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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  November 4, 2019 5:00am-5:59am PST

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now at 5:00, a manhunt for these two murder suspects. they have been on the run from the monterey county jail for a day. the kincade fire recovery, a new assistance center opens today. the resources that will be available to survivors. >> good morning on this monday, november 4th. >> hope you're having a great start to your monday. mike is here. it will be better because of his forecast. >> it will be really pleasant. a lot of us would like some , re enjoy the warm ee it. sunshine we'll have.
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right now we have a bit more moisture in the air in places like petaluma. it's gray. that's because that's fog magno to all the way over towards mcdowell boulevard. visibility down to a mile. that stretches from about sonoma back towards the coast around marshall and inversnesinverness. a little along the golden gate bridge also. temperatures hanging in the mid to 40s at 7:00. 60s and 70s at noon. mainly 70s everywhere at 4:00. back to the here is jobina. >> a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. things are really starting to back up. just a bit different, not usually what we see at 5:00 in the morning. i hope -- we're curious if this is paw of the issue that happened on the fremont street
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off-ramp, there was a car that crashed. >> thatalso looking live at the richmond-san rafael bridge. things arengmohhere as well. happy to report that as well. we hope things are moving smoothly there. here we are with our drive times. tracy to dublin, 43 minutes. dublin to mission boulevard, 14 minutes. highway 101 to couupertino, 15 minutes. a new resource center for those affected by the kincade fire opens today. >> an assistance center in sonoma county will open this morning. the kincade fire burned more than 77,000 acres. it's 78% contained. liz kreutz is live with more. liz? >> good morning. the healdsburg community center is going to open at 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. today, tomorrow and wednesday as a resource for the community.
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it's open for anybody impacted by the kincade fire to come here and get services. this has been a difficult and stressful time for so many people here in sonoma county. look at this video from over the send. people in windsor came together. hundreds of people to say thank you to all the first responders who save lives and property. the mayor was there as well. he revealed how bad it was. >> we were told that within almost 100% certainty we would lose our entire town. >> having the evacuations was inconvenient. coming back to a full town, 100% intact, is priceless. >> some resources available here include permits to help he ople who los t rebuild process, many other resources are here as well. it's not just open to those who lost their homes but anybody
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impacted by the fire. doors open here this morning at 10:00 a.m. at the healdsburg community center. live in healdsburg, liz kreutz, abc7 news. several schools in the north bay remain closed today because of the kincade fire. geyserville unified, healdsburg unified, mark west union and windsor unified. some will open later this week and others are staying closed and continuing to evaluate the conditions. we have more on it's not just firefighters on the front lines of the kincade firement hundreds of inmates are also involved. this group is grabbing some food in healeds burkhealdsburg. the program employs about 3,100 inmates. president trump is threatening to cut federal funds used to fight wildfires in californiaful. >> the president is also renewing his attacks on how our state deals with wildfire hazards and the leadership of governor newsom.
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>> the governor doesn't know -- he's like a child, he doesn't know what he's doing. i've been telling him for two years, they have to take care of it. every year it's california. it's rarely someplace else. >> well, the president also criticized another prominent california democrat, speaker of the house, nancy pelosi. >> nancy pelosi has lost her mind. and i think frankly she that go back home to san francisco. if you look at what's happening to her district, her district is going tohathey're not taking cah needles all over the street, can tents, with people, with sanitation. >> governor newsom fired back at president trump in a tweet saying you don't believe in climate change, you are excused from this conversation. there is a $5,000 reward on the line to help catch these two inmates. the suspected murderers escaped from the monterey county jail.
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today the sheriff's office will give us more details. at this point they're not saying much about how these men got out. >> during the search we found some of the inmate clothing outside of the perimeter. so we know they did make it outside of the jail. >> 21-year-old samuel fonseca and 20-year-old jonathan salazar are facing charges in separate murders. the jail realized they were missing during a routine inmate count yesterday morning. this is not the first time an escape happened. an inmate climbed out of a ventilation duct at the jail's rehabilitation center five years ago. >> makes you wonder how is it possible. >> scary that you never know who's out there. you have to take precautions all the time, not just with something like a breakout happens. it's a good practice to have your purse next to you in the car and the doors locked. >> the monterey county sheriff's office says they are actively searching for these two men. if you see them, keep your distance and call 911.
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family and friends are holding on to hope that a san francisco businessman and nurse are still alive. the plane they were in disappeared 11 days ago. kate larsen spoke to their friends at a vigil. ♪ >> reporter: at third baptist church in san francisco, reverend amos brown called for hope for justin winfrey and kayla rodriguez. >> you are our hope for tomorrow. >> reporter: on october 24th, 27-year-old rodriguez and 43-year-old winfrey boarded winfrey's plane. they took off from novato around 6:00 p.m. but a few hours later the plane disappeared from radar. rodriguez's family and friends traced their movements to shelter cove. surveillance video shows the pair inside gepo ale mill. they said they were headed back to san francisco and can be seen leaving the restaurant around
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8:30. the airstrip at shelter cove does not have lights and only operates during the day. however witnesses say they saw a plane leave in the dark. angelo king grew up with winfrey in san francisco. he's flown on winfrey's plane and describes his friend as a life long adventurer. >> as crazy as it might sound, you just need to find him because he very well is surviving this thing. he's just that kind of guy. >> reporter: winfrey's godmother was also at the vigil. >> he's a very special, unusually special son. i'm praying for a miracle. >> reporter: winfrey is a businessman and landlord. rodriguez is his tenant. several of her friends took part in the service. >> i consider her one of my work daughters.
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>> is still hoping and looking that we find kayla and justin. we have 41 in menlo park. belmont, foster city, half moon bay, pacifica, upper 40s. some fog moving through. san bruno and daly city about 50. 37 in santa rosa, napa. 41 in san ramon. 49 in hayward. san jose 48. up in the hills, los gatos, 61. that's the warm air lurking for later today. on the roof camera looking down towards the ferry building, 52 degrees. we'll have a light offshore breeze today. that will stir up a little bit of tree pollen. it's hitting the moderate to almost high category. if you have allergies in that sense watch out. today is a bad day. sunglasses, you'll need them if you're out running errands. whose pool is still open? jobina asked when i told her it will be 80s in the next several
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days. 70 at 11:00. near 80 this afternoon. then down at 59 at 7:00. east bay, 49 at 7:00. near 70 at noon. mid 70s for a couple hours this afternoon. quickly dropping to2. here's a look at san francisco. starting off at 50 this morning. in the low 70s for a couple hours this afternoon. heading out for dinner, about 61 degrees. let's get back to jobina and find out about the morning commute. >> good morning. expect some slowing before and after the tunnel on the bay bridge. this is our live ram ka rigcame now. if we check our speeds from our map, you can see the issue here. speeds down to 19 miles per hour in some spots, 27 miles per hour in another spot. there was an issue with a car crashing on the fremont street off-ramp. it has not moved off to the shoulder. there is not a tow truck available to take it away yet. so drivers might be distracted,
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maybe that's why it's slowing down. it's odd to see that. our drive times, santa rosa to petaluma, 13 minutes. sast tro v castro valley to the maze, 13 minutes. coming up next, 7 things to know as you start your day. and a krispy kreme crackdown. the company is not happy with what one student is doing with its doughnuts. and on the edge. a ship stuck above niagara falls for 100 years is
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if you're just joining us, here's the 7 things to know this morning. breaking overnight from apple. the company has pledged 2$2.5 billion to help the housing crisis in california. number two, the federal government is looking into tesla af is the lithi lithium-ion components making up the battery. number three, as containment grows to 78% on the kincade fire, the healdsburg community center will be open from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. today through wednesday to offer resources and support for anyone impacted. tomorrow the orinda city council will discuss the future of short-term rentials after a deadly short-term shooting. airbnb says they will crack down
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on party house listings. >> bone dry air, warm and dry temperatures, 5 to 10 degrees above average. in the 70s to near 80 today. >> number six, we have not gotten official word that metering lights are on at the bay bridge toll plaza. but look at the backup this morning. expect delays if this is a part of your morning commute. and number seven, california fish and wildlife is likely to delay the upcoming dungeoness grab season. the department wants to give migrating whales extra time to swim south in waters free of crb pots. it could have been a disaster at the b.a.r.t. station after the oakland raiders game. >> but one employee saved a man by pulling a man off the tracks just in time. >> so you are seeing john o'connor, he has the yellow vest on moments after getting this man to safety.
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o'connor is a 24-year b.a.r.t. employee. he was ushering fans to trains last night when he saw the man fall in. the oncoming train was about 60 feet away when he got him up to safety. happening now, if you use insta cart to get your groceries delivered you might see delays. this is because works who shop and deliver are in the second of a three-day walkout. they're demanding that the company raise the default tip from 5% to 10%. they want insta cart to drop its 5% service fee which they say confuses customers and causes them to tip less. a minnesota student who drives hours to buy criskrispy e doughnuts to sell them for a profit that gotten the attention of the company. jason gonzalez would drive 270 miles from champlain, minnesota to clive, iowa.
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that's a four-hour drive one way. he would pack his car with 100 bockes of a dozen donuts each and drive back up. he would then charge up to 20 bucks a box. that's about $8 more than at the store. after a local newspaper wrote about his story, krispy kreme contacted him to tell him to shut down his operation. >> i think this is terrible. as a person who loves krispy kreme and there was not one where i grew up, i wouldn't drive four hours, sometimes you want krispy kreme doughnut. that man is doing a service. >> they'll go after him? >> look at the hot sign. the hot sign. >> he's providing a service. >> he is. >> four hours? >> let him make a little coin. >> come on, krispy kreme. >> just open one up and let him run it. >> right. if you're jealous of his game, open up your own game. >> like a little stand in his community. >> come on, mike. >> we support him. i also just want a doughnut.
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>> we stand with the young entrepreneur. >> got a side hustle going. isn't that what college is about? >> how is that different than uber eats? i guess because they're not getting a cut. >> that's it. >> that's how it's different. i'm fine. >> a tad. >> in this case, the student is getting the money, not the man, if you will. 42 in walnut creek. chilly on 680 under a clear sky. hazy out there. it looks like our air quality will remain below criteria. we have a light offshore breeze. that will keep us in this bone dry humidity. cool lows with patchy fog and stars. the fog in petaluma, coastal valleys, golden gate bridge. no chance of rain for almost the next two weeks. this pattern is looking like what we had during our drought. i said it. let's move on. 70 in half moon bay. mid to upper 70s around the bay
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today. upper 70s to low 79 to san jose and 81 in morgan hill. 77 in napa. san rafael, 76. santa rosa and yucaipa, 81. san francisco, 76. tonight, yep. still need the heaters which makes the air even drier in your house unless you have a humidifier. 50 in san francisco. 30s around santa rosa, napa. a few 30s in the san ramon valley. let's look at my accuweather seven-day forecast. minor fluctuations in the temperature due to high clouds and just how strong and how long the offshore breeze will be. it will never be strong enough for a high fire danger. it's keeping us well warmer than average. all the way through sunday. jobina? >> thank you. good morning, everyone. whoa, right? look at this backup at the bay bridge toll plaza. i know this is not an unfamiiar site, but it is at 5:19 in the morning. according to the chp, the metering lights are not on yet.
5:20 am
please be aware and expect delays if this is a part of your morning commute or leave the house later or take b.a.r.t. if you can. this packup -- i'm just hearing that metering lights have just come on. this will not get moving any faster this morning. it just came on now. drive times here, albany to the maze, 5 minutes. fremont to san jose, 14 minutes. highway 101 to cupertino, 10 minutes. 21 trains are running on b.a.r.t. now. no delays there. ace 1 and 3 trains, no delays. the ferries, no delays either. >> are peoples clocks still wrong? they think it's 6:20? >> they must. i'm confused. >> what's going on? >> you guys should have slept another hour. . a massive ship is creeping towards the edge of niagara falls. that large iron vessel has been wedged in the rocks near the falls for more than 100 years. but it's timely on the move. will reeve explains. >> in this morning's "gma" first
5:21 am
look, look out below. a ship that has been stuck wedged in the rocks above a niagara falls for 100 years has moves closer to the edge of the 200-foot drop. >> it appears to have sort of flipped on its side and spun around. >> the iron ship has been a must-see attraction at the falls since it got stuck in the rocks in 1918. but now officials say a wicked storm on halloween night was so strong it actually moved the wreck more than 150 feet downstream. >> we think it's about 50 meters down river from its original location. >> and coming up at 7:00 a.m., we'll be live from niagara falls to show you where the massive ship is now and where it could some day go over the edge. with uruguay first look, team l football. >> with the new england patriots losing last night, the niners are atop the nfl at 8 cl-0.
5:22 am
just two years ago, they were 0-8. the team has been excellent all year. next week's game will be their biggest test yet. the niners take on the seahawks for monday night football at levi stadium. where can you watch it? right here on abc7 news. coming up next, the music star who just released his first video in 12 years. plus thank you, jesus. what inspired this man's elaborate halloween
5:23 am
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we have weed pollen out there. not as high as it has been. ragweed and sage. uv index is moderate. you can still get a nasty burn if you're outside for too long. >> thanks. country superstar garth
5:25 am
brooks released his first music video in 12 years. ♪ ♪ jump in and enjoy the club >> why is left shark there? what's he doing? >> look at blake back there clapping. i'm here. >> are they supposed to be under water? >> it's dive bar, get it? >> okay. >> okay. it's called dive bar. blake shelton is in it. >> he is. this music video received more than 20 million views since it was released on friday. i'm not saying, oh, this is fun. the album is called "fun." >> they're having fun. >> good. >> under water. >> glad to see it. we're getting a sneak peek at some balloons in the macy's thanksgiving day parade. >> some of the new balloon ners over the weekend, among them an astronaut snoopy, smokey bear, spongebob and gary. hundreds of handlers will make sure the balloons fly smoothly
5:26 am
on the thanksgiving day parade. >> who is gary? is that a shark? >> i don't know. >> snail. >> it's a snail. >> it meows. >> it's a snail that meows? >> mm-hmm. >> named gary. >> the things you learn. >> a wild program. an arizona man's halloween costume left people on the street in awe. >> oh. >> that is daniel graham dressed up as jesus. he glided around tempe arizona on his one-wheeled motorized skateboard which he decorated as a cloud. >> what does he have? >> i don't know. >> at one point he gave bread to a man sitting on a sidewalk. >> was that bread in his hand? >> it might be. it is. you're breaking it off. >> he said he was inspired to dress up as jesus because his grown-out hairstyle seemed a good fit for the part.
5:27 am
>> he's doing a great thing for people. >> is he? >> sure. >> look at that bread. >> look at tflt. >> it's blessed. we're coming back with another full 90 minutes of news including a three-day weekend every week. the company that is doing it and seeing some positive results. tesla here in fremont has caught the attention of federal investigators who want to look into all of the fires that have happened in the teslas. i'm amy hollyfield, i'll have that story up next. another showdown looms in the impeachment inquiry of president trump. the original w
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what owners need to know about this investigation. apple's 2$2.5 billion commitment. the company's overnight announcement that could improve a lot of lives. and instagram injuries. the social media trend that is causing some people to get hurt. >> what are they doing? >> too much. the absolute most. >> that's correct. >> they should stop. >> isn't that called darwinism? >> well -- >> not quite that far? >> no. >> can't wait for that story. >> yeah. >> 5:30 on this monday, november 4th. >> mike, we have a nice forecast ahead? >> we do. do some yoga outside. find some goats. just don't hurt yourself. we have fog that is an issue around pen grove, petaluma, rohnert park over towards the coast. we have a bit at the golden gate
5:31 am
bridge also. the winds are blowing. some of that fog will bank up against the east bay hills for the morning commute. temperatures mainly in the upper 40s for 7:00. we have 30s in the deepest inland valleys. 62 to 68 at the coast. near 70o 57 the lay a inland a nice drop at 7:00, 52 at the coast. 63 around the bay to 62. i think this fog is going to dissipate a little bit faster than it would have last week thanks to the time change. so by the time we get to 9:00, it should be lifting rapidly. it will hold temperatures down in the 40s. as we head through the rest of the week's forecast, we're locked into this pattern. we'll have a light offshore breeze and get used to these warmer than average temperatures with this dry humidity. we'll show that you coming up. first let's get over to jobina. >> breaking news from the live
5:32 am
desk, apple just announced it will give 2$2.5 billion to help with the housing crisis here in california. so here's a breakdown of apple's housing plan. the $1 billion will create an fund. another $1 billion will go towards a first time home buyer mortgage assistance fund. apple-owned land will be turned into affordable housing. $200 million will help with low-income housing mostly in the bay area. tim cook says apple has a civic responsibility to help people in the company's homestate find affordable housing. >> thanks. silicon valley tech companies are trying to build a better bay area. apple's announcement comes on the heels of google and facebook which also pledged $1 billion earlier this year to address the housing crisis. we dedicated a full week to
5:33 am
covering the bay area's housing crisis. you can find all of the stories at bay area. the federal government is looking into tesla this morning after what regulators call an alarming number of car fires that have occurred worldwide. >> last year several teslas reportedly caught fire seemingly out of nowhere. amy hollyfield is live at tesla headquarters with details. amy? >> good morning. big news for this company and those of you who drive the model s and x teslas. federal investigators are looking into why teslas have been catching on fire. teslas just bursting into flames over the last year without an obvious reason. they want to look into the lithium-ion component that make up the battery. >> lithium-ion battery has two components that has to be kept apart from each other.
5:34 am
if they contact each other, then you get a fire or an explosion. the national highway transportation safety administration wants to see all documents related to fires from the high voltageir extraordinarily unusual but did not respond to calls for comment about this latest investigation. they have until the end of the month to turn over the documents or will be fined. reporting live in fremont, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> all right. thanks. the iteam's dan noyes has a number of exclusive reports about tesla battery fires and reported issues with the autopilot feature, you can find we are following more on the halloween shooting. >> tomorrow the orinda city council will be discussing more on rentals after a halloween
5:35 am
shooting took the lives of five people, one of them 19 years old. we were with neighbors yesterday as they added flowers to a memorial outside of the rental. one of the victims was the party's deejay, omar taylor. >> never in a thousand years would i have thought that puta would have been the person that could have been involved in any type of violent situation. that was not the kid he was. >> police have not arrested anyone in connection to the shooting. abc7 news has learned there was at least one other party complaint at that same rental i twitter over the weekend that the company is banning party house listings and creating a dedicated team to screen high-risk reservations. the last of the 186,000 people in sonoma county to evacuate by the kincade fire are now back home. >> we should get an update from cal fire at about 7:00 this
5:36 am
morning. here's what we know. cal fire says the fire is 78% contained. crews managed to significantly slow its progress. it scorched almost 78,000 acres, about 121 scare miles. the flames destroyed 374 homes and other buildings. more than 3,200 fire personnel are still working this fire that started october 23rd. a historic healdsburg winery has opened after suffering terrible damage. soda rock winery held tastings in its barn this weekend. that's the only structure on the property to survive. the winery posted on social media welcoming people to come out for a tasting and saying they wanto hor t resiliency of sonoma county. the kincade fire hit the winery early last sunday morning. the winery says muchfe, so thers little damage to the inventory. a wildfire assistance center will open today at the healdsburg community center. fire victims can get resources from government agencies and non-profit groups.
5:37 am
the center will open from 10:00 in the morning through 7:00 p.m. on wednesday. the community center is at 1557 healdsburg avenue. if you would like to help fire victims, we have more information on more democrats are starting to back center elizabeth warren for the party's presidential nomination and support for senator kamala harris is dropping according to a new poll. the poll surveyed more than 1,000 adults last month. former vice president joe biden remains the favorite with 27% support. but his lead over senator warren is shrinking. she went up from 17% in september to 21% in october. senator bernie sanders has 19% support. look at pete buttigieg, he rose to 7% in the poll. senator harris dropped from 7% in september to just 2% in october. the impeachment showdown heats up with more depositions on capit hill is wk. four white house officials slated for depositions today are not expected to show up. in a surprise twist the whistle-blower's legal team reached out to the gop. they say their client is willing to answer written questions from
5:38 am
congressional republicans under oath. this would give the gop more control when up against a democrat-controlled impeachment process. some republican leaders say the offer is not sufficient. congressman jim jordan says it won't give republicans the opportunity to probe all the relevant facts and cross examine the so-called whistle-blower. san francisco may be ready to strip a car lane from one of its busiest streets. we'll tell you about the safety concern forcing this move. and teens are going wild for tiktok, but there's a new investigation into what it's doing with personal data into and we're taking a live look utside this morning at the city forecast with meteorologist mike nicco. >> thank you. hi, everybody. you can see a bit of fog over the bay bridge. some of that is spilling in across the golden gate bridge. we have a little compressed marine layer over top of us this morning. because of that you'll be dealing with fog along the coast and some of the north bay valleys. as far as your temperatures, as
5:39 am
you go into the east bay, we're 40 right now in danville, san ramon and dublin. pittsburg, 49. you start to climb up in elevation, 54 in blackhawk. mount diablo, 64. you can see some warm air lurking out there. upper 30s throughout the north bay valleys. 46 in oakland. near 50 in san francisco, mountain view, about 40. 4 in sa 48 in san jose. we have that thick fog. that's my only concern with your commute today. chilly this morning. warm this afternoon. tranquil out on the bay. let's look at the numbers for the peninsula. near 70 at noon. 74 at 3:00. down at 63 at 7:00. east bay valleys will be near 70 at noon. near 80 at 3:00. our last stop will be san jose. 50 at 7:00. 70 at 11:00, nearing 80 at 3:00.
5:40 am
dropping down to 65. grab a coat if you're heading out this evening. let's talk to jobina and find out what's going on. a typical monday out there? >> not so typical. everyone got their extra rest. >> extra nice today. >> yes. it's not too bad. but the bay bridge has been the problem spot. i wanted to show a live look of what's happening there. things are looking smooth at the moment. but just earlier there was a report of a wrong-way driver coming off of the fremont street off-ramp. people were getting off the bridge. that person was trying to go on the wrong way. obviously very dangerous. it looks like they caught up with that person. there was a crash on the fremont street off-ramp before that. that's what's happening there. we've been seeing the stop and go traffic before and after the tunnel. a big backup at the toll plaza. also here, drive times-week to dublin, 14 minutes. santa rosa to san francisco, 50 minutes. ♪ (vo) i know what you're thinking. electric, it's not for you.
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welcome back. it's the new and somewhat mysterious social media app blowing up with teens. now the u.s. government says tiktok is being investigated for what it does with user information. the video app is owned by a chinese company and lawmakers and regulators are worried about personal data that can be used or misused by the chinese government. "good morning america" is looking at the app and its
5:44 am
growing concerns at 7:00 a.m. this is grim for 5:43 in the morning, but former president jimmy carter says he is at ease with the idea of dying. he made the comment during a sunday service in george kiriyageorgia. he says he did not ask god to let him live, but instead to give him a proper attitude towards death. happening today, the new oakland panthers indoor football team will unveil their practice facility and start signing players. dozens of players are trying to win one of the 25 spots on the panthers roster. the new team hopes to satisfy the hunger for football in the east bay with the raiders move to las vegas. the panthers will begin playin celebrities and scientists and this is a crazy story, there
5:45 am
may be a spike in joyoga injuri because of instagram. >> people are getting injured while trying to perfect yoga poses for instagram and the pressure to perform complicated moves has added to the spike in injuries. they fall and get hurt. >> or pull something. >> i've seen so many people do this. >> see? that's the problem. >> they do it for the gram. >> they do it for the likes. >> yeah. >> isn't that worth a sprained ankle or a stretched hamstring? >> sometimes, yes shg, kumasi, think so. people go to these great lengths to make a living. they're like i'll push it to the limit. >> no pain, no gain. >> do not listen to any of these people. >> just kidding.
5:46 am
do not try at home. >> i t mirro atheyes. >> in the tank top? the fitted -- >> we're past that. you need to be stretched >> again, please don't listen to these people. >> keep putting your pictures of your meals on there. that's safer. >> that's safe. >> boring. >> let's look at what's going on outside. all right. i would say we have a boring weather pattern, but we have some fog out there. you can see from sutro tower looking down on san francisco, the fog trying to come back. hazy sunshine, warmer than average temperatures. keeping an eye on air quality. we'll be below that. an offshore breeze all week will keep us pleasant. it means no chance of rain. high pressure to the north, low
5:47 am
pressure to the south. storm tracks moving around us. i said it was stubborn, i wasn't kidding. it hasn't moved in several days. it's not going to move for several days. we're so much warmer than average from 76 in san francisco to 80s up in the northbay. 70 in half moon bay today. let's look around the state. we have near 80 through the central valley. sunshine and 70 in monterey. 72 in yosemite. the average high in tahoe is 55 degrees. 64, maybe warmer than that this weekend. we have air quality concerns even though cal fire says all of our wildfires are at least 50% contained. they're still burning out there. watch out towards oxnard. we have air quality concerns through the noon hours. temperatures in the 30s, mid to upper 30s in the deepest north bay and east bay valleys. san francisco at about 50. here's my accuweather seven-day forecast. we're in the upper 70s to low
5:48 am
80s. mid to upper 70s every day around the day. good morning, jobina. >> hi, mike. we have a live look of 87, things are clear there as well as the richmond-san rafael bridge this morning moving across very smoothly here. we did get word of some road work that is happening in oakland. this will cause a eastbound 580 between macarthur boulevard and dutton avenue. be aware if you're headed in that direction. drive times here-week to dublin, 14 minutes. santa rosa to san francisco, 51 minutes. highway 101 to los gatos, 21 minutes. san francisco muni buses are too wide for some streets and it is causing dozens of crashes. it's especially a problem on california street between arguello boulevard and park presidio boulevard. the number of traffic lanes are
5:49 am
being reduced from four lanes to three to allow each lane more space. sfmta will hold a public hearing on the plan thursday night at 6:00 at george peabody elementary school. this morning more research and support for a four-day work week. >> this time one of the biggest companies in the world tried to see what would happen. so they gave all of its employees in japan a three-day weekend every single week. they say worker productivity jumped by nearly 40%. it wasn't just that, they capped meetings to 30 minutes. not only did sales increase, but microsoft spent less on electricity and paper. >> i'm all in. >> i like the 30-minute meeting. >> i like the three-day weekend. >> how would people survive without you on friday. >> you'll make it through. how hot chocolate chip
5:50 am
cookies baked in space could help humans get to mars. first halloween is over. what will you do with your pumpkin? not this, people. don't do this. we'll tell you where they were doing this.
5:51 am
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for just $29.95 a month. it's one less thing for us to worry about. comcast business. beyond fast. hi, maybe you're still sneezing, scratchy throat and it's not from the dry air, it could be from the tree pollen and weed pollen. some still hanging out there. elm, pine, ragweed and sage. here's the humidity. you can see in the morning we're still dry, 50 to 60%. look how dry it gets in the afternoon. from 19% in fairfield to 57% in san francisco. so that dry air f that bothers you or if your lips have been
5:54 am
chapped or you're dropping things like i have because your skin is so dry that will continue. the winds will not change much. i was going to show you, if it would have rolled through that the winds will remain offshore. not very fast. we have high fire conditions, but just enough to stay warmer than average and drier than average for the seven-day forecast. >> we'll check in here with the golden gate bridge. we do have a fog advisory this morning. i want to let people know about that. visibility will be throw for you if you're headed out this direction. also here, we have our other camera in the south bay. san jose, 87 looking nice and smooth for everyone. and also we have another issue that has popped up out of tracy. so we know this is our usual slow spot. we do know that a big rig, this is westbound 580 past grant line, a big rig stalled out, then a car hit it from behind.
5:55 am
we are looking at least one lane blocked that will impact the commute out of tracy. speeds down to 16 miles per hour and 12 miles per hour in some spots. >> thanks. celebrity the and scientists came together in the bay area for the eighth annual break through prize ceremony. and the prize recognizes the accomplishments of the world's top scientists. the ceremony at the ames research center began with red carpet arrivals. mark zuckerberg and his wife were there to present awards. lenny kravits also performed. he talked about the importance of getting young people interested in science. >> there's so much pushing kids to go in so many other directions. and, you know, whether it's sports or hollywood, we need as much help as we can. we live in a world where we need great solutions for great problems. >> the $3 million break will you prizes are presented in the fields of life sciences,
5:56 am
fundamental physics and math. unfortunately halloween has come and gone. but what better way to get rid of your pumpkin than to make it explode. >> let's go to the great pumpkin blowout in north carolina. people brought their pumpkins to the site to blow them up with civil war era torpedos. >> it's the education, fun. it's an opportunity for children, kids to get a chance to work on something that was used 150 years ago. >> not this? he had a good spin on this. you just want to -- >> blow something up. >> let's do pumpkins! look. people paid $10 to blow up their pumpkins, the proceeds went to education programming at the center. >> i think they just wanted to blow some stuff up. >> you think? yeah. >> that's fine. the. so, next at 6:00, nike is in the middle of another controversy. why some are questioning whether runners in this week's new york city marathon should have been allowed to wear this specific shoe. and the search under way for
5:57 am
a san francisco businessman and nurse. the pair and the small plane they were in disappeared ten days ago. family and friends are still holding out hope. i'm liz kreutz in healdsburg, a local resource center is opening this morning for anyone impacted by the kincade fire. we'll give you the details coming up. we will leave you with a live look outside. it is 5:57. on the sleep numberhe v360 smart bed.le can it help keep us asleep? yes, it senses your movements and automatically adjusts to keep you both comfortable. and now, save $1,000 on the new sleep number 360
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i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything to preserve and protect them. with love, california. hundreds crowding the windsor town green with a simple message for firefighters, thank you. and the gratitude coming as crews continue to make progress to contain the destructive fire. today there will be a new place fire survivors can go for help. good morning, on this monday, november 4th. >> live to the north bay in a moment. you're never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. here's mike. >> hi, guys. it's almost going to feel like
6:00 am
summer, at least look like it. we have some fog up in the north bay. petaluma, less than an eighth of a mile. a lot of fog pushing along the coast and moving through the golden gate bridge. temperatures in the mid to upper 40s at 7:00. by noon, 63 at the coast. 69 around the bay. 75 inland. near 70 at the coast at 4:00. 74 to 78 with this bone dry air. 50s and 60s if you're heading out this evening. let's find out about that monday morning commute. here is jobina. >> good monday morning. we'll start out with a live look at the san mateo bridge. everyone headed towards san mateo, it's getting busy over there. much lighter if you're heading to the


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