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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  August 16, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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seen the video, she wants to make sure the suspect is tracked. good evening. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm kristen sze. the man accused of attacking a woman in that video did not appear in court today. the judge waived his appearance but did order james austin vincent to get an ankle monitor. for allowing the suspect to be d released. he is hopeless and said to have mental health issues. the story shines a spotlight on many of the obstacles in the search for solutions to build a better bay area. >> news anchor dion lim joins us live from san francisco. you spoke with the victim, dion. >>. >> reporter: il did. and dan and kristen sze, there were several bombshells dropped in court today including this major one, that the da initially never showed judge kristen sze van akin surveillance video of the attack. many people including myself went looking for answers as to why. >> but when i saw the video,
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was frankly learned. >> reporter: the video judge christine van ache is referring to shows james austin vincent attacking paneez kosarian in her condo complex sunday. she says the d.a.'s office told her the judge had seen the video. we learned that was not the case friday morning. >> because of what i saw in the video, i do have additional public safety concerns now. incarceration is not the answer for folks with mental illness and substance abuse in all cases. >> reporter: today the judge ordered vincent be outfitted with an ankle monitor. but because of his mental illness remain free and under supervision at temporary housing for those in the criminal justice system. >> it doesn't make it better he went on without anything for like a day and a half. like this decision should have been the decision she made and as a judge, you don't get a second chance. this was her second chance to make it better. >> reporter: raymond sullivan is
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another san francisco resident who says he was attacked by a hopeless person a year and a half ago. >> i'm dealing with ptsd from these attacks. >> reporter: the suspect was put in a facility, then released only to attack him and neighbors over and over again. >> these are police reports and notes from the community. i think that we need to look at the effectiveness of the way the da's handling it. >> in court we pressed for where vincent was. >> you still didn't answer the question, where is he. >> in a program right now. >> reporter: when we asked the da's office where he was, we were told under supervision but they would not tell us where or with whom. back out here live, kosarian tells me she has heard from numerous people in san francisco who say they too have been attacked by homeless people. she kims to speak out in order to make change to her city. dion lim, abc news. >> thank you.
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this afternoon, the san francisco city attorney's office judge van akin's former employer, weighed in on the case. in a statement, the office expresses sympathy for the victim but says "a picture weighs a thousand words," and agreed this video should have been presented to the judge dural earlier proceedings. the district attorney's office calls the statement uninformed. the city attorney defends van akin's record saying no one is more faithful to the facts and the law than christine van akin. it's disappointing so many were quick to criticize her without knowing all the facts. >> we're hearing from the san francisco police officer's association tonight. they released a statement calling for the judge to be reassigned to track court. today, a union representative told us cases liking this frustrate many officer. >> officers are working day in and day out to crackdown on people who are committing crimes in neighborhoods. you know, they make the case,
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they make the arrest. only to see th person walk out the door you know a day or sometimes hours later. and we have to start the process all over again. >> he says the judge's decision today is an improvement but she wishes the judge had further addressed the fear in the community that this suspect may cause. developing news, a computer outage in customs led to long lines as some of the nation's busiest airports. washington dulles and j.t. k in new york city have been particularly busy and messy. about an hour ago, customs and border protection said computers were coming back online. news reporter luz pena from us us from san francisco international airport. >> international travelers were expected to greeted like many of them had been traveling for five plus hours. they were tired. they got off the plane thinking they would go through customs. instead, they had to wait in
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line. some of them waited for an hour and 45 minutes. an hour and 30 minutes. the good news is the system is coming back on. the u.s. customs and border protection tweeted the computers are back up and running. "the effective systems are coming back online and ralphers are being process the." cbp will continue to monitor the incident. we spoke to several customers that had to wait. and this is what they had to go through. >> the biggest line i'vever seen. really long. went all the wait pretty much to the plane and they had us hold about 30 minutes before we got off the plane. said nobody could get off because the system was down. we're picking up relatives from germany and we just texted them just a few minutes ago. it has been like 2 1/2 hours since they got off their plane. he told me it's still going to be another half hour. we're looking at about three hours. >> now, let's keep in mind
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travelers were being processed which led to those people having to wait in line for a long time. a spokesperson said the system issue did not lead to any flight delays here at sfo and, of course, we've seen that many people had who wait and many people were aggravated for. the u.s. customs and border protection also reported the outage be didn't seem malicious in nature. as of yet. luz pena abc7 news. >> luz, thank you. >> let's turn to the weather and another scorcher in the bay area. >> but let's give you a refreshing view from our exploratorium camera. cooler here but for more widespread relief, let's collect any with sandhya patel and see when that's coming. >> it is going to be coming this weekend. we've already seen a 5 to 15 degree drop around the bay today inland areas sizzling. the highs so far, 104 in fairfield. 101 in livermore, brentwood, 100 in concord. downtown oakland, san francisco
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in the 70s. 95 in san jose. santa rosa, 6 in half moon bay. because it is still hot in the inland valleys a heat advisory till 8:00 p.m. tonight. take it easy out there. healthy related illness is possible. excessive heat warning till 10:00 p.m. for lake and solano counties. i want to show you a refreshing view from our emeryville camera. that's a bigger player. i'll be back with a full look at your weekend coming up. >> thank you. >> new at 5:00, union city police officers rescued a baby trapped in the heat this week. the police department sent us this photo. take a look. they say around 1:15 yesterday afternoon, the worker insided a baby crying in a parked car with the windows cracked. they called police and when officers got there the baby's mom ran out of the nearby library. the mom had been gone about 25 minutes. she says she wasn't expecting to be gone so long. but the baby is okay. thankfully. officers say they "notified the
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appropriate agencies." >> there have been several power outages across the bay area during this heat wave including 1700 customers in san leandro. eric thomas joins us live with more. eric? >> reporter: kristen sze, the good news it's only sizzling hot instead of blazing hot out here. we're at a costco store in san andro affected by the big power outage today when about 1700 customers were out. also in danville this week, 3,000 customers were out. also probably weather related. now, this was in the costco where abc7 mornings track producer tamly lee was inside when the power first went out in the food court, lights flickered and went ought all over the costco. people who paid were ushered out, people who were shopping had to leave, as well. there was no shopping there. as we mentioned 1700 customers out at the peak.
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last hour it was about 300. now tami describes what it was like trying to leave this place when everybody was being sent out at the same time. >> it took me about 25minutes to get out of this parking lot and try to get on surface streets. as i was driving by walmart was dark because they were piling out of that parking lot. >> when we see extreme heat, equipment sometimes does not have the chance to cool down overnight because the temperatures just don't drop low enough. >> so that was pg&e's warning that we may not have seen the last of the outands. they have these pieces of advice for people who have flashlights, radios and fresh batteries ready in case the power goes out and urged customers to stale away from downed power lines and to lift cooling centers if you are without power and without air conditioning for an extendd period of time. places like libraries, movie theaters, or shopping malls. we have watched the power come back on in places around here
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including at costco. this is by the way the gas station portion of the business and cars are streaming in and out after filling up their gas tanks. so only as i mentioned sizzling hot today. if that makes you feel any better. eric thomas, abc7 news. >> all right. only a little. eric, thank you. to get the weather for your neighborhood and alerts about any emergencies or warnings, download the abc7 news app and be sure to enable the push alert feature. >> be warned a weekends commuter alert for b.a.r.t. ride in other words the east bay. e lafayette b.a.r.t. station will be closes and some will some lanes of highway 24. it's all for much needed track repair. but riders and drivers are being warned of some significant delays. abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield has what you need to know before you head out this weekend. >> reporter: we spent the weekend asking riders about the big shut down this weekend and how had he plan to work around it. what we ended up doing was
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surprising them. >> i did not know that. >> i don't think they notified us about it. i'm not aware of that. >> did not hear about it. >> reporter: so here's the deal. the lafayette b.a.r.t. station will be closed this weekend. they have a bus bridge to shuttle people between the walnut creek and orinda stations. >> yeah, i'm going to san francisco this weekend and that will be a factor in my travel. that's going to be arab. >> reporter: the shutdown is so b.a.r.t. officials can replace tracks. 50-year-old tracks. we found some appreciation for that among frequent riders. >> i take b.a.r.t. every day into work or three days a week. i'm glad they're fixing it. >> work has to get done. we want the trains not loud. so i mean, i do this kind of maintenance anyway. that's what i do for a living. i understand they need to do this stuff. i'll deal with it. >> reporter: if at this point you are saying i don't ride b.a.r.t., this doesn't impact me, think again. see what's right next to the b.a.r.t. tracks? highway 24.
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that's war b.a.r.t. plans to park its construction equipment so two eastbound lanes will also be shut down this weekend. east bay residents say it's going to be tough. >> we're supposed to take our kid to the zoo so i guess we'll have to drives the long w around tomorrow. >> yeah. it's never fun. but we find a way to get there somehow. but yeah. >> reporter: there home run posters up here on the platform announcing the shutdown. b.a.r.t. officials also advertised on the radio, did highway signs on their website. they want the word out because this is not the only weekend this will be happening. this is one of six weekends. in lafayette, amy hollyfield, abc news. >> scientists installed an underwater sound system to try to reduce the number of collisions between whales and slips off the california coast. it's on the floor of the santa barbara channel and supposed to pick up whale calls from 30 miles away. it is connected to a buoy that would relay the date by satellite to scientists and
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bos could be alerted to slow down or change their route. i think they would relay the data by the satellite. the system is currently being tested and expected to be pressed into service next year. >> crafting a message. some bay youngsters are busy making thousands of butterflies. while they may look beautiful, they're hoping to make a political statement. >> empowering women. the special conference in san francisco looking to get more women involved in politics. >> it's one of the biggest transportation projects go, bringing b.a.r.t. to the south bay. but is it runni
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abc news is committed to building a better bay area and one of the big issues we focused on is b.a.r.t. >> this includes everything from safety on the trains and stations to the system's future. and parts of that future
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including taking service to san jose is a project in the works for years and is actually under construction. >> but is it going to an rbi on time? abc7 news reporterancer hassan is live with the update on this. an ance. >> i spoke with the b.a.r.t. board president just before the meeting. he says the two now south bay stations will open december 31st if all goes according to plan. at first glance, the newberry essass b.a.r.t. station looks ready but it's not. >> it looks and smells like it's ready in the vta project manager for phase one, the new b.a.r.t. line that goes from warm springs in fremont to milpitas onwards to the berrysa station in san jose. the big challenge technical issues. >> very sophisticated train controls. everything is interlocking. everything has to talk to itself. the commissioning part is the
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most technically difficult. >> reporter: he says the issues set the project back months. but there have been other problems off the track, as well between b.a.r.t. and the vta. >> both staffs at b.a.r.t. and bta have been working to try to figure out how to say yes, and make things happen. >> reporter: beavan duffey says most of the issues between the two transportation agencies have been worked out. a few remain. >> our train control system serves the entire b.a.r.t. system but a percentage of those rides are taking place in santa clara. we're kind of working through some of the reimbursements. >> reporter: the remaining issues have to deal with finance and operationses and could cause further delays if there's no agreement. that's not what passengers want to hear. >> let's make it happen. it's going to be more track on the roads. >> reporter: this meeting is expected to go for a little bit longer. they'll also talk about phase two of the extension that goes
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from east san jose to santa clara. that's not scheduled to hope till about 2026. unser hassan, abc7 news. >> thank you. we want to hear your ideas about building a better bay area. join our better bay area group on facebook. some bay area youth activists are working on a public hart project in honor of children being detained at the u.s./mexico border. it's called the butterfly effect, migration is beautiful. abc7 news was in oakland as kids worked to create butterfly to represent children detained. they want to raise awareness about family separation. >> it makes me feel really sad and i feel like i shouldn't be -- like i shouldn't have to do this right now. and it makes me feel scared for them. we're hoping that adults who actually like can make a change will make a change. >> organizers are hoping young people will organize hair friends to create butterflies
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from sustainable or recycled materials and hoping for 15,000 butterflies by october 1st. >> look at that. time to check out the accuweather forecast. certainly has been very hot the past few days. >> brutal. >> that's what i mean. >> sandhya patel will let us know about the weekend. >> going to be much cooler inland. we're noticing the cooling has started. dan and kristen sze, at least near the coast and bay. 14 degree drop there in hayward, down 15 degrees right now in santa rosa compared to 24 hours ago. san jose running 9 degrees cooler. so the breeze is finally reaching parts of the bay area. and it is going to be much better as we head into the weekend. antioch from the triple digits to 91 tomorrow afternoon. that will be one of our hottest spots. even cooler for a sunday, monday, tuesday only in the 80s before we see those temperatures coming back up into the summer hot territory we expect.
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live doppler 7 in just a moment. emeryville camera, sutro towers surrounded by fog. that is with us tonight and paid its way all the way from santa cruz to the san francisco coastline and it will coin to actually expand. here's a closer look at that fog. reaching up to montara area and a live view from the golden gate bridge camera. the breeze is blowing. 73 in oakland. 88 in san jose and currently 63 in half moon bay. san jose cameras showing you plenty of sun over the shark tank. 3 in santa rosa, 100 fairfield. napa 79, 99 in livermore. you'll get the refreshing breeze in the inland valleys tomorrow. south beach cameras showing you the marine layer regrouping. cooling continues through the weekend. more clouds and it heats up inland next week. in says you're traveling this weekend, mix of sun and fog in the bay area airports tomorrow
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afternoon. gusty occasionally. low 70s to the mid 80s as you take a look at cities here. honolulu 91, new york city and chicago in the low 80s with a slight chance of thunder. los angeles typical fog to sun. 80 degrees. here in the bay area, first thing tomorrow morning, the biggest change you'll notice besides the fog is it feels better. it is going to be cooler. low 50s to mid 60s to start off your morning. tomorrow afternoon, fog lingering at the coast. for the rest of you sunshine. 85 morgan hill, 80 in sunnyvale on peninsula, temperatures in the upper 70s from palo alto to redwood city. 65 in pacifica and breezy. fog will be around in daly city. 62 degrees. 68 downtown san francisco. north bay 82 in napa, mid 80s sonoma, santa rosa, 74 in oakland. 68 in richmond. head inland. it's going to be warm, not hot. 88 livermore, 90 degrees in
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pittsburgh. 87 concord. seven-day forecast, cooling continues. breezier and cooler for your sunday. monday is a holding pattern. we'll start to see a minor warmup on tuesday with that inland heat returning wednesday through friday. i want to emphasize inland. we're not expecting a rerun of areawide widespread heat. at least that is good news. everyone will get a chance to cool down a bit this weekend. >> all right. >> thank. >> you no more sweltering. would you want to own a basketball jersey? president obama wore it during his high school day bnz find out how much it's going to cost at auction. >> then at 5:30 on world news tonight. >> coming up on world news, new video sploeing dale earnhardt's baby lifts from the fiery plane crash. plus the nationwide your brain is an amazing thing. but as you get older, it naturally begins to change, causing a lack of sharpness, or even trouble with recall.
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the political action committee emily's list held its annual
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luncheon in san francisco today. the event drew on the accomplishments of women in politics nationally and locally. at the same time, attendees talked strategy for the upcoming 2020 presidential election. among the speakers were san francisco mayor london breed and house speaker nancy pelosi. >> women of emily's list are igniting change and power and progress across our nation. nothing is more wholesome thoon the increased participation and leadership of women in our electoral and government process. >> emily's list describes itself as the nation's largest resource for women in politics. the group was founded in 1985 and says it's raised over $600 million to elect pro-choice democratic women candidates over the years. >> here's something for memorabilia aficionados. a basketball jersey believed to have been worn by president obama during his high school days in hawaii. it's up for auction and going for over $40,000. it's the number 23 which was his
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number during the 1978-'79 school year. a classmate grabbed the jersey because it was going to be tossed into the trash and wanted to wear that number. he didn't realize obama wore it until seeing a photo. there you go. >> he ask ask president obama if he would like it back. that's another option. it is friday. so that can only mean one thing around here. >> finney's friday free stuff. >> i'm michael
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coming up at 6:00, the iteam answers an the call from a vietnam veteran who needed medical care. the va had no record of his service. see how dan noyes got it done. also the importance of safe driving especially now that kids are heading back to school. we tested how big of a difference five miles per hour can make. from 7 on your side, the growing popularity of travel insurance
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especi here in the bay area. michael investigates the benefits coming up in a half hour at 6:00. kristen sze, dan. >> sounds good. >> it is time now to get out and enjoy life. we have a plan to help you do that. >> michael does. >> we're just living off his glow. >> free stuff. >> let's start with food. tin won noodle company, they've been in the city for 30 years declared a legacy, san francisco legacy business. pretty cool. they make them in the city, enriched egg noodles. they've been at making ramen in the city since 1940. absolutely amazing. it's an artisanal family owned intoal soup with a product line of japanese and taiwan he's style noodles. why would you buy -- >> i do proclaim myself a ramen and noodle expert. these look amazing. >> do they look good? >> ramen. >> you can tell they're going to be yummy.
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>> what's the difference between egg noodles and. >> this is japanese. it does have chinese origins. i'm not sure about the ingredient difference. i tell you, this looks amazing. > amazing. > kristen sze knows her stuff. it's free. >> one begins with an "r" i was going to say. >> okay. now we've got some tickets for the bay area wedding fair. we give these away fairly often. they are very popular. they've got one coming up in san francisco on august 25th. one out in walnut creek september 15th. we'll give you up to four tickets each. you can really meet with the people that are really doing the cutting edge stuff including -- >> it would be fun to go to those just to get idea. how do we get the good stuff. >> go to, look for the finney's friday free stuff. >> i should have clarified i'm not an ramen and noodle making expert. i'm an eating expert.
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>> i'm an expert in that. >> i know are you. >> that's great stuff. thanks, mike. >> world news tonight is next. we appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm tonight, several developing stories as we come on. the miracle escape. new video just in showing dale earnhardt jr.'s baby daughter lifted from the burning wreckage after his jet crashed off the runway. erupting into flames as authorities release the 911 calls for help. also breaking tonight, the nationwide outage causing chaos at airports across the country, as the u.s. customs computer network goes down. new york, los angeles, dallas, all affected. long lines stacking up. the subway scare. and tonight, the manhunt. after authorities discovered three suspicious devices in new york city. two left in a subway station during the morning commute. now authorities asking the public, have you seen this man? the auy


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