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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  August 18, 2019 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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which lead to dehydration and may worsen kidney problems. i have it within me to lower my a1c. ask your doctor about trulicity. good morning, america. wild weather hitting many parts of the country. lightning sprawling across the sky in a dazzling display as storms rip across the plains. high winds and heavy rain downing trees on cars and homes and dangerous road conditions causing this massive 50-car pileup. what to watch out for in the week ahead. deadly plane crash. a massive response when a twin-engine cessna slams into a home, setting it on fire. at least two people killed here. the investigation this morning. armed to the teeth. a man arrested for allegedly threatening a jewish community center. the arsenal police say they
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found -- plus, this takedown on camera in another frightening case. authorities raiding a man's home and discovering disturbing text messages about plans for a mass shooting. shark attack. a young girl bitten off a beach known as the shark bite capital of the world. >> i was knee-deep, and then i saw the sand swirl. >> how she's recovering this morning. and picture proof. a couple who met at woodstock 50 years ago, and fell in love on the farm. the new documentary that holds the moment they were looking for decades after their life together began. such a cool story. >> love that. >> well, good morning. let's get straight to our top story, the severe summer storms
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bringing damaging winds and large hail around the country. >> more than 150 reports of severe weather on saturday, including 114 reports of strong winds. look at this video from pennsylvania, a thunderstorm causing significant damage. in charlotte, north carolina, a tree slamming on top of mobile homes. >> and there are more summer storms on the way today. with gusty winds, heavy rain and hail possible from midwest to the northeast. rob is of course, right here tracking all of it. rob, good morning to you. >> good morning, dan. this has been going on for nearly a week. look at this line of storms holding together really well. from chicago back through joplin. this is an area of storms that is rolling through the evening hours. the onslaught of these late-day and even nighttime thunderstorms just refuses to quit. >> reporter: overnight, severe summer storms striking across the country. this lightning show caught on camera in kansas, illuminating the night sky. in north carolina, damaging winds blowing through charlotte.
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video catching this tree falling on a car during the storm. in that same area, another tree crashing into a mobile home park. officials saying one person suffered traumatic injuries. outside of durham, a 50-car wreck, backing up traffic for miles on i-85 after heavy rain fell on the region. and in pennsylvania, a possible microburst destroying part of this building, a billboard crashing right into it. the storm knocking out power, leaving many in the dark. we typically do get summertime thunderstorms. but in august, the jet stream is typically weak but this august it's been pretty active and if not, strong. these nocturnal thunderstorms have been holding together. as a matter of fact, severe storms a possibility as this line enters chicago and maybe diminishes some during the mid-day hours and be reinvigorated by the daytime heating. by too time we get to detroit later on tonight and this evening, we could see thunderstorms that turn severe. strong winds, large hail, a brief tornado or two. as you saw from that video,
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damaging winds is going to be an issue. we'll have lightning too. folks across the west are being woken by that this morning. all right, tropical air mass down across the south. this little guy adding more real estate as far as the ocean is concerned, could turn into a tropical dreion or something like that. right now, we're watching it go offshore. it's going to braing more in th way of moisture tomorrow, across the northeast, we could have thunderstorms that could be severe. more on this throughout the program. whit, over to you. >> we'll stay on top of that. thank you. at least two people were killed when a small plane crashed into a home in new york state. the plane carrying three people slamming into the home and then bursting into flames. >> reporter: this morning, investigators searching through wreckage after a plane slammed into a home in upstate new york. >> i was in my house and i heard boom, boom. >> reporter: the impact killing the pilot and one person inside the home. a second person inside remains missing this morning. a third escaped. >> there was a woman in the house, and she jumped out of the window onto a ladder with her dog, and she told us that there was a man in the house, her
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father, still in. >> we need an ambulance to the scene. two more als ambulances to the scene and a helicopter. >> reporter: the crash near poughkeepsie igniting a fire. that brought out firefighters from neighboring towns. >> the back of the house, where the plane hit, was really engulfed. >> reporter: investigators revealing the pilot reported engine trouble shortly after taking off from republic island. investigators revealing the crashing just miles from its destination. the ntsb now investigating to find out exactly what went wrong. and the other two passengers of the cessna are injured, but expected to survive. the third person who escaped after the crash suffered minor injuries. >> that's great to hear. meanwhile in massachusetts, three adults and two children had to be rescued after their boat capsized in the merrimack river. which is about 40 miles northeast of boston. this video shows three passengers clinging to the overturned boat. the coast guard says the boat
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flipped over when it collided with a fishing vessel. passengers on nearby boats rushed in to help. they pulled four people out of the water. >> we could see four people and we tossed them all the life jackets they needed. then we got them aboard. when they were coming aboard, they kept saying, there's five of us. there's five of us. >> yeah, that fifth person was the boat's captain, he was still trapped underneath the vessel. the coast guard sent in a diver who brought that captain to safety. now to a new arrest overnight, a man accused of making threats at a jewish community center. it comes after a dramatic takedown in florida of a man accused of being fascinated with mass shootings, who according to police, texted about planning one. abc's zachary kiesch joins us with the details of this latest threat arrest. good morning, zachary. >> reporter: eva, good morning to you as well. authorities arrested a man in ohio, they say, was targeting this jewish community. now, investigators said 's identified in the past as a white nationalist.
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this morning, police say a man identified as a white nationalist is in custody, accused of making threats aimed at a local jewish community center. james reardon jr. is under arrest. officers raided his home this weekend saying they seized dozens of rounds of ammo, several semiautomatic weapons, a gas mask and bulletproof armor. >> we wanted to make sure that we did our part to make sure this person was taken off the streets very quickly. >> reporter: after the recent massacres in el paso and dayton, the fbi is calling on the public to help stop potential copycats. this comes as new dramatic video was released showed the moment of police arrest ed a florida man after he allegedly sent a series of text messages threatening a mass shooting. >> can i ask what's going on? >> reporter: 25-year-old tristan wix of daytona beach taken into custody on friday. authorities saying they were first tipped off by wix's ex-girlfriend after he sent detailed text messages. and in the last week, authorities reporting they thwarted at least three potential shooting attempts.
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in new york, a doctor was arrested after police found this arsenal of weapons, they say, he used to threaten his ex-wife's family. at central connecticut state university, this man was arrested after allegedly posting online about interest in committing a mass shooting. >> what motivates mass shooters is power and control. they see somebody complete a shooting, whether they get killed or not. in their mind they can embolden themselves then to go and commit a shooting. >> reporter: police will keep extra security at that jewish community center. now reardon is being held on $250,000 bond and will appear in court on monday morning. >> scary case. especially when we see it paired with all those other cases. zachary, thank you. we appreciate it. in texas a community ripped apart by tragedy reunited as el paso shows an incredible amount of support to a man who lost the love of his life. the last of the 22 victims of the massacre at the local walmart, laid to rest.
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hundreds coming out to help antonio basco bury his wife of 22 years after he said he was all alone. >> beautiful story. meanwh nfrontatnsnportland, oregon. 13 people arrested, 6 injured when more than 1 thousand right-wing demonstrators and counterprotesters descended the downtown area. police say that they pelted with water bottles while making arrests there. officers confiscated a number of weapons, including knives, shields and stun guns. . well, breaking news in hong kong where major protests are under way this morning. despite the heavy rain, demonstrators clashing with riot police for an 11th straight weekend. abc's senior foreign correspondent ian pannell is on the ground there with the very latest. good morning, ian. >> reporter: good morning, eva. incredible scenes today with hundreds of thousands of protesters flooding onto the streets of hong kong defying police orders not to march and defying the weather. they have been streaming past this point for five hours, and still they continue to come.
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now their five key demands are revolving around more freedom and democracy. the organizers called for a nonviolent protest today. although there are reports of riot police just down the road. if i can point out the building on the other side, that's actually the headquarters of the a propaganda video of doing military-style drills just across the border. beijing says it has confidence in the hong kong authorities to handle this crisis with a warning that if it can't get a grip, it will, quote, haves enough solutions and power to put this to an end. china knows the world is watching what's happening. if its forces cross over the border it will be pretty disastrous. this is a dangerous standoff, and this cannot seem an easy or quick way out of this crisis. whit? >> no clear end in sight. ian for us in hong kong once again, thank you. now to the 2020 presidential
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race. democrats on the campaign trail countering president trump's argument that he's the only one who can keep the economy strong. abc's rachel scott is in new jersey where the president is spending the weekend with more. rachel, good morning. >> reporter: whit, good morning to you. the white house says the president has met with top advisers about the economy while here in new jersey. but the 2020 democratic candidates say they see warning signs. the trump campaign said running on that issue isn't a winning strategy. >> dream big. fight hard. >> reporter: the president's democratic rivals challenging him cage [ chanting ] the economy. >> the economy is in a very risky place right now and every day that goes by, donald trump makes it worse. >> the economy is falling apart on his watch. >> reporter: just days ago, the stock market experienced its worst day of the year with fears of a possible recession looming. 24 hours later, the president was still selling the economy. >> the united states, right now,
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has the hottest economy anywhere in the world. you have no choice but to vote for me. because your 401(k)s down the tubes. >> reporter: the trump campaign claims it's the democrats who want to drive up the taxes for some to pay for their policy ideas. >> it's time for a wealth tax in america. >> reporter: out on the trail, the democrats not only pushing back against the president's message on the economy but presenting a counter to his rhetoric as well. >> we have a president who's a racist. we will go to war against white nationalism and racism. >> the first thing we need to do is, get the white nationalist that is currently in the oval office out of the oval office. >> reporter: former congressman bay beto o'rourke back on the campaign trail. with a new strategy, visiting communities he believes have been terrorized by the president. o'rourke stopping in mississippi where those sweeping immigration raids took place. >> this raid did not happen in a
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vacuum. there is an attack on immigrants and specifically hispanics in this country right now under this administration. >> reporter: and as the september democratic debate inches closer, some campaigns are scrambling to make the julian castro asked voters to help him get across that line. dan. >> thank you. so much to talk about. let's bring in martha raddatz who's in washington, d.c., where she'll be co-hosting "this week." martha, good morning to you. as we heard in rachel's story, fears of a recession are really rising. take a look at the front pages of today's papers. this is "the new york times." is a new recession imminent? in "the washington post," signs that consumer strength is waning. you have one of the president's economic advisers on your show this morning. how worried is the white house about an economic downturn here?
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>> well, publicly, dan, i think you've heard the president say this as well, he blames the fed for the stock market crash this week but privately they have to be worried. this is the number one campaign issue for president trump. he has to have a strong economy going into next year for this election to really work out well for him. from their point of view and many critics as well. so they want it to remain strong and there are strong signs for the economy despite these indicators that the recession is possible. >> lot of people say if he has a weak economy it will be very hard for him to win re-election and a major factor driving these concerns of a recession is the budding trade war that he's launched with china, that massive economy, and complicating matters even further in this relationship between the president of the united states and china, is the situation in hong kong which we talked about just a few moments ago on the show, there are more protests going on as we speak,
7:15 am
so how do these protests play into our already tricky relationship with china with so much at stake here? >> well, it is tricky. the president wants a trade deal with china, and he hasn't gotten one. those tariffs have been in place since last year. he's putting new tariffs on. so he doesn't want to push china too hard on this. but the united states has always stood for human rights. there's some middle ground he's trying to walk. i don't know how successful he'll be if there is some sort of military confrontation, and how the white house would deal with that if the chinese move in on those protesters. >> and there are signs that they may do just that. martha, thank you so much. martha, i want to remind everybody has a big show this morning. she's going to speak with the white house trade adviser, peter navarro on the unrest in hong kong, and the trade war with china. plus, georgia's stacey abrams discussing her new organization to combat voter suppression in
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2020. that's coming up on "this week" > erse, eloon ripped through a wedding in kabul, afghanistan. killing 63 and injuring others. breaking this morning, isis is now claiming responsibility. abc's julia macfarlane is in london with details on that deadly bombing. good morning, julia. >> reporter: good morning, eva. tragedy once again in the afghan capital of kabul. invitations for this wedding ceremony said, we celebrate with a world of hope and desire. a sentiment crushed last night as a suicide bomber killed at least 63 people at this reception. more than 180 people were injured. with so many casualties flooding the hospital, patients were treated in the hallways. witnessing telling abc news, the event was attended by families and children. the taliban who claimed responsibility for a bombing at a police station in kabul just weeks ago, condemned this
7:17 am
attack. this morning as you say, an isis affiliate in afghanistan say they were behind this attack. >> julia, this comes at the same time as the u.s. is holding peace talks with the taliban, where do things stand with that? >> reporter: that's right. the u.s. and the taliban, they have just concluded the eighth round of peace talks to end the afghan war. now in its 18th year. on friday, president trump held a high level meeting with his afghan envoy along with top security staff at his golf club in bedminster. he said that both sides want a deal to end the war. eva? >> julia macfarlane for us in london. whit? a transition here to the forecast. rob is here and much of the country, severe rain in some places and the scorching heat out west. >> it's august so it's hot. are you ready for winter? how about that? >> no. >> not yet. >> whoa, whoa who a, whoa. >> glad we have a consensus. some snow out of glacier national park, northern montana, little bit of snow on the mountaintops. get you in the mood, think cool thoughts.
7:18 am
>> you're the only one in that mood, rob. >> when i show you these temperatures, you're going to wish for a little bit of snow. the heat is on across parts of the south again today. texas, where temperatures are average in the 90s this time of year. now we're coupling levels of humidity. a heat advisory is posted for dallas, shreveport, and abilene as well. the heat is going to building across the southwest as well. temperatures 110 or better here and also building across the northeast. more on that in just a little bi >> little change tomorrow. 72 oakland. 81 in livermor. just minor warming inland
7:19 am
tomorrow at then i could use some help. anyone who knows how to turn off the beeping on an ipad. i left my phone at home. this is the only device -- >> it only beeps when i'm talking. i'll be reading something on the teleprompter. beep. >> your children will probably help explain that to you. >> that's a good idea. >> thank you, rob. >> thank you, rob. adrienne is here. something's going on at disney world. somebody did something that i would never do. >> never do. but a lot of people might think this is heaven. one of the most well-known attractions at disney world's magic kingdom is it's a small world. the perfect ride to raise money for a good cause. from wilmington, delaware, rode it back-to-back for 12 hours straight. that's 23 trips around the small world consecutively. >> thank goodness it's small. >> yeah. >> 12 minutes, dude. not that small.
7:20 am
>> it was for a good cause for . >> the people were just so amazing. everyone from the cast members to all the parkgoers, nd it was ry, very supportive of w♪ >> that's what i was waiting for, dan. i wanted to hear the song. come on. everybody. >> it's going to be stuck in our head. >> dramatic pause. >> awkward pause. >> yeah. >> in case you were wondering, the whole team did get off and get in line every single time and reached their goal of $32,000. >> and i'm digging his captain's hat. good for them. >> the real line. they didn't have fast passes. that's insane. >> that's commitment. >> thank you, adrienne. >> no problem. well, a 9-year-old girl describing the moment she was bitten by a shark. the beach where it happened that's being called the shark bite capital of the world. plus, a man on a walk finds an abandoned baby in the woods. how the newborn is doing, as police search for the child's
7:21 am
parents. and the girl making history at the little league world series. what she's saying about being the lone female player at the tournament. we'll be right back with more on "gma." "good morning america" is sponsored by sleep number. discover the sleep number 360 smartbed for proven, quality sleep. smartbed for proven, quality sleep. w...that keep us active every day.... like you, your cells get hungry. feed them... ...with centrum® multigummies. so you can be unstoppable. now improved! better tasting!
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good morning. today a neighborhood group will hold a rally to support a woman attacked outside of her condo complex. the judge allowed the suspect to
7:28 am
be out on the streets. on friday she ordered he had to wear a ankle monitor. that's after this video of the attack which wasn't initially presented in court. today's rally starts at 10:00 this morning in front of the it lisa. >> good morning to you. a good deal of sunshine here in walnut creek and also across the bay area with 57 downtown. it's 59. speaking of san jose, 82 today there. 63 in concord with highs in the low 80s inland and a warm up by the middle of the week. >> thanks, lisa. and thank you
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- ( phone ringing ) - get details on this state program visit right now or call during business hours. welcome back to "gma" on welcome back to "gma" on this sunday morning. happening right now -- mass shooting threats. police in ohio arresting james reardon jr. who they say identifies as a white nationalist. accusing him of making threats aimed at a local jewish community center in youngstown. this comes as dramatic video is released showing the moment police in florida arrested 25-year-old tristan wix of daytona beach after he allegedly sent a series of text messages threatening a mass shooting there. >> tly concerning what's been happening across the country. >> right. >> thankfully, law enforcement able to step in there, and catch these suspects before something happens. we do want to transition though, and start this half hour with a shark attack at the florida beach that's been called the shark buy capital of the
7:31 am
world. the latest victim, a 9-year-old girl. abc's stephanie ramos has more on what that girl is saying this morning. good morning, stephanie. >> reporter: it was just another day at the beach in florida, a little girl playing in knee-deep water when all of a sudden she said she felt a slight tugging on her leg. she looked closely, and it was a shark. 9-year-old maggie krumm demonstrating incredible bravery on a florida family vacation. >> i was knee-deep, and then i saw the sand swirl. i didn't know what it was. i thought it was kind of like a big fish. >> reporter: in new smyrna beach, wading in knee-deep water, maggie suddenly feeling a sharp pain on her right leg. turns out it was a shark. >> it bit me, but it almost felt like a grab at first, and then it felt like a bite. it kind of, like, tugged my leg away, but it let go ptt quick. >> reporter: maggie getting treated immediately by rescue crews on the beach. her mother in disbelief.
7:32 am
>> she was, mom, i got bit. and i was, like, you got bit? what did it feel like? even the lifeguard didn't believe it at first. she looked down and she was like, oh, my gosh. she kind of freaked out too. >> reporter: new smyrna beach is known as the shark bite capital of the world. there have been three other attacks there within the last month. just up the florida coastline, a shark bite caught on camera as a surfer is attacked. according to the florida museum's international shark file, the u.s. had the largest amount of unprovoked attacks in the world last year, 32. >> we want to avoid areas next to channels where there's a deep dropoff from shallow to deeper water. those are areas that sharks tend to go to, to make their living. >> reporter: and as you saw there, maggie received a couple of stitches, but she is expected to make a full recovery. >> this is why i don't get in water where i can't see things. it is. i'm like terrified something is going to get me. >> yeah, and she was in dee-deep she wasn'tvedeep in the
7:33 am
oce id azily calm. >> she s yeah. > sry involvi a child this mne muc m chd'sri may have saved her life. the newborn abandoned in the woods and found by a passerby. abc's marci gonzalez is here with more on that story, plus potentially life-saving information. marci, good morning to you. >> reporter: dan, good morning to you. incredibly, the baby was found just in time and is in stable condition this morning. abandoned in the woods without so much as a diaper. had it not been for a man walking past, hearing her cries, officials in maryland saying this baby girl likely would not be alive this morning. >> we were very fortthn wawalkg spring believe she was just a few hours old when she was left all alone on a 90-degree day. >> we're just happy for the child and feeling badly for the person who felt they needed to do this. >> reporter: investigators now
7:34 am
trying to find the newborn's mother, hoping to learn why she didn't bring the baby to a designated safe haven dropoff. >> this is a law to where anyone can come to a fire station or a hospital to leave their new child without questions asked, and we'll be able to take care of them. >> reporter: officials using this case and that of baby india. >> i'm sorry. >> reporter: found abandoned in a plastic bag in georgia earlier this summer, as a reminder to parents, there's always a better option. >> this is a safe surrender spot. the laws are in their favor to bring that child in. >> reporter: instead, police say little india was left in the wooded area just hours after she was born. >> we can hear a baby crying in the woods outside of our house. we weren't sure it was animal. he thinks it's a baby. >> reporter: she was hospitalized, then moved into foster care. now being showered with love. >> we have gotten hundreds of calls. we have people waiting in line
7:35 am
to provide that child with a forever home. >> reporter: officials in maryland haven't said what's next for the newborn found there. while anyone who abandons a baby anywhere other than a safe haven can face charges, in this case, they want to find the baby's mother because she may need emotional and physical eva? >> such a stad stor-- sad a good reminder, there is help. >> the response has been incredible. let's check in weather now. and go over to rob marciano. >> we got some rain in florida. a good couple of days. eva, here you go. flood watch remains out. this is kind of a swampy area, over a foot of rain. thank goodness it's been falling there. lower impact. but some rain across the carolinas with this low that's trying to develop. a lot of tropical air. very humid and foggy across the i-95 corridor bet tser ough, itng to be toasty. chicago, detroit, getting severe storms this morning. parts of the florida panhandle. into the 90s we go for the
7:36 am
northeast. that's through the beginning of >> this weather re this weather report is sponsored by state farm. have yourself a safe, happy and cool and luxurious, fun-filled sunday. >> luxurious sunday. >> this man is already invoking winter. >> you're already giving me sunday scaries. and it's not even 8:00 yet. coming up on "good morning america" -- the first girl to play in the little league world series in five years, maddy freking talks about playing this tournament and reveals who her idol is. and what's up justin timberlake's sleeve? what he's sharing about a possible new collaboration ahead in "pop news" with adrienne
7:37 am
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12-year-old maddy freking is only the 19th girl to play in the tournament. abc's kaylee hartung has more. on how maddy is making a name for herself. good morning, kaylee. >> reporter: good morning, eva. it's easy to miss maddie's long blonde ponytail sticking out of the back of her baseball cap. her catlike reflexes so fast, her play more likely to be what grabs your attention. she's been called a vacuum. >> maddy made that look easy. >> reporter: known for signature plays like this one to help send her team on to the little league world series. hailing from minnesota, 12-year-old maddy freking is the first girl to play in the famed series in five years. >> it's an honor. i also think that it's really cool to be out of however many boys who have been here, to be only the 19th girl. >> reporter: in her team's first game, the starter at second base not letting anything by. >> good hop. a nice job by maddy freking to get in front of it. >> reporter: the youngster modeling her play after a hall of fame second baseman known for
7:42 am
breaking barriers. >> my favorite player is jackie robinson. his personality and how we was a able to fight through everything was really cool to me. >> reporter: maddy, the first girl on the diamond in williamsport since mo'ne davis stole the spotlight in 2014. >> if i'm pitching, they see my fastball and they get kind of scared and i just strike them out. >> reporter: espn reporter julie foudy hopes this inspires more young girls to play ball. >> right now, you don't have a lot of girls coming through the grassroots system wanting to play baseball, and that's why it's so important you get a mo'ne davis or a maddy freking as role models. >> reporter: stretching to the wnba, where a freking jersey. maddy has a message to those young girls at home tuning in. >> for any little girls watching i'd tell them keep playing their game and always do their best. >> reporter: maddy's coon rapids andover team representing the midwest region, and after a round one win, they are back on
7:43 am
the field today at 10:00 a.m. eastern time on espn. >> thank you, kaylee. coming up here on "good morning america," a couple that met at woodstock and got married. found photo proof they've been looking for 50 years later. 50 years later. wanted more from my copd medicine that's why i've got the power of 1 2 3 medicines with trelegy. the only fda-approved 3-in-1 copd treatment. ♪ trelegy. the power of 1-2-3. ♪ trelegy 1-2-3 trelegy. with trelegy and the power of 1 2 3, i'm breathing better. trelegy works 3 ways to open airways, keep them open and reduce inflammation for 24 hours of better breathing. trelegy won't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden breathing problems. trelegy is not for asthma.
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okay, so, this weekend marks the 50th anniversary of woodstock. while the festival is mostly remembered for its legendary musical performances, diabolical lack of toilets and rampant
7:47 am
nudity, for one couple woodstock is repped f-- remembered for much, much more, and adrienne is here with that story. she cleared her throat in the middle -- she disapproves. >> no, i didn't know what to say. welcome back to new york. the memory of woodstock lives on arguably one of the most impactful events of a generation and the start of one couple's love story retold like never before. ♪ >> reporter: 1969. 50 years ago. jerry and judy griffin thought they were going to woodstock for the music event of the lifetime. instead, they found the romance of a lifetime. here's how the story goes. judy and her friends were on the way to the festival when her car broke down. >> we saw these three girls hitchhiking. they had no idea where they were going, other than they wanted to go to woodstock. >> reporter: the whole group rode in together to rock out
7:48 am
among 5 hundred thousand people, and jerry and judy couldn't take their eyes off of each other. ♪ what would you do if i sang out of tune ♪ >> the music in a way was the focus, it became secondary because -- >> especially to us because we found each other. >> reporter: they've been inseparable ever since. but after all those years, jerry and judy had no photographs of that special time, until just recently when they saw themselves in the trailer of pbs documentary. >> seeing that, it really brought it all back. >> reporter: the griffins re-created that shot in an exclusive for "people" magazine to pay tribute that fateful weekend of peace, love and music. >> that's a pretty indelible memory for both of us and, you know, it was just so accidental and you know accidents happen and sometimes really good accidents happen. it was -- it was a -- that's the memory. >> oh, very, very sweet.
7:49 am
and their kids got them a surprise cake with the image of their 50th anniversary of their first meeting. happy anniversary to them. happy anniversary to woodstock, and the new issue of "people" is on newsstands right now. >> that's one of the sweetest love stories. that's amazing. >> if whit johnson is moved, then i know i've done my job. >> what do you think i am? some kind of stone figure. i have a heart. i'm a weeping dad now. >> you do have a soft spot. >> he's the one who told me to talk about toilets. >> throw him under the bus. >> adrienne, thank you very much. adrienne has much more after this break. she has "pop news." keep it here. adrienne has much more after this break. she has "pop news." keep it here. ep it here. staying active? on it! audrey thinks she's doing all she can to manage her type 2 diabetes and heart disease, but is her treatment doing enough to lower her heart risk? maybe not.
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7:54 am
again? >> o may.ched by th >> i couldyou, >> npain, noain "p news,"'semusic, right? we start with kiefer sutherland on the mend, focusing on his europe. he's been doing this for a few years, right? but he slipped on the steps of a bus and seriously injured one of his ribs. that forced him to cancel the tour's last three shows. sutherland who shared video of his tour on social media, apologized to fans and promised to make it up to them. we wish him a speedy recovery. what i like about him he actually admitted it's kind of like suspect for actors to get into the music career. he was like, i get it. i totally understand why people would be skeptical of me. or anybody else that would do this, but he loves his music, and it's just amazing to see him follow suit. >> he does it all. >> david hasselhoff had a big
7:55 am
music care der" in germany. >> they love him. moving on justin timberlake, he has his fans buzzing with hints about his next project. sharing video of him back in the studio joined by "truth hurts" singer, lizzo. ♪ >> and that's about all of the collab we'll get. we'll wait and see. just that little bit with justin gets you giggin' early in the morning. >> i think justin's acting career is slightly better than the hoff's music career. >> close. >> i mean, "knight rider" was dramatic. >> lizzo is amazing. lizzo is amazing. can i get to one more singer for you? because we love singers. ed sheeran apparently is passionate about heinz ketchup. did you know he has a heinz ketchup tattoo? we teamed up with heinz for a limited edition ketchup bottle. it's featuring the singer's
7:56 am
other tattoos. there are only 150 bottles for the 150th anniversary of ketchup. one sold at christie's for over 1,800 bucks. that could be a world record for ketchup. so yes, we're going to see more heinz with sheeran. go figure. >> that ketchup better come out easily. >> it's the perfect condiment. >> thank you, adrienne. happy sunday, everyone. t condiment. >> thank you, adrienne. happy sunday, everyone. good morning. service has been fully restored to customers after two water main breaks. a 14 inch cn ruptured near sonoma boulevard.
7:57 am
crews managed to cap the leak at 7:00 last night. the city says customers who see discoloration in their water should flush the line until that line is clear and call the water department. the rolling stones returning to the bay area today for the band's first concert here in more than six years. the concert was scheduled for may 18th, but it had to be pushed back because mick jagger underwent heart surgery. those original tickets will still be honored. cal tran is adding extra service after tonight's concert. it starts at 7:30 and is expected to go on past the 10:00 p.m. sunday curfew. we're checking in with lisa. >> good morning to you. here is a look at some sunshine, a few clouds mixed in and temperatures are pretty mild over in oakland. 55 cool spot redwood city with
7:58 am
upper 50s in gillroy. sun in the city. up in the north bay, upper 50s. you started out in the low 50s. 64 in concord today. you can see some of the fog in the south bay looking at a cool to mild afternoon. we're going to stay that way until we get to the middle of the week. then high pressure builds in. hot numbers inland. as for today look for 79 in concord. 74 in napa. upper 70s and 82 in san jose. >> thank you. this week with george alright, so this is how you are going to say... you'll get the best deal of the year on xfinity tv and internet. and you even get this.
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>> announcer: "this week" with america first put to the test. protests continue in hong kong as the ongoing trade war with china rattles wall street. the president says the unrest in hong kong is up to china to solve. will his hands-off approach diminish america's role on the world stage? and will he change his china strategy in the face of new recession fears? those questions and more for trump's trade adviser peter navarro. and -- >> we're looking at the whole gun situation. >> is the president backing off his call for meaningful background checks and changing
8:01 am
his tune to appease his supporters?


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