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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  October 4, 2019 1:07am-1:41am PDT

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i'm lisa amin gulezian, no
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football games here because of last week's shooting in richmond. >> i'm amanda del castillo in san jose. south bay finding ways to end homelessness. >> kate larsen in san francisco where a women's shelter is being shut down because of lead poisoning in young resident. abc7 news now. only on abc7 news, san francisco shelter for homeless women and children forced to shut down after one of the youngest residents tested positive for lead. >> kate larsen has the story from the star community home in richmond. >> this is my third hotel. >> reporter: san francisco mother and two sons living out left catholic charities star community home after tested
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positive for lead in checkup. what were the levels? >> 7.5. >> reporter: no levels are safe but under 10, remove from the source. could result in decreased iq. living at shelter for ten months leading up to the lead poisoning. >> one of the staff told me, old build, all the paint has led. if you knew that, this is a place for women and children, should have been addressed. >> reporter: shared photos of tape used to cover the lead contaminated wind contaminated window sills. >> this is the space we had to seal off. >> reporter: door to the backyard is taped off because also found lead in the soil. >> we went through three lead cleaning phases with the specialized company that does
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this work. then yesterday was the final test and dph was going to come back and check but unfortunately failed third time. that's when we decided we needed to move all the clients out of the facility. >> staff are also upset. >> program director at star. has there on inspection? >> 2016, we were clear. >> taking it extremely seriously. >> reporter: partnered with star last year, asked how they're taking ownership of the lead contamination. >> as soon as it came to our attention, took quick answer to get the families to safety. east bay, two people dead and third in hospital after shooting in richmond this afternoon. police say responded to shot spotter call. neighbors tell us the area is
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normally quiet. >> it w bop bop bop. and pause, bop bop bop bop. another four times, probably ten shots. >> police say two people were in a car when shot. neighbors and people who appeared to be family members came to the scene, upset of course. police are searching for suspects but don't believe there's immediate danger in the neighborhood. varsity football game will not be played tomorrow. >> safety concerns contra costa is school district officials to postpone the game. >> reaction from parents and di. >> reporter: hercules high school football game played new day and time. parents don't like it. >> we have to rearrange our lives because of one incident that happened, not even at a
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game. >> reporter: shooting friday night in same school district after football game not far from campus in richmond. three people shot. >> put in concrete steps we hope will increase sense of safety. >> reporter: students must show i.d.s to go to game and anyone without one has to be with adult and varsity friday at 5:00 instead of 7:00. >> supposed to have the friday night lights, cheering, now earlier, no one is going to want to come. >> and john sweat was supposed to play tomorrow and postponed the game. lots of ideas were spread around, having it in morning or hiring more police officers. but decided against it. >> just erring on the side of caution and trying to put distance between these events. we feel that's safety way to go.
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>> changes in place don't stop people shooting at people to come by the neighborhood. that's the thing. >> reporter: no word when the game will be rescheduled. lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. we're learning new details tonight about the victims of the deadly head-on collision involving a taxi and wrong way driver in san francisco. after midnight north of candlestick. 62-year-old jud bergman, ceo of invest net was killed in the crash. he and wife died in the taxi that was struck. snarled traffic for hours. >> everything shut down to figure out what's going on. >> going to be shut down for a while. >> 42-year-old taxi driver was also killed and wrong way driver, 34-year-old emily ross from hillsboro. chp tells us she was impaired,
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would not elaborate. district attorney is resigning, planning to move to los angeles to explore running for district attorney there. paper reports his last day in office will be october 18th before his term is up. mayor london breed with immediately name a replacement or wait until after november election and have elected d.a. serve immediately. in statement she did not specify plans but did say we can't afford an absence of leadership in the d.a.'s office because victims of crime need to be represented and people who commit crimes need to be held accountable. quick look at what's happening with the impeachment inquiry. former u.s. envoy to ukraine testified behind closed doors. turned over what appeared to be
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encrypted messages. one told him and another envoy, crazy do withhold security assistance for help with a political campaign. breaking news from the "new york times," drafted a statement for ukraine's president in august would have committed them to investigating president trump's political rivals. he doubled down. pressed china to do the same. >> china should start investigation into the bidens. >> meanwhile sent to nancy pelosi to suspend the inquiry until transparent rules are in place. accused her of recklessness. she respond hopes that they share commitment to following the facts. democratic presidential frontrunner was in the bay area for handful of private fundraisers today. spoke at lunch in palo alto,
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brief comments after president trump called on ukraine and china to investigate him p and his family. >> i don't listen to much the president has to say. >> off and attended reception at diane feinstein's house and finished in san francisco. building a better bay area, santa clara community is working on a five-year plan to put more people in affordable housing and connect them with the help they need. amanda del castillo is live with details. >> reporter: dozens packed the roosevelt community center tonight, residents and community leaders committed to creating a plan to end homelessness. back in 2015 santa clara county launched first community plan to address that issue.
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coming to end of five-year mark, meeting gave the community a chance to refresh, consider what has been accomplished and what needs to be done. >> making sure the community understands the crisis at core is affordable housing. >> one of many on the cusp of homelessness. >> wouldn't be losing apartments missing a paycheck if rent wasn't 90% of their income. >> reporter: lived in county nearly a decade, only recently had to sacrifice treatment and more to stay off the streets. >> not taking asthma medication, i don't know how to pay debts down. >> reporter: showed up ready to strategize, will be in new five-year plan meant to build a better bay area. >> how do you measure success? >> thousands of units in the pipeline, voters in 2016 approved county measure a, $950 million affordable housing bond,
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funded nearly00 new apartments and homes for vulnerable people. lot of successes to talk about, also a lot of work to do. >> reporter: next community meeting is scheduled next thursday the 10th in mountain view. for those details, visit and click on this story. reporting in san jose, amanda del castillo, abc7 news. >> thank you amanda. we want to hear your ideas about building a better bay area, share them on our build a better bay area facebook group. >> james franco faces new accusations, former acting students at his school. hel planso i'm spencer christian, cool and breezy but warm weather coming, accuweather forecast is coming up. all of that later but tonight on "jimmy kimmel live"
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new at 11:00, two women suing palo alto native james franco for sexual exploitation. filed the suit in los angeles today. par were students at actor's now closed acting school. claimed that franco pushed them into performing increasingly awkward sex scenes, has no comment. hardly strictly bluegrass festival security. will have to use one of four entrances for security check and officers in tactical gear and fences. son said it's a sign of the times. >> security stuff, world is what it is, take it as we find it,
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not how we wish it were. hope people will have good time. >> keep all your items in clear bags or backpacks. >> have good time, be safe. san mateo, came together to help a paralyzed dog. >> harold is ambassador but students say this is about more than harold, could help more dogs in the future. >> up academy elementary school, high school students from mountain view high begin their engineering capstone project with our canine ambassador harold. >> paralyzed, has a wheelchair but not as high functioning as it should be. >> built prototypes around what they think would be most helpful for harold. >> project that i call bag on wheels. >> they all came up with individual plans, then used different materials such as felt. they cut foam that represented
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wheels. >> right now he only has a bag and a wheelchair, so i combined them to make bag on wheels. >> even as five-year-old kindergarteners, thing they're working on could make a difference for pet on the other side of the world. >> right now looking to see how harold moves and what his sizing is in order for us to best make new device for him. >> perfect subject for what they're working on. >> goal of making open source pet project, mobility device you can customize to your pet's size. >> he's the happiest dog ever, really shows us it's not about ability but attitude. >> it's about attitude. >> fall in love with harold. >> sweetie. turn attention to another sweetie. weather. >> spencer christian. >> i love it. sweet forecast for you, how about that?
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live doppler 7. mainly clear. some high clouds along the coastline and central valley. most clear skies and relatively cool. 57 in san francisco, redwood city and san jose. 55 in oakland and half moon bay is 51. gilroy, view from the rooftop here, this is the east bay hills camera looking westward. 55 in santa rosa, fairfield 57.. 53 in petaluma, 55 at livermore. looking back at skyline, breezy pwarming trend tomorrow, big-tie warming over the weekend. hot inland sunday and monday. overnight clear skies, high clouds.
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overnight lows in mid to upper 40s. cooler in north bay, lakeport and other locations. overnight, passage of a few high clouds mainly offshore and along the coastline, skies mostly clear over land masses. not only in overnight but during the day tomorrow. highs, south bay mainly upper 70s. 77 in san jose, 80 in morgan hill and gilroy. peninsula, mid-70s, 74, 75 m mi breezy. downtown san francisco at 69. north, 77 in san rafael, sonoma, 80 santa rosa and calistoga. east bay highs of 73. 74 san leandro and
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probably warmest day inland. mid-80s around the bay shoreline. accuweather seven-day forecast. once we get past the warm-up sunday and monday, cooler on tuesday and temperatures settle back into seasonal typical range this time of year wednesday and thursday. nice looking forecast. kiss will perform a very special concert next month. some of their audience will be
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good evening. 97 wins with patchwork pitching staff was impressive. but once again the a's will be watching the bulk of the baseball playoffs instead of participating in them. 5-1 loss to tampa bay marked ninth straight loss in winner take all game. but this is a young, talented team, bright future. >> sorry to our fans we let them down and each other down. win as team, lose as team. i would have sean do it all over again. it's nobody's fault. we needed to play better as a team and got to learn from it
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and grow. >> talking about sean manaea there. nationals anddgers. hunter strickland, gone. third of his career, first in postseason. few batters later, pride of palo alto joc pederson, deep. dodgers allow just two hits, take game one. 6-0. game mark melancon, hangs a breaking pitch. allows four in the inning as cardinals take game one in this five-game set 7-6. "thursday night football," rams/seahawks. russell wilson, one of four td pasz. soft toss, hang on.
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up 30-29. jared goff, former cal star drives. and no good from 44! seahawks hold on 30-29,ow 4-1. damion lee wants to be known for game, not his brother-in-law steph curry. 6'6" shooting guard is married to steph's sister and gets a lot of family questions, frankly tired of them. >> gone through a lot of [ bleep ] in my career to get to this point, don't want media to disrespect me, my family, profess here at golden state for believing in me. everyone knows i don't have beef with the media, can answer any question but end of the day, there's no family, nothing of that sort. i worked hard to get to the spot where i am. >> i have no more questions, damion. abc7 sports sponsored by river
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all right. that is our report. we appreciate your time. dan ashley. >> ama daetz. for larry beil, spencer christian and the team, thanks for joining us. >> enjoy. see you tomorrow.
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[cheers and applause] ♪ ♪ shine for the rest of your life ♪ ♪ stronger thr, ever ♪ shine every day and night ♪ stronger than ever, ever ♪ stronger than ever, ever >> tamron: how are you? [cheers and applause] have a seat. have a seat. yes, thank you. have a seat. welcome to our house.


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