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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  October 19, 2019 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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cal berkeley, a suspected drunk driver crashes into a fire hydrant which then causes flooding in the dorms. tracking warm weather. we'll have the numbers in the accuweather forecast. luz pena in san francisco, this billboard is making many neighbors looked up, paid for by a candidate running for mayor. basically we were told someone hit a hydrant and it's flooding all of stern. >> a mess on the uc berkeley campus as a car crashes into a fire hydrant, sending water shooting into the air. >> but that was just the beginning. it's been a long night for many
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students. abc 7 news reporter lisa amin gulezian joins us live from berkeley. talk about a mess. have you seen any of the damage? >> reporter: dion, there's a lot of mud and water on the ground. students are starting to return home. take a look over my shoulder. that yellow building, that one is stern hall. one of the hallways has been damaged. a brunt of the damage is to this ilding to my right. it all started when this red car smashed into a fire hydrant on avenue. the tow truck operator said the driver had been arrested, a suspected drunk driver. >> a car ran into the hose, the emergency fire hose outlet. i think it broke the hydrant, shooting out water like anything. it's just dumping a lot of water onto the street. >> reporter: gallons and gallons of water rushed downhill and
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directly into stern hall and foothill. at foothill, students living in buildings 4 through 9 got a text telling them to evacuate. >> my building was completely dry, so i didn't think i would have to left. when i left the building, i got the text a few minutes letter telling me to stay outside. >> reporter: the real damage is inside building 6. 20 students have been displaced because of water damage to their dorm rooms. cal representatives are scrambling to find them a place to stay on campus. >> people had to be evacuated and they're not telling us when we can get back in. apparently rooms are flooding, water's coming through the walls. >> reporter: with little time, students grabbed what they could and left. >> i just have my backpack with my laptop, books. i was studying, and i just plan to continue doing that. >> reporter: again, students who can are returning home at this hour. there is a gaming competition that's supposed to be taking place here tomorrow. that has been canceled.
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a controversial billboard by a candidate running for mayor of san francisco has neighbors asking questions. some have called it disrespectful. luz pena spoke to the candidate who paid for that billboard and join us live in the newsroom. >> reporter: there are four billboards across san francisco by this candidate. two of those billboards depict the mayor of san francisco relaxing, smoking, holding a stack of bills. normally this wolkoffered in art is a reason for many to stare. this week neighbors noticed something different. this billboard. >> i think it's interesting. i live in this area. hopefully it doesn't cause too much controversy. >> reporter: the woman has her feet up, smoking, holding a stack of bills. a man is carrying a little girl and a quote reads, stop slary and human trafficking in sf. it says, vote ellen zhou for
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mayor. >> who is the woman in the red dress? >> i believe it symbolizes landon read. >> reporter: zhoru is a social worker who ran for mayor last year. >> i will declare emergency to end my higher level of care for people to come in and care the street, clean the street, arrest the drug dealers, and the services they need. >> reporter: zhou says she wants to stop car break-ins, clean the streets, and provide housing for workers. >> to me it symbolize a mayor is talking about change, thinking about change, but not doing about the change.
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>> reporter: many residents see this as disrespectful. >> it's an unfair depiction. >> reporter: others are curious ellen zhou is. >> reporter: in a statement the office of the mayor responded in part, this blatantly racist and sexist ad has no place in our political discourse or our city. there are a total of six candidates running for mayor in san francisco and the general election will take place on november 5th. going back to that billboard, it will be up for the next three weeks. in the east bay, a ceremony in remembrance of the 1991 firestorm that killed 25 people, injured 150, and destroyed nearly 3,300 buildings in the oakland hills. abc 7 news was in oakland at the emergency preparedness exhibit center where dozens of residents, firefighters, and others affected by the tunnel fire shared memories of those four tragic days 28 years ago. >> everywhere i looked, over 360
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degrees, there was something burning. my thought was, nature has decided to punch us in the face, and until the wind stops blowing, she's going to keep punching us, we have no chance. the tragedy of that day brought ys tha members of the oakland fire department think and react to fires in the hills. >> the tunnel fire burned more than 1,500 acres. the oakland fire department said it's evolved for the better through training, technology, and mutual aid systems to be even more prepared for such an event. no fire weather this weekend. things though could change soon. >> let's check in with abc 7 news meteorologist drew tuma. we could have winds picking up? >> that's right, eric and dion. we're finding those dry, gusty, offshore winds returning later this week. fast forward to wednesday. this map is 11:00 p.m. wednesday night. you look at the north bay especially, winds are picking up, gusting over 30 miles per hour. and that does continue into early thursday morning. those winds again in the north bay are very active offshore,
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close to 40 miles per hour. so later on this week we will keep a close eye on that increasing fire danger in the pthe time frame we're looking a is wednesday night into thursday morning for those dry winds gusting 20 to 40 miles per hour. also dragging not only low humidity but warm temperatures during the day. we'll have those numbers that warming trend that gets under way, and the full accuweather forecast. thousands of people affected by california wildfires have until 5:00 p.m. monday to file a claim with pg&e to help cover their sses. up to two-thirds of the estimated 100,000 eligible people have yet to fill out the three-page claim form. those forms are crucial to release billions of dollars pg&e has been ordered to set aside for fire victims as part of the bankruptcy plan. we've mutt a link to the claim form at mother nature remains restless. another earthquake rattled the
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region today. a minor quake struck near cupertino this morning. usgs says 2.8 magnitude. we received reports from people who felt it. this comes four days after an earthquake measuring 4.5 in magnitude struck the east bay. this week has served as reminder we are in earthquake country. you can watch our abc 7 originals documentary "the earthquake effect" which looks back on loma prieta and looks at the future. see it on our website, amazon fire, and the abc 7 news app. a deadly shooting not far from the san jose state campus. a man found shot just after 2:00 a.m. near east williams street. our partners at "the mercury news" report it happened in the courtyard of an apartment complex during a party. a survivor of a mass shooting at a florida high school joined forces with local activists calling for an end to
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gun violence. abc 7 news was at berk hi high school when carlitos rodriguez spoke. he believes focusing on what young people have in common can tackle issues like social isolation and reduce violence of all kinds. >> it's not about our skin color, the place we come from, our differences. it's not about our trauma. it's about our story and altogether when we speak out, our stories can come together as one and build a common bridge. >> rodriguez survived the shooting at marjory stoneman douglas high school. 17 people died when a gunman opened fire targeting students and staff in february of last year. sue say loftus is officially san francisco's interim district attorney. her appointment by mayon lond london -- mayor london breed is stirring up controversy. new video shows a former 49ers coach as he
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on the november 5th ballot, the race for san francisco district attorney. incumbent d.a. george gascon was not seeking re-election and resigned effective yesterday. >> one of the candidates who is running for his spot was sworn in as interim by mayor london breed, criticized as a political ploy. >> district attorney for the city and county of san francisco, congratulations. >> reporter: with all the pomp and circumstae and a bit of controversy, candidate for district attorney, sue say loftus, sworn in as interim district attorney three w before the election. mayor london breed swearing her
11:14 pm
in following d.a. george gascon's sudden resignation effective friday. >> despite what happens at this upcoming election, my goal is to make sure that we have strong leadership in this office. >> reporter: then loftus got to work. >> i'm available for an all staff meeting. >> reporter: loftus, former prosecutor and past president of the city's police commission, says she will make prime prevention a priority. >> the reality is san francisco deserves a world-class law office that can partner with the police, that can partner with the community, and tackle these issues. that's exactly what i'll do every day i'm here. >> reporter: while she got to work as the city's new d.a., one of her opponents in the race for district attorney out campaigning a few blocks away. >> my name is leif dowichdowich >> reporter: he's deputy attorney for the state of california. he and loftus are returning for d.a. along with boudin and tung. he calls the appointment
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disappointing. >> they're political allies and it was an attempt to try to push a political ally across the finish line. >> reporter: the appointment was criticized calling it undemocratic, saying the chief of staff should have taken over until a newly elected d.a. was sworn in. >> i think twaf an interim appointment for 18 days destabilizes an office that's already hurting. plenty of people enjoyed the sights, sounds, and tastes of san francisco's fisherman's wharf today. i had the pleasure of being the judge for a seafood chowder competition during wharf fest 2019. nine restaurants competed. events and a concert was also played by the side deal. part of the proceeds benefit wharf cares to help san francisco's homeless along the northern waterfront. >> i've got to get your agent.
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hundreds of corgis and the humans who love them converged on ocean beach in san francisco for the fall celebration of corgi-con. take a look at some of these photos from the event, in its fifth year. organizers say more than 18,000 people rsvp'd to the semi-annual convention. there were meet and greets, group photos, play time, and a costume contest. this year's theme? homecoming. >> did you say 18,000? >> that's what it says. 18,000 people rsvp'd. >> that's true, but still, lots of corgis. >> how was the clam clouder? >> all nine bowls were delicious. let's check the forecast. >> soup weather today. cool out there, cloudy at times. what we'll find over the next couple of days is warmer weather moving in thanks to winds turning offshore later on this week. live doppler 7 showing you partly cloudy skies. the picture of the tan cam right
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now, we're looking at gorgeous san francisco. on the right-hand side of your screen, you can see a little finger of fog right now. but the marine layer is not too expansive. and we're going to see mainly clear skies for much of the night overnight tonight. the accuweather highlights the next couple of days, tomorrow the weekend will will finish out with warmer weather, back to average for this time of the year. the warming trend will continue the next couple of days. by tuesday, wednesday, thursday, numbers going above average for this time of the year. that coincides with dry, gusty, offshore winds ramping up wednesday night into thursday. increasing our fire danger in the north bay. right now 48 in santa rosa. 56 in the city. 57 in oakland. the same in san jose. brentwood right now current temperature of 59. live done tear 11 along with satellite. the story, a cold front moved through here earlier today. a little bit of drizzle in san francisco and oakland.
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that has pushed off to the south. what we are watching, there's a big area of high pressure. you can see it off our coastline. that will slowly move toward california the next couple of days and help to supply that warming trend across the region. overnight tonight, partly cloudy skies. temperatures in the low 40s in our coolest spots around the bay shoreline. low 40s to low 50s. out the door tomorrow morning, partly cloudy skies. sunup 7:23 a.m. and throughout the day it's a blend of sun and clouds. all in all a nice afternoon. a warmer day tomorrow compared to today. spots going into the 60s and into the 70s. highs on your sunday 69 in the city tomorrow. a little breezy along the coastline. near 80 in santa rosa. 78 concord. 75 san jose and fremont up to a comfortable 74. fast forward into thursday morning when winds will ramp up in the north bay. you see that wind direction. it's coming outf theorth and east. that is a very dry wind this
11:19 pm
time of the year. that's why the threat for fire danger is on the rise in the north bay. winds will be gusting over 30 miles per hour. combine that with low humidity and also some warm air into the bay area. thursday afternoon, highs across the region, the city likely touching 80. our warmest spots away from the coast getting close to 90. we'll keep our eye on fire danger. the accuweather seven-day forecast. a warmer afternoon tomorrow. that warming trend continues on monday. a lot of sunshine the next seven days. october warmth tuesday. then wednesday at night. those offshore winds develop. thursday it's a windy morning. besides the winds it's a warm day thursday. kind of holds on friday, that warmth. a slight cool-dow saturday. temperatures warm, then watch winds especially wednesday night into thursday. >> you're going to wear jorts to work? >> you have to, whatever you need to get through these warm
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october days. >> i heard it won't be wearing it. a football celebration goes wrong. an update on those on oklahoma's famous sooner schooner when it flipped over.
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watch this, folks. oh my goodness. yep. a scary moment when the university of oklahoma's sooner
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schooner flipped over after a touchdown. >> the covered wagon was making a sharp turn when it happened. you can see a couple of people get thrown to the ground. three people ended up getting checked out for injuries, none serious. the ponies are okay as well. >> a lot of college football games without wagons flipping over. >> yeah, there was. i suggest helmets and shoulder pads for the people that ride the sooner schooner. coming up, cal's struggles continue. golden bears playing with their third string quarterback. and a houston
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players and coaches are creatures of habit. there's routine to football. today's 11:30 a.m. local start in berkeley far from routine. cal trying to avoid a three-game slide as they hosted oregon state. cal students made it for that bright and early start. bears trailed 14-0 at one point, coming all the way back. chris brown jr. barrels his way in. 14-10 at this point. late third quarter, devin mudster to jordan duncan, nice play. cal 17-14 leaders. oregon state answers. b.j. baylor handed it to him, watch him go to work, great effort. he rolls right into the end zone. after review they say he rolls over the defender, does not touch the ground, breaks the plane, touchdown. 21-17 oregon state. after that, cal makes a quarterback change. freshman quarterback spencer brash after muenster got shaken up, brash is sacked. the bears started 4-0, now have
11:29 pm
lost three straight games. >> it's -- yeah. we beat ourselves. they're a good team, but -- man on defense we didn't play our best. >> it's a team game. i mean, it takes 11 guys. and on defense we had three drives where we played poorly. and, you know, we all own it. hockey now. sharks open the season with four straight losses. some fans may hit the panic button but since then three straight wins all with patrick marleau looking for four straight against buffalo. sharks down 2-1. thomas hurtle conflicts the erik karlsson shot, his third of the year, ties things 2-2. 22 seconds later, sorensen redirects the shot, 3-3 now. every time the sharks score, buffalo responds. your eventual game winner, sabres win 4-3. same teams tuesday in buffalo.
11:30 pm
houston rocket stars james harden, russell westbrook, good se se seats. houston takes flight early, astros up in the first. top nine, yankees down two. d.j. lamehieu to right. george springer jumps and oh, watch how close this was to making a catch, instead the game is tied 4-4. bottom nine, astros fans, got to love postseason baseball. let's go to the world series. two-run shot off aroldis chapman, the walkoff winner. 6-4 houston, their second pennant in three years. they host the nationals tuesday night in the world series. >> we talk about the talent. i thinkhe resolve and the steady heads on this team and just the, you know -- we still play with a chip on our shoulder, which is good. and we play with some mojo. i think all of this adds into
11:31 pm
the find a way to win the game. >> the thrill of victory, the agony of defeat for sure on that play. >> all right. >> by the way, if chris alvarez had been in that locker room, no goggles. >> i don't know, he's tumanly for that. >> oh boy, all right. well, thank you. there are long flights, then there is a flight from qantas airways, wait until you hear how long it was in the air. out of pennsylvania, a family looked at what it thought was a surveillance
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i'm eric thomas. >> i'm dion lim. in tonight's headlines, some incredible video out of berkeley where a car crashed into a fire hi hydrant. it happened on first avenue near highland place at about 6:15 on the uc berkeley campus. berkeley police evacuated the area, including student housing units, and closed off traffic until about 9:00. 20 students are displaced. police arrested the driver on suspicion of dui. a controversial billboard in san francisco south of market paid for by mayoral candidate ellen zhou has some saying it's an unfair and disrespectful depiction of mayor breed. zhou said the billboard symbolizes a mayor who talks and thinks about change but doesn't do anything about change.
11:36 pm
breed's campaign office wrote in a statement this blatantly racist and sexist ad has no place in our political discourse or our city. >> a ceremony in remembrance of the 1991 firestorm that killed people and destroyed 3,300 homes in the oakland hills. the tunnel fire burned over 1,500 acres. the oakland fire department said it's evolved for the better through training, technology, and systems to be more prepad for such an event. a storm called nestor made landfall leaving behind a path of destruction. >> abc 7 news reporter kenneth moton with a look at some of the damage the storm caused. >> reporter: as nestor traveled toward the gulf coast, officials not taking chances. amid fears winds could bring down the cranes damaged at last weekend's hard rock hotel construction site collapse,
11:37 pm
crews iced explosives to bring down debris. >> the cranes are still in precarious situation so that timeline has moved and again, we've always said safety is number one. >> reporter: nestor made landfall along florida's gulf coast early saturday spawning several tornados and sending debris flying in parts of the tampa bay area. strong winds flipping over this semi truck. bringing down power lines, knocking out power to thousands. this rv tossed on its side. dozens of homes damaged. this church flattened. dangerous storm surge flooded streets and local businesses. nestor coming one year after michael, a category 5 hurricane, strike florida's panhandle, making landfall in mexico beach. residents there struggling to recover from the devastation. gail evans has been living in this trailer since her home was destroyed by michael. >> i lost everything. >> reporter: nestor expected to continue moving up the east coast, bringing heavy rains to
11:38 pm
the mid-atlantic states before moving offshore by monday. kenneth moton, abc news, new york. new developments with president trump's plan to hold the next group of 7 meeting at his florida golf resort. over twitter tonight he announced he will no longer be holding the gathering of the g7 at doral in 2020. mr. trump said his administration will begin searching for a new location, including potentially camp david. some had accused the president of using the office to enrich himself. now to the powerful video of a portland, oregon, high school coach disarming a student with a shotgun and then holding him in his arms. surveillance video first shows the student with a shotgun in his hand being pushed out of the classroom by football coach keenan lowe. lowe grabs the gun and hands it off, then hugs 18-year-old angel granados diaz. from another camera you can see there students, they are running out, they will be. lowe keeps holding the student until police arrived.
11:39 pm
it happened in may but that video is just being released. coach lowe is a former san francisco 49ers assistant coach. british prime minister boris johnson plans to push ahead to leave the european union by the end of this month. all of that is despite today's vote by his fellow lawmakers delaying the move. thousands protested outside lochb done's houses of parliament demanding the united kingdom remain in the eu. inside of the house of commons johnson said there will be no new negotiations with the eu. slightly more than half of british voters approve leaving the eu three years ago but their elected leaders are still sharply divided. >> it's not a good deal for our country, and future generations will feel the impact. >> further delay would be bad for this country, bad for our european union, and bad for democracy. >> johnson leads the ruling conservative party and some of his fellow torys voted for
11:40 pm
today's deal. johnson hopes some members of the opposing labor party will back brexit. 50 travelers can say they're part of aviation history. they flew aboard the world's longest commercial flight. they handed in sydney, australia, after nearly 20 hours in the air after taking off from new york city. the journey began friday evening east coast time, ended early sunday morning in sydney. australia's national carrier, qantas, right now does not have a jetliner can carry a full load of passengers along with enough fuel for such a long journey. medical experts flew aboard to monitor the health of the passengers and crew. the world's longest commercial flight is now on the ground in australia. this is video of qantas' 7879 landing in sydney after 19:16 in the air, nonstop new york to sydney, a distance of nearly 10,000 miles. it took off friday night new york time and landed sunday
11:41 pm
morning sydney time. qantas w using this flight to research whether people can deal with that much time in the air and with jet lag once on the ground. qantas plans another research flight in a few months from london to sydney. it will be about 500 miles longer. chick-fil-a has announced it will be closing its first restaurant in the united kingdom within six months, nine days after it opened. all of this after an lgbtq group held protests outside the brand-new restaurant inside a mall in reading denouncing the company's opposition to same-sex marriage. a spokesperson said chick-fil-a would not be allowed to stay beyond the six-month pilot period, calling it the right thing to do. a warning from a comcast xfinity customer who said he could see inside a neighbor's home with his surveillance camera. edward callahan lives with his partner outside philadelphia.
11:42 pm
he said he could see and hear people talking inside their kitchen after opening the xfinity app on his phone to view his living room. they realized they knew the family. >> having someone look into your home, a space you consider personal, it's alarming. scary. you're not sure who's watching, what level of integrity they have. >> xfinity writing in part, we're sorry this happened and we have a technical team researching the issue and will make sure this does not happen again. as we close in on halloween, we're seeing scary displays out there. >> a south bay home has a nice little haunted setup but there's a heartwarming story behind it. i'm meteorologist drew tuma. a cool start to the weekend. temperatures mainly in the 60s. but it will be a warme
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a haunted clown carnival is
11:46 pm
catching attentionn the willow glen neighborhood. >> there's plenty of heart behind this elaborate halloween display. >> reporter: a display so scary, we're starting at a distance. the jiminez family in san jose opened their front lawn to a pleague of evil clowns. >> every bad dream you might associate with clowns is pretty much here. >> reporter: this guy with the blood stained grin getting attention. >> he's murderous looking. >> reporter: murderous looking. motion detecting. the clowns aren't scaring 8-year-old keyon. >> no, i'm not afraid. >> reporter: it's these crowds and the company keeping christopher jiminez's spirits tie. >> he breaks out into the laugh you just heard. it melts my heart. >> reporter: his mother shelley says christopher and twin sister kayla were born at 26 weeks. at 24, they both have varying
11:47 pm
disabilities. christopher is terminally ill. he suffers brain damage, cerebral palsy, lung disease, and his vision is worsening. reasons she started on this display and theme in september. >> i'm hoping when that last little part of his eye, vision, is gone, that he can remember the colors and the lights. something that he's always enjoyed. he's always enjoyed bright lights. >> reporter: she says christopher's condition keeps the family inside most days, but this halloween display is bringing out their neighbors. >> it shows the love and heart she has for her son. to do something like this, it's pretty awesome. >> reporter: the display will remain up through halloween. the family will be handing out goodies to the kids every day until then. if you find yourself on vernon avenue in the willow glen neighborhood, look for the clowns. >> if you want a list of places to find those clowns or other
11:48 pm
haunted places in the bay area, find it by going to we're finding some cool temperatures. half moon bay, santa rosa into the 40s. our cool spots in the low 40s overnight tonight. curt temperatures, most spots 50s. partly cloudy skies, 42 santa rosa. 50 in the city. 51 oakland. 49 in redwood city. we'll walk you through your day tomorrow. 12-hour day planner, sunrise 7:23. 40s and low 50s. a blend of sun and clouds. tomorrow is warmer compared to today with spots away from the coast going into the 70s. a close look at highs on your sunday. up to 72 in oakland and san mateo. 75 san jose. 69 in the city. breezy along the coastline. half moon bay 67. the seven-day forecast, a warming trend gets under way he by tuesday.
11:49 pm
it's feeling well above average around here. wednesday offshore winds develop, especially at night into early thursday morning which will heighten fire danger in the north bay mountains. warm thursday and friday in the 70s and 80s. >> we're done with the 100s? >> yeah, we're done with the 100s but warm on thursday. college football, lots of it. >> yeah a lot of college football. we'll show you also san jose state against san diego state and the rest of the best from across the country. and bring on the regular season, we'll hear
11:50 pm
11:51 pm
11:52 pm
the nba preseason is over. the next type the warriors take the court it will be a fun and historic night. first ever regular season home game when the dubs host the clippers thursday night. warriors a work in progress throughout this season.
11:53 pm
new players, new roles, new chemistry as the dubs work around injuries. d'angelo russell joins daymond green and steph curry as they wait for klay thompson to heal. everyone's ready to lace them up for real. >> preseason's always interesting. always important for us this year to get to know each other, start to implement what we're trying to do, what's going to make us successful. at the end of the day you always look forward to the first game. >> i'm ready to start the season for sure. we're getting into real schemes and coverages. looking forward to that. >> can't wait for a new season. spartans have alternated wins and losses. sparty had a loss at nevada. if the trend continues it's going to be a win over san diego state. not to be today. aztecs open with a score.
11:54 pm
starty's first possession, josh love, 41 yards to isaiah hamilton. watch this catch off his helmet. he used his helmet like david tyree in the super bowl all those years ago. love dumping it off to kyrie robinson. 51 yards and in for the score, ties the game at 7. two touchdowns in the third quarter. chase jasmine, impressive run off tackle, cuts it back 50 yards. 260 yards on the ground. spartans fall 27-17, they're 3-4. college football, who let the dogs out? washington and oregon. this is a pac-12 north title championship type game. eason, dogs in the lead. herbert to jalen red, originally ruled down at the 1 but this goes to review. the pylon cam never lies. ball crosses the plane, ducks lead. under a minute to go, final
11:55 pm
chance for washington, incomplete. oregon wins 35-31. the only pac-12 team without a conference loss. wisconsin on the road taking on illinois. six minutes to go, brandon peters, 29 yards that led to this 39 yarder as time expires, it's god. illini with the first upset of the year, 24-23 that game. you saw it on abc 7, jim harbaugh and michigan taking on penn state. penn state jumped out to a 21-0 lead. clifford to handler. check out this michigan fan in a sea of white. the wolverines make it a game. up the middle, 12 and in, 21-14 after three. seven-point game, two minutes to go, down to the wire. fourth and goal for michigan.
11:56 pm
the tide turned a little bit. shea patterson out of the shotgun, a great play to avoid the sack. he dropped the ball. penn state holds on 28-21. mountainwest after dark on the islan. rainbows taking on air force. what? yeah. going all the way. 92 yards to the house. air force beats hawaii 56-26. this is crazy stuff. louisville, quality control coach nick cardwell likes to get his guys fired up. no needs for pads and helmet. these guys are wild. they did lose to clemson, didn't work. but this is how we get fired up for newscasts around here. minnesota football player casey o'brien, four-time cancer survivor, played in his first game for minnesota. incredible moment. this is why you love sports.
11:57 pm
emotionally one of the best moments on saturday. hugs his coach. only guy in the country that gave him a chance to play college football. he's extremely grateful. goosebumps. >> that is a great story. as it when is we see dion lifted to the top of our shoulders. >> cheering us on. >> no way. >> she fires us up for the newscasts every day. >> we should do a chant, all hands in, yeah. >> that's it for tonight.
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