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tv   America This Morning  ABC  August 1, 2019 4:00am-4:29am PDT

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happening now in america this morning, the aftermath of debate two, part two. joe biden and kamala harris in the spotlight from health care. >> you do nothing to hold the insurance companies to task. >> to criminal justice. >> you're dipping into kool-aid and you don't even know the flavor. >> this morning, the winners and losers and the unusual gaffe made by the former vice president. new images after a fighter jet crashes in death valley's star wars canyon. the pilot missing, seven people on the ground injured. what we're learning about that moment of impact. caught on camera, police are heard making jokes about this man who called 911 and laid dying on the ground. >> tony, hey. back to school. wake up.
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>> what the officers did next. plus, born weighing just 13 ounces, the premature baby who is defying the odds. shocking video from florida of the moment that caused a fiery disaster on this highway. and later, a rare discovery for fans of the 1980s nintendo. good thursday morning, everyone. thank you for joining us. i'm kenneth moton. >> and i'm diane macedo in for janai norman. we begin with the race for 2020. the democrats are now returning to the campaign trail after facing off on the national stage. deep divisions surfaced for the second consecutive night on a range of hot button issues and nearly every candidate took a shot at joe biden. >> abc's trevor ault joins us from detroit with the highlights. good morning, trevor. >> reporter: good morning, od morning, diane. the candidates covered a lot of ground last night, health care, climate change, criminal justice reform, immigration, but in talking about who is best for
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the future, they were quick to criticize each other's pasts. night two of the detroit democratic debates featuring all the policy of night one with a lot more personal political brawling mixed in. senator kamala harris returning to her attacks from the first debate early on. >> the vice president has still failed to acknowledge that it was wrong to take the position that he took at that time. >> reporter: but this time biden punching back and later criticizing the senator for changes to her health care plan. >> you can't beat president trump with double talk. >> reporter: other candidates eager to jump into the cross fire. senator cory booker taking aim at the former vice president over criminal justice reform. >> since the 1970s every major crime bill, every crime bill, major and minor, has had his name on it. >> you had a police department that was -- you went out and hired rudy giuliani's guy and engaged in stop and frisk. >> mr. vice president, there is a saying in my community, you're dipping into kool-aid, and you
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don't even know the flavor. >> reporter: over the same topic, congresswoman tulsi gabbard calling out kamala harris for her record as a prosecutor. >> senator harris, when you were in a position to make a difference and impact these people's lives, you did not. >> reporter: candidates sparring over immigration. biden defending the policies of the obama administration, congressman julian castro calling him out. >> it looks like one of us has learned the lessons of the past and one of us hasn't. >> your time is up. >> what we need are politicians that actually have some guts on this issue. >> i have guts enough to say his plan doesn't make sense. >> reporter: so these detroit debates is probably the last time many of these candidates are going to see the stage in this presidential election. the next democratic debates are in september in houston. that will likely only have half the number of candidates who qualify at most. kenneth, diane. >> all right, trevor ault live in detroit, thank you. meanwhile, republicans are running into a new challenge as they try to win back the house in 2020. congressman mike conaway of texas just announced his retirement making him the fifth republican to do so in just two weeks. politico reports the party has
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been rattled by the retirements. and the so-called battle over baltimore is heating up. at critics of his recent tweets about the city. he's suggesting democrats are hypocrites after video from 1999 surfaced showing congressman elijah cummings criticizing drug use in baltimore. take a look. >> i left my community of baltimore, a drug infested area where a lot of the drugs that we're talking about today have already taken the lives of so many children. >> so you heard cummings use the term drug infested. in the president's tweet, he described baltimore as a rat and rodent infested mess. now to the navy fighter jet that crashed in an area known as star wars canyon in california. we're seeing new evidence of the crash while witnesses tell us they did not see any parachute deploy. abc's megan tevrizian has more on the seven people injured on the ground. good morning, megan. >> reporter: hi, kenneth. well, two aircraft were flying lln one crashed.
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it's a popular area for u.s. air force and navy fighter jet training. this morning, the search is on for a missing u.s. navy pilot. >> just be advised that is in the death valley national park. >> reporter: the f-18 fighter jet crashed in the california desert wednesday morning in a spot popular with spectators. >> this is in star wars canyon. >> reporter: the area dubbed star wars canyon for its narrow canyon walls and flight maneuvers pilots make that resemble those in the movie. as seen here in this video taken from a previous flight at the same location of wednesday's crash. this picture, the first look at the crash site. >> my son and i were standing out by where i live, and he saw a large mushroom cloud of smoke. >> reporter: witnesses describe seeing debris smaller than a dinner plate littering a nearby parking lot. >> what i heard was his wingman's afterburners because i watched him pop right up over the smoke because they fly
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through that pretty close. >> reporter: those spectators watching the aircraft when it crashed all tourists from france suffering from minor burns and expected to be okay. >> the plane crashed around 50 meters in front of us. >> reporter: the national park ouook is nowfoseasr that missin. >> we're looking for an aviator out there hoping for the best. so i'm always optimistic. >> reporter: u.s. navy investigators are working to determine the cause of the crash. whether it was a mechanical issue or a pilot error, still too early to tell. kenneth. >> megan, thank you. now to a major development in the fight against terrorism. osama bin laden's son is believed to be dead. hamza bin laden was being groomed for a prominent role in al qaeda and had promised revenge against the united states. a military source says u.s. intelligence was involved in the operation that apparently killed him, but they're not providing details. an investigation is under way at the exxonmobil refinery near houston after a major explosion.
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black smoke could be seen for miles around the facility in baytown, texas. all workers are safe. 37 were injured mostly from minor burns. air quality in the area is said to be safe. it's at least the fourth fire at a petrochemical facility in the houston area this year. in pennsylvania, a suspected gas explosion destroyed this home near pittsburgh. firefighters had just shut off the gas line and were waiting to ventilate the house. three of them and the homeowner were injured. time now for a look at your weather on this thursday morning. severe thunderstorms slammed the northeast with so much rain that floodwaters senside this bus on staten island, new york. meanwhile, this is the view from the south boston yacht club on a typical summer day, and here's what it looked like at that same location during the worst of that downpour. the storm temporarily grounded more than 300 flights at logan airport. today it will be dry and cooler
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in the northeast but expect heavy storms in the central midwest. monsoon storms in the southwest. temps in the 90s and higher across the south. coming up, the rare nintendo discovery from the 1980s. but first what you need to know about a new proposal to allow americans to buy cheaper drugs from canada. what's not included. plus, new video of good samaritans rushing to rescue people trapped in this suv. and later the story behind a rogue wave that came crashing
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newly released dash cam video shows the moment a semi truck slammed into a church bus in florida. seven people including five
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children died in that january crash on interstate 75 near gainesville. eight lawsuits have been filed > d po, rnia, esgood people trapped inside an suv after crashing into a tree. they helped stabilize that vehicle until firefighters got there and pulled everyone out. family members of the american teenagers accused of murdering a police officer in rome are expected to visit their sons in jail today. the father of gabriel natale hjorth says his son did not know his friend had a knife the night the officer was stabbed. prosecutors say 19-year-old finnegan elder confessed to the stabbing, but his family's attorney is defending him and dismissing a photo on instagram that shows elder with a knife before his trip to rome. >> the kid had a knife. at least in san francisco, certainly in america, that's not a super surprising thing. people carry it for protection. i guess it sort of feeds into a narrative that certain people want to have, but that doesn't really help us get to the bottom of what happened. >> elder's family says the 19-year-old participated in a
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sort of fight club during high school in san francisco and that he was arrested once in connection with a fight. the drug industry is warning that a trump administration plan to allow americans to legally import cheaper prescription drugs from canada is, quote, far too dangerous. a pharmaceutical lobbying group says there is no way to guarantee the safety of drugs coming from outside the u.s. the plan also faces lengthy regulatory consideration and potential court challenges. parents can expect to see more bulletproof backpacks while back-to-school shopping. office max is now selling bullet resistant bags for about $200. our dallas station put one to the test. it stopped a bullet from a 44 magnum but did not stop a bullet from an ar-15 rifle. the bag's maker did not comment. and we know that there was a rare find for nintendo fans. a nevada man found a new game from 1987 unopened in his attic. it's expected to sell for at least $10,000 at auction today. >> what? >> the game is called kid
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these may worsen with anoro. call your doctor if you have worsened breathing, chest pn, moutorguelng,your doctor problems urinating, vision changes or eye pain while taking anoro. ask your doctor about once-daily anoro to start treating your copd. ♪ go your own way save at stop struggling to clean tough messes with sprays. try new clean freak! it has three times the cleaning power to dissolve kitchen grease on contact. it works great on bathtubs. and even stainless steel. try new clean freak from mr. clean. we're back with video of a tsunami-like wave causing panic at this water park in northeast china. it was about ten feet high. >> 44 people were hurt. some suffered broken bones. the rogue wave is being blamed on damaged equipment at the pool. edn ceustody o the texas man who calling 911 for help. >> newly released video shows
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the final moments of tony timpa's life as police officers appear to ignore his desperate cries while he's pinned to the ground. >> the officers are even heard mocking timpa as he falls >> reporter: that's 32-year-old tony timpa of dallas begging for help in the final moments of his life. >> you're gonna kill me. >> reporter: timpa called 911 in august of 2016 saying he was depression and was off his medication. police arrived. security guards already had timpa in handcuffs outside a store after guards said he was acting erratically. >> will you let me go, please? >> reporter: body video obtained by "the dallas morning news" shows officers pinning timpa to the ground for 14 minutes. he eventually becomes incoherent. the officers are then heard making jokes as timpa loses consciousness. derest, scd eggs. your favorite. >> reporter: it's seemingly not
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until medics load timpa onto a that officers realize he might be in trouble. >> he didn't just die, did he? is he breathing? hope i didn't kill him. >> reporter: minutes later a paramedic can be heard telling the officers that timpa isn't breathing. >> he's not breathing. >> he's not breathing? >> nope. >> oh, [ bleep ]. >> reporter: according to reports, the medical examiner d due to the toxic effects of cocaine and the stress associated with physical restraint. the three officers involved were placed on administrative leave and indicted last year, but the district attorney dropped the charges because according to "the dallas morning news" medical examiners told a grand jury they did not believe the officers acted recklessly and they would not testify to the officers' indictment. city officials have fought against making the video public since 2016, but this week a federal judge allowed for its release saying the public needs to see it. an attorney for timpa's family says the video proves his death was, quote, inexcusable. the dallas police department has not commented on the video.
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next, a frightening ordeal in the pacific. a group of tourists and crew mer the galapagos islands because of a fire. all 27 people on the boat were forced into the shark infested waters. one of the passengers works for our abc station in los angeles. >> all hell broke loose, smoke filled the boat. they told us there was a fire in the engine room. >> i didn't know if i was supposed to stay on a burning boat or jump in the water with sharks. >> the boat's life rafts would not deploy, so everyone was in the water for about an hour. after they finally got into the rafts, it was another hour before a nearby ship answered their call for help. police officers in des moines, iowa, pulled off a dramatic rescue after an inflatable raft overturned in a river trapping two people in turbulent waters. the man and woman were being dragged under by that powerful current near a dam. they say it was like being in a washing machine. but the officers were able to pull them to safety. an assault case involving a dodgeball game near detroit has been dismissed.
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prosecutors say they will not charge a 10-year-old who hit a classmate in the head with a ball. the case sparked racism claims because the child who was charged is black and the other is white. the mother of the white student sued because he has a brain condition. well, if you're a basketball fan, you will love this trick shot that has never been seen before. it's a first even for the harlem globetrotters. zeus mcclurkin battled the wind and waves off new jersey to nail this shot while parasailing. >> whoa. it's the world's first parasailing trick shot. >> impressive. up next in "the pulse," the 13-ounce baby defying the odds. also ahead, a woman who just turned 107 years old has an important message about marriage. plus, the grasshopper invasion in las vegas put to good use. >> yum. invasion in las vegas put to good use. >> yum. along with support, chantix is proven to help you quit. with chantix you can keep smoking at first
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♪ ♪ time to check "the pulse" and we begin with a woman who is sharing her secrets for living a long life. >> her name is louise jean signore, and she just celebrated her 107th birthday. >> 107. >> a huge crowd joined the lifelong new york city resident for a celebration. her keys to longevity include eating properly and exercise and avoiding one big source of stress. >> what is the best part of being 107? >> not getting married. >> is that your secret? >> uh-huh. >> you've never been married? >> no. >> me either. >> no, that's the secret. >> yep, ms. signore says she also likes to dance and have the occasional glass of red wine.of still alive including her 102-year-old sister. >> so the secret to longevity, never getting married. >> don't do it. >> thanks a lot, honey. thanks a lot. all right, next to a 13-ounce miracle.
4:23 am
his name is jaden morrow. >> doctors didn't give him much of a chance when he was born at just 23 weeks, but he is a fighter. his mom says the doctors were shocked that someone so little was trying to do so much including trying to breathe. >> doctors say he is making great progress and looking great. mom and dad expect to take him home from the hospital by november, which is around the time of his original due date. go, jaden. and the grasshopper invasion in las vegas has business owners thinking green as in cash. >> yeah, the little guys are invading vegas because of the wetter than normal spring. well, now food based on those bugs is popping up around town. check out this one. this is a bakery selling a grasshopper cake. he's giving me a dirty look. there's also a grasshopper drink at a local bar. no grasshoppers in the drink. it's just green. >> don't forget the pizza there. the pizza, however, does have real insects on top. >> iou andag we found outhey're
4:24 am
they're like bringing them in. >> they're imported from mexico. >> from mexico. grasshoppers made in mexico like our guacamole. >> but they have a surplus of grasshoppers. can't they just go outside and get a net? >> they're not fda approved. >> you have no idea, do you? >> i don't. >> that was a total guess. we end on some extra special cats. >> that's right. first we want to introduce you to tiger who looks as though he may be missing a few teeth. if so, that would make sense because tiger's owner claims he's 31 years old and the oldest cat in illinois. >> and then there's juneau who at 21 years old is also pretty old, but his claim to fame is his permanently grumpy look due to that downturned mouth and those horns of fur on his head. >> grumpy cat part two. so his owner says he's very chill and popular with nearly 200,000 followers on instagram. maybe we should frown more. >> grumpy cat. >> grumpy cat.
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making neww. ounds ofeoe ar set nd santa clara county. forot in the wake of the gilroy shooting. personal political attacks highlight night two of the democratic debates. joe biden the number one target. good morning. it is august 4th, i'm kumasi aaron. >> i'm reggie ak quie. your rent is due. welcome to fogust. it's out there this morning. you'll notice quite a difference. there's limited visibility due to fog. you'll have to use the windshield wipers traveling through the east bay bay hills. temperatures mild. mid 50s to low 60s. we'll see where we end up this afternoon. cooler han yesterday thanks to a more robust sea breeze.
4:28 am
mid 60s coast into san francisco. as you head from fremont, palo alto into the south bay, low to upper 80s. good morning frances. y acss g's fog as you make your bridge. yow. itooksikoianewell. there's road work if you're heading across the richmond-san rafael bridge. live shot for headlines moving towards the toll plaza. traffic is flowing well in the east bay direction it should be cleared by 6:00. if you're headed to the bay bridge toll plaza, here is what it looks like right now, a minor wait for the cash pay lanes. earlier crash in the east bay direction that has been cleared. a protest overnight at san francisco's i.c.e. headquarters. we were watching as people were arrested this morning. >> abc 7's amy hollyfield is live in downtown san francisco
4:29 am
with more. amy. >> reporter: look at the situation now. washington is blocked off. they've bair caded it, a full block of it over at sampson and over on our block where we are on battery. the whole section in front of the i.c.e. building has been blocked off. we're told police moved in around 1:00 this morning to make arrests. here is the video. activists say they're with abolish i.c.e. sf. they started camping here around noon yesterday to make their statement. they say it was kind of a block party that just kept going, and then police made the arrests.ut the g 15 people and that all of them have been released from jail except for one, a minor. they say they're waiting for his mother. we are.c.e f t ntaugust groups say they're going protest the camps happening at the border and activity by
4:30 am
i.c.e. agents. so this is just the beginning. all right starting off arrests and moving the people out of here. we are still waiting to hear from police. we're still working this story, so stay with us as it continues to develop. live in san francisco, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. it is now 4:30. if you're just waking up with us, good morning. >> good morning. you're never more than seven minutes away from my accuweather forecast. mike is here with that. >> thank you, kumasi. welcome back to the mornings. hopefully you've got a cup of coffee and are ready to go. let's do it. 31 is your wind in fairfield. you can see the sea breeze is picked up. look at the expansiveness


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