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tv   ABC7 News 9  ABC  November 3, 2019 9:00am-9:58am PST

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>> announcer: news to build a better bay area. this is "abc 7 mornings." good morning, everybody. hope your sunday is getting off to a good start. it's november 3rd. i'm liz kreutz. let's start with a look at your weather. here's meteorologist lisa argen. >> good morning, liz. we're clear with some haze in the most. in san jose, numbers have responded to that earlier sun rise. we're already in the upper 50s in oakland, 53 for you in half moon bay, started out in the upper 30s. golden gate bridge looking pretty nice there, weak onshore flow today, a bit of a sea breeze. 57 napa, 52 in livermore. yellows indicates moderate from the north bay, san francisco,
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oakland, even into the south bay. santa cruz, 60, we'll see 70s at the beaches. numbers are well above average. we'll look for the early sunset at 5:08, liz. >> thanks, lisa. the loved ones of five young people killed at a party in orinda are sharing their memories. neighbors are showing support while city leaders and airbnb vow to make changes. the five people killed range from 19 to 29. these are their names. they came from all over the bay area. at least three others were injured at the party. a video here posted on social media thursday night shows the home packed with people. the home had been rented out using the platform airbnb but the owners have told media they didn't know it was for a party. when orinda police arrived, officers saw at least 100 people running from the home. law enforcement hasn't announced anyre associated press reports two guns were found at the scene.
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the family of omar taylor jr. who was tilled at the orinda in news. relatives are stunned by the violence that erupted at the gathering. they say omar was there for one reason, to entertain partygoers with music. abc 7 news reporter cornell barnard sat down with the family. >> to get that phone call was devastating. >> reporter: she never imagined the news would be to tragicic. her stepson shot and killed at a halloween house party in orinda. >> such a careless act, a traumatic experience that the family is taking on right now. >> reporter: she says taylor was there to deejay the party. >> music and deejay and stuff, that was his happiness. he had been in those sort of environments before, i don't even think he was going in thinking there was trouble or anything. >> reporter: omari taylor said his brother worked all the time as a deejay. the halloween party where 100
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people gathered just another job to help support his young daughter. >> he was a good man. if he was here right now, he would want everybody out there mourning for him to stay strong. >> reporter: omari, a various at this football player, played friday night's game. he said it's what omar would have wanted. >> he just wanted to be successful as whatever he did. he wanted to care for everybody else, take care of his children. that's what his plan was. >> reporter: at the house where the party was held, we found nicole stegnaro and her son leaving flowers. >> i'm trying to do something kind. ifeel helpless. what else can we do but support the families who lost their loved once and their children. >> that's the tragic part, everyone for halloween is getting dressed up in a costume to have fun and they think they're going to go home. >> reporter: the family now sending condolences to everyone
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touched by the tragedy. in orinda, cornell barnard, abc 7 news. >> a senseless tragedy indeed. airbnb, based in san francisco, announced changes to their policy. party houses will be banned on their sight. the ceo said in part, we are redoubling our ertz to combat unauthorized parties and get rid of abusive host and guest conduct including the conduct that leads to the terrible events we saw in orinda. we must do better and we will. this is unacceptable. the company plans to expand manual screening of high risk reservations, a rapid response team, and take immediate action against violators. here say the screenshot of the orinda home's meeting page, it specifically bans weapons. 7 news reporter luz pena spoke with the mayor. >> reporter: the screams and
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sounds of bullets that broke out on halloween inside this home are still vivid in many neighbors' minds. >> i don't feel safe knowing that someone could actually do this in our neighborhood. >> reporter: five people in their 20s lost their lives and police have not made any arrests. >> to be honest with you, i don't go out at night the last few nights because i'm kind of scared, it's kind of like, well, whoever did this, are they still around? >> reporter: we sat down with the mayor of orinda. did the city of orinda know of any previous parties that had taken place in that house? >> at this particular house, my understanding is, from our city manager and from our planning department, that there was a complaint about parties earlier this year, in february. >> reporter: the city provided records that say the owners of 114 lucille way registered their home as a short term rental almost a year ago on november 21st, 2018. three months later the first complaint of a large party was
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registered. ytas restored, according to the mayor, and an email was sent on halloween night when the fatal shooting happened, leaving the city now to make possible drastic changes. >> maybe the community wants to be banning short term rental all together, maybe they want to make it where the owner is present at all times. >> reporter: flowers and notes were left outside the home to remember the victims. anyone with information about the shooting can contact contracasta county sheriff's department oreg orinda police department. in the newsroom, luz pena, abc 7 news. >> the shooting has shaken the community and the communities of the victims. if you're struggling with grief or mental health, we have resources on our website, look for the "take action" thumbnail to find your ally and get linked to professionals and groups that can help. breaking news out of the st.
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officers say two cars were involved in an accident just before 6:00 this morning near 35th avenue. a man got out of his car, pulled out a gun, threatened another driver, fired a round into the air, then carjacked the driver, leaving his car behind. that accident closed the freeway until about 8:00 this morning. chp says they found the carjacked car overturned near 98th avenue and golf links road. they don't believe anyone was hurt in the initial accident. also new this morning, president trump is threatening not to give federal funding to california to help battle wildfires. this is the first time we are hearing from the president about the kincade fire since it broke out 11 days ago. in series of tweets here he criticizes governor newsom saying he has done a terrible job. he says he told newsom to clean the forest floor since the first day they met. the president goes on to say the governor comes to the federal government for money and this is
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the most of the significant part of these tweets, he says, but now, quote, no more. in the north bay, firefighters are gaining ground on the kincade fire. cal fire says it's now 76% contained, that's up 2% from last night. there is no change in the amount of acreage burned. it stands at more than 77,000 acres. 175 homes have been destroyed and more evacuation warnings have been lifted. mountain mike's pizza and redwood credit union in santa rosa gave out free pizza to evacuees and first responders. abc 7 news reporter lisa amin gulezian has more. >> you're evacuated, you have no power, you have no gas. everybody is welcome. >> reporter: support is coming in the form of pizza. in mountain mike's on cleveland avenue in santa rosa, doors are open and the pizza is free to those who have been through a
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lot in theewda. >> fe department because they did a lot for us, we want to give back for what they did for us. >> reporter: ten out of 13 mountain mike's locations in the north bay were closed because of the kincade fire. this location was evacuated for four days. first responders saved this woman and her family. >> i loaded my mom, my daughter, our three dogs, and our two cats, all in my vehicle and drove. >> reporter: now they all sit together, breaking bread. >> it's nice to see everyone smiling and happy, glad they're back in their holes. that makes us feel special because it makes us feel like we've done our job right. >> reporter: it hasn't been ease for first responders. this is contract firefighting crew out of oregon has been in sonoma county for eight days. >> we're getting dirty every day, sleeping in our tents, trying to make sure the town feels safe. >> reporter: getting this little bit of recognition is
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meaningful. >> we appreciate it, people showing us gratitude. it makes us feel good. >> reporter: in santa rosa, lisa amin gulezian, abc 7 news. >> if you're impacted by the fire, we have more information on our website, happening today, the town of windsor in sonoma county is thanking first responders for their work in the kincade fire. people will gather in the town green at 11:00 this morning to take a thank you photo. together with sonoma county, firefighters helped save windsor. everyone is welcome and encouraged to bring their own thank you signs for the picture. i just love driving up through the north bay and seeing how many signs there are on freeways and streets saying thank you to first responders. >> definitely. it looks a little bit better in terms of our sky conditions. a bit hazy at times with an air quality advisory. from our sutro tower cam, temperatures still in the low 50s here.
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with that earlier sun rise, we're up to 59 in oakland, 62 in san mateo. chilly mornings are with us but for how long? i'll have the answers n. doungeness crab season is open but it may be a while before you see it at the store. and we'll take you to the day of the dead festivities.
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season is officially open, but it may be a while before youore. the california department of fish and wildlife says crab fishing south of the mendocino county line poses a significant risk to whales who can get tangled in the fishing gear. the department warns that there could be additional delays due to human health risks or poor cab quality. popeye's popular chicken sandwich is making a return today. the chain is hiring more staff, according to bloomberg, to deal with the expected rush. the original debut was so popular, popeye's sold out. people rushed to get their hands on one, setting off a social media war. one person even tried selling a sandwich for $7,000 on ebay. crazy. all right.
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it was a night of candles, painted faces, and dancing. ♪ so fun. this is dia de los muertos or day of the dead, an ancient celebration that began in central mexico but reinvented in san francisco's mission district. it's a day to remember loved ones who have passed away but live on in memory. last night people walked through the mission candles, many painting their faces with a ghostly white makeup. what's the weather going to be like, lisa? >> liz, we have an extra hour of sleep, the sun has been up for an extra hour. we're looking at moderate air quality for most of you. it's good around the south central bay. an advisory from the bay area air quality center because we're still going to look for monday and tuesday to see less than ideal conditions, not bad, but not ideal.
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here is a look at emeryville right now where temperatures are in the 40s on the peninsula. 57 in san jose and half moon bay, 20-degree jump on the coast. 54 in san francisco, you've remained about the same. from our east bay hills camera it was a school start. right now it is in the upper 50s in napa. the livermore at 52. napa at 50. so we're warmer this morning. reason being just a little bit more in our moisture content close to the surface. and with light winds, we dropped off into the 30s this morning. calm winds throughout the day today. a bit of a sea breeze comes into play today and tomorrow but in the upper elevations it's still dry as can be. here is a look at the relative humidity. 11% at mt. diablo. winds still out of the east here. that's why we're so dry. 20% relative humidity above
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oakland there. 15% mt. tam. temperatures are pretty mild in the upper elevations. no wind here at all. and we'll look for light wind out there today. sunny skies looking for the moderate air quality, and no rain this week. in fact, as we skip ahead into tuesday, little more in terms of cloud cover. so temperatures will come down a few degrees, into the 70s around oakland and hayward. mid-60s in san francisco. a little bit cooler on wednesday as well, around average, because today we're anywhere from five to ten degrees above average. by thursday, still notice the darker shade of yellow here, and the green at the coast indicates some mild air around the bay. so for us today, in the 70s in oakland. we had 70s yesterday at the coast, cooler today with the sea breeze. 64 half moon bay. some haze in the north bay. 78 in santa rose is a. mid-70s in concord. 80 in concord hill. overnight tonight, back to that cool air with numbers dropping
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into the upper 30s to mid-30s around napa. mid-40s in oakland. 39 in morgan hill. the accuweather seven-day forecast, w've got 60s and 70s at our beaches, around the bay, and even inland. the numbers could be anywhere from five to ten degrees above average. it's sunny each and every day. a little extra cloud cover mid-week. download our accuweather app and we'll certainly have the cool mornings and mild afternoons. we're not looking at any rain, looks like until the 12th of november, still staying dry. >> ooh. >> i know. >> that's not good. at least we have no red flag warnings. >> yes, winds are nice and light. >> thanks, lisa. the abc 7 family got to d family member. videographer lorne morrison passed away in august.
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>> we want to remember our beloved colleague. >> reporter: the turnout was impressive, whether in the midst of it or gazing down from a heavenly paradise. lorne morrison was a fixture in the videography department for years. some of the people who knew and loved him best got together to swap stories. remember dr. dean edell? >> lorne would be so happy to see how he was appreciated and understood. >> reporter: the list of people who came to speak about their respect forlorn is equally impressive. >> there are people better off for having known lorne. i consider myself at the top of the list. >> there was never an occasion when the coverage would be other than honest. and politicians can't stand honest coverage. >> reporter: and of course we heard from the people who knew him best. >> dad would want us to know it's important to move on and to move past all of the hard times
9:21 am
and anything of that manner, because he was friendly. he enjoyed people. he gave people respect. people respected him in return. >> that's what we're going to miss about lorne, because he was a very important voice. he wasn't afraid to use it. >> he was a voice of reason. in my mind he was old school in the best ways.
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welcome back. as we reported earlier, most of the mandatory evacuations from the kincade fire are downgraded or lifted completely. now it's time to bring your home back to normalcy. 7 on your side's michael finney has good advice for when you do get home. >> there's a lot they're going to have to do. i've got a few tips. if your neighborhood had a power outage, start by checking in with your neighbors, just to be sure they do not need your help. you will, no doubt, remember to reset digital clocks, timers, and alarms. you will also need to reset your network routers, alarm systems and garage doors. you may need to restart your heath and air conditioning system too. you need to check your owner's manual or call in a professional. if your home was in or near a wildfire zone, look for hot embers around your house, especially on the roof, under decks and in crawl spaces.
9:25 am
there could be water damage from firefighting. so you need to keep an eye out for mold now. check for utility poles that might have been weakened. i just spoke with roy drake of service pro, he warns against opening your refrigerator too soon after getting home. >> so when you first enter your home, don't open your refrigerator to check. that's a bad idea, right? >> if you've had no power and your refrigerator has been off, the last thing you want to do is open up that refrigerator and have the odor of the rotting food come out into the room. it's very hard to get rid of. so you can determine that right away. you can open for like a half second and then you'll know right away if it's rotted. if it is, then you need to -- the next time you open it up is
9:26 am
dumping all of the contents out of there and getting it out of the house as soon as possible. >> another tip, run your car's air conditioner on recirculate so as not to bring smoky air in your car. inside your home, you'll want to change the air filters on your hvac system or air filter system. now, i want to hear from you. my 7 on your side hotline is up monday through friday from 10:00 to 2:00. you can also reach me at my facebook page and through i'm milk finnchael finney, 7 on side. >> good tips. when i got home, my wi-fi worked right away, i was excited about that. hard to believe it's november. macy's has unveiled a few of their thanksgiving day parade balloons during a test flight. here is a look at video provide by macy's. a few of this year's features include this year's version of peanuts, loveable beagle,
9:27 am
spongebob squarepants and his slug gary, and very timely for california, smoky the bear. this year there are several big anniversaries to celebrate. >> snoopy is coming back as an astronaut to celebrate the 50th landing. we have smoky the bear celebrating his 75th anniversary. >> since their start in 1927, the management team has had to test out each and every balloon. mickey mouse made his debut in 1934. fun little snoopy there. still to come on "abc 7 mornings," why the popular social media app tiktok is reportedly at the center of a national security investigation. an open street wear designer gaining the attention of celebrities around the world.
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annoepidemic fueled by juul use with their kid-friendly flavors. san francisco voters stopped the sale of flavored e-cigarettes. but then juul, backed by big
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tobacco, wrote prop c to weaken e-cigarette reports prop c is an audacious overreach, threatening to overturn the ban on flavored products approved by voters. prop c means more kids vaping. that's a dangerous idea. vote no on juul. no on big tobacco. no on prop c.
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good morning, everyone, and welcome back. we're starting this half hour with a look at the weather. here's meteorologist lisa argen. hey, lisa. >> hey, liz, good morning to you. here in san francisco, in the low to mid-50s. it's been a pretty mild morning here but elsewhere it's been chilly. look at how the numbers have recovered, with 57 in san jose and gilroy as well as half moon bay. the airport a little hazy on the peninsula. sea breeze today, temperatures will climb to the upper 60s for you. all of these numbers are pretty mild from petaluma to napa. another air quality advisory today. most of you are experiencing that moderate air quality. throughout the afternoon, 1:00, it's sunny and temperatures in the low 70s inland, mid-60s in san francisco. and looking at a fog-free night. another cool one. and looking at the first week of november, i'll let you know if it still looks dry, liz. >> thanks, lisa. we'2020.
9:31 am
there is so much in the air as we head into what is sure to be an eventful year from impeachment to an unpredictable democratic primary. and there are new numbers from the latest abc news/"washington post" poll. joe biden is holding steady at 28%, elizabeth warren rising at 23, bernie sanders at 17, and mayor pete buttigieg rising to 9. here is abc news reporter rachel scott with more. >> reporter: the divide over health care deepening in the battle of the future of the democratic party. >> 2020 is our time to win the fight for medicare for all so nobody goes bankrupt over health care. >> reporter: senator elizabeth warren still rising in the polls but taking heat over her ten-year plan to pay for medicare for all. how do you convince voters that your health care plan is feasible? >> well, i think we start witllg taxes by one penny on middle class families.
9:32 am
>> reporter: but senator bernie sanders, splitting with his progressive rifle on the $20.5 trillion plan, specifically taking issue with her proposal to draw some of the funds from employers. >> i think that tat would probably have a very negative impact on creating those jobs. >> reporter: the senator argued under his medicare for all plan, taxes for the middle class would go up but overall health care costs would go down. >> i think we have a better way, which is a 7.5% payroll tax which is far more, i think, progressive. >> reporter: former pv joe biden labeling warren's plan as a nonstarter, pushing the senator on defense. >> democrats are not going to win by repeating republican talking points. >> to say that you're a republican or you're not loyal, you have no courage if't agree with and way to get anything passed. >> reporter: the three early front runners in a tight matchup. here in iowa, the field
9:33 am
narrowing less than 100 days before the caucuses. we caught up with mayor pete buttigieg on his campaign bus, the youngest candidate in the race, up 4% since september, now behind those three early front runners, all in their 70s. >> i belong to a generation that has a lot to offer right now. we're ready to step up. >> reporter: one year out from election day, but the first votes will be cast right here in iowa in less than 100 days for the iowa caucuses. now, our latest poll shows there's still tons of room for movement. the majority of democratic voters surveyed say they have not firmly made up their mind on who they're supporting. rachel scott, abc news, cedar rapids. the video clips on the popular app tiktok are turning regular folks into social media stars. why is the chinese com federal ? abc 7 news reporter marci gonzalez has the details. >> reporter: it's the wildly popular app that turns short videos into viral sensations.
9:34 am
with the company boasting more than 26 million users in the u.s., most of them teens and young adults, tiktok is at the top of the free download chart. but now tiktok is at the center of a national security investigation and its advertiti china may pose a danger to the u.s. a chinese company purchased an app, merged it into the tiktok app, and opened tiktok's headquarters in california. now senators are raising questions about that business deal and how the company is using american ususus senator marco rubio tweeting, it's a potential serious threat to our country. ers t tartds t users. box tiktok.
9:35 am
>> reporter: after russia's attempts to compromise the 2016 u.s. election through facebook, senators are concerned that tiktok could be a target of foreign manipulation. >> the concern is that chinese censors are looking at this or it's being stored on chinese servers. >> reporter: tiktok, fighting back, says in a statement, we store all tiktok user data in the united states with backup redundancy in singapore. our data centers are located entirely outside of china and none of our data is subject to chinese law. we are not influenced by any foreign government including the cheenz. chinese. tech experts say this is a great reminder to be mindful which downloading any app. most are collecting information to send you targeted ads and gather details about your location. bottom line, you don't know where the information you share with most apps could end up. n streeon weoe, abc news,an is
9:36 am
popula onhe w he ha passion project that's having a positive impact on kids in the east bay. abc 7 news has more. >> reporter: fashion and footwear designer devlin carter's sneakers have gained the attention of celebrities and people all over the world. >> the power of social media. >> if it wasn't for social media, i wouldn't be as successful as i am. >> reporter: you'll find his designs in his oakland showroom. on the weekend, pretty fly looking fathers, teaching kids how to sew. >> the schools don't have arts and crafts anymore. we have black and brown kids who don't have an outlet to be creative. >> reporter: the kids do
9:37 am
everything, like distressing fabrics. i felt like we were walking amongst the future of fashion. the students are developing a passion that carter wishes he had found earlier. >> i taught myself how to sew later in life, because i thought it was for girls. >> reporter: he dabbled in customizing sneakers in college but it fizzled so i joined the u.s. coast guard, ended up in the bayer, and then -- >> i went to the fashion institute for design and merchandise in san francisco. >> reporter: from the military to fashion school. >> this is the crazy story that people don't know. >> reporter: his students are thankful for his service and the career change. >> the class is cool, lot of cool spirits in here. everybody's creative. >> reporter: what are you learning today? >> how to control my foot on the pedal. last time i did it, i stomped on it and messed it up.
9:38 am
>> reporter: carter is the definition of self-made. he designs his own samples. his shoes can be found only in his stores. he says this work is about passing on his blessing. congratulations, devlin carter, you are an abc 7 news star for the work you're doing with these students. pleaseee it' awesom to nominate as an abc 7 news star. >> definitely worthy of that star. devlin carter is welcoming new students. if you know a child interested, visit our website for more on that as well. ahead, you'll soon be able to sing along under the sea. we'll have a preview of the little mermaid live. and a live look from the east bay hills.
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welcome back. happening now, thousands of runners will hit the streets of san francisco for the golden gate bridge half marathon and 5k. the race started at 7:00 this morning. runners started on van ness between fort mason and aquatic park, ending at ghirardelli square. there are some street closures. expect some delays. they try to end it early, i think they said they have a running. it's nice out there right now. if you slept through the chilly numbers, right now we're in the upper 50s in santa cruz going for 73 today. so how about a november beach day? if not, otherwise plenty of 70s,
9:42 am
slightly cooler on the peninsula and at the coast. how much cooler? not much. but we will talk about, if we can see any full week of november, that's coming up next. the shorthanded warriors show fight in an inspired effort against the hornets. chris alvarez has the highlights. come try my really big chicken two patties for $4.99, or three for $5.99, or four for $6.99. that's an amazing deal, jack! hey, thanks, stanley.
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or committee controlled by a candidate. disclosures at two breaded chicken patties plus fries and a drink for $4.99. three patties for $5.99. or even four for just $6.99. four patties? well, tickle my elbow! no thank you. try my really big chicken sandwich combos. starting at $4.99. welcome back. ever dreamed of being a
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professional football player? now is your chance. today the oakland panthers football team is holding its first ever tryout. marshawn lynch is a co-owner and plans to be there. tryouts will be held at 9:00 a.m. and at noon at the oakland tch football stadium. the team will play at the former oracle arena starting in march. in sports, the raiders are at home hoping to snap a two-game skid. kickoff is at 1:05 this afternoon. tomorrow night, injury-plagued warriors take on portland trailblazers at chase center. last night golden state came up short against the charlotte hornets. here's chris alvarez with the highlights in this morning's sports. well, this isn't the warriors lineup anybody expected to see when the season began. injuries have depleted them and saturday night golden state only suited up nine players. d'angelo russell out, sore ankle, draymond green, torn pas
9:46 am
marquess chris, throws it in for two. another look. that was nice. warriors up 2. bj washington flies into the lane and throws it down, two handed jam. washington right through prks and bowman. final seconds of the first, jordan pool, shake, bake and bank off the window and in and the shot clock expired. they're battling spellman, the block on one end and bowman, in transition, lays it up and in. 50-43 late in the second. willy cully stein. it's that easy when that tall. the 7 footer makes it look easy. warriors up 1. final minutes, terry rosier, the contact and connect. he had 20 points on the night. dubs down 1. the ball with 25 seconds to go. chase center, damion lee can't get the ball in bounces the
9:47 am
turnover, the hornets win 93-87. >> that's a tough one. that's a tough one. our gis played fantastic basketball and fought like crazy and then their coach decided to one. >> it's a long season. i feel like we took a in the right direction as a team and just playing hard and even though everybody is out, i mean just having fun. i mean let's not take the fun out of the game. >> sharks hosting the canucks, tough loss friday. another tough loss saturday. first period elias petterson, slaps the bouncing puck, made it 2-0, vancouver wins 5-2. san jose 4-10-1. san jose state hosting boise state, mc hammer on the sidelines. second possession after going 4 and 4 on third down. josh love takes it in himself. love that. 14-0, spartans. second quarter, hank backmeyer picked off by brandon izele.
9:48 am
one-handed interception. that leads to more points. 16 yards to isiah hamilton. 24-17, spartans upset alert on. boise state gets 14 in the third. chase cord runs it on in. the broncos take theirirle a7. pack, he his second score of the game. 34-31. san jose state. the broncos regain the lead. andrew van burren will ice it, 32 yards to the house. boise state wins 52-42. raiders back home will play the lions at the coliseum. we'll see you later. a check of the weather now, if you're just joining us. here is lisa argen. hey, lisa. >> hey, liz. it's a little hazy out there. it's warmed up. the sun is setting tonight at 5:08. here's a look at mt. tam. elevations still have the dry east wind, low relative humidity. it's pretty mild. some readings have been in the 60s, near 70. certainly a little lower.
9:49 am
we're in the 30s in many locations. not quite at frngziee, we were looking at temperatures close enough to freezing. so as we look for the next several days, numbers are looking like they're going to stay the same. but today we do have a weak sea breeze out there. with that, temperatures are going to come down a few degrees. here is a look at san francisco, 54 degrees. our roof camera, you can see the flag not moving at all. 59 in oakland. 56 redwood city. 57 in san jose. half moon bay in the 30s, it's come up about 20 degrees. from our east bay hills, you can see the haze out there. moderate air quality. a few numbers out by the delta, could push about 80 degrees. the winds on the light side, 58. fairfield, 57 in napa. petaluma, 59. 52 in livermore. can we get rain out of the next seven days? looks like not even portland registering anything. but up in seattle, perhaps, down
9:50 am
through central california does look dry as high pressure is our dominant weather feature. it needs to move on out of here, make room for a cold front. that is certainly not the case. looking at more sunshine over in oakland for the raiders game. low to mid-70s, should be a nice afternoon there. average high is just in the 60s. some places upwards of 10 degrees above average. how about 80 today in morgan hill, 75 in santa clara, low 70s by sunnyvale. and with that very weak sea breeze in the afternoon, temperatures out of the low 70s to upper 60s from millbrae to redwood city, looking at 69 downtown. up in the north bay, some haze from time to time. 77 petaluma. 79 in calistoga. near east bay, 71 today in oakland, as well as san leandro. low 70s for newark. you head inland, a little warmer here, mid-70s should do i pleasanton and concord. antioch checking in at 76.
9:51 am
the accuweather seven-day forecast, trying to find the changes here. we'll see a few 80s into tomorrow and tuesday inland. but the bay stays low to mid-70s, coast in the 60s. download our accuweather app. overnight lows chilly with protective valleys in the 30s. by the afternoon, we're warming up still above average. we will add in some extra cloud cover come wednesday and thursday. but as we look out the next two weeks or so, it does look dry. it could change, but for now this big dome of high pressure is sitting over us and doesn't want to go anywhere. the air quality is still going to stay fair out there. the afternoons do feel pretty good out there. >> you were saying typically this time of year we would have rain. >> we would have rain, but no, not seeing any. >> time to be worried, you think? >> no, definitely not. it's early. >> and no red flag warnings, which is good, because we can't go through another power outage yet. thanks, lisa. get ready to sing along under the sea. in just two days the little
9:52 am
mermaid live will air right here on abc 7. the cast for the production made for tv includes john stamos and queen latifah. here is a preview. >> "the little mermaid live" is a truly unique experience. >> reporter: at the center of the broadcast, a teen. but ariel is backed up by an army, onscreen and off. i'm not sure if the performer known as shaggy looks like a crab from jamaica, but he was born there. his experience performing live is vital for this new investigation of "the little mermaid." >> i've done these kind of live situations. i don't know if there's a nervousness or a craziness, but i'm not feeling that right now. i'm really excited, glad to bring the character back in to give a caribbean feel to it. >> reporter: part animated film,
9:53 am
part live spectacle. the villain istih latifah. >> the actual movie will be playing but we'll also be live. >> reporter: it will go back and forth between the film and live performances. >> there are hundreds of puppeteers, dancers, aerialists. >> reporter: it sounded complicated to kelly ripa but all agreed the costumes look cool. >> my tentacles! don't get my started on my tentacles. >> reporter: abc news, new york. >> that is such a good casting with queen latifah there. it airs tuesday night at 8:00 only on abc 7.
9:54 am
disney is the parent company, of course, of abc 7. next, it's the oscars of science. the celebrities will be in the bay area to ho introducin♪ beep, beepdelivery, just in timwwrrrr ♪e holidays! ♪ beep, beep ssshhhh ♪
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happening today, hollywood stars rub elbows with the stars of silicon valley. hundreds are expected to attend a prize awarding ceremonies
9:57 am
celebrating accomplishments in science and math. the red carpet arrivals begin at 3:30 this afternoon. quite the lineup for silicon valley, drew barrymore, tyra banks. >> science-y. >> very science-y. >> that place is for sure. we're looking at indiscernible changes that i can't find over the next few days. 73 in fremont, 70 in palo alto. upper 60s, that's a bit of a switch. we still have clouds through tuesday, 60s at the coast. wednesday, 60s shoreline, near 80 inland. thursday, 60s and 70s. we'll take it through the rest of the week into the weekend. we've got the dry pattern, re little change. and still looking at numbers below where we should be for october in terms of rainfall, and november.
9:58 am
but it's early, not time to worry yet. we've got a lot of time we can make up. as for now, we'll just have to enjoy the sunshine and bundle up. >> it's a good day to go out and support some local businesses, businesses have been hurting because of the outages. have a great sunday, everyone. thanks for joining us on "abc 7 mornings" i'm liz kreutz, along with meteorologist lisa argen.
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