking at the east bay side of the roadway and it is empty. we've got a full closure due to
6:53 am
a fatal collision involving a pedestrian. that happens right around 5:40 this morning. those were the initial calls into chp. an investigation will need to happen. we've got emergency crews coming through the scene. that is going to be a long-term situation. have not gotten a lot of information. but you can enter back on at marina bay parkway. that's adding about 20 minutes to your commute. let's flip over to our traffic maps and i'll show you where this is. the countercommute direction as you come off the richmond-san rafael bridge. you're seeing the stretch of purple on the maps. that means a full closure. no estimate on what it will reopen. i would count on several hours. another sig alert in san francisco. live to sky 7. cleanup under way at this point, the box tluk is gone and a box tluk hit that center barrier right at the fremont exit as you come in to san francisco from the bay bridge. looks like that was hit very hard. we have a lot of debris they're working on sweeping up right
6:54 am
now. we briefly had the fremont off-ramp closed. they have the right lane back open. we still have the right lane closed on the mainline for folks heading into the city and continuing past that exit. so that is causing a delay as you come into the city. that is not quite as bad. that's coming in at about ten minutes right now. it looks like that backup has once again reached treasure island. plan on delays for either one of these bridges. cvs health is recalling 30 kinds of eyedrops and appointments over concerns the products may not be sterile. the food and drug administration says the items may not be safe, but no problems have been reported so far. we have a full list of the he called products on our website, dominos is turning to technology that help you track your next pizza delivery. >> a new app will allow you to track the location using gps so you'll know exactly when it will
6:55 am
arrive. >> i do enjoy knowing what's going on. i want to know when it goes in the oven, when they're picking it up. >> i wonder how the delivery people feel about it. oh, man. coming up next, the 7 things you need to know before you go. >> thank you for posting this. don't forget, follow us at abc 7 news bay area. you can see a lot more great pictures like this one a
6:56 am
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time is 6:58. these are the 7 things you need to know before you go. number one, a traffic issue in san francisco will take you back live to sky 7 where cleanup continues after a box truck hit the barrier, westbound 580 at the fremont exit. the actual truck that hit that was removed from the bridge. one lane blocked along with one lane of the mainline. a solid backup to trez your island. number two, another traffic issue. unfortunately we've got a fatal crash involving a pedestrian in richmond. eastbound 580 is eem ity at cutting boulevard. all traffic is being forced off of the interstate just before that. you can get back on at marina parkway. that's investigation just getting started. this will likely be a full reptse for several hours. mage after a pair of earthquakes rattled the east
6:59 am
bay. the epicenter pinpointed close to blackhawk. the first measured 4.3, the second 3.5. number four, theranos founder elizabeth holmes is scheduled to be back in court facing fraud and conspiracy charges for allegedly misleading investors. number five, transportation officials have voted to make the city's temporary pilot program permanent. the examiner reports the program will have stricter requirements for e scooter companies. number six, a look at your 12-hour planner. still mid to upper 50s. look how quickly we get sunshine and temperatures return to the 60s. 80s and0sor taynd researchers state university say spending ten minutes petting a dog or cat can lower spres levels. they say spending time with a furry friend physiological response. >> i guess i've got to pet my dog more often, like all day.
7:00 am
>> can we bring the dog to work. thanks for watching this morning. good morning, america. we appreciate you starting your morning with us. we're tracking the latest on that dangerous heat wave for more than half the country right now. triple-digit threat. temperatures soaring from texas to the northeast this morning as millions brace for what could be the hottest weather in years. ginger here with the timing and track of the summer scorcher. overnight, democrats send a message to president trump passing a resolution to condemn his racist tweets. the first rebuke of a president by congress in more than a century. how the president is responding now. what it means for 2020. celebrating justice john paul stevens, one of the longest serving judges on the supreme court passing away at 99. the votes that shaped this country and his message. also this morning, the 2-year-old girl lost in the


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