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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  September 26, 2019 4:00pm-4:59pm PDT

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winds are gusting but coming onshore out of the west-southwesthe , gusting to a 23 miles an hour. that's going to help to disburse the smoke a bit but could cause some issues. so just a word of caution here. gusts around 35 near fairfield. concord west early gusting to 26. in san francisco and half moon bay, those winds out of the south at 22 miles an hour. i'll be back with a full look of the forecast coming up. larry? >> sandhya, see you in a few minutes. abc 7 news is committed to building a better bay area. we've taken a closer look at b.a.r.t. one of the most aggravating and persistent problems is the fair evaders that costs b.a.r.t. between $15 and $25 million each year. also one of the biggest complaints from riders. we have witnessed this countless b.a.r. is working on a
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solution with new gates. the b.a.r.t. board held a meeting the day to decide which fare gates to rc money, as you see the final choice. eric thomas joining us with the details. eric. >> reporter: larry, they had to make that choice because, of the 5% of the people who go through those gates don't pay to ride the trains. the concord station where we are is considered to be one of the biggest problem areas. the solution, as you mentioned, may be to get rid of the old and bring in the new. >> it makes me really mad. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. riders get frustrated about lots of things, late train, crowded cars, broken facilities. but one thing gets them hot, fare evaders. >> i have to pay so everybody else should pay. >> when i see people skip the fares, it makes me annoyed because i'm the one that pays
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pa o the after someone who pays. by one estimate, costing bart up to $25 million a year. >> even if you're not a b.a.r.t. rider and you're a tax payer, you're payproblem. >> reporter: debra allen says her own research says the actual losses mmuay bch. today the board voted unanimously to select these new swinging style gates to replace the originals. >> similar to uni but with plexiglass, something more modern looking and welcoming, see-through, that sort of thing. >> reporter: the new gates will be five feet tall, making them tough tore get over and squeeze through. making that choice was easy compared to what comes next. >> the very important task of finding $150 million. >> there are many, many riders who tell me if you would just not let people flood through the system without paying, the
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trains would be less crowded, we would have more revenue. >> reporter: today they voted t you about and they have to install them and tie them into b.a.r.t.'s computer syst.em cou. don't expect to see the gates for a while to come. eric thomas, abc 7 news. >> fare evasion is not just a problem on b.a.r.t. it's also an issue for muni. are they faring any better than b.a.r.t.? pun intended. we sent wayne freedman out to check on the situation. wayne? >> reporter: well, it's an interesting situation. i'v i'm at bark station. over here, the gates on b.a.r.t. are something similar. muni has a similar problem. roughly 7%. that coffers the entire system, costs them $17 million a year in fare jumpers. many could not break down how
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effective these gates are. clearly b.a.r.t. sees an advantage and wants gates of a similar style. if you ride b.a.r.t. this could be your future. gates are higher, not as easy to jump through. we took a look a paengers who us stemts. sarah rothenberg thinks the muni gates are better. >> yeah. those gates would be better for safety. >> reporter: physically, they're more -- >> jump. >> reporter: not that you're a jumper? >> i'm not a jumper. those would be harder to jump. you have to be a track runner to jump over those. >> reporter: the b.a.r.t. gates? >> i could jump over those. >> reporter: it's worth noting b.a.r.t. and muni put people on trains to enforce their fares. we rode along with some of muni's people today, a big crowd going to the giants game. no violators we saw. they write citations.
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if you wonder how much the citations are, $125 if they catch you on a plun any train without a ticket, they will write you up. live at embar wayne freedman, abc 7 news. > wayne, so what happens to the riders if they don't pay the citations? what are the consequences here? >> reporter: well, if you don't pay -- it's not like they're going to send you to jail. they tell me this is an administrative ticket. that's the term they use. it goes to what they call collection, and then at the end of the year, if you don't p it, you see aay bill on your taxes. that's what they tell us. >> wayne, thank you so much, reporting live. another bay area police agency is partnering with ring, the home security company known for its doorbell cameras. this video from san mateo in april is one instance of cameras capturing a crime in progress. in alameda, a man actually tore off someone's ring doorbell this year. police shared the video to try
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to find the speck. in san jose, one homeowner's ring doorbell captured a suspicious man wandering around her property. the san jose police have joined the ring neighbors act to allow them to request footage from camera owners. privacy advocates, a they do have some concerns. abc 7 news reporter chris nguyen has the y. >> reporter: despite those concerns, police tell us the program will help keep neighborhoods safe and also give detectives more time to investigate crimes. >> really a way to expedite the investigations and get footage that could bring criminals to justice. >> reporter: the san jose police department is partnering with the amazon ring neighbors app. police will have access to request footage from camera owners without knowing their identities. justice professor greg woods
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conducts law enforcement training seminars and worked with sjpd in the past. >> we'll be able to see eyes and ears in our mmunities, in our neighborhoods where we would wise wouldn't. this will decrease opportunistic crime whether it be physical or property damage. >> reporter: privacy advocates fear it could threaten civil liberties and subject innocent people to greater surveillance. >> they have the possibility of making people less free and making it so people don't feel like they can give their lives without being under the eye of a corporation or of the government. >> reporter: others, however, are praising the partnership. the president of the non-profit safer san jose is working to equip 300 homes in the southern part of the city with 4k cameras and license plate readers. >> video lel ps to help fight crime. it's not used for the people that are innocent. i think the people who are innocent shouldn't worry about big brother. >> reporter: police say the surveillance cameras include the
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recent arrest of the library shooting suspected charged with attempted murder. >> it's important to know that their police department is leaving no stone unturned when it comes to helping to solve crime. it's somet >> reporter: and earlier today the city of san jose also launched a security camera rebate program to encourage more residents to sign up for the city registry. we're live in san jose, chris nguyen, abc 7 news. >> chris, how long has this program been around? do we know how many agencies are actually participating in it? >> reporter: the program launched in the spring of 2018. at last check we've learned that more than 400 law enforcement agencies have signed up. >> chris nguyen reporting live this afternoon. thank you, chris. las al toes is the california city where you're lease likely to be robbed. that's from home security company front point. the company used fbi data from
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2017 looking at cities with more than 30,000 residents. los altos had -- oakland was the most with 63 robberies per 10,000 people. the national average was 9.8 robberies for 10,000 people. we spent a week looking at ways to protect yourself, yourperty better bay area. all of the stories have been posted on our website. go to, scroll down and click on building a better bay area. a skydiver was killed when they were hit by a big rig after accidentally landing on a freeway today. this happened on state road 99 north of lodi right around 3:20. witnesses say they saw a parachute landing in the southbound lanes. that accident caused a chain reaction of collisions with at least three other vehicles involved. the chp closed one lane of traffic to investigate exactly what happened. the trump administration has
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notified california officials that the state is failing to meet federal water quality standards. in a letter to governor newsom the epa attributes it in part to the homelessness crisis. the letter gives newsom 30t t s adequate authority and capability to address these issues. newsom tweeted, quote, this is about retaliation, nothing more. city workers did their best to clean up a giant mural that was painted yesterday. you can still see the paint on the assault. they painted a giant green new deal that took up a decent chunk of montgomery between pine and sacramento in a day-long protest that shut down many downtown san francisco streets including the cable car line. on the hot seat, tough questions for the acting dlekt tore of national intelligence about the whistle-blower complaint and shocking new audio from president trump. security breach, a popular food
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san francisco-based sales force ringing the opening bell at the new york stock exchange this morning. the company is celebrating its 20th anniversary. the dow ended the day down slightly about 80 points. food delivery app door dash revealed a data breach that impacts millions of users. in a plog post the company announced on may 4th after a stolen account information of 4 million customers, merchants and workers, including phone numbers, the last four digits of the number. door dash recommends everyone climate change their password. uber customers will soon see more services crammed into the ride hailing company's app. ceo derek ez shahi tells r tells
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can discreetly text for help through the app's safety tool kit. >> it brings me to a prepopulated text message which shows me my vehicle information, my current location, my destination and we designed this message in partnership with law enforcement. they told us what the message needs to have so they can dispatch help easily. in another major change, uber will now have a second version of its home screen that will allow immediate access to its eats food delivery service. they also announced plans to laung ch more virtual kitchens which just sell food for delivery. working exclusively with rachel ray for one of our own. you think of uber as basic transportation, point a to point b. their goal is to get much, much bigger than that. >> i know a few people that use the uber eats consistently. a new report shows the monetary value of buying a home.
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those who bought a home in 2012 when prices reached their lowest point followig the great recession, they've earned $141,000 in equity or 261%. over all the typical home sold in 2012 increased by $110,000 in value to an estimated $320,000. the report is based on an analysis of the home equity earned from homes purchased across 138 markets in the u.s. >> season two of "the rookie" premiers on abc this sunday with the officer's grappling with the aftermath of a plotted attack on the city of los angeles leaving officer bradford fighting for his life. abc 7 anc anc anc anc anc more. >> we picked up with tim contracting theaction. we're all affected because this sour fel oichose life is at risk. yeah. we're throwing the audience
4:17 pm
right in the middle of the chaos. >> what do you think will make season two a little different from what we've already seen? >> for a fact, there's tons morrow mans in season two. we got a little bit of that in season one. now i think in season two, what's going to make it so special is they're diving into each character's individual life, their personal lives and going to bring in even more of the human aspect to the cop world, really showing what happens once we are off of work and what we kind of deal with coming back to work and have to put to the side while we deal with things happening on the street. >> what are you poerersonally m sited about when you think about the premier and the season ahead? >> i'm excited for more action. there's tons of things that are so cool about this season. some things we just shot yesterday that i wish i could speak on because it was super awesome. i think the fans will love kind of all the guest stars and all the people that make appearances
4:18 pm
throughout the season. it's really cool. >> i guess the premier is pretty intense. it says here mentally prepare yourself for the season premier of the rookie. ama would like to know why we didn't see nathan in that because she was mentally prepared for that because that's her favorite. sunday night at 10:00 followed by abc 7 news at 11:00. >> i enjoy the show. now it's sunday, so i can give it all my attention. >> are you mentally prepared? >> there's nothing to prepare for with sandhya. >> thank you, ama. we're not even going to go there larry. >> i just don't want it to be 100 degrees. >> it's not. can't you tell? have you been outside. >> come on, larry, get with the program. >> here is a look at live doppler 7. apparently larsnsoe d 'tback. we saw a nice southerly surge develop. that helped to bring those temperatures down compared to 24 hours ago. it is 31 degrees cooler in voez,
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down 16, san francisco, oakland, 22 degrees cooler in fairfield. 16 degree drop in san jose. here is part of the reason from the east bay bills camera. 73 in the city. remember we were in the 90s yesterday. 78 in oakland, san jose, 82 degrees. currently 84 in gilroy. from our exploratorium camera, nice blue skies. a look at the temperatures, 69 degrees in santa rosa. 76 in napa, 84 in livermore. tonight, 7:00, you'll see temperatures in the 60s mainly, a few 70s. a lot of cloud cover around the bay and coast and a big push, as you will notice, tomorrow morning. so the marine layer will be expanding as we head towards your morning commute tomorrow. in the afternoon, it's not going to warm up a whole lot. let me show you why. the winds, just like today, will be cool ocean water. at noontime not terribly windy when you're grabbing lunch. later in the afternoon, the
4:20 pm
winds will pick up about 25, 30 miles an hour especially near the coast going into the evening hours. that will help to keep the temperatures going in this fashion. cooler today, cooler tomorrow. golden gate bridge camera showing beautiful skies. wide fogg and patchy morning drizzle. below average temperatures right on through early next week. first thing in the morning, we will see drizzle. temperatures in the mid 50s to n in the morning. in the afternoon you'll notice we're going from hot yesterday, warm today inland, mild inland. 78 degrees for our warmest spot in antioch. 70 in oakland, 76 in santa rosa. 73 san rafael. mid 60s for san francisco, half moon bay. it's going to be breezy near the coast. we're also going to see more cloud cover across the region for your friday. take a look at the seven-day forecast. the weekend temperatures will continue to drop off and level
4:21 pm
off. look at monday. low 70s inland, low 60s coast side. during the weekend we have a cold system coming through. that's going to bring winter-like conditions to the sierra and we'll see the temperature drop continue. tomorrow cooler afternoon. more like november as we head into the weekend and into monday than september. after that we will warm it up a little bit tuesday, wednesday and then back down again. warmest spots wednesday in the low 80s. that's a big difference. >> not bad. >> not bad. >> thanks, sandhya. we're mentally prepared for that. and this, too. we know who is going to take the stage during the next super bowl half-time show. we'll tell you who made the cut.
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it's official, jennifer lopez and shakira shakira will bring the hit to the pepsi super bowl half-time show. jay-z's rock nation company is co-producing the half-time show. >> you had me at j. lo and then you did the shakira shakira thing. if you're a fan of star wars, get ready for three times the thrills. abc 7 got a sneak preview of
4:25 pm
triple force friday. at the end of next week, they'll roll out new merchandise. some will be tied to the rise of skywalker, the latest episode of the 40-year-old series. senior vice president paul southern says fans can enjoy newer platforms. >> absolutely. i think the consumer products has always been an important part of the star wars fan experience. whether you're coming to the franchise through a tv show, the video game or the film, then consumer products are a way for you to stay connected to the films in your everyday lives, celebrate your fan dom and illustrate your passion for the franchise. >> a new video game, jedi, fallen order debuts. today marks the 50th anniversary of the release of one of the most iconic albums of
4:26 pm
all time. five decades today "abbey wroed by the beatles land on shelves. it marked the occasion, a 50th anniversary edition will be available starting tomorrow. it will include single and double cd versions, vinyl and digital downloads. by the way, today also marks the 50th anniversary of the premier of the brady bunch right here on abc 7. the nation's top intelligence officer in the hot seat. >> this is not okay. that conversation is not okay. >> i believe everything here in this matter is totally unprecedented. >> today's hearing in washington, d.c. >> and a terrifying sight. >> and a terrifying sight. a young child wandering around at at&t we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet. we've created access from at&t california households
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who is the person that gave the whistle-blower the information? because that's close to a spy. you know what we used to do in the old days when we were smart with spies and treason. we used to handle them a little differently than we do now. >> that is audio obtained by "the l.a. times" from a private event where the president spoke to staff and diplomats at the u.s. mission to the united nations. the whistle-blower didn't listen to the phone call between president trump and the president of ukraine but cited
4:30 pm
multiple government officials who said the president is using the power of this office to solicit interference from a foreign country in the 2020 election. the acting director of national cleanse testified before congress today facing questions about that whistle-blower complaint? >> jackie speier and eric swalwell were asking tough questions. >> did the president of the united states ask you to find out the identity of the whistle-blower? has anyone else within the white house or the department of justice asked you? >> are you responsible for preventing election interference? >> election interference -- >> by a foreign government. >> congressman, election interference. >> i hope you know this answer is yes or no. >> abc news reporter rachel scott has more from washington with reaction from lawmakers as well as the president. >> reporter: the nation's top intelligence official on the hot se and on the defensive. >> ifat the inspector general h not brought this complaint to our attention you and the trump
4:31 pm
administration might have gotten away with this unprecedented action. >> while i was endeavoring to get the executive privilege concerns addressed so that it can then be forwarded. it was not stonewalling. >> reporter: the acting director of national intelligence joseph maguire pitted between lawmakers and the white house. >> complaint outlines a scheme by the president of the united states. >> reporter: at the heart of that complaint by someone in the intelligence community, a july phone call between president trump and the president of ukraine where trump repeatedly urged him to investigate his potential 2020 rival joe biden and his son. in this redacted version, the whistle-blower says white house officials were deeply disturbed by that call and reported hearing that officials were directed to remove the electronic transcript from the computer systems where they are normally stored. but that complaint was blocked by the administration and not passed on to congress as required by law. >> what the dni did was broke the law. >> reporter: the president
4:32 pm
insists he's done nothing wrong. >> it's a disgrace to our country. it's another witch hunt, here we go again. >> reporter: some republicans standing their ground rushing to the president's defense. >> i want to congratulate the democrats on the rollout of their late ef information warfare against the presidents. >> reporter: there are some cracks in the party's support for the president. >> i want to say to the ppt, this is not okay. that conversation is not okay. >> reporter: while maguire defended his handling o of the complaint, he also called it unprecedented. following that complaint some were trying to nail down the identity of the whistle-blower. the whistle-blower's attorneys are saying it would come at the risk of their personal safety. rachel scott, abc news, capitol hill. we caught up with julian castro in the bay area. he told abc 7 news the whistle-blower's complaint and today's testimony by acting dni maguire confirm the white house engaged in a coverup and bold
4:33 pm
action needs to be taken. >> the evidence is going to show this president has committed a crime, that he tried to use his office in an abuse of power to have a political opponent investigated by a foreign entity in conjunction with the united states government. he should be removed from office. >> castro says the whistle-blower's complaint suggests there are others who know what happened in this case and that they should be called before congress to testify. the vaping crisis continues. today the cdc announced hundreds of new cases of long injuries associated with vaping. the new numbers out "today" show there have been 12 deaths and 805 probable cases across 46 states. abc 7 news reporter marci gonzalez with the latest. >> reporter: the vaping emergency reaching an alarming new level. the cdc revealing more than 800 people in 46 states suffered lung injuries likely linked to vaping. now state health agencies reporting at least a dozen vaping related deaths, two just
4:34 pm
this week in florida and georgia. nearly 40% of vaping-linked injuries are in people younger than 21 according to the cdc. among those hospitalized, jerry sullivan's 17-year-old son eddy. >> teenagers have this it can't happen to me attitude. i feel like they need to understand that yes, it can happen to them. >> reporter: at a congressional hearing tuesday, the cdc deputy director shared that they can't connect the illnesses to any particular compound or product, and that no single product has been associated with all of the cases. >> we are getting new cases reported every day. >> what we don't know unfortunately is the cause. >> reporter: several states taking action. massachusetts instituting a four-month ban on all vaping sales and new york, michigan and rhode island among the states moving to ban all flavored vaping products. the largest e sill rhett company juul under federal investigation and facing backlash. now replacing its ceo with a
4:35 pm
former tobacco executive while ending marketing and lobbying in the u.s. while health officials investigate all these cases, they're urging people who vape to stop. marcie gonzalez, abc news, los angeles. meanwhile, sales of marijuana vaping products are sinking across the u.s. some dispensaries reports that customers are choosing edibles and traditional weed. there's been a 15% decline in the market share for vape sales nationwide during the first week in september. overall sales in california fell by 6%. a connecticut man is facing reckless endangerment charges involving his 2-year-old son. >> there's a b of hend onby tookeof wngack rft rou.
4:36 pm
gettinr1 ll. tald t b from below while two others forced their way into the home after no one answered the door. inside officers woke up the boy's 23-year-old father who pulled the boy to safety. the toddler's aunt was also arrested. authorities also condemned the house which was covered in trash and had no gas running into it. >> scary. new york city police are looking for suspects in a daring robbery of a brooklyn family captured on a home surveillance system. the incident took place on monday. you see the man dressed as a fedex worker walking up the stairs of the home and enters the house, quickly follo otheman.we by once inside they tied up the two homeowners and their daughter and went searching for valuables, coordinating their efforts on walkie-talkies. a neighbor heard all this, heard the safe being dragged down the steps and snapped this photo of what is believed to be the getaway vehicle. he went inside to help and found his stunned neighbors. >> i just tried to comfort them,
4:37 pm
tried to take the tape off. very quiet. i go in, relax, take it easy. i comfort them a little bit, tried to take the tape off. they're old people. >> police say the robbers made off with $125,000 in cash and jewelry. the work emails you should be on the lookout for and why they're not quite what you think. plus -- >> having a goal to learn something so you get out of whatever funk you're in. >> using dance to promote healing. one man's mission, coming up. i'm meteorologist sandhya patel. bright skies from our emeryville camera. that's going to change as
4:38 pm
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. you've probably seen all those celebrities dancing on "dancing with the stars." some have said dancing helped change their lives. one man in southern california says ballroom dancing did change his life after his cancer diagnosis. he's hoping to pass that on to others. >> lori corbin from our sister station in los angeles has the story. >> reporter: this group traveled all the way from lake arrowhead to l.a. just to support instructor steve valentine in his new venture. >> so great to be here to talk about ballroom burn. it's an extension of getting through my illness. >> reporter: valentine is a lymphoma survivor. he discovered his oncologist was
4:41 pm
also a competitive dancer and the two teamed up. now he's on to a dance-themed healing workout for everyone. >> i've been able to take getting over the illness, two years, and turn that joy into something other people can enjoy like i did. ballroom burn is the culmination of healing, of work, of dance, of fun. >> reporter: he wants to franchise his program and bring in partners such as the american cancer society and the la pierre oh tell to raise funds and bring awareness. >> love his story of courage how he took that and made it kind of like a charging cry of health and wellness which is important to us here at the hotel very valentine teaches a 75-minute rooftop workout once a month at the hotel. there's ballroom, disco. >> we do everything, cha-cha, her ring gay, salsa. >> it's just fun.
4:42 pm
steve is fun. so he makes it what it is. >> reporter: droppi-in $25. >> he's hoping to raise over $300,000 to meet or exceed last year's goal. >> it's about dancing, feeling good, having a challenge and having a goal to learn something to you get out of whatever funk you're in. >> reporter: lori corbin, abc 7 news. >> from ballroom burn to bay area burn. that's what we had the past few days. the heat has dissipated. >> we're feeling the cooldown, sandhya. >> we'll be calling it bay area chill eventually. let me show you live doppler 7. the marine layer is back and the breeze has helped to cool us off today. tomorrow afternoon, temperatures are coming down some more. it's going to be breezy again along the coastline, 76. half moon bay low 70s around san rafael, napa. oakland. 74 in palo alto.
4:43 pm
77 in san jose. it's going to be a combination of sun and clouds forno on satu temperatures are going to slip a few more 60an70for you. sunday, even cooler. most areas except for the far inland valleys will be in the 60s. monday temperatures bottom out and it's not going to feel like september. it will feel more like november. accuweather 7-day forecast morning drizzle followed by cooler conditions. saturday and sunday temperatures dropping well below average, going into monday before we see a little bit of a warmup. not expecting any heat in the accuweather 7-day forecast. enjoy the break while we have it. october does get warm. >> right. thanks, sandhya. another fast food giant jumping into the plant patty business. are you ready for a plt? i'm "7 on your side's" cooper!
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♪ help! i need somebody ♪ help! not just anybody ♪ help! you know i need someone
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they took $12.8 billion from big tobacco. juul marketed mango, mint, and menthol flavors, addicting kids to nicotine. five million kids now using e-cigarettes. the fda said juul ignored the law with misleading health claims. now juul is pushing prop c, to overturn san francisco's e-cigarette protections. say no to juul, no to big tobacco, no to prop c.
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6 months, 6 push-ups. ready,up.. down. down. uh-uh. that's one. up. that's two. inhale. down. get down. get down. e plal scams could be targeting your job. is that email really from your
4:47 pm
boss? >> should i ignore all the emails from the boss? >> everything from the news director is to be ignored from here on out. no, no, no. not really. just this morning, the better business bureau issued this report right here. it's a shocking new study on business emails. scammers pretending to be your boss bilked more than $3 billion from american businesses using this scam over a very short period of time. joining me is lori wilson from bureau. i appreciate you joining us here. >> thank you. >> what is the scam? let's set it up. it's not so easy as i'm a prince in a foreign country, please sends me money. this is an insider scam, right? >> this can easily be an insider scam. you can get malware that ends up in your network or the scammer can just mimic your email. it's easy to do.
4:48 pm
they can send an email to your boss, to your payroll department and say, hey, i need you to change my avenue bank account. and yourut aomatic deposited to sombody else's bank. >> wow. so they have to know who your boss is and that you're an underling, right? >> absolutely. there are services that sell this information. linkedin, our own websites often have this information. it's easy for a scammer to look at one email and figure out the pattern. >> if they get one email going back and forth between larry and our news director, then what they do is see what their relationship is and try to -- what would they do next? >> if they've infiltrated the network, they know when the boss is going to be out of town. they're reading, paying attention. these ceo versions have slowed down somewhat. there's a lot of issues with vendors.
4:49 pm
so there's a school district, a high school out of state, and they were building their new football field. the con artist sends an email saying, hey, we've changed our billing information. update your computer, and they sent a $600,000 payment. it went to the scammers. the contractor doesn't get paid. >> so they get this information on the inside. how do you protect yourself? you get an e plal from your boss telling you to do something. if it sounds normal, you want to follow through. >> education. as high up as you can go. the ceo thinks, i know this already. it's an i.t. problem. it's not. everybody needs to be informed. you can set up your email system so that if somebody tries to log in, more than once, more than three times, it shuts you out. there are things that you can
4:50 pm
do. but most importantly, mich immediately, i would say, that says use the telephone. if you get an email from somebody saying i need you to wire this money, i need you to go do this, and it's surrounding a potential wire fraud, then pick up the phone and call them. walk down the hall and go ask them. >> a close friend of mine owns a business here in town, a rather large business here in town. he sent me some of these emails. one of his, whoever the person was called him and said, are you sure this is what it is you want? >> yes, that's the best thing. you can also tell your bank. you can say to your bank, i don't want you to wire funds unless you call me or michael, and that's it. that way you're protecting yourself. something really important. the ic3, fbi's internet crime center. you can go to yr
4:51 pm
company has been victimized. if you file a complaint there, within about five days, there's a really good chance they can save that mon fri inning from lost. you've got to do it quickly and you should be recording it regardless. >> lori, thanks. great information. larry, be safe out there. >> safer to delete those emails. >> you know the boss is watching. workers are looking for more collaboration and consolidation when it comes to email. communication app spike released a new study that said it revealed email is still king with 100% usage. usage of messaging apps is high. the most common reasons were that switching creates mixed communication and makes it harder to find information.
4:52 pm
mcdonald's joining a experimenting with plant-based meat. a select few mcdonald's customers can start what's a plt, plant, lettuce and tomato. the trial run will last only 12 days this canada. the patties arey southern california-based beyond meat. you know meatless burger from impossible foods is now being sold at burger king. get out and get moving. >> three, two, one. >> the workout that helps
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my bad. geico. it's easy to manage your policy whenever, wherever. can i trouble you for another marshmallow? coming up tonight at 8:00, "grey's anatomy" and at 9:00 "a million little things" and then "how to get away with murder". getting to the gym while pregnant or with a young child can be tough. there's a knew workout group
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designed with moms in mind. some say it can even help durin♪ >> with fit for mom, we kind of provide a little bit of everything. we're a rhyme and reason to leave the house in the morning. we provide you with a great total body 15-minute workout. >> before fit for mom, you either go to a gym or do a workout dvd at home. >> three, two, one. ♪ >> keep moving. >> i'm alex lindstrom. we are fit for mom north fresno. becoming a mother oddly enough is very isolating. you have a child and your world is turned upside down in the best way possible. but you find you stay at home a lot. with all the emotions and hormones, you gain weight and you want to lose the weight but
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you ear not leaving the house. with fit for mom, we're a rhyme and reason to leave the house in the morning. we provide you with a great ttal body 60-minute workout. all our instrulk tors are certified in fitness. so everything we do is safe for a mom who is either pregnant or newly postpartum or done having children. >> i have no shame in admitting i'm having trouble keeping up with them. but the amazing thing is they are doing this after just having a kid or while pregnant. i really have no excuse. >> it's also mental wellness for socialization for the mom and the child. my name is stacy howard, i have an almost 5-year-old named austin and an almost 2-year-old named andrew. it was really tricky trying to get back in when your body is used to doing nothing but taking care of the kid. that's the thing, we do moves that work certain areas, that
4:58 pm
work your arm so when you're picking up your kid, you're stronger. it's all based to help you in your everyday life. one helps with just ease of labor so you're more fit. your muscles are able to go through labor a little better. but also help ease back pain. having stronger legs, stronger core, things like that, will help lessen the symptoms that one would experience during pregnancy. >> i tell all my family and friends and everybody, it is by far my favorite. it's not just the workout. we do come to workout but we stay and let the kids play. we've all bonded and the kids have all bonded. we talk to each other and we all go through the same thing. it's nice to be able to workout and get a full body workout with your kids, too. >> it's fun to be able to be with your child and work out and
4:59 pm
not have to sacrifice anything. >> fit for mom is here in the bay area. i've done it. it's a lot of fun. thanks for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00. i'm ama daetz. abc 7 news at 5:00 starts now. it's called the new neighborhood watch. tonight the bay area's biggest city is signing on to the program. but privacy advocates say not so fast. protests at facebook after an employee suicide, demonstrators demand an investigation into what they call a toxic workplace. a search for this guy in sclera. police say he attacked a 91-year-old man. >> uber makes changes amid being criticized overrider safety. >> bartd picks new fare gates designed to cut down on cheaters. we've all seen the doorbell
5:00 pm
cameras that can catch crimes as they happen. police say the devices help bring criminals to justice. others say the issues put spying ahead of safety. all this is playing out as the san jose police department joins the move to partner up with citizen surveillance. i'm larry beil. >> i'm kristen sze. thanks for joining us. the agency joins a long list of others that have already signed on, but some say the program raises privacy and civil liberty concerns. >> abc 7 news reporter chris nguyen joining us live in san jose with that story. chris? >> reporter: the police chief telling me he looked at the pros and the cons. at the end of the day, he believes this program will help keep neighborhoods safe and give detectives more time to investigate crimes taking advantage of new technology, the san jose police department is the latest law enforcement agency to join forces with


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