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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  August 29, 2019 3:00pm-3:29pm PDT

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tv's number one daily viral video show, "right this minute." >> okay. a sheriff's deputy is going to come here and arrest me? >> absolutely. >> a phone scammer picked the wrong person. >> a police captain in north carolina. >> my current address is 205 -- >> a student can't believe his eyes after hearing -- >> whimpers coming from under a car. >> how his quick action saved a newborn's life. if you peer under the surface you -- >> may be surprised kayaker's beauty beneath.
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we have christian, oli, charity, nick and gayle breaking down the best on the web.>> you e good. >> why everybody is not so good about their earbuds. any of you guys wanted by the irs? >> how do you spell that? >> that would be captain stevens of the apex police department in north carolina. she, along with some help from the person who is shooting, is going to demonstrate to us all how to deal with these scams. >> take their first and last name. >> p-o-l-i-c-e. >> just to make sure i'm giving all the confidential details to the right person. can you verify the home address? >> no. i'm not giving you my address. if you have my file, you should
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have my address. >> this is where they try to get the information to push you. >> your name? >> several allegations against her name. >> a sheriff's deputy is going to come here and arrest me? >> absolutely. >> she's going to jail. >> book 'em. >> let's get this officer's name. >> the name is officer john black. >> officer john black. that sounds probable. this is where he asks for her address. >> my current address is 205 -- >> mm-hmm. >> saunders street in north carolina. >> which, if you're wondering, is the apex police department. >> why don't you pull up, holler at your girl. >> and they hung up on me. >> and they hang up. >> they're all scammers, just
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hang up on them or have a little fun. >> thank you, captain stevens, for entertaining me. it is a really good thing that there are so many animal lovers w the re o one of those animal lovers happens to be a college student, alan. he was walking on his way to school when he heard whimpers coming from under a car. he said it was an animal, when he walked over he realized that's not an animal. >> that's a human baby. >> umbilical cord still attached to the placenta. there's no details about how this child ended up there. >> did you notice where the baby was left? it was under the tire. >> it's scary to think what could have happened. he immediately grabs the baby. wraps it up trying to warm it while emergency services arrives. you see there are doctors and nurses tending to it.
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they have posted these pictures of the entire team that came together to save that baby. alan is at the forefront. >> also in brazil, a tense moment at a police station when a father walks in with his lifele child. >> we've seen this before. >> like four of them, all from brazil. >> we're not sure what caused this child to stop breathing. the father not knowing what to do rushed over to the police station. you see one of the officers there, take the baby, turn it with patience and determination they bring the child back to life. the good thing is in both of ch be just fine. boy, were they scary moments. ♪ so much is hidden beneath that thin layer, a surface of
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water. just break that surface, you may be surprised by what you see. millions of jellyfish beneath the waters of victoria, british columbia. nicole elders was out kayaking, this is what she saw. jellyfish everywhere you can see. don't worry, they won't bother you. >> that's pretty. stunning. >> it's fun to watch the video. if i dove into the water and saw that, it would be getting warm. over to sulfur, louisiana. >> hello, my baby. >> reporter: that's where donna is calling her baby. she has a pond in the front yard. >> they better not be little -- >> gators? lileturts. ahos. she says this was a year to the day after they moved in, and now at least this particular turtle has learned her call.
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>> where are you going? come here. >> look at that. she's trained it. >> yeah. she has. she's trained them so well, at this point she's able to do this. >> my goodness, hi. >> roll over. >> no way. >> look. >> so cool. >> my goodness. there's a lot of people who want this to happen. >> going on a 30-day trip? me, too. ffrn >> if you're going on a 30-day trip, you're taking a big south case. but now there's t-shirt and jeans you can wear days without a wash. these are special made. not just your every-day jeans and t-shirts. >> are they like built in shields for food that you spill? oli stinks. like, i can't imagine him --
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>> what are you talking about? >> being in a shirt for seven days. >> they have anti-bacteria and anti-odor technology. they're wrinkle resistant. they're durable. they keep you cool. >> they say it's for traveling people, or just students. men. >> the company says they're the most comfortable jeans you'll want. they'll cut down on the stuff you need to pack. look at this technology. >> i feel bad. you're not supposed to wash jeans. i wash mine every four, five months. >> and that's why oli stinks. >> told you. i wasn't kidding. >> you know how kickstarter works, you have to raise a certain amount of money by a certain time and they reached their goal. and they still have days to the. one man's homecoming makes for a bunch of surprises. >> and the mission continues. >> see how he gets the warmest
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of welcomes. and what happens when an angry kangaroo wants to throw down? >> you got it. brought to you by -- am i too old to start askateboarding? chew on it twizzlers
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know the when and where and continue enjoying "right this minute" on september 9th. don't miss out or we'll miss you. madeline has a little something up her sleeve. >> i'm going to pickr'srom the military. we will surprise all my other friends. >> she's headed to the airport to pick up her friend scott, and her other friends don't know scott is going to make it. so they have a few stops to hit before going to the party. >> no [ bleep ] way. >> oh -- >> what's up, dude? >> i'm going to cry. >> i would say he's surprised. >> let's head over to the lodge. all their friends are there setting up for the party. the mission continues. here comes scott.
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he heads up the stairs and through the door. >> i got to work early. and there are the birthday girls. >> this one, she just goe aroundethes er friends who. >> maybe forbrad's dad said he found out he's coming home about a week prior to this. so he decided to help him out. here comes dad what looks like to be groceries. and mom -- >> is that brad? bradley! what? oh, my gosh. >> yep. yep. oh, my god!
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>> surprise. >> wow, that's a hug and a half. >> she missed her boy for sure. >> that's super sweet. >> this white tiger is winning at conservation. >> that tiger is living life right now. >> getting a drink. >> getting belly rubs. >> look at that >> this is a wildlife conservationist. she is pretty comfortable with the cats. i think i might keep a distance but -- >> i think i'll sit here and let you pamper me all you want. >> this cat acts like it's a full-time job. >> the cat does live at doc animal's myrtle beach safari.
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they have 16 big cats there. this one is not even full grown. that tryinger w tiger was chill kangaroo is ready to box. >> no. >> that's his handler. his handler is like calm down. >> she's notsinvolved. right here. she has the feed. ale?>>garoarik thos eoput pub on a saturday. >> what are you saying? >> the man babies are here. >> with a special mission. >> see it next "right this minute." and who is having more fun here? >> the entertainer or the kids? >> the beyonce inspired moves that have the web feeling crazy in love. >> whoa! whoa! >> yes. plus a driver starts picking up speed -- >> along this nearly empty road.
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. like us on stay in touch with us all day long. dash cam video from a car in china racing along this nearly empty road. >> turn! turn! >> nope. >> oh! >> any chance this car is am a fibbious phibious? >> absolutely not. that car is a maserati. a new maserati, as in three hours old. >> oh, no. >> the man who bought this car took it to work to show it off right after he bought it. one of hisco-workers is like i have to drive this thi. this bonehead drives it into the
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water, and it has about 17,000, $18,000 worth of insurance. >> does he have gap insurance? >> this woman nearly ended up on her butt that slippery edge will come into play. they put this land cruiser in reverse. without the other end line -- >> that's a nice truck. >> it is a toyota highlander. the owner bought the thing about a month ago. he's been out of town and only has driven it for two weeks. >> how did we get here? >> they were out fishing, having a good time at the lake. he backed the truck up at the boat ramp. the truck just slid into the water. that truck, total writeoff. >> oh. ♪ you know when you take your
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kids to the kids area in any space, they're supposed to be entertained. i don't know who's having more fun, the entertainer or the kids. ♪ ♪ >> whoa! whoa! >> yeah. >> so it's clear that brandon here is a part of the beehive. the kids are like, yes! he is here at the great wolf lodge. look at this little one, she's like i'm not dealing with this. >> fabulous, mom. what do you want me to do? >> it's a medley, but they love it. i love it. parents wereng it. >> npeaking of li ladas been al timeline. that's because she's got two things that make her happy. that is french fries and the jo bros. ♪ >> no. no. >> pure happiness.
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>> she's a whole mood. >> she has the control for those moves? >> excuse me. her mother is like i got this. she is dancing to the jonas brothers huge hit. come on. keep moving and grooving. we'll end with troy and shelly as they take the dance floor for their mother and son dance. it's so sweet as they start. the music stops because they're about to start dancing to this greece mix. >> song by song they dance the night away and have a great time. mama is getting it. she's like son, i know you got it. let's show them where you got it from. a prankster gets a little snippy. >> oh. >>e's like oh. that was an accident. >> how he's cutting people off
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and leaving them all
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fire. good to go. >> i love this multi tool. i'm giving the people in this video so much credit. because if someone walked up to me and did this to my headphones, i wouldn't be so nice. tatnaccident. >> well, he thinks it was epic because he happens to be one
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from the epic music channel. >> i thought you were my ex. >> you're it? >> i can pay for that. >> it's okay. >> i'm so sorry. >> the best part is that he actually immediately comes back and then does this. i'm totally just kidding. here, you can have these. i'm making a video. i'm cutting peoples headphones and giving them air pods. >> she's like thanks, but that's weird. >> this guy -- so much credit to him. >> i don't like you. >> getting right to it. >> i don't like you. >> dude. >> you want it? i got it. right here. >> you are more alpha than i. let's be honest, what are you going to do about that? >> now the campus bully has a
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youtube channel. >> right. >> you're a nice person. you're a nice person. what kind of headphones are those? are they regular? >> look at her face. she's like -- >> you want to hang out some time? >> nope. >> i just want to be different. i knew if i cut your headphones you would forget who i was. okay. we have these. i'm sorry for cutting your headphones. i messed up. that's it for this episode. but don't despair, has plenty more for you to have fun with. check it out. share the
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tonight, the race against time. hurricane dorian now gaining strength. the track showing it could slam into the east coast as a major category 4 storm. a state of emergency across florida. residents lining up for gas, supplies and sandbags. when will it hit and where? we just got the latest update. so new tonight, the doj saying former fbi director james comey violated fbi policies in his handling of memos about president trump. the justice department declined to prosecute. why comey says he's the one who is owed an apology. the growing alarm about vaping, as one american city urges everyone to stop immediately. the sharp rise in the number of severe lung injuries. what do we really know about the saty of these products?


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