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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  September 26, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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new type of gate to replace the old ones and crack down on fare cheats. eric thomas is live at concord bart with more. eric? >> and ama, the good news is 95% of the people who go through the gates pay their fair share. but the othe 5% arer a problem. the old gates have got to go. >> the voters and the riders both care about this. >> the voters get their say at the polls every few years. but at concord bart, they see it daily. remind them that 5% of riders don't pay their fare, and this is what you hear. >> it makes me really mad. >> i have to pay so everybody else should pay also. >> when i see people skip the fares, it makes me annoyed because i'm the one that pays for it. >> these old gates get a lot of the blame. they're more than 40 years old and are too easy for evaders to go over or squeeze through. >> even if you're not a bart rider and you'retaer a
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you're paying for this problem. >> bart board member deborah allen of contra costa county says her own research suggests the actual losses may be twice that much. that's why today the board voted unanimously to select these new swing style gates to replace the originals. >> similar to what you see at muni, but imagine that with plexiglas, something more modern looking and welcoming, see-through, that sort of thing. >> the new gates will be five feet tall, making them tougher to get over and squeeze through. but making that choice was easy compared to what comes next. >> the very important task of finding $150 million. >> there are many, many riders who tell me if you would just not let people flood through the system without paying, the trains would be less crowded. we would have more revenue. >> there is a timeline for all this, but it's not very exact. as alicia says, they have to find the $150 million.
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they have to do the installation at the bart stations, and then they have to wire it into their existingomputer systems. so we're looking at two years, maybe more. live at concord bart, eric thomas, abc7 news. >> eric, thank you. fare evasion not just a problem on bart. it's also an issue for muni. >> yes, but are they faring better than bart? we sent abc7 news wayne freedman to find out. >> a busy day for muni, as if there would be any other kind. places to go, things to see. >> one of bochy's last daytime games. >> it's off to the ballpark in a system which they've become accustomed, too accustomed in some cases. >> nothing surprises me. >> iowa heard everything. >> eduardo pena, a familiar face on muni if he catches you without a ticket. >> good afternoon. could everyone have their payment transfers, clipper cards, lifelines? >> system-wide muni loses 7% to fare evasion, $17 million a year. but on the light rail system,
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they believe they're doing better, and because of these gates. >> i actually don't see very many people jumping them. >> that would be an interesting contrast to the problems on bart where the honor system appears to have gone on full-time hiatus as abc7 news has documented on several occasions. >> i think these things are still too easy. people can push in behind you and people aren't going to want to stop other people from doing that. >> the gates are higher. they're quicker. more of a psychological obstacle. bart is hoping this style will work for them as well. >> so, yeah, those gates would be better for safety. >> physically, they're more of a -- >> jump. >> not that you're a jumper. >> i'm not a jumper, no. >> but for now, embarcadero station remains the place where the twain of two gate styles still meets as the trains roll on. from embarcadero station in san francisco, wayne freedman, abc7 news. >> and fare evasion is an issue for transit agencies all across the country. take a look at this video. these are fare evaders in new york city, finding all kinds of
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ways to avoid paying for the subway, underneath, stepping over. passengers say they see it all time. >> it's immoral. >> it's not fair that others get to get on for free and we get to pay. >> new york transit authority personnel estimate that 4% of riders on the subway are not paying to ride. that's similar to bart. in washington, d.c., a system built very similar to bart but with twice as many riders, the rate is much, much higher, nearly three times higher, 11.4% works out to more than 9 million stolen rides a year. >> abc7 news devoted a week to covering bart as part of our commitment to building a better bay area. you can see the stories at building a better bart is part of building a better bay area. on the peninsula protesters gathered at facebook's menlo park headquarters calling for an ple culture at the y is aox company. >> also demanding an investigation after an employee
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died by suicide last week. kris reyes has the story. >> that facebook employee was joined by others who filled the lawn in front of the sign here at headquarters. he said he joined the protest because he can relate to the man who died. >> we need the truth. we need the truth. we need a fair investigation on what on earth had happened between his suicide. >> li yen is a software engineer at facebook who says he understands the pressure and stress of working for social media giant. he was surround by other protesters who don't work at the company but say they consider the man who died as part of their community. >> some insiders have the speculation that the victim has endured extreme stress and maybe also a toxic working environment. >> facebook was not available for comment on their workplace environment, but released this statement last week. we were saddened to learn that one of our employees passed away at our menlo park headquarters.
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we're cooperating with police in their investigation and providing support to employees. jonathan tran pham is the founder of the bay area startup reflect. the company provides access to therapy services. he says career-related stress is the number one reason why people use their platform. >> there is a constant pressure in the tech community and in tech companies to be chasing metrics and chasing growth. i think if folks are saying that there is something really broken, if i were the companies, i'd really listen and say how do i fix this culture and provide more support. >> none of the protesters knew the man who died. they said they simply don't want this to happen to another employee. in menlo park, kris reyes for abc7 news. >> if you or somebody you love is struggling with suicidal thoughts, you can take action and find your ally at action. we have links to resources on suicide as well as other issues like domestic violence, bullying and school safety. prosecutors in the hillsboro heiress murder case accuse the defendant of creating a sham
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alibi the night the father of her children was killed. vu ho was in court today. prosecutors say lee used him to give her an alibi the night keith green was murdered. she and her boyfriend are accused of killing green, the father of her two children. prosecutors say lee went out of her way to pick up a rent check from ho on the night green disappeared. the defense produced text messages between lee and ho noting at one point she gave him the option to drop off the rent check the following day. the trial will resume on monday. fire crews are watching out for hot spots from a grass fire on mare island in vallejo. high winds rekindled the fire that broke out on the island yesterday. sky 7 shows the scene around 2:15 this afternoon. it took crews more than an hour to bring the 40 acre fire under control. torah university evacuated and canceled classes as a precaution. fire officials say yesterday's
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fire was sparked after a five power poles were intentionally cut down, most likely byper opieves. a skydiver was killed when she was hit by a big rig after accidentally landing on a freeway today. it happened around 2:30 p.m. the chp says the skydiver landed on the southbound lanes of 99. this is north of lodi. she was hit by a big rig and at least one other car and was pronounced dead at the scene. authorities said she was jumping with the lodi parachute center. the accident caused a chain reaction of collisions with at least three other vehicles involved. that's not clear if any of those drivers was injured. today power has been restored to all residents in the sierra foothills affected by pg&e shutoffs this week. pg&e shut off the power earlier amid the hot weather due to wildfire risk. during the shutoffs, pg&e workers spent days. they were checking power lines to make sure they'd be safe if a fire were to breck out. crews inspected nearly 2800 miles worth of lines.
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>> areas where we can get vehicles too, we will. we'll drive and do a slow pass and make sure everything is good. even though we use helicopters, we patrol with helicopters, the canopy is as bad as this is, you can't see it from the air. >> power was also cut to some north bay communities this week, but the power was restored last night. the trump administration has notified california officials that the state is failing to meet federal water quality standards. in a letter to governor newsom, the epa attributes it in part to the homelessness crisis. the letter gives newsom 30 days to demonstrate that the state has adequate authority and capability to address these issues. newsom tweeted, quote, this is about retaliation, nothing more. a truck full of bicycles stolen from an east bay nonprofit. the plea from organizers desperate to get those bikes back in the hands of kids. i'm meteorologist sandhya patel. winds of change bringing a double-digit drop in temperatures today. i'll let you know what's in store for your weekend, coming up. uber revealed some big changes to the app today. the modifications designed to
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a group of alameda fourth graders got a tough lesson this week when someone stole a truck of donated bicycles just before an educational bike safety program. the bicycles belonged to cycles of change, an oakland-base nonprofit. melanie woodrow has the story. >> for 21 years cycles of change has been teaching kids bike safety. >> it's one of the most gratifying jobs i've ever had. >> but graders at maya lynn elementary school and their parents got an unexpected lesson when someone stole a u-haul with 50 bikes
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from eighth street and santa clara avenue. >> how do you explain that to a 9-year-old? >> i can't even explain it to myself. >> the u-haul had been parked on school property for two weeks without any problems. school officials asked cycles of change to move it before the last day of safety training. >> it's because the truck is so heavy and we have a fairly knew asphalt black top out there and it actually damages the asphalt. >> we put a club on it, locks on it, lock the door, we'll be okay. but we came back in the morning and the truck was gone. >> the alameda police department is now investigating. as for the likelihood of finding the truck with the bikes in it. >> if they knew that the bikes in there and stole it, maybe the bikes are already taken. >> cycles of change is supposed to be at another school next week. >> we need secure bike storage when we're doing programs. so it's a lesson for us. >> cycles of change needs donations now more than ever, especially to replace all of the stolen bicycles. maya lynn elementary school is
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one of several donation drop off locations. the others are in oakland andam. chris and her daughter decided to donate this bike. the alameda police department is asking anyone with information to contact them. in alameda, melanie woodrow, abc7 news. the ride sharing company uber has come under fire after a news report claimed the company's special investigations unit is trained to put the company ahead of passenger safety. >> the story comes as uber announced it's ramping up its security features. abc7 news reporter lyanne melendez tells us more. >> for years uber resisted making changes to its safety features. but after intense pressure from lawmakers and customers, the head of uber's safety program rolled out the company's new safety tool kit. for one, you will now have the option of requesting a code to make sure you have the right driver. >> if the pin is the right pin, then the rider on their phone will get a confirmation that you are in the right car, and now it is okay for you to get in the
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car. >> the driver has to punch in that code. otherwise he can't continue with the ride. >> i explained how the new safety feature works to anita worth ham, a regular ride share user. >> so many lyft, so many ubers out there. and you really don't know if you're hopping in the right car because everyone is requesting at the same time. so you know if you're safely getting into the right car. >> riders or drivers can text 911 discreetly if in trouble. >> all you have to do is hit the send information and all the important information from your trip such as your current location, the driver information, the vehicle information is automatically texted to the 911 center. >> there will also be a facial recognition feature to make sure the driver with the account is the same person behind the wheel. phaps my favorite feature. the ap am close to being dropped off next to a bicycle lane. bicyclists have been injured when the passenger was not paying attention while opening the door.
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veronica sours recently moved here from chicago and agrees uber needed to enhance its safety measures. >> i think especially in a big city like, this i think something like that would help, comfortable. >> in san francisco, lyanne melendez, abc7 news. >> and today uber also announced they're slowly rolling out what they call uber transit. the service will be available in san francisco starting tomorrow, in fact. riders who select transit instead of an uber car option will now see three public transit options for their route. each option will include details about travel time, cost and walking directions to your stop. it's part of uber's effort to transition into a one-stop shop for transportation. so far san francisco city workers have spent more than 53 hours trying to clean up a giant mural that was painted on montgomery street. you can see they're not finished. they'll be back out there tonight. climate activists painted that mural between pine and sacramento streets during a day-long protest in support of
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the green new deal yesterday. te city has spent $6600 on the cleanup as it is. the city will try to get the activists to pay for it if those responsible can be identified. family and friends gather to honor korean war veterans at a special ceremony in san francisco today. 72 new commemorative tiles were added to the wall of remembrance at the korean war memorial. these will be the last tiles to be added to that memorial in the presidio. marilyn beecham hood and her family came to honor their father killed in 1951. he was a tuskegee airman and a prisoner of war during world war ii. >> i felt like he wouldn't have wanted us to miss it. so we're here to celebrate my dad. >> i'd like to recognize all those that fought, over 30,000 u.s. servicemen that were killed in the war. it's just tragic. >> the memorial is the final resting place for more than
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2,000 korean war vets. the teachers of the year in contra costa county are being honored right now in concord. for gina capelly, shea and maureen mattson. they will represent contra costa county in the teacher of the year program. congratulations to all of them. >> great to recognize the teachers. they're so important. they all need more money. pay them more. >> that's true. >> let's get to the weather. sandhya patel, she has plenty of money. [ laughter ] >> good evening, everyone. larry, am marks take a look at live doppler 7. we have a marine layer that is pushing into the north bay right now. that marine layer definitely helped to drive our temperatures down. it is up to 25 degrees cooler right now in concord than it was at this time yesterday. 14-degree drop in san francisco. down 22 in novato. san jose 18 degrees cooler. you can feel the difference.
6:19 pm
look at the delta breeze. out of the southwest to 40 right now in fairfield. it's a south wind to 28 in san francisco. so the winds are definitely gusting. and tonight if you're stepping out, i would grab a light jacket or a sweater to keep you comfortable. tomorrow we're going to be looking at gusty winds again, as you will notice out of the west-southwest anywhere from 25 to about 30 miles per hour at times. here is a live picture from our kgo roof camera and the embarcadero. you can see the flags and the trees blowing in the wind. san francisco 70 degrees. oakland, you're at 75. 76 in san jose. half moon bay 66 degrees. a beautiful view from our emhave iville camera. 68 in santa rosa. low to mid-70s. much more comfortable, napa, fairfield, petaluma. 77 degrees in livermore. a live picture from our santa cruz camera where you will notice the clouds are stack up. widespread fog and patchy morning drizzle tomorrow. cooling trend continues. we're going see below average temperatures through early next
6:20 pm
week. the hour-by-hour forecast, 7:00 tonight, you can see where the fog and low clouds are. as we go into tomorrow morning, it's going to be extensive. gray start for all of the bay area. even some patches of drizzle to start off your morning commute. and then for the afternoon and evening, we'll see those clouds sweeping away, at least from parts of the bay area. when you head out the door tomorrow morning, you will need to bundle up. low 50s to low 60s. there will be some patchy drizzle, certainly overcast skies. and then for the afternoon, it is going to be a mild day for inland valleys. 77 in concord. 78 in antioch. 73 napa, san rafael. 72346 santa rosa. up to 70 in oakland. san francisco, half moon bay, mid-60s. still another breezy one. 71 in san mateo. and 74 in palo alto. a look at the accuweather seven-day forecast. temperatures trending lower right on through the weekend and into monday. you will notice those numbers will be in the upper 70s tomorrow, but going down to the low 70s on monday. temperatures near the coast low to mid-60s.
6:21 pm
below average numbers right on through the weekend into early next week. and we will see a little bit of a temperature round both tuesday and wednesday. but we're not expecting any hot weather here in the next seven days. ama, larry? >> all right, sandhya, thank you. we have some heartbreaking news to update you on. a young south bay girl that we first introduced you to this spring lost her battle with cancer. in april, the santa clara county sheriff's office surprised sophia trinidad and her family with a trip to disneyland. sophie, as she was known, was able to make that trip in june. she was battling brain cancer. her mother tells us she lost her battle yesterday. she'll be remembered on monday in a funeral mass at st. mary's parish in gilroy. her family says donations in memory of sophie can be made to the team lilly foundation, and we have more information for you there at sophia trinidad was only 10 years ol
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per share. the bikes start at $2200 with a $40 a month subscription. brand-new accusations are being levied against dunkin' donuts tonight for not telling thousands of customers they were part of a security breach. they're suing for the 2015 hack. nearly 20,000 customers had their online account information stolen. prosecutors claim dunkin' failed to full by live investigate and warned more than 300,000 customers in another cyber attack last year. mcdonald's joining a growing list of fast food restaurants experimenting with plant-based meat. >> starting monday, a select few mcdonald's customers can try what's being called a plt. that's plant, lettuce, tomato. the trial run will run only 28 days happening in 28 locations and ontario, canada. the paddies are being provided by beyond meat. a meatless burger made by impossible foods of redwood city is now being sold at burger king. >> it is all the rage right now. >> it really is.
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all right. the nation's top intelligence officer in the hot seat. >> this is not okay. that conversation is not okay. >> i believe that everything here in this matter is totally unprecedented. >> today's hearing in washington, d.c. the cdc has confirmed hundreds more cases of lung injury illnesses related to vaping. today california's attorney general says this has to stop. "star wars" fans, listen up. we have a sneak preview. new merchandi
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now news to build a better bay area, from abc7. >> are you responsible for preventing election interference? >> election interference -- >> by a foreign government? >> congressman, election interference -- >> i hope you know this answer as yes or no. >> east bay congressman eric swalwell among the lawmakers who were grilling the acting director of national intelligence today about that whistle-blower complaint. democrats are accusing the white house of a cover-up. >> today in an audio recording obtained by "the l.a. times," the president described the whistle-blower and officials who helped him as, quote, close to a
6:30 pm
spy. abc7 news reporter rachel scott has the story from capitol hill. >> the nation's top intelligence official in the hot seat and on the defensive. >> if the inspector general had not brought this complaint to our attention, you and the trump administration might have gotten away with this unprecedented action. >> just because it was not forwarded to this committee does not mean that it went unanswered. >> the acting director of national intelligence, joseph maguire pitted between lawmakers and the white house at the heart of that complaint from someone in the intelligence community, a july phone call between president trump and the president of ukraine where trump repeatedly urged him to investigate his potential 2020 rival joe biden and his son. in this redacted version, the whistle-blower says white house officials were deeply disturbed by that call and reported hearing that officials were directed to remove the electronic transcript from the computer systems where they are normally stored. but that complaint was blocked by the administration and not passed on to congress, as
6:31 pm
required by law. >> this is a cover-up. this is a cover-up. >> the president insists he has done nothing wrong. >> my call was perfect. >> according to an audio recording obtained by "the l.a. times" at a private event with diplomats in new york today, the president had this to say about the whistle-blower. >> who is the person who gave the whistle-blower the information? because that's close to a spy. you know what we used to do in the old days when we were smart with the spies and treason. we used to handle it a little differently than we do now. >> some republicans standing their ground, rushing to the president's defense. but there are some cracks in the party's support for the president. >> i want to say to the president this is not okay. that conversation is not okay. >> while maguire defended his handling of the complaint, he also called it unprecedented. following that complaint, some are trying to nail down the identity of the whistle-blower. well, the whistle-blower's attorneys are speaking out against that this afternoon saying it would come at the risk of their personal safety.
6:32 pm
rachel scott, abc news, capitol hill. >> now we caught up with democratic presidential candidate julian castro. he happens to be in the bay area. he told abc7 news the whistle-blower's complaint and today's testimony by acting dni maguire confirmed that the white house engaged in a cover-up, and that bold action needs to be taken. >> the evidence is going to show that this president has committed a crime that he tried to use his office in an abuse of power to have a political opponent investigated by a foreign entity in conjunction with the united states government, and he should be removed from office. >> castro says the whistle-blower's complaints suggest that there are others who know what happened in this case and that they should be called before congress to testify. at 5:52 this morning, we sent out a push alert through our abc7 news news app that the intelligence director was to be testify. to get alerts like these, download the abc7 news app and enable the push alerts. an update tonight on those
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looking to beat president trump in 2020. a new poll shows how candidates are faring in california so far. the uc berkeley poll released this week has 29% of likely democrat voters supporting senator elizabeth warren. 20% supporting joe biden. 19% are supporting bernie sanders. 8% are supporting kamala harris, bay area native. harris may have an opportunity to rally some hometown support this weekend. she is opening her first california campaign office in oakland on sunday. a california businessman was sentenced today to four months in prison for paying $400,000 to get his son into georgetown. this is part of that college admissions scandal. los angeles business developer stephen siemprevivo. authorities say he conspired to get his son into georgetown as a tennis recruit even though he didn't play the sport competitively. he is the third parent to be sentenced in that scandal. the cdc says now more than
6:34 pm
800 people across the country have lung injuries likely linked to vaping. health officials in georgia and florida announce two more vaping-related deaths today, bringing the count to 12. almost 40% of the case involve people younger than 21 years old. california attorney general xavier becerra spoke in los angeles, where he helped launch a new campaign to inform people about the dangerous of vaping, especially for teenagers. >> let no one be deceived in how serious this problem of vaping has become. when you find that people are dying. >> the cdc still doesn't know what chemical or compound is causing the problems. they have seen symptoms from people that smoke only thc or nicotine liquids as well as people who use both. a civil rights group has added dozens of new entries to its database of hate symbols. one of the new entries to the anti-defamation league database the okay hand gesture, the adl says that's used by far right
6:35 pm
extremists as an expression of white supremacy. also added to the list, dylann roof's bowl haircut. the ada says the haircut image or emoji is used by white supremacists to symbolize roof who killed nine black parishioners in south carolina in 2018. adl launched the database in 2000 to help law enforcement officers and others recognize signs of extremist activity. harmful chemicals like stain removers and carpet leaners were found in 74 california water systems, possibly exposing 7.5 million people to toxic drinking water. a report by the environmental working group fund of those 74 contaminated water systems, about 40 % of them had samples that exceeded the environmental protection agency's health advisory level. none of the water sources were in the bay area. community with the highest were corona, camp pendleton, oroville, rosemont and parts of
6:36 pm
sacramento. the california institute of technology just received the second largest tone the nation ever for a university. stewart and linda resnick are giving caltech $750 million for climate and environmental research. that money will go towards studying sustainability initiatives and building a research center on campus. the resnicks own the wonderful company that has brands like fiji water and palm wonderful under its corporate umbrella. another british royal wedding appears aboto be on the horizon. princess beatrice got engaged to eduardo mozee. prince andrew's oldest child and queen elizabeth's granddaughter. she is ninth in line for the throne. coming up on abc7 news at 6:00 -- >> a san jose man has been in a coma now for 27 years. ahead on 7 on your side, why his desperate mother turned to me for help. plus, the sneak peek we got today of the new "st plus, the sneak peek we got
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they took $12.8 billion from big tobacco. juul marketed mango, mint, and menthol flavors, addicting kids to nicotine. five million kids now using e-cigarettes. the fda said juul ignored the law with misleading health claims. now juul is pushing prop c, to overturn san francisco's e-cigarette protections. say no to juul, no to big tobacco, no to prop c. brown news. i know you missed it. he may not be giving up on the nfl just yet. brown, who was released by the
6:40 pm
raiders and the patriots said he was done with the nfl. that was less than a week ago. today brown tweeted, quote, i'm still the best. why stop now? he followed that with a suggestion he'd be part of a fourth team some time this year and ts in florida this week. he then responded to a whole bunch of tweets. brown is currently facing a sexual assault lawsuit and denies the allegations. a new study is denying the toll long commutes takes on people's well-being. scoop released the study. it reiterates some of what we know, that commutes are getting longer because americans are finding it harder to live close to work. the study also says nearly two-thirds, 62% of people report not applying to jobs based on commute. 30% have considered quitting their jobs based on the commute, and 31% of people think they would make healthier food choices with a shorter commute. half think they would exercise eythk and more than a third if you're a fan of "star wars," the countdown is on.
6:41 pm
>> yes. today abc7 got a sneak peek of triple force friday. on friday, october 4th, creators of the "star wars" empire will unveil new merchandise to mark upcoming installments of the franchise. >> the rise of skywalker. >> you say that so well. >> that is the latest episode of -- the series is 40 years old. it's being joined by new live action show on disney plus streaming called the mandalorian. creators say fans have stayed loyal through the series evolution. >> absolutely. we have collectors have product which stretches back to 1977, and then throughout the course of the last 40 years, then generation after generation of new fans have joined the party. >> and what's party without the right light saber? there is no party. disney is of course the parent company of both lucasfilm and abc7. coming up, a devoted mom in san jose. she's cared for her comatose son
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her comatose son for 27 years, and then she lost the lifeline to her son's doctors. >> so she turned to 7 on your side's michael finney for help. he is here with this story. michael? >> i can't imagine the stress she was under. this woman's love for her son is truly remarkable. as you might imagine, it's important for her to keep in close contact with the doctors. when her phone went out, she became desperate for a fix. maria resos looks lovingly at her son. she's cared for him since a horrible accident left him in a coma 27 years ago. >> mommy love you. mommy love you so much. >> this is one of the last photos he took prior to his accident. driving home on highway 17 from santa cruz, a driver cut in front of him, causing him to swerve off the embankment. the accident left him with a brain injury. >> first was that was horrible because this was young beautiful boy and suddenly he was in this
6:46 pm
condition that he cannot move. >> nearly every day various volunteers dom the home to help. she does not allow them to leave without joining her for an assortment of homemade treats. >> one, two. with the help of a caregiver and many volunteers, yann takes part in movement exercises to prevent his ligaments from becoming stiff. russell burdock did not know the family at all but agreed to volunteer in the year 2000. he says what keeps him coming back is faith that yann will one day recover. >> i feel it's not a matter of if he wakes up. it's just a matter of when. >> maria says three doctors closely monitor his care. she became concerned when she lost phone service after agreeing to bundle her phone, television, and internet service with at&t. >> they wtan digital to make the cheaper phone, but they disconnect me and they
6:47 pm
don't put me digital. >> she says several workers scheduled to repair her phone failed to show up. this went on for two and a half weeks. >> that's scary when you have someone sick like my son. >> finally, she called 7 on your side and we reached out to at&t. the very next day, she had phone service. she can now focus her attention back on yann. >> yeah, i love you so much. you are beautiful. >> at&t said it could not comment on the delay in her service but said it was happy to resolve the situation. i want to hear from you. the 7 on your side hotline is open monday through friday, 10:00 to 2:00, 415-954-8151. you can also reach me on my facebook page and it was a pretty resolve for us to get that done. >> such a difficult situation for her and her whole family. pray future a miracle. thank you, michael. all right. it's time to get one last check on our weather.
6:48 pm
>> here is sandhya. >> the marine layer is beginning to expand again, as you look at live doppler 7. it's going to make a pretty big push overnight tonight. tomorrow morning we're going to start with drizzle. tomorrow afternoon cooling will continue. warmest inland valleys will be on the mild side in the mid- to upper 70s. right near the coast in the mid-60s there will be a lot more cloud cover around, while into the afternoon filtering the sunshine. if it's not cool enough for you, we're going drop those temperatures a few more degrees on saturday. mid-70s inland. sunday mostly 60s, 70s. barely making it to 74 in fairfield. and monday is when the temperatures will bottom out as a cold canadian low drops down, brings the sierra snow for us. it's just going to mean a cooling trend that will continue right on through monday before we turn it around and good a little bit milder tuesday and wednesday. ama and larry? >> i'm in for dan. anthony flores handling sports. you have some travel plans and a
6:49 pm
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now sports from abc7 news. >> the raiders are packing an extra suitcase this weekend. you see after their game in indianapolis, they're not coming back to oakland. they're heading to london where they'll take on the bears. the raiders are in the middle of
6:52 pm
a grueling stretch, where they will not play a home game for seven weeks. they're 1-2 after losing at minnesota. quarterback derek carr is kpft the raiders will be able to tackle the challenges of playing on the road and get back on the winning track. >> our communication needs to be better on the road. when it's noisy, our nonverbal communication is definitely something i took away. and then me just trying not to do too much. i dent overreact after one or two games, to be honest with you. we play a pretty solid defense in week one, did some good things. but we just got to be more consistent and better communicators. i think we're going to be all right. >> going, going, almost gone. bruce bochy has just three games remaining as manager of the giants. the orange and black wrapping up their series with the rockies. this is a great way to spend the afternoon. tyler beatty bringing the high heat. he struck out seven but would leave the game in the third inning. he is having an mri on his left side. bottom four now, mike yaz
6:53 pm
yastrzemski. 429 feet. now the fifth. tied again. but mauricio with a single to right. misplays the hop that allows a run to score and the giants take a 3-2 lead. dubon adding some insurance in run of the fourth home 3 for 4 on the day. the giants win and end the season with a series against the dodgers. bombs away. phil mickelson beginnng his golf season in napa. the first round of the safeway open. mickelson in trouble on the par 5 fifth. he has already hit it out of bounds, and look what he does again. another shot. that's past the road. he would take a 9 on the hole. finishes plus 3. how about former cowboys quarterback tony romo. a 2 under par 70. look at that. stanford senior isaiah salinda making his pga tour debut. drains the birdie on 10.
6:54 pm
shot even par 72. two are tied for the lead at 7 under. imagine going on a shopping spree where you don't have to look at the price tag. warriors guard jacob evans took some young fans to the warriors team store today and said get whatever you want. it's on me. ♪ >> get to it. >> everybody, just grab a ball. like this? >> oh, no. >> with the strap on the back? >> it's probably the most fun i've ever had spending money. >> we're going try. >> we're going try. >> we're going to try. you want to this one? >> yeah. >> got you. >> it's a lot better when you're not looking for stuff. y'all go ahead. a jersey? a jacob jersey? >> yes! >> here we go. xl, xl.
6:55 pm
>> i think for them just knowing that somebody cares and people cared enough to make this all happen is so cool. they're really having the time of their lives. >> you ready? let 'em know. let 'em know. >> i'm telling y'all, they got some nice things in here. >> i can tell the excitement, the joy this day brought to them. that's what i get out of it. making the next person happy. that's something that i kind of pride myself on. >> thank you. ♪ >> and the warriors open the preseason october 5th at chase center against the lakers. and after a little bit of searching and going hey, can you bring out the boxes from the back, the most popular jersey told today, number 10, jacob evans' jersey. >> i bet steph's jersey. >> just today because he was the one buying it. >> but, you know, so much fun. and on the basketball side, jacob evans is going to get more
6:56 pm
minutes this year. he hardly played last year. he had the surgery on his finger. his shot was all messed up. players are going to get the opportunity to play at least until klay comes uback and we see where they're at after losing kevin durant, andre iguodala. it's going to be exciting. for the first time in a long time, they won't be the favorites every night they step out. wich will be exciting, i think. >> it's going to be a breath of fresh air. they could be the most dangerous eighth seed in nba play-off history. thank you. join us tonight for abc7 news at 11:00. >> i'm police have issued a challenge to the public. help them find this man who allegedly attacked a 91-year-old man who was visiting his wife's grave site. also, are airplane seats too tight to be safe? the faa plans to find out. coming up tonight on abc7 at 8, it's "grey's anatomy." at 9:00 catch a million lilg
6:57 pm
things followed by how to get away with murder at 10:00 and stay with us for abc7 news at 11:00. and stick around. jimmy kimmel live comes on at 11:35. tonight's guest viola davis from how to get away with murder. >> that's going to do it for this edition of abc7 news. look for breaking news on our abc7 news app. >> for all of us, the entire >> for all of us, the entire abc7 news team we hope you have ♪ sup. wh- whacha doing? i'm watching food. try my $3 cheddar bacon loaded curly fries. get 'em delivered with doordash. thiwith the world's firstdo, invisible trailer. try my $3 cheddar bacon loaded curly fries. invisible trailer? hop in. silverado offers an optional technology package with up to 15 different views- ediew that makes your trailer appear invisible. wow. that's pretty sweet.
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