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tv   Nightline  ABC  October 8, 2019 1:07am-1:36am PDT

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you know, there's been a lot of living that's happened on and off screen for the groundbreaking show "modern family." now the cast of one of america's most beloved television families is sitting down with farris. the extended family moving on to a new chapter after more than a. ♪ the circle of life >> we adopted by. >> rorte ast' i redefined what it means to be a family on tv. >> it's beautiful. >> reporter: a groundbreaking comedy centered around an extended family that includes a gay couple, a colombian stepmother, and allir kids. now in its 11th season "modern family" is coming to an end. >> let me ask you all. raise your hand if you're emotionally ready for this series to be over. >> emotionally. >> are you emotionally ready? >> not yet. >> nobody's ready. >> not yet. >> none of you know how it's
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going to end, correct? >> no. >> i mean, i heard car crash. >> i do know. but i can't spill the beans. >> reporter: we sat down with the entire cast, whose chemistr that made the show such a phenomenon. >> there's a great chemistry between this group of people that sort of connects us in a very unique way. i think that's going to be something we carry through the rest of our lives. >> i think it's really brought families together in an age where kids and teenagers can be so separatedrom their families because of things like social media and phones and computers. d w kid>>s that come up to us and say, are you that guy on "modern family" or are you that girl on "modern family"? that's the lasting impact. these people are coming up to me that weren't born when i started this job. so i have to assume in ten years there's going to be another 10-year-old. and we're going to keep making hopefully generations laugh. we all wanted to make peoe goit say. >> reporter: with 22 emmy wi,ns
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11 gol den globe nominations, it's a show embraced by fans a nd itcr alsoicmething you do it's a positive. and when people like it and it actually gets good ratings that's even better. and if it has social ramifications that's even more exciting. and our show just kept surprising us, i think. i don't think any of us wer that it ha >> it's been like ad. blessing. i mean, to be able to be on such an amazing set with awesome cast and crew and getting to learn -- >> whose character will you miss the most? any idea? >> phil. it had to be phil. >> i was going to say jay. >> it's pretty much you. >> anytime when i'm not getting to primarily be with these people i feel a little sad and lost. >> reporter: cam, played by eric stonestreet, and mitchell, played by jesse tyler ferguson, providing a modern take on gay marriage. >> i think our goal and the writers' goal has always been to -- i don't want to use the word normalize but just make it
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that we're j like everybody else and we're inadequate in different areas -- interesting. fathers are >> it's a portrayal that broke barriers when at the end of season 5 they had the gay wedding of the century taking place a full year before the supreme court legalized gay marriage in all 50 states. the couple's adoption of their vietnamese daughter lilly a reflection on today's society and diversity. >> how they were able to portray a in gaay stable loving home with a daughter, what is the significance of that? >> it means a lot toi bmean, i as someone who was looking for role models on television, not necessarily finding them,e n be kids now. and i think it's been a talking point for a lot of families and for a lot of people to talk about what it means to be gay. i love the relationship. i'm so proud of the relationship that eric and i have created.
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>> i always look to jesse, and jesse gave me the very sage advice right from the beginning, we're ner going to please everyone. so just take that off your list of worries. and it did worry me because i always from the beginning wanted to play cameron a being first and let his sexuality not be what defines him. >> oh! >> reporter: the gay marriage was just one of the issues the show tackled on a weekly basis. finding evitrmo i an ndthe most mundane and outrageous situations. the show turned the cast into none more so than sofia vea.rna became a star playing gloria. >> gloria's about to take her citizenship test. >> reporter: the young single immigrant mom who marries jay pritchett, a much older divorcee, who's played by ed o'neill. >> do you really think someone young and beautiful like that is going to fall in love with a rich older person?
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never happens. >> i always wanted to play gloria in a way that reminded me of the woman that i used to live with in columbia. i lived half of m life iny south america. so that wasn't very hard for me play her. >> reporter: she's now an international star, becoming one of the faces of pepsi. >> one diet plse. >> reporter: did it feel lik iay t good-bye? >> no. i don't understand why we can't be like "law & order," that we can't keep going on and on and on. i don't understand it. >> reporter: julie bowen and ty burrell are clair and dunphy. the straight-laced mom and goofy dad who try to keep it all together while raising three children. >> who's your favorite character? >> there's something that ty burrell has done with that character that has taken him from like odd and fkeun -ny- hee tv dads. >> who would like to help me with a magic trick?
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>> do you have a favor philsosophy? that is hard to say, by the way. >> i likedlwe. asayoo and if you're blind tell them you're looking them in the eye. >> reporter: we watched many of the younger cast members grow up before our eyes. like sarah highland and ariel winter, who was just 11 years old when the show began. >> i'm not. but that's okay. i'm the smart one. >> you went through puberty on national television. >> super awkward. everything is social media. so it's like you grow up on tv and then everyone has an opinion about it. for me i'm definitely looking forward to doing new things but i'm not looking forward to not seeing these people for seven months out of the year. because this is comfort to me. >> reporter: the 11-season run may be at an end. unless of course there's a reboot. >> m likeaybe in 30 years
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they'll -- they can do again a "modern family" like now you know how it's in fashion to bring back a reboot. but i don't know if ed is going to be here. >> i don't think i want to be. >> you see? don't mess with me. >> sofia, you can drop your mike and just walk off set now. >> reporter: "modern family." making us laugh even when the show is over. >> ed, what's an ideal ending? >> oh, god. i don't think of these things. >> me either. >> maybe i get divorced and have a younger wife. >> how dare you. maybe we get divorced and i get all his money. >> the money. >> reporter: for "nightline" i'm paula faris in los angeles. >> our thanks to paula for that heartfelt interview.
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finally tonight, one little
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girl's giant inspiration. watch the look on this 6-year-old's face as she walks all by herself for the first time. she was born with cerebral palsy, but she also has guts and gusto. deciding last week to get up and try walking without her walker or her braces. the video from austin, texas going viral. more than a million people already cheering on the little princess as she conquers the a d wo time. her name? love. and clearly, love is her family's little hero. and those are giant steps for one brave little girl. that's "nightline." you can always catch our full episodes on hulu. good night, america.
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flashlights and generators standing by in the north bay for a pg&e power shut off. >> i'm in san jose where thousands of pg&e customers stand to lose power including ig businesses. >> and i'm in contra costa county. abc7 news starts right now. >> tonight on alert. just a few hg&ouers announced it will proactively cut the hour to several bay area cities in a move to prevent wildfires. good evening. >> get prepared now. that's the advice for people. >> we learned that the
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customers. >> the proactive outage alert covers every bay area county except san francisco and marin. tonight pg&e says it will shut off power to parts of napa county as well as the cities of lafayette, moraga and orinda if the weather doesn't change. >> it's pretty shocking. >> reporter: pg&e has notified counties that they will lose power between midnight and 4:00 a.m. on wednesday until at least thursday afternoon. officials in contra costa county say the lights could be out for three to five days. >> that's a long time to be out of power. >> reporter: they estimate 120,000 of their residents could be without electricity this week. one in 30 california counties
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affectedlann bedth outages. registering for the county warning system and pg&e updates. >> they ought to make sure they have a plan to charge their phones to get them through two back-up or four or five days. batteries. pg&e will set places up around the county. >> remember gas stations run on electricity too. and most gas stations including this one. >> this traditionally would be the height of the fire season. the most dangerous part aureoug al re flag weather. >> the information officer says they've planning for months for both fire season and t power safety shut off protocol.
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other agencies are doing the same including the nearby alameda county. oakland unified school district sent out a warning that ten of their schools could lose power this week and plans are in place. abc7 news. >> let's take you to the north bay now where counties are issuing states of emergency and people are preparing for power shutoffs. you can see it is highlighted in red and people say they should expect to have their electricity cut. cornell explains how tens of thousands of people could be affected. >> they are looking for a flashlight. they just got an alert that pg&e could shut off the power due to high winds. >> i don't have a generator
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wheooicidea c.ldou >> there's only one generator left he has sold ten in the last two weeks. >> i think people are pretty certain it will be shut down and i feel the same way. i'm set up with a generator at home. >> as a precaution, there is a state of emergency. beginning early wednesday morning and it may extend five days or longer. county officials say about 30,000 residents could be impacted. the best advice? >> making sure you have a full tank of gas, flashlights, solar powered radio or power charger. powering up your phone. >> the supply of the catastrophic hour fire. >> i'm all for it. what i'm not for is what
1:29 am
happened two years ago. >> and for wants to get caught in the dark. in sonoma county. abc7 news. these latest wildfire warnings in the north bay incl areas still rebuilding from a deadly tons fire that ignited two years ago tomorrow. the fire killed 22 people and burned for almost a month in napa and sonoma counties. it is the second most destructive wildfire in the state. >> so what is behind these power shut offs? pg&e says it is taking action in anticipation of some of the most severe dry winds we've seen in recent days. >> sandy is hereh more. >>it this w could be one of the strongest events of the season r has h been issued for 5:00 a.m. wednesday until 5:00 a.m. thursday.
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the north northeasterly wind gusts will be 45 to 55 miles an hour withy v temperatures. the advisory wednesday 5:00 a.m. the winds could cause difficulty driving. take look at what those winds will do. the humidity at 5:00 a.m. wednesday is fine. but watch what happens. the humidity just plunges down to 6%. napa, 8% in fairfield as we head into wednesday afternoon. that means wednesday is fine. the potential for power safety shutoffs could leave thousands in the dark.
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a warning for those in potential outage zones. prepare now. >> first and morefo,st would encourage residents and businesses to prepare for being without power. >> a warning for those in the potential spots. this haunt house would be silenced. >> we run off full power. this show would be immediately shut down. >> he admits he has back-up emergency power but if this is any issue, could it lead the a tote loss. >> if the it's on a freeway or saturday night, that's thousands of dollars that would be gone. for a small haunt house like us, that's the end of the >>'m gn get the go through
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theve ge year we hit up just about every pumpkin patch in this area and let the kids run around andeav hfun. it makes me think i should get a generator. >> meantime, for those who need help, they plan to open up the stadium on wednesday. >> the safety power shutoff on the right side your next move, it will pop up the announcement on the screen and you'll want to choose. find out if your service may be impacted. from there, after you click on it, we'll take you to the potential outage maps. as you'll see here. scroll down to see if your service is being affected.
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>> some tips about preparing for a power outage where you live. here are a few. store plenty of fresh about aries. keep plenty of emergency cash on hand. most atm readers won't work in disconnect your computer and use a surge protector to avoid danging electronics in a power surge and learn to operate your garage door without electricity. yocan find more information. most atms and credit card readers won't work without electricity. >> pg&e has shut off power other times in both the north bay and the sierra foot hills. >> we have a list of resources for a power outage and stay informed. it is at saibs 7 and it
1:34 am
is tips for how to prepare for a power shut off. you'll also find out how to receive alerts from pg&e. go to our website to learn how to prepare. the 49ers are 4-0. highlights and reaction from a document than win over the browns. >> first a look at what's coming up. >> thanks. watch this or regret it forever. >> my mom is not talking to me right now. >> she's not. >> no. >> your mom lives in the house with you?
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normal after a report of a gunshot being fired, led to the station being closed at about 7:00 p.m. five people were detained. new details on the bus service at the transit center on monday, capitol corridor will begin running outf bus stop. right next to the transit center. comment corridor said it will be


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