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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  August 28, 2019 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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neighbors continue to say they don't want this navigation center built. they are pointing to an attack that happened in that building to prove their point. i'm amanda del castillo. b.a.r.t. is on its way to san jose. but after today's big announcement, expansion is on the fast track. i'm cornell bernard in san francisco. there's a settlement in lawsuits over the sinking of the millennium tower. "abc7 news" starts right now. >> now, news to building a better bay area. >> it's just so dangerous, and i just that anybody reivss >> despite strong pushback from the community, a navigation center for the homeless is under construction right now. >> recent attacks by the homeless in the area have reignited the debate. our reporter attended a meet
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bring concerned neighbors got answers. liz? >> reporter: good evening. yeah, the construction is under way right now for the center. in fact, this structure was put up behind me today. around the center are several residential buildings, and the neighbors say the attacks in this area only proves the point that building this center isn't going to be safe. >> i know that everyone here seems very committed to the idea that you're going to help establish a safe and sane navigation center. as you see, none of us believe you. >> reporter: that was the message delivered over and over again at a planning meeting wednesday night to discuss safety at what will soon be san francisco's largest navigation center for the homeless. >> we are promised it will be safe eventually, but it's not now. >> reporter: in opposition to the navigation center isn't new. it's been approved by the city
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and this structure on the side of the center was put up before the meeting. but it's this incident, a homeless man attacking a woman at a condo next to the center, along with two other recent attacks, that have neighbors doubling down. >> i don't know where that particular assailant was there because of that navigation center. but the city is unable to keep us safe. >> i'm hopeful that food, bodies like this will be able to identify solutions to problems like that before they happen. and to design a plan to make sure it doesn't continue to happen. >> reporter: extra police will patrol the area, but many say it's not enough. there was one woman that offered support. >> it seems to me to be a fundamental right to support the vulnerable among us. >> reporter: one of the neighbors we spoke to offered a warning to the city. he said he's writing up a ballot initiative to make it harder for the city to build or renew lease
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it is this center proves to be unsafe, he will move forward with it. >> thank you, liz. silicon valley is known for tech innovation. the federal government is stepping in to help build a better bay area, as the next phase in b.a.r.t.'s expansion hits the south bay. amanda del castillo is live tonight. amanda? >> reporter: ama, a big day for vta b.a.r.t. riders, and the bay area. assistance from the government would mean that funding for that full commute across the south bay could arrive ahead of schedule. vta is on track to get a big funding boost from the federal government. the administration was in town wednesday with the news. >> i'm very pleased to announce $125 million funding allocation to santa clara valley transportation authority. >> reporter: vta is the first transit agency in the nation
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being considered for this program. the injection of money is expected to speed up the approval process for major infrastructure project. in this case, vta's four station b.a.r.t. extension that would take riders through san jose into santa clara. >> infrastructure will need to be delivered faster. it will be interesting to see how we make it through this pilot program. >> reporter: come december, san jose's station in district four will be the new end of the line. he says he's learned firsthand that growth does not come without growing pains. >> overall in the long run, we're building a community, not for just the people living here today, but for future generations. >> reporter: for now, vta will work to complete a formal application to get phase two on the fast track. >> second extension going from north san jose to downtown san jose and on to santa clara, 2026 can't come soon enough, but it will be here in many ways before we know it.
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>> reporter: money would allow the vta to fast track its funding process by more than 14 months. construction on phase two would begin in 2022. in san jose, i'm amanda del castillo, "abc7 news." >> amanda, thanks. 40 new police officers have joined the b.a.r.t. police force this year, boosting staffi inin leveling to a new high. off of those officers have joined from other departments. many were lured by higher salaries. the agency still has 34 vacant police officer positions to fill, but they're making good progress. "abc7 news" devoted a week to covering b.a.r.t. as part of our commitment to building a better bay area. see all of those reports on our website, east palo alto officials got a look at the pilot program that launched in may. it was the first city to set up a safe parking zone which has
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turned into a popular idea for other cities. we want to hear your ideas about building a better bay area. join our better bay area facebook group. a wrongway driver caused a big mess on the bay bridge. this was about 9:00 tonight. you can see the tail heights there. a tow truck kept oncoming traffic from slamming into the car. the highway patrol stopped traffic on the triple digbridge the driver to make a u-turn. a uc davis graduate was stabbed to death last night. 27-year-old margery was walking a when atts a program director at the washington center, setting up graduate students with internships and jobs. >> positive, fun loving, helpful, energetic person who loved helping people. >> police arrested the t,su
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24-year-old elias arageny. police say he did not know her before the attack. a grass fire burned down three structures and a barn today nearby ron firefighters responded just after 5:00 p.m. today. it was under control by 6:00, so they moved quickly. witnesses say the flames spread fast. >> i just heard crackling, and then all of a sudden the flames just burst up. i guess as high as the power lines. that's when i backed out of there. >> the red cross is assisting 21 people who live near the burned area with housing and supplies tonight. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. new developments tonight involving the millennium tower, that san francisco skyscraper that is leaning and sinking. >> a settlement has been reached
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involving homeowners, and cornell bernard is here with the latest details on this. >> reporter: the tower has made international news for years and brought lawsuits from hundreds of homeowners. now legal journey appears to be over with a plan to nix the building. it's the high rise with killer views, but that's not what made it famous. it was sinking, and slightly tilting. one homeowner rolled a golf ball across his floor to prove it and hundreds sued. a lawyer says a tentative agreement has been reached to stabilize the building and compensate residents for the tower's defect. it includes $100 million to drill 52 new perimeter piles to stabilize the foundation. they will be drilled 250 feet into bedrock. the transbay joint powers authority about the developer agreed to compensate the owners for the loss in value of their
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homes. >> the claim is the difference between what the units are worth today and what they should be worth. you measure that by looking at all the other similar buildings in the area, and the appreciation levels they've had, which the millennium has not had. >> reporter: they claimed construction on the transit center caused their building to shift. word of repairs on the tower could mean good news for buyers and sellers in the future. >> once it's fixed, the market will find an equal lib breeium, and it will be a good place to be. >> reporter: details of the settlement, how much the homeowner also be getting, is confidential. homeowners had no comment. a judge must approve the deal within 90 days. cornell bernard, "abc7 news." i'm wayne freedman in san francisco. coming up, the beautiful plan for an engagement, foiled by a
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car burglar. find yourself tossing and turning at night? >> how a new discovery could help with insomnia. i'm sandhya patel. our natural ac knocked the temperatures down. the forecast is coming up. >> here's look at what's coming up on jimmy kimmel live. >> tonight, we take over canada. how is dildo? >> great, fantastic. >> are you excited to be there? >> i've been excited.
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police arrested 41-year-old damon quincy jones, he's accused of trying to touch a woman showering at the 24-hour fit
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the san antonio center. a gym member said jones tried to grab her and raised the pitch of his voiz to impersonate a woman. when he tried to enter the stall, she described. investigators found jones had been in the women's locker room at the 24 fitness super sport on california street. tey are looking for other possible victims. a richmond high school physical education teacher has been charged with several sex crimes. he's accused of having a sexual relationship with an underaged student. he faces eight felonies for unlawful intercourse and lewd acts with a child. he remains in custody at a martinez jail. the district has placed him on leave. a very rude awakening for one couple's dream proposal. someone stole the engagement ring during a car break-in while
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they were in san francisco. it's just brutal. wayne freedman spoke with this heart broken pair. >> reporter: this ring should have been the center piece of a wedding proposal everyone saw no so much as an if but a when. how long have you two been dating? >> 14 years. >> 14 years? >> since high school. >> reporter: helen is back in philadelphia now with nothing but sad memories of san francisco. she and allen had just flown it. they had an hour to kill. but their walk in that park ended badly when they discovered that while away, someone stole their luggage from their car. >> he was super distraught he was sitting on the curb with his face in his hands. >> reporter: it's the kind of case that san francisco place report too often. car break-ins are reportedly down 10% this year compared to last. but thus far, this year, from
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january to the end of july, 13,676 cases. >> we investigate all these crimes. ultimately the suspects who committed these crimes, we want them in custody. >> our city cannot continue to thrive if people are afraidunte. >> reporter: that was then the acting mayor in april of 2018. too many diamonds in the street they said from automotive glass. the city promised signs like these, and printed in at least four different languages. 16 months later -- >> the rental car company didn't say anything about the car burglaries. they didn't issue any kind of notice about the issues happening in san francisco. >> reporter: the only good news is that helen and allen continued on their vacation he planned to propose at
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yosemite. he did so any way, with a piece of costume jewelry. he's having the original ring remade. >> all we need is each other. >> reporter: and that is the story for their grand kids. in san francisco, wayne freedman, "abc7 news." >> a beautiful ring. >> definitely. people who do not get much sleep but are always full of energy, they might be able to thank their genetics. >> researchers discovered a second so-called short sleep gene. >> people that have it averaged only 6.25 hours offfffff felt fully rested. hurricann left its mark on the u.s. virgin islands. fallen tree branches litter the streets of st. thomas. at one point, it was raining sideways driven by the wind.
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power outages are widespread across st. croix and st. john. meteorologist sandhya patel is keeping an eye on where dorian is headed next, and the threat it poses to the u.s. mainland. sandhya? >> take a look at hurricane dorian, it is gaining strength as it pulls away from puerto rico. the radar showing you heavy bands of rain that were there earlier also moving northward. this is a category 1 storm. winds of 85 miles an hour. so definitely has gained strength. it's moving to the northwest, and on this track, it will continue to move away from puerto rico. but it is posing a major danger to the bahamas this weekend and to the florida coastline. it is a category 3 hurricane by the time it approaches florida. storm surge and heavy rain are going to be two of the major problems with this storm. now we'll turn your attention back to the bay area from our watching that marine layer, it
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has deepened today. most areas in the mid 60s to mid 80s today. this was our natural ac from around tam cam and that marine layer 2,000 feet deep. it has pushed into the north bay, parts of the east bay. in you stepped outside, feeling a little muggy out there, the ocean water temperatures right now, san francisco, monterey buoys in the low 60s. upper 50s in ba dbodega bay. and it is making it feel mild to warm out there. mid 60s to the low 70s. so it might be tough to sleep tonight if you don't have the air conditioning, which i know a lot of homes don't. cameras showing you the overcast skies. mild, below average temperatures inland the next few days. warming up for the labor day weekend. tomorrow morning, 5:00 a.m., it is definitely going to be gray out there. we'll have some spotty areas of drizzle by 4:00 p.m., the fog
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pulls back to the coast. everyone else sees sunshine and comfortable weather. mid 50s to the mid 60s. the slippery roadways near the coast where there is some drizzle around. for the afternoon, a mild day, 86 in concord. 81 in san jose. low 70s around oakland, 69 in richmond. 81 in santa rosa. 68 in san francisco. and 64 degrees in half moon bay. going to tahoe for the holiday weekend, mild and sunny after morning lows in the 40s. low 80s all four days. so looking good. our local forecast is looking great, as well. accuweather seven-day forecast. below average inland. and then the temperatures rise for labor day weekend. but no weather extremes. 60s to 90s. good for any outdoor plans. >> excellent. tomorrow on "good morning america," the cast of "hustlers" including
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check out this crazy crime at a texas botox spa. a woman wearing yoga pants exited her suv there, holding power tools. she cuts through the spa's window, goes inside and leaves with $1,000 worth of botox. >> you've got to be kidding me. botox? >> apparently. >> okay. security cameras are everywhere. >> i don't know who stole the botox, but this forehead is feeling tired right now. scary situation for the a's. their best player, injured. matt chapman
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good evening. the a's lost a game tonight. that was good news, because they could have lost their all-star third baseman matt chapman who got drilled in the head in kansas city. a's fans feeling royal at the outset. mark siemian leads off with a home run. 1-0, raise. next batter is trouble. chapman takes a ad he stayed in one more inning, no concussion, but he left saying he had plury vision. in swing here. we're tied at 2-2. mark qana, his 24th is a two-run
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bomb. 4-2, a's. in the seventh, 4-4 game. dozer singles. royals win 6-4, but the a's stay one up on tampa. football news. niners play their final preseason game tomorrow against the chargers. and jared mckina has yet to play a regular season game after signing last season and then tearing his acl. cal kicks off saturday against uc davis. the bears enjoying their new layer. the locker room is now plush and includes sleep pods for all the players. round two of the u.s. open. serena williams taking on catherine cnally takes the firs.
11:31 pm
look at the battle at the net here. serena, the backhand. to even the match. the third set was all serena. match point. she knows how to close. beats the 17-year-old. and on to round three. so we've all done this. you're searching for your glasses and they're on your head. the warriors star steph curry it was his headphones. >> what did you just say? >> i've spent five minutes looking for my freaking headphones in a full pannish. >> and they're on your head. >> his wife
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that's >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- bob odenkirk. comedian whitney cummings. guillermo, live in dildo. and music from pete yorn. and now, relax -- jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: hi, everyone. i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thank you for coming. thank you for being a part of my life. i appreciate it. [ cheers and applause ] well, that's very nice of you. we have many things to get to tonight. starting with an exciting development in my career. you know, i've been hosting and co-hosting television shows for a long time, more than 20 years, and every once in a while people ask me what lu do next?


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