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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  August 9, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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they had the father's dad walk down the cliff to help. he also had to be rescued. we're following the details and will bring you more information as we get it. with that we say good evening. thanks for joining us. i'm larry beil. >> i'm ama daetz. a fire jumped to 50 aches and grew to five times that size all within hundreds of homes. >> at one point a helicopter did a water drop next to a crew of firefighters on the ground that were working to hold the fire line and you can see right there the immediate impact that the water drop had. the fire briefly shut down lines of interstate 580 in dublin has it burns offal long road. >> leslie brinkley has been on scene for hours. what's the latest? >> reporter: right now they are mopping up hot spots from this fire. you saw a lot of drama unfolding here because this wild land is so close to some densely populated new neighborhoods. a lot of dozers and the fire trucks are starting to leave the scene right now as you can see
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behind me that blackened squo h scorched hillside the fire came up to there but they blocked it along croak road. it's a close call to homes. take a look at sky 7. a huge plume of smoke visible throughout the east bay and tri-valley area. the wind carried that smoke up and blew it eastward for a time that smoke as you said impacted drivers on interstate 580 at fallon road where the outlet malls located. that fire went to three alarms, 20 engines racing here. cal fire sending out four tankers with retardant and a helicopter with water. the fire mushroomed to 500 acres in about 30 minutes but that aggressive attack worked despite the challenges. >> with the winds, fire season, the vegetation is all dry. vegetation grew much taller so once the fire gets going, it has a lot more fuel to
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builds momentum and difficult to stop the fires once they get momentum. >> reporter: alameda fire says it's remarkable they got full containment within one hour, successfully protecting nearby neighborhoods and cul-de-sacs that border this wild ranch land. they used three dozers to clear a fire break as nearby residents watched ten homes were evacuated as a precaution. >> inside the smoke was thick and when you see black where there is usually golden rolling hills, that's always really worrisome and then you also wonder how did it start? >> looking at how it started. that is being investigated by both cal fire and alameda fire. this is an area called canyon. people on the land, one person stopped and told me that they have seen a tent or perhaps a
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homeless encampment out on some of this ranch property. lots of possibilities to investigate. the good news is they got in here. they got here quickly and they put out that fire. reporting from dublin i'm leslie brinkley. >> thank you. we watched a boeing 737 drop retardant on the fire. it took several seconds to empty the tank. this plane can carry 4,000 gallons of retardant or water in two tanks. we see how well it works. look at this section. you can clearly see an area that looks red. that's on the left side of your screen. it's where retardant had been dropped and there are flames around it, that part is burning. >> some tenants are allowed back to check on artwork and belongings after a huge fire destroyed about one-third of that building this morning. eric thomas live at the moxey
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warehouse with more. eric? >> reporter: larry, the best news is nobody was injured and there were people inside the building at the time of the fire. let's show you the 80-year-old third of the moxey warehouse all but destroyed. you see the ceiling collapsed and we see firefighters every once in awhile spraying hot spots. there are homes you can't see from here but very close nearby and that posed a problem for both residents and firefighters. the flames burned so hot and so high initially that the only thing some neighbors could think to do was run. >> we took the children out. the neighbor took her children out. everybody evacuated their houses. >> reporter: cindy and husband richard live across the street from the moxey. he's the building superintendent too overwhelmed to speak on camera but his wife says he sprang into action after a phone call telling him the place was on fire. >> my husband runs across the street and around to the front of the building no shoes on.
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he runs in there and hollers for everyone to get out because it's on fire. >> reporter: the fire went to three alarms and chewed through the roof and building. some random things survived. this video game constole. tanks of propane could have exploded but didn't. micah was working inside and initially didn't know anything was wrong. >> i didn't know. i was oblivious. i aschooled it was another house fire in the neighborhood and kept working. had the music blasting. >> finally he noticed his cell phone going off and the caller told him to get out. the fire department said as scary as this worked, nobody was hurt but of the three dozen businesses inside, seven were last. officials say it doesn't appear anyone was living inside this collective but noelle who represents the fruit vail district says the artist and business owners had permits to operate but the building owner had not brought it up closed. >> we're requiring manufacturing
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goods including dry speck and others, you have to have a sprinkler system. you have to go through an inspection. >> reporter: and he says they don't have sprinklers in there which could result in citations for the business owner. we'll have to see just how that comes along. now some of the folks were let back inside the two-thirds that weren't badly damaged here but not allowed to do any work or stay on the premises to salvage anything. we'll have to see when or if that portion of the building will be reopen to business. live in oakland, eric thomas, aa be, c 7 ne bc 7 news. >> thank you. if you saw the smoke you knew what fire was coming from and you could watch it live online. download the abc 7 news app to get alerts and customize the app for topics and places you're especially interested in. happening now, tens of thousands of jazz fans are in the south bay for the summer fest.
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security at any major event is being put under a magnifying glass after the recent deadly gunfire. we have what measures organizers there have taken this year. aman amanda? >> ama, the music just got started about five minutes ago. we know 40,000 people are expected here in downtown san jose for the summer fest. it's a jazz festival of course. now, if you are heading downtown and you reached this wrap around fencing you're in the right place. the executive director tells me it's a year-long process to really put festival logistics into motion and after the deadly gilroy garlic festival shooting two weeks ago, organizers quickly got more agencies on board to help enhance safety without giving too much away, we know private security companies, san jose place, fire and the mayor's office are working with festival organizers this year bringing additional layers of
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security to cheeesar chavez say the city will not allow recent violence that terrorized our nation to undermine the collective passion for coming together. measures will be very visible to festival goers. >> we've added a whole other additional layer. some changes to bag checks how people enter the festival is a big concern for folks this year because we did reduce the number of entrances as a key issue for managing things. >> fewer entrances but extra emergency exits. it is reminding guests that while bags are allowed, san jose jazz is discouraging backpacks. best practice, limit what you're bringing to the festival. the festival in it's 30th year this year when it first started there was no fencing and the event was free. in downtown san jose, amanda dell g death castillo. >> it's opening in san francisco's golden gate park. abc 7 news was mingling with the crowd this afternoon.
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the grass lands tenth has been getting all the buzz for the first time concert goers can purchase and consume cannabis in a designated area. increased security measures are in place. double fencing, extra police will patrol the perimeter. p to t the top acts are blink 182, and lil' wayne. the bronc and bull riding events get underway in an hour but there will be heavy, heavy security following the gilroy garlic festival shooting. we are joined live from the radio. >> reporter: yeah, earlier today the junior cowboys and cowgirls got things started off. what a competition it was. the markey events start in about an hour. it's a strong sign of gilroy starting to hill. >> ready? go! >> reporter: don't let zack ratliff's small size fool you.
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the 13-year-old took first place in his age group. >> awesome. a lot of confidence. that was my first win. >> reporter: the 13-year-old trained four years for those short eight seconds. >> the main key is to lean forward and just lots of con confiden confidence. >> reporter: he got a big hug from dad. he broke his arm falling off a ba bull. >> this is his first rodeo back. it's awesome for a dad to see his son achieve what he wants to do, first buckle, first win. >> reporter: there was a lot of excitement in the crowd and a noticeable increase in security. extra security measures and patrols are in place this year following the gilroy garlic festival shooting. >> there is a lot of msecurity they went through a lot of procedures to look at what they did this year versus this year. things to make sure that everyone is safe, yeah. >> that's important. >> that's really important. >> reporter: the radio is the first major event since the
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shooting. many say they won't let fear get in the way of tradition. the 2019 rodeo queen says a strong turnout is a true sign of gilroy strong. >> it was amazing to see that and kind of made my heart happy to see that gilroy is coming back together. >> reporter: now, the rodeo is a big fundraiser for local schools this year they are raising money for the victims of the gilroy garlic festival shooting and tomorrow have a special tribute planned for them, as well. reporting live, abc 7 news. >> thank you. coming up next, action against smash and grab burglaries. see which police departments in the bay area are getting six figures to help put a stop to the crime and build a better bay area. i'm spencer christian.
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the i team's dan noyes is back in the u.s. after being accused of killing an italian police officer. the officer's partner has been questioned for a third time. this partner on left and visible scratches on his neck. finn elder and gabe natal are accused of killing a police officer. the teens did not know he was a police officer the defense says and said they were acting in self-defense during a drug deal that went wrong. now at 6:00 san jose police officers are trying to get a man
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out of a house. officers originally told neighbors to get out but they are being awill ying allowed to. they say the man has an active restraining order against him. abc 7 news is committed to building a better bay area and at one of the issues we are focussing on is your safety. several cities are in line to get help in combatting one of the fastest growing crimes. car break-ins. the help is coming in the form of money, lots of it. chris nguyen has how the funds will be spent. >> the sight of broken glass, that dreadful feeling of coming back to your car to find someone broke in. for help is on the way. >> i want to make it helpful for those who work here or visiting here. >> reporter: today assemblyman presented a total of $3.75 million in state funding to local police departments in his district to help prevent smash
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and grabs. santa clara and san jose will receive $750,000 to address the problem. these five cities have seen double digit increases in the amount of reported incidents over the past year. san jose alone had more than 670 oc 0 reported vehicle burglaries. >> these people are affected by the crime. >> reporter: police say most of the crooks are coming from contra costa and alameda county as they get more sophisticated, many have the tools to detect blue tooth enabled devices even if hidden out of site. >> they know when to hit certain shopping locations. they know the shopping centers that have cameras and don't. that's why the partnership, the collaboration betweenl the the agencies is critical. >> reporter: these departments shared how they plan to proceed. investigation funding and equipment procurement are top of
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mind and community out reach. >> when a computer, computer bag, a cell phone, maybe even a backpack without valuables in it is left in the open, it's a crime of opportunity. these offenders are walking through the parking lots looking through cars to see if they can find valuables. >> reporter: the law enforcement community working together to help build a better bay area. sacred heart in san jose distributed school supplies to thousands of students all part of its annual pack a back program. abc news was there as students picked out their supplies and they get more than a backpack. >> yes, we're supplying them with backpacks but that's only the beginning. a lot more goes into it. >> reporter: today's event included a resource fair with nonprofit agencies explaining services and new this year, sacred heard is giving away teacher kids with school supplies for teachers so they do not have to spend their own money. we're only a few days away for
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the start of class for some bay area schools but not everyone is ready. lyanne melendez checked in with districts and students because a good education is part of building a better bay area. >> reporter: with only days before the start of the school year, it's a numbers game for many districts. >> we're foreign on principles but we are still looking for teachers. >> reporter: the spokesperson says oakland has 24 spots open even though closes begin on monday. currently san francisco unified has 95% of its classroom staffed. they begin on august 19th. >> we also have a strong pool of substitute teachers that can be supporting as we continue to hire to fill the final openings. >> reporter: that's what san jose plans to do. classes start on wednesday. the high cost of living often stand in the way of being able to recruit more teachers. special education teachers are most in demand faced with a serious shortage last year san jose unified created rise, a
6:19 pm
two-year credential program. >> we cover the tuition at san jose state who has been a fantastic partner. we cover the testing fees. we provide testing support. all of the books that costs are covered and we also provide mentors. >> reporter: of course, filling those positions is important but so is offering students nutritious meals at school. districts are concerned not all families in need are getting that message. >> school districts say the rhetoric on the federal level around immigration is keeping some families from signing up for the national school lunch program. >> i really want to make sure that families know it's a safe place. we're here to make sure your children are receiving the meals that they need. we don't share this information with anybody. >> reporter: today districts were reminding families to fill out an application even if they think they don't qualify for free or reduced price meals. lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. we spent a week digging into the issues teachers face all
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over the bay area and all of those stories are in one place on our website bay area. all right. the weekend is here so what does the weather hold? >> a better bay area forecast we hope with spencer christian. >> that's for sure. eventually there will be a warmer bay area forecast. that's for sure. here is a live look. we have active weather offshore, some thunderstorms out at sea there. we're not going to get any thunderstorms but there is enough instability there and moisture moving our direction we may get a sprinkle or two overnight. right now we're experiencing windy conditions with gusts to 26 miles per hour at fairfield and 21 at santa rosa and warmer than this time yesterday. five degrees warmer at nav vado and most locations are sever er s e view looki towards san francisco, theree there. 67 here in the city right now. oakland 73, 78 redwood city and
6:21 pm
gilroy 83 and 66 at half moon bay. we see a few clouds getting lower over the golden gate right now. it had been brought there earlier. 75 in santa rosa and napa and 84 fairfield and 81 concord and livermore 77 and bright skies over san jose and these are our forecast futures. it will be cool for august again tomorrow but you'll start to warm up on sunday. patchy morning showers, excuse me say this again, patchy early morning showers are possible during the overnight period in the north bay and along the coast and the warming trend begins on sunday. forecast animation shows a little green spot here indicating the areas where we may see spotty showers that shouldn't amount to much and most of the day tomorrow will be bright with a few passing high clouds and we expect dry conditions tomorrow, as well. overnight lows will be mainly in the low 60s. so pretty mild overnight rather muggy feeling. then tomorrow, dry but we'll
6:22 pm
have high temperatures still below average. only mid 60s to the coast and low to mid 7 0s around the bay. but as you can see here on the accuweather seven-day forecast, accuweather armup begins big tiy with high temperatures climbing to the mid-90s inland on sunday up 2 up to mid 80 around the bay. some mid 80s around the bay and temperatures will start to moderate a bit on wednesday. the heat eases and by the end of next week we'll have temperatures back for an average range. nothing extreme coming our way but pretty toasty inland sunday, monday, tuesday. >> all right. thanks, spencer. moving out but not going away. details on the future of the san francisco cookie
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ask your doctor about entresto, for heart failure. where to next? entrust your heart to entresto. stocks capping a tohard wee. the nasdaq lost 80 and s&p down by 20. all three recorded the second week over week loss in a row. one of san francisco's sweet startull dit its store on digital. doughp is closing/ or picacle p.
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it will continue with online sales. the community in san francisco from the east bay will be different. you'll really notice it downtown. ac transit buses will resume service some day on the first anniversary of the original grand opening. it was shut down six weeks later after workers discovered cracks in steel beams. the beams were fixed and reopened july 1st but without theac transit. they will be the first agency to run buses along the dedicated bus ramp to the centers' third floor. coming up next, one of california's most notorious crime sprees a half century later.
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you...and mom also gets aoss shoppiback-to-school bag? that's yes for less. ross has the brands you want for back to school. and it feels even better when you find them for less. at ross. yes for less. they were horrific crimes that stunned and captivated the country. and today marks 50 years since the man son murdson murders in
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california. >> our sister station gives us a look back from a former reporter that was important to breaking the case. >> the click of a light reveals 100 boxes that have been hidden away. the sight of them takes this reporter back 50 years to the biggest story of his life. on each box a name we all know. inside pieces from a moment in history that changed los angeles forever. former eyewitness news reporter al was there. >> as a matter of fact, we happened to be the first tv crew there on the morning murders were discovered. >> reporter: through the years i had the privilege of interviewing him for one of the most dynamic stories of our time. >> when we arrive, there is a gate that's locked and we see a car. >> reporter: that body was steven and it was just the beginning. soon standing at gate he would
6:31 pm
learn five people were violently murdered at the home including pregnant actress sharon tate. the next night, miles away, two more murders, leno and rose mary. it was also brutal and grotesque with messages written in blood on the wall and no known killer and left this city terrified for months. >> that was saturday august 9th. >> reporter: he meticulous lly kept a journal and giving us a glimpse how history played out. perhaps the most significant entry was december 15th, 1969. it happened fur months after the murders. he would move from covering the story to being it. as he writes found, tate clothes. >> i said i'm going to start a stopwatch and completely undress and redress and let's see how long it takes and where we are as we go up benedict canyon and by goalie, 6 minutes and 20
6:32 pm
seconds was the wide spot in the road and i thought my god, those have to be the clothes. >> reporter: by simply reenacting the get away, he found the killers' bloody clothes. >> six minutes and 20 seconds led us to this spot and looking over the edge of this hill, we found several pairs of blue jeans and what appeared to be some very dark sweatshirts. >> i call the lieutenant down at lapd and got him on the phone. what do you want? i said oh, i have something you want. we found the clothes. >> we were notified by my boss, lieutenant robert who received a phone call father or mother what i believe is channel 7 news. >> reporter: in 2009, i saw those clothes. sandy gibbons who was then working for the la da's office opened the evidence boxes and gave me an exclusive look and rosemary's id, the bloodstained rope that was wrapped around sharon tate's neck. so many items and each one had a
6:33 pm
tragic story. >> watson beat luno over the head with it. >> reporter: she knows the items well because she's a reporter that covered the man son trial. >> if this was like the simple s simpson case, the entire nation would have stood still for ten months. >> it was something nobody else could experience that hadn't been there. it was life altering because you saw a side of humanity that you didn't think existed. >> reporter: linda, herself a legendary reporter remembers the first time she saw manson. >> who struck me the most is how small he was. i think he was 5'3" at the most. he's a little guy, and to build a myth of such power around such a small person, you have to have quite an ego and quite a sense of yourself and he did. >> it seemed to me he was a showman. he enjoyed all the attention.
6:34 pm
>> reporter: but a big part of the mystique was his murderous cult. when patricia and susan would walk into court, it was a spectacle and even though each was convicted of murder, they seem to enjoy their moment. >> there is a revolution coming very soon. >> reporter: outside the courthouse other families would illustrate manson's powerful grip and that's something he accomplished over time. no nomads, teenagers, man son saw an opportunity. he made it his home and would preach to the young and naive but his real power was drugs. >> i think the drugs were m manson's tool. he used the drugs to control these people the one of them, testified about the killings said i don't know. i was stoned. i was on lsd. >> reporter: today the ranch is
6:35 pm
over grown and largely abandoned but dawn who comes here to hike says there is still remanence of the manson family. she found this. >> this sock contained a six-inch buck knife i can't open with two small bones inside the sock. >> reporter: she claims the bones look remarkably close to human fingers. sounds farfetched but listen to al when he sees the box with shorty shay. >> they murdered him at the ranch and dismembered him and put his body parts all over the woods out there. >> they did several searches and never did locate -- >> never did locate the party. >> reporter: where is shorty is a fitting cliff hanger for this dark chapter. charles manson is dead but his name and evil he exposed is all right here and will live on no matter where we hide it. >> what a chilling and bizarre
6:36 pm
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new at 6:00 the trump administration will no longer approve warning labels. the chemical is marketed as weed killer round jup. it says the chemical is not risk. several residents battling cancer have taken them to court and won. juries awarded damages in the millions to a livermore couple and a vallejo grounds keeper. >> a suspect is awaiting trial for burglarizing a home in san francisco's castro district. we first brought you the story
6:40 pm
last month. homeowner angela pida was there for cancer treatment when she returned to her home and found it ransacked. the burglar left behind used heroin needles and dirty dishes. a long-time san francisco resident said she may leave the city. the san francisco district attorney's office charged 31-year-old carlos gomez with burglary and grand theft. his trial starts in ten days. >> more protesters are facing chargers after this protest at a duck farm back in june. video of the protest organized by action everywhere went viral. the duck slaughtering machine was accidently turned on while protesters were chained to it. 19 protesters have been charged so far with crimes like tresp s trespassi trespassing. the man that got his head stuck in the machine is not one of them. they got him out. 80 protesters were originally arrested. cooler and warmer. will we see beach weather this
6:41 pm
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(music throughout)
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millions of people are on their summer vacation so hard to think about winter holiday
6:44 pm
plans. >> they were set for a ski trip in utah at christmas but needed a little help from 7 on your side michael finney. >> yeah, you guys know the booking during the holidays are more expensive than during the rest of the year usually. so when he found a bargain rate at a popular resort town he snapped it up and really big letdown. mark found the perfect place for christmas gathering in utah. >> last summer was beautiful. we loved it. of course, it's very well-known for winter time skiing. >> reporter: it was a three-bedroom townhouse. >> park city. >> it is perfect two towns, very nice on the inside like our two families could hang out and cook dinner. >> reporter: the price on ab and b $449. that's a real bargain during the holidays. >> so i contacted the host. is this the right rate and we immediately got a confirmation, we're booked. >> reporter: great, mark paid the deposit, bought four our
6:45 pm
line tickets and holiday plans were set. >> two months later i received an email saying your reservation is cancelled. >> reporter: the ab and b host cancelled the booking and refunded money, no explanation. a mystery until mark checked the listing. >> you know, more than double, far more than double. >> reporter: mark booked the place for $4100 and now the host was asking for $13,000. $9,000 more. >> i couldn't believe it. i thought if you have a reservation, reservation means reservation. >> reporter: air b and b said it wasn't the hosts fault and computer glitch listed the wrong rate. air b and b tried to find a similar booking and at christmas, it's pricey. >> now i'm just stuck. had a place. i don't have it anymore. i'm stuck with the airline tickets. >> reporter: mark grew up watching 7 on your side so he reached out to me. we contacted air b and b and the company came back with a nice
6:46 pm
surprise. >> we're going to park city for christmas. >> reporter: they agreed to pay the $9,000 difference in the rate so the families can say in the townhouse after all. air b anb says we drive to prove support and work to ensure technical errors remain rare. we hope he and his family enjoy their vacation. >> i can't thank you enough. >> here is a question, are businesses required to honor a price listed by mistake? no, not if it's an honest mistake. i'd like to really thank air bnb for stepping up. it brought two families a lot of holiday joy and did not have to do that. i want to hear from you. the 7 on your side hot line is up from 10:00 to 2:00. 415-954-81 51 and reach me on my facebook page. i figure i'll swing by for a day or two. >> why not? >> i'm sure you're welcome. you got air bnb to come up with
6:47 pm
9 grand? >> they did it on their own. >> we're not worthy to be up here with grow. >> ride sharing options are dwindling. uber will stop serving ontario airport because it raised fees for pickups and drop offs from 3 to $4. ontario airport is one of the top ten busiest airports in california. other options nearby include burbank bob hope, long beach and of course lax. uber operats at all of those airports. >> a lot of people have started their weekends. enjoying outside lands, what have you. >> yeah, jn j so the weather, spencer? >> well, as you said earlier, ama, cooler and then warmer. so let's get to live doppler 7. there is active weather producing some thunderstorms offshore but that's well offshore. we may get a shower or two during the overnight hours here in the bay area without the
6:48 pm
thunder. we'll certainly get a few clouds with overnight lows in the low to mid 60s and a bright sky although a little sprinkle here or there may occur. highs will range from mid 60s to the costa low and mid 80s inland and then look at the warmup coming our way beginning sunday. so we have half a weekend cooler than average and the other half warmer than average. mid-90s sunday and mid 80 around the bay shoreline and temperatures continue climbing on monday and not so much different on tuesday. still hot inland. the temperatures will or the heat will ease on wednesday and temperatures will settle back into a more typical or seasonal range. it will be a great weekend. don't let cooler than average tomorrow bother you. >> thanks, spencer. >> all right. in sports, antonio brown. he's not going to play for the raiders unless he gets one concession. wait until you hear this. the latest on a new issue
6:49 pm
keeping ab off the field. it's jon gruden's
6:50 pm
6:51 pm
from his head to his toes antonio brown is a pain for the rar raiders. first it was frostbitten feet from paracticing and now brown s demanding his old helmet or says he will not play again. brown has worn one style helmet
6:52 pm
his whole career but it's a t - ten-year-old sale and the nfl wants newer safer designs. he was on a two-hour call with an arbitrator arguing his case. he doesn't like the way the helmets fit and fears it interferes with his vision. the decision ais expected sometime next week. he had issues in pittsburgh but felt his talent was worth the risk. safe to say the coach had no idea he would be dealing with frostbite and helmet controversies before the raiders played one game. they open the preseason tomorrow night at the coliseum against former cal star jared goff and the rams. they have been joint practices all week long and goff says the practices are more valuable than the preseason games. >> whenever you get against a good time, intensity was high.
6:53 pm
i said before the joint practices were fun and gives us a chance to get a lot of goodwo. one of those. >> the niners open up the preseason against the cowboys and considering all the niner injuries, their preseason roster is more like a who isn't rather than who is who. jimmy garoppolo. feels good, looks good in practice but not been in a game since week three of last season. >> whatever they are willing to let me play, whatever the coach come up with, i trust their playing. haven't done me wrong yet. >> i expect them and nothing is mapped out in stone. we take it day by day but something you're always thinking about and definitely playing to going 2-3. >> on to baseball, the a's continue the road trip.
6:54 pm
they lost t2-3 to the cubs. this guy had to look in the mirror before he left home and said i look good matt chapman looking good in the first if steven has clout. makes it 2-0. more than enough from mike fiers who has not lost since the no-hitter back in may. seven scoreless painted in the corner allows three hits struck out. he has a personal nine-game winning streak, top eight swipe right or in this case to left. chad a two-run bomb 4-0 the a's put up five in the eighth and win 7-0. they won seven of the last ten and the giants host the physical phillies tonight. joe panik not unemployed for long. he flue home on wednesday. today the mets picked him up. he's the starting second baseman tonight and the met haves been hot lately. he says the whole situation is
6:55 pm
weird because the giants are the only proteam he's known but seems to be working out well. >> you never know what will happen. kind of work out better for myself personally. i know a lot of family and friends in the area so for me to be coming to a club that's hot right now in a play-off push very exciting. >> and what a story in cleveland. damon played junior college football had no d 1 offer so he didn't play for two years, talked his way into a brown's tryout and had no money so he was sleeping at a 24 hour fitness and gets a training camp invite and returns that punt 86 yards which is why the whole team mobbed him after his 86 yard touchdown against the giants. he runs like a 43 840 so he co e fly. everyone hopes he has a spot. >> yeah. >> it's a great story.
6:56 pm
>> it is. >> that's a great story. thanks, larry for sports and join us tonight for abc 7 news at 11:00. east bay artist come together following this devastating warehouse fire. we talked to one woman who is opening her work space to help out others. plus, new fallout in the growing soul cycle boycott. why some customers won't get a chance to sweat tomorrow. tomorrow night catch "we day." the fifth annual em plpowermentd do not miss abc 7 news at 11:00. >> as always, stick around for jimmy kimmel live. he comes on at 11:35. good stuff. >> yeah, that's going to do it for this edition of abc 7 news. look for breaking news any time on the abc 7 news app. i'm larry beil. >> i'm ama daetz. for spencer christian, we hope you have a wonderful friday evening.
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