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tv   America This Morning  ABC  August 13, 2019 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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happening now in america in morning. the new rule announced by the white house that could sharply reduce the number of legal immigrants in the u.s. what it rule calls for and who is now vowing to fight it. overnight what we now learned about one of the jail guards on duty the night that accused child molester jeffrey epstein died behind bars and the search of his private island. >> tragedy in a family minivan. >> i probably don't have much time left. tell my mom i love her. >> a teenager gets pinned below the third row seat and dies. the family is now suing the city where it happened. and the possible clue in the mystery of what happened to
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amelia earhart. and a surgery mishap. a man's dentures a are stuck ins throat and no one noticed for days. and stunning video of a great white shark near a popular east coast resort town. how they are turning into a big business for locals. good tuesday morning, everyone. we begin with a sweeping crackdown on legal immigration. the trump administration has a restricting new rule that could to deny green cards for hundreds of thousands of people who may be too foor. >> it concerns public assistant. kno mo mona has the details. >> good morning. the president has long pushed for the marriage base the immigration, and people coming from countries that he described
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in bold returns. the new rule will allow him to do just that. the white house announcing the latest crackdown on immigration. this time the sweeping new changes character v targeting immigrants legally in the united states. >> throughout our history, self-reliance has been a core principle in america. >> reporter: starting in october, the trump administration's public charge rule will make it harder orqualify to receive benefits for immigrants who receive orqualify to receive benefits like medicaid, housing assistance to receive a green card. >> we will now screen more effectively for the possibility that people may become department on the government in the future. >> reporter: the acting director of immigration services described it will have a new effect. >> does it sentiment give us your tired, your poor, still operative in the united states. >> i'm not prepared to take anything down off the statue of
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liberty. >> reporter: over half a million people apply for green cards and now people are at risk of being denied under the new standards. it does not apply to refugees. some have already decided to sue. and some democratic candidates say it targets lowly immigrants, particularly of color. castro on msnbc. >> it's one consistent show of a president who is a racist and wants a whiter, wealthier nation. >> reporter: the new public charge rule could have a major impact on the country's economy. for example, it could affect for several administrations, construction, hospitality, and food services. and it could really impact health and education services. >> and a major legal challenge is expected. mona, thank you. and a major scare in a veteran's hospital in chicago. witnesses say a man walked up to the building with an assault
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weapon and started shooting. officers say he fired shots inside the facility. officers arrested him within 30 seconds. no one was hit. no word why he opened fire. he is not believed to have been a veteran. we are learned now information over night about the jail with jeffrey epstein died. his apparent suicide behind bars has prompted growing out rage. about the moments before jeffrey epstein's death in jail. the associated priess reports one of the guards was not a regular corrections officer. >> we are learning about serious irregularities at the facility. that are deeply concerning and demand investigation. >> reporter: they say epstein was taken off suicide watch two weeks ago. abc news learned it's unlikely there is surveillance video of
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his death. this image shows crews trying to revive him. officials say the guards broke protocol but not checking on him every 30 minutes. they say the staff conditions at the job are deplorable, more than 30 spots vacant. on his private eyeland, fbi looking for evidence of his potential co-conspirators as we are learn more about is accused of rekrufting young girls to have sex with men. >> the training began immediately. a lot of the training came from her herself. >> reporter: in documents, guiffre says she was forced to have sex with several men. like bill richardson, george mitchell and prince andrew. all of the men deny the allegations. an advocate for sex trafficking victims wrote a book about
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epstein and says she knew epstein socially. >> according to virginia's filings, she would teach the under age girls how to behave, how to dress, how to eat properly. i think those girls were so fearful of her because she was so much older. and she of course lived with epstein and had a relationship with epstein. whatever that relationship was, it clearly was a close relationship. >> reporter: maxwell has denied all allegations and has not been charged with any crime. >> attorney general william barr says any co-conspirators in the case should not rest easy. he says the victim deserve justice and they will get it. now to a mysterious explosion in russia raising concerns about a nuclear arms race. the crash of a missile called sky fall. vladimir putin recently claimed the missile could hit any target in the world. funerals were held monday for the seven workers killed in the
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blast. president trump tweeted the united states is learning much from the failed missile explosion in russia. the sky ball explosion has people worried about the air in the area. the russian government admits the radiation doubled in the area of the explosion. a city in new jersey is handing out bottle the water. they provided 35,000 filters to residents who have water flowing through lead pipes. despite the filters, some homes still have dangerous levels of lead. city officials have rejected to comparisons to flint, michigan, insisting the lead issues in newark are less widespread. time now for a look at weather for tuesday morning. storms have been sweeping across the upper midwest with heavy wind, rain and lightning. later today, severe weather from nashville to new york city. and isolated tornado possible from virginia to new jersey. meanwhile, it's been so hot in
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the deep south that some schools like this one near memphis, football practice indoors. a high of 96 expected in memphis today. dallas could top 100 and washington in the mid 90s. that is warmer than miami. coming up, a new way to keep traffic moving during the morning commute. first, is the u.s. economy headed for a recession? a new prediction. a warning for pet owners after several dogs turn up dead
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we're back with this wild scene in seattle. a car landed in the pool at a gym. it crashed through the window of
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an l.a. fitness center. police say the driver hit the gas instead of the brake. three people in the pool helped rescue the driver. >> one of the nation's biggest banks say the odds of recession in the next year are rising. bank of america now predicts there is a one in three chance of a recession before the 2020 election largely because of the trade war with china. the dow fell 300 points monday because of trade tensions. there is growing certain about the government spending. the u.s. budget deficit is up 27% this fiscal year. a warning for pet owners after three dogs died because they took a swim in a pond. the dogs were poisoned by blue-green algae in a pond in north carolina. the atgy is common in the south. dogs are vulnerable to the toxins that could cause seizures. the owner said, they had no idea. >> people need to know about this. if we had any clue this was a
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thing, we never would have come. we had no idea. and once we got to the emergency vet last night, they also were not sure. >> the toxins attacked the dogs'er in visit system. er in visit system. in a dog collapses after being in the water, find help right away. the trump administration has announced changes to the endangered species act. the new rule next month will make it easier to remove species from the endangered list and make it harder to consider the effect of climate change or plants and animals. it could clear the way for oil and mining and gas drilling. legal charges are expected. a scientist who located the titanic is on a new quest. he is determined to find amelia earhart's plane after seeing this photo in 1937, three months after she vanished. the photo appears to show landing gear that looks the like it's from the same model of the plane.
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he is headed to the pacific island where the photo does taken. there is a new bus lane traffic avenger in seattle. the woman named erin, she forced cars out of the bus only lane. her action allowed buses to finally get through. and pick up passengers. she is hailed as a hero on social media. critics say she should stay out of her lane and out of traffic. but you know, the buses help so many people and keep them off the roads. not all heroes wear capes. coming up, the surfing mishap. hard to believe. and tragedy that is hard to believe. a teenager is trapped under the third row seat. why his family is now seeing the city where it happened. later the news con prince with a pro football star and his daughter that will make you smile. smile. with uncontrolled moderate-to-severe eczema, or atopic dermatitis, you feel like you're itching all the time.
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for an amazing clean, get the power of mr. clean magic eraser in new disposable sheets. whether your beauty routine is 3or 57,... make nature's bounty hair skin and nails step one. it's the number one brand uniquely formulated for silky hair, glowing skin and healthy nails. nature's bounty, because you're better off healthy. we're back with this video of a land spout tornado crossing
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a highway in wyoming. experts say land spouts are harder to predict than regular tornadoes. this one did not last long. and no damage was reported. now to a tragedy in family minivan. the parents on of a teenager who died after getting trapped under the backseat are now suing the city of cincinnati. >> they claim emergency responders mishandled the teen's call for help. this morning, nearly a year and a half after the 16-year-old does crushed in the backseat of the minivan, the family is suing the city of cincinnati. >> we are litigating on their behalf to find the answers to all the problems that led to the death of their son on april 10th, 2018. >> kyle pinned below the third row seat. used voice command to call 911. >> i'm you stuck in the van, outside the seven hills parking lot. >> the seven hills what parking lot? >> two experts hired by the
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family claim that there was systematic failure. the city finding nothing wrong the officers. >> they were delinquent. reckless and indifferent to kyle's safety. >> they say the 911 operator failed to send them the location details. and police were sent to the scene instead of fire and rescue. >> if she could have classified it for rescue, it would have sent fire and emts. >> two responding officers were exonerated by the city but one says the experts should have used their phones to get kyle's they never made it to the section of the parking lot never got out of of the car to search. >> i probably don't have much time left. tell my mom i love her if i die, this is not a joke. >> the family writes, in order
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for the city should have credibility, they failed our son. >> when they screw up, we expect them to fess up. >> so hard to hear that audio. the city says they spent money on improvements. to the 911 center. and the family now runs a foundation that helps improve 911 centers. >> some families are furious with american airlines for failing to notify them their kids had a 13-hour flight delay overnight. they say the children were not given a full meal. and denied access to medication. nine children from oregon and washington were traveling home from a camp in virginia for kids with a genetic disorder that causes tumors. want kids say they were kept on a plane for five hours and taken to a room for minors. >> the kids sitting here are reflecting signs of trauma and ptsd. if their policy is you pay $350 for an unaccompanied minor fee,
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and they could care less with what happens happening to nine chronically ill children, they need to change the policy. >> american airlines has apologize sf apologized and says they are reaching out to the family. and united airlines, a passenger is facing voyeurism charges after putting cameras in a plane bathroom. one was arrested. officials say files on his cameras also include video of women on emirates airlines. teens who use e-cigarettes are far more likely to smoke marijuana than those who don't vape. the young teens and adults that vape are 3 1/2 times more likely to use pot. the latest study to determine the long term risk of e-cigarettes. doctors say the dentures on of a british man got stuck in his throat in surgery.
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and went undetected for eight days. he went to the e.r. saying he had trouble swallowing. he thought he simply lost the dentures in the hospital. turning to sports. the new york jets are waiting for le'veon bell to make his preseason debut. but his 2-year-old daughter, she is not concerned. not bothered. she had other things on her mind as he spoke to reporters. take a listen. >> i'm definitely ready to play. note note and against other people, my teammates, and other guys, they don't know the plays and what is going on. ♪ it's hard, you know, having to be patient. >> she so uninterested. when asked how old she is, she said many years. >> got any more questions. up next in the pulse, big news, big news for pasta lovers.
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time to check the pulse. and sink your teeth into this one. we begin with a booming business thanks to the shark sightings. off the east coast. >> cape cod has more than 150 sightings this summer and this one just a few days ago and now the demand for shark tours is skyrocketing. look at this massive shark alongside this boat. one luxury end is offering two hour shark tours that cost you $2500. >> and one store in cape cod is selling $50,000 of shark attire
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each year. it seems like spa day is becoming more of guy thing? >> yeah. >> you're right. >> spa owners are pampering guy, concerned about their health and wellness and some spas. and some spas say men more than women. >> they are changing their treatments and changing areas. kenneth is part of the tend, getting wrap up. >> get my sauna going on there. you have to treat yourself. olive garden is back with its life time pasta pass. >> it costs $500 and 50 are available. they go on sale thursday. meanwhile if you love mac and cheese, chick-fil-a is adding it to the menu. the company's first new item on the menu in three years. news about friends. to celebrate 25 years since the show's debut, the episodes will
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better bay area, this is "abc7 mornings." look at that. an suv collides with a bus and busts into flames. pg&e still on the scene. and a shoot-out leaves one officer dead and two others wounded. and then firefighters battling a wildfire in the north bay and smoke is drifting into wine country. plenty to talk about on this tuesday, august 13th. >> good to have you back. >> thank you. >> and mike nicco kicking us off with a check of the weather. we have temperatures from 56 in santa rosa to 69 in concord. a lot more low to mid-60s out
4:28 am
there than mid to upper 50s, and temperatures are going to climb again today from 70 at half moon bay to 80 in san francisco. mid to upper 50s in most of the bay. low to mid-90s in the south bay and north bay and upper 90s to 100, and this is not our hottest day but will have poor air quality. we'll talk more about it coming up. here's francis. here's a shot a a a a bridge toll plaza. there's roadwork out of san leandro, and there's big delays on northbound 880, road construction until 6:00 and you may want to consider 580 as an alternate. looks good out of hayward. there was an earlier stall as
4:29 am
you make your way through san mateo, but that has been cleared. happening now san jose, pg&e crews still working to repair a crash involving a vta bus. >> it happened on king road and cunningham avenue. jobina fortson is there live this morning. jobina? >> good morning, natasha and reggie. looks like work crews are wrapping things up, and i have watched six pg&e trucks pull off in the last few minutes, and it looks like the crash was quick and happened across the street from the fire station. the fire captain said firefighters on duty heard the crash and lost power and were forced to manually open doors to access the leans. san jose fire says 11 people including the driver were evacuated from the vta bus. the driver of the suv also escaped. aom and
4:30 am
my son told me, mom, a bus crashed on king road. i didn't think much of it but i came over here and saw a lot of smoke and a lot of fire and a lot of water, and then i seen the light post -- well, not the light post but the post that fell on the bus and it was ugly, and it looked like hell over here. >> reporter: at its peak the crash caused 5,800 pg&e customers to be without power, and the cones were just lifted about 20 minutes ago. for now, reporting live in san et's get you up-to-date on weather and


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