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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  November 3, 2019 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ the holidays begin here at the disneyland resort.
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went missing ten days ago when they took a plane to mend n see know county. friends and family came together to pray and hope for their safe return. >> we're tracking a dry night ahead. >> in the north bay where one p townsends the biggest thank you to frighters you've ever seen. >> announcer: now news to build a better bay area from abc 7. family and friends still holding out hope that a san francisco businessman and nurse are still alive. the pair and disappeared ten days ago. i'm eric thomas. >> and i'm dion lim. kate joins us with more on the emotional vigil.
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>> reporter: what i'm told is that officials are still working to narrow the search area of the missing plane. friends at the vigil tonight say once that happens they'll help look for justin winfrey and kayla rodriguez. at third baptist church in san francisco, reverend amos brown called for hope. the two friends disappeared after what was supposed to be a quick trip. >> you are our hope. >> reporter: on october 24th, 27-year-old rodriguez and 43-year-old winfrey boarded winfrey's plane. they took off from nos field in navarro around 6:00 p.m. but a few hours later, the plane disappeared. when friends and family traced the movements to shelter cove. surveillance video shows the pair inside the mill. they were headed back to san francisco and can be seen
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leaving the restaurant around 8:30 that night. witnesses say they saw a plane leave in the dark. angelo king grew up with winfrey in san francisco. he's flown on winfrey's plane and describes his friend as a life long advent churer. >> as crazy as it might sound, you just need to find him because he very well is surviving this thing. >> winfrey's godmother is also at the vigil. >> he's a very special, unusually special son. i'm praying for a miracle. >> reporter: winfrey is a businessman and land lord. rodriguez is his tenant. several of her friends took part in the service. >> i consider her one of my work
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daughters. erin is still hoping we find kayla and justin. >> the plane went missing the day after the kincade fire started, so tonight a lot of people expressed concern because so many resources have been dedicated to the fire there hasn't been as much attention devoted to finding justin and kayla. back to you. >> kate, thank you. in the east bay, abc 7 news was in arenda today when neighbors added flowers to awe memorial growing outside a home where five people died in a shooting. so far arenda police have not arrested anyone for that shooting during a party inside a mansion rented through air bnb. one of the victims was the dj, omar taylor. that crime has shaken his family. >> never would have thought that he would have been the person that could have been involved in any type of violent situation. that was just not the kid he was. >> it was a complete shock.
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it's a complete -- we're still in shock. everybody's in shock that this happened. >> a larger tribute to thursday night's victims keeps getting bigger next to a fountain in arenda. the shooting in arenda has shaken the community and the communities of the victims. if you or someone you love is struggling with grief or mental health, we have resources at our website, look for the take action thumbnail to find your ally and get linked to professionals and groups that can help. president trump is threatening to cut federal money to fight wild fires in california. the president renewed his attacks on the way california deals with wild fire hazards and the leadership of governor gavin newsom. >> he's like a child, he doesn't know what he's doing. i've been t of it. every year, it's always california. it's rarely somebody else or someplace else. >> mr. trump then criticized another prominent california
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democrat, speaker of the house, notary publi nancy pelosi. >> nancy pelosi has lost her mind and i think frankly she should go back home to san francisco. if you look at what's happening to her district, her district is going to hell will homeless that they're not taking care of, with needles all over the street, with tents, with people, with sanitation. >> governor newsom did fire back at the president in a tweet saying, quote, you don't believe in climate change. you are excused from this conversation. >> here is the very latest on the kincade fire. contained and is up from last night. there is no change in the amount of acreage burned. it stands at nearly 77,800 acres. that is 121 square miles. flames destroyed 374 homes and other buildings, more than 3,200 re burning since october 23rd.
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>> in the wake of the kincade fire, o to the firefighters who saved their town. >> residents in wind sor did something amazing today. >> thank you to all the firefighters that risk their lives for us. >> it's the town where firefighters have become instant super heroes. even the mayor of wind zwindsor wanted and a hug and who wouldn't. banners and signs, a giant show of gratude s tn. thousands of firemen saved here and saved our town. there's no words. >> we live in the foothills, so because of those guys and their sacrifice we're able to be here and our town and celebrate here with everyone from windsor. >> thousands were evacuated as
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the kincade fire marched closer, the mayor revealing how bad things really were. >> we were told within 100% certainty we were going to lose our entire town. >> this drown video shows how close the fire got to subdivisions, burning up to peoples' backyards, but frighters pushed back. >> they saved not a little bit, not most of it. they saved every single home in our town. >> deputy fire chief thanks 240us of firefighters from across california who helped to save wind sor. >> we are here for you. this turn out to me is just overwhelming. it's just hard to describe. thank you so much. >> a week of terror, evacuations, smoke, and chaos all giving way to thanks. >> having the evacuations was inconvenient. but coming back to a full town, 100% intact is priceless. >> an emotional day for everybody.
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at one point not a dry eye in the house. because of the fire and evacuations, many kids missed halloween. so, next saturday the town will turn back the clock, hold a trick or treating party for all those kids who missed out. abc 7 news. a local assistant center for those impacted by the wild fire is set to hope tomorrow at the heeldsburg community center. >> schools in the geyserville unified, heeldsburg unified will be closed monday and tuesday this week as they continue to recover from the kincade fire. some school districts will reopen later in the week whereas others are staying closed or continuing to evaluate conditions. we have the complete detail of all the schools at abc 7 also at our website you can find information about how to help people affected by the kincade
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fire. we have a list of volunteer and donation opportunities. >> the fire was one thing but for the second day in a row, an earthquake rattled parts of the north bay. >> drew joins us with a closer look. >> it happened shortly after noon today, exactly at 12:34. it was a 4.2 magnitude quake. it was rather shallow, only about a mile down on the earthquaking tracker. where it was felt? mainly in the north bay. weak to light shaking intensity. that weak earthquake, pretty much everyone outside the north bay, little shaking was detected by it. >> how close was to heelds burg on the map. tesla is facing a potential federal investigation over its car fires. the information investigators are asking for about the car's batteries. >> celebrities, students, and scientists came together in the
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south bay today for what's considered the oscars of science. we'll take you to the red carpet of the break through prize. and one year after the campfire, the paradise high school football team has come try my really big chicken two patties for $4.99, or three for $5.99, or four for $6.99. that's an amazing deal, jack! hey, thanks, stanley. ow. ...wait, what's happening? stanley! you're deflating! hold me, jack! only at jack in the box.
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two breaded chicken patties plus fries and a drink for $4.99. three patties for $5.99. or even four for just $6.99. four patties? well, tickle my elbow! no thank you. try my really big chicken sandwich combos. starting at $4.99. celebrities and scientists came together in the bay area tonight for the eighth annual break through prize ceremony recognizing the world's top scientists. at nasa aims research center there was a red carpet. len lenny kravitz performed and talked about the importance of getting young people interested in science. >> there's so much pushing kids in other directions, and you
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know, whether it be sport oris hollywood, we need as much help as we can. we live in a world where we need great solutions for great problems. >> the $3 million break through prizes are presented in the fields of life sciences, fundamental, and math. tesla is facing a possibly investigation and lawsuit. >> this comes after several reports of cars bursting into flames possibly because of their batteries. trevor alt explains. >> reporter: tonight tesla facing a potential investigation amid accusations some of the cars burst into flames. the government requesting documents from the car company after attorneys representing tesla owners in a class action lawsuit petitioned saying there's been an alarming number of car fires. the main focus of the probe, the lithium ion battery. >> the lithium ion battery has
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two components that have to be kept apart from each other. if they contact each other, you get a fire or explosion. >> in 2018 teslas caught fire seemingly out of nowhere. in december this model s being flaring up twice, once being towed for a flat tire and six hours later. this car reigniting a week afterward. the national highway transportation safety administration is asking tesla to hand over information on eight years of the company's model s and model x vehicles including details on consumer complaints, software updates, and any reported fires. tesla has called lithium ion battery fires extraordinarily unusual but did not return repeated request for comment. >> tesla has until november 28th to turn over the information. if not, they could face $100 million in fines. one year ago this week,
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california's deadliest wild fire ever killed 85 people in the town of paradise. now the football team has given paradise a reason to cheer while the community rises from the ashes. the paradise bobcats wrapped up a perfect 10 and 0 regular season with a win on friday, 48-26. the team lacked basic supplies like footballs and uniforms. paradise high also had to rebuild its field. one of the player's moms explained how her neighbors in paradise are doing. >> sometimes when you near the anniversary of something, the trauma is retriggered. so, we're just coming together and doing the best we can, but i believe we will rise again. we will rise up. we're strong people up on this mounin hehey' face in the sectional playoffs later this month. former 49ers quarterback collin kaepernick celebrated his birthday by helping homeless in
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oakland. know your rights camp foundation. kap handed out toilet triceps toiletries. >> we all got extra hours of sleep. >> it still feels like summer. >> it does. temperatures are above normal for this time of year. we'll keep that trend going for the week ahead. live doppler seven along with satellite showing it's a dry scan, but we zoom on in over parts of san francisco on satellite and we have a little bit of fog returning to the city. outside the golden gate bridge camera showing something we haven't seen in what seems like several weeks, a little bit of fog. unfortunately the marine it is very, very small right now. a lot of dry air over the bay area. any fog limited to the immediate coastline. we're not going to have a widespread marine layer. cool nights and warm days ahead.
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the dry air we've had for the past several days, your skin is kind of dry, lips are kind of chapped, unfortunately that's going to stay over head over the next couple of days. and with that over the next seven days we have no sign of rain in sight. it's a really dry pattern setting up for the first week of november. right now tempertures 56, 53 inn oakland. currently checking with the temperature of 48 degrees. winds pretty calm in most areas but a little bit, just a minor sea breeze you see over san francisco, now 13-miles-per-hour, kind of funnel little bit of fog right now. but besides quiet night. dew points, when you see numbers below 45 degrees, that's when you see dry air. that's what we're experiencing across much of the bay area. these numbers are not going to improve much over the next
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couple of days. so, keep using the chap stick as dry air remains overhead. plenty of stars out there. we'll see temperatures in the cooler spots dropping into the 30s. elsewhere a lot of mid to low 40s on the board. san francisco will hold at about 52 degrees. live doppler 7 along with satellite really quiet across the entire state of california. this area of high pressure is in control of our weather and it's not really moving over the next five to seven days. and that's why the storm door is essentially completely closed on the west coast. look at rain fall potential over the next several days. barely anything in seattle, nothing across california. in fact looks like the next two weeks we'll remain completely dry, likely until after november 19th or 20th. that's when we could see a pattern change. that's 2/3 of the way through the month. so, the morally starting out on a dry note. highs tomorrow, a lot of sunshine, 71 in the city,
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oakland, 78 in san jose. so, above average. here's the seven day forecast, sunny and mild on monday. dry air continues tuesday into wednesday. maybe few clouds thursday and friday. but all in all it is a dry pattern with little change each and every afternoon. >> this explains the dry eyes, dry cuticles. >> it's a rough week for our skin. still ahead, going pro. check out the very beginnings of
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annoepidemic fueled by juul use with their kid-friendly flavors. san francisco voters stopped the sale of flavored e-cigarettes. but then juul, backed by big tobacco, wrote prop c to weaken e-cigarette protections. the san francisco chronicle reports prop c is an audacious overreach, threatening to overturn the ban on flavored products approved by voters. prop c means more kids vaping. that's a dangerous idea. vote no on juul. no on big tobacco. no on prop c.
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abc 7 news was in oakland today when the bay area's newest professional indoor football team hosted try outs outdoors of course. >> there's eric running down the field. >> no, no, no. >> dozens of players are trying to win one of the 25 spots on the oakland panthers roster. the panthers hope to satisfy the
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hunger for football in the east bay especially with the raiders moving to las vegas. >> there's a lot of talent out here that wants to be part of a pro football franchise in oakland. >> the club tryouts were at oakland tech, the high school alma mater of one of the team's coowners. the panthers will begin playing in mid-march at the oakland coliseum arena. i know that wasn't me out there because i'm breakable now. >> back in the day you did play football. >> i did play football and i played so well i immediately went to the booth to do sports and later news. >> i see your career path. >> it's not easy. let's talk about guys playing now. remember the oakland raiders. been a while since
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shouldn't they go to prison for as long as the law allows? chesa boudin said he wouldn't seek maximum sentences as district attorney, even for murder. we are a progressive city, but letting violent criminals off early endangers everyone. ad paid for by san francisco police officers association. not authorized by a candidate or committee controlled by a candidate. disclosures at
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well, there's apparently talking with the raiders after today's game. they were relieved to finally play a true home game. silver and black put on a show for raider nation today. they were back. second quarter play of the game right here. lines up 14-10 looking for matt staff ford in the end zone. daryl worley makes a one-handed interception. take a look. this is just some sort of play right there. how about the shot from our perfectly placedmendoza. talk about the right place right time. raiders drive the field. josh jacobs, second score of the game. breaks yards. it's a lot of r's. gets the td. 17-14 at recess. just over two minutes to
11:30 pm
ti tied. finds hunter renfrow. his second score of the year, renfrow's that is. 8 seconds to go, carl joseph breaks up the matthew stafford pass and the raiders win 31-24. it is good to be back in the black hole. >> that was a goodwin for us. thanks the fans for coming out. and thank the mayor and everybody for letting us play a home game again. it's great to get in here. i mean that. >> i love this place. it's special. it really is. to come home and get a win the way we did it, it would be nice to win something 40-# 0 sometime, but with you had win them like this, it does so many great things for the team. >> for the fans to come back and get a win, try to get the momentum going and keep it up. >> we have ten guys that never even played in the oakland coliseum. raiders fans are unbelievable and hopefully it can spark.
11:31 pm
we've got the next two games at home and we'll end this thing before we go back on the road 6-4. >> up next for the raiders the chargers the bolts beat up former cal star aaron rodgers. rodgers just 161 yards passing, sacked three times. melvin gordon for the chargers scored twice. that sets up a fun thursday night game at coliseum, another home game for the raiders. an important stretch for oakland. they have three games in a matter of 11 days. ne they've been on the road for like 12 weeks. he's still salty about it. >> when is he not? >> he's excited to have dinner with his wife. >> much more to come on abc 7 news at 11:00, why some are questioning why some new york city marathon runners have an advantage because of what they wore.
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♪ try my $3 steak and parm loaded curly fries. get 'em delivered with doordash. good evening. thanks for joining us, i'm eric thomas. >> and i'm dinno kayla rodriguez and justin winfrey took a trip in winfrey's single engine plane and it disappeared from the radar ten days ago. officials are narrowing data to search the missing plane. >> neighbors continue to the ade e me hadted>> the t of windsor together to show gratitude torn'
11:36 pm
backyards. the mayor was told the town would most likely be lost, but the firefighters saved it. developing news now out of monterey county where two murder suspects have escaped from jail. law enforcement is warning the public be on the look out. 21-year-old jonathan salazar and santos fonseca made a daring escape, turning up missing during a routine inmate count this morning. >> during the search we found some of the inmate clothing just outside of the perimeter. so, we know that they did make it outside of the jail. >> both face charges for separate murder charges. it's unclear if they worked together on the es kate. but during the the break out they left behind damage to the jail's perimeter and represent a threat to the public. >> these guys were in jail for murder. >> the sheriff's office is
11:37 pm
investigating how the pair managed to escape the high security facility. the last escape was five years ago where an inmate climbed out a duct. he was arrested. >> this is not the first time someone escaped the county jail. makes you wonder how is it possible. >> agencies are actively searching for both men. sheriff's deputies are warning community members to keep their distance if they see them and call 911 immediately. >> it's scary that you ner know who's out there and you have to take precautions all the time and not just when something like a break out happens. it's a good practice to have your purse next to you in the car and your doors locked. other news now, jurors resume deliberations in the murder trial of tiffany lee. lee and her current boyfriend fa in the killing of her former boyfriend and the father of her children. tomorrow will mark the fifth day
11:38 pm
jurors discuss charges. lee lured her boyfriend to the apartment and shot him. lee and green were involved in a bitter child custody dispute. a carjacking led to a dispute. a man got out of his car, pull aid gun, and threatened the other driver. chp says he fired a round into the air then carjacked the other driver leaving his own car behind. the freeway was closed for two hours. officers are still looking for the gunman. signs of recovery in healdsburg as a historic winery was open for business this weekend. soda rock winery held tastings in its barn, the only structure on the 150-year-old property to survive. the winery posted on social media welcoming people to taste saying they want to honor the
11:39 pm
resiliency of sonoma county. these photographs were taking by a resident. the kincade fire hit the winery on chalk hill road early last sunday morn. the winery says much of the wine storage was off site so there's little damag to inventory. some families got help restocking refrigerators after the evacuations and pg&e shut offs. the redwood empire food bank was distributing canned goods and more. >> people fled south, so we were in clove dale yesterday. we're just trying to follow the need. we hadn't been in this neighborhood just yet. >> central kitchen was there to serve a hot meal and give out water. after a long day, the new york city marathon came to a close at about 9:00 p.m. local time tonight.
11:40 pm
these final finishers pushed through. a kenyan womas the first across the finish line. >> just seconds off the course record. >> so much joy. jocelyn won the women's division of the today's new york city marathon while joined on the men's side. he is the 10th runner to win at least two new york marathons. hundreds of thousands of fans cheered on runners and joggers through all five borrows of new york city. >> what would a new york marathon be without controversy. the winner and his competitors wore pink nike sneakers that some say may give an unfair advantage. nike claims they're 4% more efficient. the shoes were worn by the first
11:41 pm
man to ever complete a marathon in under two hours. >> it is november and stores are rolling out holiday deals even earlier this year. we take a look at the best ways you can save. and i'm meteorologist drew tim bow. we're on our way to a cool night
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. mcdonald's ceo has stepped
11:45 pm
down after he had a relationship with an employee. he demonstrated poor judgment. company policy forbids managers have having romantic relationships with easterwood sent an email saying the relationship was con sensual but it was a mistake. long lines for the return of their chicken sandwich. this restaurant here in gainesville, florida was packed both at the counter and at the drive through. the chicken sandwich made the debut in august but pop eyes out in just two weeks. the supply chain for the sandwich hads been stabilized. >> now that it's november, ldvertiolay deaow stores are ramping up efforts to get business.
11:46 pm
>> black friday is closing in fast, just less than four weeks away but those holiday deals are being leaked. costco warehouse is offering $500 off samsung smartphones. with six fewer days between black friday and christmas this year, the pressure is on. the national retailers reporting consumers will spend more than an $1,000 this year. a healthy chunk of that money going toward electronics, experts suggesting you grab deals now. on thanksgiving, chols is bundling the xbox 1 s 1 s 1 s 1s with apple's release of new products you can score big on previous accessories. these air pods a $24 price from just a few days ago. >> if you're eyeing it, track
11:47 pm
the prices and start monitoring it. well, halloween, another holiday has come and gone, so what better way to get rid of the pumpkin you have than to blow it up? this is the great pumpkin blow out in north carolina. people brought their pumpkins to the fourth anderson state historic site to blow them up with torpedos. >> it's the education, it's the fun. it's an opportunity for the kids, the children, to actually get a chance to work on something that was used 150 years ago. >> and i'm sure that 150-year-old explosives are perfectly stable. people pay $10 to employee up their pumpkin. the proceed fund education programming at the site. >> the guy in the story kept saying children. i think eric would be really into this. >> i think you're right. e nal chnhe weather.. >> you'll find a little bit of fog in this picture, guys. a live look from our east bay
11:48 pm
hills camera. right hand screen, blinking red light, you can see a little finger of fog right there. dry air in place. temperatures falling through the 40s and 50s right now. 56 in san jose, 45 in fairfield. overnight chilly temperatures, dropping into the 30s once again. spots around the bay shoreline will hold in the mid 40s overnight tonight. highs on your monday, another mild day, a lot of sunshine, about 78 in san jose, 75 in oakland. hit about 71 in the city. 81 in santa rosa. 80 in liver more. a lot of sunshine on the way, mild dry air does continue overhead. light winds, few clouds thursday and friday. but dry pattern. >> drew, thanks. >> chris alvarez joins us with
11:49 pm
sports. >> 49ers are pretty good guys. we'll see them in a week on abc 7. they were off today. we'll scout their next opponent and see where they stand among the league's opponent. the league's opponent. snoop dog took his talent it takes a village to raise a child. to build a bridge. to throw a baseball... to throw yourself into the unknown. to lose fear, to create hope. we believe that it takes a village of over 200-thousand dedicated, passionate, driven medical and non-medical professionals to deliver on our belief in total health for all. we are kaiser permanente. thrive. and we are well past wethe honeymoon phase. oooh lufa. ocupado tom. at&t, what's this i hear about you advertising a 100% fiber network?
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the 49ers watch all the nfl action from the comfort of home this afternoon. san francisco improved to 8-0 with a win over the cardinals on thursday night. their next game right here on abc 7, a monday night showdown against seattle november 11th. trailed tampa bay at home. tyler locket, pretty pitch and catch in the third. gives the ball to a fan. that's nice. seattle way chance to win it, but the missed field goal from jason myers at the buzzer. he missed two field goals and
11:53 pm
extra points. in over time, wilson to jacob holster, seattle wins 40-34. that's going to be a huge showdown a week from monday. sunday night football, patriots, pats looking to improve to 9-0. brady pass bay area native and julian edelman and edelman breaks the tackle and fumbles as he fought for extra 24-13. ravens second year quarterback lamar jackson in video game mode, making moves, that guy can run and throw. ravens win 37-20 be the patriots lo loss, the 9ers are the only unbeaten team in the nfl. from the penthouse to the basement, the one win jets and the winless dolphins, four turnovers. sam darnold, interception near the end zone. it got worse.
11:54 pm
jets deep in their own end. center snaps it and sam darnold wasn't ready. goes through the end zone. safety. whoops. jets fans pay for bags and miami head coach brian flores gets his first career win and a gatorade path. miami winless no more. they beat the jets 26-18. baseball, a's first baseman won their second gold gloves today. chap pi makes an amazing play at least once a week. how do you reward the guy who throws the ball if you don't reward the guy who catches on the other end. baseball fans. joe montgomery is arguably the greatest quarterback of all time. 15 years in the nfl took its toll. countless surgeries and a lot of pain. earlier this week it caught up with joe who's tackling pain with new technology. >> i was in the grocery store
11:55 pm
and the guys says i didn't know you went shopping. i said how am i supposed to eat? >> joe montgomery ana is just l rest of us except he's considered the greatest quarterback of all time with all the records, honors, and pain to prove it. >> geez, i've got -- i can't even remember, six or seven on the knee. i can't even -- i started looking at my body parts to think about them. >> montana has partnered with stemway technologies were a minimally invasive operation on his left knee as an alternative to surgery and opioids to relieve his chronic pain. >> just use a little needle to place some of these wires into the right position around the nerves and give him pain relief. >> it is inside here and it's connected to the electrodes. the electrodes go next to the nerve and that's what treats the pain. >> from there he uses a little
11:56 pm
transmitter, looks like a pager, presses the button and alleviates his pain whenever he wants to. >> hopefully i'll get a gait back and be able to be a little more active than i've been over the years. >> the bay area icon is often stopped and asked -- >> hey, how do you like the 49ers these days? there's a lot to like about what they're doing. obviously the thing that sticks out is their defense, playing great. you can't win a championship unless the defense is playing well. >> thanks to joe for his time this week. did you see this lakers super fan icon snoop dog stopped by the lakers broadcast booth and did it as only snoop can. >> it takes two to make it go right. combined this young season, 50% of the lakers points. >> get that, get that glass, give it to lebron, let him run the point, space to floor, space to floor, take your time, oh, that's a foul.
11:57 pm
that's a foul. >> that's a foul. snoop dog. there's more on twitter if you guys didn't see it. it's really good stuff. >> but he was right. >> it was a foul. >> he's got a future in this business. >> for shizzle, right? did that not come out right? >> it's right. >> she's hip. >> that's it. i'm eric thomas. >> and i'm dion lim for you'll
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