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tv   Nightline  ABC  October 11, 2019 12:37am-1:07am PDT

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this is "nightline." tonight, battle cry. the president firing up the faithful and familiar. looking for new voters in his re-election bid. "nightline" co-anchor byron pitts on the ground. taking the temperature in this rapidly changing political climate. >> does this talk about impeachment give you pause at all? >> no. >> can the cloud of impeachment change even his most die-hard supporters? plus, after michael. in the middle of utter devastation from the strongest of storms. >> i just saw something i've never seen, an entire home taken off its foundation and rolled down the street. >> one year ago the monster hurricane gutting florida.
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now the ordinary heroes. >> so this is my backyard. >> i have two people, one in each one of those. >> picking up their lives and helping their neighbors in need. and poppins fresh. julie andrews tells diane sawyer the secrets behind their legendary career. but first the "nightline 5." >> number one in just sixty seconds.
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good evening. thank you for joining us. i'm linsey davis. president trump out campaigning in minneapolis tonight. betting big he can make the impeachment showdown work for his re-election. nightline co-anchor byron pitts was in the arena listening to the president and the voters. >> trump, trump, trump, trump, trump! >> reporter: minneapolis, minnesota. a sea of red in a state that runs blue. >> trump will either be on mt. rushmore or they will build a mountain for trump. he is saving america. >> thank you, president trump, i love you! >> reporter: these are the faithful, the true believers. the mood here festive. many have said these rallies feel like a concert. excitement about being the trump's first time back on the campaign trail since the impeachment inquiry against him began two weeks ago.
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>> theacklash at the ballot box the likes of which they have never, ever seen before in the history of this country. >> reporter: most polls have public opinion shifting against the president. the majority of americans supporting the impeachment inquiry. even a fox newsol out today shogun% of americans now believe that trump should be impeached and removed from office. trump lashing out at that poll tweeting, whoever their pollster is, they suck. and tonight's rally, we heard similar sentiment in support of the president. >> they're not going to impeach him. >> it's just another ploy from the democrats to try to get him out. >> he is the president of the united states, he should be allowed to have conversations with other countries. it's just another witch hunt. >> reporter: rallies are a depart of the president's current campaign strategy, hoping to galvanize and never jize his base. choosing to hold this rally in
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representative ilhan omar's district, one of his favorite targets. >> how do you have such a person representing you in minnesota? i'm very angry at you people right now. >> reporter: his base especially crucial here in minnesota. >> president trump, whoo! >> reporter: a state he narrowly lost in 2016, a campaign hopes is winnable in 2020. they're among the president's front row of supporters, retired restaurant and club owner richard snowden. do you think the impeachment inquiry will have impact on trump supporters like yourself? >> no, i think it's going to embolden us. it's going to help trump. >> reporter: snowden's journey to this rally began two days ago. >> i flewprobably about an hour half on the plane. and that's it. so i've been awake essentially 36 hours. >> reporter: he always makes it a point to travel in his suit and tie looking more like he's on his way to a business conference than a political rally.
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>> number 56 for me. >> reporter: snowden will spend the night before the rally inside the target center so he doesn't lose his coveted number two spot in line. snowden says this trump rally will be his 56th and he's spent around $30,000 of his own money traveling to them over the last four years. that's him at a trump rally in wisconsin in 2016. president trump sometimes spotting him in the crowd. >> and we have a man in the audience who is i think the best-dressed man in this entire place, including me, right here. look at him. come here. look at him, look at this guy. and he's been to a couple of rallies too, haven't you, huh? >> reporter: snowden is part of a small group of trump die-hards who call themselves front row joes. how has life been for you personally under president trump?
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>> it's been the greatest ever. >> the greatest ever? >> ever, yeah. we wake up every day thanking the lord that donald trump is our president. >> wow. >> yeah. we love him. >> you drank the kool-aid gallon, sounds like. >> unsweetened, too. >> reporter: richard says he found his candidate the minute he saw trump come down that escalator in june 2015. >> sure you disagree maybe on 10% or something, or sometimes you say i wish he hadn't made that tweet. but us supporters understand why he's doing these tweets. so we love him more than ever. >> reporter: this even as the president is under investigation for asking the president of ukraine to dig up dirt on joe biden, his political rival. two weeks ago the white house released its memorandum of the phone call between the two leaders. what do you make of this impeachment inquiry into the president? >> well, it's a witch hunt. it's terrible because there's no impeachable offenses there.
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a phone call to a foreign leader where the transcript was released that shows no evidence of wrongdoing by president trump. >> have you read the memorandum? >> i won't say that i've read it word for word bav it, that have looked at it objectively, that say there's nothing in there. >> how can you call it a witch hunt if you've never read it? >> well, because i trust the judgment of people like tray gowdy, senator lindsey graham, and others that have indicated that. >> so on page 3 the president says, and i quote, i'd like you to do us a favor, though. and this is right after the president of ukraine talks about a weapons system, the javelins, from the united states. what does that sound like to you? >> i don't think there's anything wrong with one president asking another president to do the other a favor. >> let me ask you a question, you're a businessman, yes?
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>> yes. >> in your negotiation with someone, if you say do me a favor, what's your expectation? >> well, i think you're getti getting -- alluding to the fact there might be a quit proceed i don't that you expect something in return -- >> no, no -- >> but maybe just do me a favor, one day i'll have opportunity to do you a favor. i don't see where that raises to a level of an impeachable offense. >> reporter: that's the sentiment most trump voters share, like nancy, who believes supporting the. >> president is also about keeping a democrat out of the white house. >> i guess the red line would be, he'd have to murder somebody or there would have to be something super egregious. >> reporter: we met her in august. she was on her way to her first trump rally in cincinnati. a short drive from her home in the suburbs. >> i've just watched the economy, i've watched the numbers. i'm so impressed with the unemployment. >> what, if anything, gives you pause? >> he says things or tweets
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things that i would never say or tweet. and i wouldn't want my children to use social media in that way. >> reporter: we checked in with her today to hear if she's changed her mind on trump in light of the impeachment inquiry. >> no, actually, it hasn't. ever since he was elected, the democrats have been trying to get him impeached. they've tried to block everything he's trying to do. i think this could easily just be one more crying of wolf. unless there is really something to this, i would like to just -- let's just get on with business. >> reporter: trump's re-election campaign and the rnc announcing a haul of $125 million in the last quarter alone, a presidential fund-raising record, money being used this week at a training event to convert some of minnesota's most ardent supporters into active volunteers. >> he's the most pragmatic, commonsense president that keeps his word. this new donald trump party, republican party, is amazing. i just think it's absolutely amazing.
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>> reporter: still, dislike for the president also runs deep in minnesota. >> lock him up! >> reporter: the large and loud crowd outside the target center tonight voicing their views. here talk of impeachment is applauded. but it was inside love and admiration washed over trump like confetti. my colleague kyra phillips caughthe rally. >> where are you headed next? >> dallas, texas, for my 57th rally. here we come! >> reporter: for now donald trump is his man. congressional investigations be damned. >> our thanks to byron. up next, rising from the rubble. the guardian angels helping rebuild a community destroyed by hurricane michael.
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one year ago, a category 5 hurricane shattered the florida panhandle. 50 people were killed there. tonight abc's chief meteorologist ginger zee returns to the scene and finds the incredible acts of kindness from a devastated community. >> the water was still up, remember? >> oh, yeah, the water as all over. >> reporter: kimberly kennedy lost almost everything a year ago. >> there were so many cars in the canal, piles of houses, there were rooftops over there.
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>> reporter: that was the day hurricane michael made landfall east of panama city, shredding the panhandle. >> this is unit 201. this would be the room we stayed in, that we survived the storm in. this is the old deck. >> reporter: my team and i were right there. barricaded against the winds and the rain in a concrete condominium just across the street from that surging gulf of mexico. >> i just saw something i have never seen in real life, i saw an entire home taken off its foundation and rolled down the street. that is the ty oabout. my heart is racing. >> reporter: a devastating cat 5, the strongest to make landfall since andrew in 1992. mile after mile destroyed. more than 1 million homes without power. 50 floridians lost their lives. and test of thousands lost their homes. we reported inside that eye wall as the storm surge reached 14
12:55 am
feet. >> it's right under us. >> reporter: coming dangerously close to us, just one floor below. that was the day when we first met kimberly. >> we saw that house taken its foundation. there were also several houses there. >> yeah, three, track then one in the back -- >> reporter: today she said in mexico beach it still feels like they're just trying to survive. >> you're just starting to see thins reopen now? >> yes. very exciting. it takes ten steps to complete one. it might be a food truck instead of a restaurant. it might be a pod instead peopl in rvs. >> reporter: talia butcher survived the storm by swimming through that powerful surge. she's still grappling with that trauma. >> today i'm still scared of wind because that's what i saw. that's what i was taking everything away at that moment in time. >> reporter: i first met her the day after the storm hit.
12:56 am
she and her husband credited a pair of life jackets with keeping them alive. >> you swam? >> yes. >> out? >> yes. >> of your home? >> yes. >> to a boat? >> yes. >> reporter: their home destroyed. they asked us to try to get word out to talia's parents that they were okay. >> they rode out the entire five hours of the storm. >> i've never been more worried about one of my children in my life. >> hi, talia. >> thank you. thank you so much. >> reporter: today talia's living in a fema trailer, still trying to make sense of her new reality. >> i'm very blessed to have it, by all means. at least i have something to sleep in at night. but i still want my own. i still want my own home again. >> reporter: just last month, another devastating loss. talia's husband, robby, lost his battle with cancer. >> i'm starting from scratch all over again. and i think that's what's even
12:57 am
harder is, you know, i don't have riley, my soul mate, to keep pushing me. my niece tells me every day, hey, tall yeah it's going to be okay. >> reporter: it's still going to be awhile before anything approaches being okay. >> the day of, we came out and all of these shops and stuff, they had been boarded up. a lot of the stuff was just all torn down. >> a very powerful category 4 hurricane -- >> reporter: from panama city affiliate wmmb's chief meteorologist ross whitley, what michael left behind still occupies his mind. whitley told me it's a complicated equation for so many trying to get on their feet. why are those roofs not back on? >> some of it is battles with insurance claims. some of it has to doavin insurance to begin with. and the other part is getting contractors in here. >> reporter: amidst the devastation, we discovered acts of kindness. just about an hour's drive away
12:58 am
in youngstown, florida, we meet shelley somers. >> so this is my backyard. i have two people, one in each one of those. then of course we have regular tents with tarps over them. unfortunately with the sun and the rain, they have to have a tarp. >> reporter: after the storm displaced thousands of people, shelley and her family decided to help. >> we saw on the news the local tent city. and my first reaction to her and her dad was, this is not right, we have to do something. >> reporter: so they opened their own doors and took in their neighbors. her backyard now filled with tents, a welcome shelter for people like georgia richter. >> my bed right here, a little ac unit. i've got my belongings here. >> reporter: georgia says she couldn't afford housing after the hurricane and was going from hotel to hotel until she found shelley. >> there needs to be more housing that's affordable. panama city, st. andrews, all that area. it was a pretty poor economy
12:59 am
before the storm, now it's gotten even worse. i think it's a struggle for everybody right now. >> there is thousands. there's thousands of people still displaced and homeless from the hurricane. there's people everywhere living in cars, living intes. the community has pretty much lost itself. and a lot of people feel that they just don't matter. they do to me, they do to my husband, they do to my daughter, they do to everybody here. so like i said, it's a drop in the bucket. >> i think the feel is just like, hope. people are hopeful. because we're never going to be the same. there's always going to be a scar. but there's hope that, you know, there's money coming in. there's things being rebuilt. people are eventually going to come back. >> reporter: one year later, they'll admit their strong, but it has been hard. and they're still in need of help, hoping that they have not been forgotten. >> we're still recovering.
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don't forget about us. we're still down here, hello, we're still here. we might be little but we are still here and we still matter. >> reporter: for "nightline," i'm ginger zee in mexico beach,, a spoonful of sug with the sensational julie andrews. the high notes of her career a ♪ when the dog bites when the bee stings when i'm feeling sad ♪ is is my body of proof. man 1 vo: proof of less joint pain and clearer skin. man 2 vo: proof that i can fight psoriatic arthritis... woman 2 vo: ...with humira. woman 3 vo: humira targets and blocks a specific source of inflammation that contributes to both joint and skin symptoms. it's proven to help relieve pain, stop further irreversible joint damage, and clear skin in many adults. humira is the number one prescribed biologic for psoriatic arthritis.
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finally tonight, julie andrews' new book "homework: a memoir of my hollywood years" will be out next tuesday. first she spoke to our diane sawyer. here's a preview. >> she's so pretty, isn't she? >> reporter: julie andrews at home. so much life in her smile and in all the joy she has given us for generations. >> mary poppins, you look beautiful. >> do you really think so? >> cross my heart you do. >> reporter: so it began. it wasn't how she said it, it
1:06 am
was that something in her face told you that there was someone named mary poppins who wanted to heal your world and make it bright. ♪ a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down ♪ >> reporter: tomorrow she and her daughter emma will tell us what we've never heard before. >> i got the courage after the last week to say, i don't understand why i'm weeping so much, i can't seem to stop. >> tune in to diane sawyer's interview tomorrow on "gm ennndedersion "nightline." that's it for tonight. catch our full episodes on hulu. good night, america.
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