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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  September 2, 2019 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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try my really big chicken sandwich combos. starting at $4.99. you're up early on labor day. so are we. so gladou with us on this monday, september 2nd. >> you're never more than seven minutes away from my accuweather forecast. here is mike. all right, ladies. everybody else joining us at home, thank you. appreciate you being here on labor day. it's not very breezy out there. a little bit of a breeze coming across the ocean and into our neighborhoods, but it hasn't knocked down the temperatures like it normally does. look at all these 60s out there. even a 71 in concord. 63 in san francisco, hayward, palo alto, san jose and cloverdale 66. cooler at half moon bay, 54 degrees. let's look at what's going to happen with our temperatures, half moon bay 66. you want sunshine and warm weather at the coast, go to santa cruz, 82.
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we'll be at the mid 80s to mid 90s in the south bay. upper 80s to low 90s through the north bay. warmer than average through san francisco, 72, nearly 80 degrees in oakland. it all drops off from here. we'll show you that coming up. first, back to you guys. bay bridge toll plaza.e at the looks like things are still moving great. after all it is labor day. the golden gate bridge, same thing happening here, a few lonely cars on the road. if you decide to get out and venture, i think you'll be pretty good. new this morning, firefighters are cleaning up after a two-alarm garbage fire in san jose. fire officials witell us it started on 12th and 13th streets north of ckson. the fire spread to an out building and threatened a number of homes in the area. the fire has been stopped. cleanup will take some time because the yartd is filled with
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garbage. fortunately no one was hurt. hurricane dorian a category 5 storm with sustained winds of 185 miles an hour. >> right now it's still slamming bahamas. a live look at lake worth pier in florida. that's where people are preparing for heavy rain and powerful winds as the storm is heading north. dorian is tied for the strongest ever in a hurricane landfall on record. officials calling the damage in the bahamas catastrophic already with boats on rooftops, uprooted trees. the prime minister says yesterday was, quote, the saddest and worst day. mandatory evacuations are in effect for parts of georgia and florida this morning. >> this is a storm of storms. don't know where it's going to hit, don't know what the impact is going to be. it's not going to be good if it hits or gets close to land. >> heavy rains capable of producing life-threatening flash floods are possible through the
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week. you have family in florida. >> most of them are central florida, so luckily they're out of that area. i worked in jacksonville, so i know that area. they're just waiting. th they've been through it before. several airports are closed because of hurricane dorian. >> abc 7 news reporter anser hassan joins us live from sfo with the details. >> reporter: good morning, ladies. we know labor day weekend is a busy travel period. sfo expects over 82,000 passengers to take off and depart from the airport. if you're headed to florida, you want to check your flight status before you take off. you can see there's a flight arriving from ft. lauderdale. as for departures, different story. two flights to ft. lauderdale have been canceled, jetblue and united flights both scheduled to depart in the 7:00 hour. 600 flights from across the
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country have been canceled because of the layne. hurricane. orlando's are airport remains open. the ft. lauderdale airport and palm beach airports are closed. speaking of orlando, there are three flights that are heading out of sfo this morning, all three of them are on time as of now. i spoke with an airport duty manager. they say even if the flights show they're on time, to check with your carrier before departure. live at sfo anser hassan, abc 7 news. you can keep track of hurricane dorian and the massive storm's impact with the abc 7 app. make sure to enable push alerts to get breaking news updates as they happen. new details this morning about the gunman behind the latest mass shooting in texas. >> reports say he was fired from his trucking job just hours before he opened fire. here is abc's matt gutman. >> reporter: in this morning's "gma first look," details about how that rampage shooter in
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odessa, texas, paralyzed the city for over an hour. >> we have an active shooter. the shooter is in a toyota headed westbound towards odessa. >> reporter: authorities managed to track him down, and the incredible video of this final shootout with police. plus what the governor of texas said about assault-style rifles. >> we know that words alone are inadequate. >> reporter: coming up at 7:00 a.m., the first interviews with victims' families. >> she was such a beautiful person. i'm still suffering so much from her having to leave this way. shleft so soon, and she was too young. >> reporter: the latest on the investigation inthat shooter seemed to snap. with your "gma first look," i'm matt gutman, abc news, odessa, texas. as president trump and lawmakers return to capitol hill in the coming weeks, they're under increasing pressure to act on the issue of gun control.
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more than 50 people died of mass shootings just in august, 22 in el paso, nine in dayton, now eight, including the gunman, in odessa. on june 28th three haven't victims were killed at the gilroy garlic festival. lawmakers have been working on bipartisan gun control measures. the president repeated his claim the gun violence is not a gun issue, it's a mental illness issue. >> the president is slr interested in doing something meaningful. he hasn't endorsed a specific bill. >> as strong as you make your baound checks, they would not have stopped any of it. it's a mental problem. president trump says his administration is committed to ending mass shootings. in the south bay a deadly hazmat incident that led to the evacuation of several floors of the fairmont hotel in downtown san jose is still under investigation. abc 7 news was at the scene on saturday as first responders had to move in and decontaminate
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several guests. if you or one you love is struggling with suicidal thoughts, you can take action and find your ally. we have links to resources on domestic violence, bullying, school safety. 5:07. new details this morning about a street race that turned deadly in san jose. the medical examiner has confirmed the two men who died on saturday night were miguel angel rodriguez and ernesto chapa. police are looking for three men seen in a bmw that witnesses say was racing that suv. this side show in oakland came to an end early when officers swarmed in. a helicopter captured video of some of the action on saturday night. officers towed at least two cars.
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the police department shared these photos on twitter of their responds. police say officers will be on patrol throughout labor day weekend to prevent side shows. there was a huge side show bust in antioch as well. authorities arrested 71 people and impounded 26 vehicles. one at the somersville town center, the other at wilbur avenue. at the first location antioch police say there were up to 100 cars involved, the crowd estimated at 200 people. six law enforcement agencies were called in to help along with two helicopters and the antioch police drone. let's talk about what's going on right now temperaturewise, 61 in campbell, at in morgan hill. 62 to 66 everywhere else. waking up mild this morning. that's the case everywhere. from napa, novato southward, low to mid 60s. even a 67 in brentwood. the exceptions, half moon bay with no cloud cover. 52 degrees right now.
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sevastopol 53. bodega bay with no cloud cover, about 56 degrees. here is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza, for the few of you out there, i'll put a commuter planner together for you. why not? you deserve to know it's going to be clear all day if you're out on the roads. holiday schedule for mass transit. if you're on the bay, breezy north of the bay bridge through the delta. here is a look at some of the neighborhoods, 59 at 7:00 in the north bay. 68 at 9:00. 79 at 11:00. you can see from noon through 6:00 in the 80s with 1:00 to 5:00 mid to upper 80s, the warmest hours there. for the east bay, 60s through 9:00, mid 70s at 11:00. a nice drop-off when the sea breeze kicks in down to 72 degrees at 7:00. for san francisco, making a run at the 70s this afternoon. dropping down quickly into the 60s by 7:00 when the sea breeze returns. in fact, it's going to return for all of us the next couple days. wait until you see the more
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comfortable temperatures coming up in the accuweather seven-day forecast. let's see if there's anything else to know about the roads this morning. >> no, there isn't. still looking great outside. literally no one on the roads. 101, san jose. up next, the 7 things you need to know as you start your day. comedian kevin hart suffers major back injuries in a car crash. what we know about what happened. our latest abc 7 star doubles up as a bay area mayor. we'll introduce you cracker barrel makes every meal one to remember. with favorites like sunday homestyle chicken, now available every day.
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it's 5:12. if you're just joining us, here isr the 7 things you need to know this morning. officials describing the damage in the bahamas as catastrophic hurricane dorian. florida, georgia and carolinas are bracing for impact. three airports in florida will be closed ahead of the impact from dorian. two flights from sfo to florida have been canceled. number three, what to expect here at home, temperatures anywhere from three to nine degrees warmer than average with 70s in san francisco, 80s and 90s for the rest of us. number four, fire crews have put out a two-alarm garbage fire in san jose. one out building burned and the fire threatened several homes. the cause is under investigation. number five, police still
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searching for a man who rammed his car through a gate at oakland international airport yesterday and ran onto the tarmac. he ran from police and was last seen jumping into san francisco bay. number six, the latest mass shooting in texas has sparked another debate on gun control. the gunman randomly shot people saturday after he was pulled over for a traffic violation. seven people died. 22 others were hurt. a vigil was held for the victims last night. number seven, democratic presidential candidate tom steyer will be speaking at a labor day picnic in oakland to support organized labor. the new home of the warriors is less than a week from opening. the chase center will welcome metallica and the san francisco symphony for its first event this friday. public transportation is recommended. there is a parking garage across the street from the center, but it's only for warriors players, staff and for season ticket holders. muni will relaunch two game day bus lines from the detungt
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candlestick park ferries to peace 48 and 62. sorry to say the doors of san francisco's mission pie are abc 7 news was there on sunday as people flooded the store for their final slices of pie. the restaurant and bakery at mission and 25th streets has been open for 12 years. mission pie's co-owners say that profit had started to drop because of the rising cost of doing business in the bay area. unlike other recent closures, mission pie is not being evicted. one of the business's co-owners owns the building where the restaurant is located. part of our effort at abc 7 to build a better bay area includes recognizing people who inspire their community with their achievements. dion lim introduces us to lisa gauthier, this month's abc 7 news star. >> reporter: abc 7 news is always on the lookout for real people doing great things. you're about to meet the mayor of east palo alto setting an example showing it's never too
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late to achieve your academic goals. >> i keep thinking, i know it's real, but hasn't sunk in. >> surrounded by family and friends, receiving a college degree still seems like a dream to lisa gauthier. >> the actual diploma hasn't come to me yet. >> reporter: her journey to the stage took longer than she expected. this east palo alto native and single mom of three didn't put herself first. >> i knew that i had limited education dollars. what i had to do, what i decided to do was give my children the best opportunity that they could have. >> reporter: despite not having her degree, her way with people, work ethic and deep roots in the community made her a strong candidate for mayor. but without that degree, she had her doubts. >> i thought to myself, i can't put myself out there without a degree. i didn't think anybody would take me seriously. >> lisa is currently serving her third term as mayor. while on the outside it seemed she was thriving, there was
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still one thing missing. >> i knew i wanted my degree as an elected official. >> reporter: when the online higher education platform came to east palo alto offering 25 free online degrees through a program called working scholars, lisa jumped at the chance, along with 250 people who applied. >> i worked really hard to ensure i was one of the 25. >> reporter: she was accepted in 2018 and was able to, despite a very hectic schedule, turn bite-sized lessons. >> it allowed me to cobble my time together and get through the program. >> reporter: into a bachelor's degree in 18 months. it's people like lisa who inspire's founder. >> i'm the first one in my family to graduate from college. so rewarding for me to be able to pay it forward to other people who just haven't had that opportunity. >> reporter: according to, 33 million americans have some college credit but no degree. lisa so inspiertd by her experience now also works full time for the company, hoping to
5:18 am
inspire her community through leading by example. >> my education was delayed, but it wasn't denied. that's why i look at this opportunity because i have arrived and i've made it. >> reporter: one of lisa's sons who chose not to go to college saw her success and they're taking extra classes together as a family. >> congratulations to lisa gauthier for being this month's abc 7 star. >> a bachelor in 18 months? what? mike, what are the rest of us doing? >> took me five years, i'm just saying. >> look, you can track really intense things now. your still set is pretty impressive. >> appreciate that. five years, you would hope so. here is a look at dorian. all kidding aside, all of us in the science community, especially meteorologists going, wow. what? how is this snapping why is this happening? why is it not moving?
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it's moving one mile per hour which means freeport sitting there in the worst winds for the last six hours. 30, 35 miles away from it. that particular bahamian island is going to be destroyed. it's going to be amazing, rearranged. a look at sutro tower, 61, sunshine. we'll have warmer-than-average afternoon. a few clouds return tonight. that's is sea breeze re-establishing its dominance on our forecast which means we'll have temperatures dropping below average eventually in the seven-day forecast. here we morning. no cloud cover up until noon. during the afternoon hours you can see the clouds quickly increase along the coast. so that's the beginning of the end of this heat wave. temperatures much 80s through most of the south bay. 87 in san jose and low to mid 90s, los gatos, morgan hill.
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temperatures 77 in millbrae, 85 in redwood city on the peninsula. 66 at half moon bay to 70 in daly city. near 70 along the north bay coast. then temperatures near 90 through the north bay east bay shore, upper 80s. low to mid 90s in our east bay val liss. here is a look at what's going to happen tonight. mid 50s to mid 60s. extra cloud cover we wake up tomorrow. that's going to drop the temperatures about four degrees across the board. we're in the mid 60s. low to mid 70s along the way. >> thank y so much. we love nice traffic, too. if only all thmornings could loe this. another look outside at the golden gate bridge. five or six people up this morning. robert f. kennedy's assassin
5:21 am
has returned to prison of being stabbed. he was taken to the hospital after being stabbed by a fellow inmate. the 75-year-old serving a life prison sentence for killing rfk in 1968. corrections officials say they've identified the alleged attacker and segregated the suspect away from the prison population. now the assassin's lawyer is calling into question the prisoner's safety. comedian kevin hart is in the hospital after suffering major back injuries in a car crash. these are new pictures from the scene. the 40-year-old actor was a passenger in his 1970s plymouth barracuda. this happened early yesterday morning. the vehicle rolled down an embankment. the driver also had major injuries. there's another passenger in the car. they only complained of having some pain. chp does not believe alcohol or drugs were a factor. it's 5:21. we've lost a valued member of
5:22 am
the abc 7 news family. veteran video journalist lauren morrison died saturday. he was 71 years old. he spent 38 years at abc 7, many of them covering stories at san francisco's city hall, the haul of justice and police headquarters. he was on a first-name basis with mayors, police chiefs and community leaders in san francisco. he leaves behind a son and a daughter. he knew this area like the back of his hand. it was an honor to work with him and we will all miss him very,
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wanted to show you the latest track of dorian and how it does decrease in intensity, but not a lot. it is so powerful that any decrease will help. you're still talking about going from a 5, a record-tieing 5 down
5:25 am
to a 3 to possibly a 2 as it skirts the outer banks of north carolina to the 1 when it finally becomes more of a fish storm. with the counterclockwise rotation, it's going to continue to throw waves in, swells along the east coast. major beach erosion. even rivers could run backwards at times because this storm is so powerful. >> mike, thank you. tsa now reversing its ban on star wars-themed soda bottles sold at some disney parks. the bottles stole at star wars lands, shaped like small orbs. meant to resemble either adroit or thermal dead nadir. tsa banned the suv nears because they say they look like replica explosives. now the agency says the bottles can be put in your carry-on but must be empty. from tabletop bottles to a
5:26 am
steam locomotive brought thousands of people to fremont. this weekend's annual rail fair was this weekend. ris torque rail equipment, model trains and train rides. >> they come out here and see the equipment and especially the steam engine, and you can see their eyes light up. they get a lot out of it. >> if you missed it, the fair continues throughout today. it's sponsored by the east bay regional parks district and a group dedicated to preserving the railway museum at wood. silicon valley bracing for the impact of china tariffs that took effect this weekend. devastating pictures of the aftermath of hurricane dorian as hundreds of thousands of individuals up and down the southeast coast of the united states are bracing for the storm. i'm abc's serena marshall in new
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now at 5:30, utter devastation in the bahamas as hurricane dorian slams into the islands. the outer bands of the category 5 storm are now over florida. there are questions this morning about security at oakland's airport after a man drove his car onto the tarmac.
5:30 am
i'm amy hollyfield. i'll have the story coming up. new this morning, at least four vehicles involved in a collision in san jose. two of them parked. good morning and thank you for joining us on this labor day, monday, september 2nd. i'm natasha zouves. >> i'm kumasi aaron. you're never more than seven minutes away from my accuweather forecast, even if it's labor day and you're just chilling out. hopefully some people can. other people very busy. let's talk about our weather and then we'll get to dorian. 62 from the east bay hills this morning. here is a look at the daep. day planner. sunrise at 6:40. right after that, about 20 minutes later, temperatures very mild for this time of year. we're going to continue to have temperatures running from the upper 50s to the mid 60s. and then you go through the day, we're going to run those temperatures already into the 80s away from the coast at noon. 80s and 90s at 4:00, back in the
5:31 am
70s and 80s by 7:00. we're not saying goodbye to summer just yet. >> thanks, mike. we're looking outside. look at the bay bridge toll plaza this morning. people cruising right on through, nice. over here, we've seen a few cars at the golden gate bridge this morning. >> count them on one land. just to let you know, the camera is not broken. this morning, hurricane dorian is blasting the bahamas with 200-mile-per-hour wind gusts. the damage caused by the monster category 5 storm being described as catastrophic. >> mandatory evacuations ordered for parts of florida, georgia and south carolina as that storm heads north. abc news reporter serena marshall is live in new smyrna beach, florida, with more. good morning serena. >> reporter: good morning to both of you. this is the most intense storms to ever strike the bahamas, one of the most intense ever recorded in the atlantic. more evacuation orders expected
5:32 am
in the next few hours here in north central florida. >> wind gusts breaking 220 miles per hour. storm surge hitting 20 feet as hurricane dorian bashed the bahamas for nearly 24 hours. abc's marcus moore riding out the devastating storm. >> we've seen large pieces of debris flying in the other direction. looks like we just lost power. >> reporter: scenes of utter devastation just starting to come in. the bahamian prime minister calling sunday the saddest and worst day, tweeting, we're facing a hurricane that we have never seen in the bahamas. please pray for us. the strongest hurricane on record to strike the region now inching towards the florida coastline. president trump visiting fema headquarters sunday. >> the category 5 is something that i don't know that i've ever even heard the term, other than i know it's there. that's the ultimate. that's what we have unfortunately. >> reporter: it's the fourth category 5 to hit the u.s. since he took office. sitting next to the ocean is a1a
5:33 am
destroyed during hurricane matthew. it's still being repaired as the area braces for dorian. >> the last storm tore the roof off. >> reporter: further south, residents who thought days ago they might be spared scram zblbld is this a brand new generator? >> yes. >> when did you buy it? >> just today. >> reporter: almost every county along florida's east coast ordered evacuated. >> we're continuing to make the necessary precautions. i think it's important that we prepare for this to potentially make landfall here. >> reporter: already florida activated nearly 5,000 national guardsmen to respond to the storm. further up the coast in south carolina they've ordered 850,000 residents evacuated, many from charleston as well, in north carolina a state of emergency. serena marshall, abc 7 news. bay area emergency responders are helping in the hurricane response. the multiagency task force
5:34 am
sponsored by the menlo park district has two people in florida. these are task force members on earlier missions. menlo park says it has a full response team on standby. you can keep track of hurricane dorian and the massive storm's impact with the abc 7 news app. download the app and enable push alerts to get breaking news updates as they happen. new this morning, san jose police investigating a driver who crashed into several parked vehicles. you can see this sedan torn in half. two suvs and a truck also damaged there. this happened last night at hillsdale and orlando way. a neighbor says a driver who approached him after the crash provided this slid. he asked the man if he was involved in the crash and handed him a towel. developing news, the search still on for a man who rammed his car through a gate at oakland international airport and drove onto the tarmac. he was last seen jumping into san francisco bay. abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield is live in morning at
5:35 am
the airport. good morning, amy. >> reporter: good morning. officials want to know what his intentions were, but first they have to find him. they say this all started yesterday afternoon when they tried to pull him over for running a stop sign, but they say he sped away, and so they started chasing him. then they say he did ram through a gate at 50 miles per hour and made his way onto the tarmac. travelers want to know how that could happen. >> that's a serious problem. i would hope that at all airports, whether they're small or regional airports or larger ones that there are better security measures. >> reporter: the airport spokesperson released a statement saying they are not going to discuss their security measures. police say the man eventually got out of his car and jumped into the bay. they haven't seen him since. inside his car they found air soft weapons, hoods and masks. he did not make it onto the
5:36 am
runway which officials say would have been a nightmare. they're really grateful for that. they call the whole situation bizarre and they just wonder what this man was up to. reporting live in oakland, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> amy, thank you. this labor day holida you may be paying more for items imported from china. a 15% tariff on chinese imports is now in effect. it's on 112 billion in chinese imports including tech products like the apple watch and air pods. the iphone doesn't appear to be impacted at this time. it could be subject to tariffs that start in december. that includes a 25% tariff on cars imported from the u.s. to china. jurors in the ghost ship trial in oakland will be back from recess tomorrow. the judge has to decide how to handle jurors who have vacations booked this month. two weeks ago deliberations went back to the beginning after three jurors were dismissed and
5:37 am
replaced with alternates. ghost ship founder derick almena and creative director max harris face 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter in the deadly warehouse fire in 2016. happening today, democratic presidential candidate tom steyer will speak at a labor day picnic in oakland. the san francisco-based billionaire will spend time talking to labor leaders and union members. labor councils from four different counts, alameda, contra costa county, san mateo and san francisco will be there. the activist and philanthropist has been along-time supporter of organized labor. the picnic starts at 11:30 this morning in snow park. actor danny glover will join kaiser permanente workers at a labor day rally in oakland at moss wood park on behalf of vermont senator bernie sanders. keiser workers say the company engages in unfair labor practices. 80,000 employees plan to strike
5:38 am
next month if their demands are not met. acres of monterey pines are about to come down in san francisco's presidio. the hazard park officials say they pose. b.a.r.t. continues to push to eliminate paper tickets. the next station that will stop selling them tomorrow. a live look outside from the embarcadero. is there anyone? a couple of people stopped at a red light. good to see they're obeying traffic safety laws even when no one is around. we're watching. we see people that don't do that early in the morning. here is a look at what's going on with dorian. very impressive live doppler 7 signature. you can see some of the feeder bands starting to feed in and starting the rain and the thunderstorms. notice the strongest ones are barely offshore. getting gusts up into the mid 20s, even a 30 at vero beach. the brunt of the storm is still on the grand bahama island. back at home, 52 in sebastopol, 65 in vallejo.
5:39 am
most of us in the mid to upper 50s. elsewhere, those are some of the temperatures, low to mid 60s from vallejo, el sob blan they, san francisco. even a 68 in lafayette to a more comfortable 59 in daly city right now. a look at the golden gate bridge, a west wind at about 10 miles per hour with no fog. small craft advisory this afternoon north of the bay bridge. watch out for that. out on the pools and lakes, strong sunshine. remember to use the sunscreen. let's talk about microclimates. peninsula 63 at 7:00. near 80 at noon. low to mid 80s this afternoon. 75 at 7:00. as far as the skouth outhouth o out in the mid to upper 80s the farther south you go into the south bay this afternoon. for the east bay valleys, this is where the 90s are really locked in, from 90 at 1:00 to about 90 at 6:00. talking several hours of warm temperatures to hot temperatures
5:40 am
under extreme sunshine today. be careful there. we'll talk about the cooling trend coming accuweather seven-day forecast. how about traffic, can you find some? >> mike, there's a certain joy to driving on holidays when you have to be up at 5:40 in the morning. you get to experience what we never see in the bay area,
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let's take a look at so cal. showers are falling apart over palm springs. more developing up north the california city. these. we have a tropical air mass here. look at this. how often do we have a flash flood watch outside the winter in so cal. if we do, it's this time of year when monsoon moisture tries to work its way up. 8:00, nearly 1 million people have to watch out for thunderstorms that could cause the potential at least for some flooding on some streets. 104 in palm springs. not only is it going to be hot, but sticky there. same thing in l.a. at 90. 82 in san jose. 97 sacramento and chico. fog most of the day. low to upper 80s through the
5:44 am
sierra with a slight chance of a thunderstorm mainly around yosemite. not as much around tahoe. google about to pay up to $200 million to settle a federal investigation. politico reports that the investigation involves youtube which is owned by google. privacy groups say youtube illegally collected data from users under 13 years old, violating a children's privacy law. politico reports the federal trade commission voted to approve the settlement and has september it to the justice department now for review. starting tomorrow, b.a.r.t. will stop selling paper tickets at the powell street station. powell will become the third station systemwide that will only sell clipper cards. b.a.r.t. has phased in at the 19th street in oakland annual embarcadero in san francisco. downtown berkeley will be the next to stop selling paper tickets. you can still use paper tickets to enter and exit bart stations.
5:45 am
dozens of people fill the streets of berkeley for duelling protests. abc 7 news was there as a larger group that billed itself as being against fascism and racism marched to the uc berkeley campus. they say this was in response to a smaller contingent that said they were marching against marxism. there were a few brief confrontations but a heavy police presence came things in order. we spoke to the organizer of the no to marxism rally and a man who said he got into a debate with her. >> this isn't free speech going on in berkeley. this is a communist hearing taking place. if you're pro american, you're likely to be attacked. >> my idea was to not only educate her and inform her, but help her realize why there was a turnout against her today. >> we have not heard of any arrests. they have been standing tall for generations of san franciscans. now a stand on dying pine trees set to be cut down this week. an army major wanted to build a
5:46 am
forest, these monterey pines were planted 130 years ago. the presidio trust says they're at the end of their life span and are vulnerable to breaking or falling during a storm. >> on windy days i say stay away from the forest because we don't know if there's a safety issue. i'm all for restoring the presidio back to its natural habitat. >> the trees will be repurposed as works of infrastructure. you're never more than seven minutes away from my accuweather forecast. let's get over to meteorologist mike nicco. >> let's focus on dorian first and then we'll get to our weather. here is the latest update that came out about 45 minutes ago. still 165-mile-per-hour sustained winds which makes it a category 5. it's still only moving to the west at one mile per hour.
5:47 am
it's about 34 miles from freeport. you can imagine how many hours in freeport you're dealing with these constantly, 100, 150, gusts up to 200-mile-per-hour winds. it is torturous to say the least, to sit there and have to deal with that. not only is the wind blowing, but it is so noisy that it just gets inside of your head in every way possible. it is really a trying experience mentally. here is a look at what's going to happen. you can see it making a jog to the north and weakening. we're like, hey, it's down to a 3. that's still a major category, dropping down to a 2 by thursday. by friday it's gone. we're talking about dealing with this thing for four more day, at least in the southeast. back at home, let's talk about something a little nicer. 64 in san jose. you can see the sun coming up, warm temps today. more clouds and not as mild
5:48 am
tonight. you can see the cloud cover is absent this morning. even up to new, the usual areas of cloud cover, even along theest co-absolutely gone. as we head into the afternoon and evening hours, you can see a quick change as the sea breeze ramps up and bangs some of those clouds up against the peninsula coast. let me take you to the accuweather seven-day forecast. you can see from near 70 at the coast to near 80 around the bay, we'll hang on to the 90s one more day tuesday. 60s and 70s everywhere else. mid 60s, low to mid 70s around the bay with the mid 60s hanging at the coast and mid 80s inland from wednesday to sunday. thanks mike. we're looking outside at our traffic. ooh, some cars. a shock for us. we were looking lonely out there. this is a live look at emeryville. if you're on the roads here, you're not alone. some other roadways, of course, today being labor day, not too much traffic on the roads.
5:49 am
twitter ceo jack dorsey appears to be a victim of hacking. twitter blamed the hack on poor security by dorsey's mobile phone provider. the posts were taken down d the twitter account suspended. there are reports of similar types of hacking by youtube celebrities an influencers. new at 6:00, evacuating animals impacted bibi hurricane dorian. it's breeding season at the farallon islands, raising concerns among researchers. a job offer that might
5:50 am
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it's 5:51. welcome back. fewer birds are breeding on the farallon islands off the coast of san francisco. that has some researchers concerned. according to the marin ij, researchers found a lower than expected number of sea birds. they say all 13 species that nest on the island are breeding poorly. researchers say it's because many sea birds can't find food nearby. san francisco firefighters and the coast guard rescued eight boaters when their sailboat got disability before 6:00 last night. the captain radioed for held saying his crew wasn't able to navigate the boat in the high winds and rains. the boat was towed to the south beach marina in san francisco. happening this morning, some of california's best cyclists will spend the day riding around the streets of san francisco.
5:53 am
the 34th annual grd san francisco gets under way in a few hours. the event includes ten races. the first starts at 8:00 this morning. the final ploe race is at 3:00 this afternoon. in the south bay you can channel your inner monster. california's great america is looking for hundreds of people for its halloween haunt. the amusement park held a job fair yesterday. the park is looking to hire up to 500 people for its halloween hunt. the positions include makeup artists, monsters, live show performance. halloween launts runs september 2nd through november 2nd. >> no, no, no, no. >> i was going to ask you, from when we ran this earlier since we've been on air for an hour and a half, you said no, no -- you said it more eloquently than i did and sang it. you just don't like the look or you don't like being scared? >> i find life unexpected and
5:54 am
scary enough sometimes. i don't need that in my subconscious. >> you wouldn't want to dress up and do that? >> i wouldn't enjoy terrifying people either. we have a producer upstairs name noah who loves this stuff. he's ready to go. >> i need to talk to noah. noah, can i tag along please? all right. mid 80s to upper 80s in the south bay. low to mid 90s los gatos and gilroy. look at this. near 70 along the coast today with all that sunshine, low to mid 70s downtown, south san francisco, over to sausalito. we've got near 70 north bay beaches, upper 80s to low 90s through the north bay valleys. cloverdale northwards, mid to upper 90s. temperatures in the upper 70s to low 80s on the east bayshore until you get to union city, fremont and down towards newark. you get mid 80s there. low to mid nienlts in our east
5:55 am
bay valleys. another hot one as we supposedly say goodbye to summer. huh-uh, not today. >> not today, traffic. bay bridge toll plaza looking like a dream at 5:54 in the morning. a live look at the golden gate bridge. we swear the camera is working. there's almost no one out there. exactly 50 years ago today the first automatic teller machine made its debut. it first appeared at a bank on long island new york. at the time it can only dispense cash. now they can help you pay your credit card bills, make deposits and more. there were a couple of things when i was little that i didn't understand. i thought chocolate milk came from brown cows. i would be like, mom, i feel so bad for the little person who has to be in the box all day. she was like, it's a machine, honey. >> she didn't let it go for a while? >> no. disney films dominated the
5:56 am
box office. >> "the lion king" was the biggest hit, hauling in $1.56 billion in global ticket sales. the film is a computer animated remake of the hit 1994 film. avengers end game came in second followed by "toy story 4" followed by aladdin. spiderman rounded out the top five. that was produced by disney's marvel studios. disney is the parent company of abc. ♪ >> makes you want to dance a little and eat a lot. you have one more day to enjoy authentic greek food, music and dancing. abc 7 news was in belmont for the annual greek festival at holy cross greek orthodox church. it's as traditional and delicious as it gets. it features food from volunteer cooks who use family recipes that have been handed down in
5:57 am
ya-ya to ya-ya. klay thompson showing off his dance moves. where he was spotted enjoying another sport. also, dorian's devastation. a look at the catastrophic damage in the bahamas as the monster storm now heads towards the u.s. >> reporter: i'm anser hassan at sfo. as hurricane dorian impacts airports on the east coast, we'll tell you the impacts in the bay area. new overnight, south bay neighbors try to put out a fire with their own hoses. what burned in the back yard of several homes. a live look outside. thank you for being up with us
5:58 am
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welcome to lay. thanks for being with up with us. i'm natasha zouves. >> i'm kumasi aaron. you're never more than seven minutes away from my accuweather forecast. here is mike. let's take a look at what's going on on the exploratorium camera. a nice picture from pier 15. a few clouds trying to develop. it's been mainly clear along the coast throughout the overnight hours. about 63 degrees. let's see where we end up. in the mid to upper 60s along the coast this afternoon. i have daly city making it to 70. one of the warm spots. starting off warm this morning. 57 to 64 degrees. 78 around the bay. 86 inland. already average by noon. a couple more hours on top of that, 83 to 93. still 75 to 80 at 7:00. hope you enjoy this labor day. taking a live look outside on our labor day. look at the bay bridge toll plaza, nice and easy this morning. same thing if you're traveling along the golden gate bri


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