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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  August 6, 2019 3:00pm-3:30pm PDT

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tv's number one daily viral video show "right this minute." >> i'm in the middle of ebec,yi >> a pilot who just survived a crash stays remarkably calm after -- >> his plane went down. >> how he helped rescuers find him deep in the rugged wilderness. >> she may have lost her eyesight. one woman's emotional trip to disney land that may be the most unique experience that minnie has ever had. >> sometimes it is the moms showing they got -- >> all the moves. >> and sometimes it is the kids who just won't quit. >> nice. >> good work, bud. >> we have christian, oli,
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charity, nick and gayle breaking down the best on the web and one woman's smart online dating, how she is hitting the streets to make a statement. >> that takes bravery. good for her. >> yes. >> matt lehtinen is so lucky to be alive. >> just had to pull the parachute. i'm in the middle of quebec, trying to get my sos to work. >> that's because his plane went down into the woods. he said he experienced engine failure and he looked at his instruments and he was in trouble. >> take this log so people can learn from this experience. >> you were in a plane crash in the woods and now you're blogging. that's insane. >> he crashed into the woods, a tree broke through the floor of his plane, narrowly missing impaling him. some of you know tit iit is
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with a parachute system which is essentially a full plane ballistic parachute recovery system which detonates when you pull the lever and blows a huge canopy over the plane to slow down the descent of a failed airplane. since december of 2018, several of these parachutes have already saved dozens of lives. he is one of the most recent ones. >> something good comes out of it. >> now he's stuck in the middle of the quebec wilderness. and this -- >> how are they going to see him? >> that's why this is necessary for him to film this blog. once he had a gps with him, he was able to use that to try to send out a signal, letting people know what had happened. two, he starts a fire. that fire obviously is going to create smoke, will allow the rescue team to know exact>> car. don't want to burn down the
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whole forest around you. >> it was contained. >> fantastic, baby. >> they have his coordinates and the canadian royal air force is on its way. >> in matt's case, it is like he's in the best possible scenario in the worst case scenario, if that makes sense. >> right here, you see a plane flying exactly over where he is. they ended up dropping a radio down to him so they can communicate directly with him. they lower down, the rescue team fires up a flare, picks him up and are able to take him to safety. just five hours after he crashed. >> he recorded it, so he can show people. >> had he not taken the steps he did that saved himself so quickly, he knew he would not have survived. he did post the video after -- >> i'm with my family in indianapolis airport. >> hey! >> he says he's a very grateful american for the team that rescued him in canada.
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>> this is joy ross, she's completely blind. she lost her vision 11 1/2 years ago. it was progressive. >> i lost my eyesight, my complete eyesight in disney land december 2007. my retina detach eed in my only seeing eye. i could only see a little bit at the time. enough to see the girls with minnie and mickey and all the disney princesses. >> she said she uses those challenges as a blessing. >> i'm not allowing it to steal my joy. joy is a choice. >> joy lost one of her prosthetic eyes. she had to air a new pair. do you mind if i paint something special on those eyes? and now she's here to share that with minnie and mickey. minnie at first. she does take out her prosthetic eye. >> look at you, you're on minnie fecitt has gosine
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has ever had. >> i'm your biggest -- i bet nobody else has you on their eye. >> i can imagine it is, like, hey, look, minnie, i have you tattooed on my arm. this is original. >> minnie on one eye, mickey on the other. >> look who is on my eye. can you see it? >> wow. look at that. >> this is great for her as a disney fan. she wanted some history of her own. mickey's reaction is why so many people have a special place in their heart for their experiences at disney land, it is a joyful experience for the whole family. >> i learned how to see this other way. i see through the eyes of my heart. my children's eyes. thank you so much. i love you. >> some say they're never there when you need them, but police in italy were in the right place at the right time toas necessar.
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>> ohshinhe window of this car. you know it has been super hot in europe. they had a heat wave and inside this particular car is about 105 degrees. on this day, what were they saving? you're going to like this one, guys. >> oh! >> yes. >> look at that. >> it is like how many times do people need to be told. unfortunately in this particular case, people saw what was going on and the cops were there to save the day. and the dog. now over to the u.s. where the cops are in the right place at the wrong time for one particular person. see if you can spot them. >> what? >> right next to the sheriff. while the crowd is going wild, suddenly the red and blue, they come on. there is one person, one person in the audience that really just expresses it perfectly. >> yes!
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>> hopefully ticket waiting for him at the end to -- >> leave to the police to be entertained but tail to g thes on. ver to congratulate him. >> that was awesome. >> totally does not get any better than that. this mom is a superhero. this is ariel, playing with her son carter. he's 2 years old. he can barely keep up with mom. he's twirling and flipping. boom. >> come on. you got nothing. >> yeah. >> mom has all the moves. this dad is doing it right. >> we featured henrich on the show before and we pick up where we left off with him. >> all right. >> twirling and flipping and dipping. >> nice. good work, bud.
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>> i remember seeing kids like this on the playground too and i would be, like, i'm going over to the slide. >> growing up, that ground was made of te >>s. nice. id y work?ract jumps in y it? >> yeah. usually i don't really think about fear. i think about committing but not committing too much. >> he watched a lot of x games. >> he's got strategy. >> that is the big takeaway from this? safety first? >> yes. >> tie your shoes. a man seems to be browsing in the store and then pulls a really bold, stupid move. see why his sneaky move is no match for what the clerk is packing. >> you want to try me, homeboy? >> and making food in the back of a moving truck. >> it is carnage from the get go. >> what happens when the
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challenge really gets cooking. >> oh! am i too old to start askateboarding? chew on it twizzlers
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closed captioning provided by -- we're asking that age old question, can you make food in the back of a moving truck? not exactly an age old question, but more of a challenge. that's what they're going to be doing today. they are going to drive around while one is in the back trying to prepare some food. >> this is going to get tricky. >> this mobile food truck has a whole bunch of stuff on the floor. they'll be driving somewhat
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erratically and you only have three minutes. >> a new game show. >> three minutes to make and decorate a cake. good luck to you. like an ice rink in there. don't worry, safety stuff on. good thing because you're going to eat it. >> oh, baby. >> mouth guard and knee pads too. >> it is carnage from the get go. >> just trying to maintain some balance, after a while, there is no point. >> he's really >> oh, man, he's slipping and sliding. did he draw the short straw. >> they have to take a test. >> this is the funniest thing to watch. >> give it a little go. >> >> oh. >> two, one, go.
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>> they had to use dice. >> this should be a thing. >> let them look at that amazing -- >> nailed it. >> we have cake, pizza. >> joey will make this. if you want to see this, go to, click on tv show. >> no shoes, no shirt, china, this man approached the counter, the clerk is trying to help him out. you see the guy grab the lighter and is just testing it out. sometimes manages to get it into his pocket. see the clerk is, like -- then the guy in the white shirt pulls a really bold, stupid move. that package he has in his hands, that's a parrot he took off the shelf, tries to threaten the clerk.
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the clerk says, oh -- >> that was -- >> that's not enough. >> exactly. this is enough. >> you want to try me, homeboy? >> want to go to a knife fight? let's have a knife fight. puts the machete into the chest of the would be robber. the guy smartly puts down the stolen knife. you know what happened to the last one? >> don't poke -- >> guy was having none of it. and sends this newby out of the store. >> job's done. the underwater wedding
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shoot. >> that is beautiful. >> the photographer behind it next "right this minute." and still to come, she's checking out the trailer for a hot new crime drama. but then -- >> things take a turn. >> can we cut? >> the romantic twist that will have you on the edge of your seat. >> a drone zooms in to catch all the action. >> flipping out. >> follow along on the free running fun. >> that is incredible. migraine. "i am here." aim to say that more with aimovig. a preventive treatment for migraine in adults that reduces the number of monthly migraine days. for some, that number can be cut in half or more. don't take aimovig if you're allergic to it. allergic reactions like rash or swelling can happen hours to days after use. common side effects include injection site reactions and constipation. aim to be there more. talk to your doctor about aimovig.
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promoon by acting y cortizon and relief lasts 10 full hours. (club swings - splash!) cortizone-10. feel the heal. i'm out of clubs! there is a new good cop, bad cop show in town. >> one that likes to go by the book. one doesn't care about the rules. >> yes. going to do things his own way. >> hey. did you eat the jelly doughnut i left here? >> yep.
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sure did. >> give me another jelly doughnut. >> clearly we already have a huge problem. the question is,ill they work together? >> tune in this fall lester. >> i'm sorry. can we cut? >> yeah. just when you're at the edge of your seat, wondering where this is going, things take a turn. >> hey. yeah, i can't do this right now, man. >> there is another video that shows agent rice's lady looking at the trailer for this tv show. >> hey, kelly. so, on september 18th, 2014, my life changed forever. >> the trailer for the good cop/bod ccop cop/bad cop show was a ruse for her, a distraction because this
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really is his way of pulling a switcheroo and telling her how much he loves her. >> i have a very important question for her. >> oh, baby. yes! of course! >> congratulations to you both. >> yea! bringing together magic lik particular video. expert drone pilot and he's working with a french free run family. you'll see what that means right here. flipping out, what this is a combination of incredible parkour athletes and precision flying as well in this awesome looking -- this whole shot is incredible. we see this guy climbing up the inside right here. it has been very well choreographed. there comes the next guy, jumping between the two right
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there and keeps on going up. the camera knows where it is going next. this guy flips right there. the whole video is a minute or so. >> there has to be ediin is so . >> for me, i think first cut comes here. this guy doing the hand stand here, the camera does a tilt up. there is your first cut. that's still only 1:04 of one shot. >> they did a great job of choreographing it and timing it. i'm sure they took a few runs to do this, but it is beautiful. it is incredible they found what was an abandoned building to be able to do this. >> the location is just absolutely choice. what they have got going and when you use these skills and the way the camera is able to zoom around and let the guys do their thing, this has all the makings of a legendary video. >> the dating apps aren't working for miss eves. >> she hits the streets. ♪ >> the fun way she put her own
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spin on the swipe. >>
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>> that is crazy. >> if you do it right, it is so good. the world of online dating is trash. let's be honest. straight up garbage. i don't have time. and miss eves feels the same way. she decided to take matters into her own hands. she went from post to post, putting up her information. >> right. >> old school, like the little tear offs for an apartment or
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something. >> right. she also created her own little -- >> analog app. >> yes. ♪ ♪ no one seems original high and low ♪ >> we have seen it all. ♪ i want to see what's underneath ♪ >> how do you do that? >> go out and shoot a music video and meet your future husband. >> that's right. she just walked up to complete strangers and had them join her. that takes bravery. good for her. >> you got to get out ♪ left, left, right, left, right ♪ ♪ left, left
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right, left, right ♪ >> is left good or bad? i don't know. which way do you swipe? >> left is bad. >> left is bad? >> i think. ♪ people want to say what am i going to do with hey ♪ ♪ how will you know how cool i am when you didn't ask me one question ♪ >> they say, wid. what does that mean? >> what does it mean? >> don't wid me to death, ask me a question. >> does she show up with anybody at the end of it all? >> she does say her analytics on google went up. you can play games if you want to, this is peace out, my peeps. if you need more great entertainment, check out and catch us on the next all new "rtm."
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tonight, several developing stories as we come on the air. we have new reporting tonight, what we now know about the gunman in dayton. what the fbi revealed late today. and we hear from his one-time girlfriend. his fascination with mass murder. in el paso tonight, what we've learned there, as well. what police now say the gunman first did when he arrived there in el paso end after that 600-mile trip from the dallas area. how he ended up in that walmart. president trump set to visit both cities tomorrow. and tonight, the unease among many in el paso, after his most recent trip there, his rhetoric about immigrants, they say, and now many say he wants to comfort them. the other major news tonight, the devastating home explosion. emergency teams are on the scene at this hour. severe storms as we come on the air tonight. the possible tornado, the


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