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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  November 3, 2019 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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the brave firefighters who savedrom being destd this week. >>s live in windsor where residents did something amazing today. >> reporter: windsor sending a giant thank you to firefighters who some say pulled off a miracle but at one point the mayor was told the town could not be saved. >> thank you to all the firefighters that risked their lives for us. >> the firefighters have become instant superheroes. even the mayor wanted a hug. how do you thank those who saved your town? you do it like this. hundreds crowded the winter town green with banners and signs, a giant show of gratitude straight from the heart. >> they saved our town. thousands and thousands of firemen stayed here and sav our town. i don't know why but there's no
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words. >> we live in the foothills. because of those guys and their sacrifice we'rown and able to celebrate here. >> reporter: thousands were evacuated as the kincade fire marched closer to healdsurg and windsor. the mayor now revealing how bad things really were. >> we were told that within almost 100% certainty that we were going to lose our entire town. >> reporter: this drone video shows how close the fire got to subdivisions, literally burning right up to people's back yards. but firefighters pushed back. >> they saved not a little bit, not most of it. they saved every single home in our town. >> reporter: deputy fire chief thanks thousands of firefighters from across california who helped save windsor. >> we are here for you, always here for you, always here to support you. this turnout to me is just overwhelming. it's hard to describe. thank you so much. >> reporter: a week of terror, evacuations, smoke and chaos all
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giving way to thanks. >> having the evacuations was inconvenient but coming back to a town 100% intact is priceless. >> reporter: what an emotional day. at one point nat a dry eye in the house. with all the evacuations and everything that's been happening here this week many kids missed halloween so next saturday the town is going to turn back the clock and hold a trick or treating party for all those kids who missed out. some families got help restocking their refrigerators. the food bank has been making thds ith north bay.
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>> knowing that people fled south, so we weredn't been in this neighborhood just yet. >> world central kitchen was also there to serve a hot meal and to give out water. here on the latest numbers now on the kincade fire. containment keeps going up. it is now at 76%. the acreage has not changed from yesterday. nearly 78,000 acres have burned and close to 400 structures destroyed by the flames. 175 of them are houses. hundreds of homes remained threatened but cal fire expects to have full containment in just a few days. it's not just firefighters who were on the front lines taking on the kincade fire. hunl hundreds of inmates are also involved. this group you see here is grabbing some food in healdsburg. only low security prisoners with a record of good behavior are eligible to take part in the state's conservation camp program. it employs a total of about 3100
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inmates. a historic winery mostly destroyed by the kincade fire is an example of the resilience of sonoma county. soda rock winery held a tasting in the barn that was the only structure to survive. the kincade fire hit the winery on chalk hill road early last sunday morning. according to a post on soda rock's website, much of its wine storage is offsite so there was little damage to inventory. over at abc7 we have an immersive timeline of the kincade fire showing some of the most impactful and pivotal moments from when it exploded last weekend leading to the evacuation of roughly 180,000 people. in southern california firefighters have made considerable head way on the maria fire. containment is up to 50% and all evacuation orders have been lifted. the fire erupted thursday night and grew to over 9,000 acres,
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destroying two buildings. investigators are looking into whether a power line that had been reenergized 13 minutes before the fire started is to blame. the war of words heated up today between president trump and california governor gavin newsom and the president lobbed more criticism at governor newsome while speaking to reporters outside the white house. >> the governor doesn't know, he's like a child, he doesn't know what he's doing. i've been telling him for two years they got to take care of it. it's always california. it's rarely somebody else or someplace else. >> the president also focused his rage on another california democrat, speaker of the house nancy pelosi and the district she represents, san francisco. >> nancy pelosi ought to go back to her district and take care of it because her district has become a mess. number one in the country for going down. all she thinks about is
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impeachment but she doesn't want to impeach. you know what wants to impeach? the people that run the party, the radical left. >> so far governor newsome and speaker pelosi have not responded to president trump's remarks. in the east bay orinda police have made no arrests in a shooting that left five people dead. neighbors added flowers and other items to a memorial that's growing outside the mansion where violence erupted thursday night. people are also leaving tributes to the victims at a mountain in downtown orinda. detectives say about 100 people were inside the house for the party. airbnb has now banned renting homes for parties following the deadly shooting. developing news out of monterey county where two murder suspects have escaped from jail. the sheriff's office says the men you see here got out this morning from the facility in salinas. they were being held on robbery and a murder charge. it is not clear how the two men
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pulled off that escape. for the second day in a row an earthquake rattled parts of the north bay. take a look, this usgs map shows the 4.2 magnitude quake centered in the geysers, the same area of yesterday's earthquake. that one had a magnitude of 3.7. there are no reports of injuries or damage due to either quake. to politics now and the race for the white house. there are now less than 100 days until the iowa caulk kcuses. >> a new poll shows consistency at the head of the pack. >> less than 100 days until the iowa caucuses and an abc news "washington post" poll shows the top of the pack starting to firm up. joe biden leads the pack followed by elizabeth warren, senator bernie sanders and pete buttigieg making his way into fourth place. the south bend mayor spoke with
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george stephanopoulos on "this week" about his momentum. >> there's amazing energy behind our campaign. we're seeing it on the ground in iowa and seeing it pick up in a lot of places and voters are narrowing down their choices and instead of getting to know us now they're really making up their minds. >> reporter: that same poll also showing former vice president joe biden, seen by democrats as have the best chance of defeating presidnt trump. after a night in new york to catch a ufc event, president trump sounding optimistic about 2020 as he arrived back at the white house. >> our poll numbers are great. we're doing very well in the polls. >> reporter: a statement not necessarily supported by the abc news/"washington post" poll. while the president's job approval rating is stable and remains low at 38, but perhaps cause for concern, a drop in approval among a key group, his job approval among conservatives has dropped from 77% in july to 67% today. the president also confident that the impeachment inquiry will not impact his chances next
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november. >> the swing states, they don't want to hear about it. people don't want to hear about impeachment. the only one that wants to talk about it is the fake media and the democrats who basically, they work for the media. >> reporter: abc news, des moines, iowa. we have seen cities moving to ban e-cigarettes. the bay area county that's considering banning vaping. and california is home to some of the most majestic wildlife around but the next meal could be an animal's last. what wildlife groups would like the governor to ban immediately. looking for ideas of what to do with that pumpkin now that halloween is over? you saw that idea there, blow it up. the rather unique disposal program one community is making available this year. >> that's one idea. we have a clear and cool night on the way. we'll look at how long this dry weather pattern is
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annoepidemic fueled by juul use with their kid-friendly flavors. san francisco voters stopped the sale of flavored e-cigarettes. but then juul, backed by big tobacco, wrote prop c to weaken e-cigarette protections. the san francisco chronicle reports prop c is an audacious overreach, threatening to overturn the ban on flavored products approved by voters. prop c means more kids vaping. that's a dangerous idea. vote no on juul. no on big tobacco. no on prop c.
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on the peninsula, san mateo county is considering banning e-cigarettes but it would only apply to unincorporated areas. it goes before the board on tuesday, the same day voters will vote on proposition c which will reveal some of the anti-tobacco laws.
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wildlife groups are calling on the governor to ban six poisons. they argue that animals can get sick and die from eating rodents that have been poisoned. they're asking the governor to take immediate action and suspend or even cancel registration of six poisons until they can be reevaluated. halloween is over so what are you going to do with your pumpkin? >> apparently they are going out with a bang in north carolina. but wait until you hear what they are using to blow them up. and up next, the accuweather forecast. chris alvarez here at the coliseum. a thriller between the raiders
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♪ ♪
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♪ if you're living with a condition, kaiser permanente's integrated care team will help you get through life without missing a beat. kaiser permanente. thrive. well, halloween has come and gone so what better way to get rid of your pumpkin than to make it explode. >> i was thinking the same thing. this is the great pumpkin blowout in north carolina. people brought their pumpkins to the fort anderson state historic site to blow them up with civil war era torpedos. >> it's the education and the fun. it's an opportunity for the kids, the children to actually get a chance to work on
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something that was used 150 years ago. >> they cost ten bucks to blow up your pumpkin and the proceeds fund education programming at the fort anderson state historic site. this is way up your alley. you would pay like $100 to do this, wouldn't you? >> i don't know what you're talking about. whoever said i like explosions and loud noises, i disagree entirely. >> our producer. >> let's check in now -- get off this subject and talk about the weather. >> what a fascinating way to get rid of those pumpkins. the weather has been very nice this weekend. however, the one fly in the ointment has been that very dry air and unfortunately it looks like that's going to stick around over the next couple of days. live doppler 7 is showing the active sweep. we are completely dry across the region. outside, clear as can be. that sun thanks to daylight saving time went down at 5:09 this evening so we're seeing the sun go down earlier and earlier
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until the winter solstice next month. the accuweather highlights, we're tracking a pattern of cool nights but warm and sunny afternoons ahead. again, that extra dry air that kind of zaps the moisture from your skin, also leaves your lips chapd, that's unfortunately going to stick around for the next couple of days. the next seven days there's no sign of any rain in sight. that's a little abnormal for this time of the year. november is when we typically see that storm door open wide and we get substantial storms. not this week though. right now 63 in santa rosa. down to 57 in nevada. 64 in san mateo and fairfield checking in at 62 degrees. the winds right now light in nature across the entire region. what you also notice, we have a very, very light onshore component, meaning those winds you can see are gradually coming off the ocean water and moving inland. get rid of meurow muc moisture
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numbers drop below 40 you can feel that dry air and that's the reason why you probably notice your skin and hands are drying out, your lips are chapped. this pattern is going to sit over us the next several days. 30s here, elsewhere numbers will generally settle in the next 12 hours. live doppler 7 across all of california it is quiet as can be. here's the reason why. high pressure is sitting right offshore in the pacific northwest, the muscle maker of our forecast and that's going to sit there over the next couple of days and by the end of the week it's going to move over california. that means the weather pattern is not changing and rain is no the in the forecast. the next seven days, rainfall extremely light over portland and seattle, nothing over the state of california. highs tomorrow very similar where we ended up earlier today.
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a lot of 70s on the board, a few 80s here and there, a lot of sunshine. 71 in the city tomorrow, 81 in santa rosa. 75 in oakland. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. sunny and mild tomorrow, dry air tonight with light winds, a few clouds here and there on thursday and friday. otherwise the upcoming weekend, a little change but still under a dry pattern. it was an absolute perfect day for football at the coliseum. first time they played a home game, the raiders that is, in the coliseum since september 15th. that was a long time ago, about seven weeks and 20,000 miles traveled. the raiders finally came back and they treated their fans to a last second win. let's roll the highlights against the lions. the first of three home games in a re you are. first quarter off a lions turnover, josh jacobs.
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they marched right down the field and he finishes it off three yards and in, 7-0 silver and black. the lions scored twice to take the lead. matt stafford finds a wide open kenny golladay, 59 yards and all of a sudden 14-10 lions. play of the game right here, stafford going towards the end zone and daryl worley somehow makes a one-handed interception and lands inbounds. you see it there. my guy, abe, our cameraman, talk about a perfect spot, great work, interception, raiders get the ball. the raiders finish it off. jacobs, his second score of the day. he broke marcus allen's raiders rookie record for yards rushing. 17-14 and he visits the black hole. all right, two minutes to go. winning time, crunch time, derek .arr making a play and f rkieted
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24raider essentially fourth and goal, stafford to pass and carl joseph knocks it down. raiders win 31-24 and it's home sweet home for the raiders. >> i love this place. it's special, it really is. to come home in front of them and get a win, especially the way we did it, it would be nice to win 40-0 sometimes but when you win them like this it does so many good things for the team. >> we had ten guys who never played in the oakland coliseum. raiders fans are unbelievable and we have the next two games at home and hopefully it will spark and we'll end this thing before we go back out on the road at 6-4. >> i thought we gave up some big plays which we got to eliminate, but i'm really proud of our guys. they got a stop at the end and i'm going home. we got a short week. i'm going to go have dinner with my wife, go to bed, get ready for the chargers.
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>> reporter: i wonder what's for foer cal star aaron rodgers ld. and the packers in l.a. rodgers threw for just 161 yards and was sacked three times. the chargers win 26-11. it's going to be a fun game at the coliseum on thursday night. the 9ers host the seahawks next monday night. seattle trailed tampa bay 21-7 before they come back. russell wilson, tyler lockett. seattle had a chance to win at the end of regulation but jason meyers misses the 40-yard field goal. he missed three in the game. we go to overtime. wilson to jacob holster and he dives into the end zone for the win. seattle wins 40-34. i can't say it enough, that game is going to be right here on abc
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7, the undefeated 49ers taking on seattle. that's going to be a great game. raiders, a big win today. it's fun to see them play here in the east bay. a lot more coming up tonight on sports at 11 but a fun day to be a raiders fan for sure. guys. >> chris, thank you very much. could the joker rise to the top again or would judgment day come from a familiar film series? >> see who's number one at the box office.
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shouldn't they go to prison for as long as the law allows? chesa boudin said he wouldn't seek maximum sentences as district attorney, even for murder. we are a progressive city, but letting violent criminals off early endangers everyone. ad paid for by san francisco police officers association. not authorized by a candidate or committee controlled by a candidate. disclosures at
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ the holidays begin here at the disneyland resort.
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at at&t we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet. we've created access from at&t california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits. may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit, to learn more. an emotional vigil in san francisco tonight for a young man and woman who both disappeared after a flight to mendocino county. plus, this week marks one year since the camp fire tore through the town of paradise and now the football team finished its regular season undefeated. what's next for those young players.
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terminator returned to the big screen this weekend and also took the top spot. >> dark fate brought in $29 million but did not meet expectations. the movie had received mostly positive reviews and was bolstered by the return of linda hamilton as sara connor. it barely finished ahead of 2015's terminator genesis opening. the box office could be in for a shakeup with several big releases later this month. >> after terminator comes "joker," maleficent, mistress of eefl, harriet. rounding out the top five was the addams family. >> i may have to see that terminator movie. i've seen the rest. >> it has your name written all over it. >> that's
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annoepidemic fueled by juul use with their kid-friendly flavors. san francisco voters stopped the sale of flavored e-cigarettes. but then juul, backed by big tobacco, wrote prop c to weaken e-cigarette protections. the san francisco chronicle reports prop c is an audacious overreach, threatening to overturn the ban on flavored products approved by voters. prop c means more kids vaping. that's a dangerous idea. vote no on juul. no on big tobacco. no on prop c. the more things in your home you make yourself, the more it feels like your home. there's something just really special about putting in our own time, sweat, blood, tears into our home. we're learning how to do these things as we go. sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't, but it's really fun. we want to create a place for more people than just ourselves.
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i'm cándida. i'm jeff. and we're airbnb hosts. ♪ >> hi, everyone. welcome to "bay area life." i'm lizzie bermudez. you know, the bay area has so much to offer -- everything from food, entertainment, interests, and lifestyles -- and we've got plenty to share with you today. on today's show, workout moves you can do anywhere. >> i'm gonna show you five basic moves. if you can get those five in, success. you've done it. you don't have to do anything else. >> then aubrey visits a town that will make you feel like you've stepped back into the old west. >> this is the last remaining spanish plaza. >> plus, optimum body health. >> you get to sit back and relax. the massage therapist shows up with the massage table and the music, and they turn your home into a five-star spa. >> all of this fun driven by your northern california honda dealers. ♪
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