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tv   ABC 7 News at 5  ABC  October 13, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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as u.s. forces move out turkish backed forces are moving into syria. and here in the bay area curdish supporters are out raged over the u.s. pull out. good evening. thanks for joining us. new developments in the situation in syria. just days after president trump ordered the withdrawal of u.s. troops in the region reports say hundreds of isis family members have escaped from a detention camp. we have the latest. >> reporter: following president trumps decision to pull back about 30 u.s. troops from syria northern border, turkey brutal assault on curdish troops and civilians continues. this video appears to show prisoners on the ground. moments before being executed. the president taking to twitter sunday defending the decision. writing very smart not to be
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involved in the intense fighting along the border. the president ordered a full withdraw of 1,000 troops from the north. even as the administration dnies the original troop pull back contributed to the deteriorating situation. >> turkey committed this action. they decided to make despite the protest. >> the administration says it is ready to impose severe sanctions. >> what's the old up? >> the sanctions could be starting small. or max pressure. which would destroy the economy. >> republican senator who has been uncharacteristically critical to have the president's decision. writing quote good decision trump to work with congress to impose crippling sanctions. schumer is demanding a vote opposing the decision which would undo a strategy that crippled isis.
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>> we have never had a president like this. who makes such important decisions on a whim. that leads to such detrimental effect. >> the syria defense force warns attacks will continue to allow isis fighters to flee prisons leading to a resurgence of the terror group. if the u.s. won't stop the turkish attack it will turn to russia for help. >> out rage over the u.s. decision to pull troops played outd on the street of san francisco today. we have the that part of the story. >> reporter: bay area curds were making their presence known in union square. >> these people are out raged about what's happening in their homeland. >> we're feeling pain and sadness. >> others are protesting president trumps decision to pull back u.s. troops from
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northern syria and turkey brutal assault on u.s. backed curdish troops and civilians. >> we're watching genocide unfold. nothing is happening. >> air strikes are targeting civilians sp hospitals. there's no justification for that. >> the same procurdish group protested saturday. next to the ticket counter. >> he visited the northern syria territory this summer. >> i have seen people being killed by isis. show the victory over isis is farfetched non-sense. isis hasn't been defeated. >> they took protests to the streets. >> late today the curds appear to have struck a deal with the syria government. to bring syria government troops along their border. with turkey. to help protect the curds in that area. and stem the offensive by
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turkish 12 their apartment building. the fire was contained to a single unit. smoke damage will mean the people in 12 units need to find a new place to live. you can see the damage in the video. the city is thanking a neighbor who sheltered the residents until the red cross got there. no reports of injury. >> one person killed and two others are hurt after a three car collision near oakly. it happened before 11:30 p.m. a driver tried to pass another car at a high rate of speed and overcorrected and hit another car. the driver of the speeding car was dead at the scene. >> officials found james kout dead in his jail cell. a neurosurgeon facing charges of raping young children. conducting an investigation into the cause of death but officials say it appears he took his own
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life. >> police arewh rbe a customer cafe last night. the strong arm robbery happened before 11:00 p.m. the thief grabbed a laptop from someone on the patio out in front of the cafe and took off. across the street from the campus on college avenue. anyone with information is asked to contact police. >> new orleans crews search for a person still missing after the partial building collapse of a hard rock hotel under construction. >> oh my gosh. >> two people were killed when that portion of the building came crashing down. 30 others hurt. today the city brought in a crane to stabilize what's left of the building. the new orleans fire department is warning that a further collapse of the building is a strong possibility. hard rock says it has no involvement in the construction.
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>> the saddle ridge fire in southern california has burned 8,000 acres. the fire started on thursday and just 41% contained. cal fire says one person was killed and another injured. southern california shut off power to some areas. not in the area where it started. the cause of the fire is not been determined but checking on the reports flames were seen coming from a power line. >> back here. pg&e took out a full page ad in the san francisco chronicle to thank customers. when faced with dangerous wh we chose safety. it says to be ready and there could be more power shut offs in the future. a big development for san francisco crooked lombard street. what the governor decided to do about making people pay to drive down the twisted road. and a young man gets some big time support for his crusade to end lunch shaming. you'll hear from him next.
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>> live look outside. we have tons op sunshine and blue skies. it was a cooler finish to the weekend. we'll have
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governor newsom is vetoed a bill that would have charged people to drive down lombard street. it would have allowed san francisco to set up a pilot program drivers would have been charged $5 on week tas $10 on weekends and would have needed a reservation. the plan was in response to traffic congestion on and around the street. newsom who represented the neighborhood when he was a supervisor said access to the attraction should be available to all regardless of their
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ability to pay. >> with help from a thirdned a shaming. the new measure guarantees all students in california's state funded meal of their choice even if their parent or guardian has unpaid meal fees. he turned ten brought national attention to the issue when he used his a louns to pay all the bills of his fellow students. we spoke to them about why he did that. >> i saw this girl in line. and she was going to get lunch and she got her lunch and they said you have to give it back. and she was sad. so she went in the back of the line. and then kids started laughing at her. so she went in the corner and started crying. >> newsom thanked hor efforts and wanted to thank him for empathy and courage bringing
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awareness to this important issue. >> it was great to meet you. and i hope and thank you. and i hope i can meet you again. >> i have been up celebrating with everybody. everybody who worked so hard on this bill to pass it. one state down. 49 to go. and we go federal. >> well done. next week -- ryan there with the governor. next week the 30th anniversary of the earthquake. measures 6.9. it caused part of the bay bridge to collapse. as well as a huge section of the freeway in oakland. 63 people died in the quake and thousands more were injured. it can be seen anywhere you get abc 7. fire tv and the news app. and a 30 minutes commercial free special broadcast right here. on the anniversary thursday at 6:30 p.m. >> up next here's one way to
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celebrate the navy 244th birthday. fleet week closes out with a wild show from the navy. the blue angels. >> it was beautiful today. some cities ten degrees cooler today than yesterday. and that cooling trend continues for the week ahead. i'll have numbers coming up. >> a look at what's ahead on world news at 5:30. >> the expanding march of war in syria. turkish fighters accused of public execution and trapped in the collapse the deadly accident at the
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there was a small weather hiccup on the final day of fleet week. but thousands of people still gathered along the san francisco water front to watch the
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daredevil acrobatics and the e pleat flying squad the blue angels and they did not disappoint. service members this week say they're just as excited int interacting with the people. >> showcasing what we can bring. and we have the air show over head. long line. we're happy to be here in the city. >> the tours of some of the ships continue tomorrow before they set sail on tuesday. that minor weather hiccup was a little bit of fog that delayed the blue angels for 25 minutes. let's find out about that. >> our marine layer is trying to reestablish itself along the coast. it will to so once the sun goes down. tomorrow morning we'll wake up to coastal cloud cover and patchy fog around the bay shoreline. showing you just a little bit of cloud cover along the immediate coastline. we have tons of sunshine out there. the tower a live look.
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toward the north bay. the golden gate bridge on the bottom right hand side of the screen. no fog. right now. that will change in the next couple hours. temperature wise we're at 74 in santa rose. 61 in the city. cool close to the coast. fair field the warm spot at 82. you compare the temperatures right now this time yesterday. we are much cooler by ten degrees in oakland 6789 nine degrees in the city. the same in -- four degrees cooler. san jose seven degrees cooler. that continues tomorrow. live doppler 7 showing the coastal cloud cover breaking down a bet. the wider picture with area of low pressure to the north. brought rain rain to seattle and portland earlier today. that trop will stay along the west coast. over night tonight it will get
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chilly in the north bay. all dropping into the 30s. elsewhere mid to upper 40s. san francisco will hold about 50.under beautifully moonlit sk. we have full moon tonight. the full hunter moon. 6:58 in the evening. and gets that name because this time of the year signal the tile for hunters to go out and gather food for the winter ahead. take a look at the beautiful site later on tonight. future weather time out the fog. in the morning 7:00 a.m. there's the cloud cover along the coast. patchy fog around the bay shoreline. it is a gray start. the cloud cover pulls back to the coast. in the afternoon it's a lot of sunshine. temperatures on the cool side for the this time of year. 74 cooper. the same in along the 67 wnwn san francisco 63. a cool day in the city.
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north bay. the up to 74 degrees. the east bay 70. oakland 75. and inland upper 70s to near 80. 77 san. morning fog tomorrow. steady pattern tuesday. take a dip in the temperatures midweek around here below average thursday. it's really sunny and pleasant to finish out the week ahead in the 60s and 70s. next weekend is breezy. otherwise a lot of sunshine and temperatures. >> we'd all like to thank you for a mostly great weather weekend. >> a little hiccup. >> minor. >> talk about the hunters moon the niners are hunting in the nfl. rivalry renewed. niners and rams. niners 5-0 for the first time
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during business hours. the injury bug hit the 49ers and rams hard. l.a. without running back todd gurlly. niners are missing three. they got a boost from george kidle. who played despite being questionable. i'm with stupid sign. one of them i don't know. interesting. game tied at 7. garoppolo connects and watch him
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rumble. 45 yard and the niners in the red zone. he almost got into the end zone. three plays later. oakland native is there for the easy pick. a wasted opportunity for san francisco. the defense you didn't know, the defense is rams go for it. stuffed right there. defensive coordinator juiced. fired up. rams with the ball to open the second half. there's goff. the pitch play and it is a fumble. recovers. first recovery of his career. l.a. had 165 total offense. jimmy g. so sneaky. t f they had four sacks on defense. san francisco wins 20-7. 5-0 for the first time since 1990. browns host the sea hawks in cleveland. first quarter cleveland up. mayfield out of the of the gun. pulls it down and runs.
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second quarter. browns up 20-12. baker play action roll right. going deep. beckham jr., look at that catch. what a play. so nice. we show it once and twice. six receptions 101 yard. he can play. cleveland led 20-6. seattle flies back. wilson up top. to brown. that was good. you thought that was good? the bye bye bye celebration. the best of the season so far. chris carson one yard score. 32-28. pete carol loving what he's seeing. ensuing browns position. plenty of time left. through the receivers hands and picked off. three interceptions. sea hawks win. 32-28. >> sharks return to the tank tochbt fresh off the first win of the season. tonight also marks the return of mr. shark to san
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over chicago. 7:00 p.m. at the tank. he holds the franchise record for games played, points and goals. and will add more. >> the guy is dependable. he knows where to go on the ice. he'll make the right play at the right time. he has the skill and the speed. and complement let's be honest it's a way it should be. he belongs in this uniform. >> yes, he does. sharks colors on today. niners you want to hear the raebs. they were fired up. the reaction. we'll have
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dramatic video captures a driver moments before he collides with an officers car. more about the search for a missing tech executive from utah and a bodice covered in san jose that maybe linked to the case. >> thousands celebrate the 150th anniversary of the san francisco tradition today. archbishop high school crusader band joined other groups marching in the parade. it traveled through north beach.
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the city's community organized the first columbus day celebration back in 1869. i remember it.fabuloere there. >> i was young. but i was there. >> that's it for abc 7 news at 5:00. we will leave you with the blue angels. see you back here at 6:00.
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tonight, the expanding march of war in syria. growing reports of atrocities. turkish fighters accused of public executions. a border town bombarded by turkey's military. the trump administration now trying to defend withdrawing u.s. troops, leading isis prisoners and sympathizers to escape into the region. trapped in the collapse. the deadly accident at the hard rock hotel in new orleans, caught on camera. at least two people killed. rescuers now looking for more victims possibly trapped under the debris. the entire construction project at risk of coming down. also tonight, president trump pushing back against impeachment. the u.s. envoy to the eu scheduled to testify, under subpoena, this week against state department wishes. what he is reportedly ready to


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