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tv   Nightline  ABC  October 12, 2019 12:37am-1:07am PDT

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xxx . >> this is nightline. tonight -- she took us on jolly holidays. ♪ it's a jolly holiday with you burt ♪ >> and made the hills come alive. ♪ the hills are alive with the sound of music ♪ >> now the new memoir revealing the struggles to diane sawyer. high and low notes. those favorite things. taken with a spoonful of sugar. mary poppins practically perfect in every way. and she wasn't. so there you
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nightline julie andrews the diane sawyer interview. we'll be right back.
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nightline julie andrews the diane sawyer interview. >> take a look. >> 55 years ago the world met mary poppins. ♪
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>> today this is julie andrews at home. so much life in her smile. and her arm around your shoulders. and in all the joy she has given us for generations. it started 56 years ago when a stage actress boarded a flight to hollywood to make her very first movie ever. and no idea what movie stars do. >> how do i say that? what do i do? >> you're age 27. do you remember the first exchange of the first movie that you ever did in your life? >> you mean the first take? >> in mary poppins, yes. >> yeah, i do. dig van dyke said -- >> mary poppins, you look beautiful. >> all i had to do was walk across the camera and say do you really think so? >> and so it began. it wasn't wd soth told you there someone named s oeal yrrldenvted those t n to
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out. >> why? >> i don't know but you don't want droopy feet at the end of the image of the umbrella. >> early on she showed she could do anything. ♪ a robin feathering his note >> you need a tweeting robin? you're doing that whistling? >> yeah. i was very good at whistling. ♪ ♪ for a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down the medicine go down ♪ >> every signed, singing, tweeting, and a huge contraption. >> yeah. there was a wire that went up my shoulder and down my back. >> every scene had to be perfect. some of them taking six weeks of rehearsal. behindl
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eventually become turtles. >> i was learning on my feet so fast. >> the costume designer who happened to be her husband, tony walton, created a kind of>> he costumes. >> yes. he said, i fancy that mary poppins has a secret life. kind of quiet, pleasure at being a little wicked. and naughty. underneath all the skirts there were other colors. and so when i kicked up my heels or when i moved you just caught a flash. >> the movie was the dream of walt disney who hand picked the young stage actress. after she performed "camelot" on the ed sullivan show and he went to see her on stage. someone comes to see you. has a life changing idea. >> i heard that walt disney was out front and had requested, please, to come and say hello after the show.
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he came back and mentioned this live action animation he was hoping to make of mary poppins. i said oh, mr. disney i'd be thrilled. i'd never made a movie. he was so sweet and charming and twinkly and lovely. i said, but i can't. i'm pregnant. he said oh, that's okay. we'll wait. >> the stern, formidible p.l.travers who created "mary poppins" even phoned her the day after her baby was born. >> she said well talk to me. i gather you're going to be doing mary poppins. i said i've just had a baby and i'm feeling a bit groggy right now but how lovely to talk to you. she said, well, you are far too pretty of course but you've got the nose for it. my ski nose. >> it's all here in her new h memoir, "home work."
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a life that had begun with a little girl endlessly traveling through music halls and vaudeville. ♪ the loneliness of a young girl with a startling talent. here singing for the king of england. ♪ she was doing it all to help support her unsteady, cracked family. you grew up in a turbulent household of alcoholism, anger, uncertainty. >> and despair on my mom's part. >> depression. >> yeah. >> she promised her mother somehow she would make it all right. as a teenager, she bought the family home. but through it all a supernatural gift and that escape from the sorrows in her life. >> it was like four or five and
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dogs for miles around would howl when i went way up into the stratusphere. >> "f" above high "c"? >> it was twice nightly in my debut, yeah. >> you talked about the fact you were taught just to carry the note and keep the note. >> like a string of pearls if possible. just pure joy. >> in her book she writes about being maria in "the sound of music." >> isn't it pretty? i think this was actually my favorite movie. >> five years ago we took her to that treasured place, salsburg, austria. i went in search of her famous mountain. so here's what we've heard. it's out of town. that you can't find it on any google map so don't bother trying. so here we go. a little mud. it's okay. wow. is this it? is this it?
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here we are. the view exactly as it was a half century ago. >> so i went to your mountain. i want to know how you did that. >> how i got up there? we actually went up the mountain in big, open carts pulled by oxon. i would sit on top of all the camera equipment and then they'd hoist me up and up we'd go. >> back in 1965 julie andrews was doing battle with a helicopter that kept blowing up a tornado of wind. >> this giant helicopter came at me sideways with a very brave cameraman hanging outside where the door would be normally. but every time he went around me, the down draft from the jets would sling me down into the grass. >> what a trip we had. didn't we? >> i loved that time. it was so great. >> and a new detail from the ne. the one lyric that still baffles her. you still don't know what it
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means, a lark who is learning to pray. >> it's not easy. to sing through the night like a lark who is learning to pray. i don't think larks sing at night. have you ever seen a lark praying? i haven't. actually what i did was decide that i'd coast over the words as quickly as i could so to sing through the night like a lark who is learning to pray ♪ i go to the hills ♪ like a lark who is learning to pray ♪ ♪ i go to the hills >> enough about that. move right on. >> yes. >> and the joy of that music would propel her through movie after movie, albums, concerts, a golden career, and a struggle at home. >> you write so movingly about this melancholy that descends on you sometimes and the depression, trying to understand it, and going to the psycho analyst.
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>> i finally got enough courage after the first week to say, i don't understand why i'm weeping so much. i can't seem to ston. you know, you're surrounded by the wag ons aons and suddenly t cavalry comes over the hill and you weep for relief. >> your whole life has been geared for a sort of perfectionism. >> those lovely first movies were no help either. mary poppins practically perfect in every way. and she wasn't. so there you are. >> she writes of one song and singing a note designed to carry everyone closer to their happy ending. the song was "jingle bells." >> that's high. ♪ jingle bells jingle bells jingle all the way ♪ ♪ oh, what fun it is to ride in a one horse open --
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the winner is julie andrews. >> the winner is julie andrews. >> thank you very much. guee tha will bring decades of joy and music. but even with that sun lit voice -- ♪ the hills are alive with the sound of music ♪ >> -- there was always something a little wistful in julie andrews' eyes. ♪ these are a few of my favorite things ♪ >> at the moment she is maybing "sound of music" her marriage to her childhood sweetheart was ending in divorce. she said she was incredibly naive when she made her first love scene. >> i don't have a man. terrified. i had no idea what one was supposed to do with a kiss and all of that. james garner who was delicious made it very easy for me and i began to think it's getting a little hot in here. and when i got up i kept
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thinking, i can manage this and i got up and my legs buckled because it really hit me rather hard. >> did you know a lot about men? >> no. i didn't. >> and then she writes in her new memoir she was driving through an intersection in hollywood when a man pulls up in a rolls royce. >> and i'm afraid i was trying very hard not to fall in love with him and that was blake evans. >> he was a well known director for "breakfast at tiffany's" and the "pink panther" movies. you said he was devestatingly funny, wicked even, but there was something dangerous about him. he seems to be turning to you to save him, fix him. >> but you have to remember i was very used to that kind of thing because i was, you know, a very big codependent with may own family and so i became that
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with blake. >> it was two years before she agreed to marry him perhaps inside still that little girl who believed if she sang her heart out she could somehow rescue her mother and step father from their disappointment. >> you paint a portrait of a trampoline type of life with this hygallbladder, back pain, e flu. >> very stressful at times always. >> she writes about trying to pull him through the volatile moods, even suicidal anxiety. >> and self-medicating. >> yes. eventually. demarol and then oxy. it was one of those monsters that got hold of him so strongly that he couldn't resist. >> but through it all with that singular determination and stamina she keeps up a staggering schedule, worried about money because of his impulsive over spending and
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their giant, blended household. there are five children in three countries. three dogs. one of which is not house trained and will not be house trained. two cats one of which has gastroenteritis. >> that's in london. >> a hamster, a canary. blake has a cold. >> or append site is or something. >> you're just making pancakes in the kitchen and carrying on. >> and saying, we will have harmony in this house. >> when she is in her 60s she agrees to go to broadway to perform "victor victoria" written and directed by her husband. eight performances a week it puts a strain on her voice. and it leads to that medical procedure that cost her her song. >> i think in spite of the pain of it and the sadness of it, i then found another life.
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>> when blake edwards died in 2010, she had remained loyally at his side for 41 years. >> he wrote a poem, when all is said and done the lady's by your side for the wild fun, the fierce pain, the laughter, and the ride. >> and dearest when i show you this, i know what you will say. sorry, that's a door bell. that sometimes rings and it's for a house half way down my street. it's blake actually. he's probably doing something. blake, stop. anyway, the end of the poem is, and, darling, when i show you this poem, i know what you will say. what else, you'll grin, what else will you write of me today? >> today she is still working, movies, tv, writing books, and
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still taking care of a far flung family of children, grandchildren, great grandchildren. this is her daughter emma walton hamilton who said as a little girl she was in a store and looked at the movie poster of mary poppins. >> i distinctly remember point ath one of them and saying there is mummy and suddenly being aware of these two women, these two mothers shopping in the same area going, isn't that sweet? that little girl thinks her mother is mary poppins. >> poor, deluded child. >> exactly. >> emma helped write the book about her mother. and the life that once so radiant and valiant. >> i don't know a more resilient person. >> and forever a champion of happy endings. >> that's as it should be. >> these are lyrics she loves. >> my ship was a song that had the most beautiful lyrics. my ship has sailed that are made of silk.
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the decks are trimmed with ♪ and jasmine spice a paradise in the hold ♪ >> and then the very, very end of it the song sums up by saying the pearls and such. ♪ the pearls and such they won't mean much ♪ >> missing just one thing. and the song says, i don't care to have any of those unless i also have a true love that will come with it. >> and coming up what julie andrews thought of that mary poppins redone for a new age. that's why more dishwasher brands recommend cascade platinum. it's specially-designed with the soaking, scrubbing and rinsing built right in.
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last year we were introduced to a new mary poppins. >> you need to be more careful when the wind rises george. you nearly lost your kite. >> did you watch the remake of "mary poppins?" >> of course i did and i loved emily.
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you know, it was 50 years or more since the first "mary poppins." i think we're all entitled to a second version. she was great. >> julie andrews, five decades later, looking back at the mysteries and marvels in the arc of her life. >> this amazing quantum leap we all make from our parents and they from their parents and look at where we are today. isn't that phenomenal? how lucky can a girl get?
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