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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  September 2, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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good morning. welcome to lay. thanks for being with up with us. i'm natasha zouves. >> i'm kumasi aaron. you're never more than seven minutes away from my accuweather forecast. here is mike. let's take a look at what's going on on the exploratorium camera. a nice picture from pier 15. a few clouds trying to develop. it's been mainly clear along the coast throughout the overnight hours. about 63 degrees. let's see where we end up. in the mid to upper 60s along the coast this afternoon. i have daly city making it to 70. one of the warm spots. starting off warm this morning. 57 to 64 degrees. 78 around the bay. 86 inland. already average by noon. a couple more hours on top of that, 83 to 93. still 75 to 80 at 7:00. hope you enjoy this labor day. taking a live look outside on our labor day. look at the bay bridge toll plaza, nice and easy this morning. same thing if you're traveling along the golden gate bridge
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today. not too much traffic. new this morning, firefighters are cleaning up after a two-alarm garbage fire in san jose. fire officials say it started around 1:00 in the morning between homes on 12th and 13th streets north of jackson. the fire spread to an out building and threatened a number of homes. you can see from the aerial satellite map just how much trash was in that back yard where the fire first started. the cause of the fire right now is under investigation. fortunately no one was hurt. developing news this morning, hurricane dorian is a category 5 storm with sustained winds of 185 miles an hour. right now dorian is still slamming the bahamas. a live look at lake worth pier provided by surf line. that's where people are preparing for heavy rains as the storm is headed north. dorian is tied for the longest hurricane landfall on record. the officials are calling the damage in the bahamas
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catastrophic. boats ending up on rooftops and uprooted trees there. the prime minister said yesterday this is the saddest and worst day. mandatory evacuations are in effect for parts of georgia and florida this morning. >> this is a storm of storms. don't know where it's going to hit, don't know what the impact is going to be. it's not going to be good if it hits or gets close to land. >> heavy rains capable of life-threatening flash floods are possible through the end of the week. several airports in florida are closed today because of hurricane dorian. >> the storm is affecting labor day travel across the country including here in the bay area. abc 7's anser hassan joins us live from sfo with details. >> reporter: good morning, ladies. we know labor day weekend is a busy travel period, especially at sfo. expecting 82,000 people to make their way through the airport. if you're headed to florida, check with your airli about flight status.
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there's one flight set to depart at 7:00 a.m., but two flights have already been canceled. both of the flights were to ft. lauderdale. across the country, 600 flights have been canceled because of the hurricane. most of those flights were headed to florida, and most of those were on their way to orlando. that airport remains open. right now the three flights from sfo that are headed to orlando, all three are on time. but i spoke with an airport duty manager. she says even p the flight appears to be on time, it's best to check with the airlines because things can change because of the hurricane. anser hassan, abc 7 news. >> thanks, anser. you can keep track of hurricane dorian and the massive storm impact. download the app, enable the push alerts to get breaking news updates as they happen. texas grieving yet another mass shooting, this time in midland and odessa. this morning police are searching for a motive.
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authorities say that seth aaron ator went on a shooting rampage on saturday after he was pulled over by police for a minor traffic violation. they say he was armed with an assaulted rifle and started firing randomly at victims. he was killed in a shootout with police. "the new york times" reports he was fired from his trucking job just hours before the shooting. seven people died. 22 others were hurt. one of the victims killed is mary granados. her twin sister heard the shooting. >> when everything happened, i was talking to her on the phone. i could hear her screaming. after that i just couldn't help her. i was trying to help her and i couldn't held her. >> police say the shooter killed her when he hijacked her mail truck. as president trump and lawmakers return to capitol hill in the coming weeks, they're under increasing pressure to act on the issue of gun control. more than 50 lives have been
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taken in mass shootings, 22 in el paso, nine in dayton. on june killed at the gilroy garlic festival. the president has repeated his claim that the violence is not a gun issue, it's a mental illness issue. >> i will tell you i have spoken with the president repeatedly and recently about this topic. he is very interested in doing something meaningful. he hasn't endorsed a specific bill. >> as strong as you make your background checks, they would not have stopped any of it. it's a mental problem. president trump says his administration is committed to ending mass shootings. stopping side shows. how this one in oakland came to an end. klay thompson showing off a different jersey. what else he showed off at a cubs game. here is the latest on what's going on with dorian, the latest
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update came out about an hour ago. 165-mile-per-hour winds, still a category 5, still g up to 200 and still moving, if you want to call it that, to the west at a whopping 1 mile per
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let's take a look at some of our neighborhood temperatures. we'll start in lafayette, 60, 61 in pleasanton. blauk hawk 62. jumping to 68 in concord. livermore 63. we've got low 70s in pittsburg and antioch. low to mid 60s from napa, vallejo. 71 in los gatos. look at the bay bridge toll plaza -- i did a commute planner for those of us actually working today and commuting. clear all day driving. holiday schedule on mass transit. breezy north of the bay bridge during the afternoon hours. here is the north bay, 59 at 7:00, 89 at 3:00. a 40-degree spread today. as far as the east bay, stuck in the 60s through 9:00. low 80s from noon to 4:00. around san francisco, low 60s. wind up in the low to mid 70s for a couple hours this afternoon. let's see if there's any other
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traffic to look at outside. >> looking great. 6:09 in the morning. a live look from 'em vi ri ville camera. taking a look at our camera in walnut creek, more of the same. we like to see it. in the south bay a deadly hazmat incident led to the evacuation of several floors of the fairmont hotel in san jose remains on investigation. abc 7 news was on the scene saturday as first responders moved in and had to decontaminate several employees and guests. a woman's body was found inside a room on the 19th floor. police say she died by suicide from a poisonous gas. her name hasn't been released. if you or someone you love is struggling with suicidal thoughts, you can take action and find your ally at we have links to resources on suicide and other issues like domestic violence, bullying and school safety.
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comedian kevin hart hurt in a crash. new video from where it happened. as we head to break, a live look outside, 6:10 in the
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street race in san jose. the two men who died on saturday night were miguel angel rodriguez and ernesto chappa. they were in an suv that slammed into a tree. police are looking for three men seen in a bmw that witnesses say were racing the suv. this side show came to an early end when officers swarmed it. helicopters caught some of the action. police department shared these photos of twitter. police say officers will be on patrol throughout the entire labor day weekend to prevent side shows. a huge sideshow bust in antioch as well. authorities there arrested 71 people and impounded 26 vehicles. they broke up a pair of sideshows, one at the somersville town center and the other on wilbur avenue. at the first location, antioch police say there were up to 100 cars involved. the crowd estimated at 200 people. six law enforcement agencies
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were called in to help along with two helicopters and the antioch police drone. comedian kevin hart is in the hospital after suffering major back injuries in a krar crash. the 40-year-old actor was a passenger in a 1970s plymouth barracuda muscle car. the vehicle rolled down an embankment. the driver also had major injuries. another passenger who was in the car only complained of pain. the chp does not believe drugs or alcohol were a factor. a new home of the warriors less than a week away from opening. the chase center will open metallica and the san francisco symphony. there is a parking garage across the street from the center. this some for warriors players, staff and season ticket holders. the 16th street b.a.r.t. station and caltrain at fourth and king
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station are also available. we expect to see warriors star klay thompson on the court late in the regular season. >> he's recovering from the acl injury. apparently enjoying another sport. this is video of him at a chicago cubs game. you can see him rocking the gear. sitting next to his gf. they had great front row seats, some moves as well. i like to see it. joy is an important part of the recovery process. if you want to get down, we're not mad. look at her. she's like, yeah, i got my cool shades on, my '90s shades. he's doing the shoulder shrug. >> new seventh inning stretch right there. >> i like it. >> updated it. made it a little hipper. >> let's talk about our weather. we'll get to dorian. what a difference our weather pattern could be compared to
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theirs. sutro tower. gorgeous sunrise. clouds developing along the coast and pushing inland. they have a short shelf life today. sunshine and warm. temperatures just about everywhere today including the coast, a few clouds, milder temperatures on the way tonight as we start to slide back to more average levels for the first week in september. dropping below average. cloud cover is pretty non-existent this morning except for the little bit on the sutro tower. when we start to see the rush is when the sea breeze starts to return late this afternoon through the evening hours. you can see it pushing the clouds along the coast. while you may not have many clouds this morning, you'll have a little more during the sunset hour. here is a look at our temperatures, mid to upper 80s through most of the south bay. santa cruz, get there quickly, 82 and sunshine today. upper 70s, millbrae and san mateo. low to mid 80s for the rest of the peninsula.
6:18 am
66 at half moon bay. there you go. 70 at daly city. low to mid 70s for downtown, south san francisco, sausalito. cloverdale will be the warm spot at 95 degrees. a warm spot and mid 80s around union city, fremont, newark, castro valley. east bay valleys hot once again. low to mid 90s. here is something you may like to see. cooler conditions during the overnight hours, much cooler than this morning. mid 50s to mid 60s. there's dorian. doesn't it look impressive with 165-mile-per-hour winds. still moving at one-mile-per-hour and has gusts up to 200 miles per hour. that's why the island of grand bahama is going to be just rearranged by this particular storm. there's areas that could become more of the island, part of the island, will get buried. it takes until at least friday
6:19 am
to get out of here. as it does, it's going to hug the coast and bring rainfall possibly a foot, maybe more. with the storm surge around there, pushing up in that area, you know how it comes to a little v there in georgia. the savannah river could possibly run backwards for several hours during this event. for us, how about 60s, 70s and 80s wednesday through the weekend. back to you. a live look outside of the bay bridge toll plaza. getting a little brighter out there. >> i hope they're enjoying. relish today. relish the drive. >> even here. still nice out there on the roads. "good morning america" is coming up at 7:00 right here on abc 7. >> ginger zee is in florida tracking hurricane dorian. >> reporter: natasha and kumasi, i'm already feeling the rain bands and the gusty winds. the storm is still more than 100 miles off my east to southeast. it's wobbling, crawling really at only one mile per hour over the island of grand ba llama.
6:20 am
we know what devastation it's already brought. i can't fathom being on that island, having that eye wall hit you from eight to 12-plus hours. that's the thicase as it stallst and makes its way north. i know people have family and friends all over florida, georgia, south carolina and north carolina. not a time to put your guard down by any means. i think we can easily see gusts up to 80 miles per hour with the current track. we can certainly see four to seven feet of storm surge. this is going to be a long, prolonged event. we'll be covering this through te end of this week and into the weekend. >> ginger, thank you for that. at 6:20, we want to let you know we have lost a valued member of the abc 7 news family. this is veteran video journalist loren morley son. he died on saturday after a long illness. he was 71. he spent 38 years here at abc 7, many of them covering stories at
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san francisco city hall, the hall of justice and police headquarters. he was on a first-name basis with mayors, police chiefs and community leaders in san francisco. loren treated everyone with equal grace and respect regardless of status. he knew the bay area like the back of his hand. it was a true honor to work with he leaves behind a son and a daughter. we will all miss him very, very much. we'll be right back. find the brands you love from nordstrom. up to 70% off at nordstrom rack. ♪ that's fashion at a fraction.
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welcome back. check out this beautiful shot from our exploratorium camera at pier 15. it's about 61 degrees. the calendar says it's the unofficial ending to summer. mther nature says nah, not so fast. anywhere from three to nine degrees warmer than average today. back to dorian, if you're just joining us. it's not moving, moving west at one mile per hour. still a category 5 with 165-mile-per-hour winds, gusting to 200. notice we're still 25 to 30 along the florida coast where beach erosion and dangerous surf right now is their biggest issue. here is close-up look with the
6:25 am
satellite right there. you can see how it's just raining possibly two to three feet on grand bahama. >> thanks, mike. the doors of san francio' mission pie are now closed for good. abc 7 news was there sunday as people flooded the store for their final slices of pie. the restaurant and bakery at mission and 25th streets has been open for 12 years. mission pie's co-owners say profits have started to drop because of the rising cost of doing business in the bay area. unlike other recent closures, though, mission pie isn't being evicted. one of the business's co-owners owns the building where the restaurant is located. tsa reversing its ban on star wars theme soda bottles. you've probably seen these on instagram. they look cool. the bottles sold at star wars lands. they're meant to resemble adroit or thermal detonator. the tsa said they look like replica explosives.
6:26 am
now the agency says the bottles can be put in your carry on, you have tomorrow ity it out. if you want to leave it unopened, you can put it in your check-in bag. trains of all sizes from tabletop models to a full-size steam locomotive brought out thousands of people to the arden wood historic form. >> they come out here and see the equipment, especially the steam engine. you can see their eyes light up. they get a lot out of it. >> the fair continues through today. it is sponsored by the east bay regional parks district and a group dedicated to preserving the railroad museum at arden wood. >> i think i can. i think i can. it changed the way we handle our money. what came out nearly 50 years ago today. one car torn in half after a
6:27 am
man crashes into several parked cars overnight. wht a neighbor says the driver did after. a beautiful look at the bay bridge this morning. we see our typical sunrise, well well well, what have we ♪here?
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as the monster storm makes its way to the u.s. i'm anser hassan in san francisco. flights from orlando seem to be on time. two flights to florida have already been canceled. we'll tell you the impacts of hurricane dorian on flights in and out of the bay area. a job offer that may scare you and could help you take your career to the next hair-raising level. >> i'm with you on this one. >> good morning on this monday, september 2nd. we're inching towards halloween apparently, mike. >> it's september. that's halloween. honestly. on the one hand, pumpkin spice la they. terrifying things like that. >> iike to think of it as very creative people. >> from the makeup artists to the people who do the scaring. you don't want any part of it. let's see if you want part of the forecast. let's focus in on us. we've got a little more sea
6:31 am
breeze. 13 in fairfield, 14 at sfo. you can see clouds starting to gather along the peninsula coast and pushing across san francisco. don't expect them to last long. in the east bay hills, 66 degrees right now. we're a little warmer than average. 57 to 64. mid 60s at the coast today. 78 to 83 to 85 from noon to 4:00 to 7:00. 86 at noon to 93 down to darkness as we head towards 7:00 in the accuweather planner right there. we've got to go to traffic. it's more important. it's really busy. >> this is urgent. looking gorgeous at the bay bridge toll plaza. let's get over to queue ma'kuma breaking news. a massive rescue effort off the coast of ventura county off santa cruz island.
6:32 am
one tweet says some crew members had been rescued and passengers were being evacuated. we'll let you know when we get updates. also we're tracking hurricane dorian's latest past this morning. this is a huge storm, a category 5. it was bearing down on the bahamas overnight. the damage is being described as catastrophic. you can see that the storm right now is heading toward florida, then to georgia and the carolinas. mandatory evacuations are under way in nearly two dozen counties. abc news reporter serena marshall is live. >> reporter: good morning. we're starting to feel some of the outer rain bands from dorian hitting us in florida. that's why they've urged an evacuation of the beaches, an evacuation order starting in just about 30 minutes. wind gusts breaking 220 miles
6:33 am
per hour, storm surge hitting 20 feet as hurricane dorian bashed the bahamas for nearly 24 hours. abc's marcus moore riding out the devastating storm. >> we've seen large pieces of debris flying in the other direction. looks like we've just lost power. >> reporter: scenes of utter devastation just starting to come in. the bahamian prime minister calling sunday the saddest and worst day tweeting, we're facing a hurricane we have never seen in the bahamas. please pray for us. the strongest hurricane on record to strike the region inching towards the florida coastline. president trump visiting fema headquarters sunday. >> category 5 is something that i don't know that i've ever even heard the term, other than i know it's there. that's the ultimate and that's what we have unfortunately. >> reporter: it's the fourth category 5 to hit the u.s. since he took office. sitting right next to the ocean is a1a. it was destroyed following
6:34 am
hurricane matthew. three days later it's still getting repaired as the region braces for dorian. >> the last one tore the roof off. >> reporter: further south, residents who thought days ago they might be spared scrambled. >> is this a brand new generator? >> yes. >> when did you buy it? >> just today. >> reporter: almost every county along florida's east coast ordered evacuated. >> we're continuing to make all necessary precautions. i think it's important that we prepare for this to potentially make landfall here. >> reporter: here in florida they've already activated 5,000 national guardsmen in order to respond to the hurricane. 850,000 residents ordered evacuated. in north carolina they've declared a state of emergency. live in new smyrna beach meteorologist mike nicco has a closer look at the storm's
6:35 am
path coming up at 6:40. you can also get the latest on the abc 7 news app. san jose police investigating a driver who parked into severa parked vehicles. you can see a sedan torn in half. two suvs and a truck were also damaged by this. this happened last night. a neighbor who says the driver who approached him after the crash provided the surveillance video. he said he asked the man if he was involved in the crash and handed him a towel. police have not yet said what led up to that crash. developing this morning, the search is still on for a man who rammed his car through a gate and drove on the tarmac at oakland international airport. law enforcement says the man did not stop when they tried to pull him over yesterday afternoon. he started speeding down an oakland airport access road and rammed through the gate at 50 miles per hour. they chased him for about two miles. he got out of his car and jumped into the pay t. sheriff's office is working with the fbi to try
6:36 am
to figure out a motive. >> we can't draw a nexus to a terrorist event. it's highly suspicious, this gentleman's behavior. >> deputies say he was seen driving around the terminals before the incident. deputies found air soft weapons, hoods and masks inside his car. jurors in the ghost ship trial will be back from recess tomorrow. the judge has to decide how to handle jurors with vacations bukd this month. deliberations went back to the beginning after three jurors were dismissed and replaced with alternates. derick almena and max harris face 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter from the deadly warehouse trial in 2016. democratic presidential candidate tom steyer will be speaking at a labor day picnic in oakland. he'll spend time talking to labor leaders and union members. labor councils from alameda, contra costa county, san francisco and san mateo will be there. the liberal activist and
6:37 am
philanthropist has been a long-time supporter of organized labor. that picnic starts at 11:30 this morning in snow park. actor danny glover will join kaiser permanente workers at a labor day rally in oakland at moss wood park on behalf of brrns. keiser workers say the company engages in unfair labor practices. they deny the claims. this is video from a protest earlier this year. 80,000 workers plan to strike next month if their demands are not met. ti . /* phasing out the sale of paper tickets. the next station to make the change starting tomorrow. you're never more than seven minutes away from my accuweather forecast. this morning meteorologist mike nicco very busy tracking our local forecast and also the path of dorian. hey there, mike. >> we'll focus on us right now. in about five minutes we'll give you all you need to know about
6:38 am
dorian. right now low to mid 60s across san francisco. the except know' vamply at 59 degrees. we've got low to mid 60s about everywhere. a few exceptions to santa clara and daly city at 59. healdsburg and petaluma at 57. pittsburg at 71. the golden gate bridge, a west-southwest wind at 10 miles per hour. notice the fog hasn't made it here yet. small craft advisory, we've got that if you're playing on the bay. breaches bright and mild for most of us. staying cool, strong sunshine if you're at the beaches or lakes. there's a look at the small craft advisory. let's see where it starts. notice the areas shaded in yellow. that's where it is. the golden gate bridge, bay bridge northward from 2:00 this afternoon to 9:00. gusts 25 to 30 miles per hour. peninsula, 60s at 7:00, low to mid 80s for the better part of the afternoon hours. for the south bay, in the 80s from 11:00 all the way through 6:00, topping out in the mid to
6:39 am
upper 80s from 1:00 to 3:00. how about 90s. back in the mix for the east bay valleys, three to four hours of lip 90s this afternoon. we'll show you cooler weather along with dorian coming up. a look outside at the traffic today or lack thereof. this is the bay bridge toll plaza, people making
6:40 am
6:41 am
6:42 am
look at this. we're talking about michigan humane society. dozens of dogs and cats are in michigan after evacuating florida ahead of dorian's landfall, expected landfall. michigan humane society shared this video showing more than 70 shelter animals arriving in detroit yesterday. this will help make space in florida shelters for animals who end up getting lost in the storm. it's a sad situation how many people abandon their animals when they're evacuating at the last minute or they just didn't prepare on what to do for them. glad to see people like this can jump in. let's talk about dorian some more, category 5. 165-mile-per-hour winds, 200-mile-per-hour gusts. it's still moving one mile per hour, sitting right on top of the island of grand bahama. it's going to sit there for several more hours today, just destroying it. creating new land, taking away land. that island is going to be
6:43 am
completely changed when this is all finished. you can see it going up the coast. it's going to take all week to do that. as it sits here and spins with its counterclockwise spin, it's going to hurl more and more water up against the coast, causing flooding that way. also, we're looking up to possibly 12 inches of rain along the immediate coast. we'll have dangerous storm surge and way too much rainfall. back here at home, we've got a little shower activity. it's winding down right now, prochlting a flash flood watch for about a million people in southern california. as we head throughout the day, 104 in pal ng springs with thunderstorms and humidity. that's going to be awful. 97 in sacramento. low to upper 80s with increasing clouds and a stray shower around yosemite. hurricane dorian is impacting labor day travel. >> the storm forced several airports in florida to close to day. this could have a ripple effect on flights in and out of the bay area. abc 7 news reporter anser hassan joins us live from sfo with the
6:44 am
details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, guys. we're expecting a be very busy day. if you're heading to florida, check for flight cancellations and delays. we can see flights to orlando is on time. two flights to floor have already been canceled, both to ft. lauderdale. across the country 600 flights have been canceled because of the hurricane. most of those flights were headed to florida. but also georgia and the carolinas affected as well. right now there are three flights from sfo headed to florida, but only to orlando. all flights headed to orlando right now are on time. the airport duty official tells me you want to check before you leave because things can change due to the weather. live, anser hassan, abc 7 news. in san francisco, firefighters and the coast guard rescued eight boaters who became stranded on the bay near treasure island. their sailboat became disabled before 6:00 last night. the captain radioed for help,
6:45 am
saying his crew wasn't able to navigate the boat in high winds and waves. everyone hopped off that disabled vessel and on to the rescue boats. the boat was in tow to the south beach arena in san francisco. this labor day hiday you may pay more for some items imported from china. >> a 15% tariff on chinese imports is now in effect. it applies to $112 billion of imports including air pods and apple watches. the iphone doesn't appear to be impacted right now. that could change subject to tariffs that start in december. that increase in three months reportedly includes a 25% tariff on cars imported from the u.s. to china. google about to pay up to $200 million to settle an investigation. privilege see groups say youtube illegally collected data from users 13 years old.
6:46 am
politico reports that the federal trade collision voted to approve the settlement. it's being sent to the justice department for review. exactly 50 years ago today, the first automatic teller machine or atm made its debut. it first appeared at a kbaning in long island. at the time it could only dispense cash. those days are over. now the atm can help you pay credit card bills, make deposits and so much more. i was telling you earlier i used to feel bad as a child for the person that had to stay in the little box passing money out all day. >> how do they eat? do they have a break? n the south bay you can channel your inner monster. >> people braver than me. california's great america looking for hundreds of people for its halloween hunt. this is very impressive. not your basic freddy kruger
6:47 am
mask. the amusement park held a job fair unlike any other, looking to fire up to 500 people. positions include makeup artists, monsters, live show performers. >> are you hiding your nas? face? >> i am. this is too real. >> this is not your disney halloween. >> no. this isn't cute. >> were those eye teeth? i was trying to look -- >> i feel like i should have read that story all morning while you two just kind of -- >> you love halloween and being scared and all that stuff. >> you know who loves it even more than me? my wife. i just figured this out a few years ago. i was looking at the dvr in september and october, i see friday the 13th, halloween, halloween. she loves scary movies. my little bitty wife. who knew? >> we love her. >> me, too. let's talk about what's going on weatherwise.
6:48 am
i can't wait for the season to begin. i can watch more scary movies. it's got to be in the dvr. what's next? something came out this summer we haven't seen yet. east bay hills at 66. look at the encroachment of cloud cover. isn't it absolutely stunning? i've got to capture that and tweet that out. a lot of people would love to see that that are probably sleeping right now while the rest of us are laboring day, all of us laboring in sunshine. a play on words. warm temperatures today. more clouds. not as mild but definitely keerl. let's take a look at the highs today, the 90s stick out los gatos, morgan hill and gilroy. 82 at santa cruz today. watch that camera. i bet that beach gets filled quickly. 87 in san jose. 77 to 85, that's your spread on the peninsula. 66 to 70 along the peninsula coast with low to mid 70s in downtown and south san francisco. we'll go from 69 in bodega bay to 79 in sausalito we've got 70s
6:49 am
around richmond, berkeley and oakley. everybody in the low to mid 90s in our east bay valleys. for tonight, better sleeping weather, mid 50s to mid 60s. here is a look at dorian. you can see just raking the island of grand bahama. notice the winds are still not too bad. right now it's very much a dangerous rip current and rough sea event for the florida coast. as we head throughout the daytime today, more of the feeder bands will be moving in. more of the winds will be increasing and things will rapidly deteriorate this evening in florida. hopefully everybody is ready there. we'll have the 90s hold on at least one more day. then it's just 60s, 70s and 80s from wednesday through sunday. mike, thank you. a live look this morning at an area that's usually terribly backed up at this time. the bay bridge toll plaza just looking gorgeous. if you have to head to work today, at least you have traffic conditions like this. a live look at the golden gate bridge. we love it.
6:50 am
starting tomorrow will stop selling paper tickets at the powell street station. it will become the third station systemwide only selling clipper cards. downtown berkeley will be the next to stop selling paper tickets. you can still use paper b.a.r.t. tickets to enter and exit all stations. 6::50. dozens of people filled the streets of berkeley for duelling protests. abc 7 news was there as a larger group that billed itself as being against fascism and racism marched to the uc berkeley campus. they say this was in response to a smaller contingent that said they were marching against marxism. there were a few brief confrontations, but a heavy police presence kept things in organizers. we spoke with the organizer of the no to marxism rally. >> this is a free speak going on
6:51 am
in berkeley -- isn't. if you're pro american, you're likely to be attacked. >> my idea was to not only educate her and inform her, but help her realize why there was a turnout against her today. >> we have not heard of any arrests. they've been standing tall for generations. now some giant pine trees are getting cut down. the army planted these monterey plans in the presidio 130 years ago. the trees are at the end of the life span and they're vulnerable to breaking or falling, especially during a winter storm. >> i high windy days, i say stay away from the forest. we don't know whether or not there's a safety issue with the trees. i'm all for restoring the presidio back to its habitat. >> the trees will be repurposed as works of art and park infrastructure. after they've been removed, the trust says the trees will be replaced over the next three years with native plants.
6:52 am
disney films dominated the summer box office accounting for half of all ticket sales in the u.s. and canada. >> "the lion king" was the biggest hit, $1.5 billion. it's a computer animated remake of the 1994 film. ave. van jers end game came in second. disney is the parent company of abc 7. >> doing well. keep the remix coming. that '90 sz nostalgia gets me every time. coming up next, the 7 things you need to know before you go. >> a live look outside at a very lonely bay bridge toll plaza. >> meditative. very nice. take
6:53 am
6:54 am
6:55 am
6:55. welcome back. whether you're just joining us or heading out the door, here are the 7 things you need to know before you go. number one, hurricane dorian pummeling the bahamas. authorities describing the damage as catastrophic. florida, georgia and carolinas bracing for impact this week. number two, three airports in florida closed ahead of the impact. two flights from sfo to ft. lauderdale have been canceled. keep our app handy all day today or follow me on social media for the latest on dorian.
6:56 am
back at home, 57 to 64. a mild start this morning. we'll end up near 70 at the coast. mid 80s to mid 90s. going to be a warm unofficial ending to summer. number four, breaking news, a rescue effort under way right now off the ventura county coast after a boat fire. more than 30 people were on that 75-foot boat when it caught fire overnight near santa cruz island. number five, police still searching for a man who rammed his car through a gate at oakland international airport yesterday. he ran from police and was last seen jumping into san francisco bay. number six, democratic presidential candidate tom steyer will be speaking at a labor day picnic in oakland to support organized labor. number seven, some of california's best cyclists are competing in the 45th annual in san francisco. it will close streets around levi plaza, the embarcadero and battery and front streets.
6:57 am
>> they couldn't ask for better weather. >> we'll wave as the ...6, 7, 8 ♪ ♪
6:58 am
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good morning, america. as we come on the air, hurricane dorian is devastating the bahamas. millions from florida to the carolinas have been told to evacuate. category 5 catastrophe. hurricane dorian delivers a massive blow to the bahamas. >> please pray for us. >> one of the strongest atlantic storms ever to make landfall. wind gusts up to 220 miles an hour. storm surge of more than 20 feet and relentless rain. >> off in the distance those waves crashing against the pier. >> our reporter right there. new footage in from the eye of the storm. now the east coast bracing for impact. more than 2 million people told to evacuate. the warning about life-threatening storm surge. more than a thousand flights


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