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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  September 29, 2019 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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i'll see you right back here at 6:00. tonight, the whistle-blower in the trump complaint ready to testify. as the impeachment battle heats up, the president's allies rush to his defense as he lashes out on twitter. also breaking, inmates on the loose. and now the manhunt intensifying. four ohio inmates overpowering two female guards. police say they're all extremely dangerous. the midair scare. passengers watching through the window as an engine panel flaps in the wind. the pilots turning back. the showdown in the streets. as clashes in hong kong take a violent new turn. protesters beaten by police before other demonstrators jump in. all setting up what could be a fierce face-off this week. also tonight, a female suspect taking a victim hostage inside of a police station with a meat officers too.
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terror at the mall? the new charges just revealed after a suspect drove a vehicle through the front door of a sears. what authorities say they discovered on the suspect's cell phone. and winter's first blast. more than three feet of snow for some while millions from the midwest to the northeast get ready for one more taste of summer. and good evening. thanks for joining us on this sunday. we begin with major developments involving president trump, the whistle-blower complaint, and what could be a key moment in the impeachment battle. several allies of the president coming to his defense today, amid increasing pressure over the phone call with the president of ukraine. but democrats say the investigation into whether the president abused his power is moving forward. and quickly. tonight, adam schiff has confirmed the whistle-blower is
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ready to testify. the controversy sets up what could be a defining week for president trump and the race for the white house. here's david wright. >> reporter: today the president's defenders fanned out. >> salem witch trials have more due process than this. >> reporter: lashing out at the impeachment inquiry. >> the president of the united states is the whistle-blower. and this individual is a saboteur trying to undermine a democratically elected government. >> reporter: this weekend the president himself tweeted a defiant white house video, blasting the democrats. >> they're trying to stop me because i'm fighting for you. and i'll never let that happen. >> we're moving forward with all speed and that's really what's important here. >> reporter: one of the democrats leading the congressional hearings, house intelligence committee chair adam schiff, says the whistle-blower who filed the initial complaint against the president is ready to testify, with precautions taken to preserve that person's identity. >> so when do you expect to hear from the whistle-blower?
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>> very soon. you know, it will depend probably more on how quickly the director of national intelligence can complete the security clearance process for the whistle-blower's lawyers but we're ready to hear from the whistle-blower as soon as that is done. >> reporter: today the president's personal lawyer, rudy giuliani, named more than 30 times in the whistle-blower report, suggested he'll only cooperate with the congressional inquiry if the president says he can. >> will you cooperate with the house intelligence committee? >> i wouldn't cooperate with adam schiff. if they put a neutral person in, who hasn't pre-judged the case, if they put someone in, a democrat who hasn't expressed an opinion yet. >> so that's your answer, you're not going to cooperate? >> i didn't say that. i said i will consider it. >> you said you wouldn't do it. you won't cooperate with adam schiff. >> i said i will consider it. i have to be guided by my client. >> reporter: a new abc news/ipsos poll suggests that, for now, the public is giving congress the benefit of the doubt. asked how serious a problem is the allegation that trump encouraged the ukrainian president to investigate
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joe biden and his son in that july phone call, 43% said "very serious." 20% said "somewhat serious." former homeland security adviser tom bossert said he's deeply disturbed by the phone call. >> it's a bad day and a bad week for the president and this country if he's asking for political dirt on an opponent. >> reporter: tonight, house speaker nancy pelosi tells "60 minutes" the call is just part of the investigation. >> it is not just what happens in the call, it's part of the sequencing of events as well. you withdraw a couple hundred million dollars' worth of assistance to a country and then a couple of days later say, by the way, can you help me with my campaign, in other words, there's a sequencing there. >> david, we heard adam schiff in your report, the committee will move forward quickly. congress is in a two-week recess, but the committee is still calling witnesses?
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>> reporter: it is. and at a quick pace. they expect to hear from the former u.s. ambassador to ukraine, and the former u.n. special envoy to ukraine. and they'll hear from the inspector general who called the complaint credible and of urgent concern. that testimony will likely be taken behind closed doors. >> david, thank you. next tonight to the manhunt for four inmates on the loose. it's now expanding to several states. officials in ohio say four men overpowered two female corrections officers and had a car waiting for them. tonight, that vehicle recovered across state lines. but they're still on the run, and are said to be extremely dangerous. here's zachary kiesch. >> reporter: tonight, an all-out manhunt for four inmates described as extremely dangerous who forced their way out of jail. >> our detectives have established that the inmates had
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the assistance in escaping from at least one individual on the outside. >> reporter: officials say the four overpowered two female corrections officers just after midnight, forcing their way out with homemade weapons at the gallia county jail in ohio. >> the homemade weapon was what is commonly referred to as a shank. >> reporter: one gained access to the administration wing of the jail where he stole the keys to one of the police vehicles and drove away. police say the inmates had a vehicle waiting for them one block south. now law enforcement in three states are working to apprehend the inmates. this afternoon, pennsylvania police locating the getaway vehicle. and out of an abundance of caution, officials shutting down and evacuating this mall, but so far, no sign of the inmates. tom, this is the second time in just a month that one of the inmates escaped from this jail. lots of questions tonight about the security of that facility. tom?
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>> zachary, thank you. now to the midair scare onboard a flight heading to orlando. passengers witnessing an engine panel flapping in the wind during the flight. the pilots quickly returning to denver. here's diane macedo. >> reporter: it's among the last things you want to see when looking out of your airplane window midflight. a panel partially detached from the engine, flapping in the wind. united flight 293 had just left denver when the pilot called for help. >> we need to get back to denver relatively quickly. >> when you get a chance, nature of the emergency. >> an engine panel has become detached from the airplane, we have about 6 hours of fuel and we have 196 people. >> reporter: the flight was headed for orlando, but just before 8:30 a.m., roughly a half-hour after takeoff, it landed safely back in denver. this photo of the plane on the ground shows the mangled panel with the interior of the engine exposed.
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united says in a statement, "united flight 293 from denver to orlando returned to the airport due to a mechanical issue with one of the engines. the flight landed safely and taxied to a gate where customers deplaned normally." and united says those customers are finally out of denver. according to the airline, they departed on a different aircraft headed to orlando. tom? >> diane, thank you. and now to a new potential safety issue involving boeing passenger planes. the faa instructing airlines to inspect all boeing 737 ng jet liners after reports of cracking on a part that helps attach the wing to the fuselage. the report comes as the 737 max fleet remains grounded in the wake of two deadly crashes. now overseas to hong kong and one of the most violent days in 17 weeks of demonstrations. new video showing protesters firing objects at police, and officers cracking down with batons. before other protesters jump in. more protests expected tuesday
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despite a police ban. as china marks 70 years of communist rule. ian pannell is once again in hong kong. >> reporter: it was terrifying clashes like these that china's leaders were hoping to contain. mass clashes on the streets of hong kong turning violent again. molotov cocktails hurled by pro-democracy protesters exploding into balls of flame. others tearing bricks from the sidewalk to use as missiles. the police storming into the crowd with brute force, and some fought back. in response, tear gas. round after round. move back. our team caught in the cross-fire. thank you. as protesters fled baton-wielding police, some were snatched, zip-tied, and marched off. others pinned to the ground, knees to their necks. you hear the sound of some kind of shot.
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i'm not sure what it is. rubber bullets, tear gas. and look, you see the water cannons just come out. this week is critically important to beijing. china preparing for its 70th anniversary celebrations on tuesday. president xi wants to showcase a new, modern, peaceful and prosperous china. but protesters in hong kong want the world to see its other face. taking to the streets for four tumultuous months. some even equating beijing's rule with the nazi regime. and tonight, with tensions high, the question is, who will blink first? >> ian, joining us live from hong kong. tuesday, a milestone for china. >> reporter: a huge milestone, where china plans to exhibit its economic and military right. but if protesters have their
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way, we'll see something else. we're expecting an uptick in violence. one group calling itself the expendables, expected to do more than just hurl stones. tom? >> ian, thank you. next tonight, a terror charge has been filed against a man who drove an suv into a suburban chicago shopping mall. you may remember the frightening scene, shoppers scrambling for safety. the driver was taken into custody at the scene. now authorities revealing what they found on his phone. here's kaylee hartung. >> reporter: tonight, this man behind the wheel of this horrifying attack on a mall, charged with terrorism. >> yo, this is not happening right now. >> reporter: the mayhem caught on this cell phone video. you hear the tires screeching. >> oh, my god! >> reporter: and people hysterically screaming. running for their lives. >> i was helping a customer, then all of a sudden, this suv
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started coming towards my kiosk. if i had stayed there, i would be gone. >> reporter: the state's attorney's office saying there's evidence the attack was planned. officials claim the suspect's cell phone history showed he searched woodfield mall, aerials, and the premises 124 times in the 24 hours leading up to the attack. 35 of the searches allegedly focusing on the sears store he initially plowed into. >> law enforcement has always been concerned about malls. it also unfortunately is a fairly soft target. there's actually no way to defend against possible bad behavior. >> reporter: no one was injured, but new details reveal more about the depth of the chaos. authorities describing how the driver narrowly missed a train attraction transporting children. and two off-duty police officers pulled him out of the car and detained him until police arrived.
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a judge denied him bond today. his defense attorney saying he's being treated for bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. but no criminal history. >> kaylee, thank you. now to a school bus driver allegedly drunk on the job in washington state. already facing a dui charge after a student called 911. tonight, frightening video from inside that bus. and you can hear the children screaming in fear. here's rachel scott. >> oh, my god, she's crazy. >> reporter: tonight, parents in washington state getting a first look at their children's terrifying bus ride home from school. >> whoa, whoa. >> reporter: police say the driver, 48-year-old catherine maccarone, was under the influence while behind the wheel earlier this month. newly released video capturing the panic on the bus. young students screaming, on the edge of their seats. >> i am crazy. i'm totally crazy. >> reporter: a boy rushing home to call 911, telling the operator his driver sped through
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three red lights. >> she's, like, wobbling and then her eyes, you can tell she was drunk. >> did she smell of alcohol? >> her breath sort of smelled like alcohol. >> reporter: maccarone, driving 90 students that afternoon, later arrested. >> this is going to be a dui. >> is it? >> yeah. >> i was hoping the kid wasn't right. >> reporter: she's charged with a dui and two counts of reckless endangerment. officers noting they smelled an obvious odor of intoxicants. that school district says it has implemented new safety procedures to better screen for drivers. as for that driver, she couldn't be reached for comment but she has since resigned. she will appear in court in about two weeks. tom? >> rachel, thank you. next tonight to extreme weather on both coasts. the first winter storm of the season slamming the high rockies. dumping more than three feet of snow in some spots. and a major warmup from the midwest to northeast. with one more taste of summer, heat is in store. brittany bell is tracking it all.
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good evening. >> reporter: this is a record-breaking winter storm. and is snow is still falling from washington to montana. wind alerts and a red flag warning due to the fast-moving dry air in the south. cooler air, that will dive in. along the front, heavy rainfall in the upper midwest and southern plains. and ahead, summerlike air continues. highs on wednesday, 93 in washington, d.c., raleigh, and atlanta. new york city, a high of 88 degrees. could get close to a record. raleigh broke a high today, and they could do that again wednesday and thursday. >> brittany, thank you. still ahead on "world news tonight" this sunday, the tense moments inside a police precinct when a woman with a meat cleaver takes a hostage. plus, the violent road rage incident.
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police asking for your help in locating these women tonight. and the massive explosion. the blaze sending smoke and flames reaching high into the sky. what happened here? stay with us. (kickstart my heart by motley crue)) (truck honks) (wheels screeching) (clapping)
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5:49 pm
gun. >> i do believe the quick response of the officers helped to de-escalate and getting the suspect under control, and eliminating the threat as soon as possible. >> reporter: their fast response, likened to this showdown in new york city this summer. a man swinging a knife, walking into this precinct. one officer tasing the 26-year-old, who drops to the floor. >> when we subdued him he did say, why didn't you shoot me. >> reporter: officials say the man suffers from mental health issues and was not charged. but in this most recent case, the suspect is facing several charges including kidnapping and assault with a deadly weapon. she's out on bail and has not entered a plea. tom? >> marci, thank you. when we come back, the sightseeing chopper falling right out of the sky at a packed fairground. we'll be right back. packed fairground. we'll be right back. automatically goes into a money market fund when you open a new account. and fidelity's rate is higher than e*trade's,
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5:53 pm
incident. police looking for the driver of that black car who cut into traffic, apparently wielding a baseball bat, taking a swing at another car. the situation then escalating, punches being thrown. police say the video is key to the investigation. and panic at a pennsylvania fairground. a sightseeing helicopter crashing into a parking lot. the pilot and two passengers being treated in the hospital. no one on the ground was hurt. and when we come back, the incredible story of two cousins who never thought they would see each other again. stay with us. stay with us. think i could be a champion like you? - of course you can. and you can call me sue. - [jibber] jibber jabber, coming through! salutations, famous female of orange round ball. - would you like an autograph? - [jabber] excuse me. (crowd muttering) - [woman] is that paper mache? - it's you. - [woman] wow. - [narrator] jibber jabber ruins everything. - is it? - [woman] i am confused. - [narrator] at symetra life insurance company
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cousins, best friends, believing each had perished long ago. tonight, the incredible surprise. holocaust survivor morris sana's life has taken so many twists and turns and now at 87, maybe the surprise of his life. seeing his cousin simon meyerovitch, who he hasn't seen since they were children in romania in the 1940s. morris thought his relative had been killed by the nazis. >> his last memory is to come to the orphanage to visit simon and to say good-bye because he was running away from the nazis. >> reporter: morris eventually escaping, making it to israel and started the search for any surviving family members, but time and again the results were grim. >> they were listed as perished in the holocaust. >> reporter: morris and his family never gave up hope, turning to social media. >> it started with my cousin from houston, carol, placing an
5:58 pm
ad on facebook. >> reporter: it took nine more years after that facebook post, but then simon's granddaughter saw it and quickly reached out. >> i was in shock. >> reporter: simon was alive living in england. confirming the news that the family was related. and here is that moment again. morris and simon finally back together. >> good to see you. >> good to see you too after all these years. >> 75 years. >> 75 years you waited. >> 75 years. >> it's a long time. we got each other now. >> reporter: now sharing a lifetime of history and hope. >> if it happened to us, it might happen to someone else. this is a beautiful story. >> 75 years, incredible. thanks so much for watching. i'm tom llamas in new york. "gma" first thing in the
5:59 pm
morning. good night. senator harris in the bay area. campaigning for the white house. is cannabis a treatment for autism? why scientists are researching the possibility. i consider myself the luckiest man on the face of this earth. thank you. thank you. thank you for making it so. love y'all. >> with a nod to baseball storied past. giants manager bids farewell. retiring after leading the orange and black to three world
6:00 pm
series championships during his tenure. >> good evening. thanks for joining us. we have team coverage tonight. talking with fans but we start with chris. and a lot of former players came back for the farewell. >> you're exactly right. we're here on the field. an hour past since i talked to you. we went to the clubhouse. what day it's been in san francisco. the ceremony just happened. bruce bochy will be a hall of famer some day. finished with 2,000 and three wins. very bonds from 07. and all here today. marking the final day of the career. he's 64. as you would imagine he had some emotion. >> i have been blessed to manage some i have always tried to look at