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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  October 5, 2019 6:00am-6:59am PDT

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t 's latonight that we'll see the winds continuingme, the >> announcer: news to build a better bay area. this is abc 7 mornings. good morning. winds look calm below 1,000 it's saturday, october 5 pgt. feet. getting towards tonight, the i'm amanda del castillo in for winds build in the upper kumasi aaron. elevations. let's look at the weather with certainly out of the north, northeast and that's the drying meteorologist lisa argen good component through early morning. good morning, amanda. fog free conditions typical for tomorrow, 4:30 and then through 10:00 when the red flag warning this time of year. first weekend of october and trending warmer as high pressure expires. 10:00 tomorrow. he'll be watching this overnight builds closer to the coast, and that's when the relative bringing a north northeast flow. humidity should recover into at least the 50 to 70% range but it upper elevations the winds are gusty. we do have elevated fire risk won't tonight it's staying dry throughout the weekend. and we're building the heat each right now looking at the cool numbers in the north bay. and every day. 83 in san jose today. mid-40s there. 45 towards san ramon. that's above average for you. 55 in hayward. 81 closer to the bay in a red flag warning into effect sunnyvale on the peninsula low at 8:00 tonight through 10:00 tomorrow. 80s. menlo park 80 mountain view at above 1,000 feet. mainly for the north bay hills. 82. but with the warmth building 74 downtown. each day and those winds 4 degrees above average. mid-80s in santa rosa. trending slightly offshore, all a warm one. of the bay area certainly should 85 in vallejo. over in oakland today warming up be vigilant. through the upper 70s. highlighted areas from
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cloverdale pb heelds bernanke, hayward at 80 and newark. cal stog an, forest knolls. and inland temperatures into the low to mid-80s. looking at the day brilliant some of the warmth come into sunday with 80s inland, 70s at play. you can see the darker shade here and we'll certainly have the beaches. amanda. >> thanks, lisa. developing news now. that for the sunday into monday. pg&e is warning zrenlts of if you are headed to golden gate foothills and north by about park, hardly strictly bluegrass power shut office because of festival, in the 70s. that warm and windy conditions very mild out there. that lisa was speaking about, in fact that sun feeling retire that's happening this weekend. pretty warm, 2:00, 3:00 in the and in new alert, the utility afternoon pch the accuweather says it may turn off power later today to more than 12,000 seven-day forecast. 70s to 80s coast around the bay. customers in beauty, plumb as inland mid-80s through tomorrow and yuba counties pg&e says it's warming into the 90 degree range. beach weather with 70s arriving. monitoring weather in op process monday it lingers, the warmth nevada, playser, tehama and yolo and download the app, hopefully and napa. getting cooler weather with you it's encouraging residents to certainly no fog and getting sign up for alerts on pg&e website. breezy again into wednesday of next week in the hills. efrmts also developing rescue crews called off a search for a we'll watch it for you. woman who disappeared into the s.t always kind of a dicey time ocean off san francisco. firefighters were called around >>hank mulisa. the new art exhibit is now 8:00 last night near mile rock open in san francisco. beach. officials say a group of three but rather than just entta friends went down to the beach it's designed to correct a
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to hang out. cultural wrong. one decided to jump into the abc 7 news anchor dan ashley water to swim. according to the friend the 24-year-old fought the current with the details. >> some of the black and white but the tide pulled her in and photos in the continuous thread they lost sight of her. >> you're taking a great risk exhibit appear to be a walk back into history. getting in the water at night. but in reality they are modern it was literally at the point of works meant to correct. it helps to understand that the twilight when she got in the water. the sun had gone down. new exhibit at the san francisco art commission main gallery was and darkness pretty much ensued inspired in part by a within about ten minutes. controversial sculpture. >> the search stopped after the work called early days with about two hours. its depiction of a native crews have not yet said if they american lying at the feet of a are going back out today to look missionary was removed from the for her. the best friend of the taxi driver killed in a head-on civic center. to offer a different view collision in 1011 oh in san kurters decided to profile francisco thursday morning says he is devastated and in modern native americans. >> i wanted to feature who the disbelief. 42-year-old berkand ahmed from indian community, the native sand carlos is one of four community here. people killed when a driver ukt >> throe photographers captured inspect the of dui slammed into his cab. he was beloved by colleagues. dozens of subjects. oned brit was bradley used a he was well respected and well 19th century photography liked. >> so unfortunates we lost him. my heart is still -- i don't process. transporting her subjects into a know, i'm not -- i'm exhausted.
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photographs created more than a year century ago. and, again, i don't want to >> indian people are relevant believe he is gone. gaited to the turn of the but life, what you can century and we are vanishing hm lve behind a teenage indians, this artist approach tries to take the process appear daughter. they took aspring. reclaim it. >> we call it the strong hearted this is one of the last hugs women. >> other photos capture the shared. we have a link. on our website abc to a vibrant contributions from indigenous people today. from the women running the gofundme page set up to help native american health spirit to with funeral expenses. members of two spirits network his wishes were to be buried in exto his mother in his native advocating for lgbtq people in bulgaria native american communities the berkeley unified school across the country. >> and it's helped to bring them district has released a report showing one of its schools is at together. >> an interactive exhibit brings major risk of damage to o during an earthquake. oxford elementary is right in a the names of mat gnattest american communities alive in a known landslide zone. moving projection. this map was shown to parents but the lasting theme of the exhibit might be justice. now concerned and are asking the captured by the stories of native americans who sat for por district to expedite plans to retrofit the school. abc 7 news liz kreutz has more. traits at the empty base that once supported early days. in san francisco, dan ashley, >> in this hilly tree rind on abc 7 news mornings street is oxford elementary. it's a charge location but also dangerous. >> i'm shoktd. >> according to a new report
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what do you get when you mix kmipgsed by the berkeley unified school district this nearly rock 'n' roll with a little 120-year-old school is at risk fitness? the big race you have to stick around to find out about. of mayorum damage during earthquake. the report shows the foundation of the school could move as much as 20 feet. parents were worried by the findings. >> if y i i earthquake,at he concern. >> now this report also is ltds particularly at risk during earthquake. pillar fisher is on the pta. she said the past few years the district has talked about retrofitting the school. >> i think with budgeting and things like that they have kind of been pushing it. >> the district says the school which was rebuil in 1964 is in come try my really big chicken two patties for $4.99, or three for $5.99, or four for $6.99. kplips with state earthquake safety requirements and that that's an amazing deal, jack! this report reveals an elevated hey, thanks, stanley. risk. in a message to parents, the ow. ...wait, what's happening? superintendent said the plan is stanley! you're defl hold me, jack! to keep students at the current only at jack in the box. site for the remainder of the school year but moving forward the school may be relocated to a nearby campus. >> what do you want to tell the school? >> to be safe like any dad or
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parent. >> i hope this is going to be the push that drives them to get this done, yeah, because that is -- that's scary. >> a scary situation and parents did want to stress they love the school. aithere is no long-term p o 23rd. inle lnef the biggest hot spots for car burglaries in san francisco are taking matters in their hands. they say it's their contribution toward building a better bay area. dion lim shows how they are trag to fight a auto break-in epidemic happening outside the front doors. >> we have some vigilantes that are -- nar adamant about finding these people. >> you're looking at one of the most brizen car break-ins we have ever seen in san francisco. the man in the video casing the suv near the lombard street then then coming back to smash the
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back window and grab whatever he can. >> i'm just going to start to choke up a little bit. >> if that weren't enough, the man comes back not only a third time but a fourth. all in broad daylight, all in stung detail. all caught on jim bock'srotect >> i'm calling him the mayor of the city because he is out here watching and trial trying to protect the poor tourists. >> not only does he is report two breaded chicken patties plus fries and a drink for $4.99. the crimes to the policy but three patties for $5.99. neighbors say they catch crimes or even four for just $6.99. like this in the act at least four patties? well, tickle my elbow! two or three times a week do no thank you. something. >> i yell at people getting out try my really big chicken sandwich combos. of the car with nothing in the starting at $4.99. hands. i yell back go get the bags out of the carrant don't leave anything. >> you can call them the good morning. it's saturday october 5th. break-in vigilantes. >> this man not wanting to show we got to tell but something coming up, the weather, lisa. his face for safety posts signs in various languages. here we are wanting to talk others draw pictures like this, about that just because of how the universal language to warn tourists watch out for your warm it's going to be, correct. belongings, some even offer >> yes, yes, certainly wrm. their own garages. >> i give them my own garage that offshore flow with us. space and i park on the street. and we've got that right here
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>> and by going the extra mile. highlighted for. high fire danger tonight into >> dennis and our neighbor helen tomorrow morning. actually takes people into their the win gusts to 35 miles an hour. and look at that relative house to call the embassy, to get passports. >> while the number of personal humidity dropping anywhere from 28 to 18%. property crimes in the city went so we are looking at warm down about 10% from 2018, the temperatures today. and there are the areas we'll be d.a.'s office acknowledges there watching closely. is a lot of work to be done.helh 70s and 80s should do it instead of 60s and 70s. for these residents. that's above average. and looking at the warmth >> lived here several years and definitely it's worse. >> preventing this heart break. continuing through monday. >> that's perfect for anyone -- this neighborhood's way ofabling a better bay area. the thousands people expected in we should point out san san jose today for the rock 'n' francisco police me they don't roll half marathon. necessarily recommend yelling at today there will be a health and someone who is breaking into fitness expo, the 5 k and kids someone else's car out of fierce of retaliation, but they do rock race opinion the expo recommend if you have surveillance video or cell phone features latest running dolling, video to give to them because fitness apparel and nutritional that is their best way to catch information. runs from 9:00 to 5:00 today at the people who break into the designate convention center. vehicles. in san francisco dion lim, abc the five k at 7:30 this morning and kids race at 9:00. 7. we want to hear your ideas the half mayor than -to-and 10 k about building a better bay held tomorrow. area. yeah, all right. well thank you guys for joining share them by joining the better bay area group on facebook. us on abc 7 mornings. happening today, day two of i'm amanda del castillo in for
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kumasi erin with lisa argen. the 2019 hardly strictly bluegrass fechlt we saw us thats a full day of espn college of you jamming out at golden football on abc ahead. gate park but this year has new next at 9 "a," that will be the end of us. security measure if you plan on going. there are knew security gates set up with checkpoints to search any non-transparent ♪ backpack or bag. most people understand it's you know when you're at ross and that cute dress gets even cuter? necessary. >> that it needs to be this way. yes. but after what happened in or when you can say yes... to both? gilroy, i understand. >> stylish clear backpack. it's the newest thing. (smiling) sure. or when you find that brand at that price? >> more than 800,000 people are are you kidding me? yeah. that's yes for less. expected to attend hardly strictly. and that's what ross always has in store. which goes until tomorrow.w.w.w. whoa. (sighs) yes... oh, yeah. it feels even better when you find it for less. at ross. the same level of security is expected at fleet week which yes for less. gets under way tomorrow in san francisco. the annual event draws hundreds of thousands of people to check out the ships and the aerial shows. city officials remind people to be prepared for crowds, particularly along the water front. all right. well it's beautiful for fleet week?
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>> yes and crowds no matter what because this is the time of year and we have this kind of weather that offshore flow bringing the sunshine, warm conditions, no fog. and cooling off noisily at night. except we do have that elevated risk of fire danger at winds shift to offshore. it's 42 in nap an one of the locations we're watching. 48 in palo alto. we'll talk about how warm it gets and warming through early next week. weal have your details for the weekend and beyond coming up. >> thanks, lisa. also next on abc 7 news sleep number 360 smart bed. numbers fall sale on the can it help keep us asleep? mornings republicans now picking sides in president trump's yes, it senses your movements and impeachment inquiry. which top ranking gop lawmakers automatically adjusts to keep you both comfortable. are in? the queen sleep number 360 c4 smart bed and which ones are out in is now only $1,399. plus 0% interest for 24 months. only for a limited time. supporting president plus commander in chief. science or science fiction how a man used a robot suit a major battle brewing as impeachment investigators subpoena the white house.
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has all the looks for way less... check this out! that's yes for less. get the brands you love and save 20 to 60% off department store prices. at the ross fall fashion event. on now. battle gichg us major new developments every day. this morning house democrats are not backing down. but get ready. this weekend the president is launching new attacks on joe biden. abc's chief white house correspondent jonathan karl fills new on what other republicans are now saying. >> today president trump insisted his calls for ukraine and now china to investigate his potential 2020 opponent joe biden have nothing to do with politics. >> i don't care about biden's campaign. but i do care about corruption. >> yet today the trump
6:13 am
re-election campaign told abc news it's spending a million dollars this weekend on adds attacking biden be and prident china to investigate. >> have you asked foreign leaders for any corruption investigation that is don't involve your political opponent? that is are their other cases. >> we would have to look. >> today senator mitt romney put out a blistering statement saying when the only american citizen president trump singles out for the china investigation is his political opponent in the midst of the democratic nomination process it strains cred utility to suggest it's anything other than politically motivated. romney called the president's outreach to china and ukraine quot with wrong and appalling. the only other republican senator who ventured to criticize the president, ben sas of nebraska. the who put out a terse statement saying, quote, americans don't look to chinese yo do launch he.cohaith bi
6:14 am
is investigation of joe biden. >> i don't know if that's a real request or him needling the press knowing you were getting outraged by it. >> in iowa a constituents begged joan joanie ernst to say something about the president's actions. >> where is the line? when are you guying going to say enough? and stand up and say, you know, i'm in the backing any of this. >> okay. so president trump. if -- i can say yay, nay, thenat president is going to say what the president is going to do. >> it's a non-answer. >> i can't speak for him i can't speak for him. >> i know you can't speak for him but you can speak for yourself. >> the president made a surprise appearance on a republican conference call with all the republican members of the house i'm told that he said that he has nothing to hide. he has done nothing wrong and he portrayed the impeachment effort
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as an effort to undo the 2016 kabc ion by democrats. today. the state hasn't given the green light on cannabis lounges. but it's on tribal land and subject to tribal authority. the lounge is in las vegas. waiters will offer smoking and vapizing option was edibles. nuwu may be the only lounge in the state the next few years. because the governor signed a bill creating two-year hold on lounge licensing to allow for research. well it's the stuff of science fiction. but it was every bit of reality in france when with when a paralyzed man walked using a brain powered exo skelton. abc 7 news reporter kris reyes explained how it worked and why some in the disability community are the cautiously optimistic. >> paralyzed from in next down this man control the exo skelton giving him the ability to walk.
6:16 am
just like the patient, this woman is a quad tri pleejic. she says it's the first time in technology could apply to her. >> it's encouraging it's inclusive of me. because it includes a larger population of spinal cord injuries. >> scientists worked on the machine two years. recording devices implanted in the patient's brain. he trained it to understand thoughts. it's his brain signals allowing him to do this. >> this is a game changer. helping with bowel and bladder, helps with your posture. it helps with your circulation. so many things and not just that but just a little bit of freedom. >> researchers may call it a breakthrough but they warn the machine won't be widely available or affordable yet. that's a concern for this woman. but as a policy advocate for people with disabilities she has reservation about the innovation message. >> we want to be careful and be ware of ablism and being
6:17 am
ablistic. i don't think people to think we need to create these things just so people can walk. the value is as a human being with attributes that nobody haasl. >> in designate o, kris reyes for abc 7 news frmts there is a top gou his winning pumpkin to the topsfield fair. weighing in at 2294 pounds. the secret is in the seeds and daily nurturing. in the bay area, the world championship puch kin weighoff in half moon bay on october 14th. last year's winning pumpkin weighed just shy of 2,200 pounds. we head to our meteorologist. is it a good day for pumpkin patches. >> a little hot but today would be one of the better days because we bltd on the heat throughout the weekend into monday. and then we should cool off a little bit. but certainly what you expect for this time of year, the dry
6:18 am
weather.ffsh flow. here is a live doppler 7 and no fog to speak of. a big ridge of high pressure building in chasing away the fog keeping the storm track north. and allowing a shift northeast and sea breeze petition beaches. temperatures in the low 40s in napa. cold start 4 had in santa rosa. low 40s in san ramon. 45 on the coast. half moon bay. nice shot here of emeryville where we look at high fire danger. the elevated risk tonight and tomorrow as the winds shift in the upper elevations. especially in the north bay above 1,000 feet. the warmer weather today and tomorrow. and the peak heat today or monday depending where you are located. then the cooler weather arriving after this. checking in where we should be this time of year. san francisco averages is 71 of the warmest -- warmest time of year. and going for 74 today. 72 in oakland is what we should
6:19 am
be. but near 80 today. warm in the east bay. sand rafael, how about low 80s. mid-80s for conthe order tp 2 to 7 degrees above average and on the peninsula in low 80s from redwood city to belmont park. cupertino in the low 80s. 6 degrees above average. the winds come if into play tonight in the upper elevations. . you can see them here in blue. the direction that's the offshore component preponderate through the overnight hours into sunday morning is when we see the strongest winds. you can see the 20 miles an hour gusts there around calistoga through napa down through mount tam and deebl orr range. with the elevatedistic are of high fire kaerng, the relative humidity not recovering above 30 to 40% through the overnight but during the day could be down to 15% 20%. dry today throughout the day. monday in the 90s in the inland valleys, 80s around the bay. very little change.
6:20 am
no fog and you have to be right on the coast today tgts the sea breezes. tuesday the sea breeze returns. slightly cooler into wednesday. hopefully keeping the trend going. usually just a couple days of the offshore component and this is lights that's the dwood news on this. 85 concord. 77 in richmond. look for upper 70s from is the san mateo to warmer heading down the peninsula. 83 napa. livermore at 84. down through morgan hill about 85 degrees. certainly a warm afternoon, a cool night back into the 40s and 50s with clear sky. the accuweather seven-day forecast we get even warmer for sunday. beach weather, mid-70s, half moon bay. pacifica, stinson should be in the upper 70s tomorrow. mid-80s around the bay to 90 inland. for sunday. the warmer day of the weekend. and then by monday everyone slightly warmer. looks like it anyway. maybe lay day cooling. and you download the accuweather app appear hopefully we see the stronger sea breeze mid-woke.
6:21 am
be careful out there. >> not feeling like fall just yet. >> no. >> thanks so much lisa. >> okay. ha huge college football games today on abc 7. highlighted by saturday night football. number 25 michigan state battles fourth ranked ohio state in columbus. espn college football game day analysts reese davies and herb have a preview. >> great slate of stars on saturday. elbow and texas play next woke. both have to avoid the look ahead this week. starting with jaylen hurts in and the sooner against seemingly overmatched kansas. >> i think we were all excited when jaylen came from alabama. and i think jaylen was excited but i don't know if even he anticipated this kind of start the first five weeks of the season. right now skuting at a level that believe it or not is probablien better than we saw from kyler murray. i expect that to continue. big numbers. i don't think ou shows any focus -- or lack of focus where they peek ahead to the game i think ou winds ou side not sat
6:22 am
>> no. >> texas last to west virginia last year on the road to morgantown they have a history of not being at peak before oklahoma. >> we were talking before we came on you feel confidently that texas can go on the road and take care of business maybe as much to do with a lack of fire power from west virginia. i think this is an important game for texas. it's a chance for them to get healthy in the secondary. a few guys resting, hoping to get them become next week. personally any time you go to morgantown i don't care who is on the roster it's a bit challenging and texas has to overcome. >> ohio state and michigan state i have the buck eyes number within on the ballot this is a great matchup. >> i agree. who has been the most complete team? you'd have to say ohio state. different at the line of scrimmage. that's the thing i'm excited about. offensive line for ohio state, not just fields and dobens, the line has been a big story. a bigger challenge against the physicality of michigan state.
6:23 am
>> i tell you what, ohio state has been so complete and so impressive. we'll see if it continues kirk and chris will the call on a abc and primetime and auburn and florida doing battle in the
6:24 am
6:25 am
welcome back. dan harris joins from us new york to tell us what's coming up
6:26 am
at 7:00 on good morning america. >> good morning, coming up on gma fast moving developments in the impeach. inquire in. democrats subpoena the white house. joe biden speaks out the first time since this story broke. and there is a report that there may be a second whistle-blower coming. plus a private aircraft plummeting into shallow waters after engine failure. the dramatic emergency landing just short of the runway. and finally, a new clash this morning between the royals and the tabloids, prince harry fighting for his family after they published a personal letter to her father from meghan. invokes fame of his mother princess diana as he viets for privacy. coming up on gma see you soon. a landmark sculpture in front of the los angeles central library making a mysterious disappearance found 50 years later. the well of the describes was part of the library when it opened in 1926. but went missing in 1969. a single reference of the well in the book led journalists to
6:27 am
dig for answers one received an email from an antiques dealer in arizona who said he had a portion of the well. it's unclear how it made its way there but finally returned home yesterday. officials are hopeful to recover the second half of it soon. still to come on abc 7 mornings, some are getting worried over the idea of a new a's stadium. why they argue it would be a bad thing for the east bay and how you can join the debate. also, from prison to the kitchen. the prisoners learning a new trade behind bars in san quentin.
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and we're starting this half hour with a look at weather. here is meteorologist lisa argen. good morning, lisa. good morning, amanda. we started a warming trend yesterday although not above average. a live look outside, walnut creek, nice and clear, no fog. temperatures in the 50s downtown, 47 in redwood city. it's 49 half moon bay. and from the east bay hills camera, beautiful view, the sun coming up at 7:08. if the 42 in napa. petaluma and in the mid-40s in livermore. selmer a cool start backup but through the morning hours here comes the sun. and it's brit and feeling pretty warm by the afternoon. 2:00 we're in the 70s. 80s, we'll warm through 4:00. into the mid-80s inland.
6:31 am
then cooling tonight looking at the sunset before 7:00 and no fog out there. amanda. >> thanks so much, lisa. san francisco mayor london breed has appointed suzy loftus as the top prosecutor. this comes after district attorney george gascon resigned thursday. the decision is controversial because loftus has been running for the office more than a year. with only a month left before the election some say this gives unfair advantage over other candidates. lyanne melendez explains. >> she is my choice to appoint as the next district attorney. for the city and county of san francisco. >> making that announcement became a clalg for the mayor and loftus herself first protesters gathered at the location in chinatown wore london bred was supposed to deliver the message. the event was postponed several minutes. once protesters spotted loftus they chased her around
6:32 am
chinatown. >> loftus a controversial figure because she led the police commission during tumultuous times for the city. but despite the multiple interruptions she was finally appointed, surrounded by her dauts. >> i've got to tell you on my bay over here i got to have a beautiful walk through chinatown, right? so anyone whose trust i have yet to earn i will work every day to earn your trust. i will work every day to build safety that is not predicated on zip code. >> while many grow she is qualified for the job, some supervisors are critical of the aamodt. the election is on november 5th, a month away. >> i think it's an unfortunate decision that is really meant to sway election behavior in the last days of an election. >> ironically mayor breed herself encountered a similar situation following the deg of ed lee. as then board president, breed stepped into the position of acting mayor while statement running for office. but a month later, january,
6:33 am
2018, she was removed from her job by colleagues on the board because they saw that as a political advantage. supervisor mark farrell was voted as acting mayor. bred had no apologies. >> we don't just leave an office open because an election is coming up, especially one of the most important offices in our city. >> and even though the election is on november 5th, in reality, the person who wins wouldn't actually take office until january. so the mayor told reporters she didn't want that seat vacant that long. mayor breed also said when she heard that gascon was resigns she couldn't help but get excited about the future of san francisco. sort of a criticism of gascon's work. in the newsroom, lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. taking a live lack at san francisco international airport, which will add a new non-stop flight next year for the first time ever beginning in june you will be able to fly direct from
6:34 am
sfo to rome. it's about 12 thundershowers of travel time. flights offered on all italia, italiy's large airline. all italia hasn't operated out of sfo since 2001. in the east bay elbowed a's fans are invited to townhall today about the new stadium proposed at howard terminal. the group oakland united demands gnat a's negotiate a strong community benefits agreement that guarantees good jobs and affordable homes for the project. that -- it moves forward. many in the community fear the project will lead to gentrification and displacement. the meeting starts at 10:30 at taylor memorial church. kohls hosts a job fair to get ready for holidays. all stores in the bay area will take part in the hiring event sfr 10:00 until 4:00 this afternoon. if you are interested go to any store, apply and interview today. the company is looking to hire 5,000 seasonal positions across
6:35 am
the country. san quentin one of the oldest and most notorious prisonings california era in california. a place to teach soon to be released inmates tools needed to survive on the outside, including tooking. >> i love the cooking, the grilling, the eating, most importantly the eating. >> i never once on the streets thought about cooking. now it's like a passion for me.. ♪ >> give that a nice vigorous mix, ron. >> before i came here i didn't care whether i lived or died. now i get back in touch with my feelings and my emotions, you know. there is opportunities here that will open you up to different things. i never once on the streets thought about cooking. now, it's like a passion.
6:36 am
>> i grew up in a dysfunctional family. using drugs was part of growing up. and i also grew up with a bunch of bad information on life, kind of like doing my own thing, not obeying the law. as a result of that i wound up in jail. i want i don't want to believe i would see my mom again. that's the hardest thing. i want to be successful for my mom. through all my addiction hess the only one stood by my side, never turned her back on me. >> we have a banana pudding topped with walnut, topped with dayton sauce with a slice of strawberries, with a concludeky shell. this is my favorite dessert. i can make as much as i want or
6:37 am
eat as much as i want when i go home. the class gives me ten days off my sentence. not only do i learn cooking but i go home quicker. >> if you pay your debt to society, you should go back to square one and be a respected citizen. shouldn't stay with you once you are gone. prison is rehabilitation, you did your time. and if you do things to better yourself like a ged or college diploma or certificate through this program or something similar, why wouldn't you believe that that person is capable of doing things on the other side? >> all right, banana pudding. phillip, everybody. phillip sinz. >> i have something i want to do the rest of my life. i found a passion where i wouldn't mind getting up going to work to cook every day. >> it's beautiful. i feel successful already. i cherish this the rest of my life. i'm framing it when i get home.
6:38 am
yup. i'm going to mail to my dad and let him frame it. yeah. it's baueautiful, man. and you can check out abc's new brand at much more to come on abc 7 mornings, including the warriors moment we have all been waiting for, the dubs debut for their first preseason game at the chase center today. and there is a new surprise only relevant fans want to know about. we explain next. and here a live look from the roof top cam looking at the exploratorium with the bucky ball bright in the distance. if you go exploring today, lisa rj aen has a lack at the
6:39 am
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6:41 am
well become. here a live look at emeryville. you can see the sun peeking out or making it way out. a gorge day today. and happening today. we have been waiting for it ever since the warriors fell in the finals earlier this year. the first chance to watch the dubs play at the chase center. before tonight's opening preseason game, abc 7 news got a sneak peek at the new team shop. it's in the area surrounding the chase center. check it out. it's just about everything a dubs fan could want from jerseys to socks and hats. the store let's you order a customized jersey. and have made right there for you on the spot. and there is more on the way. >> and coming soon, fans will
6:42 am
also discover restaurants, bars other retail establishments over the course of the season. it really is a year of discovery. >> the first prez season game tonight is big the big socal rifle the los angeles lakers. tip off at 6:00. all right, lee sleasa we sle won't be needing hats. >> got the 40s out there. 43 half moon bay. 42 in novato. a live look from the exploratorium camera, 56 right now down going to the 70s today. above average warmth. keeps on going through early next week. i'll let you know when things will cool off next with my accuweather seven-day forecast. >> thanks, lisa. just ahead on abc 7 mornings, san jose sharks with a historically bad subsection opener but not before punches were thrown. larry beil shows you the top moments in
6:43 am
6:44 am
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switch and save hundreds a year on your wireless bill. plus get $250 back when you buy an eligible phone. call, click, or visit a store today. in sports, this evening, cal hopes to rebound from last week's disaping loss. the golden bears take on 13th rank oregon at austin stadium. kickoff at 5:00 p.m. tonight stanford battles 15th ranked washington down on the farm. kickoff at 7:30 p.m. at stanford stadium if you are not going to the game you can watch on. espn. also tonight, the sharks will try to get their first win san jose faces the hand heim ducks at 7:00 p.m. at the honda
6:46 am
center. last night the sharks dropped the opener against the golden knights. larry beil has the details in this morning's sports. >> good morning, everybody not the start the sharks had in mind opening the new season. two games against vegas two losses. last night home open ner the danica first sign of trouble when the mic doesn't work. testing. hello. first period sharks turn it over. william carrier beats marten johansson. sharks give up two short-handed goals. power play turned it over in the zone. braden mcnabb gets shorty 3-0 vegas. 90 seconds later, the first of two gomes on the night here. the sharks did score to break the ice in the d cute tour actuallyan >> they waited a long time to
6:47 am
playdisappointing. and i'm disappointed for them to show up and waste their time and money to watch that. >> doesn't matter who we mri starting 0-2 is not acceptable. we know that. and you know, the guys in here we know that we have to be better. also in san jose, doing the macarena, watching san jose state and new mexico. a sparty party. nick nash nine yards, untouched in the end zone. 6-0. then a 93-yard drive capped by josh love to billy humphreys. blow out alert. love throes for 405. 80 here to bailey gagters. look out, rough. longest pass play in five years. and they roll 32-21. now 3-2. the baseball playoffs. game two gnats, dodgers, bane in l.a. p a rough outing for clayton kershaw. first inning howie den tricks
6:48 am
base hit. nationals build the 3-0 lead. the mighty dodger bats no match for the smoke that steven strassburg threw. he fanned 10. listen to the number dodgers struck out 17 times in the 4-2 loss. the series even at a game apiece. the warriors open the preseason, first game at the chase center against the lakers tonight. so many new faces, so much teaching going on in practice. >> a lot more teaching. for us guys who has been here for a while. it's a little difficult some of the practices. but it's -- you know, that's the reality of it. you know, we kind of new that coming in. >> draymond sounding a little tired really early before the season started. that's a wrap on morning sports. have a great weekend. i'm larry beil. a check now of the bay area forecast with meteorologist lisa argen good morning, lisa.
6:49 am
>> good morning to you. starting out with mount tam. a gorgeous shot looks calm. the sunup at 7:08. just over 11 hours of daylight. and we are looking for a warm day across the bay. we'll called it mild to warm. warmer than yesterday bringing up some temperatures to above average readings. we have been a bit cooler now in the other direction. we've got in fact a warm weekend on the way even into next week. sunny and warmer today. numbers mainly in the 70s and 80s. then we'll hit some 90s through tomorrow and monday. elevated fire danger, especially tonight into tomorrow morning when the winds get a little bit gusty in our higher elevations process. but right now look how cool. 42 in napa. 44 in in santa rosa. with 56 san francisco. mid-40s in gilroy. 46 in livermore. brentwood at 56. so if you are headed to the beach, plenty of sunshine, well into the 70s here. in santa cruz. in fact we see mid-70s up towards stinson beach and 70
6:50 am
from half moon bay to pacifica. one of those glorious afternoons that we get here in the fall. of high pressure builds in allowing for the wind shift. no rain to speak of. and the closer that high gets, that's cutting
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