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tv   America This Morning  ABC  August 23, 2019 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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happening now in america this morning, a massive internet fraud case busted. the suspects accused of hacking emails using fake bank accounts and dating profiles to steal millions of dollars from people across america. >> some of the victims in this case lost hundreds of thousands of dollars. >> this morning the manhunt for those still on the run and how the victims were duped. a new school shooting threat foiled. this morning the 12-year-old under arrest and the new statement from president trump. what he says he's doing now to prevent more mass shootings in america. the deadly tragedy on the elevator. a young man killed. >> report of an elevator drop with a person possibly trapped. >> the victim crushed to death.
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what we're learning now about previous safety concerns in that building. new images of the amazon rain forest on fire. the new threat to withhold u.s. funding to brazil because of the crisis. plus, your ride to work taking even longer. a new prediction on just how bad traffic is going to get. and the new medical research about dog owners and what they all have in common. good friday morning, everyone. i'm janai norman. >> and i'm trevor ault in for kenneth moton. we begin with one of the biggest online fraud cases ever. federal agents breaking up a crime ring that stretched across the globe. >> at least 80 people are charged with preying on businesses and unsuspecting victims hacking emails and fooling them into turning over tens of millions of dollars. some cases involved online dating scams. >> abc's serena marshall is here with all the details. serena, good morning.
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>> reporter: trevor and janai, good morning to both of you. this was a massive takedown following a three-year investigation. those scammers have been charged with fraud, money laundering and identity theft. federal officials are calling it one of the largest fraud and money laundering cases in u.s. history. >> some 80 defendants were charged including many internationally. >> reporter: an incredibly sophisticated ring accused of stealing at least $46 million through schemes targeting the elderly and vulnerable. >> in some cases the victims in this case thought they were communicating with u.s. servicemen stationed overseas. >> reporter: and in a new scam authorities say they also targeted big corporations and posed as personnel or vendors then they allegedly requested payment and because they looked so real, companies sent them millions. >> the corporation scam where they're pretending to be a ceo and getting someone lower down in the company to send money is actually sort of a new sophistication for them.
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the nigerians know the more people they target, a percentage of them are going to bite. >> reporter: those that did lost tens of thousands. more than a dozen arrested here in the u.s. those based abroad could face extradition. many of the 80 suspects nigerian nationals. the fbi says their investigation all began in 2016 with a single bank account and one victim but grew quickly. >> law enforcement agencies have received complaints from victims in every one of the 50 states and scores of foreign countries. >> reporter: the defendants charged with fraud and money laundering. one of the victims from the indictment, a woman, lost $200,000 to the fraudsters and though there was this indictment it's unlikely any of the victims will get their money back. >> bad news for those victims. thank you. now to the latest mass shooting threats uncovered by police. more than two dozen arrests reported across the country just since the attacks in el paso and dayton this month. in florida, two students have now been arrested for threats against their schools.
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one suspect is a 12-year-old girl who allegedly posted a message on snapchat about shooting up her middle school. >> in california a disgruntled hotel cook accused of plotting to kill co-workers and guests at the marriott in long beach. he's pleaded not guilty. authorities say he had a stash of weapons and president trump last night tweeted that he had a, quote, very good meeting on preventing mass shootings. he didn't say who else was at that meeting. a senior white house official says the president wants gun background checks which better screen for mental illness. there are growing concerns this morning about the u.s. economy. new figures show a slowdown in manufacturing for the first time in nearly a decade. and we've learned job growth earlier this year was not as good as first reported. abc's jonathan karl asked president trump about it. >> reporter: mr. president, are you concerned about the jobs number, the revision? >> no, the job numbers have been really good. we have unemployment at a level that it hasn't been at for many,
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many years. fantastic numbers. the economy has been really fantastic. >> officials say the white house is not considering any immediate action to boost the economy. but they say a tax cut for the middle class may be proposed during the 2020 presidential campaign. president trump leaves for the g7 summit where trade will be a top issue. and a developing story overnight in sacramento where a light rail train derailed. more than two dozen injured. most injuries thankfully are minor. officials say the passenger train collided with a maintenance train. we turn now to that elevator tragedy here in new york. a young man trying to step off a crowded elevator in a manhattan building got crushed to death. now we're learning about a history of elevator safety concerns inside that building. this morning, an investigation under way into how a simple elevator ride turned deadly. >> report of an elevator drop with a person possibly trapped. >> reporter: investigators say six people were in the elevator in this manhattan
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apartment building. two of them got off at the lobby but when 30-year-old samuel waisbren tried to exit, the elevator malfunctions suddenly dropping pinning him between the floors and crushing him. overnight his heartbroken father speaking out. >> absolutely devastated. he's not going to be able to father a child and have a family and grow up, you know. we're absolutely devastated. >> reporter: firefighters rescued three more trapped in the elevator who witnessed the horror. >> i left ten minutes after this happened so my children could either not have a mother, i could have lost my children if they were the ones in the elevator. >> reporter: residents say they voiced concern about these elevators in the past. >> obviously never been an issue to this level. but the elevators tend to have many, many problems. >> they always jump between floors. it's like that halloween horror night thing when you're in that scary elevator that hops up and down. it's really bad. >> reporter: back in may the building was fined nearly $1300 for unsafe elevators conditions and just this week workers were back doing routine maintenance on the other elevator.
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investigators are now looking into whether that work could have caused the elevator carrying waisbren to crash. the new york department of buildings issuing a statement overnight saying, we're determined to find out what went wrong at this building and seek ways to prevent incidents like this in the future. last month a work permit was issued to fix the wiring in both elevators in that building. there's no word yet if that played a role here. but some people who lived there say they're so worried about their safety that they're thinking about moving. this shows the widespread damage to the rain forest. you can see large areas of once forest land has been cleared while several fires are smoldering nearby. brazil's president says his country needs help fighting the fires but a u.s. senator blames the brazilian government for allowing ranchers and farmers to set fires to clear the land. senator brian schatz of hawaii says all u.s.
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brazil should be suspended until they stop encouraging deforestation. more than 4,000 people have been evacuated because of a wildfire in northern california in shasta county. about 1100 homes are threatened. the fire doubled in size to 600 acres in less than one hour. temperatures back to normal in the west with denver and albuquerque in the low 90s. phoenix reaching 105. the great lakes region will be cooler than usual with highs in the mid-70s. highs in the northeast will reach the upper 70s. 80s across the south there today. coming up, the hungry bear who swiped a package right off the front porch. you'll see it. but first the new images overnight from an airline emergency. passengers rushed to evacuate as the cabin fills with smoke. several people taken to the hospital. and are you spending more time in traffic these days? wait until you see how much worse it's going t
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we're back with this crash in biloxi, mississippi. a witness says the truck driver was driving erratically when he crossed a lane, hit that light pole and flipped over. the highway was shut down for more than an hour. no word on possible charges. well, if your ride to work is taking longer these day, you're not alone. a new study finds the average american commuter spends 54 hours every year sitting in traffic, and that number climbs way up. all the way up to 119 hours a year in los angeles. that has the worst traffic followed by san francisco, washington, d.c., new york and boston. and it's going to get worse. the study predicts wasted time in traffic will jump by 15% in the next five years. well, look at this scare for people on this hawaiian airlines flight. they had to make an emergency landing in honolulu after smoke
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filled that cabin. look at that. all the emergency slides had to be deployed. seven people were taken to the hospital. the airline blames a seal that failed in one of the engines. more fallout in the death of accused child sex trafficker jeffrey epstein. sources say federal prosecutors have subpoenaed more than a dozen staff members at the new york jail where epstein took his own line, a sign that criminal charges may follow. the jail was understaffed and guards were working overtime when they reportedly failed to conduct required checks on epstein. attorney general william barr said the investigation has slowed because some witnesses have been uncooperative. former white house press secretary sarah sanders has a new job. she's been hired as a fox news contributor. sanders will provide political commentary and analysis. she left the trump administration two months ago after fiercely defending the president for two years. she is set to make her debut on fox next month. get this one, $1.5 million worth of cocaine has been found inside boxes of bananas in the seattle area. now police want to figure out where they came from.
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75 pounds of the drug were uncovered in boxes sent to three grocery stores. police think that the shipments may have been sent to the wrong address. >> i would say that's likely. so, when a package in pennsylvania was sent to the correct address, but this guy got ahold of it, the bear there grabbing the package. it's filled with dog food. this is a porch near scranton. the homeowner says the pet store has agreed to send another delivery so got away with the theft. >> thought he was beary sneaky. >> i get it. >> caught on camera. coming up, a crime spree targeting hollywood celebrities. the real estate agent who's been busted. but first a baby is rescued after getting left in a hot car while her mother went shopping. the emotional plea that mom made to police. plus, the new plan to crack down on those annoying robocalls we all get. ♪ corey is living with metastatic breast cancer,
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for hr+/her2- mbc. oral combination treatment let's see, aleve is than tylenol extra strength. and last longer with fewer pills. so why am i still thinking about this? i'll take aleve. aleve. proven better on pain. listen, we all know the rules. interstate highways are for cars and for suvs and trucks. they are not for electric
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scooters, but that's what traffic cameras recorded on i-94 in milwaukee. >> so cops pulled them over and took the e-scooters away. the three riders, tourists from texas, blamed their gps. wrong turn. >> technology. >> yeah. >> i didn't know, officer. we turn now to a baby being rescued from a hot car in arizona and her mother had been shopping. >> so the baby was locked in the car as temperatures outside soared above 100 degrees. when police arrived the mother made an emotional plea for forgiveness. this morning, newly released video shows the terrifying moment 37-year-old stacey holly returned to her car and realized she had left her baby in the backseat on a sweltering arizona day. >> i just -- i don't know. i honestly don't know how it happened. i don't. >> reporter: the scene unfolding in a target parking lot in june. the temperature outside, 107 degrees. >> we're lucky that this isn't something else. >> no, i totally -- i know you're doing your job.
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i'm not a neglectful mom. i'm not a bad mom. >> reporter: first responders rushing the 5-month-old to the hospital. >> the child was sweating. the child was red. >> reporter: holly told police she went into target with her sister and her 6-year-old and forgot the baby was with them. the temperature in the car hit 130. >> we left a baby in the car. >> reporter: 50 minutes later once she realized the potentially deadly mistake, she rushed to the car while her sister called 911. >> how long was the baby in the vehicle? >> about 30 minutes. >> i'm sorry. i know, i know. i'm sorry. >> reporter: she was taken to the police station to be questioned. >> i think that these people who do it who you see on tv, oh, my god, how stupid are they to leave their kids in the car and then it happened. >> reporter: holly was charged with child abuse and endangerment. >> we took her back to the police station and conducted an interview with her, and, again,
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she admitted to just forgetting. >> reporter: at least 35 children have died in hot cars this year alone. experts warn it can happen to anyone. >> the parents or caretaker is driving to a location that may or may not typically include the child. that person goes into what we call this autopilot mode and along that way, they have lost awareness of the child in the car. >> holly has pleaded not guilty to the charges. she's due in court next month. two men have been charged in burglary scheme targeting celebrity homes in the los angeles area. the suspects are accused of stealing more than $500,000 from big name stars including usher and adam lambert. prosecutors say the pair used open houses to help pull off their crimes. a lawyer for one suspect is dismissing the case as a publicity stunt. >> mr. ackerman, i want to say, and i want to emphasize is not just presumed innocent, he's actually innocent. he didn't do it. we believe now that this prosecution is nothing more than publicity driven. >> well, police say they found thousands of possibly stolen
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items in the home and storage unit belonging to one of the suspects including diamond necklaces. so, some good news for us. 12 of the country's biggest phone companies now promising to help block and prevent those annoying robocalls that we all get. the agreement with all 50 states calls for the companies to provide customers with free call blocking. they'll also provide software that can show whether a phone number is legitimate and can investigate bogus calls. they'll turn over the information to law enforcement. no word yet on a time line for this but we're all waiting. last year americans received more than 25 billion robocalls. >> something everybody rejects. in sports some turf trouble for the packers and raiders during their preseason game in canada. because of safety concerns they had to play on an 80-yard field. there were holes where the canadian football goalposts usually sit. it would have been in the middle of the end zones if they had played on that full 100-yard field. and a new concern for the carolina panthers. quarterback cam newton injured
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his foot during last night's game and he left wearing a protective boot. there's no word yet on how serious this injury is. so one fan's love for lebron james has extended to his hairstyle. take a look at this. a man in serbia had a barber shave lebron's image into the back of his head. he then made like lebron and shot some hoops in the barber shop after his 'do was done. >> listen, i don't think it's a good idea but it is a great execution. give it up to the barber at the very least. >> absolutely. coming up next in "the pulse," the new fast food fight over mac and cheese. also ahead, the royal shocker. prince william and his family flying on a budget airline. but first new research on dog owners and what they all have in common. ♪ ozempic®! ♪ (announcer) people with type 2 diabetes are excited about the potential of once-weekly ozempic®. in a study with ozempic®, a majority of adults lowered their blood sugar and reached an a1c of less than 7 and maintained it. oh! under 7?
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it's time to check "the pulse" on this friday and look what you made her do overnight. taylor swift has dropped a new album and music video. >> and not surprisingly the video of her title track, "lover," is trending big online. ♪ and take me out and take me home ♪ ♪ you're my, my, my, my lover >> not surprisingly fans could not calm down. many swifties spotted a ton of easter eggs feeling like they've seen these things before and they couldn't shake it off. >> this eagle-eyed fan tweeted the board games were signifying lyrics and titles from "lover" and this fearless fan sums up everyone's experience listening to the new album clearly crying. >> okay, that's commitment. our next story is going to the dogs, specifically dog owners. >> a new study finds dog owners are slimmer, healthier and make
4:24 am
more money than people with other pets. the study found canine care givers are more active so they have a lower risk of heart disease and diabetes. >> as one doctor put it, you can't walk a fish. >> touche. >> yeah. >> yeah. speaking of healthy, let's get into a food fight. earlier this week we had the chicken sandwich war between popeyes and chick-fil-a. it's ongoing. now we have a battle over mac and cheese. >> kfc has unveiled a new mac and cheese menu item, a bowl with popcorn chicken in it. >> what. kfc is trying to upstage chick-fil-a which recently added a mac and cheese side dish. i've heard it's delicious. >> it always is. it's mac and cheese. >> right, i know. >> home run dish. final i, it's every parent's favorite time of year, back to school. >> yeah, and this mom in ohio couldn't be happier. every year leslie brooks takes a different kind of family photo. you can see her treating herself to massages and private parties. >> brooks says despite how the picture looks, she adores her kids. >> oh, those pictures are good.
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>> i believe it. >> mom's time to relax. see you later, kids. >> we got more news after this. i have heart disease, watch what i eat, take statins, but still struggle to lower my ldl bad cholesterol. which means a heart attack or stroke. could strike without warning, pulling me away from everything that matters most. (siren) because with high bad cholesterol, my risk of a heart attack or stroke is real. ♪ repatha® plus a statin seriously lowers bad cholesterol by 63%. and significantly drops my risk of having a heart attack or stroke. do not take repatha® if you are allergic to it. repatha® can cause serious allergic reactions. signs include: trouble breathing or swallowing, or swelling of the face. most common side effects include runny nose, sore throat, common cold symptoms, flu or flu-like symptoms back pain, high blood sugar, and redness, pain, or bruising at the injection site. i won't let a heart attack or stroke come between me and everything i love. neither should you. tell your doctor to lower your ldl and reduce your risk with repatha®.
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including sinus congestion and pressure. claritin-d. get more. s. a train derailment many sacramento. >> and in the east bay, gunfire erupts at a park filled with parents and children. a high school football team practicing next door. san jose police on the scene of an accident involving seven it's less let's show you points back in the comfy range. that's really dry. the rest of us in the mid-to up toker 50s. so we are out of the humid and
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muggy category. temperatures though are just a few degrees cooler than yesterday. we have upper 50s in napa. half-moon bay and san ramone. let's take a look at the highs today. 60s along the coast. a few 80s towards fremont. a warm wbd coming up soon. let's get over to francis. here's a live camera shot at the scene. you see the lanes are starting to backup. this crash was just reported a couple minutes ago. we'll head out to the pass at north flynn. a two-car accident reported there. traffic a little slow and then we have we had an early morning
4:29 am
accident westbound 80. it was an earlier overturned crash that's now off to the shoulder. we'll head to the south bay. southbound 17 at lark. aother accident as you make your way through. but traffic is fine. a huge mess left behind in san jose after a hit-and-run driver slammed into several cars. this happened along moore park avenue near saratoga avenue. the man who lives inside the complex heard the series of crashes and was getting ready to go sleep around 10:45 last night. >> we heard a loud bang. it sounded like a car hitting a building. but instead we came out on the balcony and saw a bunch of lights out. i guess the guy got out of the truck that flipped and took off running. >> a hit-and-run driver hit a
4:30 am
security guard that guard is of the hospital. the east bay authorities are investigating a deadly crash in hayward. this apears to be a pedestrian killed in the collision with a car. this happened just after 9:30 last night. waiting to hear information from police. developing news in sacramento. 27 people are recovering after a light rail train derailed. it happened in northeast sacramento. investigators believe the train packed with commuters went off the tracks after a hit a maintenance train. one passenger described what happened on board. >> was sitting there on the train listening to music and boom, that fast. the guy in front of me hit the bench in front of him so hard.
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so bad he torhi


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