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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  August 9, 2019 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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beyond fast. we are in oakland, where a artist lost everything in today's warehouse fire. and he is now helping others to get on their feet. in downtown san jose, 40,000 jazz bands are expected over the weekend. we take a look at the security. >> live doppler 7 tracking thunderstorms and showers tonight. find out if they will your plans. >> from abc7. >> good evening, everyone, it's a rare storm we are tracking. we are seeing light returns around lake county as we go in to street level radar. you will notice around niece, and seeing a few radar returns here. widening out the picture, a few
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hours ago. many thunderstorms moving. as a matter on of fact. they received anywhere from 500 to 1500th of an inch of rain. so, take a look at the system. it continues to spin just off the coast here, and as it does, future models showing a few radar returns over the pacific. will they dampen -- dampen your plans for the weekend? we will be back be and talk about it. >> developing news, just in the past 30 minutes a bomb squad has given the all clear in a milipitas walmart. a suspicious device was found and shoppers were forced to av the investigators believe it was just fireworks. but on bomb sniffing dog is searching the entire store to be
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safe. >> this weekend will bring 40,000 jazz fans. with the music safety measures to match. >> reporter: quick tip, if you are one of the 40,000 people expected here this week, organizers say, while bags are allowed they are december couraging backpacks. the jazz summer fest is in the 30th year. with 40,000 people expected. beyond live music and enhanced security measures are taking center stage. >> we have had changes to bag checks and how people are entering the festival concern. >> fewer entrances and city agent and fire. >> we were talking bit, and we were thinking if something
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happened how we are going to get out, where we were parking the car. >> questions that he has never needed answers to before. he is the ambulatory sport services, and he saw first hand the response that was needed after the garlic shooting. >> we have taken precautions at the hospital today, everyone is prepared in case. we are not hoping for something to happen, but it's best to be prepared. >> for now, he is truti trusting security. >> i try to not have it affect me so i cannot come out and enjoy something like this. >> she wore flat shoes to the festiv festival, one she wanted to be comfortable and seconded, and if anything did happen, she wanted to be able to run. in san amanda, abc7 news. today was the first day of
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the outside lands festival and for the first time, concert goers can purchase and consume cannabis in a designated area. increased security is in place. new at 11:00. latino organizations invited the community to come together at a vigil, organizers say that after the mass shootings in gilroy, el paso and daytonly. people needed to go somewhere and get together and heal. >> we arer all brothers and sisters. it's one blood, one heart, one love and hopefully today we start again, back on the path to get, to come together. >> we are all one people and we all should be treated as such and treat each other with humanity and love. >> a few dozen people he showed up, including concord police officers that watched from a
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distance. early krer toda -- earlier today, we spoke to the gilroy foundation. >> new developments now, soul cycle gyms are not offering classes tomorrow. this move is coming amid protests over the company owner steven ross who held a fundraiser for trump's re-election campaign. the protest was at soul cycle's castro location. and you see the location has no sessions listed tomorrow. it's the same for two other locations in the city. the organizers have long-term goals. >> we want to go and spend our monday, and hope that that known not used to rip -- that that money is not used to rip families apart at the border.
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>> his firm owns equinox fitness. a join statement was put on out saying that voss not involved in the management of either business. the man who heads the agency that oversees the oakland coliseum complex has resigned skt i have immediately. comes ever -- resigned effective immediately. the san francisco chronicle cites sources saying that mckiven was involved in a possible conflict of interest. he denies that he took any money. >> new at 11:00. a possible solution to preserve the controversial murals at -- at a san francisco high school. the issue has back a distraction. critics is say the
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e -- >> a massive fire tore through a warehouse used as a artist collective. abc7 lewis pinism a, has lost her life's work, but has found a way to get the neighbor s back n their feet. >> the business had been destroyed in the fire. this artist said she is ready to create again. >> some of the dresses that i built for a client, i will never get it back. >> a dress that took 130 hours to make. ors dozens of works t wk all gone with the flames. >> i turned on the news and, saw the live stream and saw where it was burning. i'm sad because i lost 20 years of my work that i had saved. >> rachel watched, as the
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businesses burned. more than 50 firefighters battled the blaze tore nearly three hours. clean well maintained work space, where artists are able to create beautiful art work, unfortunately it was lost. >> bays one and two, the area here, including g-six, that is all still is there. >> the 3 alarm fire destroyed the front third of the warehouse, what it does not destroy is her passion. it's monster toys, we are offering scholarships, so that people that need to use tools and access shops, can do it and there's no out-of-pocket cost for them. we can only offer short-term scholarships for a couple of thr fe as in people get back on the bay area are doing the same. >> the oakland fire chief confirmed that there were in fact several workers inside the continue to look for the or
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cause of the fire. a lot of people thought about the ghost ship warehouse fire when today's fire started. so, take a look. here's the site of today's fire and here taes site of the ghost ship warehouse. less les than a mile away. now, jurors in the ghost ship trial will resume deliberations monday. ghost ship master and creative director are charged with 36 counts of manslaughter. the defense argues that it was an act of arson. >> happening now. firefighters looking out for hot spots in dublin. it's where a grass fire roared to life. it spread quickly. burned 248 hours. firefighters aggressively attacked the blaze from the air
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and the ground. they were able to get full containment in an hour. they issued a air quality advisory. >> the smoke was thick coming off the highway. when you see black when there's usually golden rolling hills, it's a worry and then you wonder how did it start? >> at least two homeowners were told to prepare to evacuate. no word on what started the fire. >> the new developments of the north fire, all the evacuation orders were lifted. flames burned close to homes. the fire scorched 20 acres and 75% contained. >> a child tumbles down a cliff while riding a bicycle in san francisco, we will show you the dramatic rescue. >> a podcast designed to help teens through hardships. meet the high schoolers behind the project. >> and it sounds too good to be
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a father and child are expected to be okay after they were rescued from a clip, just before 5:30, the child was on a bike when had he fell down the cliff. firefighters said that his dad went down the cliff to help. after being rescued he was put on the backboard and to an ambulance. >> you are really noticing it downtown. and they are ac transit buses that will resume their buses service on sunday. that is here on the upper level. that means more commuters
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walking around the area and through, and sunday marks a year since the center opened. it was shut down six weeks later after workers discovered cracks in steel beams. the beams if i canned and the center reopened july 1st. >> part of building a better bay area involves addressing tough topics along the peninsula, there's a group of teens that created a podcast that is meant to help high schoolers navigate through hardships. we introduce you to the team behind project oyster. beyond reading and writing, three high school students are putting the topics of depression, suicide, who loss and identity in a podcast meant for their peers. >> high school itself is a he very interesting dynamic and can be hard for people. >> relatable stories that create emotional connections. is the tag line. another gun high school student, and mental health maneuvering through high school lives.
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>> we started out with an episode on family embarrassment. >> usuals more real than ever, the team said they understand their position. recognizing gunn high school has made headlines in suicide clusters. >> we with talk about, how do we safely represent this and we consult with -- what is the best way to talk about it before we interview anybody. >> the group's name is de tics are f oysters. tough to open up about. >> we want to get people to open up about their struggles. i think people talking about mental health and it just being, you know, communicated around that helps to >> if you would like to check
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out the project oyster podcast, we linked it to our westbound sight. we have a list of mental health resources on the website. look for the take action thumb nail, to find your ally and get links to professionals and groups that can help. kbl chase credit card customers got a surprise. >> yes, they did. the bank forgave all the credit card debt. >> i don't believe that. so i checked different sources. and sure enough, they forgave the debt. i was amazed. >> all of canada is smiling tonight. can you imagine the shock? we have the weekend upon us. >> yeah, larry and let's look at
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live drop areler 7, it has been an interesting night. we have quite a bit of cloud cover. still tracking numerous lightning strikes up in northern california, all in association with the low pressure system that is pretty strong by summer standards. it continues to spin up some moisture had in the direction of northern california. so, you will still be seeing some of this is as we head in to the overnight hours. and in to tomorrow morning. we will keep in the possibility of a few drops. so, here is a look at the highlights as we head towards tomorrow morning. cannot rule out a few sprinkles or an isolated shower. warming trend will saturday on sunday and it will get hot inland, a live look from the san jose camera. there's clouds that you will notice, if you are making weekend plans. do not worry, it's not a game changer. the few drops are not something to work about. temperatures are in the squ60s. it's warm outside.
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11:30, a few sprinkles and this continues in to the wee hours of the morning. as we head towards 9:00 a.m., lingering cloud confver, in the early afternoon, cannot rule out a shower or two. for the rest of you, you are just fine. a mix of sun and clouds. when you look at the rainfall potential. a few hundred ths here and there is what you are expecting through tomorrow morning. tomorrow morning, it will saturday out mild. don't need a jacket. mid 60s and cloud cover. you will be seeing sun. so, for the afternoon. 85 in morgan hill, a mild day. 78 in sunny israel. today, temperatures did come up a few degrees. tomorrow, you will run cooler than average. breezy, downtown san 66 degrees in daly city, and upper 70s from sanrafel and
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santa rosa. and the inland areas, not exactly summer like, 83 in concord and 81 in livermore. the weather is looking good. noon, 61. partly cloudy. brighter by the afternoon and low 60s and cool er in the evening. taking a light jacket if you are going. >> few drops with are possible during the early morning hours. brighter and warm for your sunday. and we bring back summer. by monday. near triple digits inland. 60s coastside, mild to hot day for tuesday. and even in to wednesday. before we start going breezier. and cooler for thursday in to friday. >> all right. thank you. >> all right had, are you tired of seagulls, stealing your food
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a staring contest could be the best way to get afood. we sea hungry seagulls often. researchers found it took seagulls 21 seconds longer to approach food if a person was eyeing them. but it seems that they went after the food. >> how do you get them to watch you back. >> seagulls are probably enjoying oracle park. giants fans were chanted overrated at bryce harper. tonight. i hear it a lot. but bryce let his bat do the talkin
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abc7 sports. well the giants tried to lure bryce harper to san francisco, and he ended up choosing philly. and he showed everyone what they almost had tonight. how about fido and friends enjoying a night on the yacht. new guy, first hit as a giant. he remember that forever. giants down 4-2. top five, harper, first pitch swinging. 420 feet later. and the fans chanted overrated, got this, shh. steven vogt, crushed. first splash hit bay giant in over a year -- by a giant in over a year. and bochy smiling at this. not smiling in the seventh. it's harper again. he is not swinging for the fences. he is swinging for the ocean. 456 feet, his 22nd of the year. and the phillies win it by a
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score of 9-6. a's and white sox, what real ha. stylist nightmare. a's start with a bang. in the first, matt chapman, 25th over former a's pitcher detwiler. and another bomb. 2-0, a's in the flash. seven scoreless, struck out eight has a personal nine game win streak and more fire power from the a's. chad pinder leaves the building. they have won 7 of the last 10. i don't know if antonio brown is as bizarre as he says. brown is fighting with the nfl. says he will not play unless he can wear his old helmet that he used to wear withpittsburgh, the nfl is forcing everyone to wear newer safer helmets and he did not like it because he cannot
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see as well. >> football camp used to be two adays and unbearable heat and now, you have slip and slide day. 75 feet of slipping and sliding and sloshing, old school coaches, have to be looking at it and wondering what is going on? abc7 sports. i would love to put one in, in the news it's on. get to the ross shoe event for even more brands at 20 to 60 percent off department store prices. yes! yep! oh, yeah! seriously, save on fall styles for women, men, boys and girls. at the ross shoe event. on now.
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live." tonight -- melissa mccarthy. from "dora and the lost city of gold" -- michael pena. and music from mac demarco. and now, most likely, jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: hi, everybody. i'm jimmy. i'm the host. thanks for watching. thank you for coming. [ cheers and applause ] i appreciate it. and i want to wish you, each and every one of you, a happy and blessed shark week. [ laughter ] did you know this is the 31st year of shark week? shark week started in 1988 at a time when sharks were too busy playing with their cabba


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