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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  August 30, 2019 1:42am-2:12am PDT

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first-timer. >> oh! when we got the x-ray, they weren't sure if it was seven or eight. >> joey and daniel are about to be doggy dads, because their husky large is about to have seven or eight puppies on the way. she started showing signs of getting ready to nest. >> is there a gender reveal coming? are there eight gender reveals? >> yes, there is. >> i have to go. oh, my phone's ringing. i'll be right back. just two minutes, i promise. >> it's about to happen. >> large is like okay. i'm ready to go. >> the first one. >> and she does. she delivers number >> oh. >> she knows what to do as soon as the baby comes out. the pup is a boy.
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>> my gosh, two white feet. >> you are so adorable. >> they have been expecting this. they've been doing research. they have everything prepared. >> i know what to do for a woman. i don't know what to do with a dog. >> pup number two is a boy. >> public number three -- >> is a dog! >> yes. and it's a boy. >> pup number four -- >> so cute. >> pup number four is a boy. number five is a boy. there she is with pup number six. that's also a boy. finally pup number seven. >> lucky number seven. let's get us a girl. >> it's a girl. i it's a girl. it's a girl. >> mom gave birth to six boys and one girl. here's to mama. >> the pups just looking cute. being adorable. >> this is a pretty unfortunate situation. these ladies are in the elevator
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in china. >> no, no, no what are you doing? that's like a guillotine! >> yeah. she had an open pot of food. she's okay. reports are they were on the ground floor. that's why the woman decided to step out. she didn't realize the elevator was still moving. >> oh. >> again, she's okay. she didn't fall. that's where she got lucky. she made it to the other side. >> the doors didn't close. >> no. there's the interior doors didn't close. so what you're seeing going by are the floors. >> we'll stay in china, this time again -- got to be paying attention. >> watch out! watch out! >> no. dude, i don't care how much attention you're paying, unless you have eyes behind your head, you who have never seen that coming. >> you're right. while that guy who couldn't see that coming, the people who need to pay attention are the people who just repaired that tire. apparently it's a runaway. it goes flying across the dude.
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plucks that dude in the back of his bike and he goes down. he got back up. >> a little bit faster a little bit slower. it's crazy those two things met at the same spot. >> we like we'reipou here. i'moi to put you guys to the test with this buzzfeed video. >> hello, my name is mandy. i was a middle and high school teacher for six years. >> i'm ja nenessa, i've been a teacher for 12 years. >> my name is stephanie. i've been a teacher for three years. >> today we are guessing teen slang. >> was the cool kids are saying these how about blow up. >> when you start out not so cute, and then you turn amazing and you let people know how amazing you are. >> a lot of people will know
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this one, the thirst trap. >> somebody thirsty for something. >> when you post a picture on instagram that's provocative. >> the intent of posting this is to get thirsty dudes into your dm. >> so somebody that is sexy he is a thirst trap. putting up sexy pictures trying to capture attention. >> traps or trapping. >> got it. wow. >> next one, we all heard of fomo, have you heard of jomo? >> i know fomo, fear of missing out. jomo -- >> the joy of missing out. >> i'm happy to be on my couch. >> jomo. >> are you serious? >> this is the joy of missing out. >> like when i choose to stay in bed instead of going out to that crazy party. i feel jomo. >> that's exactly what that means.
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i feel like the older you get, the more jomo you are. >> exactly. just comfortable sitting at home not worrying about what they're missing. >> jomo! we've seen the crisp door within a door. we saw the lamp with the remote control hidden draws inside. now f back with his latest and greatest crisp inventi invention. >> this is hiding in plain sight, behind the tv. you don't think anything will be behind the tv. if you look down the side, you see the bracket holding the tshgttv. >> but it will become something entirely different. >> what if the bracket had chrises behind it. >> so it's a snack compartment. >> he adds on some motors, that's when we get this. >> it's on the wall.
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it doesn't look any different to the tv that didn't have crisps behind it. voila. >> suddenly the tv moves out to reveal -- >> oh. >> the tv is the door. >> epic, isn't it? >> what a beautiful device. slides out nice and smooth. got this fantastic spring system as it starts to come out. it flicks itself around to reveal six packets of munch. boom! nobody knows. >> i wish he was my friend lts. >> i wish he was my dad. >> and gary linicker tries to find the crisp. >> did he find stuff in the tv? no. >> no one is ever going to know it's there. there's more of these videos, head to our website, or use the mobile app to see the rest. >> nick. i expect you to build that. >> voila.
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girls having their best beach day. >> running out on to the sand and to the water. >> how getting it for the gram goes wrong. >> oh! oh! >> she's looking at her lips. >> under a microscope. >> what she sees coming up. >> now i kind of want one of those microscopes. am i too old to start askateboarding? chew on it twizzlers
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1:53 am, click on my station in the blue bar. that will help you find your favorite tv show starting monday, september 9th. don't forget. who wants to dance? come on! >> is it the day at the beach if you don't get that instagr picture of you and your friends running out on to the sand and into the water? >> oh! oh! >> all the way down. >> you got it. you got it. you got your perfect instagram moment. >> yeah. >> look at that the one in white. she kept going. >> girl, my "baywatch" moment is here. >> those who fall behind are left behind. >> she's already knee deep in the water when she turns around. >> the other two are laughing. this is real. that's the real deal right picture, instead they got a
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great video. they're at the beach being great. and speaking of greatness, this crew are in for one hell of a party. >> no. >> i'm here for this. >> no. this is dangerous. >> backyard loop water slide? >> yes. >> my goodness, it is. >> need a >> charity needs a cup, too. >> the thing is there's proper science to this. you can't go into this willy-nilly thinking this will work. they had to figure this out. >> the 360. one by one these folks go down, around, into the wate >> this is something i would
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try. >> this is something i would never miss. you know what that is? >> sparkle. >> this is lip gloss with diy glitter under a microscope. this is jessica. for "glamour" magazine these under the microscope. we start with regular cream lipstick. lip gloss from a drugstore. lip gloss from a high-end store. they look the same. this is what it looks like bare lip. this is what your lips looi s le with lip gloss on. like jessica, i don't need lip plumping stuff. >> it basically looks the same, but less surface area fits in the lens because my lips are twice the size. >> she tries other stuff. >> my top lip looks like a leather car seat. >> this is what it looks like
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with the liquid matte on the top. and this is the cream. check out the color changing lipstick. >> you can see here our glob of water is a pretty pink. that's the product reacting with the water and changing color. >> it's interesting. not something i knew i wanted to know, but -- >> i know, right? now i kind of want one of those microscopes. >> no, ma'am. no. you'll put everything under it. no. >> okay. fewer things are more american than a good weekend off roading in mud and sun. this is the fourth of july weekend on this 700 acre private park. this particular area is called axel hill. >> because it breaks them? >> i'm sure of it. >> that does look like fun. >> people to keep their buggies from rolling over the rocks.
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there is about zero traction on the hill. if you're good and you have enough horsepower technique and skill, you can manage to make it up the top. >> how much of it is a heavy right foot. >> you have to know when to deploy that heavy right foot. this appears to be a mostly if not completely stocked side by side. very capable machine. but it may be more than it can handle. >> we climb. we climb. and -- >> we roll. we rolling. >> the cans came out, but the people didn't. >> this is a dicey moment. this brave fella steps in front. okay. i got it. >> a whole bunch of people pile in to help out. they want to stabilize the vehicle. the girl is able to get out of her harness. she gets out. the driver gets out. this is just fun. >> at least they had fun. >> whoo! oh!
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this woman is in fantastic shape. the team over at lavish vision took her to this rooftop her move towards the camera. she's into it. owning that stage. keep an eye out behind her. >> player two entered the game. >> she doesn't even notice. >> she's in a zone. >> her man dillon sneaks up behind her, gets down on one knee, opens a box behind her, that's when they tell her, okay, turn around so we can do it again. >> lauren, first, will you marry me? >> oh! he's so nervous.
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>> can you tell? >> yes. >> so cute. >> really? yes! >> i want to do burpees with you forever. >> she grabs the ring. he puts it on her finger. this fitness shoot just turned into an engagement shoot. >> love you so much. drum roll old footage of tiger woods two, three, four, drilling golf balls. that's amateur to this video. this 4-year-old in japan is barely old enough to hold the putter. is that ball -- that's ridiculous. he could read the green like that? there you go. in the hole. >> how did he do that? >> you have to read thei another monster putt. curving around. then -- doink. >> okay. this is cool, however could this kid have taken 300 putts to sink
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that one perfect one? >> i can tell you for sure he did it first time every time. doesn't even need to look. he knows it's going in the hole. >> oh. >> there we go. >> he got the lucky ball. >> that is the pro pilot golf ball. the reason they created this and this video is to demonstrate the pro pilot 2.0. tell your car where you want to go, like telling that golf ball where the hole is, it will start following that destination. it can do parking, lane diversions, exit on the highway all for you. >> that's cool and all, but what i really need is that ball so we can go out to an exclusive event. >> yeah. >> >> chad and his bro check out a few cribs because -- >> today they want to get on the
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property ladder. >> see why the search for new digs can be tricky. >>
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share. i would eat them all. >> those look delish. i have to try those. we're going to buy a house today. >> let's go. >> we know chad and jay, but today they want to get on the property ladder. >> what up, i'm chad. >> hi, chad. >> what up, i'm chad's cameraman, j.t. >> his number one priority -- >> what's the jacuzzi question. >> i do a lot of marketing. >> he knows his stuff. >> we can put it in escargot. >> i'm sorry? >> es
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>> isn't that where you have the price -- >> oh. >> let's talk about that -- >> 8,000. >> 8,000? >> that's not enough. >> yeah? what's the asking price? >> this house is1.1 million. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. >> what up? >> house number two. >> what up. >> what up? >> please leave. >> this one does have something the other house didn't. >> what's the jacuzzi situation? >> in back. >> so how much? >> 6.2. >> 6.2,000? >> million. >> rival buyers, don't show any weakness. >> yeah, we're definitely going to buy this house. >> they find another open house. >> what up? >> we're serious buyers.
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>> no. we have to get to another property. we'll have it on -- on sunday. >> cool. >> prepared to throw down some billabong stock. >> i don't want to get emotional, i think being a homeowner would impress my dad. that's our show. thanks for joining us. we'll see you on the next all-n "rtm." >> today's contestant, tyler swenson, from phoenix, arizona, once worked for the cia and actually invented a spy gadget. well, today his mission is to win $1 million. let's play "who wants to be a millionaire." [cheers and applause] [dramatic music] ♪ all right, welcome to the show. you guys ready to go today? [cheers and applause]
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>> they're fired up, tyler. >> i am, too. >> you better be. you're about to face 14 questions, all the way up to that $1 million, and you also have the three lifelines up there, if and when you need 'em. let's keep everybody fired up and let's play "who wants to be a millionaire." >> all right! [dramatic musical flourish] >> $500 question starts us off. good luck. >> okay. >> in describing the layers of the earth, geologists often say that beneath the hard rock of the crust lies the what of the mantle? >> it, uh--the chewy center has to be a, soft rock. final. >> that's right. >> [chuckles] >> that's it, for $500. [applause] here's your thousand dollar question. >> all right. >> representing his status as heaven's gatekeeper, st. peter is often symbolized by what
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object or objects associated with gaining entry? >> hmm. and i don't--i don't think of him as the, uh, the gatekeeper with the velvet rope and a clipboard. i'm thinking d, keys, final answer. >> that's what we were looking for anyway. for $1,000. [cheers and applause] >> all right. >> here's a look at your $2,000 question. >> all right. >> fittingly, the driver who had the self-control and determination to win the indianapolis 500 in 2018 is named what? >> [chuckles] one of the great names in sports--i love it. a, will power, final answer. >> yeah, i mean, you're born to be a--you're born to be a racecar driver. i love it. >> that's right. >> $2,000. this'll get us to 3,000 if you get this one right.
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according to the company, the sticks for popsicle's ice pops are made from what wood whose light color, they say, "is perfect for printing silly jokes"? >> uh, mahogany and ebony and black walnut are all dark woods. i do a little woodworking, and, uh, birch is not. birch is light, so i'll go with b, birch, final answer. >> that's what they use. that's good for $3,000! [cheers and applause] >> all right. super. >> here we are. first threshold, $5,000, if you can get this one right. >> okay. >> in a "vulture" article ranking denzel washington movies from best to worst, which films ranked number 1 and number 2 respectively, both earning him oscar nominations?
2:12 am
let me think about that. [sighs] i've seen most of these. but i'm trying to think which ones he got nominated for an oscar for. [sighs] [mumbling] "preacher's wife" and "the one, too. hmm. well, i don't want to mess this up and go home without getting to the 5,000. >> right, definitely want to take this next step. >> yeah, and i would be taking a guess. >> okay. >> um, i'm gonna ask the audience. >> okay. >> final. >> all right, all three lifelines are there. audience, we need some help here, if you would. pick up those keypads. enter your votes now. [percussive music] ♪ >> all right, tyler, let's take a look. hopefully the audience can sort this out.


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