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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  October 11, 2019 6:00am-6:58am PDT

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right now at 6:00 a.m., raging wildfires forcing people to run for their lives. we're tracking this dangerous situation. in the bay area fire dangers are easing, the power is starting to come people who have been in the dark for days. good morning on this friday, october 11th. >> we're tracking all of that. you're never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. lisa is with us this morning. good morning. >> good morning. hi. we're starting out with live doppler 7. no fog, but as we widen the perspective, red flag warnings in southern california. up in lake county, still a red flag warning and the west slopes of the sierra nevada. because of that, an air quality advisory for moderate air. we have some of that smoke from the wildfires drifting into the bay area.
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elat winsill continue thughohe . could be worse. throughout the day today, high clouds and temperatures near 80 for the warmest locations. getting a little busy out there. >> we're starting to ramp up a little bit. the commute is starting to get under way. the san mateo bridge, a few brake lights. a couple of hot spots out there as you might imagine. we have this fire, it's a brush fire off the side of the road in the eastbound 80 direction near san pablo dam on-ramp to
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eastbound 80. it doesn't look like it's causing a lot of slowing. a new accident in union city, southbound 880 near docoto. you can see the red sensors indicating the backup here. breaking news in southern california. this unbelievable fire. burned angeles. it's the saddleridge fire, it stretches from porter ranch to sylmar. right now all of porter ranch is under an evacuation order. kabc has ben covering this fire all night. here's what the fire looked like 20 minutes ago. >> let's go to jade hernandez. she is in this large community being affected. we're talking about 30,000 people being told to evacuate. >> that's right. as you can see, i'm having a hard time standing up because the winds are so strong.
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we showed you the hillside. one thing i don't know that i talked about is that there is not only residents fleeing from these areas but wildlife as well. my photographer saw a coyote about an hour ago just right here on cessna boulevard. i saw two rabbits actually across from here coming down from where some of these homes are across the street. so if you think about it, there are a lot of -- a lot of things to keep in mind when these fires start to burn. you have to think about wildlife, you have to think about homes. you have to think about residents. right here right now you're seeing a fire truck here and above we've seen several air drops already. >> awfully close. >> yeah. >> that was our sister station, kabc reporting on the saddleridge fire. we'll continue monitoring that story.
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investigators believe burning garbage sparked this fire in riverside county. it destroyed more than 70 mobile homes yesterday. the driver apparently dumped burning trash to keep the garbage truck from burning, but that trash ignited the grass. winds spanned the flames. the sandalwood fire burned 500 acres. it's 10% contained. the pg&e safety power shutoff is almost over. this m remaining 312,000 customers who are still in the bark. at its peak the power shutoff impacted 738,000 customers around the state. pg&e says it had to cut off the power because of the dangerous weather conditions and they were trying to avoid wildfires. governor newsom disagrees. >> this is not from my perspective a climate story as much as a story about greed and mismanagement. >> i have not delved into those
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matters. i might have some slight disagreement with the governor if i did i'm looking forward, just trying to make this better. >> pg&e restored the power to about 60% of customers yesterday. the company's resource centers are still open today, just in ca t the lights on. parts of the north bay are waiting for a return to normal. >> liz is life in santa rosa with details this morning. good morning. >> good morning. i want to show you how arbitrary it is where there is power and where there isn't. we're at the intersection of 4th street and rogers way. at this intersection, no power. cars have been driving through not realizing, but then turn this way into the shopping center where we're at, power is on here. lights on in this safeway. so it's random where there's power and where there isn't. but, you know, it has really
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been a long week for so many people. even visitors. people coming up to wine country for vacation. that has an impact on wineries and tour guides. >> they have canceled their reservations with us. instead of going to the houses that they rent in sonoma county, they changed the itinerary and they stayed in san francisco instead. >> we were optimistic that tomorrow we'll have power, be able to take showers, continue our tour of the wine country here. >> we all hope that's the case. now, a majority of schools in sonoma county will resume classes today. some remain closed including sonoma state. the hope is that as the crews continue their work inspecting those power lines, more people will get their lights back on. live in santa rosa, abc7 news.
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>> thank you so much. good news for people in the south bay. power is expected to be restored to most people by today. but many people are concerned that without proper equipment upkeep or updates to pg&e's infrastructure that these safety power shutoffs will just keep happening. san jose's mayor wants pg&e to compensate the people who lost power. >> what is a minor inconvenience for a few hours becomes a public health and public safety hazard over several days. >> the mayor estimates the city lost $500,000 because of the shutoff. you can count on abc7 news for your power outage updates. download the abc 7 news app and enable push alerts. you will get the latest information any time. dangerous driving. another person behind the wheel of a tesla. where in the bay area this person was spotted. and a smash and grab at the great mall and this may not be the only place these robbers
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hit. >> good morning. we're looking at high clouds today. if you're coming in to san francisco, it should be a nice afternoon. sunny and mild. how about 72 degrees. numbers elsewhere will be climbing into the upper 70s. typical october weather. later on today more of an onshore component. when we come back, we'll talk about your weekend forecast, what to
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good friday morning, as you wake up we have that red flag warning in effect for lake county to the north, shasta county and to the north and east around blue canyon and south lake. northeast winds up to 20 miles per hour. gusting to 40 miles per hour through 10:00. that relative humidity 15 to 30%. bone dry out there. still looking at a southern california have been drifting in and around thequality. otherwise we're looking for a nice day. upper elevation winds out of the northeast. much, much less than what we saw before. . the humidity bone dry. that will take 48 hours to increase the moisture content in our air. look at this afternoon, still down to 8% lake berryessa. tomorrow morning up in the 40% range. still 20% into the north bay. a chilly start out there with the 50s. by 11:00 this morning, 60s and
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lots of sunshine. sue? >> let's look at the east shore commute. you're in lots of company. that solid stream of headlights heading westbound towards the macarthur maze, we have a stall in the maze, west 80 to southbound 880. bridge crews are there trying to get that stall out headed towards the macarthur maze from richmond, el cerrito, westbound on 80 in heading b tniityorth accident. as many as six cars involved now blocking the two middle lanes, southbound 880 near docoto. solid stream of redheading south from almost 80 backing down. no word on when this accident will be cleared. this is block the middle lanes, as many as six cars involved. >> thank you. milpitas police say they are trying to identify three men who
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robbed two stores at the great mall. the robberies took place august 25th. authorities released these images yesterday. check them out. you can see each of the men inside the great mall home depot. this is where the first robbery took place. officials say then these men went to the jewelers for a smash and grab. detectives are also talking with modesto police about a similar incident at the jewellers in vintage fair mall. looking at trash.
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welcome back. this is not what you want to see on the freeway. there's a guy driving -- -- kind of. he was asleep at the wheel of his tesla. this was heading northbound on 280 in san mateo. the chp said they got a call about a sleeping driver monday afternoon but they were unable to find him. tesla warned drivers they have to be alert with their hands on the wheel even when the vehicle autopilot is on. ucsf researchers are taking a new approach tomong and drinking. they are collecting bay area trash from high schools.
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nearly 900 items were collected. 19% came from e-cigarette products, nearly all of them were juul. the findings appear in the cdc's morbidity and mortality weekly report. so we've been talking this morning about our winds and how concerned we should be about that and our weekend forecast. things are just getting better. >> they are getting better here. in southern california they have fires there. >> that's a mess. >> certainly the critical time of year is right now. we have fleet week coming into play. our winds are going in the direction that they should be, which is more of an onshore component as we get towards the later afternoon and into the wind. here is live doppler 7. as we widen the view, here is southern california. you can see a multitude of red flag warnings in effect here until 6:00 tonight. so we have the red flag warnings for the west slope of the sierra nevada, closer to home it's in north lake, lake county, i should say, and we have chilly temperatures with the clear sky right now back home on the
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peninsula, 46 in foster city. 51 in concord. 38 in santa rosa. looking outside, it looks nice and calm at the surface. upper elevations, a little bit breezy. looking at a sunny and mild day today with gradual cooling as we get into the weekend. so current check of the wind gusts, notice the direction is still offshore. very, very light. we need them to come onshore to increase relative humidity. the fuel is there. we're dry. the sun will be out. and eventually by 5:00, notice that direction i a westerly component. we'll begin to see those onshore winds. that's why our fire danger index will be low today. upper elevations still watching lake county. as you get closer towards the mountains, it is even drier. highs today in the upper 70s for you in oakland. 2 in napa. a narrow range from the mid 70s in san francisco. low 80s out towards fremont. 82 in san jose.
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low 80s for santa rosa. a nice afternoon. it will be lots of sunny skies, clear conditions, temperatures coming down bit by bit as we get through the weekend. low 70s tomorrow for highs in the city. fleet week into sunday. upper 60s. so a nice afternoon. several days looking very pleasant as we get into next week, we're close to average. s sun and clouds. next week cooler in the middle of the upcoming week. in the san mateo bridge, an accident in the center divide. we're seeing brake lights after the toll plaza, getting through the toll plaza is slow as well. let's pop over to the richmond-san rafael bridge. we're starting to see a backup. it is sluggish until you get past the toll plaza, that's
6:20 am
where you merge into the two lanes westbound. again, give yourself extra time there. better news in union city. southbound 880 in docoto, that has been cleared off the shoulder, but you are on the brakes from southbound highway 84 towards the dumbarton bridge making your way towards union city and into fremont. extra time and patience on this not to friday light. >> thank you. we're going to give you a live shot now from los angeles. you can see how this fire is onn this house. >> that's scary. you understand now why people have had to evacuate. some people telling the reporters on the ground they had to run for their lives. this fe is so close to peoples homes. we know firefighters are working to get those flames out and
6:21 am
protect it's stuff right now. we'll follow that situation in southern california throughout the morning. >> zero percent containment there. "good morning america" is coming up at 7:00 here on abc 7. ginger, those winds are not to be played with this morning. >> not at all. we've seen gusts upwards of 70 miles per hour in san bernardino county, 60 miles per hour in los angeles county. so, yes, we will be following that and so much more this morning. matt gutman is in that extreme fire danger that destroyed dozens of homes. winds gusting this afternoon, the high wind warning is up until 3:00 p.m. a 5% humidity. so much going into hom evacuated. wait until you see matt's shot. it's unreal. he hasd ronan here live.
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on that new allegation against matt lauer and more. and diane sawyer will have more of her extraordinary interview with julie andrews. home sweet home. we have a great surprise for one incredible foster family the parents who took in four siblings so they wouldn't get separated. you don't want to miss that. that's coming up on gma. >> that's sweet. >> all the friday
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with love, california.
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good morning. winds in the north bay are lightening up. out of the northerly direction. still offshore. still looking at the relative humidity bone dry. we have a red flag warning until 10:00 for lake county and into the sierra nevada. you may notice some haze in the sky. weather whiplash in colorado this week. the state covered in snow after having spring-like weather just a few days ago. some areas went from a high in the 80s on wednesday to 19 degrees yesterday. denver there are already more than ihe onow on the ground.
6:26 am
well, dr. jane goodall was at the walt disney family museum in the presidio. the museum held a party to recognize his distinguished career as a leading conversationist. the museum partnered with her roots and shoots youth service program that inspires children to make the world a better police for people, the animals and the environment. a family of three bears broke into a home in lake tahoe, when volunteers tried to chase them out, one of the cubs hung on. >> you better get out of here! >> i didn't know that's how you talk to bears, right? >> is this why they're having the uprising? don't speak to me that way. >> he was trying to enjoy time on that orange couch. >> why is he doing this? >> he decided to climb down, like a bear does, and look at that. >> just made his way out. >> very good.
6:27 am
impressed with the parkour skills. a volunteer posted that on facebook and now we're seeing it. coming up at 6:30, uber is about to start officially accepting pets during rides. >> and you can see behind me it's still lights out for some there are those who will say thatoo fat.:
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we want to get you back to live pictures from los angeles. firefighters are battling a 4,600 brush fire in the san fernando valley. valley. valley. the >> about 12,000 homes are affected. several homes have been destroyed by the fire. once the sun comes up fire officials say they will be better able to assess the amount of damage. officials stress the biggest concern now is making home roerns homeowners are evacuated. >> right now the 210 is shut down between the 5 and 118 in both directions. this is a bad situation. they have as many people as they can out there fighting it. >> the santa anas are blowing.
6:31 am
>> as our fire weather lessens, theirs is heightening over the weekend. today with a multitude of advisories. red flag warnings in southern california. look to the south here. we are looking at winds gusting to over 60 and 70 miles per hour throughout the day there. good news here. winds are much lighter, 10 to 15 to 18-mile-per-hour wind gusts. winds decreasing throughout the day. sun coming up at 7:14. a few high clouds. low 80s today. today is the dawarmest day out the next several. we'll tell you what you can expect in terms of air quality in a few minutes. >> back to the san mateo bridge. we told you last time there was a stall or an accident in the center divide. now you're stopped across the whole span. even though this accident is not in lanes, they have to get an
6:32 am
emergency crew or tow truck there to move it out of the center divide. this is about a 37-minute drive time, typically 14 or 15 minutes so a double drive time from 880 over towards 101. you can see the red now, there's the san mateo bridge in the red. southbound 880, an earlier accident in the north fremont area. that has been cleared out of lanes. southbound 880, but the damage is done. you're stacked up southbound with speeds under 30 miles per hour from highway 92 south into fremont towards san jose. >> we'll get back to our breaking news. firefighters are battling a 4,600 acre brush fire burning out of control in the san bernardino valley. 12,000 homes are under orr. officials say once the sun comes
6:33 am
up they can make a better assessment of the total homes lost and total acreage of the fire. this is called the saddleridge fire. it started around 9:00 last night near the 210 freeway. it was spread by 60-mile-per-hour gusts. several homes were seen consumed by flames. we don't know an exact number of homes yet. ago. >> you can see the glow here behind these properties. it changes so quickly. we've been standing in this position for maybe five minutes or so. and at that time there was a huge glow, big flames behind this property we're showing you now. you could see firefighters are doing active structure protection. a shout out to the city of west covina firefighters. they're on scene. that gives you an idea of the mutual aid needed to fight the fires. not only l.a. county but other
6:34 am
jurisdictions pouring into the area to assist with this fast-moving fire. >> interstate 210, interstate 5, interstate 405 and highway 14 are all closed. hundreds of firefighters are working this fire and there are also spot fires that are sparking beneath the power lines. this fire has zero percent containment. kabc is reporting 100,000 residents are impacted. >> t bay area firefighters are watching for flair ups from a wildfire on bethel island in eastern contra costa county. strong winds fanned these flames and made the job of fire crews difficult yesterday afternoon. they acted quickly. they were able to keep it to two acres. flames burned their way to one utility pole but did not damage buildings. on the peninsula, firefighters spent the night on the scene of a brush fire on san bruno mountain. we first brought this to you as breaking news on midday live
6:35 am
yesterday. the 11-acre fire burned in the guadalupe canyon area of brisbane. those flames burned under pg&e high voltage lines, but the company says they were not the cause. we are looking at the pg&e power map now that they're getting power back on to many of the areas that were affected by the safety power shutoff. hopefully by the end of today we'll see fewer spots on this map. now, a couple days ago there were pink dots that represented all the places where the planned power outages were going on. now it's the regular looking map. when you zoom in, you can see the areas still affected. northeast of santa rosa junior college, the airport, you will still see there are a lot of areas that are affected. that was just 12, this area is 13,058. still more than 4,000 customers still without power in santa rosa. a number of people in the north bay affected as power comes on
6:36 am
slowly there. >> thank you for that update. uc berkeley is closed today. business owns who had to shut their doors because of the outage will be trying to recover. they say it caused a big hit to their bottom lines. it looks like its still dark in orinda. >> yeah. the iconic marquee here at the orinda theater is usually lit up. you can see it's still lights out. pg&e says it may not be until 6:00 p.m. tonight before power is turned back on in orinda. now, throughout much of the east bay, cities like oakland looked like ghost towns. businesses in oakland have been hit hard by these power cuts. some losing thousands of dollars pg&e has apologized but many business owners say pg&e has do better. >> they keep you, like, like you're in prison in your own
6:37 am
home without doing anything. this can't happen again. >> an apology is not acceptable. >> not acceptable. there's a lot of loss. >> orinda school district tweeted out they will be open today even if there is no power, but uc berkeley will be closed today. for a list of all the schools that are open and closed, we have a link on our website, in addition to schools canceled at uc berkeley, in the north bay, sonoma valley unified school district, the sonoma county office of education, the waugh school district ri.
6:38 am
all oakland unified school district schools are back open, and mills college is back open today. now that power is still being restored, businesses and home owns are assessing the losses from the outages. one expert predicts the shutdown will have a dramatic impact on our local economy. michael wara said the shutdown will run between 65 million and $2.5 billion. according to reporting in the chronicle, other experts say the economic and human costs are actually incalculable. >> you can stay up to date on everything that's related to the outage by going to our website, we have new stories, resources and much more. you can find that information there. a big change may be coming to parking at b.a.r.t. stations. i would you may not know what you're paying until you get there. and a live look at the big board at the new york stock exchange. we're starting up this morning. we'll have more details on how the markets are doing next. and we'll take you live to that fire that continues to burn in southern california. thousands of people are evacuatifreerehuepge on th. we'll let you know when we have
6:39 am
more updates. >> you're never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. here's lisa. >> certainly not out of the woods yet here in northern california. it is clear. we're looking at live doppler 7. we still flag warning up for parts of shasta county, lake county. west slopes of the sierra nevada and lake tahoe. winds are anywhere from 5 to 50 miles per hour, could be gusting to 40. relative humidity 15 to 20%. back home, upper elevation winds offshore. 15 miles per hour around mount tam. closer to that around mount diablo. with the fires in the vicinity, we have an air quality advisory for hazy skies. air quality will be moderate. you may notice the haze out there. fire weather index is low for the entire bay area except the higher elevations. we're looking at just a little bit of a breezier winds. because the fuels are so dry, the relative humidity is dry. always a tough time this time of
6:40 am
year. things are going in the right direction. 49 in walnut creek. upper 30s in santa rosa. and temperatures this morning as much as 18 degrees cooler than we were yesterday. so there is a look at the golden gate bridge. the driving, some outages in the north bay, otherwise we're good for mass transit and on the bay. fleek week, fantastic, 70s today, low 70s tomorrow, sunday, upper 60s. swru you have to have a strategy where you will watch them. >> it's crowded. get on the ferry. it's the best place to watch it. the price of a ferry trip ro trip -- >> you don't have a yacht? >> not yet. working on it. you get. avoid the crowds if you go. slow and go around40-minute dri 580 leaving the central valley.
6:41 am
an earlier accident on the san mateo bridge. you can see the red there. the dumbarton bridge is clear. southbound near north fremont, an accident there has been cleared out of lanes. you can see the damage is done. stacked up beyond highway 92 in the southbound direction. and reports of an accident north 101 near oakland road. look at that. you're stacked up now back far past the 680/280 interchange. you can get off here and take 280 northbound to avoid this accident. it's blocking the second lane from the left. as many as four vehicles involved. couple of them s
6:42 am
6:43 am
6:44 am
good friday morning. current wind check in the upper elevations, we're looking at gusts in the oakland hills to 18 miles per hour. elsewhere, mount tam, 15 miles per hour. notice the direction north to northeast. so while the winds have certainly eased up, we're still looking at a breeze out there. we're still looking at those dry fuels. multiple red flag warnings for southern california. we have a red flag warning to the north in lake county and the sierra nevada. it's sunny, dry, it's wind y in southern california. our winds will switch to an onshore component, a critical time with lowest humidity today in thetas. mperatur in the60s there
6:45 am
all weekend long. >> thanks. we want to give you an update on that fire that's been burning in southern california. we have just learned that a strike team with san francisco fire department firefighters ave been deployed to orange county. this is a wind-driven fire named the saddleridge fire. it ignited around 9:00 last night around the 210 freeway. >> they're reassigning them from marin county where they were on watch presumably helping the north bay in case there was an outbreak there to orange county. they want to make everyone aware in the city that san francisco fire department remains fully staffed. but they are going to need as many people as they can down there. this fire is out of control. it's so close to populated areas. >> apparently this is someone's backyard that we're looking at on the screen that's burning. it gives you a sense of how quickly those flames are spreading. how hard firefighters are working to put them out. it's challenging with the winds there.
6:46 am
it's affecting peoples homes. some people said they had to run for their lives. it's a dire situation. >> look at that. you can see the fire as it is spreading along the ridges. zero percent containment. >> interstate 210, interstate 5, interstate 405 and highway 14 are all closed. we don't know how many homes are destroyed by the fire. it's just too dark. now you see why they have so many people evacuated. at least 100,000 people affected this morning. >> wow. >> these are -- these are big neighborhoods. just full of houses. so we are thinking about our friends in southern california this morning. we'll continue to follow this. we'll be updating you with information here on tv, but also on our abc 7 news app. sign up for those push alerts so we can get you that information as soon as we have it. power is slowly coming back on for people impacted by the pg&e outages here.
6:47 am
>> liz is live in santa rosa where the lights are back on in some areas but some people still don't have power. >> yeah. it's pretty arbitrary where there is power and where there isn't. we are entering day three now for people without power. sonoma, napa, marin and solano counties have been given the all clear. their shower should come back on today. if it hasn't already. people are just waiting it out, taking it in stride. we have this video at a wine ry that stayed open. even if they didn't have power they used cupping candlelight. >> people need a place to go. if they have patience and we have patience, we're open. we do things the old-fashioned way. >> here at 4th street and rogers
6:48 am
way in santa rosa, the lights are still off at this stop light. cars have just been driving through. it's been a dangerous situation for people. hopefully with the light coming up, people will start stopping. at this shopping center, though, lights are on. it's random where there's power, where there isn't. people are waiting it out. some people like reggie grabbing that cup of wine and just hanging out with friends. back to you guys. >> i plan on doing that in exactly 24 hours from now. i can cheers with plastic just fine. thank you, liz. the impeachment showdown heats up today in congress. >> the former ambassador to ukraine is expected to answer questions but behind closed doors. marie
6:49 am
may. starting next week riders in some cities will be able to select an option for pets for uber. if the driver accepts, you will pay a surcharge. uber says they are trying to cut down on cancellations from people with a dog or a cat. >> california wineries may be slashing production over fears of a recession. according to the chronicle, grape groers awers are h selling, and the problem is so bad two thirds of the crops may
6:50 am
not sell this year. >> does that mean i have to buy more? >> yes, help them. >> we're starting off the strong on wall street. we're up 376 points this morning. b.a.r.t. leaders are considering a plan that could cause parking fees to increase next year based on demand. b.a.r.t.'s board of directors discussed the idea of using dynamic pricing at station parking lots to encourage riders to park or raising prices when demand is high. if the change happens, it will end the parking fee cap of $3. b.a.r.t. has not updated their porking policy since 2013. this meeting was informational. there was no action taken. fleet week kicks off today with the first of three weekend air shows. >> yeah. if you didn't hear them yesterday, you certainly will today. as you can see, they were up yesterday, doing some survey flights ahead of the big shows
6:51 am
that start this afternoon. today's air show starts at noon. the angels go on at 3:00 p.m. that will happen tomorrow and sunday. yes, that is a heart. that's what they can do >> i love it. >> today's air show there is the annual parade of ships. the fleet arrives in san francisco bay and parades under the golden gate bridge. it includes five u.s. navy ships joined by a coast guard cutter, the army corps of engineers and a representative from the royal australian navy. the san francisco fire department's fireboat will be the lead escort. that parade starts at 11:00 this morning. hopefully it will be nice out there. >> chilly out there. offshore winds, we're watching them for you. they lightened up but they're not onshore yet. that will take you through the weekend. 76 today. mild and sunny. fine flying weather.
6:52 am
tomorrow cooler, upper 60s by sunday. live doppler 7 showing you the fog-free conditions. look at the red flag warnings for southern california. we're looking at these until 6:00. the winds continue to gust 60 t agarningor lake shtaou including lake tahoe through 10:00. 5 to 50-mile-per-hour winds out of the northeast. back home we're still breezy in the upper elevations, 15 to 20 miles per hour from the oakland hills, mount tam and the direction is offshore. the relative humidity is awfully dry out there. here's our wind gusts forecast. going through the afternoon, notice we're still offshore. they're lighter, but as we go through the evening hours, they're turning onshore. very light. that should help with the relative humidity. but look at where we are now. just 20% throughout the afternoon. about 12% in napa.
6:53 am
going through your saturday morning, looking better by the afternoon, though, it's still bone dry out there. we have an advisory out there for air quality around the bay area due to the wildfires in the vicinity. here's a look at your temperatures in the 50s with some haze. for mount tam, it's pretty out there. 38 in santa rosa. be advised of that hazy conditions, and looking at sunny and warm weather today. gradual cooling, 70s in the city. low 80s elsewhere. sue? >> all right. look at this. it's not a parking lot. it's the san mateo bridge. those westbound taillights are just stopped. bumper to bumper. we have an accident on the center divide on the high rise, it's not blocking a lane but traffic is jammed. eastbound is not s bad. s 35 minutes to 40 minutes to get from 880 over towards foster city. if you want to take the dumbarton bridge, that is a mere 10 to 12 minutes.
6:54 am
if you make that move, remember the dumbarton will get crowded making our way into the full-on commute. northbound 101 near oakland road, second lane from the left, at least four cars and a couple are stuck together there. you can see the backup is pretty severe, all the way backed towards san jose. you can try to take 280, 680 is bunching up now. 87 in the northbound direction bunching up. maybe 85, it's a long way around but try to avoid this until they get that accident cleared out of the lanes. >> i want to open up a an updat on the fire that is burning in southern california. this is what we're seeing now. this is skymap7 from kabc there. you can see how close this fire is getting to homes. and some of the fire is burning in peoples backyards. people had to evacuate. they've been evacuating for the last few hours. some people say they had to run
6:55 am
for their lives. this home is actually on fire. so it just gives us a sense of what people are dealing with. >> obviously there's a fire crew right there. they're able to get it on hopefully stop it from spreading even more. this is such a challenge. those trees are so close to the homes. >> yeah. we've been looking at sky7 as it has been flying over, there's so many homes in this area. they're close together. you know firefighters are thinking about that. if there is a fire like at this home, making sure it's
6:56 am
6:57 am
6:58 am
welcome back. it's 6:58, if you're just joining us, 7 things to know before you go. we are following brete ba nd-fled4,eru r told to evacuate. pg&e is making its return to parts of the bay area. 122,000 customers are still in the bark right now dark right n viewing area. about 359,000 customers were in the dark this time yesterday. >> number three, with he have an air quality advisory. it's still slightly breezy in the upper elevations, air quality is good in the south central bay, it's moderate elsewhere due to the smoke in the vicinity of the
6:59 am
friday morning commute is not light out there, especially driving north on 101, south san jose up to the 280, 880 interchange. not a great alternate because all those other alternates are jammed. >> the former u.s. ambassador to ukraine will testify on capitol hill as part of the house impeachment inquiry into president trump. the ambassador says she was removed from her post after insisting that requests about joe biden be made through official channels. and the prime minister of ethiopia won the nobel peace pri prize. abiy ahmed helped resolve the border conflict between ethiopia and eritrea. and the blue angels will start performing today at 3:00 p.m. they're back saturday and sunday. i was going to say stage, it's the air.
7:00 am
good morning, america. as we join you on this busy friday morning, the latest on a fire emergency in the west. wildfires erupting in the west. nearly 2,000 homes evacuated in los angeles, residents driving into the blaze trying to flee, but forced to turn around. >> i can't even see. let's get the hell out of here. >> dozens of homesur. winds gust up to 60 miles an hour fueling the danger as firefighters battle the flames. we're on the ground with the latest. under arrest. two associates of the president personal attorney, rudy


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