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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  August 25, 2019 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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shoppers still processing the reality of what really happened. a live report w
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now from abc 7, live breaking news. >> you hear sirens, you think what's going on? is there something going non >> right away, panic at great mall tonight. police say robbers hit a jewelry store, but the chaos led some shoppers to think there had been a shooting. good evening. thanks for joining us. >> first, let's tell you that police say nobody was hurt in this incident tonight. here's a look at the layout of the great mall. the mall was supposed to close at 8:00 tonight, though dave and busters closes later. the mall has a few jewelry stores. reports first came in around 7:30 of the robbery. >> our reporter is live for us at great mall. talk about a scary night for shoppers and employees there.
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>> reporter: extremely scary. what we know so far there is no evidence of an active shooter and nobody hurt. police continue to escort shoppers and workers outside of the mall, and this can take several hours. >> we're just trying to clear the intersection. >> people were yelling at the mall, officers, for the safety of our community, locked down the mall, started to search the mall to make sure there was no active shooter. >> reporter: around 7:30 p.m., officers say shoppers reported an active shooter, but there was no evidence of shots fired. what did happen was a robbery. >> reported a robbery in progress at the jewel an officer responded. >> reporter: their 12-year-old son was inside with friends. >> my neighbors called me and
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said he's fine. they said you didn't hear about it? there's a shooter at the mall. >> reporter: two search teams entered the mall looking for three suspects. lea asked her son to stay calm. >> we heard they were in lockdown. so he didn't know they were in lockdown. i said stay put, until we get to you. >> reporter: again, there was no shooting at great mall here. police are still looking for the three suspects and asks if they believed the suspects could be among those who remain at the mall. they believe those people might have left the scene. >> thank you very much. two other mall robberies are under investigation across the state today. one is similar to the incident there. police are searching for four men following a violent robbery at the vintage fair mall this afternoon. police released this surveillance image of suspects.
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they say four men used a sledge hammer to break glass, causing noise and panic and then took off. in southern california, two suspects have been detained after reports of a possible shooting. later, officers determined there was no evidence of a shooting but there had been a possible robbery. >> when news of the great mall incident first broke, we sent this alert on our free "abc7 news" app. if you want alerts like this, download it in our app store. in san francisco, an extreme car break-in. a woman who parked her prius on the street returned to find it disassembled, the battery stolen. >> liz? >> reporter: car battery theft is something that was happening frequently in 2015. but as a prius owner myself, it's not something i ever thought of. same for the owner of this prius who posted about it, hoping to raise awareness.
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we spoke with her tonight about it. >> i was parked right here, exactly. because this was there. >> reporter: margery never expected when he parked her prius here a block from her apartments that she would return friday to find it like this, disassembled, the car battery stolen. just give us a sense of somewhat it looked like when you walked out here. >> you go looking for your car and you know what your car looks like. it didn't look like my car. it looked like a jalopy. they took the seat out, cut the wires and removed the battery, which i understand weighs 180 pounds. >> reporter: in 2015, "abc7 news" reported on a rash of prius battery thefts in san francisco, presumably by professionals who knew how to remove them without getting
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electrocuted. margery posted about it and got a lot of responses. >> san francisco is a third world dump. that's one. dre dreadful, so sorry. somebody thought it would be used for cannabis growing because they didn't want to have an additional pg&e bill. somebody said that wasn't true. and whoever said that was smoking weed. [ laughter ] >> reporter: whatever the reason, these batteries can be sold for quite as bit, as much as $1,000 on the black market. compare that to the rough $8,000 was done in damage. moving forward, what will you going to do? >> get rid of the car. >> reporter: really? >> yeah. it's such a bummer. >> reporter: it is a bummer. it's unclear if the thieves are targeting more hybrids in the area. margery and her partner reported the incident to police, but they don't believe any of the security cameras captured the
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break-in. so they aren't hopeful much will be done to find the person who did it. >> liz, thank you very much for the report. meteorologist drew tuma joins with us a look at the warming temperatures. >> we wrapped up a nice weekend. a lot of sunshine. the temperatures, both saturday and sunday in our hottest spots, in the 80s and 90s. tonight, tracking areas of dense fog. live doppler 7 along with satellite will three on visibility, and down to a mile and a half in behalf hoo hoo hoo pockets of dense fog on monday. limited patchy fog first thing, mainly in the 60s. watch what happens by lunchtime. we have spots in the 80s and 90s. tomorrow afternoon, we wind up being hotter than we were this weekend. we'll have the full forecast coming up. >> drew, we'll see you then.
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keep track of the weather conditions with the "abc7 news" app. get updates from our weather team. the app is free to download in the app store. the highway patrol is investigating a head of on crash this morning. it happened just before 9:00 on balfour road just outside of brentwood. the driver slammed into a white van traveling in the opposite direction. another driver in the mini cooper was also struck by the nissan. >> the silver nissan was going east bound behind me at a high raid of speed, tried to pass me, hit me, swerved into the other lane, and hit the toyota van head-on. >> the chp is investigating whether drugs or alcohol were factors in the crash. the driver of the white van was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. a search is on for a missing man in indian slough.
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the coast guard received a report of two fishermen stranded there. one of them managed to swim to shore, the other was not found. the small inflatable craft they police busted a series of illegal sideshows that took part in their city. they did so with the help of the highway patrol helicopter. you can see it was in the air just capturing video of the donuts being spun near huntington drive and stanford court. police moved in to tow a couple of the cars. one person was arrested. offi in the east bay, some lucky kids are ringing in the school year with new backpacks. this is the 14th year that the bay area rapper put on a block party and backpack giveaway. entertainers, activists, even a few warriors players showed up.
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kids got to fill the backpacks with school supplies. mr. fab says it's a way to give back. still ahead on "abc7 news" at 11:00, bad for businesses. a popular shopping area in san francisco is apparently becoming too popular with burglars. chaos at a bar following a pride event. the video that sparked protests in los angeles. and folks in livermore spent
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so you only pay for what you need. it's a different kind of wireless network designed to save you money. save up to $400 a year on your wireless bill. plus get $250 back when you buy a new samsung note. click, call or visit a store today. >> by day it's one of the most trendy days for shopping in san francisco. but when night falls, businesses say it's a much different story and they want police to do
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something about what's going on. owners are outrainoutraged and increased break-ins are leaving them for answers. >> cornell bernard has this story. >> it should. happen, not in the city. >> reporter: ellenor carpenter says she's had it. a toy dog is good for a laugh outside her long-time union street store just jewels, but she needs more protection from thieves. >> it's out of control. >> reporter: she had her front door smashed and now has metal bars. >> they ran at the front door and threw their bodies and the alarm went off and scared them. >> reporter: thieves made another attempt to break in through the window but only cracked it. frustrating? >> maddening, not frustrating. the city has to do something. >> reporter: merchants say there's been eight to nine break-ins in the last several months, happening overnight.
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in the last week, someone smashed the window of this clothes store. the pink bunny lingerie store was also hit. >> it's got more intense last couple of months. >> reporter: this man believes transients could be the cull trit -- culprits. he showed us this video here. he told her to leave. >> we were hoping that the mayor could clean up the streets, but we're still waiting to see what happens. >> reporter: police tell merchants no suspects have been identified. but many want to see more patrols overnight. >> we need more patrolling around here. >> reporter: no response from sfpd. but they do plan to increase patrols here at night. cornell bernard, "abc7 news." a downtown los angeles bar says it's fired its security company and will put staff through training after a
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controversial incident where a group of transwomen and a gay man were removed. they were verbally threatened by a straight couple. the action elicited an outcry from lbgtq advocates. >> the fact that we -- they were going to come back and kill us and shoot us, it makes me fear for my life and the rest of my co-workers. >> los angeles police are investigating this incident as a possible hate crime. the group of co-workers were celebrating the lbgtq community. it was a beautiful and inspiring day in livermore where hundreds raised a lot of money to send kids to camp. abc 7 is proud to partner with the foundation for the 29th annual day in the park. the event raises money for kids
11:17 pm
with life altering conditions. n members s of the "abc7 news" t were there, including dan ashley and sue hall. each year, thousands of kids with issues are dpimgiven the opportunity to attend the camp to meet other kids just like them. the camp offers a space for kids and counselors to connect and give their parts peace of mind. >> i love it. it means so much to me, especially for kids who have illnesses. >> it's changed molly's life. it has helped her so much, and i love coming here myself. oh, my gosh, i'm so grateful. >> hundreds of east bay restaurants served food, wine, and breweries poured craft beer. more than $500,000 was raised to send kids to camp. well done, everybody. >> you're right.
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fabulous cause and the weather wasn't too bad. >> drew tuma has a look at what we can expect. >> tomorrow, temperatures on the rise, even more than the weekend. but the air quality declining, as a spare the air day is in effect for monday. live doppler 7 showing you clouds bumped up along the coastline. so sutro tower with patchy fogging clear skies in the east bay. tomorrow morning, the best bet of finding cloud cover, close to the coastline. the accuweather highlights over the next couple of days, pockets of dense fog tomorrow, and drizzle before the sun gets up here monday morning. tomorrow, it's a lot of sunshine and a hotter afternoon compared to this weekend as a rinl of high pressure continues to strengthen off the coastline. tuesday and wednesday, we'll see a humidity increase, as well. we'll feel muggy both
11:19 pm
afternoons, as we see remnants of what was once tropical storm ivo coming to california in the form of high clouds and increased humidity. it's cool in san francisco at 58. 63 in san jose, and oakland 62 degrees. cloud cover close to the e th- mid 50s to mid 60s will be our starting temperatures first thing tomorrow morning. so you look at the marine layer, it is really compressed. we'll see a lot of sunshine throughout the day, any cloud cover will stay off clear throughout the afternoon. so highs tomorrow, a little warmer than we were today. microclimate, 90 in san jose. a lot of sunshine in the south bay. 96 for morgan hill. along the peninsula, it's right and warm.
11:20 pm
87 in redwood city. downtown san francisco, a lot of afternoon sunshine. temperature bumps up to 72. south san francisco at 77 tomorrow. in the north bay, a hot day, especially in cloverdale. 100 degrees. 91 in santa rosa. san rafael up to 93. in the east bay, 81 in oakland. arm and sunny in the east bay. 89 in fremont. hercules up to 83. inland, it's just hot with sunshine. 100 in brentwood tomorrow. about 96 in livermore and san ramone up to 95 degrees. in terms of air quality, our porous air quality will be where we have the hottest temperatures. we have poor air quality forecasted. modern air quality everywhere else. you will notice haze in the atmosphere tomorrow. here's the seven-day forecast. hot day for many of us. tomorrow, we'll find the high clouds and the humidity rises on tuesday as the temperatures go
11:21 pm
down. it's still a muggy midweek on wednesday. drier air on thursday and friday, when temperatures go back to average in the 70s and 80s. it is a hot afternoon to start the week. >> drew, thanks. still ahead on "abc7 news" at 11:00, a new way to get your disney fix, where you'll soon be able to snag
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customers. disney is the parent company of abc 7. >> i had no idea. 90% between target and disney? >> makes a lot of sense. >> all right. let's take baseball, and see how much sense that made. >> we'll tal about it. they were jerseys you might not recognize. the 2019 edition of the babe ruth series come and
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>> >> can you believe it's been 30 years since the bay bridge world series. oakland honored the 1989 world champs and made a big announcement about one of their living legends. the team is going to retire dave stewart's number in 2020.
11:29 pm
there he is, tossing out the first pitch and it was a strike. top two, this gets through. that scores a run and the a's take the lead at 3-2. top of the third, we're even after this swing of the bat. longoria sending this to center. game tied at 3-3. in the fourth, mark qana, his second of the game. a's up 4-3. but here's longoria again. clutch base hit to left field. two runs score and the giants win 5-4 and take the bay ridge trophy. >> another good comeback. just a well-played game. we got the hits when we needed them. they fought hard. a hard-fought series. great baseball, and exciting series. >> huge. obviously we won a great series in arizona, then a tough series at wrigley and came here and did what we needed to do.
11:30 pm
now we go home and hopefully pick up where we left off today. aaron judge promised a fan he would hit a homer pregame. and all rise during the game, off of clayton kershaw. that made it 2-1. kershaw gave up three home runs. swing and a drive. yankees win 5-1 and take two of three. you saw it right here on abc 7, little league world series championship, here we go. yesterday, reese russell set the record for most hits in the tournament and stays on fire. 3-0, louisiana after that swing of the bat. bottom six, this is what they've been playing for their whole lives. liner to short. louisiana wins 8-0, the final. watch out for that glove. >> is that champagne that
11:31 pm
they're using? >> cider is what they do when they're 12. >> at fresno state, did you hit clayton kershaw like that? >> i did not. >> i was just curious. much more to come. comedian dave chappell is back in his home state tonight, doing a benefit show for the mass shooting in dayton. and the fires in the amazon forest, the
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♪ so that early retirement we planned. it's going ok? great. now i'm spending more time with the kids. i'm introducing them to crab. crab!? they love it. so, you mentioned that that money we set aside. yeah. the kids and i want to build our own crab shack. ♪ ♪ ahhh, you're finally building that outdoor kitchen. yup - with room for the whole gang. ♪ ♪ see how investing with a j.p. morgan advisor can help you. visit your local chase branch. live where you live, this is "abc7 news." >> good evening. thanks for joining us.
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>> in tonight's headlines, shoppers are on dock loun after a panic at great robbers hit a joewelry store, bt some shoppers thought there was a shooting. nobody was hurt. police are still searching for the robbers. two other mall robbers. police are searching for four men after a robbery using a sledge hammer at a jewelry store in modesto. in los angeles, two suspects were detained in the westfield topanga mall. at the g7, president trump made an announcement that japan and the united states had made an agreement. it comes while there's escalating trade tensions between the u.s. and china.
11:36 pm
the british prime minister apealed for trade peace. >> the uk profited massively in the last 200 years, andhat's what we want to see. >> another surprise today came when iran's foreign minister arrived in france for a visit. the country's nuclear stance was supposed to be one of the subjects world leaders brought up. your voice, your vote. there is a new candidate in the 2020 race for president. former illinois congressman joe walsh said today he will challenge president trump for the republican nomination. >> i'm running because he's unfit. somebody needs to step up, and there needs to be an alternative. the country is sick of this guy's tantrum. he's a child. >> walsh made the announcement in an exclusive on "thi "thi "ti with george stephanopoulos. walsh is just the second republican to jump into the
11:37 pm
primary behind former massachusetts gernor bill weld. you can always learn more about joe walsh and get the latest news in the race for president at musician kanye west and comedian dave chappell spent the day in dayton, ohio to support the survivors and victims of the mass shooting earlier this month. he brought his gospel sunday service this morning. kim kardashian was also in attendance. dave chappell attended the service to help the victims. >> we're going to show the world that nothing will get us down. dayton, ohio, no matter what is going on, no matter how tough these times get, we hold our
11:38 pm
heads high. >> nine people died when a gunman opened fire on august 4th. that gunman was fatally shot by police. there's been a dramatic turn of events in los angeles. a sheriff's deputy who said he was shot by a sniper has admitted to making the whole story up. now he's been fired and faces criminal charges for making a false police report. here's will carr with the latest. >> reporter: tonight, this is the call when a deputy claimed a sniper shot him in the shoulder. >> reporter: now shoauthorits sy he made it up. >> we are incredibly disappointed to have to report to you that the reported sniper assault was fabricated by our deputy. >> reporter: on wednesday, officials believed a sniper shot the 21-year-old deputy. >> the only reason that depy
11:39 pm
is arrive is because he had his vest on. >> reporter: the claim set off a massive man hunt. the s.w.a.t. team even raided people's homes. but authorities say there was no evidence a shooting took place. they now say the deputy made a stunning admission. >> he told investigators that he had caused the holes in his uniform shirt by cutting it with a knife. there was no sniper, and no one shot injuries sustained. >> reporter: in a facebook post, his fellow deputies say they're angry, embarrassed, furious, and ashamed. the big question now is why? authorities say they're not sure why he lied. they say he's expected to be fired and likely charged. will carr, abc news. evacuations have been lifted for a brush fire that shut down a freeway in the los angeles area. that started in eagle rock near the harvey drive exit this afternoon. all lanes of highway 134 were shut down as the fire jumped the freeway. the city of glendale ordered
11:40 pm
evacuations for several hours because of the fire. but forward progress has been stopped at 30 acres. a foundation started by actor leonardo dicaprio is pledging $5 million in aid to the wildfire damaged amazon. today, pope francis urged people to pray for an end to the fires, calling the amazon the lungs of the planet. a u.s. based water dropping tanker is also part of the efforts. >> there's a bit of a learning curve all the way around. both for us being down here out of our typical environment, and the challenge and the education process for firefighters that have not seen this tool. >> brazil denies claims it's been slow to respond to the fires. for perspective, the fire is fir size of land between detroit and
11:41 pm
los angeles. witnesses say this was a chaotic scene. the bolt of lightning injured six people, five men and a girl were under a tree trying to stay out of the rain. the strike sent branches and debris falling on to the spectators below. a witness described what he saw. >> i was like 100 yards away. >> what happened? >> you heard the loudest boom ever. people were ducking for cover. it was like gunfire was going off. >> all the victims are expected to be okay. play resumed this morning. still ahead on "abc7 news" at 11:00, does the bay area have an answer to the popeye's chicken sandwich? maybe. and i'm meteorologist drew tuma. a little bit of fog moving in over san francisco. but tomorrow will be the hottest day we have
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one day a week, that's all you get to get your hands on the hottest chicken sandwich in san francisco, and it is creating some crazy wait times. ♪ >> the extra hot is ridiculous and the burning is insane. ♪ nashville hot chicken. i hear it's the hottest thing in town. >> you go from mild to burning. you eat it at your own risk. >> oh, my god, this is going to be great. oh, my gosh, this is hot. ♪
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>> the first time i tried it, it was just absolutely amazing. fried chick condition, and then it just hits you in the back of the mouth and lingers with you, but it's the most amazing experience. we knew we had to bring it to the bay area. the carolina reaper is the spiciest chili pepper in the world. it will blow your socks off. >> when i make the pieces, i have to wear a mask because it's so spicy. >> here we go. lock i tried the hot. i have not gone beyond that, because it makes you sweat. ♪ >> the chicken starts here, then it goes into our season flour mix. fried. then it gets kipped in our spice oil. then we season it with your
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desired spice level. it comes over here on the bun, dill pickles. a nice acidity from the coleslaw brings it together with the comeback sauce. >> comeback sauce is self-explanatory. you want to come back for more. it has a little kick to it, acidic, sweet, flavorful. >> it's hard to describe. it's a little tangy, sweet, spicy. really moist, delicious chicken. >> i would say it is spicy, but i would say it's hot. >> it must be good. >> i couldn't bhooelieve it. i thought it was a fluke, but they just keep coming back, and the line gets longer. >> how long are you going to wait? >> i'm chasing that chicken.
11:48 pm
>> i get the extra hot. >> we've come every single week since it started, and we always get the hot sandwich. i'm a new mom, and my baby is three months, and he's had it basically every single week of his life. >> there's two things nashville does. one, you say country, two, we say chicken. >> yeah? >> i feel hot and wonderful watching that. >> you know, it's mouth watering good, unless you're like me and then you need lots of rolaids. >> no fun to be eric. especially when the weather is going to be 100 degrees this week. >> it's the heat that's going to get you. a hot day tomorrow. overnight tonight, really patchy fog around the bay, but cloudier conditions close to the coastline.
11:49 pm
numbers, mid 50s to mid 60s. away from the coast, a mild highs on monday, a lot of y.- sunshine. it is the hottest day we have all week. well into the 90s, if not hitting that century mark. 90 in san jose. 81 in oakland. 91 in santa rosa. palo alto will be a warm day at 88 degrees. we're also seeing declining air quality, so we do the spare the air dare. the poorest air quality will be found inland east bay. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. hot for many of us tomorrow. high clouds move in on tuesday, with the humidity on the rise. before we finish out the week with cooler temperatures, drier skies in terms of humidity and a nice weekend is shaping up. >> these he needs rolaids and not gasex. [ laughter ] >> chris is here with a look at
11:50 pm
sports. >> coming up in sports, we'll get back to turn the clock ♪ you know when you're at ross and that cute dress gets even cuter? yes. or when you can say yes... to both? (smiling) sure. or when you find that brand at that price? are you kidding me? yeah. that's yes for less. and that's what ross always has in store. whoa. (sighs) yes... oh, yeah. it feels even better when you find it for less. get your yes for less at the new stores in west livermore and in union city.
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two weeks ago, the giants honored the '89 n.l. champs back in san francisco. today, oakland honored the '89 world champing. what a day for one of the greatest teams in a's franchise history. >> 1989 world series mvp, dave stewart! >> does it feel like 30 years has passed? >> no, not really. i guess not the actual -- no, it doesn't feel like 30 years. when i look in the mirror and i see this gray, i know 30 years have passed. >> does it feel like that much
11:54 pm
time has passed? >> no, until i rock in the mirror. i played 20 years and only one once. so i know how precious it is. >> we had the better team. >> the joint the joints the jo / >> i remember the series, >> it's been a while since i've been able to put a jersey on. >> did they give this to you in >> they just gave it to us right now. >> that's beautiful. >> how about the stars lined up for it to come together, the battle of the bay. everything had to be just right. >> we always felt when we played the giants, it was bragging rights for the city. >> we didn't have any weaknesses. nobody was going to beat us that year. >> they know. i put them with the greatest team of alltime.
11:55 pm
>> the fans on this side of the bay cherish that moment. there was a lot of back and forth between the two cities. the earthquake obviously put us all in one place. but once we started playing the game again, it gave -- for that matter, it gives us bragging rights for a very long time. >> great time with the guys. the niners and raiders, 3-0 in the preseason. oakland still waiting for antonio brown to suit up in silver and black. according to espn, brown lost his second grievance hearing with the nfl regarding use of his old helmet. but he is said to be moving on with a deal on a new appr d helmet. >> i don't think the preseason has ever been for the veterans as much as the practices are. i think the games are critical to evaluate young players, quarterbacks. you don't get much of a chance
11:56 pm
when the season starts. niners in the preseason, against the chargers. still some important decisions to make when it comes to the roster. >> i was just telling our team, we have to cut down to53 here in six days. there's a lot more than 53 nfl players there. it's not just about who is the best, but who is available. >> we had a couple of long drives. that's real football when you get into that 9, 10, 11 play drives. so all that stuff added together will make for a good night. >> final round of the tour championship, xander on the sixth. but rory mcilroy took the heed on seven. and guess what? he won $15 million today. i really should have learned how to golf. did you see this? steph curry made an appearance tonight. and there's steph.
11:57 pm
he missed that one, but it's still the off-season. he then made a fadeaway. can't wait to see all those guys. we're going to get a sneak peak tomorrow. what a cool event for steph to be at. >> intimidating at all to face off against steph? >> some of them were having fun. they have nothing to lose. if they make a basket, it blows up on the social media. >> i have to teach those young men how to fake an injury.
11:58 pm
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