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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  October 3, 2019 1:07am-1:41am PDT

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call, click, or visit a store today. i'm kate larsen in palo
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alto, man robbed in his own a airbnb rental. how it started. >> reporter: cornell barnard, wild card wednesday didn't go as fan. a's fans disappointed. >> reporter: in search of new members or we'll have to shut down. abc7 news starts now. new details tonight about a bizarre crime in the south bay. airbnb host unknowingly crashed party at his own rental and was robbed. >> kate larsen is live in palo alto near where it all happened. kate? >> reporter: dan, you can imagine how bizarre it would have been on this extremely quiet street. we've heard nothing except occasional car all night, for several dozen people to through
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a party inside this relatively small house and rob the owner two times. >> palo alto has many, many flavors, but this specific neighborhood is very, very quiet. >> reporter: not on saturday night when someone threw a party in this airbnb rental attended by about 40 people. >> heard a lot of noises, commotion, had to come out. wasn't clear what was going on, thought people were fighting. >> reporter: around midnight, owner showed up when smoke alarm was activated. surprised to see a party what rented to two people. >> going room to troroom to get people to leave. approached by two male suspects take his wallet and cell phone. >> reporter: other guests help the homeowner and he called airbnb, instructed him to call
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911. >> as that's happening, another male suspect pushes him to the ground, taking his cell phone again and wad of cash. >> reporter: police showed up, all three were gone. still listed on airbnb, short-term rentals are illegal in palo alto. neighbors are not happy about the frequent renters and foot traffic and airbnb is aware of the incident. said reported behavior is appalling and have removed the booking guest from the community. they're also cooperating with police. live in palo alto, kate larsen, abc7 news. new at 11:00, alameda county sheriffs department is changing policies after death of at jail incident from last year.
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it is a bit disturbing. armstrong was being transported to another unit, got mbive. on the ground deputies put a spit guard and restraint device on him. coroner found the guard along with his posture and body type contributed to his death. sheriffs department tells the news group the device will no longer be used. found no criminal evidence. menlo park police took down a man armed with giant branch this afternoon. asked him to drop the branch but he didn't and officer dropped gun and attacked the man. were searching for another man who attacked people with machete. kicking off earlier following shooting last week, that story and more in tonight's
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headlines. west contra costa unified school district is changing time of football games. kickoff-like 5:00 p.m. rest of the season. three teenagers were wounded. students from outside can only attend games with an adult. gilroy high school's varsity football team says it's forefitting rest of the season after police cited four players for sexual bat richlt teammate reported he was assaulted in the locker room and ten players have quit the team since. >> does remind you it's not safe. >> parents react after car thief stole a eryvie. and pick up order. thief dropped off the baby a few
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minutes later, not hurt, thankfully. for more, emergency cruise struggled for two hours to free a little girl's finger from the door of a tesla model x. that incident is at center of lawsuit filed in san jose federal court but tesla is trying to have the lawsuit dismissed. blaming the five-year-old and her parents. dan noyes with the story only on abc7 news. >> also have auto presenting front door. >> reporter: when elon musk debuted the model x the power automatic doors drew cheers. to this day many owners and store keepers i contacted don't know about one function not in the owner's manual. ice breaker. senses front door having trouble
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opening, black cube comes out to force it to open. supposed to retract. but has a hole in middle large enough to fit a human finger. that's what happened. five-year-old got her finger stuck in her father's model x ice breaker. took emergency crews two hours to free her. fingertip broken and cut. she tells me by skype from ukraine, she's afraid to enter any car now. >> translator: i'm afraid to get inside the car now and i think that nobody will be able to get inside it after such the accident. >> reporter: a serious tesla fan, no dealers in ukraine where they live so bought in czech republic. now he said the company should warn owners worldwide. >> translator: tesla should inform other people about this situation, this threat.
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and put some signs, warning signs on it or improve the mechanism to make it more safe. >> reporter: hired attorney to file a lawsuit in san jose federal court claiming it was and is defective, unreasonably dangerous and unsafe. >> it's a defect, obviously. still waiting for tesla to tell us what it is, defect on all cars or on this single car. >> reporter: tesla filed to have the lawsuit dismissed. arguing it's ambiguous and since he bought from reseller. don't allege any direct contractual relationship or event with tesla at any time. >> any responsible car company that takes safety seriously would say this is unacceptable, want to find out what happened. that was not done. >> ryan mccarthy seems to blame
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the victim. that your client stuck her finger in latch mechanism doesn't reveal defect in latch but unfortunate and regrettable decision on her part and failure of oversight from adults in the area. >> i don't think statements like this are instructive or have any space in culture with value of safety. >> reporter: tesla spokesperson refused oncram interview, provide a written statement or record phone conversations. but said received five star safety rating. despite concerns about the ice breaker and what happened to his daughter, marvin is still a fan. >> translator: yes, i'm keeping this vehicle because i really like it and tomorrow i'll go to dusseldorf to buy another for my
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wife. >> can run up to $130,000. owns a construction business and it costs more in ukraine because of the customs fees. tesla says the girl's finger may have been freed if they pushed the door handle a second time. for i-team, dan noyes, abc7 news. tough night for the oakland a's to be sure. >> certainly was. they lost tonight's american league wild card game against tampa bay in front of a sellout crowd in the coliseum. >> cornell barnard was there. >> let's go oakland! >> reporter: playoff hopes sky high, wild card wednesday, a's versus tampa bay. >> i'm so excited. >> reporter: a virtual sellout, 54,000 fans filling almost every seat. >> first time in long time the upper deck is open. fans are on top of the world. >> i can see everything from here. talk to that umpire, not getting
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it right. >> reporter: fans went wild when the a's scored in third inning but in the end the team was no match for the rays. not the game the hernandez family from berkeley hoped for. >> we came in having a lot of faith, yeah. it's okay, we know we'll come back twice as stronger next year. >> what happened tonight? >> looks like pitching gave up. hitting wasn't there. >> reporter: tampa bay winning 5-1. >> next year, definitely next year. >> reporter: cornell barnard, abc7 news. i'm amanda del castillo, coming up south bay treasure hunters are trying to uncover new members, otherwise the group will have to shut down. that's next. wild and crazy pursuit involving a stolen chp cruiser. wait until you see the end. i'm meteorologist sandhya patel, temperatures down for a day but get ready for autumn heat to
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you can even get $250 back. don't miss out on xfinity internet and mobile, each for $30 a month. plus, save up to $800 a year on your wireless bill with xfinity mobile. xfinity makes saving... simple. easy. awesome. click, call, or visit a store today. new developments following threat by president trump, epa has cited san francisco over water quality. sent a letter to public utility
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officials. among other violations alleges discharges billions of gallons of untreated sewer water into the ocean. if doesn't take corrective action could face penalties. mayor london breed calls the allegation tz inaccurate. do you speed text? nearly as fast as people can type on keyboard. 37,000 volunteers in 160 countries took the test. 36 words per minute. using two thumbs, 38 words per minute and age counts. 10 to 19 years old averaged ten words more per minute than people in 40s. on average the volunteers spend around six hours a day using mobile device. 35 to 65 words per minute for most people on keyboard. in south bay, one treasure
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hunting society is hoping to uncover elusive prize -- new members. say declining interest is forcing group to shut down. amanda del castillo. >> reporter: sweet sound of buried treasure. man armed with metal detector is brian picard, picked up the hobby as a kid. over the years collected old coins, buried badges and pieces from the past. at 48 now president of the treasure hunters society of santa clara valley. >> east coast they have big, organized hunts, thousands of people. >> reporter: after more than 43 struggling. says lack of interest is making it difficult to keep the board positions filled.
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old treasure hunters are moving on, no one filling the spots. >> been like this for about a year now, just trying to -- just trying to keep it going. >> reporter: with no one willing to take the lead, will likely shut down in january. >> i think life is getting harder in the bay area, lot of people spend time working. >> reporter: but like treasure hunting, hopes that time will bring back those with interests in discovery and archeology, chance to try out new tech, metal te packou patience, iswhhind amanda d abc7ews. we foundat homess woman went vi for beautiful singing in los angeles subway got to thank the officer who changed her life. >> tweeted this video of them
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embracing. he recorded the viral video. >> since then close to $70,000 has been raised in gofundme account for her. >> that voice, can't get enough. >> haunting, beautiful. weather forecast, may not sing but pretty good -- or do you? >> you don't want to hear me sing. show you a sunset tonight. i can show you beautiful pictures though. time lapse from earlier, sun went down from the camera, stung. watch it over and over again. live doppler 7, still clear. wider perspective. system pushing into the pacific northwest, yes, they're getting showers up there. for us it's going to kick up our winds towards tomorrow afternoon and evening and drop our
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temperatures. will feel the difference. 3:00, getting breezy, 17-mile-an-hour winds in half moon bay, picking up to about 23. even stronger for the evening hours, particularly over higher terrain and along the coastline. temperatures that came up today will go down tomorrow. live look from our east bay hills camera, visibility is good. temperatures in 40s and 50s, not as cold as last mornings. emeryville camera showing lovely view back towards sutro tower. temperatures rebound starting friday, warm to hot sunday and monday. 12-hour planner. tomorrow morning sun comes up 7:07 and most wake to temperatures in 40s. noontime in 50s and 60s. not quick warm-up, windy. low 60s to upper 70s.
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today we had low 80s and later on at night numbers will be dropping. low 40s to low 50s. few patches of clouds by morning near the coastline. then the afternoon is breezy. 65 in san francisco, 73 in san rafael. 75 livermore, 77 in concord. accuweather seven-day forecast. beach weather for the weekend, 70s, 80s. then the 90s pop up sunday and monday with above average warmth. in october we see that heat coming. tuesday and wednesday we do cool it off. >> thanks sandhya. tomorrow
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it appears that chp officers were after one of their own in pursuit across the desert in
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kern county. but it was stolen. third pursuit today involving same driver. this started after he ditched a truck he carjacked. ran from the officers, circled back, stole one of their cruisers. gave up after it was stuck in rough terrain. not what we want. >> ride came to an end for the a's tonight. lot of long faces. go one and the russell's travel to a different swim meet every saturday. but's thursday. good thing they discovered gain flings with oxi boost and febreze odor remover.
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good evening. a's on the wrong side of history once again. they've now lost nine straight winner take all playoff games. sean manaea was shelled by the rays in one-game wild card playoff. 54,000-plus in the coliseum,ise, let's bash! diaz takes sean manaea deep to
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right. fastballs up in the avisail garcia, 3-0. three bombs. most that manaea has given up. yanked after two-plus innings. allowed four runs. last chance for the a's. no offense tonight, marcus semien strikes out to end the season. a's fall 5-1. chris alvarez with the wrap-up. >> reporter: case of missed opportunities for a's as season ends in wild card game for second straight year. >> this loss solely on me. i had one job and i did poorly, really poorly. and let everyone down. so it sucks. i can learn from these kind of things and move on from there. >> sometimes it's tough to relax when you get in a big spot. you know, it just takes a certain type of focus.
1:37 am
sometimes it's there, sometimes it's not. you want to have it every time but -- we still put together good at-bats, didn't get big hit. >> jumped out, played well, they deserved to win that game. there's no excuses over here. just hurts. >> reporter: to make matters worse for oakland, tonight's loss marks ninth straight in elimination game, that's a major league record. at the coliseum, chris alvarez, abc7 sports. sharks open new season. logan couture, captain c first time. three minutes in, mark stone, stone cold stunner. fourth time martin jones has given up goal to first shot he faced. 2-0. sharks turn it over in front, reilly smith says thank you very much. san jose's first goal of the year, wrister. second disallowed. team teal down. early second.
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cody glass beats jones. sharks lose 4-1. home opener is friday against the very same vegas golden knights. abc7 sports sponsored by river rock casino. disappointing for the a's but disappointing for the a's but they're going to be really ♪ ♪ ♪
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appreciate your time. dan
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♪ ♪ shine for the rest of your life ♪ ♪ stronger than ever, ever ♪ stronger than ever, ever ♪ shine every day and night [cheers and applause] ♪ stronger than ever, ever ♪ stronger than ever, ever >> tamron: hello! hi! well, hello, welcome. welcome. welcome to our show. welcome. [applause] honestly, have a seat. welcome. we've got quite a show for you this day, it's an important subject, i've been sitting there talking with the crew


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