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tv   World News Now  ABC  September 24, 2019 2:41am-4:00am PDT

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we return with first lady melania trump ringing the opening bell at the new york she was joined by ten elementary schoolchildren from the united nations international school as part of her "be best" initiative. this morning, there are new developments after two 6-year-old kids were arrested at their school in orlando. >> the officer who made the arrest has been fired and the police chief said what happened to the children shocked him and made him sick to his stomach. >> i can only imagine how traumatic this was for everyone involved. >> reporter: the orlando police chief taking swift action after the controversial arrest of two 6-year-old children, firing the officer involved and apologizing to the children and their families. >> we were all appalled. we can not fathom the idea of a
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6-year-old being put in the back of a police car. >> reporter: last week the two kids, a boy and a girl, both 6, were arrested at school. their hands bound with zip ties. this grandmother saying she was told her granddaughter was arrested after having a temper tantrum and kicking a staff member. >> arrested, transported in a police car, mugshots taken. when i got there, they sent her to me, her eyes were red, she was trembling like a leaf. >> reporter: we still don't know why the boy was arrested. but the officer, dennis turner, violated department policy by not getting approval to arrest children under the age of 12. hours before turner's firing, the state attorney confirmed her office would not prosecute the children. instead, dropping the charges and working to clear their records. >> children deserve to be disciplined by all means when they're misbehaving, but as i said earlier, the discipline must not depend on the criminal justice system.
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>> so incredible how quickly the orlando police department acted. the state attorney came out saying that they were going to drop those charges. but this was a shocking case. it was all over social media over the weekend. i saw a lot of people talking about it. i feel like this is an example right there in front of you of what is called the school to prison pipeline that stems from criminalizing youth and is based in how they're disciplined at school. for these kids, at 6 years old, to experience having their hands zip tied, to have a 6-year-old have a mugshot and be fingerprinted. cannot imagine the impact that will have on those kids. but thankfully so many people did the right thing in that situation. >> we worked in orlando as
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you guys have heard us mention many times. at that police department and police departments across the country we talk about community police. this has not helped that case, especially children at such a young age who are children of color, little black kids who are taken into custody, handcuffed, 6, 8 years old. the police chief saying it plainly, simply, i was sick by this, this made me sick, and they acted fast. coming up, the man behind the disney empire. >> bob iger talks about his rise to the ceo suite. you want to wear always seem to need an iron? next time try bounce wrinkle guard dryer sheets. just toss it in the dryer to bounce out wrinkles. we dried these shorts with bounce wrinkle guard, and a pair without. the bounce wrinkle guard shorts have fewer wrinkles and static, and more softness. it's the world's first mega sheet that does the job of three dryer sheets. it also comes in unscented. if you don't love bounce wrinkle guard, we'll give you your money back.
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♪ so from "frozen" to "black panther," bob iger has ushered in some of the most iconic stories in hollywood.
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>> it was his work ethic that helped catapult him to the head of disney, our parent company. >> and he talked with abc's juju chang. >> we're going in here? wow, this control room is different than it used to be. >> reporter: bob iger runs the $239 billion disney media empire. and right now he's feeling nostalgic. iger was here at abc 45 years ago as a studio supervisor making 150 bucks a week. >> i remember people saying to me, you're going places. how would they know? i did not have a particularly unique background, intelligence. but i worked hard. in some cases i could outwork anybody else. >> reporter: his legendary work ethic, including 4:00 a.m. workouts, helped him transform disney, abc's parent company, ushering in massive hits like "the lion king," "frozen," "avengers: end game." the company's net income
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increasing more than 400% since he took over in 2005. in his new memoir "the ride of a lifetime," iger chronicles core values. including eye-popping multibillion-dollar deals like the latest with 21st century fox. you have an entire chapter about, innovate or die. which sounds a little darwinian. but who survives in this survival of the fittest? >> well, i think it begins with being bold. this world today is so unpredictable and moving so fast. baby steps don't work. >> reporter: perhaps his boldest move yet, launching disney plus this november, which means pulling blockbusters like "the avengers" and "star wars" off other streaming services. >> you're taking losses on the licensing fees side in order to ensure the future. is disney late to the game? how do you take on netflix? >> well, we're not late to the game because the game's still going on. we're not really taking on netflix because we're bringing disney out, and the disney includes disney and pixar and marvel and "star wars" and national geographic. >> and yet, when people look at
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their monthly bills, how many streaming services is a person going to pay for? >> i think there's room for people to buy multiple services and i think they will. we're entering a very, very robust marketplace. >> reporter: doubling down on creativity, iger saved disney's ailing animation division by acquiring pixar. but first, he had to woo steve jobs. how did you get him to trust you with pixar and this creative brand that he helped build? >> he must have just seen in me something that he liked and was different, i don't know. >> new toys! >> he trusted that pixar would be in good hands at disney. he used to say that the intersection of liberal arts and technology made his heart sing. >> reporter: their friendship helped smooth the way for iger to make acquisitions many thought were impossible. like george lucas' namesake, lucasfilm. >> it was a trust. i was so grateful. i respect him enormously. >> reporter: and marvel's universe of characters, paving the way for disney's most daring
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being one of your proudest achievements. >> there are a very handful of days that i will remember for the rest of my life. i knew that we had something really special here. not just as a quality film and a story, but something that actually can change the world. >> reporter: integrity, says iger, is his touchstone. the 68-year-old plans to retire in 2021. >> leaving a company with this legacy and with this role in good hands, in a good place, is what i want my legacy to be. and to just bring the world happiness and entertainment and a sense of well-being that i think it truly needs. >> a big thanks to juju for that piece. i liked hearing the numbers. i had no idea just how much of a difference that disney, bob iger has made, but he's done incredible work.
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>> definitely it's great to hear from the big boss of disney. "the ride of a lifetime," lessons learned as ceo of the company, and the proceeds will go to diversity in journalism. proceeds will go to diversity in journalism. hd 5. hd 5.
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♪ #goodnewstues. >> it's time for #goodnewstues. >> no no, there's no jingle for this one. >> there is now. >> but it's tuesday, so we want to give you some good news for #goodnewstues. >> and we have a candidate for this year's employee of the year. 21-year-old hotel worker satchel smith there and he was working during the recent tropical storm there in texas at a homewood suites. and his replacement couldn't make it in because of the weather so he stayed and worked a 32-hour shift to make sure everyone was taken care of in the hotel. >> supposed to end around 11:00 p.m., but he just kept on going. the guests teamed up to help him make chicken pasta for everyone.
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so he was doing it all. by himself. >> and i hope he got all the overtime. because mr. smith, you deserve it. >> a great way to help out the community there. and to step in when his other co-workers needed help too. >> can we get a good yelp review please for mr. smith? >> there you go. this is really sweet. a teacher decided to carry a student during a field trip because that student has spina bifida and wouldn't have been able to enjoy the field trip that they went on. shelley king's 10-year-old daughter ryan uses a wheelchair. sometimes on field trips if the locations aren't accessible, she ens up keeping her home or she plans a field trip on her own so her daughter can enjoy the day. they were going to fossil beds at the falls of ohio and her teacher decided to carry her on her back so that she could enjoy it with the rest of the class.
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her parents loved it so much they posted it on social media. >> that's definitely a good news story on this tuesday. also for #goodnewstues, this one-pound baby now big, got those boxing gloves on, and is headed home. this is finn, he was 1 pound. he fought for 100 days in the nicu. he was given a 50% chance of survival and he did just that. he's now 4 months old and weighs a little over 5 pounds. finn, you're going to be a big boy. >> finn is going home, his parents must be so happy. and lastly on #goodnewstues, a guy in a wheelchair just dancing. >> having a good time. >> missy elliott's "lose control." >> he's 27-year-old jermaine, and he is really just getting down there. >> having a good old time. >> he's so positive there. he says, look, once you own yourself, you don't need to apologize for being you. >> that video liked thousands
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and thousands of times. >> get it, jermaine. >> they're excit
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this morning on "world news now," the pressure to impeach president trump is mounting. >> as trump defends his behavior with the ukrainian leader, house democrats are gearing up for a key meeting today. also this morning, a tropical system is closing in on puerto rico and the u.s. virgin islands. the conditions people can expect later today. travel nightmare. hundreds of thousands of travelers are stranded this morning after a travel agency suddenly went out of business. what officials are telling people who are trying to find a way home. plus, are you looking for the purr-fect best friend? turns out it doesn't have to be a dog. what a new study is revealing about cats that will leave you saying, are you "kitten" me? it's tuesday, september 24th.
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nailed those puns. didn't i? >> we are not pussy-footing around with the puns this morning, are we? >> fcc, how are you feeling about that one? >> you went there, i did not. i'm just saying. >> oh, my goodness. >> we're talking about the cats. >> i'm impressed you pulled that out. >> i know, i thought about it. >> uh-huh, we'll get to that later this half hour. but we do begin with democrats demanding full disclosure of a whistle-blower complaint against president trump. >> as the president attended the u.n. general assembly he denied using millions of dollars of military aid as leverage to try to pressure ukraine to investigation joe biden and his son. senior administration sources tell "the washington post" the president ordered a hold on the aid a week before he spoke with the ukrainian leader. now, house democrats plan to hold a closed-door meeting amid growing calls for impeachment. abc's trevor ault has more. >> reporter: a defiant president trump insisting he did nothing wrong by asking the president of ukraine to investigate his campaign rival joe biden. >> it's just a democrat witch hunt. here we go again. >> reporter: the president says his phone call with the
3:02 am
ukrainian leader was largely congratulatory but admitted over the weekend he did talk about the business deals of biden's son hunter which he believes were corrupt. hunter biden did make tens of thousands of dollars a month serving on the board of directors of a ukrainian company while his father was vice president but there's been no evidence of any wrongdoing. "the wall street journal" reporting the president pushed eight times for an investigation into biden and his son, suggesting the ukrainian president work with his personal lawyer, rudy giuliani. at the time of the call the trump administration was withholding $250 million in aid to ukraine that congress had already authorized. >> i did not make a statement that you have to do this or i'm not going to give you aid. i wouldn't do that, i wouldn't do that. >> reporter: the inspector general has determined the whistle-blower complaint about the call was credible and of urgent concern, but the president still fighting back, questioning the whistle-blower's patriotism on twitter, asking, is he on our country's side? where does he come from?
3:03 am
now, congressional democrats find themselves once again grappling with a push to consider impeachment. house speaker nancy pelosi demanding the white house hand over the whistle-blower complaint about the phone call by thursday. most republicans who have addressed the controversy are downplaying the president's actions. >> we don't know enough about it. >> reporter: sources in the trump administration tell abc news some of his top advisers are considering releasing the transcript from the call. president trump said monday he hopes people get to see the transcript, then later clarified he never said he wanted the transcript of the call to be released. all this is unfolding as the president scheduled to address the u.n. general assembly today and he also has a number of high-profile meetings with world leaders scheduled, including one on wednesday with the president of ukraine. >> our thanks to trevor there. fbi agents have arrested an army private for allegedly discussing plans to bomb a major news network and for targeting presidential candidate beto o'rourke. >> jarrett william smith was charged with distributing information related to
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explosives and weapons of mass destruction. fbi agents say he provided bomb-making recipes in facebook conversations and expressed a desire to travel to ukraine to fight with a far-right paramilitary group. turning now to severe weather in several areas overnight including tornadoes and downpours in arizona. >> the remnants of hurricane lorena are drenching parts of the state. dozens of drivers had to be rescued from flooded roadways near phoenix. >> in the caribbean the tropical system bearing down on puerto rico and the virgin islands has been downgraded to a tropical depression but it will still bring heavy rains and mudslides. puerto rico's governor has already closed offices and schools today. and that island was rocked by a magnitude 6.0 earthquake overnight. >> let's get the detailed forecast now from accuweather's adam del rosso. adam, good morning. >> we're continuing to track three systems in the tropics. jerry, karen, lorenzo. we'll start with karen, which is going to strengthen and make landfall across puerto rico
3:05 am
later today bringing heavy rain fall also to the virgin islands, leading to mudslides and flash flooding. jerry's going to be passing just to the north of bermuda as we head into tomorrow morning. could have gusts up to 60 miles as well as heavy rainfall. lorenzo's going to be staying over open waters as we head into the upcoming weekend but strengthening into a major category 3 hurricane. while we're talking about heavy rainfall, we've got more of that across southern portions of arizona and new mexico. kenneth, janai. some 21,000 northern californians are without power overnight and it's not accidental. >> pacific gas and electric cut the power to three counties in the sierra foothills to prevent wildfires. recent devastating wildfires have been blamed on sparks from pg&e electrical equipment. one of the communities without power is paradise, where 86 people died last year. a second kansas resident has died from a vaping-related illness. it brings the number of deaths nationally to nine. both kansas residents were older than 50 and had other health
3:06 am
problems. seven other kansans have been hospitalized ranging in age from 17 to 67. meanwhile, federal prosecutors in northern california reportedly are investigating e-cigarette maker juul. "the wall street journal" says it does not know the focus of the probe. an estimated 1 million customers around the world who booked upcoming trips through the thomas cook travel agency have had their plans canceled. and meanwhile, hundreds of thousands of travelers like all these people you see in orlando have been waiting around wondering how they will get home now that thomas cook is no longer in business. the travel nightmare could take weeks to clear up. abc's james longman has more. >> reporter: passengers like these at new york's jfk airport finding out as they waited in line that the tour company that booked their flights and hotels suddenly shut down, hundreds of thousands potentially stranded around the world after uk-based thomas cook, the world's oldest tour company, abruptly went bankrupt.
3:07 am
up to 600,000 reportedly struggling to get home, including 150,000 british citizens. >> we just don't know anything, we're looking at the boards and hoping. >> reporter: but from orlando to spain, to greece, thousands of others left behind. this american woman telling us she's stuck in rome unable to get home. >> i've tried many times to contact the airlines and it's been an automated system. there's no live person. >> reporter: the uk government launching the biggest repatriation of british nationals since world war ii, sending planes to pick up those citizens whose travels started in the uk, but the process could take weeks. what happens to nonbrits who are stranded? we reached out to the department of transportation and they say u.s. consumers should talk to other airlines for help. but they do make the point no other company is required to help. james longman, abc news, newark airport. >> our thanks to james there. >> our thanks to james on this side of the pond. >> yes, he's stateside as they would say. moving on, delta airlines is changing its policy on emotional support animals. >> the company says it will now
3:08 am
allow those animals on flights longer than eight hours. delta says it made the change after coming up with a way to protect the health and safety of everyone on board while also allowing the animals on longer flights. delta's ban on pitbulls remains in place. >> go ahead, give it to us. >> may also purr. >> deliver that line. a new study finds that cats also develop personal relationships with their human owners, or as every person who lives with a cat knows, with the people owned by the cats. but the oregon state researchers say the pets are securely attached to their owners, cats are just too aloof to show much affection. >> in other words, just like dogs, cats also develop a purr-sonal relationship with their owner. they gave me all the puns and you came up with their own. >> fitting. cats see their owners as a source of security. >> cats are manipulative. >> right. they know you're important.
3:09 am
they know they need you. but they don't want to let you know. >> right. they don't really want to show love. rorw! coming up in "the mix," the one country where men live the longest. but first, diane sawyer's one-on-one interview with demi moore. what we never knew about the hollywood star's difficult childhood and the one life-changing moment. plus, the female cop who shot and killed her neighbor in his apartment guess on trial. she claims she was confused when she entered the wrong apartment. the new evidence revealed. you're watching "world news now." you're watching "world news now." brain freeze! no, it's my teeth. your teeth hurt? sensitivity. gotta do something about it. 80% of sensitivity starts at the gum line, so treat sensitivity at the source. new crest gum and sensitivity starts treating sensitivity immediately. at the gum line, for relief within days and wraps your teeth in sensitivity protection. ohh your teeth?
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we're back with street protests in washington, d.c. demonstrators moved that boat into the middle of an intersection and then chained themselves to it. the protesters were demanding action by lawmakers to help protect the environment. d.c. police closed several intersections to traffic because of widespread protests across the city. dramatic opening arguments in the trial of the former dallas police officer charged with murdering her neighbor. >> amber guyger's lawyers are claiming she killed botham jean in self-defense after she entered his apartment thinking it was her own. >> abc's marcus moore is in dallas with the new evidence revealed. >> reporter: prosecutors saying botham jean's killing in his own apartment was completely avoidable. >> in front of botham's apartment is this extremely
3:13 am
obvious bright red floor mat. amber guyger had no floor mat. >> reporter: that dusty red mat is one of the many signs they say amber guyger, a former dallas police officer, missed the night she shot and killed the 26-year-old. >> i thought i was in my apartment and i shot a guy thinking that he was -- thinking it was my apartment. >> reporter: prosecutors claimed guyger, seen here on the phone after the shooting, had been sending intimate text messages and talking on the phone with her partner just moments before she walked into jean's home and was possibly distracted. they add those messages were later deleted. guyger alleges she was exhausted after work and simply walked into the wrong apartment. her attorneys say this was not murder but rather a tragic mistake. >> to say that she was aware there was a red doormat and knowingly ignored it because she wanted to go into 1478 and shoot this man is preposterous. >> reporter: and one of the big questions now is whether guyger will take the stand in her own defense.
3:14 am
her attorneys have said that she will, and this trial is expected to last at least two weeks. marcus moore, abc news, dallas. >> our thanks to marcus. a florida mother and four children are safe after getting lost in the woods sunday. >> police found marcella black her three children and one of her children's friend on monday morning. sheriff's deputies say the group was hungry and tired but in good condition. they became disoriented after going for a swim and were unable to locate her car. >> so they made a fire overnight to stay warm and she even threw her purse in the fire to keep it burning longer. that is a good idea. >> they were recovered right before noon on monday. also in their swimsuits. >> she had a cell phone with her but it died. >> thankful that they were found safely. coming up in our next half hour, the health scare for oprah. but first, one-on-one with demi moore, giving a rare interview to our diane sawyer. that's next on "world news now." r. around
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♪ welcome back. in her new book, demi moore's revealing childhood secrets plus pain from her past and how it helped shape her into who she is today. >> the star invited our diane sawyer into her l.a. home which she shares with her seven dogs. she opened up about the life that we didn't know. one that seemed to be unraveling seven years ago. >> reporter: the husband she loved had left. her children weren't speaking to her. her former husband and friend had pulled away too. isolation, anguish. she weighed 102 pounds. an ambulance arrives at a party where she has collapsed. demi moore is now 56, looking back at that devastating crossroads.
3:18 am
>> i think the thing if i were to look back, i would say i blinded myself. and i lost -- i lost myself. >> reporter: so she set out to reclaim her life, and in a new memoir reaches out to anyone else struggling. she dedicates the book to the three daughters she loves. and surprisingly to someone else. her own troubled teenage mother who didn't know how to protect the little girl in the cat-eyeglasses. you growing up, it is -- >> colorful? >> reporter: her mother and father both battle alcoholism. she's 12 when her mother first attempts suicide. she writes, i remember using my fingers, the small fingers of a child, to dig the pills my mother had tried to swallow out of her mouth. you said your childhood -- >> was done. yeah. life-changing moment.
3:19 am
>> reporter: as an anxious teen, she is taken by her mother to bars so that men will notice them. she's 15 when she comes home one night and an older man they know is in the apartment with a key. she writes, it was rape and a devastating betrayal. revealed by the man's cruel question, how does it feel to be whored by your mother for $500? >> i think -- in my deep heart, no, i don't think it was a straightforward transaction. but she still did give him the access. and put me in harm's way. >> reporter: so now, look again at the mysteries inside the face of the teenage girl who drops out of high school, leaves her mother's home, and sets out determined to invent a future for herself. she's penniless, a little wild,
3:20 am
running hard, and signs up for acting auditions even though she has no training. then in 1984, she's asked to join the coolest young team of actors in hollywood. it's a movie called "st. elmo's fire." >> it's really late, let me drive you home. >> i mean, i think the irony certainly was not lost on me. >> they came to you and said, go to rehab. >> it's a profound gift that they gave me. >> reporter: she commits to sobriety. and the pledge will last until she's in her 40s and falling wildly in love. you will be sober for how long? >> almost 20 years. >> reporter: she took chances. >> just let the clay slide between your fingers. >> reporter: "ghost" was an expensive gamble about a combination of laughter and grief. >> you made pottery supersexy, that is for sure, right?
3:21 am
>> reporter: in "a few good men" she defied studio bosses. >> the studio executive saying, if there wasn't going to be a sex scene, then why was i in it? >> reporter: but she says she's learned that even when you're at the top of your power and the top of a mountain, the old fault lines can suddenly reappear. >> wow. >> yeah. >> our thanks to diane. that was revealing. i didn't expect that. to hear those sorts of details and being so vulnerable from demi moore. >> and i think that's part of it, that there's so much about demi moore that we have not known until this point. and just hearing how much she has gone through and endured, you know, really even before it got to the point where we knew who she was. >> and this morning, we're actually going to hear more on "gma" of diane sawyer's exclusive view interview with demi moore where she talks about the marriages to bruce willis, ashton kutcher, and what led to that unraveling so many years ago.
3:22 am
>> so much more from diane coming up, but a big thanks for that piece. stick with us, "the mix" is next. your cold's gonna make you a zombie tomorrow. wrong. new mucinex nightshift fights my cold symptoms so i can sleep great and wake up human. don't eat me i taste terrible. fight your worst symptoms so you can sleep great and wake up human. new mucinex nightshift cold and flu.
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♪ ♪ all right, time for "the mix" this tuesday morning and we're starting with a country where men live the longest. it's not here, it's australia. >> down under. >> down under. okay, so, the reason may make you jealous. there are a list of reasons. this was a study that found that australian men are living longer, average life expectancy of 74.1, compared to 71.5 in the u.s. okay, a majority of australians live close to the beach. they have an active lifestyle, they have vegemite. wait, vej vegemite aside, australian cuisine draws heavily from the produce section. >> because vegemite is nasty. i've had it. i had a little bit on some toast when i went to australia because i'm fancy and i travel, cultured.
3:26 am
vegemite is not for the weak. >> faint of heart? they don't eat a whole bunch of junk food, this study says. plus, they drink smarter. they tend to stick to beer and wine, not a lot of the liquor. good for them. >> i want to go to australia again. it was very relaxing down there. >> i bet. down there. >> down there, down under. ♪ i believe in the land down under ♪ is that the words? is that the lyrics? >> i don't know that song. >> thanks, jack. how about this, this giant 12-ton robot. >> what? >> is on sale. >> what is it shooting out of ts arm? >> it's a giant war robot error something. >> what? it's shooting fire? >> terminator style. ired p robots is being sold on ebay for $1. >> get them in and get the bidding war going. >> megabot spent all of its $4
3:27 am
million seed funding for may 2016, plus another $100,000 to build eagle prime, now all of this can be yours for $1. >> so star bidding. okay, a man throws a tortilla 54 feet in the air. 54 feet 5 inches to break the world record. >> can he do it? fourth attempt. >> how did he do that? is that just like a limp tortilla? >> or, did he fry it up first? oh, it's like a frisbee. >> yeah, that should be a stiff tortilla, right? >> like, who is paying for this to put all these people in the room for some tortillas? and an impatient pug. >> is saying honk honk honk. >> get out of here. >> it's time to go. we got some "pugging" around to do. hey, did you hear about the cats? apparently, they're better than us. oh, wait, two pugs. not one but two pugs. >> oh, my gosh. >> that just came out of
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this morning on "world news this morning on "world news now," an american soldier under arrest accused of threatening to assassinate a presidential candidate and attack a news network. he's now facing terror charges. also this morning, a deadline is looming over president trump. congressional democrats are demanding full disclosure of a whistle-blower's complaint and they're meeting today to discuss impeachment. and new this half hour, a dramatic rescue on the new york subway. >> a 5-year-old girl is now safe after her father jumped in front of a moving train while holding on to her. see the moment she crawled out from that train and what her mother is saying this morning. plus, oprah's health scare. the media mogul is revealing she was so sick she ended up in the emergency room. what landed her there and what she's encouraging everyone to do this tuesday, september 24th.
3:31 am
good tuesday morning, everyone. so thankful lady o is okay this morning. >> absolutely. >> can't wait to hear about her words of wisdom. >> yeah. looking forward to that. >> looking forward to that indeed. but we do begin with that army soldier who's now in custody for planning a bombing and other attacks. >> authorities say the 24-year-old private first class discussed the bombing with an fbi informant. court papers also say beto o'rourke, a news network, and antifa activists were on his lists of targets. abc's pierre thomas has the details. >> reporter: a u.s. army infantry soldier is accused of plotting an attack with, quote, a large vehicle bomb on a major american news network and naming presidential candidate beto o'rourke as a potential target for assassination. jarrett william smith was arrested on saturday after allegedly talking to a confidential fbi source about placing a vehicle full of various explosive materials at a
3:32 am
specific but unidentified news network. and smith allegedly said 30 minutes later, boom. cnn reporting it is the targeted network. >> this case sets off so many alarms. the combination of an active duty soldier -- trained, young, and talking about harming other people. it's the absolute worst scenario for law enforcement. >> reporter: the fbi locked on to the 24-year-old smith last march after receiving a tip that he was allegedly using facebook to distribute information about how to build improvised explosive devices. in a chilling exchange with an undercover agent, a democratic presidential candidate's name is mentioned. the undercover asked, you got anyone down in texas that would be a good fit for fire, destruction and death? smith allegedly responds, outside of beto, i don't know of enough people that would be relevant enough to cause a change if they died. >> he had all the right elements to commit a violent attack.
3:33 am
>> reporter: the fbi consulted experts on bomb-making who concluded some of the designs were potentially dangerous. but authorities say a number of smith's alleged bomb designs would not have worked, including the one targeting that news headquarters. pierre thomas, abc news, washington. >> our thanks to pierre there in washington. the navy has made a startling announcement. three sailors from the same ship died by suicide last week. >> all three men were assigned to the "uss george h.w. bush." the aircraft carrier is currently docked in norfolk, virginia, while undergoing maintenance. another sailor from the ship took his own life in july. the ship's commander says the suicides were separate, unrelated incidents and reminds his crew help is always available. turning to the growing controversy over president trump's phone call with the ukrainian leader. now seven moderate house democrats have joined the push for impeachment proceedings. >> as president trump prepares to speak today at the u.n. general assembly he's insisting he did nothing wrong by asking the president of ukraine to investigate former vice president joe biden.
3:34 am
but "the washington post" is reporting the president ordered a hold on nearly $400 million in aid to ukraine just a week before the phone call. house speaker nancy pelosi is holding a closed-door meeting today with members of her caucus amid reports she's been quietly discussing with allies whether it's time to impeach the president. more from abc's mary bruce. >> reporter: if the trump administration doesn't hand over the whistle-blower complaint by thursday, speaker of the house nancy pelosi is now hinting at impeachment. warning, they will be entering a grave new chapter of lawlessness which will take us into a whole new stage of investigation. now even democrats who have resisted calls to impeach say they may have little choice. >> he may have force us to go down this road, and we may very well have crossed the rubicon here. >> reporter: the inspector general determined the whistle-blower's complaint was credible and of urgent concern. but on twitter, the president questioned the whistle-blower's patriotism asking, is he on our country's side? where does he come from? for some democrats impeachment is long overdue.
3:35 am
congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez tweeting, the bigger national scandal isn't the president's law-breaking behavior, it is the democratic party's refusal to impeach him for it. while republican leaders largely silent. one exception, senator mitt romney, tweeting, if the president asked or pressured ukraine's president to investigate his political rival, it would be troubling if the extreme. saying the trump administration should hand over the whistle-blower complaint. >> and if they don't? >> well, that will be up to the house to decide how to proceed. >> reporter: now, for months the house speaker has been walking a fine line when it comes to the question of impeachment, urging everyone to simply follow the facts. but now we are seeing a notable shift here. the speaker in her letter didn't even mention the word impeachment, but she didn't have to. it is now clear that she's suggesting impeachment is a possibility. mary bruce, abc news, capitol hill. >> our thanks to mary bruce there. senate minority leader chuck schumer is forcing a second vote on whether to scrap president trump's emergency declaration to help pay for the border wall. >> that vote is expected as
3:36 am
early as tomorrow months after enough republicans signed on to block the president from using military funding to build the wall. but the house was unable to override the president's veto. turning to severe weather, karen has been downgraded to a tropical depression but is still a threat to puerto rico and the virgin islands. that means heavy rain, strong winds, flash flooding and mudslides today and tomorrow. puerto rico's governor has already canceled classes and closed government offices today. tropical storm jerry will pass north of bermuda tonight bringing rain, and lorenzo will become a hurricane tonight but is no threat to land. another parent is expected to face sentencing today in the college admissions bribery scandal. businessman devin sloan has admitted to paying $250,000 to get his son admitted into the university of southern california by misrepresenting him as a water polo player. prosecutors are seeking one year in prison. sloan's attorneys are pushing for no prison time and 2,000 hours of community service. now to my philadelphia
3:37 am
eagles and the fan who threw some major shade even after -- >> top-notch shade. >> so shady even after a life and death situation. >> so this is really incredible. an early monday fire in filly -- philly damaged a building with several apartments inside. it broke out just hours after the eagles dropped numerous passes during their loss to detroit, so a good samaritan who helped rescue children from the fire wasn't letting that defeat go. you have got to listen to this. >> my man just started throwing babies out the window, we was catching them unlike agholor. >> that's right, he's talking about eagles receiver nelson agholor who dropped two passes and fumbled in that eagles' defeat. agholor is taking the high road, he thanked the guy for being a hero and invited him and his family to the next eagles home game. >> but the way that the shade was done, dude just said it so casually. he also said so casually, dude started tossing babies out the window, we were catching them.
3:38 am
unlike agholor. so funny. >> so, i really will say that this is the most philly sports story ever. i mean, philly fans booed santa claus. legendary story. jack, you bring up a good point that at that game that there was plenty of blame to go around. >> there was plenty of blame to go around, and maybe there will be more blame to go around on thursday night when they face the undefeated packers. >> okay. >> tony's going to be back here watching the game. calling them out. >> calling them out. >> oh, tony's calling out 6, so forget about him. >> philly folks will pitch in, help their neighbors, but also criticize -- >> throw somebody under a bus. >> -- their players. >> there is another eagles fan in a different half hour of "world news now" this morning. >> oh, okay. >> who is also angry. >> okay. >> how about that for a tease. >> oh! >> go philadelphia. >> oh, can't wait for that. >> we love you, philly. >> keep it classy.
3:39 am
>> we love you, philly. >> fierce and fiery. all right, coming up, the health scare for oprah winfrey. but first, the scene on a crowded subway platform. how a 5-year-old girl was miraculously pulled from underneath a train unharmed. and there's a new celeb at top of the leaderboard on "dancing with the stars." plus, the season's first elimination. that's ahead in "the skinny." you're watching "world news now."
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we are back with this incredible view of chicagohenge. it's a solar phenomenon during which the sun rises and sets in perfect alignment with chicago's east-west street grid. the dazzling display occurs just twice a year during the fall and spring equinoxes so it's not summertime shy anymore but still something to look forward to. >> gorgeous. now to a nightmare of a scene playing out on a crowded subway platform during rush hour here in new york city. a father and a daughter winding up on the tracks in front of an oncoming train. >> will ganss has the story and the video from the terrifying scene. good morning, will. >> good morning. yes, onlookers were stunned when they watched a father jump in front of the train, pulling his 5-year-old daughter into harm's way along with him. her survival this morning is nothing short of a miracle.
3:43 am
>> the child ended up under the train, underneath, between the wheels. that's just how she was able to survive. >> reporter: antonio love was on the subway tracks to witness the miraculous survival in the bronx after the unthinkable happened. a father jumping onto the tracks in front of an oncoming train with his 5-year-old daughter in his arms. the station was packed during the morning rush hour. witnesses reporting fernando flores was talking calmly on the phone moments before jumping. >> i heard him telling the wife, that you look out for the other two kids, i'm going to take her to school. and then he said, i love you. >> reporter: and that's when he leapt. >> the train just hit both of them. they didn't have time to move because the train was coming so quick and the train ran both of them over. >> reporter: the father killed and pronounced dead at the scene. but somehow the little girl survived, finding a safe spot under the train between its wheels where good samaritans were able to pull her to safety. antonio remembers what she was saying. >> papa, papa.
3:44 am
the only thing she was saying was papa. my papa. >> reporter: the 5-year-old transported to the hospital with only minor scratches. this morning, she's home with her mother. her family grateful to everyone who helped get her there after a terrifying ordeal. >> thank god for the baby and to everyone, everyone that jumped to help, to help her in the moment of need. >> translator: the child is in perfect condition. thank you to god and the angels who took care of her. >> police officers gave the 5-year-old girl a little mermaid doll to help raise her spirits after that terrifying ordeal. honestly, just a miracle that she's okay. >> it absolutely is. cannot imagine what it was like for anyone who saw this, for that little girl, but incredible that all of those people leapt into action to help. >> so tragic. i think about the little girl and how traumatizing all of this is. and i know you said they gave her something, a doll to help her out. she's going to need so much more and i'm pretty sure that community, hopefully they will be there for her. >> and the other two children
3:45 am
also. >> yes, definitely. thank you, will, we appreciate it. moving on, embattled wide receiver antonio brown is going back to school. >> one day after tweeting that he's cutting ties with the nfl, brown announced that he re-enrolled at central michigan university. an instagram post shows four classes that are offered online, including technical writing, and racism and equality. brown was released by the new england patriots last week amid rape and sexual misconduct allegations. oprah is on the mend after serious -- after a serious case of pneumonia. the media mogul told ellen degeneres that she has been cleared after battling pneumonia after several weeks. winfrey said she thought it was a bad head cold and was surprised at the severity of her condition. a doctor ordered winfrey to cancel everything. oprah is now encouraging everyone to be more mindful of their health. pivotal peen f her. cannot imagine. and you know, it makes me think about whoopi. whoopi also --
3:46 am
>> had a bout with pneumonia that put her in the hospital. >> yes, that it got very serious. and just a reminder, when you are feeling not like yourself, to not wait and get checked out right away. when we come back, the first celeb is sent packing on this season of "dancing with the stars." plus, the boss and his milestone birthday. "the skinny" is next. boss and his milestone birthday. "the skinny" is next. charmin ultra soft! it's softer than ever. charmin ultra soft is twice as absorbent so you can use less. and it's softer than ever... so it's harder to resist. okay, this is getting a little weird. we all go, why not enjoy the go with charmin?
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♪ how is that for some "skinny" music? it's time now for "the skinny." we begin with a battle in the ballroom. >> a surprising elimination on "dancing with the stars." but before we get to the thorns let start with the roses. "bachelorette" star hannah brown wowing the judges with a waltz which judge len goodman called a romantic dream. she and her partner earning 8s across the board. >> week two showing a more subdued sean spicer on the dance floor, the former press secretary performing a tango with his partner linsey. they earn 16 out of a possible
3:49 am
30 points and they're back next week. >> but "queer eye's" karamo brown is most improved this week. his quickstep got rave reviews from carrie ann and bruno. >> so, who went home? the first elimination finds supremes star mary wilson and football phenom ray lewis in the bottom two. >> and it's very difficult. because one, i want to judge from my heart, the other i have to judge from my brain. and my brain says, i've got to say ray and cheryl. >> oh, no. mary wilson saying farewell to the foxtrot. but the rest of the competitors will be back next monday on abc. >> i see you googling over there. >> i'm trying to find the mary wilson song. >> i'm not going anywhere? >> i'm not going. she sang that, right? >> i'm not sure. >> i don't know if she sang that. i thought she did.
3:50 am
all right, now, ditch your dancing shoes and strap on your snow boots, we're heading to arendelle. >> the footage provides a brand-new glimpse into anna and elsa's adventure into the northern woods, take a look. >> how did you get in the forest? >> the mist parted for us. >> impossible. >> where did you learn magic? >> elsa, get out of there! >> you can't just follow me into fire. >> then don't run into fire. >> "frozen 2" from our parent company disney hits theaters november 22nd. that's about two months away so there may be a third trailer, we'll see. >> let's hope so. fans all around the world have been sending birthday wishes to the boss himself, bruce springsteen is 70. >> wow. the music legend who sold 135 million records worldwide, won 20 grammys, and even an oscar is
3:51 am
worth an estimated $500 million. but there's something else about the boss. you know celebrities, there's just like us. he works out at local budget gyms. >> he does the treadmill, and some -- okay, the boss, some ways he keeps in shape so he can still perform those four-hour concerts. >> how old did we say? he's 70? okay. >> he is back on stage tonight in toronto and is planning a world tour next year. >> touche, bruce, touche. almost three months after their epic win at the world cup, the u.s. women's national team continues to bring home the hardware. the team's co-captain megan rapinoe being named the 2019 women's world player of the year following in the footsteps of former winners from the u.s. like mia hamm and carli lloyd. >> rapinoe accepting the award on behalf of all the champs saying the victory was a team effort, and an update, jennifer holiday sang that song we were talking about earlier.
3:52 am
♪ i'm not going nowhere "dreamgirls." >> oh, yes.
3:53 am
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♪ let's take it way, way back to 1912, the year the "titanic" sailed and sank, the south pole was discovered, and wisconsin's ivy sorensen was born. >> this woman from the town of marshall just turned 107 years young. >> oh, my goodness. >> she celebrated the big day alongside family and friends at the retirement community where she lives along with, get this, her 102-year-old sister. >> i feel like maybe there's people like me after all. >> most 110-year-old people would be incapacitated or something, and look at her,
3:56 am
she's younger than i am as far as i'm concerned and that makes me very happy. >> that is incredible. >> wow, look at her and look at you. i mean, both of them. sisters. the genes seem to run in the family, their father lived to be 101. pearl's advice for living to be a centenarian -- good genes, yes, but just don't die. laugh, live. >> i am just -- i am astounded. 107. like her sister said, a lot of people, they may could live to 107 but wouldn't be up and functioning and laughing and having a good time, good for her. >> they have each other, which is really cool. >> wow. now to a fire department in california welcoming a new generation of firefighters into their family. >> nine babies born within months of each other. >> our david muir introduces us to the new bundles of joy and their proud moms and dads. >> reporter: the firefighters from the rancho cucamonga fire department in southern california were in the news just last month battling the walker fire.
3:57 am
their hard work is not over. just look. nine of those firefighters are now proud new fathers, holding seven daughters and two sons, all born between march and july. charlotte, breslin, liam, riley, lakeland, harper, emma, colette, maddox. the fire department capturing the newborns' first visit to their dads at the firehouse. all of their beaming moms right there too. >> look at that. >> reporter: and this group photo forming a circle on their fathers' uniforms. all those moms and those dads, their hands full. >> hands full indeed. our thanks to david. let's hope they all live to be like 100 years old as well. >> hope they're not taking paternity leave at the same time. >> we need you, stagger a little bit, can't all take leave at the same time. >> congratulations. ns. >> announcer: you've been
3:58 am
watching within news now.
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4:00 am
>> have a great day. happening now in america this morning, the pressure to impeach growing in washington as the questions surrounding president trump's call with the president of ukraine intensifies. details emerging overnight about the military aid the president withheld. he denies he was pressuring ukraine to investigate joe biden's son and now vice president mike pence speaking out overnight addressing accusations of a quid pro quo as democrats plan a crucial meeting today on capitol hill. also developing right now, the u.s. army soldier accused of discussing plans for an attack inside the u.s. including an attack targeting a major news network. what we're learning about the alleged motive. who killed jimmy hoffa? the new theory this morning into the decades old mystery surrounding the legendary


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