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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  October 31, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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exceptions. >> the kincade fire footprint and the area of our infrastructure that is within the footprint or adjacent to it, those folks will remain out of service until we have authorization to get in there and start repairing our equipment under t >> pg&e says there are 156 confirmed incidents of damage to the electric system. they say the damage could have led to wildfire ignitions if the power lines were energized. >> as for the kincade fire itself, it is 60% contained now and remains just under 70,000 acres. >> some evacuation warnings have been lifted and tens of thousands of structures are still threatened. healdsburg's mayor praised the down's residents for evacuating. thinking community has learned to be prepare and to stay calm. i believe that's one of the key elements that our first
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responders full access. >> smart train service has been fully restored in couoffis e ba. rep lreutz joins us once again from geyserville. >> liz, you met a family who invite you'd to go with them as they saw what was left of their home. what did you find? >> good evening, dan and dion. bernadette and her husband are still here right now searching through what is left of their home in geyserville. they asked us to be here. they aloud us to be here. they say they want to show everyone what the trauma has really been like. they've been here two hours now, and it's really been heartbreaking to watch them as they look for anything that's left in their home. for the first time since the kincade fire ignited a week ago, today bernadette louse returned home. >> i want my jewelry box. >> reporter: family friend and dog canela by her side, she bega heartbreaking reality.
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nearly everything she owns is gone. were you able to take anything, bernadette? >> pajamas and mickey mouse flip-fl flip-flops. >> her neighbor also lost his home where his family has lived for four generations. >> it does not only our home, but it was the place we used to hang out. this was our family place, basically. since they came here from mexico and i came here from mexico. this was the only place we had lived. >> karen mill aerer and her hus own the vineyard. they dashed into the vineyard to save their grapes. >> let's save some grapes from the smoke and that was our only thought. we didn't think thetual ceri mountain. >> but it did. as bernadette rummaged through the ashes searching for her dad and husband's wedding rings, they found untouched china, ornaments, and sentimental. >> the diamond one?
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>> this is kind of a silly thing, but it's the first thing my husband ever gave me for christmas. and i asked for a tennis bracelet for christmas, and he is from peru. and he thought a tennis bracelet was tennis balls and tennis rackets, and that's what this is. >> it's become an inside joke, a bracelet she wears every christmas, and hopefully now more christmases to come. how do you feel that you were able to find it? >> i'm happy to find anything, because i don't have nothing, you can see. so anything i find, i'm happy. >> and we do have some good news. i'm joined now with bernadette. what is this good news that we have? >> well, i didn't find my dad's ring, but i did find my husband's wedding ring. and i think that's his platinum. my dad's was gold. and jewelry, one thing i like is one of my diamond necklaces is still here from my husband from an anniversary. >> and you have your tennis bracelet, which we showed everybody. >> yes. >> that's a fun memory.
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>> and these i collected birds. and i had a tree, a christmas tree with only birds. one was 400 birds. and these two survived. >> you have a collection of things you found so far. it's just the beginning of your search. what do you plan to do with all of these mementos now? >> i'm not sure it's salvageable. i don't know. a couple of the things i probably can't keep. but for the most part, no. >> you allowed us to be here. it's been a very traumatic experience. why do you think it's important to show everybody what this has been like? >> everybody has a safe plan and be prepared to leave. and listen. even wind or pg&e shutoff, think the worst scenario. >> if they tell you to get out, get out. >> yeah. >> and we're glad you and jeeps success are safe. thank you, bernadette. >> you're welcome. >> they're going to be here until it gets dark tonight, and they'll continue their search
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tomorrow. and then the rest begins. all right. thanks, bernadette. live here in geyserville, liz kreutz, abc7 news. back to you. >> thank you. a lovely woman. our best to bernadette and her family. very kind of her to share that experience with all of us and you. fire evacuees returning home are finding a lot of assistance to help them try to get their lives back together as best they can. new at six, lisa amin gulezian is live from the santa rosa fairgrounds with some examples of that. lisa? >> dan, a lot is happeni tong b normalcy for this community. in about half an hour, a halloween parade will take place for fire evacuees. and earlier today, dozens of people came out to findlay community center here in santa rosa to pick up food. it was all donated by sonoma county and redwood empire food bank down in redwood city. it's not an easy time for so many in the area. they've been evacuated. many are still waiting to go home, or they've returned home after not having power for days, only to find everything in their
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refrigerators has gone bad. going grocery shopping is really the last thing on their minds. >> we were evacuated from windsor, and i just gotand l ooe my house smells like smoke. thank goodness our house didn't. the hill stopped right into my yard. so we're lucky our house didn't get burned down. >> people stocked up on fresh fruits and vegetables, staples that are meant to make people feel settled again. back here live now, that's also what this halloween parade is meant to do. it will take place from 6:30 until 8:00 tonight. live in santa rosa, lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. >> thanks very much. kaiser permanente will donate $650,000 to provide relief to the fire victims. four 000 will go directly to the american red cross. and additional $250,000 has been committed in the future to help
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those affected by the fires all across the state. the red cross plans to use the money to provide shelter and food to fire victims. even small donations can make a big difference and help with building a better bay area. we have a page on our website about how you can help with a list of volunteer opportunities and disaster relief organizations that certainly would appreciate and benefit from your support. you can find it at residents in a low income senior apartment complex in novato needed help desperately when the power went off. turning out the emergency lightning stairwells and hallways. they told abc7 news reporter leslie brinkley, they felt trapped. she joins us live from the villas at hamilton in novato with more on this story. leslie? >> the three white buildings behind me house seniors, and many of them have wheelchairs and walkers. some were stuck up on the third or fourth floor without the elevator, of course, when the power went out. and they also described what it
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was like to fumble around, move around in total darkness after even the emergency lights went out. >> i was coming up, and she was right here, right across. >> 87-year-old helen stumbled on this landing during the outage, falling on top of another woman who had already fallen down the stairs. >> i knew we were in trouble when we both had fallen down there. >> pitch-black. pitch-black. there was no emergency lighting whatsoever. and the exit sign wasn't clear. the people didn't even know where the exit was. >> i was patrolling the halls as people were screaming, they were so terrified of being alone in the dark. >> the power went out saturday night. the landlord says they had a security guard on the premise within hours, but residents say that didn't help with the lack of information and panic that ensued. the head of the hamilton tenant association issued a statement saying the onsite property
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managers simply fled. vpm and our landlord aha are either criminally negligent, asleep at the wheel or both. with affordable housing access in newport beach told me we try to look out for our tenants, but this is not an assiste care facility. he said emergency lights did come on, but the battery packs ran out of power during this extraordinary extended outage. he said he hopes to meet with residents and perhaps hand out emergency kits with flashlight, but independent living is independent living, even for seniors. >> it's an awful feeling. it's an awful feeling when you're supposed to be -- when you're elderly and then you're completely forgotten and nobody cares. >> just a couple of minutes ago, i got a phone call from one of the ladies in my story, lori, who told me that she just got on in her apartment a flyer from management saying that tomorrow morning they're holding an emergency management and emergency evacuation and emergency procedure meeting for them. live in novato, i'm leslie
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brinkley, abc7 news. >> all right, leslie, thank you. now to developing news. police officers fatally shot a man in a busy area of downtown san jose this afternoon just before 2:30 p.m., san jose officers responded to the corner of jackson avenue and mckee road on a report of a man with a gun near a shopping center. at some point, an officer made contact with the man and shot him. he was taken to the hospital where he died. there is still a major police presence at jackson and mckee, and the intersection is shut down to traffic. san jose police are asking the public to steer clear of that area. you can follow updates on our social media platforms at abc7 news bay area. meantime, an investigation continues after a vta security officer shot and killed a man last night that man reportedly threatened people with live ins at the santa teresa light rail station. abc7 news reporter chris nguyen has new information tonight from san jose. >> tonight a feeling of disbelief at the santa teresa light rail station in san jose.
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>> you used to be able to go places without worrying if someone was going to attack you anywhere. now you have to be aware 24/7. >> santa clara county sheriff's deputies were called around 8:40 last night responding to reports that an armed vta contracted security officer had fired his weapon at a suspect who had been threatening passengers on the platform. she was transferring from a bus when she encountered the aftermath of the shooting. >> i seen the shot and the blood right here on his stomach. when i lifted his shirt up, i noticed there was a hole there and that's when i started to aemploy a lot of pressure. >> the suspect died shortly after being taken to the hospital. these photos released by the sheriff's office show the weapons they say the suspect was holding in his hand when he advanced towards the security officer, despite attempts to get the suspect to stand down. >> i would say he closed within approximately 5 to 10 feet before the security officer had the discharge his firearm. >> although the sheriff's office is the sworn police force for the transit system, allied universal has been the agency's
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supplemental security provider since 2014. the security officers are state certified to carry firearms, peopler spray and batons and undergo multiple hours of training. the transset up agency says it is fully cooperating with the investigation. passengers hope this was an isolated incident but are now left questioning their safety. >> even though he was at the wrong, it's not something you want to see somebody die every day, you know. just to see that is traumatizing. >> at this point the security officer is not in custody, but the district attorney's office will be reviewing the case. we're in san jose tonight. i'm chris nguyen, abc7 news. wildfires, winds, polluted air, power outages, we have certainly dealt with a lot this week. >> up next, meet some people who are thinking big picture, looking to the future with a global perspective. spencer christian. it's going to be another cold night in the north bay with freeze warning
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but it's just as vital to discuss changing symptoms as well. take notice and take action. discuss counts and symptoms with your doctor. visit the kincade fire may be contained with no injuries or fatalities, thank goodness, but the stress on evacuees is real, and really hard to measure. earlier this week, we introduce you'd to a family of nine forced to squeeze into a single trailer. the smoke exposure got them all sick, including two young children. here is abc7 news reporter kris reyes with an update. >> moms with little ones, make sure you have not just the car tanks filled, but tylenol, ibuprofen, you know, just what the doctor told us, a lot of liquids for the kids. >> reporter: that's tina guerrero's advice to other prents after she was evacuated from her santa rosa home friday night. for nearly a week, her family of
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nine, all of them forced from their homes, had to squeeze into this trailer. the smoke exposure, tight quarters and restless nights led to a domino effect of sickness that sent her two babies to the hospital. >> she wouldn't stop coughing and coughing and coughing. it was hard with so many of us living in the trailer, trying to keep the doors closed. >> these are the conditions that tina's babies and the rest of her family have been dealing with for the last week. we are about 20 miles from the fire zone here in santa rosa. and as you can see behind me, still hazy, still smoky. >> lots and lots of our patients that have chronic obstructive tuminski pulmonary disease like as marks everyone seem marks we're seeing them in increased numbers all across the city. but for people who are right on the edge, this kind of little bit of extra particulate can pushthem right over. >> so far no injuries or fatales from the kincade fire, but harder to count how many got sick just from smoke exposure. tina's family not only had to
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worry about evacuation. soon after they were scrambling for a hospital and a pharmacy that wasn't close order packed. >> long lines. so patience, moms, we had to wait about three hours for our prescription to be filled. >> go out only when you have to. use the air conditioning if you have it. stay well hydrated and get a flu shot. >> in santa rosa, kris reyes for abc7 news. >> all good advice. peninsula group released its annual environmental report today, and this year's topic climate change, how do we respond. abc7 news reporter david louie has this story. >> reporter: 3/4 of a million people live or work on the peninsula. the smoke from the wildland fires up north is sensitizing mother of them about climate change. the nonprofit group sustainable san mateo released its 23rd annual report card today, raising the question how do we respond. board chair brian chin says children may be the catalyst who will move the climate change agenda forward. >> they can't go outside because of the poor air.
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they're impacted. they see kind of how one thing maybe not right next door to them still impacts them and they can think more globally. >> however, a stanford geo physicist says focusing on the impact of wildland fires may detract from other important wildland issues. >> now it's the fire and the fire is fresh in our mind, but there are many other threats that we're dealing with. we're dealing with fast rates of coastal erosion. we're dealing with sea level rise, precipitation change. >> the professor says moving with so many moving parts can be challenging. rising sea level pose as threat to san francisco international airport where this runway is sitting in the bay. the county and its 20 cities are forming a sea level rise resiliency agency. the level of emissions from has prompted support for electric vehicles and improved mass transit. still, mitigating wildland fire risk may get a higher priority by advisability of the devastation they can produce. san mateo county has been spared
6:19 pm
a major fire, but it's not immune to them. >> we started to get a few gradually creeping up in acres. last week 62 acres in south county. >> although san mateo county has been spared a major environmental catastrophe, its leaders know much work remains ahead. in redwood city, david louie, abc7 news. >> we will have a special edition of abc7 news tomorrow at 6:00. a live special report will include in-depth reporting and conversation about this historic week here in the bay area. >> yeah, the unprecedented weather conditions, the power blackouts crippling much of the region and another massive fire prompted by pg&e equipment. as part of our commitment to building a better bay area, we will ask questions and get answers from the key stakeholders in this crisis. >> we all want to help understand it all and find the best path forward. join us tomorrow for fire, power, wind. what now. again, it is tomorrow at 6:00 right here on abc7. >> we think you'll find it
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informative and engaging. hpe you'll tune in. let's turn our attention to the f'ratgdion on l trick-or-treaters. >> that's true. the wind is no longer a great concern, but the chill that's going to develop tonight might be. here is a look at live doppler 7. clear skies across the bay area right now. the sun has set. this reminds me of the journey song "when the lights go down on the city" looking out over san francisco from sutro tower. it's 68 degrees here in the i. the 67 across the bay. 70 at redwood city. mid-60s at san jose and half moon bay 60 degrees. here is the view from emeryville. looking westward, currently 66. petaluma 67. napa 62. concord, 70 degrees. 65 at livermore. and the view from mount tam look down on san francisco. a freeze warning is in effect for the north bay again tomorrow morning. we'll have mild sunny days through the weekend. and this dry pattern that we have now will continue at least for the next seven days, perhaps beyond. overnight, look for clear skies
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and cold conditions inland, especially in the inland valleys of the north bay where low temperatures will drop to 27 in santa rosa. other locations will see lows, other inland locations in the upper 20s. freeze warning is in effect mainly nor the north bay from 2:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. and once again, low temperatures will range from 25 to 32 degrees in the coldest spots. but sure to protect sensitive people, plants, pipes and pets. tomorrow sunny skies once again and a relatively mild afternoon will develop for us. look for highs ranging from upper 60s a the coast to mainly low 70s right around the bay shoreline and mid-70s inland. now our air quality advisory has been issued. and this is not a spare the air advisory, but an air quality advisory. over the next four day, we're going have moderate air quality at best. might see good air quality in the south central bay, but there will still be enough particulate matter that the air quality will not be great. here is a look at the
6:22 pm
accuweather seven-day forecast. skies are looking great for the next seven days. mainly sunny all the way through the seven-day period with a little bit of a warm-up on sunday. interestingly enough, that's the day we fall back to standard time. a little bit of november warmth will hold on monday and tuesday, and then gets a little cooler towards the end of next week. but still very mild stretch of weather for this time of the year. and dry. we don't want dry. we want rain. >> thanks, spencer. just ahead, new perks for san francisco ride sharing companies, benefitting both riders and drivers. >> details
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so connect with unitedhealthcare today... about aarp medicare supplement plans. [ closing bell ] stocks took a dip across the board as worries about a potential u.s./china trade deal worsened. the dow dropped 140 point, the nasdaq lost 11 and the s&p was down 9 points. pg&e started trading in the red this morning but ended up edging past yesterday's price by 3 cents to finish at $6.17 per share. two san francisco-based ride share companies are launching new products. here are the details for your bay area business watch. uber is expanding its rewards program for its uber eats delivery people. the program called uber pro launched last year. here is the website, which shows how uber it's delivery partners
6:26 pm
have access to rewards and discounts, including total tuition coverage for an online degree program. uber eats pro is only available in certain u.s. cities. well, meantime lyft introduced lyft pink, a new membership program for frequent riders, paying $19.99 a month will unlock 15% savings on all car rides, enable priority pickups and special perks. the feature does not start until later this year. in the meantime, you can sign up for early access on lyft's website. a lot more to come here. car break-ins are san francisco's most prevalent crime. one happens every 21 minutes. that adds up to 68 every day. >> but there is a new plan to crack down on these crimes, and it's drawing some controversy. it all comes down to timing. and while we deal with the kincade fire here in the north bay, we'll look at the wind-whipped flames forcing
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now news to build a better bay area from abc7. >> cal fire is expected to release new information shortly on the progress of the fight against the kincade fire. this afternoon, some more
6:30 pm
evacuation warnings were listed when officials last gave an update this morning, the fire was 60% contained. >> 90,000 structures are still threatened, keep in mind. so it's not over. pg&e says it's working to restore power to about 6700 customers who are part of the last two pg&e blackouts. that includes customers in marin, napa, and sonoma counties. >> pg&e expects power to be flly restored by the end of the day. now the i-team's dan noyes was at the news conference pg&e held just about an hour ago. he asked ceo bill johnson to address families who have had to throw out food because of the flouts. >> johnson says at least pg&e has given them a chance to have a home instead of it burning down was his response. >> wildfires and power outages are threatening southern flames there. two new fires ignited overnight following days of destructive fires fueled by historically strong reporter marci gonzalez is in one of the
6:31 pm
impacted communities in san bernardino. >> a terrifying wake-up call for hundreds of people in wildfire weary southern california. new infernos erupting early this morning. there was flames tearing towards homes. >> he was beaten on our walls, you know. i mean, on our door, get out, get out, there is a fire. there is a fire. >> when i came into the family room, i looked out and there were flames like 40, 50 feet high. >> several houses here in san bernardino engulfed within minutes. neighbors rushing outside with hoses, trying desperately to slow the destruction. >> came out and started wetting things down. and things went down hymn from there. >> and in riverside county, a fierce firefight. >> another great water drop. >> the 46 fire igniting overnight after a police chase that led to a crass. those burning embers raining down on horses as their owners rushed to evacuate. >> just grabbed everything i could and we left the house this morning. >> a devastating deja vu with
6:32 pm
firefighters facing yet another day of santa ana winds, the strongest wind event in more than a decade with gusts up to 70 fanning these relentless fires. >> we obviously face huge potential still and a huge threat for the rest of the day. >> and firefighters here are now focused on hot spots, making sure this doesn't rekindle. they tell me they're cautiously optimistic now that those winds in most of southern california are finally expected to weaken by this evening. marci gonzalez, abc7 news, san bernardino, california. locally so much has happened since the kincade fire broke out on october 23rd. abc7 news decided to design a digital experience that allows you to get the full story in one place. kristen sze joins us now with a look. >> this is our timeline of how the kincade fire unfolded. it begins with this dramatic video on october 23rd. a wildfire network camera shows the moment the lights went out
6:33 pm
in sonoma county. you see something glowing in the distance that eventually fades out. then there is fire. now october 24th. as the fire rages, pg&e files a report with the public utilities commission that the fire broke out minutes after a pg&e transmission tower had an outage. as you can see, we also have interviews with evacuees and animal owners. october 27th, let's go to that, as the winds really start to reach their peak, spreading the kincade fire, the historic soda rock winery in healdsburg burns. in the days ahead, you see the continued valiant firefighting efforts and pictures of the poor air quality that development. we invite you to check out this immersive timeline of the kincade fire on kristen sze, abc7 news. >>ow lki improvements is something we like to call building a better bay area. yes, we face issues living here, of course. but things are looking up in
6:34 pm
many respects. take car break-ins in san ansc ilaugeg data, there is a break-in about every 21 minute, adding up to about 68 per day. it is getting better over the past few years, but there is still a lot of room for improvement obviously with those kinds of information. abc7 news reporter lyanne melendez spent the day listening to ideas. >> the first idea will be implemented tomorrow, november 1. interim district attorney susie loftus introduced operation tangled web, a task force comprised of people from her office and law enforcement to deal with the crisis. >> it will target residential hot spots and small commercial corridors. >> law enforcement will also focus on those areas where stolen property is being sold in the black market. here is an example of why san franciscans are fed up with car break-ins. in this video, the windows of not one, but five cars were smashed. according to city data, there
6:35 pm
are approximately 70 auto burglaries a day in san francisco. but why introduce her plan now. >> you could have waited after the election to announce this. why announce it today? is it because you want the start it on november 1? >> how many days happened? so that's six days, six times 70. 360 people's cars getting broken into. >> it's actually 420. we gave the other three candidates running for the d.a.'s office an opportunity to present their plan of action. doubt. >> we're going have a five-person ought doe burglary task force working with the aret sheriff's department to go after the organized ring responsible for 70 to 80% of the car break-ins. >> i think we need to have a much larger regional task force on this issue working with law enforcement agencies. not just in san francisco or attached to san francisco, but
6:36 pm
broader than that. >> bowhe will go after the organized crime networks. >> i propose to use bait cars in tourist hot spots, alamo square, fisherman's wharf, palace of fine arts, et cetera, with backpacks in the car with gps tracking devices. >> back to operation tangled web. in 60 days, data will be analyzed to see what course of act was most effective. in san francisco, lyanne melendez, abc7 news. 20 homeless people in san francisco will now have a warm place to stay at night. mayor london breed today announced the opening of 20 new beds at the civic center navigation center, bringing the total there to 113. the mayor says the move helps increase shelter opportunities in an area that needs it. now san francisco currently has 5 1/2 gags centers in operation with a controversial sixth one unde
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