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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  October 23, 2019 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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breaking news
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now from abc 7, live breaking news. >> that breaking news is a wild fire burning right now near geyserville in sonoma county. the national weather service first tweeted about the fire close to 10:00 tonight. according to the press democrat, at least 300 acres have burned. >> evacuation orders have been issued for geysers road to highway 128, pine flat road, and red winery road. there's an evacuation warning for northern hillburg and geyserville. >> take a look at this picture, you can see the wild fire is burning brugtly there tonight even in the black and white image. sonoma county was affected by the pg&e shut off which was done because of the fire danger. >> we will bring you new
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information as we get it. now andy patel is here with another look at the fire. >> that fire is burning so intensely it's known as the kincaid fire that live doppler 7 is picking up that smoke drifting over geyserville and points westward. it is 76 degrees, dry, 14%, winds out of the northeast gusting to 26-miles-per-hour. it is windy in the hilltops. bouncy view from our east bay hillsal camera. so far the winds 69-miles-an-hour, hillsburg hills, 48-miles-per-hour. do expect the winds to intense foy. we have a red flag warning in effect. extreme fire danger is certainly possible as we take a look at the wunds, midnight tonight they are still gusting over 40-miles-per-hour in cloverdale at 4:00 a.m. as we head to tomorrow morning,
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still windy conditions so the firefighters going to be challenged by the dry gusty winds. >> many pg&e customers who lost power during the shut off are frustrated. >> inconvenience, this is not the solution, to shut the power off is not the solution. >> the power shut offs are affecting 179,000 californians across 17 counties. they began at 2:00 today. that happened in the sierra foothills. they were supposed to begin at 3:00 p.m. in napa, sonoma lake, an mend see know counties, however some people said their power went out almost an hour before that. >> pg&e's chief executive says that's because the high wind arrived sooner than expected. shut off might begin in san mateo at 1:00 a.m. and concekern counties.
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>> a business left with no choice but to close during the outage. abc 7 news reporterate larson is live along santa rosa road where everyone is in the dark, kate. we'r at sonoma highway and alma. mountain hawk highway and just a few hours ago, installed this back up generator because they wanted the traffic lights to turn back on. if you take a look, you can see those traffic lights are the only light in this otherwise very dark area. everyone here in sonoma county just trying to get through this lawsuitest outage. >> you can see some of them still need to be washed because the power went out. >> reporter: susie's restaurant went dark in the middle of lunch. >> we were expecting 3:00 and it went off at 2:25. >> one site said we weren't going to be affected at all and then the other site said we were
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in the affected zones. >> reporter: a small generator is keeping a few refrigerators cool. but she opened a trolly hoping to make a few bucks. >> we had a fire last year. i was evacuated. i understand. >> reporter: tricia just flew into town from colorado. she found dinner at trolley, but the outage is posing other problems. >> my mother is on an oxygen concentrator, so she needs to be plugged in. battery power only lasts so long. >> reporter: pg&e stopped at intersections along the highway. down the road, the elementary school grew increasingly dark. mike is the assistant superintendent of the school district in santa rosa. five of their eight campuses are closed thursday and possibly friday. >> right now we don't have emergency days built into our calendar which affects the
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children's education because we don't have the ability to make the days up. >> reporter: byol night, bring your own light, where neighbors met up for a night of drinking in the dark. >> you have to embrace it. >> reporter: and just in time for closing, the wind whipped up at 8:00. and along with those five ricon valley campuses, four santa rosa city schools will be closed, all schools in geyserville, and alexander school district will be closed. as the outage and the restoration process begins, stay in touch with your school district for the latest. live in santa rosa, i'm kate larson, abc 7 news. now let's go to calistoga where there's power for some but not others. >> chris reyes is there to explain. chris. >> reporter: that's it exactly. let me show you what that means.
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down this road where many homes are, you can see it is pitch dark. when you swung the camera this way on the main downtown street, businesses are completely shut down. let me swing the camera on this side of the street, you can see the street lights are on, the traffic lights are working, and they're open for business. that's because about 830 customers are being served by generators. those customers are chosen based on complicated factors including what grid you're on. >> there's pockets where there is power and there's no rhyme for reason for how they shut the power off. >> reporter: frank is not one of the lucky ones, being powered by the generators just down the road. >> they shut the power off on the anniversary of the fire. that was like a big slap in the face to everybody that lost their homes. >> reporter: certainly is for this business. pa sif coe restaurant had to
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cancel dozen of reservations and close downefore the dinner hour while another restaurant one block away got to stay open. >> we're lucky we have customers and the light is working. >> reporter: calistoga also bustling with business. some of the diners have to go home down dark streets to a house without power. >> point to me where you live. >> five blocks that way. >> reporter: where it's pitch dark. >> pitch dark, yep. yeah, it's pitch dark. the cats are home. they're the only ones who can see. >> we're getting used to it, i guess. it's kind of a new norm. we're not real happy with it, but we would rather be safe. >> reporter: just to show you that some are talking it in stride, this is a photo down the street from where we are. there's live music, open until midnight, and the customers are all people who live in this area without power in their home. in calistoga, that's about 1,500
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customers. >> thanks. two pg&e resource centers are set up in calistoga tomorrow where chris was just near. here are some of the details for you. there are free air conditioned spots to charge your phones and devices. that could be critical. four others will be set up in other parts of napa county tomorrow as well. pg&e says there could be another public safety power shut off this weekend. the utility is monitoring a wind event set to start saturday. ceo bill johnson about ongoing work to protect overhead wires to reduce fire risk. >> you've got 25,000 miles of wire in high fire threat areas. this year we are replacing 100 miles of that with the hardened, with the covered wire. next year we're projected for about 700 miles. that leaves 24,000 miles uncovered for the years to come. are you speeding up that process? >> we are.
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150 miles this year, 750 next year. but what we're also doing is doing it in the highest risk areas. the system is huge. miles and miles of wires. this is a huge undertaking. it's going to take some time. >> pg&e ceo also told people not to take their frustrations out on crews. he said an employee in glen county was shot at by what they believe was a pellet gun in his truck today. there have been concerned about pg&e's website that has not been very reliable, but it is working fine tonight. you can learn more about where power has been cut, see outage information. pg&e uses phone calls, emails, and text messages to alert customers if their power could be turned off. today on our abc 7 news app, we've been sending out alerts and updates on the outages. you can use the app to track the weather any time. the app is free to download in the app store. just be sure to enable
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notifications. >> because of the power outages, abc 7 mornings is starting early tomorrow, 4:00 a.m. we'll have the latest information and abc 7 news meteorologist will track the red flag conditions. we'll be on the air
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in the south bay san jose police put out an alert. they say this man molested a teen multiple times and they need your help to find him. the incidents happened on the loss al mee toes trail. >> reporter: the quiet and calm trail is now being met with concern. san jose police say on five occasions this man approached a
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13-year-old girl who was out walking her dog. at least three times between august and september, the man got physical, touching her inappropriately. >> it must be somebody that's from this area unfortunately. >> reporter: bob and sheila are on this trail almost daily. for many residents in the area, this is the furs time they've had to question safety. >> most of the time i see people walking out about my age, 40 or 50 years, they're jogging. i've seen kid once in a while like if i'm walking. >> reporter: with the suspect still at large, there's serious concern for kid who is use the trail to go to and from school. >> they often go in groups, so if there's a teenager going by herself, that's a little more vulnerable. >> reporter: police say the man the 60 to 70 years old. he weighs 175 to 200 pounds. he's said to be balding with
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white hair, has crooked teeth, and speaks with an accent. >> reporter: is this going to change your -- >> no. >> we're do not going to come over here by yourself. >> reporter: anyone with information is asked to call the police. in san jose, abc 7 news. new video we'll show you in a few minutes of what's happening at the fire lines up in the north bay. for the moment let's talk about the weather conditions because that's critical tonight. >> yeah, sandy is keeping w w w of it. >> yeah, these winds are not helping, they're fuelling the fire. gusty winds going to make matters worse for the fire. a very shaky view tonight as those winds are cranking up. strong, gusty winds expected overnight tonight with high fire danger through tomorrow, sunny and warm conditions the next two days. so, let's look at our fire
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weather index, beginning at midnight tonight. we're seeing orange and red. that's indication of high to extreme fire danger. so, this is something that is of concern. moderate to high fire danger for san mateo county, east bay going into tomorrow morning. winds are a big factor. that's why the red flag warnings are in effect. want to show you those winds as they remain on the strong and gusty side. you will notice 29-miles-per-hour fairfield, 36 santa rosa, higher elevations even stronger winds. we've already seen 69-mile-an-hour winds on mount st. helena. some of the winds translating to the lower elevations as well. as you take a look from the eas bay hills camera, the camera is all over because of the winds in the higher elevation. live doppler 7 showing clear skies tonight. temperatures are being held up
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because the wund is keeping the atmosphere stirred up. most of you are on the warm side, even san francisco. many areas in the 50s and the 60s tonight. tomorrow morning, it's not going to cool completely, so not as cool as the last couple of morning, windy conditions in the hills especially, mid 50s to the low 60s to start off your day. then tomorrow afternoon in the south bay it's going to be a warm one, 90 degrees in san jose, 87 in santa cruz. 88 palo alto. 85 in half moon bay. 87 san francisco. 85 in the sunset district. north bay low 90s. 91 in vallejo and the east bay. you're looking at temperatures well above average. 91 in concord, 90 in liver saturday night winds begin to ramp up. sunday morning we are looking
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eight possibly a stronger wind event with 40, 50-mile-an-hour winds not out of the question. this is an offshore wind event but humidity will be running higher over the weekend. high fire danger tomorrow, warm on friday rkts but winds luther. cooler saturday, much cooler sunday inland but strong winds expected to develop and that could pose another fire danger risk for us sunday. >> a lot to keep track of, thank you. let's update the breaking news. amy head here to update you on the kincaid fire. >> this is new have you had yo that you are looking at. you can see those flames. what can you tell us? we're hearing about 300 acres have already burned? >> yeah, hi, the last report we have is approximately 300 acres and growing. it is 0% contained. it is east of highway 101, about
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10 miles northwest of geyserville. >> what are the big challenges tonight? obviously you can't fight the fire from the air at this time of night because of the darkness. what are you doing? >> obviously some of the bigger challenges you guys were just talking about is the weather conditions we're facing. so, firefighters are having to contend with strong winds up in that area. the last report is about 77 degrees with 11% relative humidity. so, we're experiencing some very erratic fire behavior, dangerous rates of spread. we have a lot of resources coming into the area. the good thing is we haven't had a lot of major fires going on so we do have a lot of resources available to us to respond. >> is this an area that has a lot of homes. it's dark so we can't see much. because there are some evacuations, correct? >> there's not a lot of homes right directly in the vicinity of the where with fire is, but there are homes toward the south. they are conducting some
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evacuations with the sonoma county sheriff's office but not an overly heavily populated area. >> what do you anticipate over the next few hours and at daybreak to happen near the fire lines at geyserville? >> we're hoping that we'll start to see the wind subside as we get closer to the morning hours. i know we have the red flag conditions to contend with through part of the day tomorrow. but as daylight comes, we'll have a better visual of what we're dealing with. it is pretty rugged at the rain up there as i mentioned. we do have a lot of fire engines, bulldozers. we'll be able to get our aircraft up early and on to the fire at first daylight. >> i know you said not a lot of homes. but we are dealing with the pg&e power shut offs. was that area, part of the area impacted? >> no, i'm not certain. i have not had the opportunity to look at the maps to see if
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that was an area that was shut off or not. >> okay. >> okay. chief, thanks very much. that's battalion chief amy head talking about the big fires at about 300 acres. as you heard from the chief, it's quite erratic. the wind conditions are tough up there whipping around. that's what's driving the
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it's an important part of building a better bay area, especially this week with pg&e's power outages, talking about replacing and upgrading power lines in fire danger spots. today got a bit better for neighbors near walnut creek. pg&e removed a pole residents have been bothered by for years. they say it was perpetual fire starter. >> as we did experience a fire
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justin verlander slightly less acrobatic. the dive and throws the ball off his leg. he's got kate up ton. anyway. maui boy, that's the go ahead homer. nats take a 3-2 lead. 4 luns scored in the 7 for washington. alex bregman throws it away. nationals roll 12-3. they are going home with a 2-0 world series lead. 49ers are hoping immanual sanders is the piece they need. sanders taking part in practice today. 9ers are 6 and 0. now they have a receiver who can destroy defenses. it's been a frenzy over the past 24 hours for sanders. >> i was on the plane about three or four hours headed out here, got here about 9:00, and studied until about 11:00, 11:30
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and had to be up for my physical around 5:00. it's been going by fast but i've been enjoying it. >> and the warriors open chase center tomorrow against the clippers. we'll be there at 4:00, 5:00, 6:00, and
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contained. difficult to contain at night. we'll bring updates on the free abc 7 news. >> have awe great night and we'll see you tomorrow. from brooklyn, it's jimmy kimmel live! tonight, bill murray, senator bernie sanders, ellie kemper, and music from the nationals. presented by lightlife. with cleto and the cletones. and now, top of the food chain, jimmy kimmel! [cheers and applause] ♪ >> jimmy: thank you, thank you, thank you. all right. i appreciate that.


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