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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  July 23, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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it better than mayor libby schaaf. >> no one deserves to spend a single night on the streets. >> anything that we try that is new will have risks. but i think the greater risk is to do nothing. it's emotional and the whole point of this count is also our way as a community of saying that our unsheltered residents count. >> 70% of the people that we've served have left for that road to sustainability. >> this is a moral imperative. people are not healthy without shelter. >> all this yet the numbers keep rising. i'm larry beil. >> oakland's homeless population rose nearly n the last two years. the numbers show the rate is now 940 for eve100,000 people. that's higher than san francisco at 906 and berkeley 898. >> abc7 news reporter luz pena live with more what the mayor is
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saying. >> reporter: larry and ama, the mayor was not shocked by the numbers. she tells us that their goal is to have a total of 700 beds by the end of this year. there are more than 4,000 homeless in the city. >> a waiting list to be on a waiting list. item number 115. >> reporter: frankie lee ban ser one of more than 4,000 homeless living in oakland and says she's been waiting for housing for months. >> oakland is answering this crisis with a sense of urgency innovation. >> data collected by oakland and alameda county officials confirmed the homeless population per capita surpasses anywhere in the bay area. oakland's homeless population rose 47% between 2017 and 2019. >> we have the triple whammy of income inequality, an inadequate
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supply of housing, insufficient protections against displacement and a mental health system that is not working. >> reporte lmoaknd opened its first safe rv parking site and announced two more under development. it has four sites they call cabin communities offering sheds in backyards. even with all the beds, the crisis continues. >> we need more. in the county, we need 6,000 more beds. >> mayor shaft pointed to people who come from outside of oakland. >> i came here from memphis, tennessee. arizona and i ended up here. > reporter: the mayor of oakland also elaborated on the fact that this is a county-wide issue and asked for more money from the county supervisors. you. na abc7 news.
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san francisco mayor london breed joined police and community leaders to talk with customer chance the in chinatown after a series of recent attacks that have the community reeling. yesterday hundreds rallied together for change. it looks like some may be coming. vic lee has more. >> reporter: the recent series of violent street crimes filled the entire front page today of the chinese language newspaper world journal. >> we have to do something. >> reporter: the mayor came to chinatown town assure city hall would be doing all it can to protect them after a heated community meeting here yesterday. frustrated and angry, merchants and residents asked for more police. this video shows a man with a stick smashing window offices cars along stockton street. these stills is taken last week show a chinese community leader unconscious on ground after he was attack bid a group which stole his gold rolex watch. he sits here waiting for an ambulance which witnesses say
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took half hour to respond. this video shows channing wong being beaten by the same assailants as he was on the t hn of his when someone from the group punched him in the face. >> after the events of what just occurred, i know there's a lot of fear. >> reporter: kevin khan owns the fortune cookie factory, a chinatown institution always crowded with the tourists. >> who want to come to chinatown when they hear all the rumor on the news, bad stuff happen to them. >> reporter: this realtor heads it the chinatown neighborhood association and he and others want a police box and lee street. he's offered space rent free-throw in his building. >> those guys want to make trouble, there's a police station there. the capital says he prefers officers to walk the beat
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instead foo for my officers to be mobile and throughout chinatown is probably better. >> reporter: the mayor says the bottom line is. >> cameras going up adding more beat officers and just so you know, you know that's something i've been fighting for. >> reporter: the crime prevention groups f safe says it will have cameras up and running in eight weeks along stockton street, the same area where the attacks occurred. vic lee, abc7 news. >> in the east bay, one person suffered minor injuries after a big rig slid down a hill in pless is on theton near 680. officials have not said what happened that caused that big rig to slide. >> police today put a motorcycle enforcement team in the tender loin issuing track citations following a deadly crash that killed a man on sunday. abc7 news got exclusive video of that tes las speeding through
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the driver rented the through through get around. today abc7 news reporter lesley brinkley got a better idea how that app works. >> get around is a bit like airbnb for your car. >> rick benson took us for a spin in his 2018 audi convertible but listed on the app for a year. >> people can rent it online and use it and helps me cover my payment. >> reporter: get to envoy your convertible. >> when i'm home and other people pay for it when i'm not. >> reporter: it rents for 1 under a day up to 150 on weekends. i called the get around customer happy line. you unlock it with the cell phone. the keys are locked inside the vehicle. no need to meet the owner. in fact, you can pick up the cars along a street or in a parking lot anywhere anytime. traditional car rental companies only rent to drivers 25 and
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older. get around rent to drivers 19 and older unless it's a special car. a tesla model 3 like the one in the pedestrian accident is not a specialty car. thus the 21-year-old driver had access to it. benson says he's had plenty of problems. >> i had a gentleman rent my car on a tuesday. and get arrested unbeknownst to me on wednesday for identity theft in sfraemt. >> reporter: police impounded. >> it was $1200. they're going to pay me back. >> but it's a has. >> it's a big hassel. is that worth it? i say so. my wife says no. >> reporter: get around is popular in cities like oakland and san francisco. i'm lesley brinkley, abc7 news. >> building a better bay area is all about locals showing up for each other. even strangers. >> we told but a man devastated
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when his e bike was stolen, his only transportation since diagnosed with alzheimers. >> the founder of the startup that makes the bike knew he had to step up. here's chris reyes. >> so that's your biking. > yeah, awesome. >> reporter: what you're watching here is a very good day. delivered by a guy determined to do a very good deed. when francis lee saw on abc7 that the e bike he so would john philips a coup months ago was stolen, he sent his wife this text message. >> my goal in life is to make a positive mark in the world. it would be my great honor to give you a bike. >> what you said was perfect. it gave me the ability to accept something where normally wdn re caramel never take for granted since john was diagnosed with alzheimer's disease in 2017. >> it's so difficult. it's one of the marredest things that i can't imagine and i think
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when we have our toughest times is when he knows i can't imagine what it's like to be in his brain. >> reporter: this was john before the diagnosis. he loved bikes, he loved driving, now he doesn't work and he had to give up his driver's license. so had bike is really more than just a bike. >> it's my life line. >> reporter: lee designs, builds and sells these e bikes. his passion he poured into john's new bike complete with a gps tracking device and alarm system. >> it touchdown our hearts because most people who purchase these bikes are looking for you know recreation. we didn't realize that it was serving somebody in such an incredible way. >> i'm really thankful for francis. >> give me a hug. >> reporter: in san jose, chris rey reyes. >> unlike that bike theft, most stolen bike cases go unreported. >> the international crime
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victim survey says on average, only 56% of thefts were reported to police. the fbi estimates in 2015, nearly 205,000 bikes were stolen nation wide and believe the actual total is as high as 1.5 million. >> bike shest in the u.s. is estimated to come at a cost of $200 million per year. that's according to the nationwide bike registry. >> up next, it's neighbors helping neighbors. >> some neighbors saw it happening and were willing to take a stand about it. >> an incredible moment as a community holds hands to stop i.c.e. agents from arresting a father and son. that story is coming up. >> and i'm meteorologist drew tu tuma. we're tracking a warming trend tomorrow and our 0 hottest spots getting close to 100 tomorrow afternoon. details in the accuweather forecast coming up. >> plus credit cards, library books and parking tickets can add up to a lack of financial
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>> that was the count down in nashville yesterday when i.c.e. attempted to bring a man into custody and his neighbors formed a human chainton stop it. >> look, this isn't something that's happening on the border. this isn't something that's happening just new symptom big detention center in texas. this is happening 100 feet from my living room. and this is something we can do something about and they did. those people are the reason this family is together right now. >> this happened in a neighborhood in metro nashville. jesse knutsen has more. >> reporter: these are a couple of i.c.e. officers for four hours a man and son sat inside of a car as twos customs agents
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tried to get them to surrender. the father is reportedly in the country illegal. so they were tacked with bringing him into custody. neighbors came to assist their neighbor. >> we made sure she had water, food, put gas back in the vehicle. >> reporter: these folks say they don't care how someone got there. it's how they act when they are here. >> the family don't bother nobody. they work every day. they come home. the kids jump on trampoline. it's a community. >> reporter: stacey helped create a human chain to help the family get from their car safely knew their home and did not think twice about supporting her neighbors. >> i could see if they were bad criminals but they're not. they're just trying to provide for their kids. >> the standoff brought metro police to the scene to keep peace. council members as well as lawyers to evaluate the situation flow there were two immigration officials sort of bullying a family inside their vehicle telling them they had an administrative warrant which
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isn't the same thing as a judicial warrant and trying to harass them and fear them into coming out. >> reporter: the i.c.e. agents left and the family left too in search i've safer place. >> reporter: after the family left, the wife and mother of the boy told everyone there thank you. from the bottom of her heart. >> meanwhile new numbers in regarding the trump administration's recent publicized raids in the country. >> according to the head of u.s. immigration and customs enforcement, only 35 of the more than 2100 people targeted were detained in the operation. i.c.e. officials believe advance publicity of the raids made have prompted many to leave their homes or move to evade arrest. >> consumer news and financial literacy and credit scores. >> credit score is everything. it costs you a lot of money if you have a bad one. your score is key to many aspects of your financial life from getting a good interest
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rate on a loan to getting a job. when it comes to what affects your credit, there are a lot of the migs out there. >> how much do you know about credit scores? >> loans, mortgages, how many credit cards i have. if i ever am late on paying a credit card. >> paying my credit card bill on time. >> what helps or hurts your credit can be confusing. consumer reports wanted to clear things up with its own credit score quiz. first up, unpaid library fines. >> unpaid library fines. maybe makes it worse i guess. >> no, unpaid library fines no. they don't report to the credit bureaus. >> overdue library book fines will not affect your credit. they're reported by municipalities or municipal court records but won't go on your credit report. >> next, unpaid parking or track ticks. >> i have a feeling it does because it does have to do with the government. >> i don't think so. >> parking and track tickets
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like library fines are from municipal records and aren't collect bid any of the credit reporting agencies. >> how about opening up a bunch of credit cards at the same time. >> opening a lot of credit cards at once, i think that makes it better. >> opening up a bunch of credit cards in a short period of time can affect your credit report. it suggests you might be in credit trouble. >> does frequently checking your credit ding your report. >> i feel like that used to be a myth but i believe it does not. >> you can check your credit report at any time without it affecting your credit score. >> you don't have to pay a credit monitoring service just to check your score. instead, go to a site like that will do it for you for free. >> it's important to check your credit court with the three major credit bureaus simultaneously before shopping for a major loan like a mortgage or car loan. that way you can correct any
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errors before applying for a loan. if you're looking for a mortgage, don't be getting any cards for a while. wait. >> good vice. thank you. >> so how hot is it going to get? today was pretty nice. >> a little warm inland. slightly warm. drew has the rest of the week's forecast. >> we live closer to the coast. sea breeze keeps us in the 60s and sense. away from the coast tomorrow, we are tracking inland east bay communities getting very close to triple digit heat. live doppler 7 showing you patchy fog. elsewhere, tons of sun. outside tonight, we'll show you a live look from the east bay hills camera pointed east. nothing but blue skies. we're going to watch this area closely tomorrow because it will get rather hot tomorrow afternoon. we look at the accuweather weather highlights. hottest spots once again in the inland east bay close to 100 degrees on wednesday afternoon.
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however, that fog is still going to keep the coast cool, really comfortable. tomorrow afternoon, again for afternoon highs we'll likely have about a 40 degree range from the coast to our hottest spots inland. latestings in as we head into the upcoming weekend saturday and sunday, looks like we may lose the fog as another warming friend gets under way. the entire bay area would feel a warmup. numbers out there right now, 93 in brentwood. 63 in san francisco with a cool sea breeze. 77 san jose. santa rosa at 83. oakland coming in which a comfortable temperature of 70. live doppler 7, we are tracking this big area of high pressure over the four corners. bringing a lot of monsoonal moisture. the monsoon season under way for parts of arizona, nevada and southern california around la. a coup thundershowers popping up from the system. this area of high pressure is going to slowly work its way to
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the west over the next 24 hours. it will supply us with that warmer weather inland. no shower activity. we're not tracking any wet weather the next 24 hours. a few high clouds stream in from time to time into thursday. overnight, limited patchy fog along the coastline. plenty of stars for a lot of us. mid 50s to low 60s overnight. on the 12-hour day planner tomorrow, a carbon copy forecast in terms of the sky condition we've seen the past couple days. early morning cloud cover in areas giveaway to sunshine in the afternoon by 4:00. that sun warping us into the 80s and '90s. a los e closer look at your highs, south bay 89 in san jose. 94 gilroy, 86 for cupertino. along the peninsula it will be warm. 83 for redwood city, 76 in san mateo. downtown san francisco sunshine in the afternoon, 6 downtown. breezy and cooler in daly city.
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99 in clover dale, 85 in sonoma. 79 in vallejo. east bay, 6 for oakland, 87 europe city. 89 in fremont. this is where we'll watch for the heat to be very high tomorrow afternoon. 98 brentwood, 98 pug. 92 in san ramon. the next seven days, hotter inland tomorrow. clouds in the forecast on thursday. temps take a little bit of a dip friday. saturday and sunday, hotter areawide. the coast getting close to 70 degrees. the fog returns on monday and tuesday. >> i'm going to visit you guys during oat weekend when it gets really hot inland. >> you have the pool. >> going to alerts. >> you can come over. >> get the drinks ready. >> we'll bring something like some kind of watermelon. >> refreshing. >> great idea. >> all right. cleaning up dirty water, then getting it to hotels in downtown
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san francisco. >> that story is next.
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new details now on the canyon fire still burning south of laek berryessa. that fire up to 64 acres. 65% contained. we sent sky 7 there after the fire broke out yesterday afternoon. nine homes evacuated. no damage reported at this point. highway 128 from monticello dam to rag canyon road is closed in both directions. >> san francisco's largest water reuse project is up and running in the unlikeliest of places an alleyway near union square. inside these shipping had trailers are state-of-the-art microfiltration systems taking dirty water from the powell and
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embarcadero b.a.r.t. stations and cleaning it up. >> what comes out of the reverse osmosis is pure water. so pure that you can't even drink it. it's too pure. has no minerals no, salt or anything in it. this is what boilers like to have to make steam out of. >> a steam plant is using this clean water to provide heating and hot water to hotels and buildings in downtown san francisco. this water project is saving 30 million gallons of drinking water her year. >> now to an eviction in santa cruz. it's not a person, it's a squirrel. forced to leave her home after officials say she attacked several people. phil gomez was there for the banishment. >> i saved her when she was little. she would have died. >> reporter: charlotte nursed the squirrel her daughter named emily whether it was a baby. residents say emily became aggressive, attacking and biting people as they passed by. >> the squirrel will jump on
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them or you know, kind of assert its dominance. >> nelson was upset about the attacks and posted this sign friday. later the landlord put up a warning, beware of aggressive squirrel. >> can i have an assist from the fire department with a ladder? >> needs a ladder for? >> there's aggressive squirrel that's attacking people and we need to remove him. >> can you tell us have you ever done a rescue like this before. >> this is the first time. >> reporter: a volunteer safely remove emily and her three babies. mom and babies appear okay. emily got one last nip in biting the rescuer on his number for his efforts. >> they'll be put in a safe spot where she can continue to raise them. >> little babies. >> she was protecting her little babies. that's why she was aggressive. makes sense. >> up next, zaniness on the roadway. >> the fun reaction of the driver who saw this scooter during rush hour. what are you thinking?
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coming up on abc7 news at 6:00, the iteam pours through the search warrants in the carmody case. one familiar name keeps popping
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up. also -- >> shame on you and your partner for being completely unprofessional. >> al east bay mom fights for her rights and apology after being accused of shoplifting. her defiance is something to see. >> and the letter you'll be getting from pg&e. it is long but check it out sooner than later coming up on abc7 news at 6:00. >> all right. we've all felt the frustration of being stuck in traffic. one commuter took a daring approach to getting around and you can see, this is unbelievable video here. the witnesses were in shock as a man on a scooter just took off down the highway. >> yo, what? bro, are you on a bird scooter on the why? bro, what are you doing? bro, what are you doing! oh, my gosh. >> wow. dashcam foot and shows that man scooting around traffic on a
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freeway in dallas. >> no helmet. >> but headphones. >> not smart. we'll see you at 6:00. tonight, the surprise move here in washington on the eve of robert mueller. also ahead, severe storms slam the east coast. the rare tornado on cape cod. the motel roof ripped off. witnesses describing the harrowing scene. the man killed by a falling tree. hundreds of thousands without power tonight from wisconsin to new york to new england. the major turn tonight. the ole miss college student found dead and now the 22-year-old suspect under arrest tonight. what authorities have just revealed. here in d.c., that unexpected twist on the eve of robert mueller before the american people. what mueller has now asked for. jon karl at the white house. the urgent manhunt tonight after the american woman and her boyfriend were found dead on a road trip in canada. tonight, two young men who were thought to be missing are now suspects in more than one case.


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