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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  November 1, 2019 5:00am-5:59am PDT

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officers flood this orinda neighborhood responding to a deadly halloween party shooting. four people were killed. at least four others are hurt. amy hollyfield is live at that scene with new information. >> good morning. it is friday, november 1st. we'll get to that story in a moment. first we want to check in with mike. >> let's start with that cold conditions, the freeze warning up in the north bay. areas in purple which includes parts of marin and freezing temperatures are possible through 9:00 this morning. make sure those people without power are warm, sensitive pets, plants, pipes, they all need to be protected through 9:00. it's clear out there, visibility is 10 myleil
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visibility. no spare the air today. look at your 12-hour planner. you can see 37 to 46 at 7:00. then look at those temperatures bunched up at noon. 66, 65, 68, we'll stay in the upper 60s at the coast, we'll surge into the low to mid 70s at 4:00. jacket weather for your evening plans. hi, jobina. >> hi, mike. good morning. a live look at the bay bridge. everything is moving smoothly across there. it is getting busy this morning. we check out our other life picture, this is the san mateo bridge. just to give people perspective, because i know we show you all of these different cameras, what you're seeing on the right-hand side of your screen, that is the west bound side. all those cars are going to san mateo. also our drive times-week to dublin, 13 minutes.
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santa rosa to san francisco, 46 minutes. >> thank you. breaking news. four people areer shooting in contra costa county. this happened at a halloween house party. >> here's the map. off sirreicers responded to the on lucille way in orinda just before 11:00 last night. this home is reportedly an airbnb rental. amy hollyfield has more on what we know. >> police are still here on the scene, not nearly as many as what we saw last night. i want to show you the video of the huge response last night here to this scene. they got the call around 1:40:4. look at all the officers and ambulances. four people were shot to death. four others were injured they needed to get to the hospital. they had about 100 people at this halloween party. people that needed to be interviewed, trying to look for the shooters. we have not heard anything about
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arrests at this time. investigators still here working on their case. the east bay times is reporting that there was a flyer that went out that advertised an airbnb mansion halloween party telling people to byob and byow and to dm the host for the address. the party was supposed to start at 10:00. we reached out to the homeowner of this short-term rental, this airbnb, she said she could not talk to us. the police chief of orinda said this was a short-term rental. they have not released information at this point about the victims or the hosts of this party or potential motives. so a lot to uncover here. they are still here working on their case. we hope to get more information for you later this morning. reporting live in orinda, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> thank you. we are staying on top of this breaking news. abc7 news sent out this push
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alert moments after the shooting happened. you can download our abc7 news app to get the latest updates right to your phone. breaking news at the live desk. firefighters are working around-the-clock battling a brand-new fire in southern california. this is a live look from kabc. i want to bring you to some fire up close that we saw overnight. the maria fire in ventura county broke out last night. 8,300 acres have burned. red flag warning conditions in the area are making the firefight very difficult. authorities say they're worried about plenty of fuel in the area. >> this is a ranching community with a lot of avocados and citrus orchards in the area. a lot of time they use the eucalyptus for wind breaks. structures ve destroyed. 1,800 more are threatened now. this is video from overnight. i want to bring you back now live to what you're seeing.
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this is southern california right now from our sister station there. we'll continue to track this situation and bring you the updates throughout the morning. >> thank you. the kincade fire is still burning this morning but it appears that the worst is behind us. >> no one wants to be out of their homes for days at a time, but at least this time around many evac ways say the process was so much safer. lauren martinez is live in the newsroom. >> they are saying that. the kincade fire stands at nearly 78,000 acres and is 65% contained. a cal fire captain told us that's a fifth of the size of london. 165 homes have been destroyed. currently 1,600 structures remain threatened as residents return, many are sharing thoughts about how this experience was different from the tubbs fire two years ago. many are saying it was organized and communication improved. law enforcement gave people a six-hour window to leave which helped with traffic and anxiety on the freeways. >> it was less stressful because
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we knew, 10:00 in the morning, saturday morning, be out by 4 in the afternoon. >> people were nice. i could only go 35, 40 miles per hour, they were all cool. it was good. >> reporter: over 5,000 people are continuing to work this fire. several mandatory evacuations have been reduced allowing more people to return back home. the cause of the kincade fire is still under investigation. live in the newsroom. lauren martinez, abc7 news. >> it's sad that we hahave practice at this but we do. hundreds came together to help evacuees have a special hall week. lisa has the story. >> i have so much candy! >> reporter: at the sonoma county fairgrounds kids got to be kids again because for the past week the kincade fire has
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forced them to grow up fast. >> and we had kids in the shelter afraid halloween wasn't going to happen because they er, we're going to do it here. >> reporter: the idea for this event was born two days ago when companies started calling asking if they could donate large amounts of candy to fire victims. >> i'm glad to have this halloween. >> reporter: they can instead focus on fun. earlier today the community came together once again. >> thank you. >> reporter: to give the gift of food to those in need. several groups came together to hand out groceries. >> we don't have in me. orig now, so because of the fires. >> reporter: the line outside finley community center in santa rosa stretched down the block as evacuees, those still in the dark and people simply in need got some support. >> this is extremely helpful for people who didn't go to work, lost wages or just need extra help.
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>> reporter: because after all, today is a new day that could bring new beginnings. here are the details for today's food drive. if you want to donate drop off food at the fire department training tower in santa rosa from 9:00 to 11:00. if you need food, stop by from 11:00 to 2:00. we'll have a special edition of abc7 news tonight at 6:00. this live special report will include in-depth reporting and lively conversation about this historic week in the bay area. the unprecedented weather conditions, the power outages that crippled much of our region and another massive fire prompted by pg&e equipment. we'll ask questions and get answers from the key stakeholders in the crisis. we all want to help understand it all and find the best path forward, join us for fire, power, wind at 6:00 on abc7
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news. pg&e says it restored power to nearly all customers. flts that's >> that's big relief for some seniors. electricity was out so long for the villas at hamilton, that batteries were draining. one woman stumbled down the pitch black stairs, and she fell on top of another woman who had already fallen down the stairs. >> i knew we were in trouble when we both fell down there. >> pitch black. pitch black. no emergency lighting whatsoever. the exit sign wasn't even clear. >> they're lucky they didn't get seriously hurt. the tenants say the landlord should be held responsible for the conditions. >> let's look at some temperatures. the freeze warnings are up in the north bay. we're getting chilly in the east bay. the san ramon valley, 35 in
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dublin, san ramon, 38 in livermore, brentwood 37. everyone else in the 40s. oakland, 42. 45 in mountain view. san jose, 43. a pocket of mild temperatures, san francisco, san carlos, pacifica, 50 to 53. freezing cold in napa and fairfield. close in santa rosa at 33 degrees. here's a look from our exploratorium camera, clear conditions, barely a breeze out there. that dry air, that's going to set the stage for a lot of pollen out there. a little difficulty if you're going to be out exercising. ai is clean. no spare the air today. comfortable and sunny for yard work. look at the widespread temperatures in the north bay. low to mid 70s, 1:00 to 5:00,wn. temperatures will drop rapidly. we'll be in the low 70s in the east bay. 64 this evening.
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san francisco will touch 70. fall down to nearly 60 two hours later at 7:00. here is jobina. >> all right. hey, everybody. good morning. we are taking a live look here at san jose, 87, things are looking very clear there. if we head over to the bay bridge toll plaza, metering lights are not on yet. but we are expecting them to come on in about 15 minutes or so. they may come on later because it is so light this morning. traffic everywhere has been light. a laive look at mass transit. ferries are looking good. ace 1 and 3 no delays there either. very good this morning. coming up next, the 7 things to know as you start your day. shocking side show. a massive incident that happened in a target parking lot during business hours. >> you're going to -- to -- >> happy birthday. >> oh, so that is the face of a
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breaking news in southern california. a new fire exploded in ventura county burning 8,300 acres. red flag warning conditions are making this firefight difficult. containment in the kincade fire is up to 65% this morning. flames have burn acres. four people have been hurt. residents are being allowed back to their homes. number four, pg&e has restored power to nearly all customers. some customers are still in the dark and 800 won't get power until the utility can make repairs. it's freezing cold up in the north bay, even colder than yesterday morning. freeze warning continues until 9:00. number six, things are looking very light on our roads this friday morning. here's a live look at the bay bridge. it's beautiful this friday morning. and number seven, we are falling back an hour this weekend. daylight savings time will end on sunday, so remember to update your clocks. gilroy police seized several
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cars involved in a massive side show. >> police posted photos of the cars they impounded. the october 11th side show happened in the gilroy target parking lot during business hours. police say there were 400 to vehicles taking part in the side show. they put the lives of regular customers and those watching in danger. another san francisco business has closed for good. kennedy's pub and curry house posted on facebook saying yesterday was its last day in operation. the restaurant was located on columbus avenue in north beach. it's not clear why they closed. a kansas girl got a huge surprise for her eighth birthday. >> it started with a pair of mickey ears and a note. >> whoa. >> libby, read it. >> you're going to dis -- happyy
5:17 am
birthday. colette greer captured the reaction of her daughter after a surprise week-long trip to disney world. the october 26th video shows her opening her gift at her home in junction city, kansas. it is extra special because greer's husband will be deployed after the trip. good family time. because of these videos, that has now become a really big thing. that people surprise their kids with trips to disneyland and disney world. so we did that for my niece and nephew. it was like this. we're going on a like -- >> what about my dance class? isn't that scheduled for tomorrow? sometimes it doesn't always work out. that's the lesson we should
5:18 am
learn from that. >> you have to like the dedication to dance class. >> they were very concerned about their schedule. >> i like that dedication. i bet once they got on the cruise they had a great time. >> they did. they loved it. >> hi, everybody. a look at san jose, just south of the airport. sunshine rules our so does warmer than average temperatures thanks to this bone dry air. it will be cool again tonight. under the stars and the moonlight. no rain. i mean for the next couple of weeks at least. it's going to be warmer than average. we have a pattern, a rex pattern. when you have high pressure and northern latitude and southern latitude, it's a blocking pattern, it's a stagnant pattern. it's hard to move. this could be locked in for two weeks. so we have no chance of rain. we'll have wonderful afternoon temperatures, very mild. even 70 in san francisco again today. 78 in santa rosa. even warmer in yucaipa at 79. concord, 75 along with san jose. heading to the beach, 68 at half
5:19 am
moon bay. 74 in santa santa cruz. tonight we're back into the 30s. the north bay valleys, east bay valleys, elsewhere 40s once again. if you've been running the heater t will continue to run. extra hour of sleep. change those batteries in your smoke detectors as friday night. here's my accuweather seven-day forecast. temperatures will warm a couple degrees every day. it will be great weather at our beaches with sunshine near 70 degrees. we'll be pushing the upper 70s to low 80s around our bay and inland neighborhoods. temperatures will taper three to four degrees but still above average next week. have a great weekend, here is hs jobina. >> kumasi. >> we changed it up. >> i will tell you about this, thankfully no evacuees have been hurt by the kincade fire, but the fire's stress on their
5:20 am
health is real. >> earlier this week, we introduced you to a family of nine forced to squeeze into a single trailer. the smoke exposure got them sick. the mom tells abc7 news two of her kids wouldn't stop coughing so she took them to the hospital. >> moms with little ones, make sure you not only have the car tanks filled, ibuprofen. >> a lot of patients with asthma, emphysema, we're seeing them in increased numbers. >> doctors recommend people stay indoors so they don't breathe in the smoke and they say drink lots of water to stay hydrated. parents may want to set stricter bedtimes for kids. less than half of school age children get enough sleep. the american academy of pediatrics considers nine hours of sleep a night sufficient for kids. researchers at brown university found 48% of kids aged 6 to 17
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actually get the recommended amount of sleep. a lack of sleep can negatively impact grades, mood and social well-being. the author of the study called this a serious health problem among children. coming up next, a new movement that's all about early retirement how a couple in their 40s made it happen. >> and mcdonald's is throwing i ...6, 7, 8 ♪ ♪ ♪ big dreams start with small steps...
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during the summer when it's foggy and chilly we dream of these warm sunny ones without the fire danger. i have one coming at you today, 2 to 5 degrees warmer than average across the board. look at the peachbeaches, low t 70s. it will warm one degree across the board on sunday. more of the same. i know it's november 1st, wear that sunscreen. thank me. >> thank you. a lot of us say we want to
5:24 am
retire as early as possible. >> one couple who made it happen are sharing their story in today's "gma" first look. >> in this morning's "gma" first look, it's the financial trend turning early retirement into a reality. christina and aman managed to retire before age 40. how did they make it happen? they're part of the fire movement which stands for financial independence retire early. it's all about maximizing savings and generating passive income. so your money works for you instead of the other way around. >> there's more to life than sitting in my cubicle. >> the brownings were able to save more than $2 million in eight years. >> we thought this would be a pretty fun project to do, share our story, share our journey, and research people and tell them there's an alternative to working these long hours. >> coming up at 7:00 a.m., we'll share their tips ruiryour "gma"
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rebecca jarvis. the 49ers are 8 sdsh-0. >> the nine verse a perfect record behind jimmy gar touchdo. >> kind of hard to wrap your mind around. kind of -- i wouldn't say we expect to be here, but you want to win every game. we have a great locker room in there with guys with the great mindset. we have a good group. we have a long way to go. we're on the right track. >> the 49ers next game is on november 11st for monday night football and they will take on the seattle seahawks at levi stadium. kickoff is at 5:15 on abc furbies, the hamburglar are making a comeback. >> kids can play with these iconic mcdonald's happy mealap .
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>> look. mickey is there. >> that's all you care about. the fast food chain will give throwback toys with each happy meal purchase from next thursday to monday. do not push kids over trying to order happy meals. >> my gosh. i might have to let go of this vegetarian life. >> just get the toy. >> they have those little chicken mcnuggets. i remember those. >> i don't remember those. >> you get to play with it and eat their brethren. we're coming back with another full 90 minutes of news including how steph curry sort of incorporated his broken hand into his halloween costume. and some tough breaking news. a halloween shooting in a normally quiet east bay community. four people left dead. we are live with the activation that's under way right now. and a live look outside this
5:27 am
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deadly halloween party shooting. four people killed when shots were fired at an orinda home. we're live at the scene with an investigation that is still under way right now. >> we're waking up to another freeze warning. mike is tracking the chilly temperatures. good morning on this friday, november 1st. >> had to close the windows last night. >> get the extra blanket out. >> yeah. >> sweater weather. >> it's fall. >> it's fall. >> i like it. good sleeping weather. >> yes. >> we get the warm sunshine in the afternoon. the best that we have clean air out there, too. so we'll pile on the good news. how about that. here's a look at the freeze warning that continues until 99:00. so, whatever you have hour. then things will warm up rapidly
5:30 am
into the 70s. we're freezing cold now in guerneville, rohnert park, lake berryessa, over in fairfield also. pretty close in santa rosa at 33. also up in yucaipa at 34. look at that, 37 right now in novato and san rafael. american canyon at 38. relative humidity is 18%. we have a heightened fire dangerment we just don't have the winds to give us a red flag warning. temperatures in the mid 60s at noon. low to mid 70s at 4:00. enjoy the day. jobina? >> we're looking at the san mateo bridge. this is a live picture here with the traffic moving smoothly. it's been the same thing across the bay area this morning. quick look now at the bay bridge at 5:23 this morning. ju staed problyil iwhne. the last few seconds stacking up here. nour drive ti
5:31 am
now our drive times, walnut creek to dublin, 13 minutes. santa rosa to san francisco, 15 minutes sfooch minutes. four people are dead and four others wounded after gunfire broke out at a halloween party. >> this happened on lucille way just before 11:00 last night. that's where amy hollyfield joins us with what we know. amy? >> good morning. police are up the hill and they're keeping us down here. a perimeter has been set up, and the house is on lucille way. look at the response last night. a huge police response to this call that came in at about 1:45 la 10:45 p.m. last night. there was a party going on, 100 people were here, and four people were killed, four others
5:32 am
injured. the east bay times reports that a flyer had gone out advertising an airbnb mansion halloween party. telling people to byob and byow rental house. now they have not released information about any arrests or suspect descriptions. we're still waiting to get information on who possibly did this and why and if they have been able to catch anyone. we're also waiting for information on the victims. they have not told us who was shot and killed and who was hurt. so, more information hopefully coming later this morning on this case as they continue to work on it and gather evidence here on the scene. live in orinda, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. we sent this alert out on our free abc7 news app when the shooting first broke. the news of the shooting first broke. we're sending out updates as this story developments. download the app, it's free. make sure you enable push alerts. at the live desk, i'm
5:33 am
following aovernit. the maria fir just south of santa paula in ventura county. the fire exploded in size overnight burning more than 8,300 acres. mandatory evacuations were issued shortly after the fire broke out. at least two structures have been destroyed. 1,800 more are threatened. >> we have two dogs, so -- >> at least one kid. >> a baby girl over there. >> they didn't get go trick or treating this year because we got this and had to come right home. >> the maria fire is one of several fires burning in this is google maps. you can see the maria fire and the easy fire, which is another fire we've been t about this week in simi valley. if you move over here, further south, the getty fire. they are all so close in
5:34 am
b eaady . tde>>nt we'll see if there's more progress in a couple hours. the flames scorched nearly 78 othe fire is burning in some rugged terrain. 165 homes have been destroyed. four people have been hurt. residents are being allowed to go back to their homes. sonoma county is opening an assistance center on monday to provide information like the permitting process for recovery and rebuilding and applications for food benefits and medical insurance. this is at the healdsburg community center from 10:00 in the morning to 7:00 at night monday, tuesday and wednesday, but that will be extended if needed. in san francisco, students will be on strike calling for action from governor newsom and pg&e. takes real action on the energy crisis and climate emergency. organizers say they want a green
5:35 am
new deal which prov &e says restored power to most customers impacted by the two recent planned outages. >> 1,400 customers are still in the dark. 800 will not see power back on until the utility makes repairs to wind related damage. decision noyes asked pg&e's president to address the food waste from these outages, particularly for low income residents. >> for these people who didn't burn down any houses, the kinkade fire is still under investigation. one of the things we did was give them the opportunity to actually refill their refrigerator because their house is still there. >> still trying to take that in. >> okay. the customers living near tncade ectricity and won't have it until pg&e can inspect the lines in the fire zone. pg&e said it found 156 confirmed
5:36 am
incidents of damage to the electrical system. coming up tonight on abc7 news, we are taking an in depth look at this historic week in the bay area. as part of our commitment to building a better bay area, we'll ask questions and join us for "fire, power, wind, what now. that's tonight on abc7 news at 6:00. a new poll reveals how americans feel about the impeachment inquiry. and daylight savings time begins sunday morning, but why you should think twice before grabbing that extra hour of sleep. i thought twice. >> yeah. >> i'm sleepi conclusion as have i. as have i. >> i thought about it 2,000, 3,000, 4,000 times since daylight savings began to when it ends and we get that extra hour of sleep. that's this weekend.
5:37 am
hi, everybody. menlo park in redwood city. 36 and 39. only 40 in foster city. mid to upper 40s in san mateo, sbru san bruno, pacifica, 57 degrees. we're all over the place, 31 ik. 37 in san ra moment. 43 in san jose. commute looks quiet. still some outages out there. hopefully this will be the last day of having to worry about stop lights that are not working. mass transit chilly to mild, tranquil out on the bay. hugeperatures today due to the lack of winds, lack of humidity and the lack of clouds. 46 on the peninsula at 7:00. about 65 at noon. low 70s this afternoon. 64 at 7:00. temperatures will drop about 8 to 10 degrees from 5:00 to 7:00. low to mid 70s in the south bay after starting in the 40s.
5:38 am
east bay valleying, starting in the mid to upper 30s. mid 70s 2:00 to 5:00, and 61 at 7:00. great weekend coming at you. we'll look at the beaches also if you want to head there. first want to bring jobina in. we're hoping for friday light. >> we got it. yogo. >> and we're matching. you're welcome, everybody. >> didn't even plan it. we're on the same path. >> yes. >> i'm trying. so here we go. all right. thank you, mike. this is a live look at san rafael, 101, very light this morning as mike was saying. the everywhere this morning. i'm happy to bring you that news. san jose to 280, and a quick look at our drive times. albany to the maze, 4 minutes.
5:39 am
fremont to san jose, 14 minutes. highway 101 to cupertino.
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and it's only at cracker barrel. so, come on home for the holidays. come on home to cracker barrel. heading outside to school and see what to expect on this fall day. freezing cold in the north bay. upper 30s to mid 40s elsewhere at 7:00. low 60s to mid 60s.
5:42 am
61 to 63 at 11:00. quiet weather out there. we should have clean air for after school. 67 at the coast. 72 to 74. should be a fun friday. dealing with high fire danger noon today. low to mid 70s through the central valley. 83 in l.a. 59 in tahoe, it will get warmer this weekend. mid 60s, still freezing cold at night. >> thanks. new this morning an abc news "washington post" poll finds americans are essentially even on impeaching president trump. >> 49% support impeachment, 47% don't. abc news reporter megan tevrizian explains what happens next in the impeachment investigation. >> reporter: democrats say they want to move quickly telling abc news these hearings could start in the next two to three weeks.
5:43 am
a historic vote on capitol hill. a bitterly divided house of representatives voting to formally move the impeachment inquiry forward. this new phase sets the stage for another round of hearings, this time open to the public. republicans are still calling the process unfair, accusing democrats of trying to overturn the 2016 election and promising to defend the president. >> will you all go on the road record and say that the president did nothing inappropriate? >> very clear yes. >> reporter: this comes as morr nothing illegal about the quid pro quo at the center of the impeachment inquiry. democrats want to start hearings as early as mid-november. witnesses who already testified behind closed doors could do it again this time in public, which means all of this could be playing out on television very soon. megan tevrizian, abc news, new york. google expected to announce a grant worth millions of dollars to help students access
5:44 am
s.t.e.m. classes. google for non-profits is giving a $10 million grant. it will help low-income and students of color access classes in science, technology, engineering, math and commuter science. officials will announce the grant at 9:30 this morning. that will happen at lincoln high school in san francisco. it's that time that a lot of us look forward to when we can turn our clocks back an hour on sunday. >> many people will use that time to stay up late, maybe sleep in an hour, but the director of the ucla sleep disorder says don't do it because it's not healthy. he told the "l.a. times" an hour of sleep is enough to disrupt your natural sleep pattern. you can be irritable and be drowsy the next day. he suggests shifting your bedtime and meal times 15 to 30 minutes later over the next few days. he says you should avoid screen time and laying off the caffeine and alcohol before bed. he wouldn't like any of us. he would be like you all -- >> all of y'all.
5:45 am
>> especially you. >> we don't get a lot in this -- that's not true. we get a lot of things. >> but not sleep. >> not sleep. so can we have this one sleep time? just one. >> out of 365. one? >> but what if it's better for us in the long run? >> i don't care. >> on average how much sleep do you get? >> six hours. >> not enough. >> according to him. >> not enough. >> i don't care about the long-term, i care about right now. >> me too, reggie. holla. let's talk about steph curry. he appears to be in good spirits, we're happy to see that but not the broken hand. >> he was out trick or treating with his family last night. he was dressed up as "buzz lightyea lightyear". >> he is not amused. >> that is adorable. >> so cute. he shared this video on
5:46 am
instagram trying not to worry about this, it looks like. there's no word yet on whether he'll need surgery after breaking his hand. he shared that photo on instagram. he was thanking his fans for support and saying that he would be back soon. he is supposed to find out today if he's going to have to have surgery or not and what the timeline will look like. then the warriors are playing the thunder in oklahoma on sunday. >> i'm glad his family got to enjoy halloween. >> me, too. >> where was ayesha? >> they may have been the photographer. >> who was the square crow? scarecrow? >> i don't know. >> i need my vision this morning. i didn't have enough sleep. >> questions we will answer h wh f hopefully in the next hour and
5:47 am
15 minutes. >> i'm on it. >> love the fact they're so uplifting in this trying time for them. >> hi, everybody. total sunshine and wide temperature spread today. some areas 40 to 50 degrees warmer by the afternoon hours. a stagnant pattern which means no rain for days. this is not way we want the rain season to begin. we have a dumping of cold air. that snow that was falling as far south as kansas and missoh e and this clockwise flow. that's opening and unlock the door to the arctic. for us, in the low down to the south, that's bringing us a little bit of a light offshore, cae of ts block it's a stagnant and stubborn pattern. we'll be locked in this for a couple of weeks. that is 68 after half moon bay.
5:48 am
75 at san jose and concord. 71 oakland and san mateo. napa, 74. santa rosa, 78. my accuweather seven-day forecast. even warmer a degree or two twoo saturday or sunday. >> check this out. i found this couple last night getting off the train at the embarcadero stop in san francisco. they are bart and muni super heroes saving the day for us. one train at a time. i thought that was a cute costume. it looks like they might have done a good job. check out our situation here with our mass transit. let me click y they brought this to us this morning. 36 trains. no delays.
5:49 am
ferries all good. that was fun. also here, golden gate bridge looking very good this morning. nice and clear. and same story here-week, 680, beautiful this morning. guys? >> we did solve a mystery. ayesha curry was gabby gabby from toy story 4, the evilish doll. i don't know who that man is who is the scarecrow. >> we'll get on that. >> happy birthday to tim cook. >> apple's ceo is celebrating his birthday with the launch of apple plus tv service today. you can take advantage of a seven-day free sub skrin. subscribe. if you buy a new apple phone, apple ipad, mac, you get it free for a year. >> you qualify. >> diz sney plus is also launchg this month on the 12th.
5:50 am
the motorola razor is making a comeback. these new leaked photos show what we believe to be the foldable smartphones. another image shows it with a closed display and then fully open. the phone will be revealed november 13th. the razor was once the best selling phone in the world. they want to recapture some of that magic. >> do you think this can make a comeback? >> i don't need it. >> it folds.d y exciting about the folding. >> flip it up, fold it. >> you just got a new phone. calm down. coming up next, the first look at a new theme park that's all about godzilla. >> and another example of why you should not be using your phone while you're walking. introducing in-garage delivery, just in time for the holidays! ♪ beep, beep wwrrrr ♪ ♪ beep, beep ssshhhh ♪ ♪ beep, beep ♪ ♪ errrrr ba-ding ♪ shlrrrp ♪ bark, bark ♪ ♪ beep, beep ♪ ♪ sshhh shrrrp ♪ ♪ ding crrrnch, ♪ ♪ crrrnch beep ♪
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raiders coming to the coliseum, 1:05 kickoff. look at that gorgeous sunshine, 72 to 75, an absolutely beautiful day. those of you who like rain, we will try to find you a beautiful day also. here's what we got for air quality, not only today but through the weekend, it will be fine. let's talk about the beaches. its november 1st. usually october, early november we look for the offshore wind, the sunshine, warm temperatures at our beaches. atcean77, about warmer from 72 at ocean beach, bodega bay, 74. you can still get sun burn this time of year, grab the sunscreen and have a great time. good friday morning. we're looking live right now at our emeryville camera, this is
5:54 am
80, smooth this morning but filling in. probably the busiest section i've seen so far this morning. everything else has been light for the most part. richmond-san rafael bridge looking very good as people are approaching the toll plaza here. also want to check in on our drive times. we have antioch to hercules, 28 minutes. highway 4 to the maze, 14 minutes. highway 85 to san jose airport, 8 minutes. several more people who are homeless in san francisco now have a warm place to stay at night. 20 beds have been added to the civic center navigation center. the move helps increase shelter opportunities in an area that needs it. san francisco has five navigation centers currently operating with a controversial sixth one under construction on the embarcadero. the centers provide the homeless a place to stay as well as job and health services. lyft is rolling out a new subscription service that focuses on rewards for frequent riders. it's called lyft pink.
5:55 am
it will cost $19.95 a month. members will get a 15% discount on all rides, priority airport pickups, three e-bike rides and three waived ride cancellations. the service will launch later this year but customer can get on a waiting list on lyft's website. i should mention, i already have this pretty much. it costs $5 less. so they're increasing it by 5 bucks and throwing in some perks i will never use. >> could everybody get it board? >> anyone could get it before. >> okay. well, walmart is saying cheers to a new milestone. more than 2,000 stores offer curbside alcohol pickup. 200 stores in california and florida offer alcohol delivery. walmart says it has made buying alcohol easier for shoppers through the curbside delivery service. shoppers can buy groceries online and then select a pick up time when they check out if alcohol is on the list, walmart will check your photo i.d. during pick up or delivery. this is one of the coolest halloween costumes we've seen yet. a south carolina dad decided to
5:56 am
mark the 50th anniversary of the moon landing. he had one daughter dress up as an astronaut. the module is pretty complex. it has a candy sample input port. the costumes took him about two months to make. >> it's good. they won. if you love monsters, movies and travel, sqjapan is offering new experience. >> a japanese theme park is opening up godzilla interception operation, that's quite a name, will feature a zip line that feeds you directly into the mouth of godzilla. what a dream. there will be a shooting game where you can go on missios to capture or defeat the monster. the first godzilla movie was introduced to the u.s. in 1954 showing the lizard-like monster wreaking havoc. >> my gosh. you wouldn't do that? >> i would do it. the japanese love a theme, they love a monster movie. exciting.
5:57 am
halloween is over. can it last? i think we can extend it to the weekend. >> it's done. >> no. >> that's true. i'm going to a party tomorrow night. >> technically it's over. forget about thanksgiving. we're moving on to christmas. >> it's true. >> holiday sales launched overnight. >> and the community coming together to help victims of the kincade fire. how you can help today. plus the breaking news we're tracking in orinda, four people have been killed after a halloween night shooting.
5:58 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
5:59 am
now at 6:00, holiday night turns deadly in the east bay. >> four people have been killed. four others have been hurt in a shooting at a house party in orinda. the investigation is still unfolding. we are live on the scene. good morning. welcome to friday, november 1st. >> now at 6:00, we're tracking another cold start. some areas now under a freeze warning. we'll get right to meteorologist
6:00 am
mike nicco. >> thank you. hi, everybody. let's look at some of those temperatures. guerneville, 31. rohnert park, 30. lake berryessa, 31. close to freezing at santa rosa, 33. yucaipa, calistoga, petaluma, november november and san rafael, 34 degrees. the freezing conditions, we still have a couple hours of cooling ahead of us. it could get cooler here it will last through 9:00. here's our accuweather forecast i put together for you. starting at 7:00, still some upper 30s to mid 40s out there. you will need the heater. the heavier coat. look at this, 65 to we'll be warmer than average with 67 at the coast. 72 to 74 at 4:00, back in the 50s and 60s. a nice quiet and cool evening on the way for this friday. how about the friday


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