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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  September 30, 2019 5:00pm-5:29pm PDT

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legl'sim republic of china gets classified information from the united states. >> in fact, the u.s. attorney's office says the northern district of california is ground zero for a largely secret battle between prc a thanks for jockey us. i'm dion lim. >> and i'm ama daetz. the fbi and the department of justice say the bay area man wa anthony joins us live now from outside that home. and laura, this is a very elaborate di unso>>as cngwerelle , it is. neighbors here tell us, though, that the man they know as edward peng has lived here eight years with his family, including small children. they say they noticed his flashy cars, but they never had anyham. the video looks innocuous. nmaa a hotel room, at one point openingawern.
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but according to officials from the u.s. justice department, what it ryllea is a spy hard at work for the people's republic of china. >> theha cesrg provide a rare glimpse into the efrts telepho s of the prc to >>ed overd a from 2015 to 2018, a complaint added xuehua peng conducted numerous dead drops in georgia and in the bay area, acting as an illegal peng allegedly used hotel room in newark and oakland to leave a bag of cash for an informant, usually in exchange for an sd card loaded with sensitive information. a card that peng would personally deliver to chinese g.icials in beijin >> d cdard is potent combination of age old spy craft and modern technology. >> on friday inmo home.
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a neighbor shared these still photos with abc7 news. according to the neighbor, agents spent several hours at eouse gathering evidence. >> it' really surprising. th's crazy. >>ing that you thought was suspicious? >> he seems like he had a lot of money. i mean driving a porsche, a tesla. every day he almost had amazon orders coming in. >> peng is being held without bo he is schedulednd to be back in san francisco federal court on wednesday morning. if convicted on all charges, he faces up to ten years in prison and a $250,000 fine. in haywauar anthony, abc7 news. >> a storye follow. laura anthony, thank you. federal grand jury has indicted a bay area coast guard commander on charges of painkil into the country. three s counts of importing the
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drug tramadolrom germany and f singapore. customs and border patrol says during mail inspections at john f. kennedy airport and at sfo. santa clara prosecutors are orki finding this manngp yo hu see here. a jury convicted 55-year-old apollo johnson last thursday ofg lxu for more than a decade. but johnson didn't show up at the courthouse, and an arrest warrant was issued. the district attorney's office says he started molesting that girl when she was 6 years old. she didn't tell anyone until she was 16 when she was hospitalized for a panic attack. in the south bay, a mansed u of intentionally setting a series of fires in milpitas appeared in court this afternoon. abc7 news reporter chris wynn is live with an update for us. chris? >> freddie graham was expected to enter a plea this afternoon,d t.remo teim tonight investigators are trying
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to determine the motive behind a series of fires t burned in the milpitas foothills a little mr. than a week ago. the accused arsonist freddieame elmwood correctional facility. >> based on the charges, his maximum sentence, and we're not saying this is a maximum case, but his maximum sentence is 22 years. >> graham has lived in the kansas city area for nearly 30 years, but was in milpitas to attend his 50th highool reunion at thesch sheraton. tentionally set a total of 13 fires, including four on friday september 20th and then nine the ry n upex at the samuel air set fires. >> but according to a cal fire investigative report obtained by our media partner "the mercury news," graham told investigators he set the fires while in an emotional state over his late wife who records show died last year. they had apparently planned one reservoir close to where the fires were set.
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in total, the reservoireir f ac. >> the motive here while not relevant to guilt or innocence certainly will be relevant to how the case gets handled if he is convicted. >> south bay analyst steven clark says the defense will likely order a psychiatric evaluation. >> was this someone suffering from a mental health breakdown as a result of thesos l or was had a vendetta against his former hometown. >> before he was able to return home, graham was arrested at mineta san jose international airport while returning rental car, his second of the weekend after he reportedly swapped out the itne a theony snee b fires. >> it was extremely dangerouso set firing upooills i at this time ofme of day, give >> gham i being held on $2 n. milled noil rbaeturn to court in d-miermbve san jose, i
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chris nguyen, abc7 news. >> chris, thanks. college athletes in california can now earn aegree and money under a d new state l approved today. governor gavin newsom defied the ncaa when he signed the bill that allows student athletes to get endorsement deals and hirli state to allow it. the ncaa says it will erase the critical distinction between college and professional athletics and give schools an unfair recruiting advantage. state senator nancy skinner from the east bay co-authored the bill. >> to give student athletes a piece of the pie, to bring equity back into college sports. >> it signifies an dire sctftionhi of at minimum, changes needed and maybe this is change, i don't know. but i think it's a statement towards that. >> the ncaa is expected to legally challenge the law. reaction to the governor's signature immediately followe d with basketball great lebron james praising him.
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newsom actually signed the bill on show the shop. >> lyanne melendez went to cal to get reaction from there's. lyanne, many of them called it an equity issue. >> yes, absolutely. followed by the statement about time. now students know what i'mt, no. they know that they can market their name. they can have a youtube channel and get money from ads. but not athletes. basketball great lebron jame s about governor gavin allowing c athletes to be paid. the announcement was made on his hbo show. >> this is the number one reason why we've created this platform. >> lebron added it will change the lives for countless athletes who deserve it, for many allowing these athletes to be mpensated is a matter of equity, especially for black pa
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smith and john carlos raised their fists to protest inequality for african americans. >> everybody's been making billions of dollars for decades, and the students have been given tuition and room and board, which is not nti, but it's certainly disproportioitha wtethheey th'r in. take a college like cal with 30 varsity team, claiming 13 national titles in men's sports and three national titles in women's sports. not to mention 107 other team titles and a score of athletes who have participated in the olympics. cal students weighed in. >> they contribute a lot to, you know, bringing in that money in the first place. so i believe it should be fair that they get paid. >> yeah,. w it's a job. >> adam saleh is on the track team at cal. >> i'm missing out on opportunities to do clubs that have benefits for my future as far as like professional development. career development, networking
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opportunities, and that kind of thing. >> so now the ncaa will have to choose between challenging california's decision and allowing other sports teams around the country to follow california's lead. and the ncaa said it considers this action as unconstitutional and would consider next steps in california. they add that it would not be a level playing field because some athletes would then pick a california school over a cgeleol somewhere else because of the compensation. i'm live in the newsroom, lyanne melendez, abc7 news. >> all right, lyanne, thank you. demonstrators took over and shut down a san francisco whole foods store today to protest animal cruelty. activists from direct action everywhere chained themselves to the front of the supermarket while others climbed on the roof to hang an animal rs banner. thehtig group says it recorded o documenting animal cruelty at factory farms used by amazon and whole foods. they wt amazon to drop charges
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against activists who tried to release the chickens at the farm. >> animals are starving to death. people are being deceived by companies like whole foods and amazon, and jeff bezos is turning away and profiting off ofmal a >> 33er cied for trespassing. transpatement, whole foo idss rewent about its practicing from suppliers. a multimillion-dollar settlement tonight after a company was charged with dumping hazardous waste all over the bay area that story is next. plus, feeling the heat. the struggles of running a restaurant in san francisco, and how by doing right for workers means there are fewer places to work. also, get ready for your coffee shop to hike prices, and why a local company is appareo tly>> > i'm meteorologist sand patel. it definitely was a crisp fall day, but notbo for a warming trend, copping right up. and when it comes to reading to yr school may be behst.
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in downtown santa rosa, tex wasabi's is shutting down after 20 years, and rosamonday ismondi shutting down after many years. several well-known restaurants in the city have recently closed, and it's a trend we first dove into last week. and our reporting generated a big response. so we decided to follow up. it's a part of our focus on building a better bay area since a vibrant restaurant scene is part of what makes this a great place to live. abc7 news reporter liz kreutz has more on why these closures are happening. about>> the string of restaurants closing in san francisco, we got so many comments, it seemed to thissohit a nerv ae.t what going on that's hurting local restaurants? to find out more, i went to blue
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stem brasserie with the co-own other telephone the golden gate restaurant as rcillsoaty nn.ot any one th >> according to stacey, historically in san francisco, there have been an equal number of restaurant openings and closings every year. butotheas t hasant'ymore. >> about two years ago, we started to see this trend starting where we were seeing more closures than openings. and we're right now on track for 9% less openings than closings. >> of course, one factor which we talked about is changing eating habits and the rise in food delivery. but stacey says the recent closures are due to more than that. r tatosturant,t ar in san francisco in itself is challenging. she says the city requires 22 permits a restauranteur must file and pay for. >> then once you get your doors open, the cost with labor and health care it dampened the sustainability of the restaurants in the city. >> over the past five
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mimum ge h1 h benefits comes up to about $1.30 for an employer. for stacey with 90 employs that averages out to an additional losi000 in labor costs a tatoh. ngs has impacted many restaurants which mpacts footffic if they're tra storefronts. and there is a labor shortage. people can't afford the live in san francisco. essentially, a lot of different things hfeeav storm right now hitting the restaurant industry. >> but we really do have tt woe continue on this path and still keep ag restaurant tivhr >> liz kreutz reporting. and according to the golden gate restaurant asatcisoesn,ta32ants francisco closed versus 298 that opened. they anticipated this year there will be even more closures. they also point out this is all happening during what's nscoided an auto parts store chain has agreed to pay nearly $4
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million to settle an illegal dumping lawst. the alameda county district attorney announced the settlement today involving pep boys. the lawsuit claimed the chain illegally disposed of used motor oil and toxic waste. they're accused of failing to shred records containing onfidential information before p s it h enhanced . procedures and will work with the state to remain compliant. two main pharmacies are no longer selling a common medicine. >> michael finney is here with that story tonight. >> from your reporting last week, really. both walgreens and cvs have suspende heartburn medication zantac d and its generic version, i should say. the companies pulled the drugs from store shelves this weekend after the fda announced it was investigating a possible link to cancer. cvs says it's not recommending customers stop the medicine, but it t ising allowie product to be returned for a francisco-based credit
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card processor square is raising ce rate its,rg and that cost will likely be passed on to you. square is used by thousands of small businesses. no pharcnts will andd aitional 10 cents per transaction on top of the current fee. for instance, if you buy a $5 coffee, the merchant would pay 23 cents osquare. the new fee starts november 1st. americans like the idea of sustainability. they just don't know how to put it into practice. the new survey by genomatic fo95% ofd un americans say sustainability is worthwhile, bu they found a lack of understanding about many of the products they buy. case in point, 44% of those surveyed didn't think disposable plastic water bottles are made from crude oil basedofourse the. genomatica helpsle compani es products. boy, this is a process we're going through right now. >> and it's not gng ending any time soon. >> it's not.
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>> michael, thanks. well, when it comes to reading to your children before bedtime, a printed book is apparently better than a tablet. that's according to a new study from the university of michigan. it found parents who read to their child on a tablet have less social interactions together. research also showed parents weren't able to get their children to engage with the story when they read from the screens. toddlers were more likely to tach fo ttry trhe close the app, making it difficult for parents to focus on reading. for years, many of us have heard that cutting back on how much red meat we eat can be good for our health. now a new sitdytull c appears i internal medicine. the author suggest adults continue their current level of red meat consumption. that contradicts decades o cfits of red meat and processed meat. those include higher rates of heart disease and certain cancers like colorectal cancer. turning to the weather now, how long will theal f fleelings last? >> let's get to meteorologist
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sandhya patel for that answer. sandhya? >> it's going to be a fall feeling tomorrow morning. we're going feel that chill in the air. but then we're going to turn things around. so it will get a little warmer. let me show you live doppler 7. you will notice a few clouds going through the bay area. there were isolated showers overnight locally, but in the sierra, it turned to snow. i know it's september be, thank you was definitely something that we had expected. soyhe t enjoyed some snow showers. a live look from our lake tahoe camera. the snow that did fall, m tosme. it's just cloudy right now. 60 in san francisco. mid-60s oakland. redwd tyci currently half moon bay 59 degrees. look at this beautiful view from our emeryville camera. bright skies right now as we look towards the golden gatebr . mid-60s santa rosa to petaluma. 69 in concord and 65 in livermore. so in case you're thinking about stepping out and takg the dog out for a walk, jact you olr a because it is going to be a cool outside. it already. temperatures around the bay
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7:00, low 60s, dropping down into the mid-50s. and then by late night, we're there and onlyo going to get colder. as we take a look at picture from the mount tam cam, it's a shaky view looking towards sutro tower right now and a hazy sky right there. golden gate bridge camera beautiful view looking a the blue skies right now. mainly clear and chilly start in the morning. a string of sunny days expected all week with a gradual warming trend the nextew f morning, temperatures will be primarily in the 40s, 50s. but some outlying areas will be in the 30s. noontime, you're looking at sunshine. low to mid-60s, a little milder for thend a afternoon. low 60s to the mid-70s before those temperatures fall, as we head towards sunset. speaking of falling, it's going to be cold, especially in the valleys. so berehat by bundling up. around ukiah and lakeport. low 40s for the north bay valleys. lle inland east bay va ,in livermore, 42 in napa.
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45 in is an ramp. 46 degrees in san jose. tomorrafte owerooatrnteuresho w. it's going to be a little bit milder. 73 in the south bay and san cupertino. 75 morgan hill. plenty of sun and temperatures .n the low 70s from menlo park a downtown san francisco 66 degrees. it's still going to be breezy right near the coastline. sunset district 63. and in the north bay, temperatures inching up a few degrees. 71 in san rafael. 75 s 6 ta richmond, berkeley. 71 in oakland. inland areas, a beautiful sunny mild day. 73 in walnut creek. 74 in livermore. not expecting any extremes. accuweather seven-day forecast warming up for a couple of days, in a holding pattern on thursday. and then we'll go back up again on friday. look at the warm fall weather for the weekend. low 70s to the upper upper 80s. it's going to be bright skies for the next seven days, so
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enjoy the weather. >> thank you so much, sandhya. well, still ahead, a special memorial to a fallen officer. then at 5:30 on world news with david muir -- >> cominupreakg ininquiry. wh wtlened., thaj winter storm. several feet ofno sw tracking east. the jet engine scare in midair. the
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a fall custom is taking on new meaning in the central valley. >> a corn maze now pays tribute to a smalltown police officer shot and killed in the line of duty. newman police corporal died after he stopped a suspected drunk driver.reporter daniela tells us more. >> ashe t of corporal singh, it means a lot when tthoso us from community. >> anomica singh's life forever changed last december. >> i don't have to understand, this was not supposed to happen here. >> after her late husband was
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shot and killed. >> talking on behalf of all survivors, this is what we want to see from community for our officers who lose their life in the line of duty, to recognized and honored for all the hard work they have done. >> the owner of dutch hollow farms -- >> it was unique way to pay his respects to corporal singh. >> for making the ultimate sacrifice. >> it's ban long journey to get this all done, but wyoeu, want ranil. >> ron would want something like this. and we just live a couple miles down so, it's very close to me >> it's just amazing what the community is doing, what john is doing. >> 1-year-old son weherend a the h ferirst ones t. >> i couldn't wait for that moment. it's great to see it all done. that?was a beautiful anmont. sy
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papa. look! i mean, everything about it is very emotional for the family. >> it was some better going in. but what was amazing about not a few minutes into the maze, all of the sudden -- >> it doesn't matter which we go. >> you hear laughter. >> so nobody grabbed the map? >> and joy and happiness. so there is some healing that can happen with all of this. and that's what this is all about. >> the emotions of losing their son, brother, and father are still so raw for this family, but they say gestures like these that keep his memory alive mean the world to them. >> it is truly an honor. i am overwhelmed with the love, the support that we have received for the past nine months from this community. >> what an honor. >> and it was so beautifully done too. >> absolutely. you just heard from reporter pardo.
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singh's death hit the paice office department hardul. rt >> the fallen k-9 officer just one of 11of hisr. chance to creg memories for children. it's all about camp and the opportunity to go. that's next. but first, we do want to thank rachel for this picture of stripes on a pumpkin. oh, 'tis the season. share your pictures with us with
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they took $12.8 billion from big tobacco. juul marketed mango, mint, and menthol flavors, addicting kids to nicotine. five million kids now using e-cigarettes. the fda said juul ignored the law with now juul is pushing prop c, to overturn san francisco's e-cigarette protections. say no to juul, no to big tobacco, no to prop c. ["white rabbit" by ♪ one pill makes you larger ♪ and one pill makes you smaller ♪ ♪ and the ones that mother gives you ♪ ♪ don't do anything at all
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♪ remember what the dormouse said ♪ welcome aboard. coming up on abc7 news at 6:00, does it take boulders to build a better bay area? one san francisco neighborhood tried it, but now t bulldozers are out. to follow up to find
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out why. and nothing lasts forever. we're live with a look at what's changed in the retail sector as forever 21 declares bankruptcy. plus 7 on your side's michael finney helps out a woman who says her loan company didn't keep a promise it made to her. all at 6:00. ashley is with us on the anchor because he is helping send deserving kids to summer .mpca ashley's friends of concord golf tournament held in danville. 150 golfers came out the help raise money. >> dave goldman and have i been doinshi t 23 years now, and in that time, we've sent 10,000 underserved kids to summer camp, all expenses paid. and we're really proudf that, because we believe every kid ought to have a chance to good to summer camp at least once. >> dan tonight will host the dinner and the auction. you can check out our website, for more information, ir of ou y
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donate yourself. >> it's always a great event. he works hard for that. all right. "world news tonight" with david muir is next. tonight, fast-moving developments. the president says he is now trying to find out the identity of the whistle-blower. saying, "i deserve to meet my accuser." it comes amid increasing concern over the whistle-blower's security. and tonight, the breaking headline involving the president's personal attorney, rudy giuliani. what's now happened. the other major news this monday night, the dallas officer charged with murder, after shooting and killing h neighbor. er she says she thought it was her htibinent. jue thryon t this hour. and what the judge has now told the jurors. the major winter storm. several feet of snow. that system now tracking east tonight. the state of emergency declared. and ginger zee is here. in midair. the engine's metal casing torn away. passengers watching in horror.
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and the other headline, the deadly plane crash and the


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