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tv   ABC 7 News at 5  ABC  November 3, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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they saved our town. thousands and thousands of firemen stayed here and saved our town. there's no words. >> a community comes together in a show of appreciation. >> a lot of people didn't realize that we were told that with almost 100% certainty that we were going to lose our entire town. >> a situation more critical than many realized. the mayor says the town of windsor was in the direct path of the fire and was spared somehow. >> we begin tonight in the north bay where abc7 news reporter kordel bernard is live in windsor. >> neighbors there showed their appreciation in a big way today. >> reporter: i have to tell you, there is so much gratitude here in windsor, it is amazing. today the town came out in a
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very big way to thank all of its firefighters. it's the town where firefighters have become instant superheroes. even the mayor of windsor wanted a hug, and who could blame him. after all, how do you thank those who saved your town. well, you do it like this. hundreds crowded the windsor town green with banners and signs, a giant show of gratitdte straight from the heart. >> they saved our town. thousands of firemen stayed here and saved our town. i don't know why but there's no words. >> the they were pumping the water, they were keeping it going here, you know. they're awesome and i love this town. >> reporter: thousands were evacuated last weekend as the kincade fire marched closer to healdsburg and windsor. the mayor now revealing how bad things really were. >> we were told that within almost 100% certainty that we were going to lose our entire town. >> reporter: this drone video shows how close the fire got to subdivisions. literally burning right up to
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people's back yards. but firefighters pushed back. >> they saved not a little bit, not most of it, they saved every single home in our town. >> reporter: deputy fire thanks thousands who saved to save windsor. >> we're always here to support you. this turnout to me is just overwhelming. it's hard to describe. thank you so much. [ cheers ] >> reporter: a week of terror, evacuations, smoke and chaos all giving way to thanks. >> having the evacuations was inconvenient but coming back to a full town 100% intact is pricele priceless. >> reporter: so hard not to get choked up today. at one point not a dry eye in the house. this town, like so many across sonoma county, recovering, rescheduling events. halloween kind of got lost in the shuffle for many kids so next weekend, next saturday, the
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town is going to turn back the clock, hold a halloween trick other treating party for all those kids who missed out. >> thank you. a local assistance center is set to open tomorrow at the healdsburg community center at 1557 healdsburg avenue. that center will be open from 10:00 in the morning until 7:00 in the evening through wednesday but it could be extended. fire victims can access recovery services and resources from government agencies and nonprofit groups. here's the latest on the kincade fire. cal fire says it's now 76% contained. that is up 2% from last night. there is no change in the amount of acreage burned. it stands at nearly 77,800 acres, that's 121 square miles. flames destroyed 372 homes and other buildings. more than 3900 fire personnel are working on the fire that has been burning now since october 23rd. signs of recovery in healdsburg as a historic winery
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mostly destroyed by the kincade fire was open for business this weekend. soda rock winery held tastings in its barn, the only structure on the 150-year-old property to survive. the winery posted on social media welcoming people to taste, saying they want to honor the resiliency of sonoma county. the kincade fire hit the winery on chalk hill road early last sunday morning. according to a post on the winery's website, much of its wine storage is offsite so there was little damage to inventory. there are many ways you can help people impacted by the kincade fire. we have information on our website at abc7 new details on the wildfire burning in southern california. all evacuation orders were lifted today in the maria fire burning in ventura county. firefighters say that fire is 50% contained. it has burned nearly 15 square miles. three buildings were destroyed and more than 11,000 people were evacuated.
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president trump is threatening to cut federal money spent to fight wildfires in california. the president also renewed his attacks on how california deals with wildfire hazards and the leadership of governor gavin news newsom. >> the governor doesn't know, he's like a child, he doesn't know what he's doing. i've been telling him for two years they've got to take care of it. every year, it's always california. it's rarely somebody else or someplace else. >> mr. trump then criticized another prominent california democrat, speaker of the house nancy pelosi. >> nancy pelosi has lost her mind and i think frankly that she should go back home to san francisco. if you look at what's happening to her district, her district is going to hell with homeless that they're not ting care of, with needles all over the street, with tents, with people, with sanitation. >> so far so far so far so f
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smoking spe speaker pelosi have not responded. >> orinda police have not arrested anyone for the shooting during a party inside a mansion that was rented through airbnb. one of the victims was the party's deejay, omar taylor. the crime has shaken his entire family including his stepmom. >> never in 1,000 years would i have thought that puda would have been the person that could have been involved in any type of violent situation. that was just not the kid he was. >> it was a complete shock. it's a complete -- we're still in shock. everybody's in shock that this happened. >> a larger tribute to thursday night's victims keeps getting bigger next to a fountain in downtown orinda. a car accident led to gunfire and a carjacking on interstate 580 in oakland. officers say two cars were involved near 35th avenue before
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6:00 this morning. a man got out of his car, pulled a gun and threatened the other driver. he fired a round into the air and then carjacked the other driver. c h chp found the car but are still looking for the gunman. this map shows the 4.2 magnitude quake centered in the guisers, the same area as yesterday's earthquake. there are no reports of injury or damage due to either quake. a man risks death in a desperate effort to escape from police. >> get down on the ground! >> an officer's camera captures moments of his mad dash. a look at the great lengths he took to try to escape. also going pro. check out the beginnings of oakland's newest professional team. what it takes to be a panther.
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everybody, chris alvarez live at the coliseum. the raiders did not disappointme disappointment. highlights and reaction coming up just a bit in sports. a live look from our east bay hills camera. the sun is setting as daylight saving
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tesla is facing a federal inquiry into claims of battery defects. the national highway traffic safety administration is evaluating a petition to investigate potential defects in tesla batteries specifically for models s and x vehicles. it focuses on model years 2012
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through 2019. tesla is required to provide documents including consumer complaints and reports about battery fires. failure to comply would result in fines of up to more than $111 million. dan noyes has a number of exclusive reports of reported issues with the auto pilot feature. go to abc7 click on the menu icon and ichlt tam. police body camera video shows the dangers officers faced when they chased a man on foot in traffic through new mexico. they first encountered armando romero. officers discovered he had outstanding warrants and you can see romero started running, right there, when officers tried to handcuff him and that's when he led officers into traffic. it appears the suspect tried to get a ride from a driver. that chase ended moments later when romero tried to hang onto
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the back of a truck. >> get down on the ground! >> unbelievable. he initially faced charges including resisting arrest for that chase that happened in september, but prosecutors declined to move forward with that case. another really interesting piece of video we do want to share with you. check it out right here, a stream of water just gushed from a philadelphia skyscraper this morning. the person who took the video says this all lasted about five minutes and from the ground it almost looked like it was raining. city officials later said something went wrong during a test of the building's fire protection systems. we'll have a look at tryouts today for oakland's new indoor football league team. also ahead, competitive advantage. why some are questioning why certain marathon runners today had an advantage because of what they wore. wrapping up a sunny and mild first weekend of november. we'll take a look at h
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shouldn't they go to prison for as long as the law allows? chesa boudin said he wouldn't seek maximum sentences as district attorney, even for murder. we are a progressive city,
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in east bay, abc7 was in oakland where the bay area's newest professional indoor football team hosted tryouts. dozens of players are trying to win one of the 25 spots on the oakland panthers roster. the panthers hope to satisfy the hunger for football in east bay, especially with the raiders moving to las vegas. >> there's a lot of talent out here that wants to be a part of a pro football franchise in oakland. >> club tryouts are at oakland tech, they were. that's the high school alma mater of one of the team's co-owners, marshawn lynch. the panthers will begin playing in march at the oakland coliseum. >> first to cross the line is geoffrey cam woe row.
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>> he joined elite company on the men's side, the tenth runner to win at least two new york marathons. hundreds of thousands of fans cheered elite runners and every day joggers who ran the course through all five boroughs of new york city. but there was a at this year's marathon he wore pink nike vapor fly sneakers that some say could give runners an unfair advantage. runners who wear the shoes are 4% more efficient. the shoes were also worn last month by the first man to ever complete a marathon in two years. they're investigating those shoes. >> you're going to need more than shoes to get me to run like that. >> if you have enough dogs chasing me, i may go pretty fast. >> we sound like a mess trying to run. >> one of us who has actually run a marathon actually has your forecast. >> it's always a fun event.
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great weather for that in new york city. we're tracking a very dry stretch setting up for the foreseeable future. it is completely dry. that sun has now set. yes, you put your clocks back one hour. you gained an extra hour of sleep but now that sun is setting earlier and earlier. we'll look at the sunset tracker. tonight that sun went down at 5:09 this evening and on november 14th the sun will start setting before 5:00 p.m. in the evening and on thanksgiving we'll have that sunset even earlier at 4:52 p.m. it's a comfortable evening in terms of november numbers. 57 in the city so it's mild inland. 69 in san jose. clover dale, you're at 76 degrees. winds are light. we have the slightest onshore breeze right now over san francisco. that breeze just beginning to come off the ocean waters but we still have a lot of dry air in place.
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the dew point measures how much moisture is in the atmosphere. when the numbers dip below 40, that is dry air. a lot of you having saying to me on social media your skin is extra dry, your lips are chapd. unfortunately this pattern will continue over the next couple of days. the dry hair air is very heavy. cooler tonight, a lot of 40s on the board. 52 for the overnight low. california, it is very quiet across the entire state. this is gradually going to move to the east over the next seven days. so we are under its influence and that means no rain over the next seven days across the entire state. there's a very dry forecast through the upcoming weekend. highs starting in the south bay. 80 in morgan hill. 78 for san jose. along the peninsula, 70.
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72 for inlet park. downtown san francisco is mild tomorrow, 71. 67 daily city. in the north bay it's warm, 80 petaluma. 78 sonoma. in the east bay tomorrow, about 75 in oakland. that is warm for this time of year. 77 in fremont. inland we're close to 80 in a lot of spots. hitting 80 in brentwood. here's the seven-day forecast. sunny and mild tomorrow. that dry air continues tuesday and into wednesday. a few clouds here from time to time thursday and into friday but look at the numbers. they do not move around that much. it's a dry pattern the next seven days and the latest forecast keeps us dry into the third week of november. a really, really quiet pattern this time, unusual. we should see storms popping up this time of year. >> is this boring for you as a meteorologist? >> i would like the dry air to move out of here. my skin would like that. >> me too. >> i think i went through four chapsticks this week.
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we'll hopefully see some storms by the end of the month, guys. can you believe that? >> we had buckets of popcorn for movies and now we have chapstick. >> can you recall using this much in a week? >> you look nice and moist. >> thank you. >> chris alvarez joining us from out in the field. hey, chris. >> got my chapstick too. it was okay. we are at the coliseum. the raiders, what a game this was. you want to come back for sports. we have highlights.
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welcome to the coliseum. it has been a while since we've said that, 20,000 miles traveled and seven weeks later the raiders had a true home game on this turf. let's go to the riveting highlights of the game against the lions. here we go. raiders and lions, excited to see their team. a lions turnover, raiders go down the field. josh jacobs finishes it off. 7-0, silver and black. the lions scored twice to take the lead. matt stafford finds a wide open kenny golladay, 59 yards and all of a sudden 14-10 lions. play of the game right stafford going towards the end zone and daryl worley somehow makes a one-handed interception and lands inbounds.
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you see it there. my guy, abe, our cameraman, talk about a perfect spot, great work, interception, raiders get the ball. the raiders drive the field and it's jacobs, his second td of the day. he actually breaks marcus allen's raiders rookie record for yards and makes a visit to the black hole. they were fired up, 17-14 at recess. raiders have the lead. just over two minutes to go in the game, winning time and derek carr scrambling and funds hunter renfrow two feet down, 31-24 raiders. final chance for the lions, fourth and goal, 8 seconds to go and the pass is broken up by carl joseph. raiders win 31-24. home sweet home indeed. >> i love this place. it's special, it really is. to come home in front of them and get a win, especially the way we did it, it would be nice to win 40-0 sometimes but when you win them like this it does so many good things for the team. >> we had ten guys who never
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played in the oakland coliseum. raiders fans are unbelievable and we have the next two games at home and hopefully it will spark and we'll end this thing at 6-4. >> i thought we gave up some big plays which we got to eliminate, but i'm really proud of our guys. they got a stop at the end and i'm going home. we got a short week. i'm going to go have dinner with my wife, go to bed, get ready for the chargers. >> reporter: jon gruden is happy tonight. raiders play the chargers thursday. they have to get ready real fast, another game at the coliseum coming up on thursday night. back to you guys. >> thank you very much. question, who would want to steal a huge rock? >> police don't know but the
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new at news at 6, health is pouring into those hit hard by the kincade fire and pg&e power shutoffs. >> beautiful, majestic and threatened. wildlife groups are demanding governor newsome take action to protect iconic wildlife. finally, someone who pulled off a one ton heist apparently had a change of heart. >> somebody stole this popular boulder two weeks ago but it mysteriously returned last friday so look for someone with a really bad back. >> or, i don't know, a big
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knapsack maybe? >> who knows. >> that's it for abc7 news at 5. see yo tonight, president trump attacks the whistle-blower. the president blasting the impeachment inquiry. returning to the white house, still charged up from fight night at madison square garden. president trump demanding the mystery informant be revealed. the whistle-blower with an offer for republican lawmakers. the battle for iowa. democratic candidates squaring off over medicare for all and how to pay for it. the new abc news poll. where the top three democrats stand, and the underdog candidate with a sudden surge. dangerous chsuspt off from police. running across lanes of traffic. semis screeching to a halt. the suspect trying to jump on vehicles to get away. news tonight about the


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