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tv   World News Now  ABC  August 20, 2019 3:30am-3:59am PDT

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because of javi? that's probably best for everybody involved. and, um, i need to be taken off the executive offices, as well. because of mateo? [ sighs ] is there anyone on the 7th floor that you need to avoid? well, you can start there today. thank you. oh, and, ingrid, can i give you a little advice, woman-to-woman? sure. you need to start making better life choices. ♪ hey, wait, wait. one more look. see? i told you they should've put you in that calendar. [ chuckles ] damn, boy! i, uh -- i don't know how long you're staying, but, uh... hmm. ...can i see you again? absolutely. mm. [ chuckles ] mmm. [ chuckles ] mnh-mnh, mnh-mnh. [ both laugh ]
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okay. whoo. [ door closes ] oh, hey, ingrid. hey. [ sighs heavily ] [ alarm beeping ] ♪ i can't be the only one who's lonely tonight ♪ [ sighs ] gigi? [ clears throat ] ♪ i can't be the only mi amor? we can go out this way. girls. mom texted us. do you really have to leave right now? what happened to your face? okay, never mind that. you have to say goodbye to your father quickly. but...i was still thinking of going with you. caro, it's too risky. i know this time with your dad has been a blessing, but it's over, girls. your mother's right. i'm gonna miss you both so much, okay? [ cellphone vibrates ] you'll stay in touch? of course. you can't stop me. sorry, we got to go. love you. love you. love you. is mom going with him?
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i don't know. organized crime? here? i know. now i feel like i have to warn alicia. but if i tell her the truth, i'm gonna lose her. well, think how you'd feel if something happened to her. [ sighs ] look, i've known alicia my whole life. she's good people. she'll listen. god, what is she gonna think of me? [ sighs ] when you first told me the truth, i believed you. it's gonna be a shock at first, but, you know, if she loves you the way that you love her, she'll hear you. she might even help you. [ sighs deeply ] i can't deliver felix to you. don't tell me you've had a crisis of conscience. [ chuckles ] he's not here anymore. neither is mrs. mendoza. well... that's very disappointing. [ sighs ] it's out of my hands. now that felix is gone, there's no reason for you to be here. no, no, no, no, santiago. i have to tell you, i have absolutely fallen in love with this hotel. what? and i would love to spend more time here.
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maybe have an office. that's not a good idea. i'm sorry. that's not a request. i've realized that this hotel could be very useful to my business. guess you're stuck with me. ♪ [ exhales heavily ] i should've been up-front about heather from the beginning. [ inhales deeply ] i am sorry. there is no excuse, but i can promise you, no more secrets... starting now. i -- danny, i know it's hard for you to open up to people. i just want you to know it's okay. when you feel safe to share, you will. no. no. i, um... [ sighs ]
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i came here to tell you something, and that's what i'm gonna do because i care about you. [ chuckles ] [ inhales deeply ] do you remember sky garibaldi? the woman who went missing in the hurricane? she's my sister. and i never believed she just went missing, but the police wouldn't help me, so i decided to go undercover at the last place she was seen. look, i know that sounds crazy, but i've discovered a lot of disturbing things. mateo, he -- he paid off the police to stop looking for her. and he works for some very, very bad people, who i think might be behind what happened to sky. and i think your dad... [ inhales deeply ] i think your dad might be caught up in it, too. alicia. please say something. you're fired.
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to prove her native american ancestry. well she said she is quote sorry for the harm she has caused and also detailed a series of proposals to tackle key issues for native americans, making a direct appeal for their votes. at the white house, i'm kyra phillips, abc news. >> thank you, kyra.
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we also note the pentagon has tested a ground-launch cruise missile that has been banned over 30 years under a treaty that was abandoned by the u.s. and russia. >> the test took place sunday off the california coast with a modified version of the navy tomahawk cruise missile flying more than 300 miles. the new defense secretary disputes the notion that scrapping the treaty will spark an arms race. we're learning that accused child molester jeffrey epstein signed a will two days before he died by suicide in a federal jail in new york. court papers say epstein's estate is worth more than $500 million, and so far there are no details on his beneficiaries. but lawyers for some of his accusers are vowing to fight for the money to go to their clients. meanwhile, attorney general william barr has removed the acting director of the bureau of prisons amid reports that guards neglected to monitor epstein as required. e-cigarette maker juul is being sued for targeting its product to minors. the class action lawsuit also claims the company deseened the public about the dangers of vaping. it was filed on behalf of 19-year-old christian foss. he says he became addicted to
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nicotine and his asthma symptoms worsened after he started use the device at age 16. philip morris is also named in this lawsuit. well, if you're looking for a friendly place to visit in the u.s. maybe for your next trip, would say. >> good point. a survey of 1.5 million people by a travel site ranks the gopher state as the friendliest in the union. citing its extraordinarily friendly residents. spots two through five belong to tennessee, south carolina, texas, and wyoming. the bottom five, decidedly northeast corridor, new york dead last. the focus appeared to be on the five boroughs. visitors are advised not to block sidewalks or hold up traffic. taking instagram shots. and that's not fair. as we were discussing in the meeting, new yorkers are very friendly. they've got your back when you need them. they just don't want the small
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talk, and they've got places to be while you're on vacation. >> keep it moving. >> right. >> and also new york is not just new york city. >> that's true. >> there's also like albany. lovely. syracuse. >> i think that that's debatable. >> rochester. ithaca. >> how did you name all those places? >> i went to syracuse very briefly. >> very briefly, tell us more. >> i went to grad school there. >> oh, okay. look how much he knew about new york. >> four cities. >> what do you know about t u., evor ault. edow >> that story is amazing. but first, one for the "you don't see this one every day" files. just what in the world is going on here? later in "the skinny," the major headline this morning from dwayne "the rock" johnson. dwayne "the rock" johnson. if you're age 50 to 85, and looking to buy life insurance on a fixed budget,
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having this race against nature. that rhinoceros char this is in a game reserve. it happened last month. and it got pretty close to ramming the vehicle a couple times. had to make a couple sharp turns that helped them finally shake when it the rhino got tired. that's like "jurassic park" with a real animal. >> that poor rhino. so they just outran him. he tried, poor guy. scary moments at a demolition derby in indiana. >> this is a wild video. the school bus in this event is going to slam into this fence just separating the crowd -- look at that -- coming inches away from a toddler who's sitting in the front row. that child did suffer minor injuries. expe also happening in colorado, some air mattresses caught some air in denver. >> yeah, they were set up for a movie night outdoors for the weekend. and then the winds came. sent those air mattresses flying. bystanders spent 30 minutes
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trying to catch some of the mattresses. coincidentally, it happened at runway 35 park, which used to be the site of an airport. quite a sight there. >> yeah, i don't -- i'm not sure what they expected to happen if it was windy. we also have a frightening scene that's playing out in downtown seattle. >> several people were injured after a dump truck slammed into several cars and then into a restaurant. here's abc's adrienne bankert. >> reporter: this entire building in downtown seattle is evacuated as police look into what caused this out-of-control dump truck to crash. >> there's a dump truck into a building, people trapped. >> just before 9:30 we started getting calls that a dump truck thg w man just that. >> i saw him hit the cars. he hit the cars so hard, so much force that they were spinning and hitting other cars. >> reporter: like a tank, the truck on a disastrous trail of destruction, sending an suv flying into a light pole, ripping the door off this van.
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finally stopping when it went through the wall of this restaurant at 40 miles an hour. four people were hurt, at least one in serious condition. >> the first thing on my mind was, oh my god, i've got to get out of here, i've got to move. the dump truck did not slow down. >> reporter: witnesses say it appeared the driver was unable to steer. police are looking into a possible mechanical failure inside that truck. they're also questioning the driver whom witnesses described as distraught after that wild ride. adrienne bankert, abc news, los angeles. >>e me b to take him o the market. then we're going to say why the bachelorette hannah b. may soon be stepping into her dancing shoes. sleep. zzzquil pure zzz our liquid has a unique botanical blend, while an optimal melatonin level means no next day grogginess. zzzquil pure zzzs. naturally superior sleep.
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♪ skinny just gimme the skinny ♪ skinny just gimme the skinny time now for "the skinny" starting with a major headline this morning from dwayne "the rock" johnson. furious" star has finally tied the knot. right when i was about to make my move.
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>> oh, waited too long. >> johnson married his long-time >> yeah. >> that sounds right. this was over the weekend, a secret ceremony in their home state of hawaii. they shared a snap of the two of them dressed in white against that backdrop of sea and sky. lauren's the daughter of the late drummer from the rock group boston. great band. she and "the rock" have been together a dozen years, they have two daughters. 3-year-old jasmine, 1-year-old tiana. >> so precious, congratulations to them. >> yes, we wish them the best. >> so that's the beginning of a long road for them. and now the end of another road. >> yeah, the end of the road is what i was told. >> i guess, yep, for "old town road." it's been sitting at number one on the billboard charts for a record-setting 19 weeks, longer than any other song since billboard began keeping track. >> finally, though, a song has knocked lil nas x and billy cyrus' song off the top spot, why don't you take a listen.
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♪ like it really rough guy just can't get enough guy ♪ ♪ chest always so puffed guy make your mama sad type ♪ ♪ make your girlfriend laugh sight ♪ ♪ i'm the bad guy >> oh, um, oh -- the video kind of threw me off. >> it's got personality. >> it's got some personality. i mean, the song's kind of catchy. >> could use a little more billy ray cyrus. >> yeah, i would say so. so this is "bad guy" by billie eilish. after sitting at number two on the charts for nine weeks, the 17-year-old finally dethroned "old town road." billie's also the first singer born after the year 2000 to score a number one on the billboard charts. that next generation, they're taking over. what's after millennials? y. gen-z? >> it's so hard. and we're not saying good-bye to
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hannah b. >> no. >> she's still making headlines. next alabama hannah might not be done with -- she may be done with love on tv but this morning it seems that she's got her eye on the prize. the mirror ball trophy. >> so fans are hopeful that the former bachelorette is going to be on "dancing with the stars." the contestants are announced tomorrow morning on "gma." hannah b., her heart was broken twice during her season of "the bachelorette." >> and although abc doesn't comment on casting until the big announcement on "gma," this teaser photo from "dancing" definitely has bachelor nation buzzing. some fans say the freckles on that hand match the ones on hannah's hand. "gma" posted a teaser on instagram, and i'm guessing karamo is also going to be on the show. >> we'll have to check back tomorrow. coming up next, if you thought -- we're not coming up next, let's do it right now. xtif youfeov t'tmes un
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the stars from the classic reunited in person. >> and we're here for it. the actors who played cory, eric, topanga, shawn, and mr. feeney, who is 92 years young, came together in boston for a fan expo celebrating the show that aired from 1993 to 2000 on abc. >> will friedle sharing this picture of the cast reunion with the caption, "we're back." fans are begging for an official reboot. finally, sister jean dolores schmidt rocketed to international stardom for her love of the loyola men's basketball team from march madness. sister jean is set to turn 100 years tomorrow. >> in loyola celebrating her mile phone with her own custom lego statue. it's 2 1/2 feet tall, built out of 10,000 lego bricks, took more than 30 hours to build. what a way to honor her. >> right, she earned it. >> you know what, trevor, we should give you a lego statue. >> i have not earned it, give me
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♪ ♪ all right, so they may not be quite ready for an adult education. but the student body at one school in denver is about to get schooled by a man who's already close to their hearts. so this guy's gone from pushing a broom to actually now running the school. our own will ganss is here. will, this is so cool. >> i am so excited to be here. i've said it before, i'll say it again, educators are heroes. the new principal at steadman elementary school in denver is teaching life lessons you can't find in a textbook. if you told 8-year-old michael atkins he was being called to the principal's office, like most elementary school students, he probably wouldn't have thought that was a good thing. >> growing up in park hill there wasn't many positive influences and/or opportunities in the neighborhood. >> reporter: fast forward 30
3:56 am
atkins has been part of the denver public school system the entire time. then working as a custodian, which is when atkins realized his passions for working with young people. quickly graduating to a new role as teacher. becoming part of the 2% of educators in the united states that are black and male. >> a lot of my african-american male students remind me of me, right? and not to say that they're coming from the same situation that i came from. a household of a single mother, only engaging with my father once in my life, right? so not really having that rock. but needing that rock often in that time. >> reporter: now as he makes his final arrangements for the upcoming school year -- >> all of this stuff goes to 208. >> reporter: imparting advice from his earlier days in public education to the new custodian, atkins has one lesson he's hoping all his new students can learn. eo write yory.
3:57 am
make sure you write your own story. >> atkins credits his own second grade teacher with inspiring his love of learning, and many years later that same teacher is the same person who helped him get his first job working in a classroom. >> oh my gosh, so it's all come full circle. >> exactly. >> what a great inspiration to all the kids in that school too. >> yeah, you want to talk about like teaching kids, go do what you want to do, he did it right in front of them. >> exactly. love teachers. >> that is amazing teacher. an amazing teacher, amazing educator, amazing story, and so timely as we prepare to send kids back to school. >> exactly. >> right on time. >> don't miss our updates on facebook at >> we have much more news coming up
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happening now in america thisorible boo yr nk accou the w he whi hse i considering to a cer d. the new york city cop in the eric garner chokehold case loses his job. >> today is a day of reckoning. >> new information on how the decision was made plus the controversial new law in one state that limits the use of force by police. caught on camera, a bear sneaks into this house even opening the fridge with two boys watching tv nearby. >> the door was shaking and we were shaking. >> the terrifying moments they struggled to escape and how they alerted their mom upstairs. prince harry and meghan markle under fire for traveling on private jets while fighting to protect the environment. how elton john is now coming to


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